MPAA Ratings: 'Due Date,' 'Red,' 'The American' and More
After a few quiet weeks, the Motion Picture Association of America's Classification and Ratings Administration released a bulletin this morning that included ratings for Due Date, The American, Red and a handful of other noteworthy movies.

With Todd Phillips' The Hangover currently ranking as the highest-grossing R-rated comedy of all-time, it seems logical that his follow-up would be geared towards a similar 17 and over crowd. Phillips' Due Date has been rated R for "language, drug use and sexual content." The Warner Bros. road trip comedy, starring Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis, is set to open Nov. 5 opposite Dreamworks Animation's Megamind.

Comic book adaptation Red received a PG-13 rating for "intense sequences of action violence and brief strong language." The action comedy finds a group of retired CIA agents reassembling to strike back against the agency after a hit is put out on them. Directed by Robert Schwentke (Flightplan, The Time Traveler's Wife) and starring Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren and Morgan Freeman, Red is scheduled to debut Oct. 15 against Jackass 3-D.

George Clooney's new project The American has been rated R for "violence, sexual content and nudity." Directed by Anton Corbijn (Control), the movie features an assassin (Clooney) hiding out in Italy for one last assignment.The American opens Wednesday, Sept. 1 and goes head-to-head with Machete over Labor Day weekend.

Unstoppable was awarded a PG-13 for "sequences of action and peril, and some language." The action thriller finds Denzel Washington and Chris Pine (in his first major role since Star Trek) fighting to stop a runaway train loaded with combustible chemicals from annihilating a city. Unstoppable launches Nov. 12 against alien invasion thriller Skyline.

While his off-screen antics have been decidedly R-rated lately, Mel Gibson's latest movie The Beaver received a PG-13 rating for "mature thematic material, some disturbing content, sexuality and language including a drug reference." Distributor Summit Entertainment has yet to settle on a release date for the Jodie Foster-directed movie, which features Gibson as a man who treats a beaver puppet like a living creature.

Stephen Frears' Tamara Drewe, starring Gemma Arterton, was rated R for "language and some sexuality." Documentary The Tillman Story received an R rating for "language," though distributor The Weinstein Company has appealed this decision.


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