'Jurassic' and 'Inside' Adjust 'Ted''s Weekend

by Keith Simanton
'Ted 2' Was All Wet Its Opening Weekend

June 25, 2015

In what is somewhat of a surprise Universal reports that Ted 2 had a $13.2M Friday which puts it on pace for a $34.1M weekend.

That's quite a bit lower than tracking, pundits and conventional wisdom pegged the Seth MacFarlane sequel to take, with most citing $50M as the guesstimate. That is even slightly under the $54M the original Ted rang up on its June 29 - July 1 weekend three years ago, and Ted 2 is in 203 more theaters than Ted (3,442 vs. 3,239), so the low-30s tally is unexpected.

Consequently the number one spot is open for either Universal's Jurassic World, in its third week, or Disney's Inside Out, in its second, for the top spot.

Inside Out had the better Friday, but just barely, making $14.9M compared to Jurassic World's $14.7M. But, as it proved last weekend, Saturday and Sunday belong to the dinosaurs. Still playing in 4,198 North American theaters, Universal pegs World's final tally for the three day weekend at $50.5M.

Disney estimates Inside Out will end up at $50M, off of a decline at -45%. That seems very conservative given that Up (same studio, same director) had a -35.2% decline in its second week in 2009. If Inside can bear up over the weekend that -35% put its box office take at $60M.

Max, the PTSD dog movie, grossed a hearty $4.3M on Friday putting the Warner Bros/MGM flick on the road to a $13M weekend in 2,850 venues.

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