Top Weekends: 2nd – 12th

Data as of Jul 3, 1:36 PDT
Rank Release Gross Lifetime Gross % of Total Theaters Average Date Distributor
1Rooster's Breakfast$39,194$1,170,579-9$4,354Oct 18, 2007-
2Bohemian Rhapsody$33,672$1,236,133-12$2,806Nov 1, 2018Blitz
3Avatar$18,496$1,917,323-18$1,027Dec 17, 200920th Century Fox International
4Parasite$15,023$90,858-9$1,669Nov 28, 2019Cinemania Group
5Ratatouille$12,678$432,750-12$1,056Aug 16, 2007-
6The Smurfs$12,370$1,372,209-8$1,546Aug 18, 2011Sony Pictures Releasing
7Sing 2$12,321$383,377-11$1,120Dec 9, 2021Karo Premiere
8Ferdinand$11,213$615,422-9$1,245Dec 21, 201720th Century Fox International
9A Star Is Born$10,191$575,360-10$1,019Oct 4, 2018Blitz
10Luca$9,461$219,807-13$727Jul 22, 2021Blitz
11Despicable Me 3$8,555$671,880-22$388Aug 3, 2017Karantanija Film
12Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation$8,185$689,248-10$818Aug 2, 2018-
13Pr' Hostar$8,031$1,154,075-10$803Oct 28, 2016Karantanija Film
14Mamma Mia!$7,565$788,493-4$1,891Sep 4, 2008Karantanija Film
15Frozen$7,212$447,119-22$327Dec 5, 2013Walt Disney Pictures
16Spider-Man: No Way Home$6,502$620,601-5$1,300Dec 16, 2021-
17Wonder$6,305$237,097-7$900Nov 23, 2017Blitz
18Ice Age: Collision Course$6,277$514,189-6$1,046Jul 15, 2016Blitz
19Sing$6,104$430,640-24$254Dec 9, 2016Karantanija Film
20The Hustle$5,856$260,581-6$976May 16, 2019Karantanija Film
21Life of Pi$5,463$285,748-16$341Dec 20, 201220th Century Fox International
22Hotel Transylvania 2$5,388$434,903-40$134Oct 23, 2015Sony Pictures Releasing
23Ice Age: Continental Drift$5,216$1,090,147-30$173Jul 5, 201220th Century Fox International
24What Happens in Vegas$5,103$266,013-7$729May 8, 2008-
25Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted$5,097$681,625-22$231Aug 9, 2012United International Pictures (UIP)
26The Lion King$4,975$806,685-11$452Jul 18, 20192i Film
27Kung Fu Panda$4,797$654,588-13$369Aug 7, 2008Karantanija Film
28Baywatch$4,628$284,893-17$272Jun 1, 2017Karantanija Film
29Nika$4,399$43,259-6$733Oct 7, 2016Cinemania Group
30Duck Duck Goose$4,267$102,084-3$1,422Aug 16, 2018Karantanija Film
31Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales$4,239$458,117-7$605May 25, 20172i Film
32The Parade$4,180$203,637-3$1,393Dec 29, 2011-
33The Secret Life of Pets 2$4,127$367,511-3$1,375Jun 6, 2019Karantanija Film
34Going Our Way 2$4,114$776,455-24$171Nov 7, 2013-
35Neighbors$3,932$284,036-9$436May 8, 2014United International Pictures (UIP)
36Vicky Cristina Barcelona$3,779$120,841-2$1,889Nov 27, 2008Cinemania Group
37Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides$3,759$783,632-22$170May 19, 2011Walt Disney Pictures
38Frozen II$3,753$770,332-8$469Nov 21, 20192i Film
39Serial (Bad) Weddings$3,534$96,957-12$294Sep 4, 2014-
40PAW Patrol: The Movie$3,442$205,193-9$382Aug 19, 2021Karo Premiere
41Cars 3$3,261$252,134-6$543Jun 15, 20172i Film
42Clifford the Big Red Dog$3,229$260,034-8$403Jan 20, 2022Karo Premiere
43Kosarkar Naj Bo 2$3,037$402,851-5$607Sep 26, 2019-
44The Hangover Part II$2,971$594,225-10$297May 26, 2011Warner Bros.
45Lucy$2,890$261,663-10$289Aug 21, 2014United International Pictures (UIP)
46Moana$2,869$185,910-2$1,434Nov 25, 20162i Film
47How to Train Your Dragon 2$2,843$260,034-22$129Jun 19, 201420th Century Fox International
48Incredibles 2$2,833$356,912-2$1,416Jun 14, 20182i Film
49The Smurfs 2$2,752$778,203-6$458Aug 1, 2013Sony Pictures Releasing
50House of Gucci$2,601$253,524-9$289Nov 25, 2021Universal Pictures International (UPI)
51Rio 2$2,526$465,386-23$109Apr 10, 201420th Century Fox International
52Planes: Fire & Rescue$2,427$169,270-22$110Jul 17, 2014Walt Disney Pictures
53Skyfall$2,402$720,526-6$400Oct 31, 2012Sony Pictures Releasing
54Gajin svet$2,314$276,921-3$771Sep 27, 2018Karantanija Film
55The Lost City$2,288$164,805-5$457Mar 24, 2022Karo Premiere
56Sex Tape$2,248$197,800-2$1,124Aug 7, 2014Sony Pictures Releasing
57The Queen's Corgi$2,146$186,137-6$357Mar 7, 2019Blitz
58The Boss Baby$2,140$458,206-8$267Apr 20, 201720th Century Fox International
59Ted$2,137$375,044-8$267Aug 2, 2012United International Pictures (UIP)
60The Boss Baby 2: Family Business$2,103$101,618-11$191Aug 26, 2021Karo Premiere
61Angels & Demons$2,080$455,824-2$1,040May 14, 2009Sony Pictures Releasing
62Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom$2,074$329,055-3$691Jun 7, 2018Karantanija Film
63Jumanji: The Next Level$2,062$345,973-3$687Dec 12, 2019Sony Pictures Releasing
64Mr. Bean's Holiday$2,017$635,021-9$224Apr 5, 2007Karantanija Film
65Last Vegas$1,987$173,214-8$248Nov 7, 2013-
66The Grinch$1,943$617,190-4$485Nov 22, 2018Karantanija Film
67The Little Prince$1,914$111,700-1$1,914Nov 19, 2015Fivia
68Abominable$1,886$318,959-4$471Oct 17, 2019Karo Premiere
69Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked$1,881$454,730-13$144Dec 22, 201120th Century Fox International
70Just Go with It$1,832$321,361-2$916Feb 10, 2011Sony Pictures Releasing
71The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature$1,783$161,060-6$297Aug 31, 2017Blitz
72Peter Rabbit$1,735$200,882-3$578Mar 29, 2018-
73The Croods: A New Age$1,722$204,263-5$344Jun 24, 2021Karo Premiere
74Hustlers$1,698$221,674-6$283Sep 12, 2019Blitz
75Hotel Transylvania$1,695$265,071-4$423Oct 18, 2012Sony Pictures Releasing
7622 Jump Street$1,690$241,918-3$563Jul 24, 2014Sony Pictures Releasing
77Big Hero 6$1,679$91,873-15$111Jan 16, 2015Walt Disney Pictures
78Green Book$1,527$103,535-6$254Jan 31, 2019Cinemania Group
79F9: The Fast Saga$1,441$249,892-6$240Jun 17, 2021Karo Premiere
80Ocean's Eight$1,434$238,661-1$1,434Jun 14, 2018Blitz
81Little Brother, Big Trouble: A Christmas Adventure$1,423$302,387-10$142Nov 21, 2013-
82Shrek the Third$1,417$470,807-14$101Jun 7, 2007Karantanija Film
83The Intouchables$1,415$102,638-4$353May 10, 2012-
84Let Him Be a Basketball Player$1,415$342,040-18$78Sep 14, 2017Fivia
85Turning Red$1,399$212,404-7$199Mar 3, 2022Blitz
86Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again$1,386$672,879-1$1,386Aug 2, 2018Karantanija Film
87We're the Millers$1,346$191,516-10$134Aug 22, 2013Warner Bros.
88Johnny English Strikes Again$1,313$467,182-2$656Oct 18, 2018Karantanija Film
89The Dictator$1,268$396,628-13$97May 17, 2012United International Pictures (UIP)
90The Addams Family$1,266$212,573-3$422Nov 14, 2019Universal Pictures International (UPI)
91Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle$1,228$248,167-1$1,228Dec 28, 2017-
92Chefurs Raus!$1,198$364,855-15$79Oct 3, 2013-
93Dirty Grandpa$1,186$306,593-2$593Feb 4, 2016Blitz
94Zootopia$1,165$191,111-6$194Mar 3, 20162i Film
95How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World$1,158$502,676-5$231Jan 31, 2019Karantanija Film
96Once Upon a Time... In Hollywood$1,144$324,450-1$1,144Aug 15, 2019-
97Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull$1,112$537,895-12$92May 22, 2008Karantanija Film
98The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water$1,107$256,054-17$65Apr 23, 2015United International Pictures (UIP)
99Murder on the Orient Express$1,076$255,852-1$1,076Nov 9, 201720th Century Fox International
100The Heartbreak Kid$1,044$329,831-7$149Oct 25, 2007Karantanija Film
101Mia and the White Lion$1,032$47,235-1$1,032Feb 28, 2019Karantanija Film
102No Time to Die$1,021$589,716-4$255Sep 30, 2021Karo Premiere
103Cars 2$1,017$520,850-21$48Jun 23, 2011Walt Disney Pictures
104Joker$978$645,523-1$978Oct 3, 2019Blitz
105Maleficent$909$140,152-16$56May 29, 2014Walt Disney Pictures
106Blue Jasmine$890$42,619-1$890Oct 17, 2013-
107Avengers: Endgame$879$611,641-1$879Apr 25, 20192i Film
108The Good Dinosaur$864$139,058-7$123Nov 26, 2015Walt Disney Pictures
109Lincoln$863$60,561-2$431Jan 24, 201320th Century Fox International
110Leap!$860$103,017-2$430Jan 6, 2017Blitz
111Brave$849$189,186-17$49Sep 20, 2012Walt Disney Pictures
112The Social Network$800$153,204-1$800Oct 28, 2010Sony Pictures Releasing
113Planet Single$757$356,287-3$252Apr 22, 2016-
114The Addams Family 2$735$200,209-2$367Oct 21, 2021Karo Premiere
115Good Boys$657$107,545-1$657Aug 15, 2019Karantanija Film
116Arrival$611$65,980-1$611Nov 25, 2016-
117The Angry Birds Movie 2$610$195,451-8$76Aug 8, 2019-
118Spectre$602$535,765-24$25Nov 5, 2015-
119A Piece of Cake$599$13,124-3$199Aug 12, 2021Fivia
120Houston, We Have a Problem!$595$95,478-1$595May 5, 20162i Film
121Django Unchained$592$169,402-3$197Jan 17, 2013Sony Pictures Releasing
122Aladdin$575$115,657-1$575May 23, 20192i Film
123The Hunt$539$23,648-2$269Jun 4, 2020Karo Premiere
124The Bank Job$520$39,656-1$520Oct 2, 2008Blitz
125Fifty Shades Darker$498$538,974-29$17Feb 10, 2017Karantanija Film
126The Seventh Dwarf$403$155,829-17$23Feb 6, 2015-
127Deadpool 2$384$276,831-1$384May 17, 2018Blitz
128Monsters University$368$158,635-17$21Jun 20, 2013Walt Disney Pictures
129John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum$332$129,117-1$332May 16, 2019Blitz
130The Fate of the Furious$296$597,837-28$10Apr 13, 2017Karantanija Film
131Early Man$276$40,428-1$276May 10, 2018Blitz
132Annabelle Comes Home$270$119,557-2$135Jun 27, 2019Blitz
133The Other Boleyn Girl$249$69,453-3$83May 15, 2008Cinemania Group
134Janis: Little Girl Blue$226$11,984-1$226Jun 26, 2016Fivia
135Uncharted$223$174,002-1$223Feb 17, 2022-
136Blockers$216$130,308-1$216Mar 29, 2018Karantanija Film
137The BFG$213$42,029---Jun 30, 2016Blitz
138The Secret Life of Pets$206$561,064---Aug 11, 2016Karantanija Film
139Midnight Sun$134$64,215-1$134Mar 22, 2018Blitz
140The Boy$116$20,748-1$116Feb 18, 2016Fivia
141Licorice Pizza$98$6,708-1$98Jan 6, 2022Karo Premiere
142Now You See Me 2$84$104,515---Jun 16, 2016Blitz
143Pokémon: Detective Pikachu$73$76,785-1$73May 16, 2019Blitz
144Spirit Untamed$69$45,130-2$34Aug 5, 2021Karo Premiere
145Little Bird's Big Adventure$43$103,825-25$1Feb 17, 2017Karantanija Film