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A Soft Box-Office Debut For ‘In the Heights’ Lets ‘A Quiet Place Part II’ Reclaim The Top Spot

The critics swooned for it, the studio marketed the heck out of it, and its feel-good message couldn’t have arrived at a better time. So why did Warner Bros’ splashy new movie-musical In the Heights receive such a lukewarm turnout in its opening weekend? With advance predictions pegging the debut of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s stage-to-screen adaptation at around $20 million, In the Heights fell well short of expectations, pulling in a soft $11.4 million in its first frame, leaving an opening for the three-week-old horror sequel A Quiet Place Part II to reclaim the top spot in North America. Meanwhile, Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway hopped its way into third place in with a $10.4 million bow.

After Weeks Of Scares, ‘In The Heights’ and ‘Peter Rabbit 2’ Bring Back Feel Good Entertainment

After four weekends of horror films topping the box office -- a highly unusual occurrence in general and even more so in the summer -- we are moving into some lighter territory with this weekend’s two new wide releases. In The Heights and Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway are both opening and hoping to pull in viewers looking for sunny, feel-good experiences as we continue to recover from the pandemic. We still have two weeks to go until we get a proper blockbuster release when F9 makes its stateside debut, but this weekend’s cheery offerings will hopefully continue to draw more moviegoers back to the theaters.

The Latest ‘Conjuring’ Chapter Outscares ‘A Quiet Place Part II’ For The Top Spot At The Domestic Box Office With $24 Million

The box office is becoming a scary place these days. And for the first time in a long time, it’s scary in a good way. Just a week after A Quiet Place Part II lured the horror faithful back into darkened multiplexes, the latest chapter in the hit husband-and-wife demonologist saga, The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, scared its way to a No. 1 opening in North America with a stronger-than-anticipated $24 million debut weekend.

‘The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It’ Competes With ‘A Quiet Place Part II’ To Scare Audiences

Memorial Day weekend gave us proof that audiences are ready to return to the cinemas, as long as there is strong enough content to draw them in. With an overall weekend haul of $80.6 million, over 85% of which came from A Quiet Place Part II and Cruella, the domestic box office saw its best weekend since March 2020. While a repeat of the holiday weekend’s numbers is unlikely, AQP2 will battle it out with this week’s major newcomer, The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, to lead another weekend that shows the business continues on its road to recovery.

‘A Quiet Place Part II’ Makes Serious Memorial Day Noise With A $48.4 Million Three-Day Bow; ‘Cruella’ Is Solid In Second With $21.3 Million

Hollywood is finally back in business…and not a moment too soon. After 14 long months of darkened marquees and skittish moviegoers who opted to stay home and stream due to COVID-19, Memorial Day weekend arrived just in the nick of time.

Summer Blockbusters Return With ‘A Quiet Place Part II’ And ‘Cruella’

After spending most of May dipping its toes in the water with medium-budget films, Hollywood is finally putting some heavyweights into the ring as Cruella and A Quiet Place Part II have their long-awaited debuts this Memorial Day weekend. At last, the summer blockbuster season is here. If audiences flock to these two newcomers as hoped, we should see the biggest weekend at the domestic box office since March 2020. It should also become the pandemic weekend champion, beating out April 23-25, 2021, which had a total gross of $57 million, with Mortal Kombat and Demon Slayer: Mugen Train leading the pack.

‘Spiral’ Holds The Top Spot At Home With Just Under $4.6 Million In Second Week, While ‘F9’ Burns Rubber Overseas With $162 Million Bow

Despite the scorn of critics and its modest, penny-pinching budgets, the Saw franchise has always been one of Hollywood’s stealthiest and most surprising success stories. And now, thanks to Spiral’s roughly $4.6 million sophomore frame, which was good enough to hold the top spot in North America, the series just surpassed the $1 billion mark in total global ticket sales. Still, the biggest box-office story of the weekend came from overseas, where Universal’s latest Fast and the Furious sequel, F9, raked $162 million in its fuel-injected bow, with the lion’s share of loot coming from China.

Slow Weekend Ahead In The U.S., ‘F9’ Races Into China, And U.K. Reopens With ‘Peter Rabbit 2’

The summer movie season will finally get some gas in its tank next weekend with the release of Cruella and A Quiet Place Part II, but this weekend the domestic box office will mostly be spinning its wheels. With no new wide releases, the titles in the top ten on the box office chart could look a lot like last week’s, perhaps with a few of the new limited releases sprinkled in. We’re likely headed into the lowest grossing weekend in months, which is unusual for the latter half of May, especially when you factor in the pandemic’s waning presence.

The New Angelina Jolie Flops While ‘Spiral,’ The Latest Saw Sequel, Is Tops With $8.7 Million Debut

Even as the past year has served up more than its share of real-life terrors, it turns out that die-hard horror fans can still be counted on to turn out for the latest cinematic fright-fest—even if there’s an A-list movie star appearing in the theater next door. Exhibit A: Spiral, the newest chapter in the long-running Saw franchise, bowed at No. 1 at the North American box office over the weekend with an $8.7 million haul, trouncing the high-profile debut of Angelina Jolie’s survival thriller Those Who Wish Me Dead. While Spiral does feature a couple of bold-faced names of its own (namely, Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson), it’s always been the blood-soaked brand itself that’s been the big draw. Even squeamish critics, who gave the film a 39% fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes, couldn’t convince gore-hounds to stay away.

Chris Rock Takes On The 'Saw' Franchise In ‘Spiral’, Warner Releases Taylor Sheridan/Angelina Jolie Thriller ‘Those Who Wish Me Dead’

The summer movie season continues on its road to recovery and normalcy, with four new wide releases hitting screens. Still, studios are holding back their big guns for now, as roughly one-third of theaters remain closed and capacity restrictions remain in place at many locations. The past few months have shown promising box office results from films such as Godzilla vs. Kong, Mortal Kombat, and Demon Slayer: Mugen Train, but it may still take some time before the box office returns to its former glory, with the major test coming over Memorial Day weekend when Cruella and A Quiet Place Part II face off.

Jason Statham’s New Action Thriller ‘Wrath Of Man’ Opens At No. 1 With An $8.1 Million Bow

On a weekend when all of the box-office prognosticators were primed to talk about how Marvel had done it again with Black Widow, those talking points were thrown out the window when the studio decided to push the Scarlett Johansson tentpole from May 7 to July 9. Fortunately, the weekend found another action hero waiting in the wings ready to save the day—Jason Statham, whose latest bareknuckle action-thriller, United Artists’ Wrath of Man, opened at No. 1 in North America with an $8.1 million bow.

‘Demon Slayer’ Gets Its Revenge, Stealing The Top Spot From ‘Mortal Kombat’ In A Tight Race For No. 1 At The Box Office

At the end of the day, box-office success isn’t measured solely by opening-weekend numbers. Sometimes it’s a marathon, not a sprint. As proof, you need look no further than the newly reversed fortunes of Mortal Kombat and Demon Slayer: Mugen Train.

The Strong One-Two Punch Of ‘Mortal Kombat’ And ‘Demon Slayer’ KOs The Competition In Busy Weekend At Domestic Box Office

Just a month after Godzilla vs. Kong kicked off a much-needed rebound at the box office, two brawny newcomers KO’d the competition with a ferocious one-two punch, easily taking the top two spots in North America this weekend. The double-barreled debuts resulted in the biggest overall theatrical session since the coronavirus pandemic began a little more than a year ago and are just the latest sign that audiences might finally be ready to return to multiplexes after a year of streaming movies at home.

‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ Three-Peats At No. 1, Roaring Past $80 Million At The Domestic Box Office And $300 Million Overseas

With little in the way of supersized cinematic foes to battle at the box office, Warner Bros.’ big-budget clash of the titans, Godzilla vs. Kong, kept stomping the competition this weekend, three-peating as the No. 1 film in North America, adding another $7.7 million to its already-impressive haul in its third frame.

‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ Keeps Roaring At No. 1 With $13.4 Million In Second Weekend; Passes $350 Million Mark At Global Box Office

While it didn’t roar quite as loudly as it did in its debut weekend, Warner Bros.’ big-budget clash of the titans, Godzilla vs. Kong, continued to rule the box office in its sophomore frame, adding $13.4 million at the domestic box office. And thanks to its monster-sized overseas haul, the titanic tentpole also managed to stomp past Christopher Nolan’sTenet to become the new top-grossing film of the pandemic era.

‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ Smashes Pandemic Record With $48.5 Million Five-Day Domestic Opening; Continues To Roar Overseas

After a long year of gloom and doom at the box office, the Easter holiday weekend finally offered a giant ray of hope for movie theaters thanks to two of cinema’s most iconic characters. Godzilla vs. Kong, Warner Bros.’ big-budget kaiju grudge match, smashed pandemic-era records left and right in North America: The PG-13 extravaganza opened in the largest number of theaters since the COVID-19 outbreak (3,064); it had the largest opening day during that period ($9.6 million on Wednesday); it had the highest single-day gross ($12.5 million on Saturday); and it had the biggest three-day and five-day opening weekends ($32.2 million and $48.5 million respectively). In other words, it was just the kind of monster weekend that Hollywood’s been waiting for.

Bob Odenkirk’s Action Flick ‘Nobody’ Debuts Atop Domestic Box Office With $6.7 Million As ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ Roars Overseas With A $122 Million Bow

There was plenty of good news at both home and abroad this weekend as two splashy newcomers scored impressive debuts, providing a ray of hope to the hit-starved studios just in time for the upcoming summer blockbuster season. On the domestic front, Universal’s rookie shoot-em-up Nobody, starring unlikely action hero Bob Odenkirk, came blasting out of the gate with a $6.7 million opening. Meanwhile, overseas, Warner Bros.’ big-budget clash of the titans, Godzilla vs. Kong, roared with a monster-sized $121.8 million bow.

‘Raya And The Last Dragon’ Three-peats At The Box Office With $5.2 Million In Its Third Weekend As Los Angeles Theater Re-openings Goose Ticket Sales

The old saying that the rising tide lifts all boats was certainly true this weekend as the re-opening of Los Angeles’ movie houses goosed ticket sales across the board, sparking hopes that a theatrical rebound may finally be on the horizon.

‘Raya And The Last Dragon’ Repeats At No. 1 With $5.5 Million As Los Angeles Theaters Get Green Light To Re-Open; ‘Avatar’ Retakes All-Time Box-Office Champ Title

It was a very good weekend for the Mouse House. On the domestic front, Disney’s computer-animated adventure Raya and the Last Dragon repeated as the No. 1 movie in North America for the second straight week, pulling in $5.5 million in its sophomore frame. Meanwhile, overseas, the studio re-released a film from the other major it acquired, 20th Century Fox, and its 2009 mega-blockbuster, Avatar. That lured enough ticket buyers in China to help push it past Avengers: Endgame and reclaim its crown as the highest-grossing movie of all time.

Disney’s ‘Raya And The Last Dragon’ Debuts At No. 1 With $8.6 Million In North America As New York City Theaters Finally Re-Open

If there’s one thing that the past year’s pandemic has taught the movie business, it’s that kid-friendly titles have become the new industry heavyweights. Hard on the heels of box-office perennial, The Croods: A New Age, and last weekend’s newly-crowned champ, Tom and Jerry, a new animated film once again claimed the top spot—Disney’s Raya and the Last Dragon—which debuted at No. 1 in North American theaters this weekend with $8.6 million.
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