All-Time Charts

ChartRecord HolderRecord
Biggest Theater DropsThe Rhythm Section-2,955
Opening WeeksAvengers: Endgame$473,894,638
Fastest to $100–$900 Million
$100MAvengers: Endgame1
$150MAvengers: Endgame1
$200MAvengers: Endgame2
$250MAvengers: Endgame2
$300MAvengers: Endgame3
$350MAvengers: Endgame3
$400MAvengers: Endgame5
$450MAvengers: Endgame6
$500MAvengers: Endgame8
$550MAvengers: Endgame9
$600MAvengers: Endgame10
$650MAvengers: Endgame13
$700MStar Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens16
$750MStar Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens18
$800MStar Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens23
$850MStar Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens31
$900MStar Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens50
Slowest to $100–$900 Million
$150MThe Sting731
$200MIndiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark282
$250MStar Wars774
$300MStar Wars774
$350MJurassic Park441
$650MJurassic World104
$700MBlack Panther171
$750MSpider-Man: No Way Home54
$800MSpider-Man: No Way Home100
$850MAvengers: Endgame78
$900MStar Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens50
Top Grossing Months
All MonthsJuly, 2011$1,394,775,988
JanuaryJanuary, 2010$1,058,456,877
FebruaryFebruary, 2018$1,003,630,471
MarchMarch, 2017$1,171,349,367
AprilApril, 2019$1,034,983,338
MayMay, 2013$1,143,256,104
JuneJune, 2013$1,282,917,253
JulyJuly, 2011$1,394,775,988
AugustAugust, 2016$1,019,239,621
SeptemberSeptember, 2017$698,583,708
OctoberOctober, 2018$830,803,109
NovemberNovember, 2012$1,090,481,344
DecemberDecember, 2017$1,325,014,344
Top Opening Grosses by Days in Release
2-daysAvengers: Endgame$266,725,763
3-daysAvengers: Endgame$357,115,007
4-daysAvengers: Endgame$393,989,446
5-daysAvengers: Endgame$427,099,795
6-daysAvengers: Endgame$452,351,786
7-daysAvengers: Endgame$473,894,638
8-daysAvengers: Endgame$514,631,412
9-daysAvengers: Endgame$576,158,461
10-daysAvengers: Endgame$621,277,849
Widest Openings by MPAA Rating
GToy Story 44,575
G/PGThe Lion King4,725
PGThe Lion King4,725
PG-13Top Gun: Maverick4,735
RIt Chapter Two4,570
Widest Releases by MPAA Rating
GToy Story 44,575
G/PGThe Lion King4,802
PGThe Lion King4,802
PG-13Top Gun: Maverick4,751
RIt Chapter Two4,570