Top Weekends: 2nd – 12th

Data as of Sep 23, 10:23 PDT
Rank Release Gross Lifetime Gross % of Total Theaters Average Date Distributor
1Top Gun: Maverick$1,100,000$20,100,000-55$20,000May 26, 2022Paramount Pictures International
2Minions: The Rise of Gru$359,571$8,506,156---Jun 30, 2022Universal Pictures International (UPI)
3The Super Mario Bros. Movie$345,615$6,258,909-13$26,585Apr 20, 2023Universal Pictures International (UPI)
4Oppenheimer$272,015$11,701,821-57$4,772Jul 20, 2023Universal Pictures International (UPI)
5John Wick: Chapter 4$196,735$5,695,459-64$3,073Apr 20, 2023Italia Film
6Fast X$195,158$6,683,132-57$3,423May 18, 2023Universal Pictures International (UPI)
7Ticket to Paradise$137,870$3,544,003-34$4,055Sep 15, 2022Universal Pictures International (UPI)
8The Black Phone$90,071$3,674,344-29$3,105Jun 23, 2022Universal Pictures International (UPI)
9Puss in Boots: The Last Wish$63,111$1,844,265-39$1,618Dec 8, 2022Universal Pictures
10Ambulance$60,897$3,296,877-52$1,171Mar 17, 2022Universal Pictures International (UPI)
11About My Father$60,841$536,848-13$4,680Jun 1, 2023-
12Beast$53,512$2,210,542---Aug 11, 2022Universal Pictures International (UPI)
13M3GAN$25,984$1,099,450---Jan 5, 2023Universal Pictures
14Marry Me$24,357$866,474-5$4,871Feb 10, 2022Universal Pictures
15The Bad Guys$18,310$781,579-33$554Mar 17, 2022Universal Pictures International (UPI)
16Little Women$16,833$437,114-2$8,416Jan 30, 2020Sony Pictures Releasing
17Prey for the Devil$10,000$542,139-3$3,333Oct 27, 2022-
18The Northman$5,484$742,871-1$5,484May 19, 2022Universal Pictures International (UPI)
19The 355$3,752$948,412-4$938Jan 13, 2022Italia Film
20Nope$3,418$1,059,629-1$3,418Aug 25, 2022Universal Pictures International (UPI)
21Halloween Ends$2,687$663,304---Oct 13, 2022Universal Pictures
22Come Play$1,690$601,763---Nov 5, 2020Italia Film
23Spencer$626$678,578-1$626Nov 4, 2021Italia Film
24Cobweb$29$175,392-1$29Jul 20, 2023Phars Film