Top Weekends: 2nd – 12th

Data as of Mar 29, 1:41 PDT
Rank Release Gross Lifetime Gross % of Total Theaters Average Date Distributor
1The Fate of the Furious$373,053$2,442,235-48$7,771Apr 14, 2017Universal Pictures International (UPI)
2Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom$194,582$1,292,948-52$3,741Jun 16, 2018Universal Pictures International (UPI)
3Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle$157,140$891,577-54$2,910Dec 22, 2017Sony Pictures Releasing
4Spider-Man: Far from Home$110,891$665,852-61$1,817Jul 5, 2019Sony Pictures Releasing
5Jurassic World: Dominion$108,533$718,893---Jun 10, 2022Universal Pictures International (UPI)
6Jumanji: The Next Level$88,010$834,960-53$1,660Dec 13, 2019Sony Pictures Releasing
7Venom$84,632$531,883-30$2,821Oct 5, 2018Sony Pictures Releasing
8Spider-Man: Homecoming$74,868$665,551-61$1,227Jul 7, 2017Sony Pictures Releasing
9Insidious: The Last Key$43,020$287,492-23$1,870Jan 5, 2018Sony Pictures Releasing
10John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum$41,874$416,317-50$837May 17, 2019Italia Film
11The Mummy$32,821$473,308-38$863Jun 9, 2017United International Pictures (UIP)
12John Wick: Chapter 2$27,947$141,724-28$998Feb 17, 2017Italia Film
13Despicable Me 3$24,555$247,083-26$944Jun 26, 2017United International Pictures (UIP)
14Johnny English Strikes Again$23,224$147,075-40$580Sep 28, 2018Universal Pictures International (UPI)
15Underworld: Blood Wars$21,859$94,946-36$607Dec 2, 2016Sony Pictures Releasing
16Once Upon a Time in Hollywood$19,862$111,512-16$1,241Aug 16, 2019Sony Pictures Releasing
17The Grudge$19,734$161,936-35$563Jan 3, 2020Sony Pictures Releasing
18How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World$16,607$106,705-30$553Jan 18, 2019Universal Pictures International (UPI)
19Passengers$16,151$89,255-19$850Dec 30, 2016Sony Pictures Releasing
20Bad Boys for Life$15,789$211,847-34$464Jan 17, 2020Sony Pictures Releasing
21Knives Out$14,898$94,089-26$573Nov 29, 2019-
22Ouija: Origin of Evil$14,837$74,113---Oct 21, 2016Universal Pictures International (UPI)
23Deepwater Horizon$12,303$61,885---Sep 30, 2016-
241917$11,945$89,831---Jan 24, 2020-
25Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation$10,899$83,646-14$778Jul 13, 2018Sony Pictures Releasing
26Charlie's Angels$10,377$71,689-42$247Nov 15, 2019Sony Pictures Releasing
27The Great Wall$10,102$44,076-38$265Feb 17, 2017Universal Pictures International (UPI)
28Skyscraper$9,931$145,316-45$220Jul 13, 2018Universal Pictures International (UPI)
29Pacific Rim: Uprising$9,340$80,485-14$667Mar 23, 2018United International Pictures (UIP)
30Baby Driver$9,079$78,503-9$1,008Jun 28, 2017Sony Pictures Releasing
31Don't Breathe$8,682$58,521-7$1,240Aug 26, 2016Sony Pictures Releasing
32The Magnificent Seven$8,671$41,725-7$1,238Sep 23, 2016Sony Pictures Releasing
33The Angry Birds Movie 2$8,539$42,213-16$533Aug 9, 2019Sony Pictures Releasing
34Dolittle$8,149$70,088-48$169Jan 17, 2020Universal Pictures International (UPI)
35Beast$7,971$61,083---Aug 19, 2022Universal Pictures International (UPI)
36Resident Evil: The Final Chapter$7,380$99,821-9$820Jan 27, 2017Sony Pictures Releasing
37Robin Hood$7,344$43,079-16$459Nov 30, 2018-
38American Made$7,308$78,079-28$261Sep 8, 2017United International Pictures (UIP)
39The Grinch$6,064$24,023-9$673Nov 9, 2018Universal Pictures International (UPI)
40Life$5,740$24,367-12$478Mar 31, 2017Sony Pictures Releasing
41Men in Black: International$5,670$77,037-12$472Jun 21, 2019Sony Pictures Releasing
42Escape Room$5,393$82,762-11$490Jan 11, 2019Sony Pictures Releasing
43Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse$5,327$71,421-7$761Dec 14, 2018Sony Pictures Releasing
44Halloween$5,286$33,676-4$1,321Oct 26, 2018Universal Pictures International (UPI)
45Zombieland: Double Tap$4,751$26,807-11$431Oct 18, 2019Sony Pictures Releasing
46Sing$4,749$37,489-38$124Dec 23, 2016Universal Pictures International (UPI)
47Victoria & Abdul$4,664$49,182-28$166Oct 13, 2017Universal Pictures International (UPI)
48Sicario: Day of the Soldado$4,606$22,324---Jul 6, 2018Italia Film
49Fantasy Island$4,594$38,393-22$208Feb 14, 2020Sony Pictures Releasing
50Split$4,548$50,855-28$162Jan 27, 2017Universal Pictures International (UPI)
51Power Rangers$4,520$32,898-6$753Mar 24, 2017-
52The Secret Life of Pets 2$4,208$36,602-17$247Jun 7, 2019Universal Pictures International (UPI)
53Abominable$4,006$20,381-30$133Sep 27, 2019Universal Pictures International (UPI)
54Jigsaw$3,951$45,827-8$493Oct 27, 2017-
55La La Land$3,904$83,180-6$650Dec 9, 2016-
5647 Meters Down: Uncaged$3,890$37,910-16$243Aug 30, 2019PVR Pictures
57Inferno$3,716$53,833-6$619Oct 14, 2016Sony Pictures Releasing
58Mortal Engines$3,571$41,905-9$396Dec 7, 2018Universal Pictures International (UPI)
59Alpha$3,433$38,489-3$1,144Aug 17, 2018Sony Pictures Releasing
60Happy Death Day 2U$3,248$28,707-14$232Feb 15, 2019Universal Pictures International (UPI)
61Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again$2,973$17,743-17$174Aug 10, 2018Universal Pictures International (UPI)
62The Emoji Movie$2,745$25,663-4$686Aug 4, 2017Sony Pictures Releasing
63Smurfs: The Lost Village$2,346$22,222-7$335Apr 7, 2017Sony Pictures Releasing
64The Dark Tower$2,115$39,808-6$352Aug 11, 2017Sony Pictures Releasing
65Brightburn$2,016$11,048-14$144May 17, 2019Sony Pictures Releasing
66Kin$1,856$6,681---Aug 31, 2018-
67Only the Brave$1,754$7,674---Oct 20, 2017-
68First Man$1,710$16,235-1$1,710Oct 19, 2018Universal Pictures International (UPI)
69Peter Rabbit$1,708$16,170-4$427Feb 9, 2018Sony Pictures Releasing
70Patriots Day$1,568$2,822-3$522Jan 27, 2017-
71The 355$1,378$6,973-14$98Jan 14, 2022PVR Pictures
72The Invisible Man$1,351$60,177---Mar 6, 2020Universal Pictures International (UPI)
73Blair Witch$1,292$12,964-3$430Sep 15, 2016-
74Pitch Perfect 3$1,286$13,406-1$1,286Dec 29, 2017-
75Darkest Hour$899$8,034-2$449Feb 9, 2018-
76Goosebumps 2: Slappy's Revenge$838$7,520-2$419Oct 12, 2018Sony Pictures Releasing
77The Bad Guys$693$9,368---May 20, 2022Universal Pictures International (UPI)
78The Equalizer 2$661$25,698-4$165Jul 20, 2018Sony Pictures Releasing
79The Spy Who Dumped Me$452$11,148-3$150Aug 3, 2018-
80The Hustle$266$6,642-1$266Jun 21, 2019-