Top Weekends: 2nd – 12th

Data as of Feb 21, 1:40 PST
Rank Release Gross Lifetime Gross % of Total Theaters Average Date Distributor
1Avatar$199,591$7,342,721-49$4,073Dec 17, 200920th Century Fox International
2Avatar: The Way of Water$110,596$12,283,975---Dec 15, 2022Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
3Transformers$66,448$5,326,029-45$1,476Jun 28, 2007-
4Big Hero 6$60,936$6,144,385-47$1,296Nov 13, 2014Walt Disney Pictures
5Polis Evo$57,418$4,138,582-34$1,688Sep 17, 2015-
6Jumanji: The Next Level$52,947$13,059,424-133$398Dec 5, 2019Sony Pictures Releasing
7Jurassic World Dominion$51,866$9,819,098-94$551Jun 9, 2022Universal Pictures International (UPI)
8Zootopia$51,697$3,134,000-58$891Feb 25, 2016Walt Disney Pictures
9Thor: Ragnarok$50,548$8,037,405---Oct 26, 2017Walt Disney Pictures
10Jurassic World$48,596$11,517,722-56$867Jun 11, 2015United International Pictures
11Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle$47,864$14,114,992-80$598Dec 21, 2017Sony Pictures Releasing
12Iron Man 3$47,571$13,909,003-35$1,359Apr 26, 2013Walt Disney Pictures
13Minions: The Rise of Gru$43,778$6,831,073-83$527Jun 30, 2022Universal Pictures International (UPI)
14Life of Pi$41,184$4,134,666-28$1,470Nov 29, 201220th Century Fox International
15Captain Marvel$40,129$10,947,027---Mar 6, 2019Walt Disney Pictures
16The Dark Knight Rises$36,814$5,759,366-24$1,533Jul 19, 2012Warner Bros.
17Avengers: Endgame$35,224$21,123,193---Apr 24, 2019Walt Disney Pictures
18The Conjuring$34,436$3,736,613-27$1,275Aug 1, 2013Warner Bros.
19The Avengers$34,073$10,965,615-25$1,362Apr 27, 2012Walt Disney Pictures
20Black Panther$33,010$10,251,556---Feb 14, 2018Walt Disney Pictures
21Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom$28,485$13,035,567-55$517Jun 7, 2018Universal Pictures International (UPI)
22Aladdin$27,908$5,989,596---May 23, 2019Walt Disney Pictures
23Enthiran$26,914$3,048,246-18$1,495Sep 30, 2010Five Star
24Transformers: Dark of the Moon$26,677$10,881,761-19$1,404Jun 30, 2011United International Pictures
25Dilwale$25,842$3,533,374-39$662Dec 18, 2015-
26Bumblebee$25,709$7,087,765-60$428Dec 20, 2018Paramount Pictures International
27Guardians of the Galaxy$25,503$5,803,492-30$850Jul 31, 2014Walt Disney Pictures
28Frozen II$25,214$9,403,186---Nov 21, 2019Walt Disney Pictures
29Despicable Me 2$23,839$4,880,635-20$1,191Jul 4, 2013United International Pictures
30Puss in Boots: The Last Wish$23,468$1,359,364-26$902Dec 22, 2022Universal Pictures International (UPI)
31Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles$23,081$5,263,569-22$1,049Aug 7, 2014United International Pictures
32G.I. Joe: Retaliation$22,424$7,087,974-26$862Mar 28, 2013United International Pictures
33Avengers: Age of Ultron$22,363$13,390,227-37$604Apr 23, 2015Walt Disney Pictures
34Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation$22,123$5,951,143-38$582Jul 30, 2015United International Pictures
35Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw$21,926$10,114,570-25$877Aug 1, 2019United International Pictures
36Doctor Strange$20,310$5,863,005---Oct 27, 2016Walt Disney Pictures
37Furious 7$20,162$15,992,077-59$341Apr 2, 2015United International Pictures
38Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings$19,981$1,897,086---Oct 7, 2021Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
39The Dark Knight$19,360$2,662,579-13$1,489Jul 17, 2008-
40Frozen$19,244$3,618,668-16$1,202Nov 28, 2013Walt Disney Pictures
41The Super Mario Bros. Movie$19,223$4,084,817-21$915Apr 20, 2023Universal Pictures International (UPI)
422012$18,298$7,511,269-18$1,016Nov 12, 2009Sony Pictures Releasing
43How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World$17,726$4,906,778-56$316Jan 31, 2019Universal Pictures International (UPI)
44Ratatouille$17,584$1,541,079-22$799Aug 16, 2007-
45Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen$16,751$7,856,544-26$644Jun 24, 2009United International Pictures
46How to Train Your Dragon 2$16,662$3,961,403-15$1,110Jun 12, 201420th Century Fox International
47The Lego Movie$16,542$1,331,532-15$1,102Feb 6, 2014Warner Bros.
48Spider-Man: Far from Home$16,195$8,688,888-34$476Jul 3, 2019Sony Pictures Releasing
49Alice in Wonderland$16,032$3,633,080-18$890Mar 4, 2010Walt Disney Pictures
50The Lion King$15,776$6,206,466---Jul 17, 2019Walt Disney Pictures
51Inception$15,715$2,093,461-10$1,571Jul 15, 2010Warner Bros.
52Coco$15,710$2,081,280---Nov 23, 2017Walt Disney Pictures
53The Maze Runner$15,467$5,617,491-15$1,031Sep 11, 2014Warner Bros.
54Sherlock Holmes$15,466$1,212,543-14$1,104Dec 24, 2009Warner Bros.
55Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness$15,120$10,801,565---May 4, 2022Walt Disney Pictures
56Migration$14,966$554,167-21$712Dec 28, 2023Universal Pictures International (UPI)
57Journey to the Center of the Earth$14,563$1,186,977-4$3,640Jul 10, 2008-
58Despicable Me 3$14,500$3,911,388-18$805Jun 15, 2017Universal Pictures International (UPI)
59La La Land$14,164$301,903-13$1,089Jan 5, 2017GSC Movies (GSCM)
60Olympus Has Fallen$14,105$1,703,776-11$1,282Mar 21, 2013-
61Transformers: Age of Extinction$13,845$13,528,587-25$553Jun 26, 2014United International Pictures
62John Wick: Chapter 4$13,588$3,677,799-24$566Mar 23, 2023Encore Films
63Black Panther: Wakanda Forever$13,008$7,271,359---Nov 10, 2022Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
64Captain America: The Winter Soldier$12,999$8,404,017-12$1,083Mar 27, 2014Walt Disney Pictures
65Beauty and the Beast$12,687$5,527,695---Mar 30, 2017Walt Disney Pictures
66Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens$12,495$6,628,971-34$367Dec 17, 2015Walt Disney Pictures
67Hotel Transylvania$12,235$1,590,024-12$1,019Sep 27, 2012Sony Pictures Releasing
68Minions$11,997$4,992,809-31$387Jun 18, 2015United International Pictures
69Maleficent: Mistress of Evil$11,987$7,629,141---Oct 17, 2019Walt Disney Pictures
70Johnny English Strikes Again$11,851$5,062,067-25$474Sep 13, 2018Universal Pictures International (UPI)
71Battleship$11,513$6,415,419-16$719Apr 12, 2012United International Pictures
72Maleficent$11,435$6,393,211-15$762May 29, 2014Walt Disney Pictures
73Hop$11,219$546,052-2$5,609Mar 31, 2011United International Pictures
74Pacific Rim$11,127$5,069,216-6$1,854Jul 11, 2013Warner Bros.
75A Quiet Place$11,126$2,476,324-33$337Apr 5, 2018Paramount Pictures International
76Rush Hour 3$11,081$2,595,065-27$410Aug 9, 2007-
77Mission: Impossible - Fallout$11,048$6,311,700-21$526Jul 26, 2018Paramount Pictures International
78Real Steel$10,934$4,825,353-13$841Oct 13, 2011Walt Disney Pictures
79Incredibles 2$10,833$5,276,640---Jun 14, 2018Walt Disney Pictures
80Oppenheimer$10,820$2,590,624-12$901Jul 20, 2023Universal Pictures International (UPI)
81Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol$10,795$5,663,435-5$2,159Dec 15, 2011United International Pictures
82Kung Fu Panda 2$10,642$6,012,559-10$1,064May 26, 2011United International Pictures
83Geng: The Adventure Begins$10,461$1,740,337-20$523Feb 12, 2009Grand Brilliance
84The Amazing Spider-Man$10,418$7,116,805-7$1,488Jul 5, 2012Sony Pictures Releasing
85Avengers: Infinity War$10,344$17,325,511---Apr 25, 2018Walt Disney Pictures
86Terminator Salvation$10,303$3,886,687-26$396May 28, 2009Sony Pictures Releasing
87Ah Long Pte Ltd$10,261$1,378,940-12$855Mar 13, 2008-
88The Invisible$9,991$174,182-12$832Jul 26, 2007-
89Toy Story 3$9,942$2,812,540-8$1,242Jun 17, 2010Walt Disney Pictures
90Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation$9,920$2,058,206-18$551Jul 19, 2018Sony Pictures Releasing
91Toy Story 4$9,874$2,585,695---Jun 20, 2019Walt Disney Pictures
92Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian$9,780$2,821,294-18$543May 21, 200920th Century Fox International
93Step Up Revolution$9,497$2,512,639-11$863Aug 2, 2012-
94Spider-Man: Homecoming$9,274$6,771,976-19$488Jul 6, 2017Sony Pictures Releasing
95San Andreas$9,231$6,292,257-14$659May 28, 2015Warner Bros.
96Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2$9,227$5,327,621---Apr 27, 2017Walt Disney Pictures
97The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey$8,626$4,865,381-12$718Dec 13, 2012Warner Bros.
98Goosebumps$8,588$2,549,874-19$452Oct 14, 2015Sony Pictures Releasing
99Skyfall$8,566$6,648,898-15$571Nov 1, 2012Sony Pictures Releasing
100Fast X$8,463$8,060,515-18$470May 18, 2023Universal Pictures International (UPI)
101The Fate of the Furious$8,421$12,162,185-31$271Apr 13, 2017Universal Pictures International (UPI)
102Ice Age: Continental Drift$8,053$2,641,087-8$1,006Jul 12, 201220th Century Fox International
103Thor: The Dark World$8,009$8,819,558-6$1,334Oct 31, 2013Walt Disney Pictures
104Drag Me to Hell$7,962$843,494-9$884Jun 4, 2009Golden Screen Cinemas
105Ant-Man$7,944$6,747,317-15$529Jul 16, 2015Walt Disney Pictures
106World War Z$7,924$5,071,487-11$720Jun 20, 2013United International Pictures
107Tangled$7,904$3,000,230-11$718Nov 25, 2010Walt Disney Pictures
108The Amazing Spider-Man 2$7,817$9,394,162-11$710May 1, 2014Sony Pictures Releasing
109Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides$7,709$5,572,226-10$770May 19, 2011Walt Disney Pictures
110Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse$7,703$1,362,460-52$148Dec 13, 2018Sony Pictures Releasing
111Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2$7,698$1,329,368-8$962Oct 3, 2013Sony Pictures Releasing
112Sivaji$7,643$2,435,416-17$449Jun 14, 2007-
113Trolls Band Together$7,503$561,574-41$183Nov 2, 2023Universal Pictures International (UPI)
114The Mummy$7,392$5,478,967-15$492Jun 8, 2017Universal Pictures International (UPI)
115Woo Hoo!$7,321$1,178,693-7$1,045Jan 14, 2010-
116John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum$7,268$2,823,279-16$454May 16, 2019-
117Sadako 3D$7,248$472,871-6$1,208Aug 30, 2012Walt Disney Pictures
118Dasavatharam$7,079$1,721,109-20$353Jun 12, 2008-
119Oz the Great and Powerful$7,033$2,969,439-10$703Mar 7, 2013Walt Disney Pictures
120Ralph Breaks the Internet$6,964$2,442,383---Nov 22, 2018Walt Disney Pictures
12121$6,904$176,057-12$575Aug 7, 2008-
122Fast & Furious 6$6,813$9,867,797-8$851May 23, 2013United International Pictures
123Non-Stop$6,752$2,273,188-4$1,688Feb 27, 2014Walt Disney Pictures
124Elemental$6,711$1,335,575---Jun 22, 2023Walt Disney Pictures
125Need for Speed$6,694$4,468,303-5$1,338Mar 13, 2014Walt Disney Pictures
126The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug$6,643$5,383,458-10$664Dec 12, 2013Warner Bros.
127The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor$6,378$3,427,462-14$455Jul 31, 2008-
128Venom$6,319$7,004,488-15$421Oct 4, 2018Sony Pictures Releasing
129WALL·E$6,308$1,177,777-14$450Aug 14, 2008-
130Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3$6,287$4,416,387---May 4, 2023Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
131Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted$6,287$4,187,539-9$698Jun 7, 2012United International Pictures
132Smurfs: The Lost Village$6,154$1,143,908-16$384Apr 6, 2017Sony Pictures Releasing
133Ant-Man and the Wasp$6,089$5,709,793---Jul 4, 2018Walt Disney Pictures
134Enchanted$5,958$1,585,800-11$541Nov 29, 2007-
135Eternals$5,823$2,678,278---Nov 4, 2021Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
136Death Race$5,812$905,861-14$415Aug 21, 2008-
2012 3D Release
$5,731$1,009,646-7$818Apr 5, 201220th Century Fox International
138Chinese Zodiac$5,717$6,533,781-16$357Dec 20, 2012Golden Screen Cinemas
139Ayan$5,644$1,046,027-10$564Apr 2, 2009Five Star
140Little Big Master$5,454$275,208-4$1,363Mar 19, 2015Five Star
141The Great Wall$5,288$3,565,598-7$755Dec 29, 2016Universal Pictures International (UPI)
142The Angry Birds Movie 2$5,196$1,299,343-11$472Aug 29, 2019Sony Pictures Releasing
143Green Zone$5,149$446,535-8$643Mar 11, 2010United International Pictures
144Man of Steel$5,063$6,351,839-5$1,012Jun 13, 2013Warner Bros.
145Mamma Mia!$4,968$566,785-6$828Sep 25, 2008-
146Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales$4,892$4,805,222---May 25, 2017Walt Disney Pictures
147Despicable Me$4,880$1,230,633-6$813Jul 8, 2010United International Pictures
148Inside Out$4,866$1,962,943-26$187Aug 20, 2015Walt Disney Pictures
149Penguins of Madagascar$4,713$3,066,150-60$78Nov 27, 201420th Century Fox International
150Ip Man 3$4,629$6,566,017-17$272Dec 24, 2015Five Star
151Insidious: Chapter 2$4,607$2,737,429-3$1,535Oct 17, 2013Sony Pictures Releasing
152The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies$4,539$6,642,432-18$252Dec 18, 2014Warner Bros.
153Thor$4,536$3,730,598-7$648Apr 28, 2011United International Pictures
154The Martian$4,534$1,940,583-4$1,133Oct 1, 201520th Century Fox International
155Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2$4,533$4,620,830-4$1,133Jul 14, 2011Warner Bros.
156Gravity$4,533$1,790,001-3$1,511Oct 3, 2013Warner Bros.
157The Hunger Games$4,529$2,201,209-5$905Mar 22, 2012-
158Fast Five$4,480$5,522,487-7$640May 5, 2011United International Pictures
159Slumdog Millionaire$4,467$185,536-5$893Feb 12, 2009Golden Scene
160Into the Storm$4,444$2,688,618-5$888Aug 7, 2014Warner Bros.
161Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs$4,399$2,425,992-8$549Jul 2, 200920th Century Fox International
162Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1$4,302$3,561,688-10$430Nov 18, 2010Warner Bros.
163Bolt$4,252$1,344,988-7$607Dec 4, 2008Walt Disney Pictures
164X-Men: First Class$4,231$3,575,090-5$846Jun 2, 201120th Century Fox International
165Mirrors$4,227$240,608-9$469Aug 14, 2008-
166Alvin and the Chipmunks$4,226$879,309-9$469Dec 13, 2007-
167Sing$4,213$1,607,233-32$131Dec 8, 2016Universal Pictures International (UPI)
168RoboCop$4,213$5,833,356-6$702Jan 30, 2014Sony Pictures Releasing
169Secret$4,082$353,514-10$408Aug 16, 2007-
170Skyscraper$4,076$4,582,715-7$582Jul 12, 2018Universal Pictures International (UPI)
171Split$4,041$662,092-6$673Jan 19, 2017Universal Pictures International (UPI)
172Adnan Semp-It$4,039$2,108,040-1$4,039Jan 14, 2010-
173Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania$3,983$5,049,683---Feb 16, 2023Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
174Total Recall$3,907$2,445,993-5$781Aug 2, 2012Sony Pictures Releasing
175Now You See Me$3,899$1,495,967-3$1,299May 30, 2013Golden Screen Cinemas
176Where Got Ghost?$3,856$1,515,577-8$482Sep 10, 2009-
177Hercules$3,852$4,291,639-5$770Jul 24, 2014United International Pictures
178Wild Child$3,849$120,884-8$481Dec 4, 2008-
179The Revenant$3,827$491,196-2$1,913Feb 4, 201620th Century Fox International
180Jack Reacher$3,813$1,759,801-6$635Dec 20, 2012United International Pictures
181X-Men: Days of Future Past$3,811$6,651,878-3$1,270May 22, 201420th Century Fox International
182Jack the Giant Slayer$3,806$3,766,399-5$761Feb 28, 2013Warner Bros.
183The Ugly Truth$3,797$481,525-9$421Sep 10, 2009Sony Pictures Releasing
184Kung Fu Panda$3,763$2,779,067-5$752Jun 6, 2008-
185Escape Plan$3,718$2,638,864-2$1,859Oct 10, 2013Golden Screen Cinemas
186The Expendables 2$3,681$5,027,237-11$334Aug 16, 2012-
187Santhosh Subramaniyam$3,609$138,367-6$601Apr 10, 2008-
188Dracula Untold$3,583$4,145,526-5$716Oct 2, 2014United International Pictures
189Our Times$3,557$2,346,748-4$889Oct 22, 201520th Century Fox International
190Wreck-It Ralph$3,549$1,422,341-8$443Nov 29, 2012Walt Disney Pictures
191They Wait$3,543$277,134-7$506Jan 1, 2009Sony Pictures Releasing
192The Croods$3,536$2,150,651-6$589Mar 21, 201320th Century Fox International
193Spy$3,486$2,116,476-5$697May 21, 201520th Century Fox International
194Pixels$3,458$1,765,208-6$576Aug 13, 2015Sony Pictures Releasing
195Moana$3,427$2,790,498---Dec 1, 2016Walt Disney Pictures
196Snow White and the Huntsman$3,400$3,626,479-6$566May 31, 2012United International Pictures
197The Hunger Games: Catching Fire$3,342$3,663,266-3$1,114Nov 21, 2013-
198Unnale Unnale$3,319$250,905-3$1,106Apr 12, 2007-
199Cars 3$3,306$1,186,592---Aug 24, 2017Walt Disney Pictures
200Rise of the Guardians$3,293$1,876,588-6$548Nov 22, 2012United International Pictures