Top Weekends: 2nd – 12th

Data as of Jun 10, 9:43 PDT
Rank Release Gross Lifetime Gross % of Total Theaters Average Date Distributor
1Frozen$7,462,133$249,036,646-635$11,751Mar 14, 2014Walt Disney Pictures
2Demon Slayer the Movie: Mugen Train$6,567,669$364,777,208---Oct 16, 2020Aniplex
3Avatar$2,862,317$170,640,248-562$5,093Dec 23, 200920th Century Fox International
4Your Name.$2,425,633$233,794,134---Aug 26, 2016Toho
5Bohemian Rhapsody$2,126,802$115,693,295-533$3,990Nov 10, 201820th Century Fox International
6Suzume$2,110,460$104,682,979---Nov 11, 2022IMAX
7Howl's Moving Castle$1,817,583$190,000,000-450$4,039Nov 20, 2004Toho
8Top Gun: Maverick$1,800,000$101,635,727---May 27, 2022Paramount Pictures International
9The First Slam Dunk$1,796,360$103,173,800---Dec 3, 2022Toei Company
10Jujutsu Kaisen 0$1,649,392$108,194,046---Dec 24, 2021IMAX
11The Last Samurai$1,639,112$119,268,595-300$5,463Dec 6, 2003-
12Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone$1,353,253$152,993,493-459$2,948Dec 1, 2001-
13One Cut of the Dead$1,140,875$26,495,502---Jun 23, 2018Asmik Ace Entertainment
14Bayside Shakedown 2$1,108,541$155,138,312-298$3,719Jul 19, 2003-
15Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets$1,028,961$142,786,414-528$1,948Nov 23, 2002-
16Zootopia$979,151$70,127,286---Apr 23, 2016Walt Disney Pictures
17One Piece Film: Red$956,075$151,698,023---Aug 6, 2022Toei Company
18Weathering with You$900,246$131,561,710---Jul 19, 2019Toho
19Ponyo$750,686$164,565,997-481$1,560Jul 19, 2008Toho
20The Wind Rises$719,651$119,513,192-454$1,585Jul 20, 2013Toho
21The Fighter Pilot$702,459$82,652,465-430$1,633Dec 21, 2013Toho
22The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King$697,732$94,966,172-312$2,236Feb 14, 2004-
23Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban$660,906$121,600,000-426$1,551Jun 26, 2004Warner Bros.
24Les Misérables$630,001$65,566,020-346$1,820Dec 21, 2012Toho-Towa
25The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring$628,900$69,140,370-311$2,022Mar 2, 2002-
26Finding Nemo$628,697$102,441,470-279$2,253Dec 6, 2003-
27In This Corner (and Other Corners) of the World$592,053$19,204,593---Nov 12, 2016-
28Frozen II$571,812$122,613,328---Nov 22, 2019Walt Disney Pictures
29Thermae Romae$551,217$74,091,903-278$1,982Apr 28, 2012Toho
30Detective Conan: The Scarlet Bullet$539,580$66,709,156---Apr 16, 2021Toho Company
31This Is It$500,839$57,073,792-247$2,027Oct 28, 2009Sony Pictures Releasing
32Beauty and the Beast$492,181$110,790,534---Apr 21, 2017Walt Disney Pictures
33Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens$484,425$97,862,640-461$1,050Dec 18, 2015Walt Disney Pictures
34SSSS.Gridman$481,261$4,636,916---Jan 20, 2023Toho Company
35Monsters, Inc.$475,660$74,437,612-451$1,054Mar 2, 2002-
36Detective Conan: Zero the Enforcer$464,938$80,403,452---Apr 13, 2018Toho
37Crying Out Love in the Center of the World$452,463$72,719,040-172$2,630May 8, 2004Toho
38The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers$444,876$65,150,115-339$1,312Feb 22, 2003-
39Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones$413,385$78,182,528-289$1,430Jul 13, 2002-
40Stand by Me Doraemon$384,993$79,003,725-345$1,115Aug 8, 2014Toho
41The King's Speech$384,373$21,400,881-171$2,247Feb 26, 2011Gaga
42Aladdin$372,345$112,452,092---Jun 7, 2019Walt Disney Pictures
43Toy Story 3$362,474$126,660,533-173$2,095Jul 1, 2010Walt Disney Pictures
44The Greatest Showman$351,133$48,277,658-182$1,929Feb 16, 201820th Century Fox International
45Alice in Wonderland$350,689$133,694,649-198$1,771Apr 17, 2010Walt Disney Pictures
46Belle$308,053$57,146,644---Jul 16, 2021Toho Company
47The Secret World of Arrietty$300,421$110,013,058-354$848Jul 17, 2010Toho
48Detective Conan: The Bride of Halloween$299,505$66,036,791---Apr 15, 2022IMAX
49Tokyo Revengers$283,565$39,563,158---Jul 9, 2021Warner Bros.
50Bayside Shakedown 3: Set the Guys Loose$264,740$85,245,510-342$774Jul 3, 2010Toho
51Rookies the Movie: Graduation$263,076$87,999,688-334$787May 30, 2009Toho
52Evangelion: 3.0+1.01 Thrice Upon a Time$248,411$92,246,218---Mar 8, 2021Toho Company
53We Made a Beautiful Bouquet$244,037$34,422,973---Jan 29, 2021-
54The Intouchables$241,100$18,136,785-131$1,840Sep 1, 2012Gaga
55Despicable Me 3$233,144$66,229,119-351$664Jul 21, 2017Toho-Towa
56Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo$204,437$59,891,241-144$1,419Nov 17, 2012The Klockworx
57The Confidence Man JP: Princess$204,436$35,762,324---Jul 23, 2020Toho Company
58Tales from Earthsea$203,478$730,830-287$708Jul 29, 2006Toho
59Boys Over Flowers: Final$189,386$70,821,405-305$620Jun 28, 2008Toho
60Monsters University$168,250$90,141,508-260$647Jul 6, 2013Walt Disney Pictures
61Hero$159,538$73,109,846-306$521Sep 8, 2007Toho
62Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End$155,903$91,119,039-110$1,417May 25, 2007Buena Vista International
63Doraemon the Movie: Nobita's New Dinosaur$154,787$31,236,777---Aug 7, 2020Toho Company
64Poupelle of Chimney Town$151,025$21,657,784---Dec 25, 2020Toho Company
65Toy Story 4$147,627$93,812,123---Jul 12, 2019Walt Disney Pictures
66Always: Sunset on Third Street 2$146,206$42,235,940-192$761Nov 3, 2007Toho
67Umizaru 3: The Last Message$144,219$94,786,753-289$499Sep 18, 2010Toho
68Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi$137,973$66,662,686---Dec 15, 2017Walt Disney Pictures
69Gravity$103,545$30,562,225-108$958Dec 13, 2013Warner Bros.
2017 Re-release
$74,942$1,130,351---Apr 3, 2020Toho Company
71Not Quite Dead Yet$74,169$4,258,270---Mar 20, 2020Shochiku
72Minions: The Rise of Gru$60,983$32,634,905-185$329Jul 15, 2022Toho-Towa
73Sky of Love$58,722$36,306,409-92$638Nov 3, 2007Toho
74Avatar: The Way of Water$52,886$32,525,343---Dec 16, 2022Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
75Green Book$52,470$19,162,100-86$610Mar 1, 2019Gaga
76Jurassic World: Dominion$45,122$46,758,813-121$372Jul 29, 2022Universal Pictures International (UPI)
77The Magic Hour$43,904$35,723,111-118$372Jun 7, 2008Toho
78Birds of Prey$43,809$4,508,578---Mar 20, 2020Warner Bros.
79Escape Captivity: The Movie$43,645$41,550,983-105$415May 1, 2008Toei Company
80Mishima: The Last Debate$42,855$1,229,264---Mar 20, 2020Gaga
81Sing 2$36,965$26,879,494-64$577Mar 18, 2022Toho-Towa
82Spider-Man 3$34,134$58,320,289-64$533May 1, 2007Sony Pictures Releasing
83Coco$30,278$46,338,613---Mar 16, 2018Walt Disney Pictures
84Moana$28,450$45,915,441---Mar 10, 2017Walt Disney Pictures
85The Queen$23,889$4,296,924-22$1,085Apr 14, 2007-
86Once Upon a Time in Hollywood$22,716$10,936,013-8$2,839Aug 30, 2019Sony Pictures Releasing
87Earth$22,138$23,292,544-40$553Jan 12, 2008Gaga
88The Social Network$21,003$16,985,483-12$1,750Jan 15, 2011Sony Pictures Releasing
89Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales$20,896$59,765,357---Jul 1, 2017Walt Disney Pictures
90Fukushima 50$20,064$7,193,725---Mar 6, 2020Shochiku
91Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom$19,793$72,322,055---Jul 13, 2018Universal Pictures International (UPI)
92Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix$19,135$80,564,009-22$869Jul 20, 2007Warner Bros.
93Atonement$14,546$1,421,723-18$808Apr 12, 2008Toho-Towa
94Finding Dory$13,902$65,982,721---Jul 16, 2016Walt Disney Pictures
95No Country for Old Men$12,398$3,316,927-15$826Mar 15, 2008Paramount Pictures International
96Incredibles 2$10,993$43,890,785---Aug 1, 2018Walt Disney Pictures
97Spider-Man: Far from Home$10,669$28,137,054-3$3,556Jun 28, 2019Sony Pictures Releasing
98Blades of Glory$10,500$682,924-5$2,100Dec 22, 2007Gaga
99Don't Breathe$9,669$4,132,329-13$743Dec 16, 2016Sony Pictures Releasing
100Angels & Demons$9,070$34,229,580-8$1,133May 15, 2009Sony Pictures Releasing
101Resident Evil: Afterlife$8,522$55,120,606-9$946Sep 10, 2010Sony Pictures Releasing
102The Lion King$7,897$62,672,822---Aug 9, 2019Walt Disney Pictures
103The Karate Kid$7,812$17,432,585-7$1,116Aug 14, 2010Sony Pictures Releasing
104Genghis Khan: To the Ends of the Earth and Sea$6,992$10,842,733-5$1,398Mar 3, 2007Shochiku
105Tokyo Tower
2007 Re-release
$6,683$14,901,519-18$371Apr 14, 2007Shochiku
106Darkest Hour$6,599$2,990,881---Mar 30, 2018Universal Pictures International (UPI)
107Ralph Breaks the Internet$6,432$35,032,284---Dec 21, 2018Walt Disney Pictures
108The Tourist$6,290$22,367,685-10$629Mar 5, 2011Sony Pictures Releasing
109Carnage$5,881$651,917-7$840Feb 18, 2012Sony Pictures Releasing
110Skyfall$5,720$32,497,509-8$715Dec 1, 2012Sony Pictures Releasing
111Burlesque$5,634$9,445,911-3$1,878Dec 18, 2010Sony Pictures Releasing
112Get Out$5,269$1,343,228---Oct 27, 2017Toho-Towa
113Onward$5,171$8,206,650---Aug 21, 2020Walt Disney Pictures
114Raya and the Last Dragon$5,011$3,319,567---Mar 5, 2021Walt Disney Pictures
115Moon$4,921$436,329-4$1,230Apr 10, 2010Sony Pictures Releasing
116Julie & Julia$4,903$1,144,317-6$817Dec 12, 2009Sony Pictures Releasing
117The Last Station
2010 Re-release
$4,589$688,784-6$764Sep 11, 2010Sony Pictures Releasing
118Spectre$4,517$24,231,095-4$1,129Dec 4, 2015Sony Pictures Releasing
119Transformers$4,307$34,299,435-8$538Aug 4, 2007United International Pictures (UIP)
120Cars 3$4,150$16,060,309---Jul 15, 2017Walt Disney Pictures
121A Monster Calls$3,564$340,582-11$324Jun 9, 2017Gaga
122The Secret Life of Pets 2$3,423$20,101,844-13$263Jul 26, 2019Toho-Towa
123An Education$3,422$431,431-8$427Apr 17, 2010Sony Pictures Releasing
124Christopher Robin$3,326$21,496,669---Sep 14, 2018Walt Disney Pictures
125Lady Bird$3,264$866,944---Jun 1, 2018Universal Pictures International (UPI)
126Before the Devil Knows You're Dead$3,220$390,034-3$1,073Oct 11, 2008Sony Pictures Releasing
127Black Panther$2,931$14,655,352---Mar 1, 2018Walt Disney Pictures
128The Amazing Spider-Man$2,880$39,276,607-2$1,440Jun 30, 2012Sony Pictures Releasing
129The Only Living Boy in New York$2,721$389,282-10$272Apr 14, 2018-
130Phantom Thread$2,610$801,954---May 26, 2018Universal Pictures International (UPI)
131The Jane Austen Book Club$2,569$407,040-4$642Apr 12, 2008Sony Pictures Releasing
132The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo$2,505$15,802,569-1$2,505Feb 10, 2012Sony Pictures Releasing
133Resident Evil: Extinction$2,386$24,648,673-3$795Nov 3, 2007Sony Pictures Releasing
134Nocturnal Animals$2,385$432,457---Nov 3, 2017Toho-Towa
135Jungle Cruise$2,297$7,747,117---Jul 29, 2021Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
136Sicario$2,290$1,043,808-5$458Apr 9, 2016-
137Mary Queen of Scots$2,281$736,396-7$325Mar 15, 2019-
138Cruella$2,272$4,804,646---May 27, 2021Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
139The Hunt$2,176$267,445-5$435Oct 30, 2020Toho-Towa
1402012$2,165$42,626,869-9$240Nov 20, 2009Sony Pictures Releasing
141West Side Story$2,158$8,445,027---Feb 11, 2022Walt Disney Pictures
142Encanto$2,142$6,747,180---Nov 26, 2021Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
143Restless$2,072$845,452-4$518Dec 23, 2011Sony Pictures Releasing
144Pad Man$2,018$732,037-3$672Dec 7, 2018Sony Pictures Releasing
145Baby Driver$1,965$3,330,401-5$393Aug 19, 2017Sony Pictures Releasing
146Rachel Getting Married$1,960$361,991-5$392Apr 18, 2009Sony Pictures Releasing
147Kitaro$1,908$18,836,036-6$318Apr 28, 2007Shochiku
148BlacKkKlansman$1,900$1,573,071-5$380Mar 22, 2019-
149Cadillac Records$1,819$496,114-4$454Aug 15, 2009Sony Pictures Releasing
150She Said$1,801$584,893-6$300Jan 13, 2023Universal Pictures International (UPI)
151Parallel Mothers$1,681$182,428-7$240Nov 3, 2022Kino Films
152Extraordinary Measures$1,670$487,739-10$167Jul 24, 2010Sony Pictures Releasing
153Heaven Is for Real$1,664$185,870-2$832Dec 13, 2014Sony Pictures Releasing
154The Kite Runner$1,648$503,899-4$412Feb 9, 2008Asmik Ace Entertainment
155Babel$1,635$14,998,633-5$327Apr 28, 2007Gaga
156Us$1,630$1,333,233-7$232Sep 6, 2019Toho-Towa
157Sausage Party$1,624$731,857-3$541Nov 4, 2016Sony Pictures Releasing
158Mary Poppins Returns$1,589$10,607,555---Feb 1, 2019Walt Disney Pictures
159The Big Sick$1,580$184,384-11$143Feb 23, 2018Gaga
160Annie$1,577$11,703,939-4$394Jan 24, 2015Sony Pictures Releasing
161Operation Mincemeat$1,501$412,490-5$300Feb 18, 2022Gaga
162The Glass Castle$1,493$174,266-6$248Jun 14, 2019Phantom Film
163Belfast$1,410$945,306-6$235Mar 18, 2022-
164Sergeant Keroro Super Movie 2: The Deep Sea Princess de arimasu!$1,391$3,877,862-2$695Mar 17, 2007-
165The Invisible Man$1,385$1,933,009-4$346Jul 10, 2020Toho-Towa
166Inside Job$1,375$181,418-3$458May 21, 2011Sony Pictures Releasing
167The Pursuit of Happyness$1,324$22,680,713-6$220Jan 27, 2007Sony Pictures Releasing
168The World's Fastest Indian$1,296$1,525,792-3$432Feb 3, 2007Sony Pictures Releasing
169Quantum of Solace$1,260$21,685,734-2$630Jan 24, 2009Sony Pictures Releasing
170The Last Bus$1,220$140,216-5$244Jun 3, 2022LDH
171The Mummy$1,136$13,903,158-8$142Jul 28, 2017Universal Pictures International (UPI)
172Black Widow$1,124$8,623,820---Jul 8, 2021Walt Disney Pictures
173Paul, Apostle of Christ$1,099$280,945-3$366Nov 3, 2018Sony Pictures Releasing
174Night at the Museum$1,078$30,018,767-4$269Mar 17, 200720th Century Fox International
175Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris$1,057$957,027-4$264Nov 18, 2022Universal Pictures International (UPI)
176Resident Evil: Retribution$988$48,340,948-6$164Sep 14, 2012Sony Pictures Releasing
177Resident Evil: The Final Chapter$980$36,482,592-3$326Dec 23, 2016Sony Pictures Releasing
178Moneyball$944$11,499,680-2$472Nov 11, 2011Sony Pictures Releasing
179Machete$915$774,060-1$915Nov 6, 2010Sony Pictures Releasing
180Boy Erased$890$427,976-7$127Apr 19, 2019-
181Dumbo$883$8,963,442---Mar 29, 2019Walt Disney Pictures
182The French Dispatch$877$1,691,409---Jan 28, 2022Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
183Freedomland$837$61,936-1$837Jan 27, 2007Sony Pictures Releasing
184The Courier$801$896,941-3$267Sep 23, 2021Kino Films
185Hanna$764$741,825-3$254Aug 27, 2011Sony Pictures Releasing
186Reign Over Me$724$564,165-2$362Dec 22, 2007Sony Pictures Releasing
187Beautiful Boy$716$597,470-4$179Apr 12, 2019Phantom Film
18850 First Kisses$685$11,342,404-3$228Jun 1, 2018Sony Pictures Releasing
189Patriots Day$683$1,501,956-3$227Jun 9, 2017Toei Company
190How Do You Know$667$1,009,486-2$333Feb 11, 2011Sony Pictures Releasing
191Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse$636$8,016,332-2$318Mar 8, 2019Sony Pictures Releasing
192Eat Pray Love$603$8,899,304-1$603Sep 17, 2010Sony Pictures Releasing
193Nope$596$2,766,953-1$596Aug 26, 2022Toho-Towa
194Lightyear$577$8,956,924---Jul 1, 2022Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
195The Last King of Scotland$541$617,759-1$541Mar 10, 200720th Century Fox International
196Venom$517$19,142,885-2$258Nov 2, 2018Sony Pictures Releasing
197Peter Rabbit$505$10,171,634-3$168May 18, 2018Sony Pictures Releasing
198The Fabelmans$498$1,516,735-1$498Mar 3, 2023Universal Pictures International (UPI)
199Alice Through the Looking Glass$478$26,788,307---Jul 1, 2016Walt Disney Pictures
200Searching$475$1,861,498-2$237Oct 26, 2018Sony Pictures Releasing