Worst Opening Weekend Per-Theater Averages

Data as of Aug 7, 9:50 PDT
Rank Release Average Theaters Gross Total Gross Wide Date Distributor
2020 Re-release
$38878$34,000$34,000Sep 25, 2020Magnolia Pictures
2On the Basis of Sex
2020 Re-release
$67829$56,210$82,150Sep 25, 2020Focus Features
3The Star
2019 Re-release
$69623$43,510$43,510Dec 6, 2019Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE)
2020 Re-release
$871,367$120,000$215,000Nov 27, 2020Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
5Groundhog Day
2021 Re-release
$100845$85,330$200,989Jan 29, 2021Sony Pictures Classics
6The Muppet Christmas Carol
2020 Re-release
$126725$92,000$100,000Dec 18, 2020Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
2018 Re-release
$130656$85,349$131,200Aug 31, 2018Fathom Events
8Love Story
50th Anniversary
$134650$87,198$153,504Feb 7, 2020Fathom Events
9Pom Poko
2018 Re-release
$147733$107,909$372,405Jun 15, 2018Fathom Events
10A Mouthful of Air$160816$130,701$269,435Oct 29, 2021Stage 6 Films
11Die Hard
2020 Re-release
$1611,172$189,000$325,000Dec 4, 2020Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
12The Kid Detective$162865$140,218$364,138Oct 16, 2020Stage 6 Films
13Yellow Rose$167900$150,330$367,849Oct 9, 2020Stage 6 Films
14Rebel Without a Cause
2018 Re-release
$177658$116,668$199,963Sep 21, 2018Fathom Events
15Proud American$180750$135,000$131,357Sep 12, 2008Slowhand Cinema Releasing
16Disney's Newsies: The Broadway Musical!
2018 Re-release
$189647$122,524$282,429Jul 27, 2018Fathom Events
17The Producers
2018 Re-release
$192629$120,975$216,807Jun 1, 2018Fathom Events
2018 Re-release
$205689$141,578$258,507Jul 13, 2018Fathom Events
19The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure$2052,160$443,901$1,065,907Aug 31, 2012Kenn Viselman Presents
20Porco Rosso
2018 Re-release
$212734$156,270$443,059May 18, 2018Fathom Events
21The Emperor's New Groove
2021 Re-release
$215744$160,000$334,000Jan 15, 2021Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
22The Addams Family
2020 Re-release
$2161,307$282,841$678,926Oct 23, 2020United Artists Releasing
23Creature$2161,507$327,000$508,714Sep 9, 2011-
24Grave of the Fireflies$221715$158,101$516,962Aug 10, 2018Fathom Events
25Sarah Landon and the Paranormal Hour$2231,121$250,000$858,415Oct 19, 2007Freestyle Releasing
26The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
2018 Re-release
$228631$144,074$215,295Jan 12, 2018Fathom Events
27The Passion of the Christ
Recut Release
$233957$223,789$508,326Mar 11, 2005Newmarket Films
28Delgo$2372,160$511,920$694,782Dec 12, 2008Freestyle Releasing
29The Ten Commandments$237830$197,000$952,820Oct 19, 2007Rocky Mountain Pictures
30When Harry Met Sally...
30th Anniversary
$238660$157,660$252,320Nov 29, 2019Fathom Events
31Toy Story
2020 Re-release
$2402,102$505,000$727,000Nov 6, 2020Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
32Minari$246786$193,460$3,110,580Feb 12, 2021A24
33The Last Vermeer$247912$225,691$685,380Nov 20, 2020TriStar Pictures
34National Champions$2511,197$301,028$475,488Dec 10, 2021STX Entertainment
35The Godfather Part II
45th Anniversary
$251681$171,417$291,754Nov 8, 2019Fathom Events
36Patterns of Evidence: Moses Controversy$254855$217,327$765,361Mar 15, 2019Fathom Events
37True Grit
2019 Re-release
$256614$157,788$276,418May 3, 2019Fathom Events
38Pokémon the Movie: The Power of Us$258989$255,299$789,170Nov 23, 2018Fathom Events
39Guardians of the Galaxy
2020 Re-release
$2601,560$406,000$542,000Nov 13, 2020Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
40Transylmania$2621,007$263,941$397,641Dec 4, 2009Full Circle Releasing
41Monsters, Inc.
2020 Re-release
$2631,875$494,000$726,000Oct 23, 2020Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
42Sunset Blvd.
2018 Re-release
$269628$169,067$299,645May 11, 2018Fathom Events
43The Shawshank Redemption
2019 Re-release
$273669$183,128$358,507Sep 20, 2019Fathom Events
44London Fields$275613$168,575$252,676Oct 26, 2018GVN Releasing
45Vanguard$2761,375$380,428$793,525Nov 20, 2020Gravitas Ventures
10th Anniversary Re-release
$2801,023$286,586$504,855Sep 24, 2021Affirm Films
47An American in Paris
2020 Re-release
$280651$182,606$267,824Jan 17, 2020Fathom Events
48Playmobil: The Movie$2802,337$656,530$1,115,008Dec 6, 2019STX Entertainment
49The Last Shift$282871$246,491$1,034,467Sep 25, 2020Stage 6 Films
50The Santa Clause
2020 Re-release
$2911,581$461,000$706,000Nov 20, 2020Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
51Long Weekend$301814$245,182$1,018,532Mar 12, 2021Stage 6 Films
52Castle in the Sky
2018 Re-release
$305645$197,172$523,664Nov 16, 2018Fathom Events
53The Secret World of Arrietty
2019 Re-release
$305741$226,728$384,289Sep 27, 2019Fathom Events
542 Hearts$3101,683$522,937$1,349,286Oct 16, 2020Freestyle Releasing
10th Anniversary Release
$3152,063$650,051$815,324Oct 31, 2014Lionsgate
56The Opera House$316604$191,466$320,079Jan 12, 2018Fathom Events
57Friendsgiving Day #1$321766$246,168$246,168Nov 22, 2019Fathom Events
58Doctor Who Live Q&A And Screening$330692$228,615$228,615Jan 3, 2020Fathom Events
59Hello, Dolly!$330669$221,204$400,881Aug 9, 2019Fathom Events
60The Bronze$3311,167$386,328$615,816Mar 18, 2016Sony Pictures Classics
61Meet Me in St. Louis
75th Anniversary
$332679$225,684$403,521Dec 6, 2019Fathom Events
62The King's Daughter$3332,170$723,802$1,758,963Jan 21, 2022Gravitas Ventures
63West Side Story
2018 Re-release
$336616$207,145$398,670Jun 22, 2018Fathom Events
64Shine$338609$205,842$333,388Oct 5, 2018GVN Releasing
65Scoob!$3402,500$850,000$2,188,425May 21, 2021Warner Bros.
66Shortcut$345704$243,508$588,869Sep 25, 2020Gravitas Ventures
67Pinocchio$346786$272,109$1,831,718Dec 25, 2020Roadside Attractions
68Rich Girl$3471,058$368,056$561,000May 3, 1991-
69The Personal History of David Copperfield$3491,360$475,800$1,876,298Aug 28, 2020Searchlight Pictures
70Star Trek: The Motion Picture
2019 Re-release
$350627$220,007$346,243Sep 13, 2019Fathom Events
71The Cat Returns
2018 Re-release
$352721$254,402$563,718Apr 20, 2018Fathom Events
72Profile$3592,033$730,290$1,744,740May 14, 2021Focus Features
73Cruel Intentions
2019 Re-release
$365708$258,708$445,218Mar 22, 2019Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE)
74Million Dollar Mystery$3681,396$513,731$989,033Jun 12, 1987De Laurentiis Entertainment Group (DEG)
75The Bounce Back$369615$227,354$321,910Dec 9, 2016Viva Pictures
2019 Re-release
$372649$241,792$422,622Apr 12, 2019Fathom Events
77Nobel Son$373893$333,912$540,382Dec 5, 2008Freestyle Releasing
78South Pacific
2018 Re-release
$378683$258,350$458,000Aug 24, 2018Fathom Events
79Gold Diggers$3791,062$403,164$527,000Sep 17, 2004-
80All My Life$381970$370,315$913,935Dec 4, 2020Universal Pictures
81Puffs: Filmed Live Off Broadway$384606$232,863$464,483May 11, 2018Fathom Events
2018 Re-release
$388726$281,697$653,072Mar 23, 2018Fathom Events
2021 Re-release
$393774$304,317$391,718Oct 29, 2021Sony Pictures Classics
84Freddie as F.R.O.7.$3981,257$501,230$1,119,368Aug 28, 1992Miramax
2018 Re-release
$402628$252,880$394,212Mar 16, 2018Fathom Events
86The Philadelphia Story
2018 Re-release
$411630$258,994$404,524Feb 16, 2018Fathom Events
87Saving Private Ryan
2019 Re-release
$412642$265,125$508,694May 31, 2019Fathom Events
88Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - The Father of Goku/Dragon Ball Z: Revival Fusion$416691$288,095$540,707Nov 2, 2018Fathom Events
89The Tiger Rising$417872$364,216$835,162Jan 21, 2022Variance Films
90Nomadland$4281,175$503,000$3,700,000Feb 19, 2021Searchlight Pictures
91The Virginity Hit$431700$301,885$636,706Sep 24, 2010Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE)
92Lawrence of Arabia
2019 Re-release
$441661$291,722$482,281Aug 30, 2019Fathom Events
93Bennett's War$444970$430,898$1,056,416Aug 30, 2019-
94DanTDM Presents The Contest$449684$307,484$307,484Nov 1, 2019Fathom Events
95Phantom$4541,118$508,000$1,034,589Mar 1, 2013RCR Distribution
96The D Train$4641,009$469,000$673,151May 8, 2015IFC Films
97Kiki's Delivery Service
2019 Re-release
$468753$352,556$1,004,057Jul 26, 2019Fathom Events
98Die Hard
30th Anniversary Release
$468687$321,704$510,241Nov 9, 2018Fathom Events
99Words on Bathroom Walls$468924$432,968$2,542,518Aug 21, 2020Roadside Attractions
100The Metropolitan Opera HD Live: Mozart: Die Zauberflöte$475647$307,686$307,686Nov 30, 2018Fathom Events
101Wild West Comedy Show: 30 Days & 30 Nights - Hollywood to the Heartland$482962$464,170$603,894Feb 8, 2008Picturehouse
102Turtle Beach$482727$350,951$778,535May 1, 1992Warner Bros.
103The Metropolitan Opera HD Live: Mussorgsky: Boris Godunov$489791$387,000$387,000Oct 8, 2021Fathom Events
104Howl's Moving Castle
2019 Re-release
$492748$368,180$865,647Apr 5, 2019Fathom Events
105Infinite Storm$4971,525$758,919$1,600,543Mar 25, 2022Bleecker Street Media
106GoBots: Battle of the Rock Lords$5091,045$531,905$1,338,264Mar 21, 1986Atlantic Releasing Corporation
107The Broken Hearts Gallery$5092,209$1,126,401$4,067,442Sep 11, 2020TriStar Pictures
108Half Brothers$5111,369$700,160$2,241,980Dec 4, 2020Focus Features
109Undiscovered$5181,304$676,048$1,069,318Aug 26, 2005Lionsgate
110Dragon Ball Z: Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan$524681$357,322$658,982Sep 14, 2018Fathom Events
111The Big Lebowski
2018 Re-release
$528624$330,067$582,585Aug 3, 2018Fathom Events
112To Kill a Mockingbird
2019 Re-release
$535668$357,549$592,237Mar 22, 2019Fathom Events
113My Fair Lady
2019 Re-release
$544652$354,764$560,711Feb 15, 2019Fathom Events
11423 Blast$546617$337,091$549,185Oct 24, 2014Ocean Avenue Entertainment
115Dirty Dancing
2019 Re-release
$548650$356,515$622,968Feb 8, 2019Fathom Events
116Promising Young Woman$5491,310$719,305$6,460,965Dec 25, 2020Focus Features
117Standing Ovation$550623$343,125$531,806Jul 16, 2010Rocky Mountain Pictures
118Schindler's List
2018 Re-release
$5501,029$566,760$833,050Dec 7, 2018Universal Pictures
119Princess Mononoke
2019 Re-release
$554752$417,311$1,046,446Nov 15, 2019Fathom Events
2019 Re-release
$567682$386,976$833,658Oct 11, 2019Fathom Events
121The Princess and the Goblin$568795$451,560$2,105,078Jun 3, 1994Hemdale
122Jem and the Holograms$5692,413$1,375,320$2,184,640Oct 23, 2015Universal Pictures
123Mr. Malcolm's List$5851,384$810,742$1,885,718Jul 1, 2022Bleecker Street Media
124Reminiscence$5973,265$1,950,793$3,900,193Aug 20, 2021Warner Bros.
125X Games 3D: The Movie$5981,399$837,216$1,391,434Aug 21, 2009Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
126Professor Marston & the Wonder Women$5991,229$736,883$1,584,759Oct 13, 2017Annapurna Pictures
127Destiny Turns on the Radio$6001,126$676,659$1,176,982Apr 28, 1995-
128The Nightmare Before Christmas
2020 Re-release
$6032,194$1,323,000$2,286,000Oct 16, 2020Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
129Moses$618673$416,047$1,807,117Sep 14, 2018Fathom Events
130Kids in America$628701$440,228$537,667Oct 21, 2005Slowhand Cinema Releasing
131My Neighbor Totoro
2019 Re-release
$631767$484,254$1,105,564Aug 23, 2019Fathom Events
132Dream Horse$6331,254$794,741$2,913,328May 21, 2021Bleecker Street Media
133A Dog of Flanders$6371,267$807,873$2,165,637Aug 27, 1999Warner Bros.
134The Wolf and the Lion$6381,005$641,845$2,072,173Feb 4, 2022Blue Fox Entertainment
135The Sound of Music
2018 Re-release
$646640$413,497$616,171Sep 7, 2018Fathom Events
136The Empty Man$6462,027$1,310,326$2,992,948Oct 23, 202020th Century Studios
137Princess Mononoke
2018 Re-release
$652731$476,728$1,423,877Jul 20, 2018Fathom Events
138Noah$652602$392,734$1,035,603Apr 12, 2019Fathom Events
139Show Me the Father$6521,073$700,181$1,803,226Sep 10, 2021Affirm Films
140The Final Season$6531,011$661,049$1,159,691Oct 12, 2007Yari Film Group Releasing
141Rules Don't Apply$6672,382$1,589,625$3,652,206Nov 25, 2016Twentieth Century Fox
142Studio 666$6682,306$1,540,543$2,513,963Feb 25, 2022Open Road Films (II)
143Slow Burn$6691,163$778,123$1,237,615Apr 13, 2007Lionsgate
144Joe Bell$6851,094$749,635$1,405,488Jul 23, 2021Roadside Attractions
145Spirited Away
2018 Re-release
$686720$494,054$1,175,067Oct 26, 2018Fathom Events
146Steel$6901,260$870,068$1,710,972Aug 15, 1997Warner Bros.
147Jane Got a Gun$6901,210$835,572$1,513,793Jan 29, 2016The Weinstein Company
148Voyagers$6991,972$1,379,988$3,149,935Apr 9, 2021Lionsgate
149Finding You$7011,312$920,476$2,753,985May 14, 2021Roadside Attractions
150Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero$7131,633$1,164,403$4,015,935Apr 13, 2018-
151Steel Magnolias
2019 Re-release
$719689$495,528$855,421May 17, 2019Fathom Events
152The Brothers Solomon$726700$508,601$900,926Sep 7, 2007Screen Gems
153Marci X$7271,200$872,950$1,648,818Aug 22, 2003Paramount Pictures
154Rock the Kasbah$7302,012$1,470,592$3,020,664Oct 23, 2015Open Road Films (II)
155Land$7301,231$899,810$2,577,830Feb 12, 2021Focus Features
156Spirited Away
2019 Re-release
$734765$561,821$1,322,927Oct 25, 2019Fathom Events
157Bad Moon$735825$607,081$1,055,525Nov 1, 1996Warner Bros.
158Collide$7392,045$1,512,824$2,280,004Feb 24, 2017Open Road Films (II)
159Heavenly Bodies$7411,504$1,114,635$1,839,623Feb 1, 1985Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)
160Rendition$7422,250$1,670,000$9,736,045Oct 19, 2007New Line Cinema
161Friends 25th: The One With The Anniversary$7421,586$1,177,873$2,884,827Sep 27, 2019Fathom Events
162Believe$748638$477,387$890,303Dec 2, 2016Freestyle Releasing
163Assassination Nation$7481,403$1,050,021$2,005,142Sep 21, 2018Neon
164Hocus Pocus
2020 Re-release
$7492,570$1,925,000$4,828,000Oct 2, 2020Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
165Cats Don't Dance$7501,252$939,781$3,566,637Mar 28, 1997Warner Bros.
166My Neighbor Totoro
2018 Re-release
$751718$539,245$1,144,649Sep 28, 2018Fathom Events
167The Neon Demon$752783$589,014$1,333,124Jun 24, 2016Broad Green Pictures
168We Are Your Friends$7572,333$1,767,308$3,591,417Aug 28, 2015Warner Bros.
169Skinwalkers$758745$565,000$1,018,965Aug 10, 2007After Dark Films
170Ernest Rides Again$7601,190$905,010$1,450,029Nov 12, 1993-
171Copshop$7703,005$2,315,638$5,213,243Sep 17, 2021Open Road Films (II)
172The Fourth War$7721,005$776,449$1,305,887Mar 23, 1990Cannon Film Distributors
173Friend Request$7782,573$2,002,863$3,759,078Sep 22, 2017Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures
174The Walking Dead: Wrath/The Walking Dead/Fear the Walking Dead: What's Your Story?/Fear the Walking Dead
2018 NCM Fathom Event
$779777$605,764$605,764Apr 13, 2018Fathom Events
175Tarzan and the Lost City$7861,412$1,110,564$2,172,941Apr 24, 1998Warner Bros.
176Free Willy 3: The Rescue$7891,258$992,651$3,446,539Aug 8, 1997Warner Bros.
177Batman: Mask of the Phantasm$7901,506$1,189,975$5,617,391Dec 24, 1993Warner Bros.
178The Letters$790886$700,683$1,647,416Dec 4, 2015Freestyle Releasing
179Together Together$801665$532,773$1,437,938Apr 23, 2021Bleecker Street Media
180Infidel$8021,724$1,384,296$4,051,990Sep 18, 2020Cloudburst Entertainment
2020 Re-release
$803622$500,000$605,000Jul 3, 2020Columbia Pictures
182Ruby$804764$614,327$919,286Mar 27, 1992Triumph Releasing Corporation
183The Identical$8111,956$1,587,137$2,827,666Sep 5, 2014Freestyle Releasing
184Life Itself$8132,609$2,123,463$4,102,648Sep 21, 2018Amazon Studios
185The Abandoned$8171,000$817,000$1,331,137Feb 23, 2007After Dark Films
186How to Lose Friends & Alienate People$8171,750$1,430,294$2,778,752Oct 3, 2008Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)
187Zola$8171,468$1,200,013$4,844,399Jul 2, 2021A24
188Year of the Gun$820739$606,046$1,182,273Nov 1, 1991Triumph Releasing Corporation
189Supercross$8201,621$1,330,520$3,102,550Aug 19, 2005Twentieth Century Fox
2017 Re-release
$822725$596,068$1,024,560Nov 10, 2017Fathom Events
191Fatale$8291,107$918,112$6,306,897Dec 18, 2020Lionsgate
192Crazy in Alabama$8321,214$1,010,596$2,005,840Oct 22, 1999Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE)
193The Opposite Sex and How to Live with Them$833630$525,004$690,966Mar 26, 1993Miramax
194Rocky III
1983 Re-release
$8421,071$902,228$902,228May 6, 1983Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)
195The Girl Who Believes in Miracles$853640$546,000$3,163,362Apr 2, 2021Atlas Distribution Company
196The Pebble and the Penguin$8541,315$1,123,041$3,983,912Apr 14, 1995Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)
197Masterminds$8551,186$1,014,606$1,935,539Aug 22, 1997Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE)
198Bad Samaritan$8602,007$1,726,868$3,435,047May 4, 2018Electric Entertainment
199Dylan Dog: Dead of Night$862875$754,779$1,186,538Apr 29, 2011-
200Here Today$8681,200$1,042,171$2,807,494May 7, 2021Stage 6 Films