Monday Actuals: 'Minions' Own Market
Universal confirms that Minions made a lot of bananas this weekend as the animated film crossed $400M in worldwide box office. Though it had opened in select markets on June 18th the film hit 30 new territories this weekend and was #1 in all of them.

Minions' domestic gross was $115.7M, slightly higher than initially reported (was $115.2M) in 4,301 venues. Internationally, it grossed $130.7M at 9,606 venues in 56 territories for a total of $288M. The combined worldwide total now stands at $403.5M. It will open in 11 more territories over the next two months including the United Arab Emirates and Middle East region, Italy and Japan.

In comparison Inside Out, the other, major animated offering, made $17.66M (was $17.01M) in 3,644 locations this weekend. That puts the Disney/Pixar film's domestic gross at approximately $284.1M. Internationally Inside Out added $19.1M in its fourth weekend overseas release from 44 territories for $151.8M in foreign coin. The combined worldwide total now stands at $435.9M.

Inside Out has yet to open in key overseas territories however. These includes 3rd quarter openings in markets where Minions has already opened such as Germany, Spain, and the UK. Both films are already open in Argentina, Australia, France, Mexico and Russia. Both films have yet to debut in Italy and Japan. Neither film has a date for China slated yet.

Universal claimed the #2 spot at the domestic box office as Jurassic World fell off 38% for $18.11M in 3,441 locations domestically. Internationally the dino-flick grossed $23.1M in 65 territories, a 41% dropoff from last weekend, for an international total of $877.2M. Combined with the domestic total of $590.7M, the worldwide total is $1.468B, $44M away from Furious 7 with $1.512 billion and the #4 spot of highest worldwide gross.

Down at the other end of the box-office scale The Gallows didn't quite make it to $10M as Warner Bros. is reporting it made $9.8 in 2,720 venues. It's been a fairly quiet year for horror, with Poltergeist opening at $22.6M ($47.1M domestic total) and Insidious Chapter 3 $22.7M ($51.6M domestic total) doing middling business. It Follows, which made $14.7M on a micro-budget, is one of the few films from the genre with anything to brag about.

Focus Features confirmed that Self/Less made $5.4M this weekend, making $2,294K per theater in 2,353 venues.

In holdovers Terminator Genisys came in a little higher at $13.8M (was $13.7M) in 3,783 locations. It has a domestic cume of $68.7M.

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