(Where the difference between the #1 and #2 movies were $100,000 or less)

RowWeekend#1 and #2 MoviesWeekend
Difference% Difference
1Mar. 12–14, 1993CB4$6,122,450$5,9660.10%
Fire in the Sky$6,116,484
2Sept. 12–14, 1986Stand by Me$3,010,922$6,8140.23%
Top Gun$3,004,108
3Oct. 26–28, 1984The Terminator$4,020,663$10,7970.27%
Terror in the Aisles$4,009,866
4Sept. 16–18, 1988A Fish Called Wanda$2,555,291$10,8050.42%
Die Hard$2,544,486
5Sept. 24–26, 1982Amityville II: The Possession$4,104,277$12,4890.30%
E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial$4,091,788
6Aug. 29–Sept. 1, 1986Stand by Me$5,037,343$13,0180.26%
Top Gun$5,024,325
7Jul. 8–10, 1994Forrest Gump$24,450,602$25,0890.10%
The Lion King$24,425,513
8Jun. 19–21, 1987The Witches of Eastwick$8,251,230$25,3610.31%
9Feb. 3–5, 1989Three Fugitives$5,477,051$27,0900.49%
Rain Man$5,449,961
10Jan. 24–26, 1997Jerry Maguire$5,518,727$29,4820.53%
In Love and War$5,489,245
11Aug. 11–13, 2000Hollow Man$13,048,132$31,6840.24%
Space Cowboys$13,016,448
12Jan. 21–23, 1994Philadelphia$8,830,605$32,4870.37%
Mrs. Doubtfire$8,798,118
13Sept. 29–Oct. 1, 2017Kingsman: The Golden Circle$16,935,565$33,1230.20%
14Jul. 22–24, 1988Who Framed Roger Rabbit$8,919,732$33,2900.37%
Coming to America$8,886,442
15Feb. 18–21, 2011Unknown$25,453,015$37,2980.15%
Gnomeo and Juliet$25,415,717
16Apr. 4–6, 1986Police Academy 3: Back in Training$5,089,751$37,3960.73%
The Money Pit$5,052,355
17Nov. 4–6, 1983Deal of the Century$3,520,605$38,2601.09%
Never Say Never Again$3,482,345
18Sept. 3–6, 1982An Officer and a Gentleman$7,711,202$42,3430.55%
E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial$7,668,859
19Sept. 21–23, 1990Goodfellas$6,368,901$43,8920.69%
Postcards from the Edge$6,325,009
20Dec. 3–5, 1982E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial$2,355,819$44,2291.88%
An Officer and a Gentleman$2,311,590
21Jan. 23–25, 1987Critical Condition$3,335,808$44,8751.35%
22Nov. 30–Dec. 2, 1984Missing in Action$3,021,220$45,5041.51%
The Terminator$2,975,716
23Aug. 12–14, 1983National Lampoon's Vacation$6,161,649$46,7500.76%
24Jan. 13–16, 2006Glory Road$16,927,589$48,1870.28%
25Aug. 18–20, 2006Snakes on a Plane$13,806,311$50,9240.37%
Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby$13,755,387
26Apr. 26–28, 1985Stick$3,358,299$51,1281.52%
Just One of the Guys$3,307,171
27Oct. 15–17, 1982E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial$3,315,692$55,3641.67%
An Officer and a Gentleman$3,260,328
28Apr. 27–29, 1984Police Academy$4,733,389$59,6641.26%
Romancing the Stone$4,673,725
29Sept. 10–12, 1982E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial$4,598,728$60,9381.33%
An Officer and a Gentleman$4,537,790
30Oct. 23–25, 1998Pleasantville$8,855,063$62,5580.71%
Practical Magic$8,792,505
31Jan. 8–10, 1982Sharky's Machine$2,850,839$63,1842.22%
32Oct. 14–16, 1988The Accused$4,316,369$64,1171.49%
Alien Nation$4,252,252
33Sept. 9–11, 1988Moon Over Parador$3,268,975$67,5332.07%
A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master$3,201,442
34Apr. 3–5, 1992White Men Can't Jump$10,188,583$73,1770.72%
Basic Instinct$10,115,406
35May 15–17, 1987Ishtar$4,331,817$73,7541.70%
The Gate$4,258,063
36Mar. 8–10, 1985Witness$4,506,587$79,1971.76%
Beverly Hills Cop$4,427,390
37Oct. 28–30, 1983Never Say Never Again$3,781,141$79,5322.10%
Richard Pryor: Here and Now$3,701,609
38Jul. 3–5, 1992Batman Returns$13,823,658$84,2020.61%
A League of Their Own$13,739,456
39Oct. 11–13, 1996The Ghost and the Darkness$9,215,063$86,0480.93%
The First Wives Club$9,129,015
40Mar. 6–8, 1987Lethal Weapon$6,829,949$86,2371.26%
A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors$6,743,712
41Oct. 22–24, 1993The Beverly Hillbillies$7,178,556$87,8341.22%
Demolition Man$7,090,722
42May 6–8, 1983Flashdance$3,385,578$89,8562.65%
Doctor Detroit$3,295,722
43May 6–8, 1994With Honors$3,741,737$96,2222.57%
Four Weddings and a Funeral$3,645,515
44Sept. 5–7, 2003Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star$6,660,540$98,5321.48%
Jeepers Creepers 2$6,562,008

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