Domestic Box Office For 2023

RankRelease GrossTheatersTotal GrossRelease DateDistributor
588The Story of Film: A New Generation$7013$6,463Sep 9Music Box Films
587Be Natural: The Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blaché$14714$116,731Apr 19Zeitgeist Films
586When Men Were Men$2003$9,900Nov 4Indican Pictures
585Deep Rising$3601$3,015Oct 27Abramorama
584Lowndes County and the Road to Black Power$3638$6,603Dec 2Greenwich Entertainment
583It's a Wonderful Life
75th Anniversary
$393960$1,439,643Dec 18Fathom Events
582La marginale$53910$539Sep 22Sony Pictures Releasing
581Carnal Knowledge
2022 Re-release
$6203$33,668Sep 2Rialto Distribution
580Siege$68410$684Sep 29Sony Pictures Releasing
579Christmas Bloody Christmas$812301$251,586Dec 9-
578Kings of L.A.$8701$5,880Jun 23Indican Pictures
577The Monsters Without$1,2342$5,628Apr 27-
576Venus$1,24210$1,242Mar 31Sony Pictures Releasing
575Imagining the Indian$1,3801$1,380Mar 31Ciesla Foundation
574Operation Napoleon$1,6185$1,618Aug 11Magnolia Pictures
573Loudmouth$1,677116$42,000Dec 9Greenwich Entertainment
572You're All Gonna Die$1,8251$3,800Nov 24Indican Pictures
2023 Re-release
$1,911-$1,911Feb 19-
570Holy Frit$2,0111$21,418Oct 27Abramorama
569Brainwashed: Sex-Camera-Power$2,0556$28,826Oct 21Kino Lorber
2023 Re-release
$2,137-$9,070Nov 17Rialto Distribution
567This Much We Know$2,2962$2,296Nov 10Oscilloscope
566Heretic$2,6282$5,002Jan 20Indican Pictures
565Full Circle$2,6592$29,629Oct 20Abramorama
564Tommy Guns$2,7022$5,085Apr 12Kino Lorber
563Shift: The Ragbrai Documentary$2,7213$14,907May 4-
562Hockeyland$2,823140$182,488Sep 9Greenwich Entertainment
561Relative$2,8461$21,257Jun 8Newcity
560Landfill$3,0211$3,020Nov 3Indican Pictures
559Please Baby Please$3,08653$26,157Oct 28Music Box Films
558Jethica$3,4402$3,440Jan 13-
557Cadejo Blanco$3,5621$24,847Apr 21Film Movement
556Lord of Misrule$3,71736$3,717Dec 8Magnolia Pictures
555Rimini$3,7742$4,686Mar 15Big World Pictures
554Eight Deadly Shots$3,7761$3,776Mar 31Janus Films
553The Kennedy Incident$3,7782$8,288Dec 15Indican Pictures
552Last Night of Amore$3,8652$3,865Sep 15Focus World
551The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie
4K Restoration
$4,1765$82,471Jun 24Rialto Pictures
550Millie Lies Low$4,2653$11,265Jun 30Film Movement
549The Innocents$4,34832$30,053May 13IFC Films
548Life Upside Down$4,46727$4,467Jan 27IFC Films
547Total Trust$4,5722$7,835Dec 8Film Movement
546Deliver Us$4,88322$4,883Sep 29Magnolia Pictures
545Making Him Famous$4,9679$4,967Mar 17Atlas Distribution Company
544Remember This$5,1201$5,120Jan 27Abramorama
543How I Learned to Fly$5,12520$5,125Dec 1Film Movement
542Black God, White Devil
2023 Re-release
$5,2402$7,826Nov 17Janus Films
541Therapy Dogs$5,3935$5,345Mar 10Utopia
540My Architect
2023 Re-release
$5,4001$12,156Apr 7Abramorama
539Senior Year: Love Never Fails$5,47021$5,470Sep 29Atlas Distribution Company
538Pianoforte$5,5001$5,500Dec 1Greenwich Entertainment
537Film: The Living Record of Our Memory$5,5434$8,655Feb 24Kino Lorber
536The Crusades$5,8875$5,887Jul 7VMI Worldwide
535The Dive$5,91418$5,914Aug 25-
534What Comes Around$5,93514$5,935Aug 4IFC Films
533Leonor Will Never Die$6,5708$30,039Nov 25Music Box Films
532Love Life$6,6332$6,623Aug 11Oscilloscope
531White Balls on Walls$7,0122$7,012May 26Icarus Films
530Gods of Mexico$7,0312$7,031Mar 3Oscilloscope
529Our Deadly Vows$7,39421$7,394Jul 7Entertainment Squad
528Before, Now & Then$7,5051$16,538Aug 25Film Movement
527At the Gates$7,5524$7,552Nov 3Picturehouse
526Clean Slate
2023 Re-release
$7,6606$11,527Dec 1Rialto Pictures
525The Crime Is Mine$7,67119$100,574Dec 25Music Box Films
524Muzzle$7,80724$7,807Sep 29IFC Films
523I Got a Monster$7,9711$7,971Mar 10Greenwich Entertainment
522Lucy and Whitney$8,0864$8,086Nov 3Indican Pictures
521SOMM: Cup of Salvation$8,2451$29,638Oct 6Vitagraph Films
520La civil$8,2913$21,108Mar 3-
519Utama$8,4577$52,793Nov 4Kino Lorber
518Return to Dust$8,5323$22,692Jul 21Film Movement
517Give Me Pity!$8,57218$8,572Mar 3Utopia
516Framing Agnes$8,6955$48,147Dec 2Kino Lorber
515The Super 8 Years$9,2134$15,061Dec 16Kino Lorber
514Deep Sea$9,57510$9,575Nov 24Viva Pictures
513God's Time$10,03317$10,033Feb 24IFC Films
512King Coal$10,070-$54,051Aug 11Fourth Act Film
511Rare Objects$10,45424$10,454Apr 14IFC Films
510Rebel$10,5001$10,500Sep 15Yellow Veil Pictures
509Loren & Rose$10,5143$10,513Jun 23Wise Lars
508Passion$10,6593$10,800Apr 14Film Movement
507Filmmakers for the Prosecution$11,2524$19,246Jan 27Kino Lorber
2023 Re-release
$11,2912$11,291Feb 10Altered Innocence
505The In-Law Gang!$11,30123$11,301Jun 23Entertainment Squad
504The Runner$11,5183$34,834Oct 28Rialto Pictures
503Beyond Utopia$11,71612$11,716Oct 23Fathom Events
502Final Cut$11,80218$15,124Jul 14Kino Lorber
501Sympathy for the Devil$11,99028$11,990Jul 28-
500Four Quartets$12,0094$13,098Apr 28Kino Lorber
499The Man in the Basement$12,55417$12,563Jan 27Greenwich Entertainment
498Armageddon Time$12,5751,006$1,872,625Oct 28Focus Features
497Day by Day: The Dynasty$12,6376$12,929Dec 8Utopia
496Falcon Lake$12,76810$12,768Jun 2Yellow Veil Pictures
495The Worst Ones$12,9767$19,833Mar 24Kino Lorber
494The Sorrow and the Pity$13,0823$13,082Feb 24Kino Lorber
493La Syndicaliste$13,7103$30,143Dec 1Kino Lorber
492Mister Organ$13,9346$36,088Oct 3Drafthouse Films
491Your Lucky Day$13,9359$18,232Nov 10Well Go USA Entertainment
490The Elephant 6 Recording Co.$14,0005$14,000Aug 25Greenwich Entertainment
489Another Body$14,4035$14,403Oct 20Utopia
488Smoke Sauna Sisterhood$14,4125$30,373Nov 24Greenwich Entertainment
487Brotherhood of the Wolf
2023 Re-release
$14,5148$14,514Jan 20Rialto Pictures
486Aporia$14,73018$21,587Aug 11Well Go USA Entertainment
485Subject$15,1172$15,117Nov 3Greenwich Entertainment
484Godard Cinema$15,2454$23,257Dec 15Kino Lorber
483Boblo Boats: A Detroit Ferry Tale$16,03817$111,332Sep 16Lucky Hat Entertainment
482Alcarràs$16,1625$41,093Jan 6MUBI
481Once Upon a Time in Uganda$16,18515$16,185Jul 7Yellow Veil Pictures
480Carole King Home Again: Live in Central Park$16,2454$16,245Jan 20Abramorama
479Drylongso$16,4232$16,423Mar 17Janus Films
478Baby Ruby$16,99154$16,991Feb 3Magnolia Pictures
477The Cow Who Sang a Song Into the Future$17,1645$31,879May 19Kino Lorber
476Ernest and Celestine: A Trip to Gibberitia$17,44625$17,446Sep 1GKIDS
475What Doesn't Float$17,8004$17,980Sep 22-
474Rodeo$18,07612$18,076Mar 17Music Box Films
473Our Father, the Devil$18,3515$18,351Aug 25Cinedigm Entertainment Group
472Suitable Flesh$18,44743$18,447Oct 27-
471Two Tickets to Greece$18,51316$18,513Jul 14Greenwich Entertainment
470Always a Winner$19,0854$19,085May 3Five & Two Pictures
469Only in Theaters$19,9202$35,093Nov 18-
468The Headmistress$20,3978$31,002Jan 13Indican Pictures
467The Teachers' Lounge$21,090277$572,042Dec 25Sony Pictures Releasing
466Unwelcome$21,28475$21,284Mar 10Well Go USA Entertainment
465Piaffe$21,8618$21,861Aug 25Oscilloscope
464The Road Dance$22,3627$22,362Oct 13Music Box Films
2023 Re-release
$22,4052$24,485Feb 24Janus Films
462River$22,789108$22,789Apr 21Greenwich Entertainment
461In Viaggio: The Travels of Pope Francis$23,142170$23,142Mar 31Magnolia Pictures
460Before the Sunset$23,3064$23,306Sep 29Freestyle Releasing
459Hilma$25,08518$35,935Apr 14Juno Films
458Peeping Tom
2023 Re-release
$25,2076$36,598Oct 27-
457The Five Devils$25,29715$46,666Mar 24MUBI
456The Forger$27,6725$61,033Mar 3Kino Lorber
455The Mean One$28,235162$612,260Dec 8Atlas Distribution Company
454Amanda$28,5885$28,588Jul 7Oscilloscope
453The Melt Goes on Forever: The Art & Times of David Hammons$28,9394$28,595May 5Greenwich Entertainment
452The Delinquents$29,93411$42,279Oct 16MUBI
451Róise & Frank$30,06823$58,063Mar 31Juno Films
450Bobi Wine: The People's President$30,26310$30,189Jul 28National Geographic Documentary Films
449The Sparring Partner$31,19413$210,187Dec 9Well Go USA Entertainment
448The Pod Generation$31,569101$31,569Aug 11Vertical Entertainment
447The Civil Dead$32,34629$32,346Feb 10Utopia
446Orlando, My Political Biography$33,2447$37,461Nov 10Sideshow Releasing
445What the Hell Happened to Blood, Sweat & Tears?$34,2665$37,134Mar 24Abramorama
444A Compassionate Spy$34,50216$34,502Aug 4Magnolia Pictures
443The Innocent$34,8227$34,822Mar 17Janus Films
442Canary$35,603120$35,563Sep 15Oscilloscope
441Uncharitable$35,7882$68,031Sep 22Abramorama
440Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman$36,4558$51,351Apr 14-
439Tokyo Pop$36,69213$37,834Aug 4Kino Lorber
438Four Daughters$37,00415$117,067Oct 27Kino Lorber
437Radical Wolfe$38,19414$39,623Sep 15Kino Lorber
436Teddy's Christmas$38,953191$38,953Dec 1Capelight Pictures
435Cinema Sabaya$39,6684$69,609Feb 10Kino Lorber
434The Mother and the Whore$40,5554$40,555Jun 23Janus Films
433The Night of the 12th$41,68911$64,632May 19Film Movement
432Full Time$42,5668$42,566Feb 3Music Box Films
431Unit 262$42,66452$160,357Dec 8Indican Pictures
430Let It Be Morning$42,71926$42,719Feb 3Cohen Media Group
429Werckmeister Harmonies
2023 Re-release
$44,4323$44,462May 26Janus Films
428Shiva Baby
2023 Re-release
$45,14127$45,141Aug 4Utopia
427The Disappearance of Shere Hite$45,91547$49,124Nov 17-
426The Beasts$46,10513$46,105Jul 28Greenwich Entertainment
425R.M.N.$46,36041$46,360Apr 28IFC Films
424Black Ice$47,362144$47,362Jul 14Roadside Attractions
423Nuclear Now$48,064350$48,064Apr 28Abramorama
422Decision to Leave$49,185169$2,179,864Oct 14MUBI
421Cat Daddies$49,9105$112,332Oct 14Sky Island Films
420Once Within a Time$50,37710$50,377Oct 13Oscilloscope
419Lonesome Soldier$51,228113$51,228Nov 3Military Movies
418All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt$52,0846$52,084Nov 3A24
417Revoir Paris$52,0946$52,044Jun 23Music Box Films
416Summoning Sylvia$52,66322$52,663Mar 31-
415Desperate Souls, Dark City and the Legend of Midnight Cowboy$53,09812$55,124Jun 23Zeitgeist Films
414MindReader$53,18115$116,061Oct 24Five & Two Pictures
413Moon Garden$54,05114$54,013May 19Oscilloscope
412Story Ave$54,50413$60,218Sep 29Kino Lorber
411The End of Sex$54,527185$54,527Apr 28Blue Fox Entertainment
410Tori and Lokita$55,28318$58,430Mar 24Janus Films
409Cat Person$55,54826$55,548Oct 6Rialto Pictures
408The Others
2023 Re-release
$55,8155$55,815Aug 11Rialto Pictures
407Fire of Love$56,332191$1,120,412Jul 6Neon
406Immediate Family$57,17881$66,379Dec 15Magnolia Pictures
405The Mission$57,22312$58,377Oct 13Picturehouse Entertainment
404The Stones and Brian Jones$57,924184$57,924Nov 17Magnolia Pictures
403Nam June Paik: Moon Is the Oldest TV$59,0235$59,023Mar 24Greenwich Entertainment
402Godland$59,1247$60,735Feb 3Janus Films
401My Happy Ending$59,329126$59,329Feb 24Roadside Attractions
400Lynch/Oz$59,74818$60,701Jun 2Janus Films
399The Great Turkey Town Miracle$60,00062$60,000Nov 10LAMA Entertainment
398Biosphere$60,14948$60,149Jul 7IFC Films
397Scarlet$61,35811$79,439Jun 9Kino Lorber
396The Trial
2022 Re-release
$61,6685$93,533Dec 9Rialto Pictures
395The Moon$62,47134$92,718Aug 18Well Go USA Entertainment
394Menus-Plaisirs - Les Troisgros$63,43212$131,658Nov 22Zipporah Films
393Smoking Causes Coughing$64,48463$64,484Mar 31Magnolia Pictures
392The Eternal Memory$64,83219$67,594Aug 11MTV Documentary Films
391The Unknown Country$67,22310$69,172Jul 28Music Box Films
390Guitar Lessons$67,449110$162,310Sep 23-
389Dr. Cheon and Lost Talisman$67,52328$84,362Oct 6Well Go USA Entertainment