South Korean Box Office For 2023


RankRelease GrossTheatersTotal GrossRelease DateDistributor
112.12: The Day$85,169,4372,463$95,826,894Nov 22-
2The Roundup: No Way Out$79,495,3092,582$79,575,135May 31Walt Disney Pictures
3Elemental$54,176,2841,664$54,864,874Jun 14Walt Disney Pictures
4Suzume$43,479,3021,572$168,733Mar 8Walt Disney Pictures
5The First Slam Dunk$38,267,2531,058$38,191,196Jan 4-
6Smugglers$36,599,5021,877$36,820,996Jul 26Walt Disney Pictures
7Avatar: The Way of Water$32,816,3592,809$108,045,923Dec 14Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
8Les Misérables$32,264,43297$32,332,635Apr 15Walt Disney Pictures
9Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3$30,672,5581,819$33,530,473May 3Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
10Concrete Utopia$27,685,0981,731$27,724,506Aug 9Walt Disney Pictures
11Noryang: Deadly Sea$25,915,0152,129$33,791,032Dec 20-
12Oppenheimer$25,787,151954$25,787,151Aug 15Universal Pictures International (UPI)
13The Super Mario Bros. Movie$17,028,6651,576$18,126,152Apr 26Universal Pictures International (UPI)
14John Wick: Chapter 4$15,264,0681,535$15,280,301Apr 12Warner Bros.
15Love Reset$14,383,3171,226$16,386,174Oct 3Warner Bros.
16Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One$14,300,000414$31,662,877Jul 13Walt Disney Pictures
17The Point Men$13,202,5351,281$13,204,803Jan 18First Run
18The Boy and the Heron$12,610,6611,728$14,910,568Oct 25Warner Bros.
19Fast X$12,595,8851,731$14,364,543May 17Universal Pictures International (UPI)
20Dr. Cheon and Lost Talisman$11,754,4351,511$14,160,266Sep 27Warner Bros.
21Hero$11,486,0061,236$24,392,492Dec 21Walt Disney Pictures
22Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania$10,421,1222,016$12,599,352Feb 15Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
23Sleep$10,259,9341,231$10,259,934Sep 6Warner Bros.
24Honey Sweet$8,440,8331,032$9,975,845Aug 15Warner Bros.
25Ransomed$7,633,5751,144$7,665,018Aug 2Walt Disney Pictures
26Dream$7,315,5561,285$8,317,251Apr 26Walt Disney Pictures
27Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse$7,137,0011,068$7,137,001Jun 21Sony Pictures Releasing
28Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny$6,495,822954$6,495,822Jun 28Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
29Puss in Boots: The Last Wish$6,329,774814$6,376,812Jan 4Universal Pictures International (UPI)
30Transformers: Rise of the Beasts$6,036,5621,123$6,036,562Jun 8Paramount Pictures International
31Road to Boston$6,005,3221,282$7,178,652Sep 27Warner Bros.
32Detective Conan: Black Iron Submarine$5,831,4041,005$5,831,404Jul 20Walt Disney Pictures
33Crayon Shin-chan: Mononoke Ninja Chinpuden$5,585,194845$5,585,194May 4Walt Disney Pictures
34The Childe$5,185,435945$5,251,465Jun 21Walt Disney Pictures
35The Little Mermaid$5,051,045597$5,061,906May 24Walt Disney Pictures
36Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom$4,891,003959$6,716,615Dec 20-
37Five Nights at Freddy's$4,653,096501$5,362,175Nov 15Universal Pictures International (UPI)
38Rebound$4,592,5791,154$5,134,023Apr 5Warner Bros.
39Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba - To the Swordsmith Village$4,346,772410$4,966,390Mar 2Universal Pictures International (UPI)
40The Flash$4,214,5451,258$5,297,314Jun 14Walt Disney Pictures
41Shin Jigen! Crayon Shin-chan the Movie$4,201,625868$6,793,191Dec 22-
42The Marvels$4,149,4891,494$5,224,279Nov 8Walt Disney Pictures
43The Devil's Deal$3,928,6221,157$5,702,702Mar 1Universal Pictures International (UPI)
44The Moon$3,838,369990$3,892,117Aug 2Walt Disney Pictures
45Barbie$3,590,707767$4,312,632Jul 19Walt Disney Pictures
46Even If This Love Disappears from the World Tonight$3,499,054439$8,982,363Nov 30Walt Disney Pictures
47IM HERO THE FINAL$3,263,147137$4,514,656Mar 1Universal Pictures International (UPI)
48Our Season$3,182,654863$3,689,476Dec 6-
49Missing$3,114,403866$3,120,204Feb 22Walt Disney Pictures
50Switch$2,863,591912$3,108,430Jan 4Walt Disney Pictures
51Everything Everywhere All at Once
2023 Re-release
$2,776,593234$3,123,750Mar 1Walt Disney Pictures
52The Boys$2,700,3741,031$3,302,959Nov 1Warner Bros.
53Trolls Band Together$2,654,283831$2,909,659Dec 20-
54My Love$2,596,963262$3,003,628Aug 25First Run
55Monster$2,477,229619$3,862,911Nov 29-
56Count$2,476,823927$2,988,798Feb 22Walt Disney Pictures
57Target$2,340,248961$2,931,385Aug 30Warner Bros.
58Insidious: The Red Door$2,309,706758$3,047,166Jul 19Sony Pictures Releasing
59Someday or One Day$2,294,857698$2,852,322Jan 25Walt Disney Pictures
60The Nun II$2,289,898720$2,854,060Sep 27Warner Bros.
61Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves$2,229,084645$2,244,982Mar 30Walt Disney Pictures
62Pororo Popstar Adventure$2,228,361850$2,638,889Dec 13-
63Single in Seoul$2,195,421886$2,852,829Nov 29Warner Bros.
64Hopeless$1,911,163974$1,926,116Oct 11Warner Bros.
65The Ghost Station$1,891,388314$2,066,904Apr 19Walt Disney Pictures
66M3GAN$1,883,437704$1,884,356Jan 25Universal Pictures International (UPI)
67Woong-Nam$1,770,372829$2,126,130Mar 22Walt Disney Pictures
68Babylon$1,678,111842$1,681,041Feb 2Paramount Pictures International
69The Night Owl$1,542,0931,541$26,668,157Nov 23Walt Disney Pictures
70Cobweb$1,535,852893$2,189,995Sep 27Warner Bros.
71A Haunting in Venice$1,507,236617$1,507,236Sep 13Walt Disney Pictures
72Brave Citizen$1,451,010872$1,844,796Oct 25Warner Bros.
73Phantom$1,437,179741$5,173,638Jan 18Walt Disney Pictures
74The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes$1,382,058986$1,382,058Nov 15Noori Pictures
75Soulmate$1,374,211749$1,702,138Mar 15Walt Disney Pictures
76Killing Romance$1,356,521998$1,383,439Apr 14Walt Disney Pictures
77IU Concert: The Golden Hour$1,251,17160$1,499,474Sep 13Warner Bros.
78Napoleon$1,243,334790$1,710,788Dec 6Sony Pictures Releasing
79The Creator$1,150,507822$2,048,361Oct 3Walt Disney Pictures
80PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie$1,111,800546$1,167,381Oct 6Paramount Pictures International
81Talk to Me$1,089,541604$1,089,541Nov 1Walt Disney Pictures
82BTS: Yet to Come in Cinemas$1,070,242120$1,553,763Feb 1Walt Disney Pictures
83Marui Video$1,063,728284$1,321,380Feb 22Walt Disney Pictures
84The Last 10 Years$1,043,487201$1,144,776May 24Walt Disney Pictures
85Marrying the Mafia: Returns$1,025,237817$1,182,985Sep 21Warner Bros.
86Your Name.$1,010,147947$23,837,032--
87My Heart Puppy$1,006,272649$1,352,017Mar 1Universal Pictures International (UPI)
88Blue Giant$882,207566$882,381Oct 18Warner Bros.
89This is the President$857,395602$863,467May 10Walt Disney Pictures
90Butt Detective the Movie Shiriarty$847,105601$972,751Sep 28Warner Bros.
91Carrie and Superkola$761,254462$765,605Jan 18Walt Disney Pictures
92The Amazing Maurice$733,934559$749,239Feb 15Walt Disney Pictures
93Next Sohee$733,763562$832,834Feb 8Walt Disney Pictures
94Gran Turismo$707,825778$877,912Sep 20Sony Pictures Releasing
95Dooly the Little Dinosaur: The Adventure of Ice Planet$687,893449$753,686-Walt Disney Pictures
96Detective Conan: Episode of Ai Haibara - Black Iron Mystery Train$670,999176$670,999Jun 23Walt Disney Pictures
97Doraemon the Movie: Nobita's Sky Utopia$665,970283$667,612Jul 8Walt Disney Pictures
98The Exorcist: Believer$642,978460$642,978Oct 18Universal Pictures International (UPI)
99The Tunnel to Summer, the Exit of Goodbyes$625,152269$684,457Sep 14Warner Bros.
100The Fabelmans$624,973450$630,824Mar 22Walt Disney Pictures
101Pokémon: Arceus and the Jewel of Life$572,089549$3,432,040Dec 24Lotte Entertainment
102Air$568,787653$790,330Apr 5Warner Bros.
103La La Land$563,846727$23,736,379--
104Monster Family 2$548,646434$745,553Aug 2Walt Disney Pictures
105OCTONAUTS: Above & Beyond Season 2
2023 Re-release
$543,555245$545,046Aug 10Warner Bros.
106Meg 2: The Trench$528,020401$980,867Aug 15Warner Bros.
107Epic Tails$525,713516$529,359Sep 21Warner Bros.
108Miss Fortune$522,252414$654,171Oct 11Walt Disney Pictures
109Our Secret Diary$515,766398$836,532Dec 13Warner Bros.
25 Year Anniversary
$514,288447$5,114,552Feb 8Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
111Sana$513,857199$596,868Oct 4Warner Bros.
112Arctic Dogs$511,163478$572,548Nov 23Warner Bros.
1132022 Youngtak Concert: The Movie$508,84464$796,579Jun 28Walt Disney Pictures
114Beau Is Afraid$508,015312$510,474Jul 5Walt Disney Pictures
115Chickenhare and the Hamster of Darkness$484,946234$492,819Mar 18Walt Disney Pictures
116New Normal$468,641546$468,641Nov 8Warner Bros.
117Duda & Dada The Secret of HooHoo Island$450,854368$852,867Feb 15Walt Disney Pictures
118Shazam! Fury of the Gods$448,988718$625,687Mar 15Walt Disney Pictures
119Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour$434,31551$434,315Nov 3-
120Asteroid City$426,454216$428,092Jun 28Universal Pictures International (UPI)
121Triangle of Sadness$422,969278$425,974May 17Walt Disney Pictures
122The Whale$411,773203$411,773Mar 1Walt Disney Pictures
123A Man of Reason$409,596614$905,411Aug 15Warner Bros.
124Super Wings the Movie: Maximum Speed$396,669308$885,089Jul 20Walt Disney Pictures
125Everything Everywhere All at Once$376,468620$3,473,456Sep 30Walt Disney Pictures
126My Fairy Troublemaker$362,808298$362,808Nov 18Warner Bros.
127OCTONAUTS: Above & Beyond Season 2$358,746284$391,824Feb 23Walt Disney Pictures
128Aftersun$357,54864$357,548Feb 1Walt Disney Pictures
129Ennio$351,96767$360,441Jul 5Walt Disney Pictures
130Body Parts$345,887252$415,557Aug 30Warner Bros.
131Saw X$345,732554$504,973Dec 13Warner Bros.
132Pinkfong Sing-Along Movie 3: Catch the Gingerbread Man$338,306128$387,735Jul 26Walt Disney Pictures
133Dune: Part One$333,2271,576$14,014,629Oct 20Warner Bros.
134Renfield$331,708572$366,038Apr 19Universal Pictures International (UPI)
135Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile$317,724384$389,383Jan 18Walt Disney Pictures
136My SHINee World$314,975118$329,700Nov 3Warner Bros.
137Gentleman$310,062732$1,642,481Dec 28Walt Disney Pictures
138Maya the Bee 3: The Golden Orb$307,943208$311,831Aug 24Warner Bros.
139Mavka: The Forest Song$304,090489$306,890Oct 18Walt Disney Pictures
140Running Man: Revengers$300,864221$339,508Aug 10Warner Bros.
141Tár$294,785154$294,785Feb 22Walt Disney Pictures
142Shinbi's Haunted House: The Dimension Ghost and the Seven Worlds$294,380686$3,104,239Dec 14Walt Disney Pictures
143Lonely Castle in the Mirror$291,049335$359,291Apr 12Walt Disney Pictures
144A Love Song$284,515106$383,576Jun 21Walt Disney Pictures
145Expend4bles$283,746634$445,276Oct 18Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
146Marry My Dead Body$261,568103$261,568May 17Walt Disney Pictures
147NCT NATION: To the World in Cinemas$251,36885$422,297Dec 6Warner Bros.
148Ruby Gillman: Teenage Kraken$234,235169$234,235Jul 25Universal Pictures International (UPI)
149Crescendo$231,97387$502,348Dec 20-
150Knock at the Cabin$223,397389$226,740Mar 8Universal Pictures International (UPI)
151The Dream Songs$221,50976$249,989Oct 25Warner Bros.
152Finnick$208,977357$222,676Feb 2Walt Disney Pictures
153The Banshees of Inisherin$203,815132$203,815Mar 15Universal Pictures International (UPI)
154Ddotty and the Tower of Eternity$202,261370$466,801Dec 27-
155Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre$200,043459$319,008Aug 30Warner Bros.
156The Father's Heart$194,88285$208,995Jul 20Walt Disney Pictures
Original Release - Day 1
$194,04646$250,245Oct 19Walt Disney Pictures
158The Blue Skies at Your Feet$181,014449$225,725Feb 8Walt Disney Pictures
159Three Thousand Years of Longing$177,728173$186,631Jan 4Walt Disney Pictures
160A Man Called Otto$176,761357$249,929Mar 29Walt Disney Pictures
161Pororo and Friends: Virus Busters$171,497380$1,566,445Dec 1Walt Disney Pictures
162Dolphin Boy$171,262177$171,262Jan 25First Run
163Plane$162,387358$236,469Mar 15Walt Disney Pictures
164Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning$162,202197$244,640Nov 29Warner Bros.
165Let's Go! Galaxy Guards The Movie: True Courage!$156,921261$194,522Nov 30Warner Bros.
166Fireheart$154,012187$179,775Jun 28Walt Disney Pictures
167Kaguya-sama: Love Is War - The First Kiss That Never Ends$147,106107$178,834Apr 6Warner Bros.
168The Dark Knight
2023 Re-release
$144,883232$21,929,210-Warner Bros.
169His Only Son$144,247117$148,449Jun 28Walt Disney Pictures
170The Snow Queen and the Princess$142,093626$1,051,779Dec 22Walt Disney Pictures
171Pororo 5: Treasure Island Adventure$133,225797$4,659,074Apr 25Walt Disney Pictures
172My Sweet Monster$127,806217$153,153Feb 22Walt Disney Pictures
173Riceboy Sleeps$124,699233$153,504Apr 19Warner Bros.
174One Week Friends$123,244142$123,244Sep 6Warner Bros.
175That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime the Movie: Scarlet Bond$122,637123$149,203Feb 2Walt Disney Pictures
176Sakra$120,585300$159,959Jan 25Walt Disney Pictures
177Flora and Son$119,951114$128,358Sep 22Warner Bros.
178The Wild$117,106239$191,716Nov 15Warner Bros.
179Afire$113,28768$113,287Sep 13Warner Bros.
180Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon$112,067351$113,798Mar 22Walt Disney Pictures
181Kyrie$110,87838$112,789Nov 1Warner Bros.
182Little Eggs: An African Rescue$110,845306$120,026Oct 26Warner Bros.
183Pinocchio: A True Story$108,454208$114,889Jul 13Walt Disney Pictures
184Living$105,78050$168,712Dec 13Warner Bros.
185Utneunnamja Gamdokpan$102,7477$258,430Nov 29Walt Disney Pictures
186The Quiet Girl$101,87152$103,330May 31Walt Disney Pictures
187Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince$100,412824$15,627,084-Warner Bros.
188Ryuichi Sakamoto | Opus$98,422239$360,467Dec 27-
189A Man$93,642160$94,616Aug 30Warner Bros.
190Haunted Mansion$93,414-$93,414Jul 26Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
191Notes from the Unknown$92,60093$98,181Sep 6Warner Bros.
192Just Super$90,419176$107,939Jul 20Walt Disney Pictures
193Someone You Loved$90,065333$132,042Feb 8Walt Disney Pictures
194Hidden Blade$89,403201$140,879Apr 26Walt Disney Pictures
195Musical Red Book$86,78735$105,786Jan 25Walt Disney Pictures
196The Wishmas Tree$83,308188$89,774Sep 6Warner Bros.
197Farewell My Concubine$81,932404$890,291Mar 30Warner Bros.
198Rascal Does Not Dream of a Sister Venturing Out$81,23051$101,040Aug 31Warner Bros.
199My Worst Neighbor$80,619277$127,438Jul 5Walt Disney Pictures
200Small, Slow but Steady$77,15068$77,593Jun 14Walt Disney Pictures
This chart only reflects 98 percent of total screens in South Korea.