Domestic Box Office For 2019


RankRelease GrossTheatersTotal GrossRelease DateDistributor
907Postcards from London$991$5,312Nov 9Strand Releasing
906Over the Limit$1172$3,243Oct 12Film Movement
905Tall Tales from the Magical Garden of Antoon Krings
2018 Re-release
$22020$220Jan 11-
9041945$23619$1,006,193Nov 1Menemsha Films
903Henchmen$2973$1,469Dec 7Entertainment One
902In Safe Hands$3481$1,737Jul 26Distrib Films
901Hold Your Breath$37112$77,987Aug 10Entertainment One
900I Am Not A Witch$5508$50,868Sep 7Film Movement
899Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero$6121,633$4,015,935Apr 13-
898Swimming with Men$63031$24,708Dec 7IFC Films
897Serendipity$7172$2,298Oct 18Cohen Media Group
896Senso$7372$27,723Oct 26Rialto Pictures
895The Untold Story$7901$790Jan 18Ammo Content
894Narcissister Organ Player$1,0184$15,334Nov 7Film Movement
893Chinese Portrait$1,1582$1,246Dec 13The Cinema Guild
892The Hours and Times$1,2731$1,273Mar 1Oscilloscope
891Owaranai hito: Miyazaki Hayao$1,449377$187,320Dec 13GKIDS
890Indivisible$1,581830$3,511,417Oct 26Pure Flix Entertainment
889American Playhouse: The Killing Floor$1,5831$1,583Nov 22Film Movement
888For Those Who Don't Read Me$1,5856$36,506Nov 23Entertainment One
887Game Day$1,6244$1,624Oct 4Ammo Content
886Little Q$1,6521$1,652Dec 6Well Go USA Entertainment
885A Fish in the Bathtub
2019 re-release
$1,8263$1,237Nov 8Cohen Media Group
884A German Youth$1,8341$2,295Oct 11Big World Pictures
883Divide and Conquer: The Story of Roger Ailes$1,97716$38,510Dec 7Magnolia Pictures
882Jihadists$2,1041$2,104Jan 25Cinema Libre Studio
881Detour$2,1281$16,172Nov 30Janus Films
880Iceman$2,1387$2,138Mar 15Film Movement
879Tea With the Dames$2,19071$889,343Sep 21IFC Films
878I Lost Albert
2019 Re-release
$2,3541$2,354Oct 4Distrib Films
877TINY: The Life of Erin Blackwell$2,4651$2,465Jul 19Janus Films
876Chef Flynn$2,50710$68,407Nov 9Kino Lorber
875Joan the Maid 1: The Battles$2,5621$2,562Aug 2Cohen Media Group
874No Date, No Signature$2,5673$36,444Aug 1Distrib Films
873L'héritage de la chouette$2,6021$12,316Nov 9Icarus Films
872Back to the Fatherland$2,6971$2,697Jun 14First Run
871The Kindness of Strangers$2,7053$2,705Dec 6-
870100 Acres of Hell$2,9161$5,152Oct 11Indican Pictures
869Filmworker$3,01617$102,609May 11Kino Lorber
868Chasing Portraits$3,0761$3,076Apr 26First Run
867A Cool Fish$3,13436$551,876Nov 16China Lion Film Distribution
866Bauhaus Spirit: 100 Years of Bauhaus$3,1482$17,122Feb 10Icarus Films
865Another Day of Life$3,1902$3,190Sep 13GKIDS
864Rottentail$3,3833$3,383Apr 12Ammo Content
863The Wandering Soap Opera$3,6242$3,624May 17The Cinema Guild
862Wallflower$3,8017$3,801Oct 4-
861Crown Vic$3,8681$3,868Nov 8Screen Media Films
860Mother of a Day$3,9191$3,919May 4Sumbadhat Productions
859La Flor$4,0321$4,032Aug 9Grasshopper Film
858The Gliksmans$4,0803$4,080Sep 27Indican Pictures
857State Like Sleep$4,28210$4,282Jan 4The Orchard
856The Fate of Lee Khan$4,2953$4,295Apr 5Film Movement
855Tito and the Birds$4,3326$4,332Jan 25Shout! Factory
854SGT. Will Gardner$4,40512$4,405Jan 11Cinedigm Entertainment Group
853I'm Leaving Now$4,4881$4,488Sep 6The Cinema Guild
852At War$4,6051$4,605Jul 19Cinema Libre Studio
851Sicilian Ghost Story$4,6393$15,285Nov 30Strand Releasing
850Slaughterhouse Rulez$4,66510$4,665May 17Sony Pictures Releasing
849What You Gonna Do When the World's on Fire?$4,6721$4,672Aug 16-
848Kaili Blues$4,6874$32,164May 20Grasshopper Film
847Ballet Blanc$4,8322$4,832Nov 8Indican Pictures
846Crepitus$4,8462$4,846Oct 31Indican Pictures
845Un traductor$4,8792$13,509Oct 19Film Movement
844Malek$4,8984$4,898Jan 18Entertainment One
843The Garden$5,0061$5,006May 29Kino Lorber
842Chulas Fronteras$5,0211$5,021Jun 28Argot Pictures
841Cold Blood$5,08325$5,083Jul 5Screen Media Films
840Intuitions$5,1113$10,606Oct 25Indican Pictures
839Body at Brighton Rock$5,1239$5,123Apr 26Magnolia Pictures
838Chokehold$5,2003$5,200Mar 1Ammo Content
837Anna and the Apocalypse$5,329138$545,597Nov 30Orion Pictures
836Spiral Farm$5,4753$5,475Dec 13Indican Pictures
835Halloween$5,5053,990$159,342,015Oct 19Universal Pictures
834The Miracle of the Little Prince$5,5531$5,553Aug 28Film Movement
833Série noire$5,6331$5,633Sep 27Rialto Pictures
832Love Goes Public$5,700-$5,700Oct 25Aspiration Entertainment
831The Meanest Man in Texas$5,7503$8,850May 17Ammo Content
830Kedarnath$5,751113$901,131Dec 7-
829The Hottest August$6,1292$6,129Nov 15Grasshopper Film
828Relaxer$6,1335$6,133Mar 29Oscilloscope
827The Golden Glove$6,1605$6,160Sep 27Strand Releasing
826To Be of Service$6,1731$6,173Nov 1First Run
825Patrick the Pug$6,290100$6,290Feb 15-
824Under the Eiffel Tower$6,29111$6,291Feb 8The Orchard
823Of Fathers and Sons$6,3086$12,579Nov 16Kino Lorber
822Monrovia, Indiana$6,45714$63,944Oct 26Zipporah Films
821Hollywould$6,5982$11,888Nov 15Indican Pictures
820Dying to Survive
2019 Re-release
$6,7522$6,752Aug 9China Lion Film Distribution
819Going Attractions: The Definitive Story of the Movie Palace$6,7636$6,763Oct 24-
818Genesis$6,7842$6,784Aug 23Film Movement
817Rosie$6,8392$6,839Jul 19Blue Fox Entertainment
816Beloved Beast$7,0523$7,301Oct 11Indican Pictures
815Border$7,47774$771,930Oct 26Neon
814Life and Nothing More$7,4886$24,358Oct 24CFI Releasing
813King of Thieves$7,51811$7,518Jan 25Saban Films
812I'll Take Your Dead$7,6925$7,692Jul 5-
811Gregory's Girl$7,7101$7,710Oct 4Film Movement
810The Plagiarists$7,7681$7,768Jun 28-
809Ghost Fleet$7,8507$7,850Jun 7Abramorama
808This Magnificent Cake!$7,8882$7,888Mar 1GKIDS
807Wings of Desire
2018 Re-release
$7,9474$123,830Oct 19Janus Films
806Grass$8,0842$8,084Apr 19The Cinema Guild
805The Etruscan Smile
2019 release
$8,2134$8,213Nov 8Lightyear Entertainment
804The Dead Center$8,32010$8,320Oct 11Arrow Films
803Colossal Youth$8,3311$8,331Aug 3-
802Frantz Fanon: Black Skin White Mask$9,0251$9,025Mar 15Film Movement
801Cracked Up$9,1971$9,197Sep 13Abramorama
800When Lambs Become Lions$9,3372$9,337Nov 22Oscilloscope
799Studio 54$9,35514$199,767Oct 5Zeitgeist Films
798The Spanish Prisoner
2019 Re-release
$9,5891$9,589Apr 26Ammo Content
797Fritz Lang's Indian Epic
2019 re-release
$9,8181$9,345Sep 27Film Movement
796Tyrel$9,8325$21,456Dec 7Magnolia Pictures
795Streetwise$9,9041$9,904Jul 19Janus Films
794Olivia$9,9343$9,934Aug 16Icarus Films
793Around India with a Movie Camera$10,1011$10,389Nov 30Icarus Films
792Round of Your Life$10,2289$20,941Jun 21Ammo Content
791The Eyes of Orson Welles$10,2532$10,253Mar 15Janus Films
790The Cat Rescuers$10,5423$28,698Jul 5Balcony Releasing
789Daughter of Mine$10,6282$10,628Feb 1Strand Releasing
788Angels Are Made Of Light$10,6972$7,919Jul 26Grasshopper Film
787Shooting the Mafia$10,7933$10,881Nov 22Cohen Media Group
786Duet for Cannibals
2019 re-release
$10,9024$11,741Nov 22Metrograph Pictures
785If the Dancer Dances$10,9126$10,912Apr 26Monument Releasing
78416 Bars$10,9854$10,985Nov 8Lightyear Entertainment
783Suburban Birds$10,9973$10,997Apr 5The Cinema Guild
782I Do Not Care If We Go Down in History as Barbarians$11,0142$11,307Jul 19Big World Pictures
781Ferrante Fever$11,1373$11,137Mar 8Greenwich Entertainment
780Made Me Do It$11,1512$11,151Apr 12Indican Pictures
779In Like Flynn$11,25527$11,255Jan 25Blue Fox Entertainment
778Yomeddine$11,3084$11,308May 31Strand Releasing
777Between the Lines$11,36618$15,383Feb 22Cohen Media Group
776That Part Feeling - the Universe of Arvo Part$11,3853$8,812Jun 3Film Movement
775Vision Portraits$11,4403$10,771Aug 9-
774Stuffed$11,5613$12,279Oct 16Music Box Films
773The Disappearance of My Mother$11,6363$22,220Dec 6Kino Lorber
772The Charmer$11,6953$26,167Dec 5Film Movement
771Liyana$11,8954$44,045Oct 10Abramorama
770Cassandro, The Exotico!$11,8974$11,897Jul 19Film Movement
769Quartet$12,0421$12,042May 3Cohen Media Group
768Imprisoned$12,0502$12,050Sep 13Cinema Libre Studio
767Zen for Nothing$12,1074$12,107Mar 29Zeitgeist Films
766Bricked$12,2017$12,201Jan 24GathrFilms
765Journey to the South Pacific$12,20919$7,653,913Nov 27IMAX
764The White Sheik
2019 re-release
$12,3844$30,171Dec 25Rialto Pictures
763Off Season$12,5442$12,544Mar 15Indican Pictures
762The Woman Who Loves Giraffes$12,6163$28,457Oct 4Zeitgeist Films
761Hagazussa$13,25314$13,253Apr 19Doppelganger Releasing
760Rapid Response$13,29410$13,294Sep 6Atlas Distribution Company
759The House with a Clock in Its Walls$13,2953,592$68,549,695Sep 21Universal Pictures
758First Man$13,5103,640$44,936,545Oct 12Universal Pictures
757This One's for the Ladies$13,68821$13,688Jun 7-
756My Son
2019 Re-release
$13,7825$14,450May 10Cohen Media Group
755Touch Me Not$13,7821$13,782Jan 11Kino Lorber
754Screwball$13,96713$13,967Mar 29Greenwich Entertainment
753Combat Obscura$14,24211$14,242Mar 15Oscilloscope
752Boy Erased$14,490672$6,788,692Nov 2Focus Features
751The Competition
2019 Re-release
$14,5887$15,622Feb 22Metrograph Pictures
750Our Time$14,7774$14,777Jun 14Monument Releasing
749Frank and Ava$14,8203$18,829Dec 7Hannover House
748ZZ Top: That Little Ol' Band from Texas$14,8798$14,879Aug 19Abramorama
747Wrinkles the Clown$14,93821$14,938Oct 4Magnolia Pictures
746El Angel$15,12711$109,608Nov 9The Orchard
745Funan$15,1525$15,152Jun 7GKIDS
744Galapagos$15,22214$18,630,372Oct 29IMAX
743Midnight Family$15,53713$27,390Dec 61091 Media
742Trinity Seven The Movie 2: Heavens Library & Crimson Lord$15,71295$15,712Mar 29Atlas Distribution Company
741Airpocalypse$15,71921$105,678Dec 21China Lion Film Distribution
740A Private War$15,792865$1,633,208Nov 2Aviron Pictures
739To the Arctic 3D$15,80052$14,554,597Apr 20Warner Bros.
738Little Joe$15,80112$23,862Dec 6Magnolia Pictures
737Starfish$15,8496$15,849Mar 15Yellow Veil Pictures
736Piercing$15,85618$15,856Feb 1Greenwich Entertainment
735Virginia Minnesota$16,1182$16,118Mar 1Indican Pictures
734Three Peaks$16,2167$16,216Jun 28Greenwich Entertainment
733Chained for Life$16,4563$17,431Sep 13Kino International
732Tremors$16,5166$21,325Nov 29Film Movement
731Too Late to Die Young$16,5914$16,591May 31-
730Ballon$16,7925$16,792Sep 6Distrib Films
729Joseph Pulitzer: Voice of the People$16,9705$16,970Mar 1First Run
728Scandalous: The True Story of the National Enquirer$17,08513$18,759Nov 15Magnolia Pictures
727Ode to Joy$17,30316$17,303Aug 9IFC Films
726Citizen K$17,7043$26,623Nov 22Greenwich Entertainment
725The House That Jack Built
2018 Re-release
$17,76332$87,993Dec 14IFC Films
724The Cranes Are Flying$17,9232$17,923Jul 12Janus Films
723Phoenix, Oregon
Pre-Release Tour
$18,3566$18,356May 2Joma Films
722Midnight Diner$18,55513$18,555Sep 20Well Go USA Entertainment
721The Return of Martin Guerre
2019 Re-release
$18,6032$18,603Jul 5Cohen Media Group
720Before Stonewall$18,7242$18,724Jun 21First Run
719Black Mother$18,7624$18,762Mar 9Grasshopper Film
718Out of Blue$18,77935$18,779Mar 22IFC Films
717Girls of the Sun$19,71211$19,712Apr 12Cohen Media Group
716Armstrong$19,74045$19,740Jul 12Gravitas Ventures
715The Perfect Race$19,8092$19,809Oct 14Five & Two Pictures
714Prassthanam$19,98432$19,984Sep 20-
713The Sound of Silence$20,01331$20,013Sep 13IFC Films
712General Magic$20,0465$20,046May 10Gravitas Ventures
711Light of My Life$20,05668$20,056Aug 9Saban Films
710The All Americans$20,3225$20,324Nov 8Abramorama
709The Gospel of Eureka$20,5783$20,039Feb 8Kino Lorber
708Redoubt$20,8782$21,556Nov 1Grasshopper Film
707The Hole in the Ground$21,07224$21,072Mar 1A24
706Wicked Witches$21,60010$21,600Aug 9Nocturnal Features
705Jane and Emma$22,26129$380,030Oct 12Excel Entertainment
704Island of Lemurs: Madagascar$22,310302$11,269,209Apr 4Warner Bros.
703Light from Light$22,3315$23,189Nov 1Grasshopper Film
702Hyenas$22,4444$24,272Apr 19Metrograph Pictures
701Night School$22,5503,019$77,339,130Sep 28Universal Pictures
700Celebration$22,5571$22,557Oct 2-
699Wildlife$22,999105$1,050,616Oct 19IFC Films
698Piranhas$23,49410$23,494Aug 2Music Box Films
697Vox Lux$24,054325$727,119Dec 7Neon
696Chasing Einstein$24,0574$24,057Sep 13Atlas Distribution Company
695Invisible Life$24,21918$95,321Dec 20Amazon Studios
694Return of the Hero$25,0043$37,108Aug 30Distrib Films
693Asako I & II$25,3283$25,328May 17Grasshopper Film
692Neither Wolf Nor Dog$25,4131$589,289Jan 20-
691Donnybrook$26,28480$26,284Feb 15IFC Films
690Wrestle$26,5975$26,597Feb 22Oscilloscope
689Memory: The Origins of Alien$26,64319$31,378Oct 4Screen Media Films
688The Day Shall Come$26,97230$26,972Sep 27IFC Films
687Leaving Home, Coming Home: A Portrait of Robert Frank$27,0733$27,073May 29Greenwich Entertainment
686Kind Hearts and Coronets
2019 Re-release
$27,5231$28,410Nov 27Rialto Pictures
685El Norte
2019 Re-release
$27,920179$27,920Sep 15Fathom Events
684The Load$28,1182$28,118Aug 30Grasshopper Film
683The Wind$28,25230$28,252Apr 5IFC Films
682Hotel by the River$28,3544$28,354Feb 15The Cinema Guild
681In the Aisles$28,3946$28,394Jun 14Music Box Films
680Batman & Robin
2019 Re-release
$28,597429$28,597May 14Fathom Events
679Recorder: The Marion Stokes Project$28,6815$41,319Nov 15Zeitgeist Films
678Vault$29,4912$29,491Jun 7-
677The Ground Beneath My Feet$29,5854$29,251Jul 26Strand Releasing
676Lionel Richie at Glastonbury$30,123288$30,123Nov 19Fathom Events
675Deep Sea$30,18147$46,405,110Mar 3Warner Bros.
674The Nun$30,2455$30,245Jan 4Rialto Pictures
673Los Reyes$30,4184$30,418Aug 16Grasshopper Film
672Sorry Angel$30,6284$30,628Feb 15Strand Releasing
671Space Station 3D$30,65564$93,380,168Apr 19IMAX
2019 Re-release
$30,7574$30,757May 10Kino Lorber
669Horn from the Heart: The Paul Butterfield Story$30,8152$58,597Oct 17Abramorama
668Buddy$31,2034$31,203Mar 20Grasshopper Film
667Gift$31,61810$31,588Oct 11Matson Films
666Desolation Center$31,96510$32,016Sep 13Matson Films
665Ága$31,9823$34,726Sep 4Big World Pictures
66410E$32,4132$32,413Sep 27-
663An Acceptable Loss$32,42725$32,427Jan 18IFC Films
662Knife + Heart$32,5166$32,516Mar 15Altered Innocence
661An Elephant Sitting Still$32,5562$32,556Mar 8-
660Moonlight Sonata: Deafness in Three Movements$33,84112$33,823Sep 13Abramorama
659Killer Unicorn$33,9015$33,901Jun 14Indican Pictures
658The Wild Pear Tree$34,0145$34,014Jan 30The Cinema Guild
657Love Live! Sunshine!! The School Idol Movie: Over The Rainbow$34,13530$34,135Aug 5FUNimation Entertainment
656White Snake$34,73021$34,730Nov 15GKIDS
655Loro$35,61311$35,613Sep 20IFC Films
654Britt-Marie Was Here$35,68011$36,549Sep 20Cohen Media Group
653Yardie$36,01277$36,012Mar 15Rialto Pictures
652Buñuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles$36,2058$36,205Aug 16GKIDS
651The Sower$36,2335$36,233Mar 1Film Movement
650The Death of Dick Long$36,85630$36,856Sep 27A24
649The Quiet One$37,01013$37,010Jun 21IFC Films
648Union$37,3626$41,656Aug 2Indican Pictures
647Batman Forever
2019 Re-release
$38,014434$38,014May 12Fathom Events
646The Cave$38,1534$45,096Oct 18National Geographic Entertainment
645The Raft$38,7238$39,678Jun 7Metrograph Pictures
644Shed of the Dead$38,90110$38,901May 17Indican Pictures
643Zilla and Zoe$39,0035$39,003May 17Indican Pictures
642Aniara$40,12419$40,124May 17Magnolia Pictures
641Slut in a Good Way$40,5137$40,513Mar 28Comedy Dynamics
640Clemency$40,65610$109,097Dec 27Neon
639Charlie Says$40,68538$40,685May 10IFC Films
638Midnight Traveler$41,2657$41,265Sep 18Oscilloscope
637For Sama$41,6334$43,796Jul 26PBS Distribution
636Vita & Virginia$42,74132$42,741Aug 23IFC Films
635Immortal Hero$43,00712$43,007Oct 18Freestyle Releasing
634Fagara$43,41713$43,417Sep 13China Lion Film Distribution
633The Star
2019 Re-release
$43,510623$43,510Dec 7Sony Pictures Releasing
632Carmine Street Guitars$44,2535$44,253Apr 24Abramorama
631American Dharma$44,37611$51,891Nov 1Utopia
2019 Re-release
$44,3819$44,381Mar 22Lightyear Entertainment
629What Is Democracy?$44,5366$44,536Jan 16Zeitgeist Films
628The Proposal$45,1496$45,149May 24Oscilloscope
627High on the Hog$45,6966$45,696Apr 19Indican Pictures
626¡He matado a mi marido!$45,77711$45,777Mar 1-
625Sympathy for the Devil$45,9278$48,397Nov 29-
624Under the Silver Lake$46,0832$46,083Apr 19A24
623Becoming Astrid$47,68416$120,486Nov 23Music Box Films
622The Queen$47,8187$47,818Jun 28Kino Lorber
621The Final Wish$48,095150$25,183Jan 24Fathom Events
620The Bounty Killer$48,81515$48,815Jan 25Indican Pictures
619Free Trip to Egypt$49,6935$49,693May 31-
618Love, Antosha$50,16810$50,168Aug 2-
617Clinton Road$50,40010$50,400Jun 14Nocturnal Features
616Ophelia$50,72258$50,722Jun 28IFC Films
615Making Waves: The Art of Cinematic Sound$51,25411$53,144Oct 25Matson Films
614Cyrano, My Love$51,41918$351,019Feb 8Roadside Attractions
613Greener Grass$51,45636$51,456Oct 18IFC Films
612QT8: The First Eight$51,896459$51,896Oct 21Fathom Events
611One Cut of the Dead$52,4067$52,406Sep 13Variance Films
610Plácido Domingo Gala$52,502217$52,502Sep 7Fathom Events
609The Hate U Give$53,1082,375$29,719,483Oct 5Twentieth Century Fox
608Maria By Callas
2018 Re-release
$53,405149$1,267,301Nov 2Sony Pictures Classics
607Heavy Water$55,446284$55,446Jun 13Fathom Events
606Mickey and the Bear$57,18822$57,188Nov 15Utopia
605John Fogerty: 50 Year Trip - Live at Red Rocks$59,795459$59,795Nov 11Fathom Events
604By the Grace of God$60,74811$62,282Oct 18Music Box Films
603Last Year at Marienbad
2019 Re-release
$60,8845$63,425May 17Janus Films
602The Mountain$61,38515$61,035Jul 26Kino Lorber
601Sauvage / Wild$61,6047$61,604Apr 10Strand Releasing
600Beautiful Boy$62,360776$7,649,973Oct 12Amazon Studios
599End of the Century$64,8806$64,880Aug 16The Cinema Guild
598This Changes Everything$64,988367$64,988Jul 22Fathom Events
597Cunningham$65,44621$159,073Dec 13Magnolia Pictures
596Being Frank$67,34313$67,343Jun 14The Film Arcade
595The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful$67,57810$67,578Nov 15CJ Entertainment
594The Silence of Others$67,9866$67,986May 8Argot Pictures
593The Body$68,19678$68,196Dec 13Eros International
592Diamantino$70,0885$70,088May 24Kino Lorber
591Edie$70,13811$70,138Sep 6Music Box Films
590Batman Returns
2019 Re-release
$70,642507$70,642May 6Fathom Events
2018 Re-release
$70,79417$70,794Feb 27Film Movement
588The Battle of Jangsari$70,85320$70,853Oct 4Well Go USA Entertainment
587Free Trip to Egypt
2019 Re-release
$71,087447$71,087Jun 12Fathom Events
586Storm Boy$71,76056$71,760Apr 5Good Deed Entertainment
5853 Faces$72,3247$72,324Mar 8Kino Lorber
584Cliffs of Freedom$72,47610$72,476Mar 1Round Hill Media
583Working Woman$72,5687$64,048Mar 27Zeitgeist Films
5825B$72,968128$72,968Jun 14-
581Savage$74,49119$74,491May 3Well Go USA Entertainment
580Hale County This Morning, This Evening$74,9588$112,282Sep 14The Cinema Guild
579Triple Threat$76,28912$76,289Mar 19Well Go USA Entertainment
578Christ Stopped at Eboli$76,9063$77,707Apr 3Rialto Pictures
577Fast Color$76,91625$76,916Apr 19Lionsgate
576Ploey$77,81520$77,815Apr 26-
575A Faithful Man$78,1836$77,491Jul 19Kino Lorber
574The Heiresses$78,4736$78,473Jan 16Distrib Films
573Saint Judy$78,93555$78,935Mar 1Blue Fox Entertainment
572Swing Kids$79,52721$222,001Dec 21Well Go USA Entertainment
571The Old Man & the Gun$80,1041,042$11,277,120Sep 28Fox Searchlight Pictures
570Ms. Purple$80,65723$80,657Sep 6Oscilloscope
569High Strung Free Dance
2019 Re-release
$83,891106$83,891Oct 11Atlas Distribution Company
568Looking Up$84,26713$84,267Jul 19China Lion Film Distribution
567Once Upon a Deadpool
2018 Re-release
$84,3001,566$6,100,309Dec 12Twentieth Century Fox
566Woodstock$84,44011$84,440May 24PBS Distribution
565Papi Chulo$84,70316$84,703Jun 7Blue Fox Entertainment
564Skid Row Marathon$84,997438$84,997Oct 14Fathom Events
563Mayday Life$85,91211$85,912May 31China Lion Film Distribution
562Cyrano de Bergerac$86,300301$86,300Jan 23Fathom Events
561The Chambermaid$86,4225$86,422Jun 28Kino Lorber
560Sonchiriya$86,76570$86,765Mar 1-
559ECCO$86,858155$86,858Aug 9Citadel Film Group
558Jim Allison: Breakthrough$87,98410$87,984Sep 27Dada Films
557The Lumber Baron$88,33611$88,336May 24Indican Pictures
556Ramen Shop$88,45510$88,455Mar 22Strand Releasing
555Take Point$89,65025$112,386Dec 27CJ Entertainment
554Varda by Agnès$89,99310$119,868Nov 22Janus Films
553Sound! Euphonium the Movie - Our Promise: A Brand New Day$90,341445$90,341Jul 11Fathom Events
552A Bigger Splash
2019 Re-release
$90,41411$95,282Jun 21Metrograph Pictures
551My Dear Liar$90,54529$90,545Nov 8CMC Pictures Holdings
550Loopers: The Caddie's Long Walk$90,67968$90,679Jun 7Gravitas Ventures
549The Crossing$90,89628$90,896Mar 15CMC Pictures
548Mapplethorpe$91,00219$91,002Mar 1The Samuel Goldwyn Company
547Always Miss You$91,88414$91,884May 3China Lion Film Distribution
546Rojo$92,3967$94,757Jul 12Distrib Films
545Margaret Atwood: Live in Cinemas$93,690499$93,690Sep 10Fathom Events
544The Image Book$94,15333$94,153Jan 25Kino Lorber
543The Song of Names$94,22176$391,731Dec 25Sony Pictures Classics
542The Third Wife$96,2288$84,933May 15Film Movement
541Tazza: One-Eyed Jack$97,65522$97,655Sep 20Well Go USA Entertainment
540Mirai$100,766780$812,794Nov 29GKIDS
539Wonders of the Sea$100,780266$100,780Jan 17Fathom Events
538Mojin: The Worm Valley$101,51617$101,516Jan 4Well Go USA Entertainment
537Walking on Water$102,1409$102,140May 17Kino Lorber
536The Divine Fury$102,98223$102,982Aug 16Well Go USA Entertainment
535Anthropocene: The Human Epoch$104,488110$104,806Sep 25Kino Lorber
534Penguin Highway$104,567168$104,567Apr 12Eleven Arts
533Miss & Mrs. Cops$104,5789$104,578May 10CJ Entertainment
532Downtown 81
2019 Re-release
$104,6468$112,017Oct 25Metrograph Pictures
531Cold Case Hammarskjöld$104,96515$104,965Aug 16Magnolia Pictures
530Belle and Sebastian, Friends for Life
2018 Re-release
$105,89038$105,890Jan 25Entertainment One
529The Brink$106,057124$106,057Mar 28Magnolia Pictures
528The Audience
2019 Re-release
$106,529529$106,529Jun 3Fathom Events
527Branagh Theatre Live: The Winter's Tale$108,403106$128,426Dec 4Trafalgar Releasing
526Babylon$109,7499$109,749Mar 8Kino Lorber
525The Kingmaker$109,94818$121,291Nov 8Greenwich Entertainment
524Be Natural: The Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blaché$111,99814$114,310Apr 19Zeitgeist Films
523Police Story$113,1647$113,164Feb 1Janus Films
522Mob Psycho 100$115,766375$115,766Jan 5Fathom Events
521The Reports on Sarah and Saleem$117,47911$117,479Jun 12Dada Films
520Ruben Brandt, Collector
2018 Re-release
$117,96343$117,963Feb 15Sony Pictures Classics
519The Fall of the American Empire$118,51573$2,178,460Jun 29Entertainment One
518Portrait of a Lady on Fire$118,6032$118,603Dec 6Neon
517Avant qu'on explose$119,89435$119,894Mar 1Entertainment One
516A Tuba to Cuba$121,77216$121,772Feb 15Blue Fox Entertainment
515Born to Be Wild$121,961208$25,926,665Apr 8Warner Bros.
514Easy Rider
2019 Re-release
$123,276252$123,276Jul 14Fathom Events
513Mary Magdalene
2019 Re-release
$124,74162$124,741Apr 12IFC Films
512Lost & Found$125,1736$125,173Mar 29-
511Paris Is Burning
2019 Re-release
$125,6776$125,677Jun 14Janus Films
510Woodstock$126,562781$126,562Aug 15Fathom Events
509The Zoya Factor$128,831100$128,831Sep 20FIP
508Mister America$130,897125$130,897Oct 9Magnolia Pictures
507Peppa Celebrates Chinese New Year$131,22567$131,225Feb 6STX Entertainment
506Made in Abyss: Journey's Dawn$134,047573$134,047Mar 20Fathom Events
505Burning$134,13027$718,991Oct 26Well Go USA Entertainment
504Palau the Movie$134,696135$134,696Mar 29Trafalgar Releasing
503Okko's Inn$134,787465$134,787Apr 22GKIDS
502The Other Story$135,19111$135,191Jun 28Strand Releasing
501Lynryd Skynyrd: Last of the Street Survivors Farewell Tour$137,888-$137,888Nov 7Fathom Events
500Rafiki$137,96826$137,968Apr 19Film Movement
499Who Will Write Our History$138,0396$138,039Jan 18Abramorama
498Wilder vs. Ortiz$139,207186$139,207Nov 23Fathom Events
497The Last Resort$140,33013$158,646Dec 21Kino Lorber
496Canelo vs. Kovalev$140,820471$140,820Nov 2Fathom Events
495Hubble 3D$142,163151$52,507,086Mar 19Warner Bros.
494Doctor Who: Logopolis$143,248428$143,248Mar 13Fathom Events
493Hampstead$144,39618$144,396Jun 14IFC Films
492Framing John DeLorean$145,62528$145,625Jun 7IFC Films
491Dogman$148,22512$148,225Apr 12Magnolia Pictures
490War and Peace$148,5033$148,503Feb 15Janus Films
489Trial by Fire$148,504109$148,504May 17Roadside Attractions
488Little Woods$150,01033$150,010Apr 19Neon
487The Samuel Project$150,4782$161,565Sep 28-
2019 Re-release
$150,801435$150,801Jul 21Fathom Events
485Jay Myself$151,33117$151,331Jul 31Oscilloscope
484Before You Know It$151,50731$151,507Aug 301091 Media
483Peterloo$151,97192$151,971Apr 5Amazon Studios
482Halston$151,99130$151,991May 24The Orchard
481The Death and Life of John F. Donovan$152,71325$152,713Aug 23Entertainment One
480Money$155,73211$155,732Mar 21CJ Entertainment
479The World Before Your Feet$156,82111$268,644Nov 21Greenwich Entertainment
478Synonyms$158,18113$196,540Oct 25Kino Lorber
477Them That Follow$159,218195$159,218Aug 21091 Media
2019 Re-release
$159,419489$159,419May 4Fathom Events
475Diana Ross: Her Life, Love and Legacy$160,968623$160,968Mar 26Fathom Events
474Monty Python's Life of Brian
2019 Re-release
$161,507125$161,507Apr 18Trafalgar Releasing
473INXS: Baby Live at Wembly Stadium$161,750516$161,750Dec 9Fathom Events
472Sunset$164,90637$164,906Mar 22Sony Pictures Classics
471Bright Ones$165,627614$165,627Apr 22Fathom Events
470Bad Guys: The Movie$166,97211$166,972Sep 20CJ Entertainment
469Asbury Park: Riot Redemption Rock 'n Roll$167,684270$167,684May 22Trafalgar Releasing
468Indian Horse$168,8769$2,097,362Apr 13Elevation Pictures
467Frankie$169,866117$171,781Oct 25Sony Pictures Classics
466Nureyev: Lifting the Curtain$170,03818$165,203Apr 19-
465Bolshoi Ballet: The Golden Age$171,916360$171,916Apr 7Fathom Events
464Ashfall$172,9872$266,899Dec 19Capelight Pictures
463Marjaavaan$174,16465$174,164Nov 15Eros International
462Tigers Are Not Afraid
2019 Re-release
$175,55919$175,559Aug 21Variance Films
461Iyengar: The Man, Yoga, and the Student's Journey$176,38711$176,387Apr 12Kino Lorber
460India's Most Wanted$176,858110$176,858May 24FIP
459The Warrior Queen of Jhansi$177,289277$177,289Nov 15Roadside Attractions
458Robin Hood$179,6152,827$30,824,628Nov 21Lionsgate
457Bolshoi Ballet: Raymonda
$181,361383$181,361Oct 27Fathom Events
456Raymonda: Bolshoi Ballet$181,361383$181,361Oct 27Fathom Events
455Giant Little Ones$181,50732$181,507Mar 1Vertical Entertainment
454To Dust$184,49523$184,495Feb 8Good Deed Entertainment
453The River and the Wall$185,50457$183,602May 3Gravitas Ventures
45242nd Street: The Musical$187,440515$187,440May 1Fathom Events
451Mr. Klein
$188,2876$188,287Sep 6Rialto Pictures
450Pagalpanti$189,666116$423,340Nov 22Eros International
449The Divine Plan$190,031-$190,031Nov 6Fathom Events
448Bolshoi Ballet: Le Corsaire$190,192383$190,192Nov 17Fathom Events
447Heading Home: The Tale of Team Israel$190,5837$207,533Dec 14Menemsha Films
446A Beautiful Planet$190,603155$15,603,514Apr 29IMAX
445Family$194,601107$194,601Apr 19The Film Arcade
444Chasing the Dragon II: Wild Wild Bunch$196,63416$196,634Jun 7Well Go USA Entertainment
443Friendsgiving Day #2$198,869766$198,869Nov 25Fathom Events
442Blink of an Eye$201,874517$201,874Sep 12Fathom Events
441Dabangg 3$202,000294$202,000Dec 20-
440Forrest Gump
2019 Re-release
$203,088560$203,088Jun 23Fathom Events
439Venom$203,1114,250$213,515,506Oct 5Sony Pictures Releasing
438Hesburgh$204,70936$204,709Apr 26Music Box Films
437The Iron Orchard$204,88142$204,881Feb 22-
436Bolshoi Ballet: Carmen Suite/Petrushka$207,523362$207,523May 19Fathom Events
435Play the Flute$207,66311$207,663Jan 28Five & Two Pictures
434Kathy Griffin: A Hell of a Story$208,907648$208,907Jul 31Fathom Events
433Master Z: The Ip Man Legacy$209,45461$209,454Apr 12Well Go USA Entertainment
432Faith, Hope & Love$210,09118$210,091Mar 15ArtAffects Entertainment
2019 Re-release
$214,578572$214,578Jul 8Fathom Events
430The Possession of Hannah Grace$215,2122,298$14,837,422Nov 30Screen Gems
429The Karate Kid
2019 Re-release
$215,447588$215,447Mar 31Fathom Events
428The Gangster, the Cop, the Devil$216,49421$216,494Jun 7Well Go USA Entertainment
427First Love$218,32940$218,329Sep 27Well Go USA Entertainment
426Never Surrender: A Galaxy Quest Documentary$222,971556$222,971Nov 26Fathom Events
425Premier Boxing Champions: PBC on FOX PPV: Pacquiao vs. Thurman$223,858194$223,858Jul 20Fathom Events
424Mine 9$226,42129$226,421Apr 12-
423Under the Sea 3D$229,299108$36,230,170Feb 13Warner Bros.
422DAZN Boxing: Canelo Alvarez vs. Daniel Jacobs$230,703426$230,703May 4Fathom Events
421Premier Boxing Champions: PBC on FOX: Spence vs. Porter$232,973239$232,973Sep 28Fathom Events
420Romeo Akbar Walter$236,299101$236,299Apr 5Eros International
419American Woman$236,637117$236,637Jun 14Roadside Attractions
418Give Me Liberty$238,13018$239,258Aug 23Music Box Films
417311 Enlarged to Show Detail 3$238,791239$238,791Mar 11Trafalgar Releasing
41663 Up$240,71528$377,898Nov 27BritBox
415Friendsgiving Day #1$246,168766$246,168Nov 24Fathom Events
414Doctor Who: The End of Time: Part One$247,798745$247,798Aug 7Fathom Events
413The Twilight Zone: A 60th Anniversary Celebration$248,514677$248,514Nov 14Fathom Events
412Meeting Gorbachev$251,83742$251,837May 31091 Media
411Canal Street$251,91773$251,917Jan 18-
410I Got the Hook Up 2$252,29340$252,293Jul 12-
409When Harry Met Sally...
30th Anniversary
$252,320660$252,320Dec 1Fathom Events
408Bolshoi Ballet: The Nutcracker$252,935401$252,935Dec 15Fathom Events
407Lords of Chaos$253,18475$253,184Feb 8Gunpowder & Sky
406Her Smell$255,59969$255,599Apr 12Gunpowder & Sky
405Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative$259,224449$259,224Feb 19Fathom Events
404Star Raiders: The Adventures of Saber Raine$260,234665$260,234Jun 6Fathom Events
403Smallfoot$263,4824,131$83,240,103Sep 28Warner Bros.
402Modest Heroes$264,579370$178,027Jan 10Fathom Events
401Out of Liberty$265,27936$265,279Sep 13Purdie Distribution
400Luzia: Cirque du Soleil in Cinema$265,673784$265,673Oct 29Fathom Events
399Slayer: The Repentless Killogy$266,895494$268,727Nov 6Trafalgar Releasing
398Just Mercy$267,8812,457$13,612,643Dec 25Warner Bros.
397One Child Nation$270,12836$270,128Aug 9Amazon Studios
396Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon - Arrow of the Orion$271,489614$271,489Jul 23Fathom Events
395Shakira in Concert: El Dorado World Tour$271,586500$271,586Nov 13Trafalgar Releasing
394The Tale of The Princess Kaguya
2019 Re-release
$271,681737$271,681Dec 16Fathom Events
393True Grit
2019 Re-release
$276,418614$276,418May 5Fathom Events
392Freaks$276,591111$276,591Sep 13Well Go USA Entertainment
391I Want to Eat Your Pancreas$277,019427$277,019Feb 7Fathom Events
390The Nutcracker and the Four Realms$277,0823,766$54,858,851Nov 2Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
389Octaman$280,710668$280,710Apr 18Fathom Events
388The Whistleblower$280,851133$280,851Dec 6CMC Pictures Holdings
387Mike Wallace Is Here$281,24539$281,245Jul 26Magnolia Pictures
386Khalid: Free Spirit$284,229382$284,229Apr 3Trafalgar Releasing
385Saga of Tanya the Evil - The Movie$288,460518$288,460May 16Fathom Events
384The Bravest$290,217150$290,217Aug 9Sony Pictures Releasing
383Killerman$291,477322$291,477Aug 30Blue Fox Entertainment
382The Godfather: Part II
45th Anniversary
$291,754681$291,754Nov 10Fathom Events
381Stockholm$292,590122$292,590Apr 12-
380The Giant Spider Invasion$293,053685$293,053Aug 15Fathom Events
379Junglee$295,78470$295,784Mar 29-
378Line Walker 2: Invisible Spy$296,75117$296,751Aug 16Well Go USA Entertainment
377Ask Dr. Ruth$297,195110$297,195May 3Magnolia Pictures
376Aquarela$302,86469$307,346Aug 16Sony Pictures Classics
375K-12$303,23081$303,230Sep 5Abramorama
374DanTDM Presents The Contest$307,484684$307,484Nov 2Fathom Events
373Bolshoi Ballet: The Sleeping Beauty$311,368355$311,368Mar 10Fathom Events
372Josh Groban Bridges from Madison Square Garden$315,173390$315,173Feb 8Trafalgar Releasing
371You Are Here: A Come From Away Story$318,885781$318,885Sep 11Fathom Events
370Lucy in the Sky$319,976231$319,976Oct 4Fox Searchlight Pictures
369Sword of Trust$322,42178$322,421Jul 12IFC Films
368National Theatre Live: Fleabag$326,283399$326,283Nov 18Fathom Events
367P Storm$326,71130$326,711Apr 4CMC Pictures
366The Big Fight Live: IBF Welterweight Title: Errol Spence Jr. vs. Mikey Garcia$328,979288$328,979Mar 16Fathom Events
365A Silent Voice: The Movie
2019 Re-release
$333,984581$333,984Jan 28Fathom Events
364Millennium Actress
2019 Re-release
$335,609512$224,672Aug 13Fathom Events
363Diane$336,16664$336,166Mar 29IFC Films
362Photograph$344,534123$344,534May 17Amazon Studios
361Star Trek: The Motion Picture
2019 Re-release
$346,243627$346,243Sep 15Fathom Events
360The Tomorrow Man$354,103207$354,103May 22Bleecker Street Media
359The Shawshank Redemption
2019 Re-release
$358,507669$358,507Sep 22Fathom Events
358Matthias & Maxime$368,42753$368,427Oct 9Entertainment One
2019 Re-release
$369,612546$369,612Oct 6Fathom Events
356The Hummingbird Project$371,784232$371,784Mar 15The Orchard
355The Cure: Anniversary 1978-2018 Live in Hyde Park$378,405346$378,405Jul 11Trafalgar Releasing
354What We Left Behind: Star Trek DS9$382,457795$382,457May 13Fathom Events
353The Secret World of Arrietty
2019 Re-release
$384,289750$384,289Sep 29Fathom Events
352The Wedding Guest$386,16696$386,166Mar 1IFC Films
351The Man Who Killed Don Quixote$391,963756$391,963Apr 10Screen Media Films
350Mia and the White Lion$399,471312$399,471Apr 12-
349The Nightingale$400,20979$400,209Aug 2IFC Films
348Hello, Dolly!$400,881669$400,881Aug 11Fathom Events
347Meet Me in St. Louis
75th Anniversary
$403,521679$403,521Dec 8Fathom Events
346Monos$406,47350$406,473Sep 13Neon
345The Invisibles$407,37319$407,373Jan 25Greenwich Entertainment
344The Reliant$408,747722$408,747Oct 24Fathom Events
343The Cold Blue$420,177702$420,177May 23Fathom Events
342Ash Is Purest White$420,58949$422,814Mar 15Cohen Media Group
341Fate/stay night [Heaven's Feel] II. lost butterfly$420,595515$420,595Mar 14Fathom Events
340Killing Sarai$422,331160$425,332Dec 6Pantelion Films
2019 Re-release
$422,622649$422,622Apr 14Fathom Events
338Hail Satan?$424,28467$424,284Apr 17Magnolia Pictures
337De De Pyaar De$425,934104$425,934May 17-
336Les Misérables: The Staged Concert$436,047488$442,094Dec 6Trafalgar Releasing
335Merci pour tout$437,04476$922,952Dec 25-
334At Eternity's Gate$441,270178$2,294,915Nov 16CBS Films
333Teen Spirit$441,366696$441,366Apr 12Bleecker Street Media
332Cruel Intentions
2019 Re-release
$445,218708$445,218Mar 22Sony Pictures Releasing
331Gorillaz: Reject False Icons$453,687284$453,687Dec 16Trafalgar Releasing
330Christmas Jars$459,462789$459,462Nov 4Fathom Events
329Panipat$461,863175$461,863Dec 6Reliance Entertainment
328CatVideoFest$470,923103$470,923Feb 15Oscilloscope
327Lawrence of Arabia
2019 Re-release
$482,281661$482,281Sep 1Fathom Events
326Exit$483,15219$470,699Aug 2CJ Entertainment
325The Great Alaskan Race$484,068447$485,603Oct 25-
324The Russian Five$485,04944$485,049Mar 21-
323The Climbers$487,157102$487,157Sep 30Well Go USA Entertainment
322Batla House$493,18081$493,180Aug 15-
321Crazy Rich Asians$493,8503,865$174,532,921Aug 15Warner Bros.
320Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
2019 Re-release
$495,770751$495,770May 20Fathom Events
319Whisper of the Heart
2019 Re-release
$498,156745$498,156Jul 1Fathom Events
318Widows$498,4592,803$42,402,632Nov 16Twentieth Century Fox
317Tel Aviv on Fire$500,35837$506,145Aug 2Cohen Media Group
316Birds of Passage$507,25997$507,259Feb 13The Orchard
315Saving Private Ryan
2019 Re-release
$508,694642$508,694Jun 2Fathom Events
314Wild Nights with Emily$519,48778$519,487Apr 12Greenwich Entertainment
313The Spy Behind Home Plate$519,52531$519,525May 24Ciesla Foundation
312Long Day's Journey Into Night$521,36524$521,365Apr 12Kino Lorber
311Shadow$521,39653$521,396May 3Well Go USA Entertainment
310Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;Surrection
2019 Re-release
$522,805490$522,805May 5FUNimation Entertainment
309Grateful Dead Meet-Up 2019$537,153503$537,153Aug 1Trafalgar Releasing
308A Brother's Love$539,52430$539,524Jun 7Entertainment One
307DCI 2019: Big, Loud & Live 16$546,060513$546,060Aug 8Fathom Events
306Everybody's Everything$547,207121$547,207Nov 12Gunpowder & Sky
305Fiddler: A Miracle of Miracles$549,38677$549,386Aug 23Roadside Attractions
304My Fair Lady
2019 Re-release
$560,711652$560,711Feb 17Fathom Events
303The Public$573,503263$573,503Apr 5Greenwich Entertainment
302Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable$590,671205$590,671Jul 12Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures
301To Kill a Mockingbird
2019 Re-release
$592,237668$592,237Mar 24Fathom Events
300Furie$594,78827$594,788Mar 1Well Go USA Entertainment
299The Chaperone$600,654128$600,654Mar 28PBS Distribution
298The Least of These: The Graham Staines Story$607,015625$607,015Jan 31Fathom Events
297The White Storm 2: Drug Lords$609,46154$609,461Jul 12CMC Pictures
296The Muppet Movie
2019 Re-release
$610,475727$610,475Jul 25Fathom Events
295Roger Waters - Us + Them$611,644497$611,644Oct 2Trafalgar Releasing
294Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool$612,24631$614,201Aug 23Abramorama
293Dirty Dancing
2019 Re-release
$622,968650$622,968Feb 10Fathom Events
292Racetime$646,41586$1,875,283Dec 7Entertainment One
291The Sky Is Pink$652,592194$652,592Oct 11-
290Spirits in the Forest$678,949388$704,744Nov 21Trafalgar Releasing
289Raise Hell: The Life & Times of Molly Ivins$684,82442$694,410Aug 30Magnolia Pictures
288The Captain$687,29547$706,572Oct 18Well Go USA Entertainment
287Non-Fiction$704,91989$704,919May 3IFC Films
286Where's My Roy Cohn?$705,37466$705,274Sep 20Sony Pictures Classics
285Honeyland$711,62856$711,628Jul 26Neon
284More Than Blue$722,66940$722,669Mar 15China Lion Film Distribution
283David Crosby: Remember My Name$732,68667$732,793Jul 19Sony Pictures Classics
282The Game Changers$739,711610$739,711Sep 16Fathom Events
281Joni 75: A Birthday Celebration$752,205405$752,205Feb 7Trafalgar Releasing
280I Love Lucy: A Colorized Celebration$754,323634$754,323Aug 6Fathom Events
279Patterns of Evidence: Moses Controversy$765,361896$765,361Mar 14Fathom Events
278The Church$772,000252$772,000May 24Indican Pictures
277Student of the Year 2$778,566190$778,566May 10FIP
276Chonda Pierce: Unashamed$787,979783$787,979May 7Fathom Events
275One Piece: Stampede$789,506541$1,298,528Oct 24FUNimation Entertainment
274Transit$815,29072$815,290Mar 1Music Box Films
273Climax$817,339217$817,339Mar 1A24
2019 Re-release
$833,658682$833,658Oct 13Fathom Events