Domestic Box Office For 2018

RankRelease GrossTheatersTotal GrossRelease DateDistributor
993Realms$1473$147Sep 7The Film Arcade
992A Man Vanishes
2012 Re-release
$1542$6,201Nov 15Icarus Films
991Tosca's Kiss$1552$18,236Jun 6Icarus Films
990Far from Vietnam$1871$8,132Aug 28Icarus Films
989Around India with a Movie Camera$2881$10,389Nov 30Icarus Films
988Rat Film$3024$35,195Sep 15The Cinema Guild
987Midget Zombie Takeover$4023$11,006Feb 8Driving With Our Eyes Shut
986The Legend of Hallowaiian$45120$451Oct 19Viva Pictures
985Nostalgia for the Light$4526$163,962Jan 13Icarus Films
984Higher Power$5283$528May 11Magnolia Pictures
983To Die Is Hard$5801$5,129Dec 17Driving With Our Eyes Shut
982The Lovely Month of May$6203$55,038Sep 13Icarus Films
981The Ghosts of Johnson Woods$8102$3,000Dec 2Driving With Our Eyes Shut
980TVTV: Video Revolutionaries$8121$812Oct 19First Run
97933 & Beyond: The Royal Art of Freemasonry$8201$16,533Oct 13GathrFilms
978The Breadwinner
2018 Re-release
$8341$834Apr 13GathrFilms
977Bad Lucky Goat$8354$5,088Oct 13Film Movement
976BOSTON: An American Running Story
2017 Re-release
$8631$19,499Aug 22GathrFilms
97530 Years of Garbage: The Garbage Pail Kids Story$9352$27,739Aug 11Indican Pictures
974Gangsterdam$9541$954Sep 19Distrib Films
973Invisible Hands$1,0341$1,034Nov 23First Run
972Bronx Gothic$1,1544$27,151Jul 14Grasshopper Film
971Henchmen$1,1723$1,469Dec 7Entertainment One
970Under the Turban$1,1901$1,190Apr 25GathrFilms
969Two Men Went to War
2018 Re-release
$1,2271$1,227May 25Indican Pictures
968Altered Perception$1,25910$1,259May 4Cinedigm Entertainment Group
967Guy$1,3192$1,319Dec 14Distrib Films
966Hare Krishna! The Mantra, the Movement and the Swami Who Started It
2017 Re-release
$1,3321$19,278Aug 10GathrFilms
965I Still See You$1,35910$1,359Oct 12Lionsgate Films
964Columbus$1,36363$1,017,107Aug 4-
963Beauty and the Beholder$1,3681$1,368Oct 26Reel One Entertainment
962Marrowbone$1,3777$1,377Apr 13Magnolia Pictures
961That Way Madness Lies...$1,4472$1,447Dec 14First Run
960Tournament$1,5021$4,942Oct 12GathrFilms
959An Actor Prepares$1,74325$1,743Aug 31Gravitas Ventures
958The Lost Village$1,7801$1,780Oct 19First Run
957The Thousand Faces of Dunjia$1,80927$122,865Dec 15Well Go USA Entertainment
956Finding Happiness$1,8411$1,841Apr 6GathrFilms
955Permanent$1,8568$12,847Dec 15Magnolia Pictures
954The Fencer
2016 Re-release
$1,8817$95,952Jul 21CFI Releasing
953West Of The Jordan River$1,9261$1,926Jan 26Kino Lorber
952From the East$1,9351$8,540Apr 17Icarus Films
951Last Men in Aleppo$1,9415$14,637May 5Grasshopper Film
950Signature Move$1,9422$31,551Sep 29Newcity
949In Search of Fellini$1,9763$12,772Sep 15-
948The Cage Fighter$2,0272$3,392Feb 2IFC Films
947Escapes$2,0664$17,778Jul 28Grasshopper Film
946A Wizard's Tale$2,15010$2,150Sep 14Blue Fox Entertainment
94510x10$2,26310$2,263Apr 13Vertical Entertainment
944Forever$2,2951$31,502Sep 12Icarus Films
943Shadowman$2,3564$13,498Dec 1Film Movement
942The Swan$2,3672$2,367Aug 10Synergetic Distribution
941Charged: The Eduardo Garcia Story$2,4363$15,920Oct 4GathrFilms
940The Second Time Around$2,4611$3,837Nov 30First Run
939The Pact$2,48810$2,488Oct 26Sony Pictures Releasing
938Kingsman: The Golden Circle$2,6084,038$100,229,647Sep 22Twentieth Century Fox
937ACORN and the Firestorm$2,6211$2,621Apr 6First Run
936Straight Into a Storm$2,6841$2,684Jun 15Abramorama
935Nana$2,7841$2,784Apr 13-
934The Paris Opera$2,8269$55,482Oct 18Film Movement
933Living Proof$2,9642$9,512Sep 8GathrFilms
932Over the Limit$3,1242$3,243Oct 12Film Movement
931Hot to Trot$3,1331$3,133Aug 24First Run
930Game Changers$3,1421$3,142Jun 29Ammo Content
929At First Light$3,2925$3,292Sep 28Entertainment One
928Song of Granite$3,2947$16,182Nov 15Oscilloscope
927Tom of Finland
2018 Re-release
$3,3141$3,314Feb 23GathrFilms
926Followers$3,35010$3,350Mar 23Cinedigm Entertainment Group
925Under the Wire$3,4292$3,429Nov 16Abramorama
924The Citizen
2018 Re-release
$3,4951$3,495Jul 6ArtMattan Productions
923Brimstone & Glory$3,5018$32,059Oct 27Oscilloscope
922Fourplay$3,5502$3,550Mar 30Parade Deck Films
921The Family$3,6962$3,696Aug 3Film Movement
920Nelly$3,7512$3,751Sep 7Cinema Libre Studio
919Félicité$3,7545$12,433Oct 27Strand Releasing
918Cocote$3,8152$3,815Aug 3Grasshopper Film
917Porto$3,8632$15,126Nov 17Kino Lorber
916Nocturama$3,86690$30,157Aug 11Grasshopper Film
915American Dresser$3,89511$3,895Sep 21Cinedigm Entertainment Group
914Armed$3,94810$3,948Sep 14GVN Releasing
913Frank and Ava$4,0093$18,829Dec 7Hannover House
912The Party's Just Beginning$4,14510$4,145Dec 7The Orchard
911Stella's Last Weekend$4,2154$4,215Oct 12Paladin
910Miss Kiet's Children
2017 Re-release
$4,3662$9,384Dec 13Icarus Films
909The Peacemaker$4,4001$4,400Feb 9-
908Weightless$4,4613$4,461Nov 9Great Point Media
907Never Look Away$4,536122$1,304,042Nov 30Sony Pictures Classics
906Kickboxer: Retaliation$4,53710$4,537Jan 26Well Go USA Entertainment
905Kangaroo$4,5472$4,547Jan 19Abramorama
904The Long Dumb Road$4,6671$4,667Nov 9The Film Arcade
903The Other Side of Everything$4,6852$4,685Jul 13Icarus Films
902Wonderstruck$4,714261$1,060,377Oct 20Roadside Attractions
901Status Update$4,76475$4,764Mar 30Vertical Entertainment
900Edward II
2018 Re-release
$4,8261$4,826May 4Film Movement
899An L.A. Minute$5,0043$5,004Aug 24Strand Releasing
898Social Animals$5,00775$5,007Jun 1Vertical Entertainment
897The Texture of Falling$5,0101$5,010Jun 1-
896Notes on an Appearance$5,0652$5,065Aug 17Grasshopper Film
895Intersection$5,1162$5,116Jun 15Indican Pictures
89412 Days$5,2042$5,204Mar 16Distrib Films
893In Searching$5,2102$5,210Nov 9Indican Pictures
892Postcards from London$5,2131$5,312Nov 9Strand Releasing
891Distant Voices, Still Lives
2018 Re-release
$5,2341$5,234Aug 31Arrow Films
890Cuban Food Stories$5,4341$5,434Aug 10First Run
889Are We Not Cats$5,5182$5,518Feb 23-
888Dolores$5,63833$555,309Sep 1PBS Distribution
887Bill Nye: Science Guy$5,6519$74,909Oct 27PBS Distribution
886Aida's Secrets$5,7539$98,468Oct 20Music Box Films
885I Am MLK Jr.$5,9182$5,918May 3GathrFilms
884Chavela$6,01314$148,666Oct 4Music Box Films
883Women Like Us$6,0723$25,859Sep 7GathrFilms
882One Last Thing$6,232151$6,232Jun 13Fathom Events
881The Quake$6,2357$6,235Dec 14Magnolia Pictures
880Of Fathers and Sons$6,2716$12,579Nov 16Kino Lorber
879School of Life$6,3002$6,300Sep 7Distrib Films
878Daisy Winters$6,453106$123,773Dec 1Hannover House
877An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn$6,70116$6,701Oct 19The Film Arcade
876A Whale of a Tale$6,7471$6,747Aug 17Fine Line Media
875Calling All Earthlings$6,7561$6,756Jun 29-
874Ex Libris$6,83615$158,192Sep 13Zipporah Films
873Duck Butter$6,8772$6,877Apr 27The Orchard
872On the Beach at Night Alone$6,9863$37,489Nov 17The Cinema Guild
871In the Land of Pomegranates$7,0141$7,014Jan 5First Run
870This is Congo$7,0512$7,051Jun 29Abramorama
869In Echo Park$7,0722$7,072Oct 12Indican Pictures
868Defining Hope$7,0802$15,788Nov 3GathrFilms
867Painless$7,0822$7,082Sep 21Indican Pictures
866Tall: The American Skyscraper and Louis Sullivan$7,2161$7,216Jan 19The Cinema Guild
865The Four Sisters$7,3233$7,323Nov 14Cohen Media Group
864The Lodgers$7,36217$7,362Feb 23-
863Spettacolo$7,4525$32,494Sep 8Grasshopper Film
862Legend of the Mountain$7,6402$7,640Feb 2Kino Lorber
861Dark River$7,7142$7,714Jun 29FilmRise
860Spiral$8,1902$8,190Jun 22Cohen Media Group
859The Clovehitch Killer$8,20826$8,208Nov 16IFC Films
858A Translator$8,6302$13,509Oct 19Film Movement
857Beauty and the Dogs$8,9154$8,915Mar 23Oscilloscope
856Summer of '67$8,9411$8,941Jun 29-
855Blood Feast$8,9583$8,708Apr 6Hannover House
854Survivors Guide To Prison$8,9824$8,982Feb 23Gravitas Ventures
853Zoo Wars$8,99812$8,998Apr 27Parade Deck Films
852Step Up: High Water$9,005378$9,005Jan 30Fathom Events
851El Mar La Mar$9,0652$9,065Feb 23The Cinema Guild
850The Crime of Monsieur Lange$9,2993$36,438Nov 17Rialto Pictures
849That Summer$9,5015$34,556May 18IFC Films
848Strangers on the Earth$9,5182$9,518May 4First Run
847The Quest of Alain Ducasse$9,6275$9,627Jun 8Magnolia Pictures
846Please Stand By$9,8687$9,868Jan 26Magnolia Pictures
845River Runs Red$9,89320$9,893Nov 9Cinedigm Entertainment Group
844Furious$9,99615$9,996Apr 20Carusel
843Heavy Trip$10,15319$10,153Oct 5Music Box Films
842Dying to Know: Ram Dass & Timothy Leary$10,3583$16,397Jan 23GathrFilms
841The Advocates$10,4024$10,402Oct 19Cinema Libre Studio
840Mama Africa
2018 Re-release
$10,4301$10,430Jan 19ArtMattan Productions
839Class Rank$10,45214$10,452May 11Cinedigm Entertainment Group
838Sicilian Ghost Story$10,6463$15,285Nov 30Strand Releasing
837Embrace: The Documentary$10,97177$629,126Sep 19GathrFilms
836The Samuel Project$11,0872$161,565Sep 28-
835The Wedding Party 2: Destination Dubai$11,1402$11,140Feb 14-
834The Assassin's Code$11,21812$11,218May 11Gravitas Ventures
833Bullitt County$11,2579$11,257Oct 26Mr. Pictures
832The Public Image is Rotten$11,2931$11,293Sep 14Abramorama
831Rendezvous in July$11,3212$11,321Aug 1Rialto Pictures
830Souvenir$11,4113$11,411Mar 2Strand Releasing
829This is Our Land$11,5672$11,567Apr 18Distrib Films
828Tyrel$11,6245$21,456Dec 7Magnolia Pictures
827Hannah$11,7002$11,700Mar 9Parade Deck Films
826Summer '03$11,74615$11,746Sep 28Blue Fox Entertainment
825Victoria & Abdul$11,7851,060$22,245,070Sep 22Focus Features
824The Terrible Parents$11,8181$11,818May 25Cohen Media Group
823The Last Race$11,9473$11,947Nov 16Magnolia Pictures
822Minding the Gap$11,9985$11,998Aug 17Magnolia Pictures
821Return of the Hero$12,1043$37,108Aug 30Distrib Films
820The Most Unknown$12,1192$12,119May 18Abramorama
819Quest$12,1253$47,807Dec 1First Run
818Let Yourself Go$12,1898$12,189Mar 2Menemsha Films
817Head Full of Honey$12,3504$12,350Nov 30Warner Bros.
816American Chaos$12,36826$12,368Sep 14Sony Pictures Classics
815My Art$12,5542$12,554Jan 12Film Movement
814American Socialist: The Life and Times of Eugene Victor Debs$12,6093$12,609Mar 2First Run
813Lou Andreas-Salomé, The Audacity to be Free$12,8752$12,875Apr 20Cinema Libre Studio
812How Viktor 'The Garlic' Took Alexey 'The Stud' to the Nursing Home$12,9548$12,954Mar 23Carusel
811Like Me$12,9654$12,965Jan 26Kino Lorber
810Novitiate$13,159163$580,346Oct 27Sony Pictures Classics
809Our Blood Is Wine$13,2105$13,210Mar 9Music Box Films
808Shed Skin Papa$13,3318$13,331Mar 23China Lion Film Distribution
807The Boy Downstairs$13,6381$13,638Feb 16FilmRise
806PGS: Intuition Is Your Personal Guidance System$13,7914$35,423Jan 16GathrFilms
805Stavisky$13,7931$13,793Oct 3Rialto Pictures
804Here and Now$13,89251$13,892Nov 9-
803Weed the People$13,9262$13,926Oct 26Abramorama
802The Escape$14,01829$14,018May 11IFC Films
801Chasing the Blues$14,0309$14,030Oct 5Ammo Content
800Detour$14,0431$16,172Nov 30Janus Films
799Ichi the Killer
2017 Re-release
$14,2994$20,285Nov 10Well Go USA Entertainment
798Narcissister Organ Player$14,3164$15,334Nov 7Film Movement
797The Last Movie Star$14,4105$14,410Mar 30A24
796A Prayer Before Dawn$14,45313$14,453Aug 10A24
795Thelma$14,46139$147,391Nov 10The Orchard
794The Charmer$14,4723$26,167Dec 5Film Movement