Domestic Box Office For 2018


RankRelease Distributor GrossMax ThOpening% of Total Open ThOpenClose
1Black PantherWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $700,059,5664,084$202,003,95128.9%4,020Feb 16Aug 9
2Avengers: Infinity WarWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $678,815,4824,474$257,698,18338%4,474Apr 27Sep 13
3Incredibles 2Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $608,581,7444,410$182,687,90530%4,410Jun 15Dec 13
4Jurassic World: Fallen KingdomUniversal Pictures $417,719,7604,485$148,024,61035.4%4,475Jun 22Oct 4
5AquamanWarner Bros. $335,061,8074,184$67,873,52220.3%4,125Dec 21Apr 4
6Deadpool 2Twentieth Century Fox $318,491,4264,349$125,507,15339.4%4,349May 18Oct 18
7The GrinchUniversal Pictures $270,620,9504,141$67,572,85525%4,141Nov 9Feb 14
8Mission: Impossible - FalloutParamount Pictures $220,159,1044,395$61,236,53427.8%4,386Jul 27Oct 18
9Ant-Man and the WaspWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $216,648,7404,206$75,812,20535%4,206Jul 6Nov 1
10Bohemian RhapsodyTwentieth Century Fox $216,428,0424,000$51,061,11923.6%4,000Nov 2Apr 25
11A Star Is BornWarner Bros. $215,288,8663,904$42,908,05119.9%3,686Oct 5Apr 4
12Solo: A Star Wars StoryWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $213,767,5124,381$84,420,48939.5%4,381May 25Sep 20
13VenomSony Pictures Releasing $213,515,5064,250$80,255,75637.6%4,250Oct 5Jan 24
14Ralph Breaks the InternetWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $201,091,7114,017$56,237,63428%4,017Nov 21Apr 11
15Spider-Man: Into the Spider-VerseSony Pictures Releasing $190,241,3103,813$35,363,37618.6%3,813Dec 14Apr 4
16A Quiet PlaceParamount Pictures $188,024,3613,808$50,203,56226.7%3,508Apr 6Aug 2
17Crazy Rich AsiansWarner Bros. $174,532,9213,865$26,510,14015.2%3,384Aug 15Jan 10
18Mary Poppins ReturnsWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $171,958,4384,090$23,523,12113.7%4,090Dec 19Apr 11
19Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer VacationSony Pictures Releasing $167,510,0164,267$44,076,22526.3%4,267Jul 13Nov 29
20Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of GrindelwaldWarner Bros. $159,555,9014,163$62,163,10439%4,163Nov 16Feb 21
21HalloweenUniversal Pictures $159,342,0153,990$76,221,54547.8%3,928Oct 19Jan 3
22The MegWarner Bros. $145,443,7424,118$45,402,19531.2%4,118Aug 10Nov 1
23Ocean's EightWarner Bros. $140,218,7114,145$41,607,37829.7%4,145Jun 8Sep 20
24Ready Player OneWarner Bros. $137,690,1724,234$41,764,05030.3%4,234Mar 29Jul 5
25BumblebeeParamount Pictures $127,195,5893,597$21,654,04717%3,550Dec 21Mar 7
26Mamma Mia! Here We Go AgainUniversal Pictures $120,634,9353,514$34,952,18029%3,317Jul 20Oct 11
27The NunWarner Bros. $117,450,1193,876$53,807,37945.8%3,876Sep 7Nov 22
28Creed IIMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $115,715,8893,752$35,574,71030.7%3,441Nov 21Mar 21
29Peter RabbitSony Pictures Releasing $115,253,4243,725$25,010,92821.7%3,725Feb 9Jun 14
30The MuleWarner Bros. $103,804,4073,329$17,509,43116.9%2,588Dec 14Mar 14
31The Equalizer 2Sony Pictures Releasing $102,084,3623,388$36,011,64035.3%3,388Jul 20Sep 20
32RampageWarner Bros. $101,028,2334,115$35,753,09335.4%4,101Apr 13Jul 26
33A Wrinkle in TimeWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $100,478,6083,980$33,123,60933%3,980Mar 9Jul 5
34Fifty Shades FreedUniversal Pictures $100,407,7603,768$38,560,19538.4%3,768Feb 9Apr 5
35Christopher RobinWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $99,215,0423,602$24,585,13924.8%3,602Aug 3Nov 29
36Green BookUniversal Pictures $85,080,1712,648$320,4290.4%25Nov 16May 2
37I Can Only ImagineRoadside Attractions $83,482,3522,894$17,108,91420.5%1,629Mar 16Jul 12
38SmallfootWarner Bros. $83,240,1034,131$23,045,63527.7%4,131Sep 28Jan 17
39Night SchoolUniversal Pictures $77,339,1303,019$27,257,61535.2%3,010Sep 28Jan 3
40The First PurgeUniversal Pictures $69,488,7453,038$17,374,28025%3,031Jul 4Sep 6
41Game NightWarner Bros. $69,179,0663,502$17,005,33224.6%3,488Feb 23Jun 21
42Book ClubParamount Pictures $68,566,2963,169$13,582,23119.8%2,781May 18Aug 9
43The House with a Clock in Its WallsUniversal Pictures $68,549,6953,592$26,608,02038.8%3,592Sep 21Jan 3
44SkyscraperUniversal Pictures $68,420,1203,822$24,905,01536.4%3,782Jul 13Sep 27
45Insidious: The Last KeyUniversal Pictures $67,745,3303,150$29,581,35543.7%3,116Jan 5Mar 29
46Instant FamilyParamount Pictures $67,363,2373,426$14,504,31521.5%3,286Nov 16Jan 31
47BlockersUniversal Pictures $60,311,4953,418$20,556,35034.1%3,379Apr 6Aug 2
48Pacific Rim: UprisingUniversal Pictures $59,874,5253,708$28,116,53547%3,708Mar 23Jul 26
49Tomb RaiderWarner Bros. $58,250,8033,854$23,633,31740.6%3,854Mar 16May 31
50Maze Runner: The Death CureTwentieth Century Fox $57,902,3203,793$24,167,01141.7%3,787Jan 26May 3
51The Nutcracker and the Four RealmsWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $54,858,8513,766$20,352,49137.1%3,766Nov 2Jan 17
52TagWarner Bros. $54,730,6253,382$14,947,39627.3%3,382Jun 15Sep 13
53A Simple FavorLionsgate $53,548,5863,102$16,011,68929.9%3,102Sep 14Nov 22
54Life of the PartyWarner Bros. $53,059,9113,656$17,886,07533.7%3,656May 11Aug 2
55The PredatorTwentieth Century Fox $51,005,0804,070$24,632,28448.3%4,037Sep 14Nov 29
56Overboard-$50,316,1232,006$14,711,10129.2%1,623May 4Jul 5
57Sicario: Day of the SoldadoSony Pictures Releasing $50,072,2353,055$19,007,56638%3,055Jun 29Sep 20
58BlacKkKlansmanFocus Features $49,275,3401,914$10,845,33022%1,512Aug 10Mar 1
59I Feel PrettySTX Entertainment $48,795,6013,440$16,030,21832.9%3,440Apr 20Jun 21
60ViceAnnapurna Pictures $47,836,2822,534$7,768,37116.2%2,442Dec 25Apr 11
61Red SparrowTwentieth Century Fox $46,860,1573,064$16,853,42236%3,056Mar 2Jun 7
62Breaking InUniversal Pictures $46,840,5902,537$17,630,28537.6%2,537May 11Aug 2
63Goosebumps 2: Haunted HalloweenSony Pictures Releasing $46,700,6333,723$15,802,22533.8%3,521Oct 12Dec 20
6412 StrongWarner Bros. $45,819,7133,018$15,815,02534.5%3,002Jan 19Mar 29
65Den of ThievesSTX Entertainment $44,947,6222,432$15,206,10833.8%2,432Jan 19Mar 22
66First ManUniversal Pictures $44,936,5453,640$16,006,06535.6%3,640Oct 12Jan 3
67HereditaryA24 $44,069,4562,998$13,575,17230.8%2,964Jun 8Aug 30
68AcrimonyLionsgate $43,549,0962,006$17,170,70739.4%2,006Mar 30Jun 7
69Sherlock GnomesParamount Pictures $43,242,8713,662$10,604,77424.5%3,662Mar 23Jun 14
70Uncle DrewLionsgate $42,469,9462,742$15,242,78135.9%2,742Jun 29Sep 13
71WidowsTwentieth Century Fox $42,402,6322,803$12,361,30729.2%2,803Nov 16Feb 21
72Truth or DareUniversal Pictures $41,411,0153,068$18,667,85545.1%3,029Apr 13Jul 26
73Paddington 2Warner Bros. $40,891,5913,702$11,001,96126.9%3,702Jan 12Mar 15
74Love, SimonTwentieth Century Fox $40,823,9272,434$11,756,24428.8%2,402Mar 16Jun 14
75Second ActSTX Entertainment $39,282,2272,607$6,489,98316.5%2,607Dec 21Feb 21
76The CommuterLionsgate $36,343,8582,892$13,701,45237.7%2,892Jan 12Mar 15
77The 15:17 to ParisWarner Bros. $36,276,2863,042$12,554,28634.6%3,042Feb 9Apr 12
78Mile 22STX Entertainment $36,108,7583,520$13,710,82538%3,520Aug 17Oct 4
79AlphaStudio 8 $35,857,1812,881$10,352,51228.9%2,719Aug 17Nov 22
80PeppermintSTX Entertainment $35,418,7232,980$13,423,25537.9%2,980Sep 7Nov 1
81The FavouriteFox Searchlight Pictures $34,366,7831,554$422,4101.2%4Nov 23Apr 11
82Death WishMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $34,017,0282,882$13,010,26738.2%2,847Mar 2May 31
83The Spy Who Dumped MeLionsgate $33,562,0693,111$12,103,04336.1%3,111Aug 3Sep 27
84AnnihilationParamount Pictures $32,732,3012,112$11,071,58433.8%2,012Feb 23Apr 19
85Isle of DogsFox Searchlight Pictures $31,892,5161,947$1,620,2945.1%27Mar 23Aug 30
86Nobody's FoolParamount Pictures $31,713,1102,468$13,743,11143.3%2,468Nov 2Dec 20
87AdriftSTX Entertainment $31,445,0123,015$11,603,03936.9%3,015Jun 1Aug 2
88Robin HoodLionsgate $30,824,6282,827$9,195,67029.8%2,827Nov 21Jan 10
89Super Troopers 2Twentieth Century Fox $30,609,3302,125$15,181,62449.6%2,038Apr 20Jul 12
90Holmes & WatsonSony Pictures Releasing $30,573,6262,780$7,411,52224.2%2,776Dec 25Feb 21
91Slender ManScreen Gems $30,569,4842,358$11,371,86637.2%2,358Aug 10Nov 1
92Teen Titans Go! To the MoviesWarner Bros. $29,790,2363,188$10,411,18934.9%3,188Jul 27Oct 11
93The Hate U GiveTwentieth Century Fox $29,719,4832,375$512,0351.7%36Oct 5Jan 17
94SearchingScreen Gems $26,020,9572,009$388,7691.5%9Aug 24Nov 15
95WinchesterLionsgate $25,091,8162,480$9,307,62637.1%2,480Feb 2Mar 29
96On the Basis of SexFocus Features $24,622,6871,957$686,3552.8%33Dec 25Mar 7
97The Strangers: Prey at Night-$24,586,7082,464$10,402,27142.3%2,464Mar 9May 31
98White Boy RickStudio 8 $24,011,1882,504$8,860,43136.9%2,504Sep 14Nov 8
99Won't You Be My Neighbor?Focus Features $22,835,787893$475,4192.1%29Jun 8Sep 13
100OverlordParamount Pictures $21,704,8442,859$10,202,10847%2,859Nov 9Dec 20
101Proud MaryScreen Gems $20,877,0132,125$9,959,05347.7%2,125Jan 12Mar 8
102The Happytime MurdersSTX Entertainment $20,706,4523,256$9,532,42546%3,256Aug 24Sep 27
103SuperFlySony Pictures Releasing $20,545,1162,220$6,870,74033.4%2,220Jun 13Aug 9
104They Shall Not Grow Old
2018 Re-release
Warner Bros. $17,956,9131,335---Dec 17May 9
105Show Dogs-$17,857,0203,212$6,023,97233.7%3,212May 18Oct 11
106Bad Times at the El RoyaleTwentieth Century Fox $17,790,4292,808$7,132,64740.1%2,808Oct 12Dec 6
107Operation FinaleMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $17,612,0991,818$6,022,75834.2%1,818Aug 29Nov 15
108Paul, Apostle of Christ-$17,560,4751,473$5,172,58529.5%1,473Mar 23May 24
109Free SoloNational Geographic Entertainment $17,541,090483$294,2881.7%4Sep 28May 2
110Sorry to Bother YouAnnapurna Pictures $17,493,0961,050$727,2664.2%16Jul 6Nov 1
111ChappaquiddickEntertainment Studios Motion Pictures $17,395,5201,645$5,765,85433.1%1,560Apr 6Aug 1
112Mary Queen of ScotsFocus Features $16,468,4991,052$194,7771.2%4Dec 7Jan 31
113Forever My GirlRoadside Attractions $16,376,0661,427$4,245,63025.9%1,114Jan 19May 10
114Mortal EnginesUniversal Pictures $15,951,0403,103$7,559,85047.4%3,103Dec 14Jan 17
115Hunter KillerLionsgate $15,767,4602,728$6,653,77742.2%2,728Oct 26Nov 29
116If Beale Street Could TalkAnnapurna Pictures $14,915,7731,018$224,4761.5%4Dec 14Apr 11
117The Girl in the Spider's WebSony Pictures Releasing $14,841,3382,929$7,810,11252.6%2,929Nov 9Dec 20
118The Possession of Hannah GraceScreen Gems $14,837,4222,298$6,401,74443.1%2,065Nov 30Feb 21
119RBGMagnolia Pictures $14,017,361432$578,4704.1%34May 4Oct 11
120Eighth GradeA24 $13,539,7091,084$263,7971.9%4Jul 13Oct 4
121The Darkest MindsTwentieth Century Fox $12,695,6913,127$5,842,60946%3,127Aug 3Oct 18
122Three Identical StrangersNeon $12,320,845433$171,5031.4%5Jun 29Oct 18
123UpgradeBH Tilt $11,977,1301,458$4,670,90539%1,457Jun 1Aug 2
124The Old Man & the GunFox Searchlight Pictures $11,277,1201,042$142,1311.3%5Sep 28Jan 24
125Hell FestLionsgate $11,107,4312,297$5,130,96346.2%2,297Sep 28Nov 8
126Welcome to MarwenUniversal Pictures $10,763,5201,911$2,354,20521.9%1,911Dec 21Jan 17
127Padmaavat-$10,638,033354$4,493,38442.2%326Jan 25Feb 25
128The Miracle Season-$10,230,6201,707$3,950,65238.6%1,707Apr 6Jul 5
129The WifeSony Pictures Classics $9,601,092541$108,2841.1%4Aug 17Apr 18
130Midnight Sun-$9,561,0642,173$4,003,99341.9%2,173Mar 23May 10
131TullyFocus Features $9,369,7551,356$3,282,61035%1,353May 4Jul 5
132TraffikLionsgate $9,186,1561,046$3,941,33842.9%1,046Apr 20May 31
133Unfriended: Dark WebBH Tilt $8,866,7451,547$3,653,03541.2%1,546Jul 20Aug 16
134Can You Ever Forgive Me?Fox Searchlight Pictures $8,803,865555$161,5101.8%5Oct 19Mar 14
135Early ManLionsgate $8,267,5442,494$3,190,52538.6%2,494Feb 16Mar 29
136The Death of StalinIFC Films $8,047,856548$184,8052.3%4Mar 9Jul 26
137SanjuFIP $7,909,317359$2,723,34934.4%356Jun 29Aug 16
138UnsaneBleecker Street Media $7,732,8992,023$3,762,14548.7%2,023Mar 23Apr 12
139Beautiful BoyAmazon Studios $7,649,973776$218,8882.9%4Oct 12Feb 7
140Mid90sA24 $7,362,4391,206$258,1573.5%4Oct 19Dec 23
141Dog DaysLD Entertainment $6,809,0802,442$2,554,76637.5%2,442Aug 8Sep 27
142Boy ErasedFocus Features $6,788,692672$207,0573.1%5Nov 2Jan 3
143Hotel Artemis-$6,708,1472,407$3,232,79048.2%2,407Jun 8Jul 19
144A-X-L-$6,501,3811,710$2,798,22943%1,710Aug 24Oct 18
145Fahrenheit 11/9-$6,352,3061,719$3,008,56347.4%1,719Sep 21Nov 1
146Unbroken: Path to RedemptionPure Flix Entertainment $6,216,8971,620$2,238,72336%1,620Sep 14Nov 29
147The Hurricane HeistEntertainment Studios Motion Pictures $6,115,8252,402$3,024,39949.5%2,402Mar 9May 10
148Every DayOrion Pictures $6,102,0761,669$3,016,14949.4%1,667Feb 23Mar 22
149Once Upon a Deadpool
2018 Re-release
Twentieth Century Fox $6,100,3091,566$2,683,20044%1,566Dec 12Jan 24
150Leave No TraceBleecker Street Media $6,046,104361$219,1403.6%9Jun 29Oct 4
151Death of a Nation-$5,885,8811,005$2,356,52240%1,005Aug 3Oct 11
152PandasWarner Bros. $5,757,90635$158,9152.8%33Apr 6Jul 15
153My Hero Academia: Two HeroesFUNimation Entertainment $5,754,556535$1,388,49924.1%508Sep 25Oct 9
154God's Not Dead: A Light in DarknessPure Flix Entertainment $5,728,9401,693$2,689,67746.9%1,693Mar 30Jun 14
155KinLionsgate $5,718,0962,141$3,035,61853.1%2,141Aug 31Sep 27
156Stan & OllieSony Pictures Classics $5,470,235754$78,1041.4%5Dec 28May 19
157ColetteBleecker Street Media $5,137,622593$161,1793.1%4Sep 21Nov 29
158SimmbaReliance Big Pictures $5,102,129301$1,758,57634.5%301Dec 28Feb 3
159Action PointParamount Pictures $5,059,6082,032$2,390,16447.2%2,032Jun 1Jun 14
160BeirutBleecker Street Media $5,019,226755$1,734,49734.6%755Apr 11Jun 14
161GringoSTX Entertainment $4,969,8532,404$2,722,42054.8%2,404Mar 9Apr 5
162SamsonPure Flix Entertainment $4,719,9281,249$1,942,56941.2%1,249Feb 16Apr 12
163Cold War
2018 Re-release
Amazon Studios $4,580,048270$54,3531.2%3Dec 21Apr 4
164Amazing GraceNeon $4,450,456263$57,3531.3%3Dec 7Jul 21
165Johnny English Strikes AgainUniversal Pictures $4,412,170552$1,638,89537.1%544Oct 26Nov 22
166GottiVertical Entertainment $4,343,227503$1,719,90239.6%503Jun 15Jul 23
167BlindspottingLionsgate $4,333,394523$338,9997.8%14Jul 20Sep 13
168Ya Veremos-$4,165,949369$1,803,84843.3%369Aug 31Oct 11
1692.0-$4,152,000314$2,775,000-314Nov 30Dec 6
170Life ItselfAmazon Studios $4,102,6482,609$2,123,46351.8%2,609Sep 21-
171Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero-$4,015,9351,633$1,164,40329%1,633Apr 13Jan 10
172Ben Is BackRoadside Attractions $3,703,184598$80,7342.2%4Dec 7Feb 21
173Gosnell: The Trial of America's Biggest Serial KillerGVN Releasing $3,679,893673$1,162,98831.6%673Oct 12Dec 17
174Burn the Stage: The MovieTrafalgar Releasing $3,643,903645$2,420,19766.4%629Nov 15Dec 9
175IndivisiblePure Flix Entertainment $3,511,417830$1,503,10142.8%830Oct 26Jan 3
176DisobedienceBleecker Street Media $3,498,782247$237,3936.8%5Apr 27Aug 2
177First ReformedA24 $3,448,256334$97,5622.8%4May 18Aug 2
178Juliet, NakedRoadside Attractions $3,444,895467$60,8861.8%4Aug 17Oct 25
179Bad SamaritanElectric Entertainment $3,435,0472,007$1,726,86850.3%2,007May 4May 24
180ShopliftersMagnolia Pictures $3,313,513144$89,2642.7%5Nov 23May 2
1812001: A Space Odyssey
2017 Re-release
Warner Bros. $3,236,32113$202,7596.3%4May 18Jul 15
1827 Days in EntebbeFocus Features $3,189,220838$1,592,64549.9%838Mar 16Apr 12
183The Sisters BrothersAnnapurna Pictures $3,143,0561,141$115,5753.7%4Sep 21Dec 20
184ThoroughbredsFocus Features $3,072,605564$1,224,43039.8%549Mar 9Apr 26
185WhitneyRoadside Attractions $3,026,351451$1,265,57241.8%451Jul 6Sep 20
186Made for MoreFathom Events $2,999,134703---Aug 2Jan 9
187American AnimalsThe Orchard $2,856,954339$134,7934.7%4Jun 1Aug 30
188God Bless the Broken RoadFreestyle Releasing $2,846,2571,272$1,386,25448.7%1,272Sep 7Nov 8
189La Boda de Valentina-$2,783,739331$1,147,07341.2%331Feb 9Mar 15
190Bharat Ane NenuGreat India Films $2,663,090305$2,663,090100%305Apr 20-
191Qué LeónSpanglish Movies $2,607,91686$291,93611.2%34Nov 29Mar 17
192You Were Never Really HereAmazon Studios $2,528,078233$132,8295.3%3Apr 6Jun 14
193SuspiriaAmazon Studios $2,483,472311$184,0377.4%2Oct 26Dec 20
194Mary and the Witch's FlowerGKIDS $2,418,404573$348,47514.4%161Jan 18Apr 5
195The RiderSony Pictures Classics $2,402,856224$42,2441.8%3Apr 13Dec 13
196Hearts Beat LoudGunpowder & Sky $2,386,251170$74,5243.1%4Jun 8Aug 30
1971991Entertainment One $2,342,26483$328,82814%83Jul 27Nov 4
198PapillonBleecker Street Media $2,335,896544$1,090,07346.7%544Aug 24Sep 13
199At Eternity's GateCBS Films $2,294,915178$92,8564%4Nov 16Feb 10
200Indian HorseElevation Pictures $2,097,3629---Apr 13-
201The Fall of the American EmpireEntertainment One $2,065,48273$338,21616.4%72Jun 29-
202PuzzleSony Pictures Classics $2,032,018265$61,2143%5Jul 27Nov 22
203The Metropolitan Opera HD Live: Puccini: ToscaFathom Events $2,023,749691$1,498,30974%691Jan 27-
204Pope Francis: A Man of His WordFocus Features $2,008,385385$507,87025.3%346May 18Sep 30
205Assassination NationNeon $2,005,1421,403$1,050,02152.4%1,403Sep 21Oct 21
206The Front RunnerSony Pictures Releasing $2,000,105807$51,5432.6%4Nov 6Dec 20
207Detective Chinatown 2Warner Bros. $1,983,984115$704,04735.5%115Feb 16Apr 5
208The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2018: Live ActionShorts International $1,895,840272$695,04436.7%198Feb 9Mar 22
209The Metropolitan Opera HD Live: Verdi: La TraviataFathom Events $1,882,931725$1,333,15970.8%725Dec 15Dec 19
210RacetimeEntertainment One $1,875,28386$271,06114.5%86Dec 7Apr 14
211MosesFathom Events $1,807,117697$416,04723%673Sep 13-
212The Metropolitan Opera HD Live: Puccini: La BohèmeFathom Events $1,764,201687$1,326,33975.2%687Feb 24Feb 28
213Race 3-$1,690,861314$1,690,861100%314Jun 15-
214PadmanSony Pictures Releasing $1,670,192152$740,31344.3%152Feb 9Mar 8
215CapernaumSony Pictures Classics $1,661,096136$24,9881.5%3Dec 14May 30
216A Private War-$1,633,208865$60,4913.7%4Nov 2Jan 24
217The Metropolitan Opera HD Live: Verdi: AidaFathom Events $1,595,902699$1,187,27574.4%699Oct 6Oct 10
218The BookshopGreenwich Entertainment $1,588,150136$75,7364.8%4Aug 24Oct 11
219DestroyerAnnapurna Pictures $1,533,324235$55,3473.6%3Dec 25Mar 21
220Thugs of Hindostan-$1,449,848377$1,185,38681.8%377Nov 8-
221Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on FootAmazon Studios $1,441,705266$83,3395.8%4Jul 13Sep 13
222Princess Mononoke
2018 Re-release
Fathom Events $1,423,877754$476,72833.5%731Jul 22Jul 25
223Finding Your FeetRoadside Attractions $1,418,682277$60,1324.2%14Mar 30Jun 7
224Little Women-$1,379,497643$705,06351.1%643Sep 28Nov 22
225102 Not OutSony Pictures Releasing $1,343,797102$483,68136%102May 4Jun 7
226Baaghi 2FIP $1,319,579123$650,72249.3%123Mar 30Apr 19
227The Metropolitan Opera HD Live: Mozart: Così fan tutteFathom Events $1,302,949687$966,87074.2%687Mar 31Apr 4
228Never Look AwaySony Pictures Classics $1,298,641122---Nov 30Jun 6
229Maria by Callas
2018 Re-release
Sony Pictures Classics $1,267,301149$91,9157.3%16Nov 2Feb 14
230McQueenBleecker Street Media $1,257,27595$98,8737.9%4Jul 20Oct 4
231The Metropolitan Opera HD Live: Massenet: CendrillonFathom Events $1,243,306684$925,75274.5%684Apr 28May 2
232Mandy-$1,214,525250$225,72318.6%75Sep 13Nov 4
2018 Re-release
Fathom Events $1,213,413735$664,76654.8%700Apr 8Apr 14
234Beautifully Broken-$1,209,645651$589,15548.7%651Aug 24Nov 7
235An Interview with GodFathom Events $1,201,434944---Aug 20Aug 23
236Along with the Gods: The Last 49 DaysWell Go USA Entertainment $1,200,24648$311,74326%48Aug 1Sep 20
237The Metropolitan Opera HD Live: Saint-Saëns: Samson et DalilaFathom Events $1,195,758699$898,38475.1%699Oct 20-
238AndhadhunEros International $1,193,04662$278,67723.4%56Oct 5Nov 4
239Spirited Away
2018 Re-release
Fathom Events $1,175,067742$494,05442%720Oct 28Oct 30
240The Metropolitan Opera HD Live: Verdi: Luisa MillerFathom Events $1,166,858685$850,77772.9%685Apr 14Apr 18
241Lean on PeteA24 $1,163,056187$46,9754%4Apr 6Jun 14
242My Neighbor Totoro
2018 Re-release
Fathom Events $1,144,649718$539,24547.1%718Sep 30-
243The Metropolitan Opera HD Live: Donizetti: L'Elisir d'AmoreFathom Events $1,115,018687$837,26275.1%687Feb 10Feb 14
244WildlifeIFC Films $1,050,616105$104,58910%4Oct 19-
245The Dark Crystal
2018 Re-release
Fathom Events $1,036,956616$548,35452.9%609Feb 25Mar 1
246Zero-$1,035,388300$1,035,388100%300Dec 21-
247The Metropolitan Opera HD Live: Rossini: SemiramideFathom Events $1,033,651691$798,60577.3%691Mar 10-
248The Metropolitan Opera HD Live: Puccini: La Fanciulla del WestFathom Events $1,023,233705$765,54974.8%705Oct 27Oct 31
249Elvis: The Comeback SpecialFathom Events $1,010,657725---Aug 16-
250RaidEros International $1,010,38579$423,81741.9%79Mar 16Apr 1
2018 Re-release
Fathom Events $993,336685$558,85756.3%576Apr 29May 3
252Yellow SubmarineAbramorama $992,305188$107,10510.8%73Jul 8Sep 30
253Nothing to Lose-$992,15369$679,53168.5%69May 11Jun 14
254Little ItalyEntertainment One $990,230133$283,39928.6%133Aug 24Nov 8
255The Dawn Wall
2018 Re-release
Fathom Events $970,032593---Sep 19-
256White Christmas
2018 Re-release
Fathom Events $928,298638$566,04561%638Dec 9Dec 12
257ConnectFathom Events $918,127781---Feb 27Mar 1
258The Miseducation of Cameron PostFilmRise $904,70385$48,6385.4%2Aug 3Sep 30
259Kedarnath-$901,131113$407,11845.2%113Dec 7Jan 3
260Let the Sunshine InIFC Films $892,42167$39,6994.4%2Apr 27Jul 26
261Tea with the DamesIFC Films $889,34371$14,7771.7%1Sep 21Jan 20
262The CakemakerStrand Releasing $875,75134$33,3843.8%4Jun 29Nov 8
263The Metropolitan Opera HD Live: Nico Muhly: MarnieFathom Events $849,710669$639,25375.2%669Nov 10Nov 14
264The Boys Are Back - Bandstand: The Broadway MusicalFathom Events $839,554720---Jun 25Jun 28
265Schindler's List
2018 Re-release
Universal Pictures $833,0501,029$566,76068%1,029Dec 7Dec 13
266Like ArrowsFathom Events $817,990818---May 1May 3
267MiraiGKIDS $812,794780$63,3257.8%69Nov 29Feb 21
268BeastRoadside Attractions $800,36593$53,2486.7%4May 11Jul 5
269Made in India-$790,628193$581,95073.6%193Sep 28Oct 4
270Pokémon the Movie: The Power of UsFathom Events $789,170999$255,29932.4%989Nov 24-
271BorderNeon $771,93074$73,7009.5%7Oct 26Jan 6
272The PartyRoadside Attractions $749,82792$37,3965%3Feb 16May 10
273On Chesil BeachBleecker Street Media $745,971203$35,7654.8%4May 18Jul 12
274The Polar Express
2018 Re-release
Warner Bros. $731,018392---Nov 2-
275Vox LuxNeon $727,119325$155,71421.4%6Dec 7Jan 6
276The Catcher Was a SpyIFC Films $725,22352$114,77115.8%46Jun 22Aug 23
277BurningWell Go USA Entertainment $718,99127$26,1303.6%2Oct 26Mar 7
278The Little StrangerFocus Features $713,143477$401,56356.3%474Aug 31Sep 13
279HBO Boxing: Canelo Alvarez vs. Gennady Golovkin IIFathom Events $707,875533$707,875100%533Sep 15-
280Monster Hunt 2Lionsgate $706,15369$341,83448.4%69Feb 16Mar 8
281BlazeIFC Films $704,95588$44,0506.2%3Aug 17Nov 29
282BoundariesSony Pictures Classics $703,438224$29,5524.2%5Jun 22Sep 6
283Jim Henson's Holiday Special with Fraggle Rock and Emmet OtterFathom Events $695,130623$473,80268.2%536Dec 10Dec 16
284The Trump ProphecyFathom Events $671,198608---Oct 2-
285The IslandWell Go USA Entertainment $670,88340$263,41239.3%40Aug 10Sep 16
286Dragon Ball Z: Broly - The Legendary Super SaiyanFathom Events $658,982681$357,32254.2%681Sep 15Sep 19
2018 Re-release
Fathom Events $653,072757$281,69743.1%726Mar 25Mar 28
288The InsultCohen Media Group $646,49754$24,957-3Jan 12Apr 19
289LizzieRoadside Attractions $642,157240$47,5807.4%4Sep 14Oct 25
290Love, GildaMagnolia Pictures $626,318112$189,63930.3%82Sep 21Nov 15
291The TransformersFathom Events $619,597742---Sep 27Sep 27
292The Sound of Music
2018 Re-release
Fathom Events $616,171640$413,49767.1%640Sep 9Sep 12
293FoxtrotSony Pictures Classics $615,63345$31,6295.1%4Mar 2Jun 21
294ItzhakGreenwich Entertainment $607,29035$14,3502.4%2Mar 9Aug 2
295The Walking Dead: Wrath/The Walking Dead/Fear the Walking Dead: What's Your Story?/Fear the Walking Dead
2018 NCM Fathom Event
Fathom Events $605,764777$605,764100%777Apr 15Apr 15
296DCI 2018: Big, Loud and Live 15Fathom Events $603,320639---Aug 9Aug 9
297Grateful Dead: Meet-Up at the MoviesFathom Events $600,554504---Apr 4Aug 1
298The Big Lebowski
2018 Re-release
Fathom Events $582,585658$330,06756.7%624Aug 5Aug 8
299Pick of the LitterIFC Films $578,71760$16,5192.9%2Aug 31Nov 29
300ManmarziyaanEros International $567,41799$292,43951.5%99Sep 14Oct 14
301The Cat Returns
2018 Re-release
Fathom Events $563,718752$254,40245.1%721Apr 22Apr 25
302A Cool FishChina Lion Film Distribution $551,87636$71,18712.9%15Nov 16Jan 10
303The Room
2017 Re-release
Fathom Events $549,602513---Jan 10Jan 19
304The Children ActA24 $547,75073$76,10813.9%23Sep 14Nov 22
305Anna and the ApocalypseOrion Pictures $545,597138$52,5889.6%5Nov 30Jan 3
306Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - The Father of Goku/Dragon Ball Z: Fusion RebornFathom Events $540,707691$288,09553.3%691Nov 3Nov 8
307Fireworks, Should We See It from the Side or The Bottom?GKIDS $525,280510$138,01426.3%10Jul 3Jul 19
308Castle in the Sky
2018 Re-release
Fathom Events $523,664648$197,17237.7%645Nov 18Nov 20
309Grave of the FirefliesFathom Events $516,962746$158,10130.6%715Aug 12Aug 15
310The Sandlot
2018 Re-release
Fathom Events $516,130438$263,58251.1%410Jul 22Jul 24
2018 Re-release
Warner Bros. $512,947----Sep 28-
2018 Re-release
Fathom Events $511,350586$408,62779.9%586Oct 7Oct 9
313Die Hard
30th Anniversary Release
Fathom Events $510,241687$321,70463%687Nov 11-
314The Spy Gone NorthCJ Entertainment $500,80331$43,3488.7%2Aug 10Sep 20
315Monsters and MenNeon $500,101153$118,69723.7%18Sep 28Oct 28
316Bilal: A New Breed of Hero
2018 Re-release
Vertical Entertainment $490,973300$309,95163.1%300Feb 2Mar 1
317The Great BattleWell Go USA Entertainment $472,16630$123,98326.3%30Sep 21Nov 1
318The Happy PrinceSony Pictures Classics $466,440277$38,8868.3%8Oct 10Dec 20
319Puffs: Filmed Live Off BroadwayFathom Events $464,483687$232,86350.1%606May 9May 12
320Scotty and the Secret History of HollywoodGreenwich Entertainment $461,68934$28,1446.1%1Jul 27Sep 20
321South Pacific
2018 Re-release
Fathom Events $458,000718$258,35056.4%683Aug 26Aug 29
322Final PortraitSony Pictures Classics $455,475100$25,4725.6%3Mar 23Jun 21
323Condorito: The MovieLionsgate $447,719153$248,45655.5%153Jan 12Feb 1
324Perfect Blue
2017 Re-release
GKIDS $446,062491$19,0204.3%491Sep 7Oct 25
325Porco Rosso
2018 Re-release
Fathom Events $443,059755$156,27035.3%734May 20May 23
2018 Re-release
Warner Bros. $442,073----Nov 2-
327Operation Red SeaWell Go USA Entertainment $436,05955$436,059100%45Feb 23Apr 19
328DCI 2018 Tour PremeireFathom Events $434,008479---Jun 21Jun 21
329The Shining
2017 Re-release
Warner Bros. $421,572----Oct 31-
2018 Re-release
Fathom Events $417,783512---Oct 22Oct 29
331Cirque du Soleil: KURIOS - Cabinet of CuriositiesFathom Events $413,039522---Nov 13-
332Night Is Short, Walk On GirlGKIDS $406,490415$18,3024.5%10Aug 21Oct 4
333The Philadelphia Story
2018 Re-release
Fathom Events $404,524665$258,99464%630Feb 18Feb 21
334The OathRoadside Attractions $401,463300$29,0777.2%10Oct 12Nov 1
335We the AnimalsThe Orchard $400,96148$63,35715.8%3Aug 17Oct 18
336West Side Story
2018 Re-release
Fathom Events $398,670616$207,14552%616Jun 24Jun 27
337Space MutinyFathom Events $397,887725---Jun 14Jun 19
2018 Re-release
Fathom Events $397,157638$95,01023.9%507Aug 23Aug 25
2018 Re-release
Fathom Events $394,212662$252,88064.1%628Mar 18Mar 21
340A Fantastic WomanSony Pictures Classics $390,207190$64,24116.5%5Feb 2May 20
341SoormaSony Pictures Releasing $390,07750$168,35443.2%50Jul 13Aug 2
342Leaning Into the Wind: Andy GoldsworthyMagnolia Pictures $387,23739$24,8406.4%5Mar 9Jun 21
343Jane and EmmaExcel Entertainment $380,03029$84,51222.2%21Oct 12Feb 28
344Attack on Titan: Smoke SignalFUNimation Entertainment $377,334173---Jul 10-
345The Dark Knight
2018 Re-release
Warner Bros. $375,589----Aug 24-
346Grace Jones: Bloodlight and BamiKino Lorber $375,20836$56,17115%3Apr 13Aug 23
347Jurassic Park
2018 Re-release
Fathom Events $374,238532$213,74357.1%532Sep 16Sep 19
348Oh Lucy!Film Movement $373,29341$14,5693.9%3Mar 2Jul 5
349Pom Poko
2018 Re-release
Fathom Events $372,405758$107,90929%733Jun 17Jun 20
350BelieverWell Go USA Entertainment $365,63932$146,63040.1%32Jun 8Jul 8
351MountainGreenwich Entertainment $365,41235$6,0671.7%1May 11Aug 9
352Kusama: InfinityMagnolia Pictures $360,93122$30,9988.6%2Sep 7Dec 13
353The SeagullSony Pictures Classics $359,806211$79,01622%6May 11Aug 16
354The Wizard of Oz
2018 Re-release
Warner Bros. $351,839----Feb 18-
355Suicide the Ripple EffectGathrFilms $347,46825$2,6000.7%1Feb 23-
356A Bag of MarblesGaumont British Picture Corporation $337,54016$14,4204.3%4Mar 23Jul 26
357Sailor Moon R: The Movie: The Promise of the Rose/Sailor Moon S: The Movie - Hearts in Ice
Double Bill
Fathom Events $335,697621$173,19951.6%526Jul 28Jul 30
358Russ Taff: I Still BelieveFathom Events $334,983693---Oct 30Oct 30
359ShineGVN Releasing $333,388609$205,84261.7%609Oct 5Nov 7
360Hichki-$330,27973$330,279100%73Mar 23Mar 25
361FlowerThe Orchard $328,188101$48,91914.9%3Mar 16May 27
362The Bolshoi Ballet: Live From Moscow - The NutcrackerFathom Events $323,928360$323,928100%360Dec 23-
363The Opera HouseFathom Events $320,079627$191,46659.8%604Jan 13Jan 17
364The Riot and the DanceFathom Events $316,103745---Mar 19Apr 19
365The Bolshoi Ballet: Live From Moscow - Romeo and JulietFathom Events $313,088361$256,02581.8%361Jan 21Jul 16
366MET Opera: Magic FluteFathom Events $307,686647$307,686100%647Dec 1Dec 1
367DamselMagnolia Pictures $305,13642$20,2916.6%3Jun 22Aug 23
368Showtime Championship Boxing: Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson FuryFathom Events $304,482486$304,482100%486Dec 1Dec 1
369The Bolshoi Ballet: Live From Moscow - GiselleFathom Events $302,681357$244,58880.8%357Apr 8Jul 9
370Sunset Blvd.
2018 Re-release
Fathom Events $299,645666$169,06756.4%628May 13May 16
371Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
2018 Re-release
Warner Bros. $295,917----Sep 2-
372More Than FunnyFathom Events $290,498595---Oct 18-
373The Son of Bigfoot-$289,30830---Mar 30Jul 26
374Andy Irons: Kissed by GodFathom Events $285,933495---May 25May 31
375Golden JobWell Go USA Entertainment $285,79534$121,39142.5%34Sep 28Nov 1
376Disney's Newsies the Broadway Musical
2018 Re-release
Fathom Events $282,429647$122,52443.4%647Jul 26Jul 28
377KingsThe Orchard $274,635215$163,28959.5%215Apr 27May 17
378The World Before Your FeetGreenwich Entertainment $268,64411$22,4828.4%2Nov 21Apr 7
379Science FairNational Geographic Entertainment $264,89036$11,2314.2%1Sep 14Dec 20
380Doctor WhoFathom Events $264,629780---Jun 11Jun 11
381Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly KingsWell Go USA Entertainment $262,96331$126,92948.3%31Jul 27Aug 16
382The EndlessWell Go USA Entertainment $261,72520$9,0833.5%1Apr 6Jun 28
383Eating You AliveFathom Events $260,534570---Apr 5Apr 5
384What They HadBleecker Street Media $260,13653$17,6836.8%4Oct 19Nov 22
385The KingOscilloscope $259,29145$29,050-2Jun 22Sep 27
386Across the Universe
2018 Re-release
Fathom Events $258,618439$118,21745.7%439Jul 29Aug 1
2018 Re-release
Fathom Events $258,507722$141,57854.8%689Jul 15Jul 18
388Back to BurgundyMusic Box Films $257,61018$15,1575.9%5Mar 23Jun 21
389London FieldsGVN Releasing $252,676613$168,57566.7%613Oct 26Nov 8
390Best F(r)iends: Volume 1Fathom Events $252,410504$131,67152.2%409Mar 30Apr 2
391How Long Will I Love UWell Go USA Entertainment $251,40132$204,73381.4%23May 25Jun 28
392Batti Gul Meter ChaluEros International $249,12264$153,84761.8%64Sep 21Oct 14
393Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
2018 Re-release
Warner Bros. $245,501----Sep 2-
394The Fireflies Are GoneEntertainment One $245,00625$51,11920.9%25Sep 21Nov 11
395RWBY: Argus LimitedFathom Events $238,379420---Oct 25Oct 25
396Generation WealthMagnolia Pictures $237,70945$35,83415.1%4Jul 20Sep 20
397Alien Intrusion: Unmasking a DeceptionFathom Events $237,411727---Jan 11Jan 11
398Skate KitchenMagnolia Pictures $236,79934$18,0657.6%1Aug 10Oct 4
2018 Re-release
Fathom Events $235,229480---Mar 8Mar 8
2018 Re-release
Fathom Events $233,585394$102,22343.8%394Nov 25-
401Bishôjo senshi Sailor Moon Super S SpecialFathom Events $231,434580$109,70747.4%520Aug 4Aug 6
402Matangi/Maya/M.I.A.Abramorama $230,8089$43,57318.9%2Sep 28Dec 20
403MFKZGKIDS $229,423436$6,0942.7%436Oct 11-
404Swing KidsWell Go USA Entertainment $222,00121$43,95219.8%15Dec 21Jan 27
405Mazinger Z: InfinityFathom Events $220,682495$137,45162.3%482Feb 11Feb 12
406Fragments of TruthFathom Events $219,342616---Apr 24Apr 24
407Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
2018 Re-release
Warner Bros. $218,774----Sep 2-
408Dark MoneyPBS Distribution $217,93220$8,100-1Jul 13-
409Getting GraceHannover House $217,81260$103,83147.7%60Mar 23May 28
410Little Pink HouseDada Films $217,76713$68,50731.5%9Apr 20-
411But Deliver Us from EvilIndican Pictures $217,681247$99,54145.7%247Feb 9May 17
412The Producers
2018 Re-release
Fathom Events $216,807664$120,97555.8%629Jun 3Jun 6
413The Treasure of the Sierra MadreFathom Events $215,295631$144,07466.9%631Jan 14Jan 16
414Agent Mr ChanChina Lion Film Distribution $208,35110$62,23429.9%10Feb 23Apr 1
415The Dating ProjectFathom Events $208,100615---Apr 17Apr 17
416The GuiltyMagnolia Pictures $207,14031$60,05029%29Oct 19Dec 13
417DefaultCJ Entertainment $203,77523$50,01124.5%19Nov 30Dec 30
418The Bolshoi Ballet: Live From Moscow - CoppéliaFathom Events $202,217360$202,217100%360Jun 10Jun 10
419GeminiNeon $200,34056$32,98016.5%4Mar 30Apr 22
420Rebel Without a Cause
2018 Re-release
Fathom Events $199,963660$116,66858.3%658Sep 23Sep 26
421Have It All -The Movie-$197,142640---Aug 7Aug 7
422Fate/Stay Night: Heaven's Feel - I. Presage FlowerFathom Events $193,833245---Jun 5Jun 7
423Studio 54Zeitgeist Films $192,05814$14,9097.8%1Oct 5Feb 28
424Keep the ChangeKino Lorber $190,38713$12,4456.5%1Mar 16Jun 14
425Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
2018 Re-release
Warner Bros. $188,716----Sep 2-
426The Bolshoi Ballet: Live From Moscow - Don QuixoteFathom Events $187,946358$187,82499.9%358Dec 2Dec 3
427The Final YearMagnolia Pictures $187,36039$67,97136.3%35Jan 19Mar 1
428Owaranai hito: Miyazaki HayaoGKIDS $187,320377$10,2385.5%4Dec 13Jan 10
429Summer 1993Oscilloscope $185,90319$21,30711.5%4May 25Sep 27
430Madeline's MadelineOscilloscope $185,57633$18,0099.7%1Aug 10Oct 11
431National Theatre Live: King LearFathom Events $185,305514---Sep 27Sep 27
432Cobra Kai Premiere Event feat. The Karate Kid
2018 NCM Fathom Event
Fathom Events $185,082678---Apr 25Apr 25
433Maquia: When the Promised Flower BloomsEleven Arts $183,008221$71,47239.1%157Jul 20-
434Karwaan-$182,00958$98,46054.1%58Aug 3Aug 19
435Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
2018 Re-release
Warner Bros. $181,938----Sep 2-
436Last LetterChina Lion Film Distribution $180,94623$80,48544.5%18Nov 9Dec 6
437The Accidental Detective 2: In ActionCJ Entertainment $179,04511$47,36726.5%11Jun 22Jul 29
438BuyBustWell Go USA Entertainment $178,47125$77,95543.7%25Aug 10Sep 6
439Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
2018 Re-release
Fathom Events $178,133761---Nov 12-
440ZamaStrand Releasing $175,97019$26,12314.8%3Apr 13Jul 19
441The Bolshoi Ballet: Live From Moscow - The Flames of ParisFathom Events $175,922360$175,922100%360Mar 4Mar 4
442Heading Home: The Tale of Team IsraelMenemsha Films $174,6867$12,6787.3%1Dec 14-
443The GuardiansMusic Box Films $174,32510$7,4794.3%1May 4Sep 13
444The Metropolitan Opera HD Live: Puccini: TurandotFathom Events $172,627356---Jul 18Jul 18
445The Bolshoi Ballet: Live From Moscow - La SylphideFathom Events $171,177355$168,71898.6%355Nov 11Nov 15
446The House That Jack BuiltIFC Films $170,113140---Nov 28Nov 29
447Luis & the Aliens-$169,71020---Aug 17-
448The Bolshoi Ballet: Live From Moscow - The Lady of the CamelliasFathom Events $167,991358$167,991100%358Feb 4Feb 4
449RampantWell Go USA Entertainment $167,93729$18,32610.9%2Oct 26Nov 22
450Is Genesis History?
2018 Re-release
Fathom Events $166,763842---Feb 22Feb 22
451Far from the TreeIFC Films $166,01822$19,88512%2Jul 20Sep 20
452Journey's EndGood Deed Entertainment $161,79635$11,7987.3%2Mar 16-
453The Samuel Project-$161,5652$11,0876.9%2Sep 28-
454National Theatre Live: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
2018 Re-release
Fathom Events $160,381483---Jun 12Jun 12
455SilencioTulip Pictures $158,723348$90,48057%348Oct 26Nov 18
456ButtonsFathom Events $151,983543$151,972100%543Dec 8Dec 10
457Eating AnimalsIFC Films $149,61425$34,52423.1%2Jun 15Jul 24
458GoldbusterWell Go USA Entertainment $149,07224$79,18053.1%24Jan 5Feb 1
459Ghost StoriesIFC Films $148,74724$11,9728%1Apr 20May 24
460Bad ReputationMagnolia Pictures $148,568196$130,67588%196Sep 28Oct 18
461MuseoVitagraph Films $148,50512$16,55411.1%1Sep 14Nov 4
462Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1
2018 Re-release
Warner Bros. $148,263----Sep 2-
463Night of the Living Dead
2018 Re-release
Fathom Events $147,423567---Oct 24Oct 25
464The Little MermaidConglomerate Media $147,17582$85,50558.1%82Aug 17Aug 25
465Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
2018 Re-release
Fathom Events $144,738590$83,20557.5%577Oct 14Oct 17
466Best F(r)iends: Volume 2Fathom Events $141,524544$69,29749%366Jun 1Jun 4
467Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
2018 Re-release
Warner Bros. $132,522----Sep 2-
2018 Re-release
Fathom Events $131,200656$85,34965.1%656Aug 28Sep 2
469Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
2018 Re-release
Warner Bros. $130,081----Sep 2-
470The Metropolitan Opera HD Live: Puccini: Madama ButterflyFathom Events $129,730355---Jun 20Jun 20
471The Metropolitan Opera HD Live: Tchaikovsky: Eugene Onegin
2018 Re-release
Fathom Events $129,498354---Jul 11Jul 11
472The Metropolitan Opera HD Live: Verdi: Il TrovatoreFathom Events $129,393351---Jun 27Jun 27
473Support the GirlsMagnolia Pictures $129,12435$51,16739.6%33Aug 24Oct 18
474Sleepless in Seattle
2018 Re-release
Fathom Events $127,281419$73,56057.8%419Dec 2Dec 6
475The Young Karl MarxThe Orchard $125,65915$26,09720.8%3Feb 23May 17
476'85: The Greatest Team in Pro Football HistoryFathom Events $124,573221---Jan 29Feb 7
477Bel CantoScreen Media Films $124,22030$12,42110%2Sep 14Dec 6
478Wings of Desire
2018 Re-release
Janus Films $123,8304$12,88510.4%1Oct 19Jan 10
479Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Movie - Pyramid of Light
2018 Re-release
Fathom Events $121,688576$68,83356.6%556Mar 11Mar 12
480Love After LoveIFC Films $121,09829$11,2909.3%1Mar 30May 17
481Becoming AstridMusic Box Films $120,48616$5,3614.4%3Nov 23Mar 28
482Five Seasons: The Gardens of Piet OudolfArgot Pictures $119,2239$7,5256.3%3Jun 13Sep 16
483Till the End of the WorldChina Lion Film Distribution $118,35227$57,71348.8%27Feb 2Feb 22
484Bisbee '174th Row Films $117,47014$6,650-1Sep 5Dec 13
485Ryuichi Sakamoto: CodaMUBI $117,4609$12,82710.9%1Jul 6Oct 4
486George Takei's Allegiance
2018 Re-release
Fathom Events $117,162567---Dec 11Dec 13
487The Monkey King 3Well Go USA Entertainment $116,35234$95,57782.1%34Feb 16Mar 8
488Gonjiam: Haunted AsylumWell Go USA Entertainment $115,2527$19,01716.5%2Apr 13May 17
489Mantra: Sounds into SilenceGathrFilms $115,0139---Apr 20-
490NostalgiaBleecker Street Media $114,603140$15,95513.9%3Feb 16Mar 8
491BodiedNeon $113,95617$53,00046.5%14Nov 2Nov 18
492Borg vs. McEnroeNeon $113,35451$52,62546.4%51Apr 13May 17
493Hymn: Sarah Brightman In ConcertFathom Events $113,274466---Nov 8Nov 8
494Take PointCJ Entertainment $112,38625$21,18918.9%2Dec 27Jan 24
495Hale County This Morning, This EveningThe Cinema Guild $112,2828$8,6407.7%2Sep 14Apr 20
496The Dawn WallThe Orchard $112,1914$21,61519.3%2Sep 14Oct 4
497A Chance in the WorldFathom Events $112,007497---May 30May 30
498The NegotiationCJ Entertainment $110,98613$14,27312.9%2Sep 21Oct 18
499Lu over the WallGKIDS $109,85797$60,77355.3%97May 11Jun 28
500El AngelThe Orchard $109,60811$23,34821.3%2Nov 9Jan 17
501Mary ShelleyIFC Films $108,90030$12,57011.5%2May 25Jul 8
502The CaptainMusic Box Films $108,70810$7,5687%1Jul 27Nov 29
503Boom for Real: The Late Teenage Years of Jean-Michel BasquiatMagnolia Pictures $108,13514$22,71721%2May 11Jul 26
504National Theatre Live: Julius CaesarFathom Events $107,057514---Mar 22Mar 22
505Love, CecilZeitgeist Films $106,0578$9,3318.8%1Jun 29Oct 25
506AirpocalypseChina Lion Film Distribution $105,67821$35,36333.5%21Dec 21Jan 10
507Never HeardFathom Events $105,271445---Nov 1Nov 1
508In BetweenFilm Movement $104,4518$5,8885.6%2Jan 5May 10
509Namaste EnglandEros International $104,07971$67,61265%71Oct 19Nov 4
510Sweet CountryThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $103,88524$8,8958.6%2Apr 6Jun 24
511Happy Phirr Bhag JayegiEros International $103,38544$72,37670%44Aug 24-
512Ismael's GhostsMagnolia Pictures $102,51017$19,15818.7%2Mar 23May 24
513Andrei Rublev
2018 Re-release
Janus Films $102,0214$12,80712.6%2Aug 24Nov 29
514Memoir of WarMusic Box Films $101,62811$11,65311.5%2Aug 17Dec 13
515UnstoppableWell Go USA Entertainment $101,41722$42,13341.5%22Nov 30Dec 20
516All About NinaThe Orchard $100,33554$26,46826.4%4Sep 28Nov 4
517RevengeNeon $100,09137$45,92445.9%37May 11May 31
518FilmworkerKino Lorber $99,59317$7,9848%1May 11-
519Meow Wolf: Origin StoryFathom Events $99,488461---Nov 29-
520National Theatre Live: MacbethFathom Events $97,857502---May 17May 17
521Gauguin: Voyage to TahitiCohen Media Group $97,64914$35,99436.9%6Jul 11Aug 19
522The Great BusterCohen Media Group $96,74714$7,1077.3%2Oct 5Dec 23
523Godspeed: The Race Across AmericaFathom Events $96,690514---May 22May 22
524Double LoverCohen Media Group $95,98751$62,99565.6%50Feb 14Apr 19
525Golden SlumberCJ Entertainment $94,45013---Feb 16Mar 15
526Let the Corpses TanKino Lorber $93,30713$11,91812.8%3Aug 31Dec 13
527Reign of Judges: Title of Liberty - Concept Short-$93,22414---Mar 15Jun 28
528The Boys Are Back - Bandstand: The Broadway Musical
2018 Re-release
Fathom Events $91,000361---Nov 15-
2017 Re-release
Blue Fox Entertainment $90,979----Mar 23-
530John McEnroe: In the Realm of PerfectionOscilloscope $90,28822$7,8788.7%1Aug 22Oct 18
531Running for GraceBlue Fox Entertainment $89,98813$30,59734%3Jul 20Sep 20
532ChampionWell Go USA Entertainment $89,46129$17,09519.1%2May 11Jun 7
533Cat on a Hot Tin RoofFathom Events $89,332482---Feb 22Feb 22
534The Bolshoi Ballet: Live From Moscow - Swan LakeFathom Events $88,905282---Jul 23Jul 26
535The House That Jack Built
2018 Re-release
IFC Films $87,99332$34,27338.9%32Dec 14Jan 24
2018 Re-release
Lightyear Entertainment $87,63919$1,3001.5%1Mar 2-
537The Price of EverythingHome Box Office (HBO) $87,4008$16,81719.2%1Oct 19Nov 15
538The Third MurderFilm Movement $87,38910$10,67012.2%2Jul 20Nov 29
539Lobster CopChina Lion Film Distribution $85,69312$35,01540.9%12Jun 22Jul 19
540Big BrotherWell Go USA Entertainment $85,62425$41,22548.1%25Aug 31Sep 20
541How to Talk to Girls at PartiesA24 $84,809103$12,67414.9%2May 25Jun 14
542Antony & CleopatraFathom Events $83,672470---Dec 6Dec 6
543CustodyKino Lorber $83,4277$4,9475.9%1Jun 29Oct 25
544Claire's CameraThe Cinema Guild $83,4185$11,48913.8%1Mar 9Jul 22
545Blood FestFathom Events $82,774485---Aug 14Aug 14
546Doctor Who: The Woman Who Fell to EarthFathom Events $82,698487---Oct 10-
547Godard Mon AmourCohen Media Group $82,26420$10,99413.4%4Apr 20May 28
548Yuri!!! On IceFathom Events $81,878109$81,878100%109Oct 13Oct 13
549NancyThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $80,11511$15,05618.8%3Jun 8Jul 15
550En el séptimo díaThe Cinema Guild $79,8879$12,79316%2Jun 8Oct 11
551The Princess and the MatchmakerCJ Entertainment $78,9006$20,14225.5%3Mar 9Mar 29
552The Boxcar Children: Surprise IslandFathom Events $78,676699---May 8May 8
553Hold Your BreathEntertainment One $77,98712$16,04620.6%12Aug 10Jan 28
554Shock and AweVertical Entertainment $77,980100$45,85658.8%100Jul 13Jul 23
555Have a Nice DayStrand Releasing $77,85415$10,46313.4%1Jan 26Apr 19
556A Boy. A Girl. A Dream.The Samuel Goldwyn Company $76,38661$67,76088.7%61Sep 14Sep 23
557The BrawlerEros International $75,92919$47,80863%19Jan 12Jan 25
558The Riot ActHannover House $75,50610$28,84038.2%9Sep 14Oct 21
559Keys to the HeartCJ Entertainment $75,1342$9,85113.1%2Jan 26Mar 8
560Tehran TabooKino Lorber $74,7209$4,9626.6%1Feb 14May 17
561Above and Beyond: NASA's Journey to TomorrowFathom Events $74,711404$35,49047.5%350Sep 29Oct 3
562After Auschwitz-$73,88513---Apr 14May 31
563The Last SuitOutsider Films $73,5486$27,54937.5%6Mar 23Apr 8
564Nico, 1988Magnolia Pictures $73,30412$12,30916.8%2Aug 1Oct 7
565Bye Bye GermanyFilm Movement $72,3656$4,8746.7%2Apr 13Dec 6
566Helicopter EelaEros International $71,97170$51,11571%70Oct 12Nov 4
567The Fog
2018 Re-release
Rialto Pictures $70,42143$39,56556.2%43Oct 26Dec 6
568ParchiAtlas Distribution Company $69,43139$34,43749.6%39Jan 12Feb 8
569Outside InThe Orchard $68,49216$14,13620.6%9Mar 30May 27
570Chef FlynnKino Lorber $68,40710$7,50911%1Nov 9Feb 7
571Where Hands TouchVertical Entertainment $67,743103$67,743100%103Sep 14-
572Under the TreeMagnolia Pictures $67,5969$13,61720.1%3Jul 6Sep 6
573Making the Five HeartbeatsFathom Events $67,415437---Aug 27Aug 27
57493QueenAbramorama $67,0203$6,302