Norwegian Box Office For 2018

RankRelease Distributor GrossTheatersTotal GrossRelease Date
1Mamma Mia! Here We Go AgainUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $10,626,325151$10,628,125Jul 20
2The QuakeNordisk Film $8,651,690195$8,729,793Aug 31
3The 12th ManNordisk Film $6,517,778163$9,554,803Dec 29
4Mission: Impossible - FalloutUnited International Pictures (UIP) $6,211,744155$6,211,744Aug 3
5Avengers: Infinity WarWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $4,769,050179$5,693,803Apr 25
6Bohemian Rhapsody20th Century Fox International $4,729,763166$7,023,134Nov 2
7Louis & Luca - Mission to the MoonNordisk Film $4,409,294196$4,838,873Sep 21
8Incredibles 2Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $4,206,082162$4,621,580Aug 24
9Jurassic World: Fallen KingdomUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $4,062,974181$4,063,118Jun 8
10Deadpool 220th Century Fox International $3,898,470157$4,377,415May 18
11Black PantherWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $3,835,466148$4,245,447Feb 14
12Utøya: July 22Nordisk Film $3,451,681152$3,452,758Mar 9
13Fifty Shades FreedUnited International Pictures (UIP) $3,422,819175$3,422,819Feb 9
14Norske byggeklosserNordisk Film $3,253,546164$3,741,780Feb 23
15CocoWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $3,179,150171$3,364,652Feb 2
16The GrinchUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $3,057,422154$3,355,407Nov 9
17A Star Is BornSF Norge A/S $2,936,041126$3,862,981Oct 12
18Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of GrindelwaldSF Norge A/S $2,871,516158$3,606,652Nov 16
19Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer VacationSony Pictures Releasing $2,481,106129$2,577,879Jul 13
20Jumanji: Welcome to the JungleSony Pictures Releasing $2,189,952156$2,313,183Jan 12
21VenomSony Pictures Releasing $2,153,416139$2,164,082Oct 5
22Operasjon MørkemannSF Norge A/S $1,791,692162$1,809,667Mar 23
23Peter RabbitSony Pictures Releasing $1,778,581151$1,778,581Feb 16
24Ready Player OneSF Norge A/S $1,751,698126$2,083,633Mar 30
25Mordene i KongoNordisk Film $1,506,686182$1,533,390Oct 26
26The NunSF Norge A/S $1,492,278142$1,766,862Sep 21
27Darkest HourUnited International Pictures (UIP) $1,445,889111$1,445,889Jan 12
28Ferdinand20th Century Fox International $1,445,511150$2,664,644Dec 29
29Tomb RaiderSF Norge A/S $1,432,218166$1,440,662Mar 16
30The Giant PearNordisk Film $1,324,124162$1,394,046May 4
31Solo: A Star Wars StoryWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $1,319,669170$1,669,415May 23
32The Greatest Showman20th Century Fox International $1,297,752125$1,307,111Jan 12
33Johnny English Strikes AgainUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $1,224,070142$1,231,752Sep 28
34Maze Runner: The Death Cure20th Century Fox International $1,222,782151$1,223,004Jan 26
35Ant-Man and the WaspWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $1,181,216134$1,428,924Jul 4
36SmallfootSF Norge A/S $1,176,618163$1,229,421Oct 5
37Ocean's EightSF Norge A/S $1,148,747146$1,174,525Jun 22
38Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last JediWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $1,121,469188$7,319,861Dec 13
39Casper and Emma Go Treasure HuntingSF Norge A/S $1,108,502153$1,218,542Aug 10
40Cattle HillNordisk Film $1,103,632163$1,137,978Oct 19
41The PostNordisk Film $963,97789$986,801Feb 16
42Per Fugelli: Siste reseptNordisk Film $938,595129$977,601Jan 26
43A Quiet PlaceParamount Pictures International $891,636114$893,669Apr 6
44AquamanSF Norge A/S $821,995137$3,482,706Dec 28
45The MegSF Norge A/S $779,353109$784,494Aug 17
46HereditaryNordisk Film $747,53197$754,721Jun 22
47Brillebjørn på bondegårdenSelmer Media $659,119132$697,247Mar 23
48Book ClubNordisk Film $648,25670$731,619Aug 3
49Insidious: The Last KeySony Pictures Releasing $642,890119$642,890Jan 5
50SkyscraperUnited International Pictures (UIP) $636,869127$638,568Jul 13
51Pitch Perfect 3United International Pictures (UIP) $631,896120$631,896Jan 19
52An AffairSF Norge A/S $624,667113$640,740Oct 5
53HalloweenUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $612,649111$613,056Oct 26
54The Nutcracker and the Four RealmsWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $591,561140$663,216Oct 31
55RampageSF Studios $589,137141$589,137Apr 13
56Spider-Man: Into the Spider-VerseSony Pictures Releasing $570,109146$817,163Dec 14
57Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri20th Century Fox International $548,70770$551,750Jan 19
58The Shape of Water20th Century Fox International $536,98490$569,381Feb 23
59BattleNordisk Film $534,366134$545,206Sep 28
60Red Sparrow20th Century Fox International $523,618112$526,319Mar 2
61Early Man-$521,953147$524,668Feb 23
62I Feel PrettyNorsk Filmdistribusjon $517,264115$522,100May 4
63Love, Simon20th Century Fox International $507,984125$547,458Jun 15
64First ManUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $506,939109$507,490Oct 12
65Robin HoodNordisk Film $504,708150$555,670Nov 30
66All I Want for ChristmasNorsk Filmdistribusjon $502,56097$502,560Nov 16
67Creed IISF Norge A/S $448,908110$506,054Dec 7
68Pacific Rim: UprisingUnited International Pictures (UIP) $442,414110$446,973Mar 23
69The Predator20th Century Fox International $409,403126$409,403Sep 14
70Mortal EnginesUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $393,805115$412,474Dec 7
71The Death of StalinSelmer Media $361,83072$368,427Apr 6
72Sunny SideSF Norge A/S $361,475132$1,540,903Dec 1
73Sherlock GnomesSF Norge A/S $346,034154$346,034Apr 13
74WonderNordisk Film $300,57572$307,838Mar 2
75Hometown - Stories from a CenturyStorytelling Media $296,21617$396,530Mar 16
76BlacKkKlansmanUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $293,62329$294,876Aug 24
77The Nut Job 2: Nutty by NatureSelmer Media $284,171157$363,409Jan 19
78Mary Poppins ReturnsWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $282,507134$1,075,448Dec 25
79Christopher RobinWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $281,735128$281,735Sep 28
80Fireman Sam: Heroes of the StormSF Norge A/S $275,523129$277,462Jun 15
81Los Bando-$272,234113$291,495Feb 16
82Sonja: The White SwanNordisk Film $268,403125$1,298,264Dec 28
83The Florida ProjectNorsk Filmdistribusjon $267,88548$283,567Feb 9
84Truth or DareUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $266,790103$266,790May 4
85AdriftSF Norge A/S $250,209108$250,209Jun 1
86Blind SpotNordisk Film $240,02360$241,031Aug 24
87White FangSelmer Media $232,905102$244,055Jun 22
88Mary MagdaleneUnited International Pictures (UIP) $211,290100$211,290Mar 23
89Game NightSF Norge A/S $202,87672$205,140Mar 2
90The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales...
2017 Re-release
Storytelling Media $199,58194$203,047Aug 3
91Troll: The Tale of a TailSF Norge A/S $199,547141$725,387Dec 28
92The Disaster ArtistSF Norge A/S $191,84041$321,892Dec 29
93I Can Only ImagineSelmer Media $182,84168$183,092Sep 14
94Death WishSF Norge A/S $182,732140$184,960Apr 20
95Loving VincentSelmer Media $180,10260$201,667Apr 20
96The Jungle BunchStorytelling Media $173,978151$176,230Jun 1
97Isle of Dogs20th Century Fox International $173,24761$205,474Apr 27
98A Simple FavorNordisk Film $173,12690$236,109Dec 7
99Sicario: Day of the SoldadoNordisk Film $172,30890$172,308Jul 6
100Mile 22SF Norge A/S $172,222107$172,222Sep 7
101The WifeSF Norge A/S $166,70394$169,793Nov 23
102All the Money in the World-$166,24564$166,245Jan 26
103The Men's RoomNorsk Filmdistribusjon $163,18869$171,520Sep 28
104The Spy Who Dumped MeNordisk Film $162,367100$163,286Aug 17
105Clergy-$158,21021$160,866Oct 12
106Cold War
2018 Re-release
Norsk Filmdistribusjon $155,07029$160,001Oct 26
107Maya the Bee: The Honey Games-$150,898114$154,409Jun 22
108Night SchoolUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $146,46544$146,465Sep 28
109The Music of Silence-$143,02861$143,276Jun 22
110Widows20th Century Fox International $140,72096$140,720Nov 16
111Goosebumps 2: Haunted HalloweenSony Pictures Releasing $125,913114$140,612Nov 2
112Tea with the DamesAnother World Entertainment $125,03237$129,400Oct 5
113Ekspedisjon KnertenNordisk Film $124,277175$1,663,530Nov 17
114I, TonyaNordisk Film $122,29547$122,295Feb 2
115Pettersson und Findus - Findus zieht umSF Norge A/S $119,726135$119,726Nov 30
116OverlordParamount Pictures International $119,20284$119,202Nov 9
117Every DaySF Norge A/S $115,52181$115,521Feb 23
118DownsizingParamount Pictures International $113,62596$113,625Jan 19
119WinchesterSF Norge A/S $112,89473$112,894Feb 23
120A Prayer Before DawnAnother World Entertainment $111,49948$115,084Aug 10
121The Strangers: Prey at NightSF Norge A/S $109,57583$109,575Mar 9
122The Girl in the Spider's WebSony Pictures Releasing $108,742131$109,598Nov 9
123TullyNorsk Filmdistribusjon $107,47985$109,141Jun 1
124Sanju-$100,31716$100,317Jun 29
125The GuiltyArthaus $99,86548$106,382Aug 10
126Going WestTour de Force $94,54455$100,670Jan 5
127Midnight SunNordisk Film $93,39471$93,394Mar 22
128Murder on the Orient Express20th Century Fox International $83,010144$1,159,524Nov 10
129SearchingSony Pictures Releasing $82,89065$83,595Sep 14
130BorderAnother World Entertainment $81,61543$98,501Oct 19
131Bad Times at the El Royale20th Century Fox International $78,45775$85,525Oct 19
132Molly's GameScanbox Entertainment $75,97655$75,976Feb 23
133Race 3-$72,57516$72,575Jun 15
134Film Stars Don't Die in LiverpoolNorsk Filmdistribusjon $67,89262$72,002Apr 27
135C'est la vie!Another World Entertainment $60,71236$77,062Feb 2
136Cinema Paradiso
2018 Re-release
Another World Entertainment $59,35142$60,033Aug 3
137The Leisure SeekerNorsk Filmdistribusjon $58,56956$60,742Mar 23
138The Captain-$57,12940$61,048Nov 9
139Leave No TraceSelmer Media $55,77940$58,440Sep 14
140The Unknown SoldierSF Norge A/S $52,32621$53,504Feb 9
141You Were Never Really HereNorsk Filmdistribusjon $52,16434$52,164Mar 9
142Hell FestAnother World Entertainment $51,86661$57,037Oct 12
143Crazy Rich AsiansSF Norge A/S $51,2609$68,459Dec 14
144What Will People Say-$50,63897$1,284,899Oct 6
145Justice LeagueSF Norge A/S $48,840155$1,593,457Nov 17
146ColetteNorsk Filmdistribusjon $48,54457$50,169Nov 30
147Hotel ArtemisScanbox Entertainment $48,12672$48,126Jul 27
148WildlingAnother World Entertainment $47,72966$47,729Jul 20
149Happy EndArthaus $47,26435$88,289Dec 29
150Once Upon a Deadpool
2018 Re-release
20th Century Fox International $46,19346$88,138Dec 14
151Padmaavat-$44,92311$60,732Jan 26
2018 Re-release
-$43,39116$43,391Dec 21
153Thugs of Hindostan-$43,31617$56,850Nov 9
154Kiki's Delivery Service
2018 Re-release
Arthaus $42,06652$45,446Jun 15
155Squadron 303-$42,06516$42,065Aug 31
156The Happytime MurdersSF Norge A/S $41,78683$41,844Sep 14
157HarajukuNordisk Film $41,57877$53,901Nov 23
158CapernaumArthaus $38,28441$197,205Dec 28
159Sarkar-$37,8298$45,460Nov 9
160Tall Tales from the Magical Garden of Antoon Krings
2018 Re-release
SF Norge A/S $36,08679$36,086Oct 26
161PeppermintSF Norge A/S $36,00073$36,000Sep 28
162The PartyFidalgo $33,70627$61,581Dec 29
1632.0-$30,94413$40,263Nov 30
164Mary and the Witch's FlowerSelmer Media $30,46174$33,369Dec 7
165The InsultArthaus $30,15428$32,438Feb 2
166Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on FootScanbox Entertainment $29,66130$41,017Sep 14
167Love is AllFidalgo $27,98820$33,782Dec 7
168Wonder WheelNorsk Filmdistribusjon $26,44033$26,440Jan 12
169Battle of the SexesTour de Force $23,13339$50,852Dec 29
170Simmba-$22,7398$43,085Dec 28
171Le brioAnother World Entertainment $21,61444$22,644May 11
172Veere Di Wedding-$20,1484$20,148Jun 1
173LuckyAnother World Entertainment $20,07415$54,738Feb 23
174Juliusz-$19,36912$23,341Sep 14
2018 Re-release
Euforia Film $19,28552$39,120Oct 12
176SpacewalkStorytelling Media $19,00623$19,006Jan 12
177Still/BornAnother World Entertainment $18,49334$18,998Feb 16
178Women of Mafia-$18,2177$18,217Mar 9
179Summer 1993Arthaus $17,30223$20,372Jun 29
180Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2-$16,2877$31,227Aug 24
181Incident in a GhostlandSelmer Media $16,20256$16,202Apr 27
182Teefa in Trouble-$15,9735$15,973Jul 20
183Plagi Breslau-$15,46720$15,467Nov 30
184Thaanaa Serndha Koottam-$15,3384$15,338Jan 12
185RevengeAnother World Entertainment $15,06346$19,483Mar 9
186The House by the SeaStorytelling Media $14,97244$15,234May 11
187BeastStorytelling Media $14,95124$15,421Aug 24
188Chekka Chivantha Vaanam-$14,6653$14,665Sep 28
189Paul, Apostle of ChristSony Pictures Releasing $13,7963$13,796May 18
190As I FallSF Norge A/S $13,55157$15,623Sep 21
191Tiger Zinda Hai-$13,35512$89,986Dec 22
192SuspiriaScanbox Entertainment $13,26249$44,495Nov 23
193Under the TreeNorsk Filmdistribusjon $12,68331$12,683Jun 29
194MountainTour de Force $12,54225$13,015Apr 20
195LovelessArthaus $12,48412$24,889Jan 26
196Sorry to Bother YouArthaus $11,48629$16,405Nov 23
197In the FadeArthaus $11,15729$32,060Feb 16
198Life ItselfScanbox Entertainment $11,02038$15,017Nov 9
199Baaghi 2-$11,0033$11,003Mar 30
200Let the Sunshine InStorytelling Media $10,57227$12,911Feb 2
201Vishwaroopam 2-$10,0973$10,097Aug 10
202That Time of YearStorytelling Media $9,80730$9,875Dec 7
203Pitbull: Last Dog-$9,6216$9,621Apr 27
204Satan's SlavesAnother World Entertainment $9,45526$10,537Nov 30
205A Fantastic WomanTour de Force $9,05719$25,933Dec 29
206Thor: RagnarokWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $8,545167$2,753,609Oct 27
207Seema Raja-$8,5333$8,533Sep 14
208The Hurricane HeistSF Norge A/S $8,45919$8,459May 4
209ThelmaSF Norge A/S $8,215143$852,333Sep 15
210Sajjan Singh Rangroot-$7,9652$7,965Apr 27
211Dhadak-$7,7835$7,783Jul 20
212Moterys meluoja geriau. Robertelis-$7,6865$7,686Sep 21
213Maari 2-$7,4184$7,418Dec 21
214Vann over ild-$7,11923$8,069Jun 8
215Raazi-$6,7824$6,782May 11
216Windjammer: The Voyage of the Christian Radich-$6,7571$6,757Jan 12
217Parwaaz Hai Junoon-$6,6303$6,630Sep 7
218Vidar the VampireAnother World Entertainment $6,41941$9,649Sep 7
2197 uczuc-$6,0967$9,541Nov 16
220Kaala-$5,7232$15,893Jun 8
221AmateursArthaus $4,91928$7,557Sep 7
222Ideal HomeFidalgo $4,66137$5,413Jul 13
223Karsten og Petra lager teaterSF Norge A/S $4,013176$1,089,586Oct 27
224Junga-$2,7841$2,784Jul 27
225Gold-$2,6635$4,926Aug 17
226Cars 3Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $2,636174$2,562,120Sep 1
227The Possession of Hannah GraceSony Pictures Releasing $1,2671$1,268Dec 14
228Blade Runner 2049United International Pictures (UIP) $1,020154$2,353,232Oct 5
229SuperFlySony Pictures Releasing $4942$495Aug 3
230Eighth GradeSony Pictures Releasing $3506$16,222Dec 21
231A-X-LSony Pictures Releasing $2011$201Nov 23
232JigsawNordisk Film $15273$270,570Nov 10
233American AssassinNordisk Film $143108$213,438Nov 3
234Snekker Andersen og JulenissenNordisk Film $-108,050164$5,377,420Nov 11
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