Domestic Box Office For 2017


RankRelease Distributor GrossMax ThOpening% of Total Open ThOpenClose
1Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last JediWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $620,181,3824,232$220,009,58435.5%4,232Dec 15Apr 19
2Beauty and the BeastWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $504,014,1654,210$174,750,61634.7%4,210Mar 17Jul 13
3Wonder WomanWarner Bros. $412,563,4084,165$103,251,47125%4,165Jun 2Nov 9
4Jumanji: Welcome to the JungleSony Pictures Releasing $404,515,4803,849$36,169,3288.9%3,765Dec 20May 31
5Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $389,813,1014,347$146,510,10437.6%4,347May 5Sep 21
6Spider-Man: HomecomingSony Pictures Releasing $334,201,1404,348$117,027,50335%4,348Jul 7Nov 30
7ItWarner Bros. $327,481,7484,148$123,403,41937.7%4,103Sep 8Dec 14
8Thor: RagnarokWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $315,058,2894,080$122,744,98939%4,080Nov 3Mar 15
9Despicable Me 3Universal Pictures $264,624,3004,535$72,434,02527.4%4,529Jun 30Dec 21
10Justice LeagueWarner Bros. $229,024,2954,051$93,842,23941%4,051Nov 17Mar 15
11LoganTwentieth Century Fox $226,258,5694,071$88,411,91639.1%4,071Mar 3Jul 13
12The Fate of the FuriousUniversal Pictures $225,764,7654,329$98,786,70543.8%4,310Apr 14Aug 10
13CocoWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $209,726,0153,987$50,802,60524.2%3,987Nov 22Apr 26
14DunkirkWarner Bros. $188,045,5464,014$50,513,48826.9%3,720Jul 21Nov 23
15Get OutUniversal Pictures $176,040,6653,143$33,377,06019%2,781Feb 24Feb 15
16The Lego Batman MovieWarner Bros. $175,750,3844,088$53,003,46830.2%4,088Feb 10Jun 8
17The Boss BabyTwentieth Century Fox $175,003,0333,829$50,198,90228.7%3,773Mar 31Nov 2
18The Greatest ShowmanTwentieth Century Fox $174,045,0423,342$8,805,8435.1%3,006Dec 20Jul 26
19Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No TalesWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $172,558,8764,276$62,983,25336.5%4,276May 26Sep 21
20Kong: Skull IslandWarner Bros. $168,052,8123,846$61,025,47236.3%3,846Mar 10Jun 15
21Cars 3Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $152,901,1154,256$53,688,68035.1%4,256Jun 16Nov 2
22War for the Planet of the ApesTwentieth Century Fox $146,843,7114,100$56,262,92938.3%4,022Jul 14Nov 30
23SplitUniversal Pictures $138,141,5853,373$40,010,97529%3,038Jan 20May 11
24WonderLionsgate $132,422,8093,519$27,547,86620.8%3,096Nov 17Mar 22
25Transformers: The Last KnightParamount Pictures $130,168,6834,132$44,680,07334.3%4,069Jun 21Aug 24
26Girls TripUniversal Pictures $115,108,5152,648$31,201,92027.1%2,591Jul 21Oct 19
27Fifty Shades DarkerUniversal Pictures $114,434,0103,714$46,607,25040.7%3,710Feb 10Apr 6
28Baby Driver-$107,825,8623,226$20,553,32019.1%3,226Jun 28Oct 19
29Pitch Perfect 3Universal Pictures $104,897,5303,468$19,928,52519%3,447Dec 22Mar 8
30Daddy's Home 2Paramount Pictures $104,029,4433,575$29,651,19328.5%3,575Nov 10Feb 15
31Murder on the Orient ExpressTwentieth Century Fox $102,800,1913,354$28,681,47227.9%3,341Nov 10Mar 1
32Annabelle: CreationWarner Bros. $102,092,2013,565$35,006,40434.3%3,502Aug 11Nov 2
33Kingsman: The Golden CircleTwentieth Century Fox $100,229,6474,038$39,023,01038.9%4,003Sep 22Jan 4
34Blade Runner 2049Warner Bros. $92,054,1594,058$32,753,12235.6%4,058Oct 6Feb 1
35John Wick: Chapter 2Lionsgate $92,029,1843,113$30,436,12333.1%3,113Feb 10Apr 27
36The Emoji MovieSony Pictures Releasing $86,089,5134,075$24,531,92328.5%4,075Jul 28Nov 30
37Power RangersLionsgate $85,364,4503,693$40,300,28847.2%3,693Mar 24Jun 1
38FerdinandTwentieth Century Fox $84,405,9443,630$13,401,58615.9%3,621Dec 15May 31
39The PostTwentieth Century Fox $81,737,0122,851$526,0110.6%9Dec 22May 17
40The MummyUniversal Pictures $80,101,1254,035$31,688,37539.6%4,035Jun 9Aug 24
41The Hitman's BodyguardLionsgate $75,468,5833,377$21,384,50428.3%3,377Aug 18Nov 2
42Alien: CovenantTwentieth Century Fox $74,249,5383,772$36,160,62148.7%3,761May 19Aug 31
43Captain Underpants: The First Epic MovieTwentieth Century Fox $73,921,0003,529$23,851,53932.3%3,434Jun 2Nov 2
44A Bad Moms ChristmasSTX Entertainment $72,110,6593,615$16,759,16123.2%3,615Nov 1Jan 11
45A Dog's PurposeUniversal Pictures $64,321,8903,178$18,222,81028.3%3,059Jan 27May 18
46The Shape of WaterFox Searchlight Pictures $63,699,0282,341$166,5640.3%2Dec 1May 3
47The Lego Ninjago MovieWarner Bros. $59,281,5554,047$20,433,07134.5%4,047Sep 22Nov 30
48BaywatchParamount Pictures $58,060,1863,647$18,503,87131.9%3,647May 25Jul 27
49The ShackLionsgate $57,386,4182,888$16,172,11928.2%2,888Mar 3May 18
50Darkest HourFocus Features $56,361,3001,733$175,0060.3%4Nov 22Apr 12
51Happy Death DayUniversal Pictures $55,683,8453,535$26,039,02546.8%3,149Oct 13Dec 14
52Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, MissouriFox Searchlight Pictures $54,387,8701,726$322,1680.6%4Nov 10May 3
53Atomic Blonde
2017 Re-release
Focus Features $51,687,8703,326$18,286,42035.4%3,304Jul 28Oct 5
54American MadeUniversal Pictures $51,342,0003,098$16,776,39032.7%3,024Sep 29Dec 14
55The Dark TowerSony Pictures Releasing $50,701,3253,451$19,153,69837.8%3,451Aug 4Oct 19
56Lady BirdA24 $48,958,2731,557$364,4370.7%4Nov 3Apr 5
57Boo 2! A Madea HalloweenLionsgate $47,319,5722,388$21,226,95344.9%2,388Oct 20Dec 14
58SnatchedTwentieth Century Fox $45,847,3543,511$19,542,24842.6%3,501May 12Aug 3
59The Great WallUniversal Pictures $45,157,1053,328$18,469,62040.9%3,326Feb 17Jun 1
60Smurfs: The Lost VillageSony Pictures Releasing $45,020,2823,610$13,210,44929.3%3,610Apr 7Aug 3
61Going in StyleWarner Bros. $45,018,5413,076$11,932,33026.5%3,061Apr 7Jul 13
62All Eyez on MeLionsgate $44,922,3022,471$26,435,35458.8%2,471Jun 16Aug 3
63xXx: Return of Xander CageParamount Pictures $44,898,4133,651$20,130,14244.8%3,651Jan 20Mar 16
6447 Meters DownEntertainment Studios Motion Pictures $44,307,1912,471$11,205,56125.3%2,270Jun 16Oct 19
65The Big SickLionsgate $42,872,4672,597$421,5771%5Jun 23Oct 22
66Valerian and the City of a Thousand PlanetsSTX Entertainment $41,189,4883,553$17,007,62441.3%3,553Jul 21Sep 21
67The StarSony Pictures Releasing $40,852,8242,976$9,812,67424%2,837Nov 17Feb 15
68Ghost in the ShellParamount Pictures $40,563,5573,440$18,676,03346%3,440Mar 31May 25
69King Arthur: Legend of the SwordWarner Bros. $39,175,0663,702$15,371,27039.2%3,702May 12Jul 20
70JigsawLionsgate $38,052,8322,941$16,640,45243.7%2,941Oct 27Dec 21
71American AssassinLionsgate $36,249,6743,154$14,846,77841%3,154Sep 15Nov 9
72The ForeignerSTX Entertainment $34,393,5072,515$13,113,02438.1%2,515Oct 13Dec 21
73Everything, EverythingWarner Bros. $34,121,1402,801$11,727,39034.4%2,801May 19Jul 27
74Wind RiverThe Weinstein Company $33,800,8592,890$161,5580.5%4Aug 4Dec 7
75GeostormWarner Bros. $33,700,1603,246$13,707,37640.7%3,246Oct 20Jan 11
76Monster TrucksParamount Pictures $33,370,1663,119$10,950,70532.8%3,119Jan 13Mar 16
77Fist FightWarner Bros. $32,187,0173,185$12,201,87337.9%3,185Feb 17Apr 13
78How to Be a Latin Lover-$32,149,4041,203$12,252,43938.1%1,118Apr 28Jun 22
79Kidnap-$30,971,0402,418$10,016,32332.3%2,378Aug 4Nov 16
80Underworld: Blood WarsScreen Gems $30,353,9733,070$13,688,75145.1%3,070Jan 6Mar 9
81The Mountain Between UsTwentieth Century Fox $30,348,5553,259$10,551,33634.8%3,088Oct 6Dec 21
82LifeSony Pictures Releasing $30,234,0223,146$12,501,93641.4%3,146Mar 24Jun 1
83I, TonyaNeon $30,006,2151,450$264,1550.9%4Dec 8Apr 19
84HostilesEntertainment Studios Motion Pictures $29,819,1142,934$22,849<0.1%3Dec 22May 10
85Molly's GameSTX Entertainment $28,780,7441,708$2,349,9678.2%271Dec 25Mar 8
86The Nut Job 2: Nutty by NatureOpen Road Films (II) $28,370,5224,003$8,342,31129.4%4,003Aug 11Sep 28
87RingsParamount Pictures $27,793,0182,931$13,002,63246.8%2,931Feb 3Mar 23
88Logan LuckyBleecker Street Media $27,780,9773,031$7,600,03627.4%3,031Aug 18Nov 9
89Home AgainOpen Road Films (II) $27,020,2843,036$8,567,88131.7%2,940Sep 8Nov 9
90Resident Evil: The Final ChapterScreen Gems $26,830,0683,104$13,601,68250.7%3,104Jan 27Mar 30
91The HouseWarner Bros. $25,584,5043,134$8,724,79534.1%3,134Jun 30Aug 31
92All the Money in the World-$25,113,7072,123$5,584,68422.2%2,074Dec 25Mar 22
93GiftedFox Searchlight Pictures $24,768,4642,215$446,3801.8%56Apr 7Aug 24
94DownsizingParamount Pictures $24,449,7542,668$4,954,28720.3%2,668Dec 22Feb 1
95The Bye Bye ManSTX Entertainment $22,395,8062,220$13,501,34960.3%2,220Jan 13Feb 16
96Victoria & AbdulFocus Features $22,245,0701,060$158,8450.7%4Sep 22Jan 4
97Rough NightSony Pictures Releasing $22,105,6433,162$8,004,28336.2%3,162Jun 16Aug 31
98My Little Pony: The MovieLionsgate $21,885,1072,528$8,885,89940.6%2,528Oct 6Dec 7
2017 Re-release
The Weinstein Company $21,858,0702,705$4,730,03821.6%2,575Aug 25Dec 7
100Phantom ThreadFocus Features $21,198,2051,186$216,4951%4Dec 25Apr 12
101The Disaster ArtistA24 $21,120,6161,010$1,211,3455.7%19Dec 1Mar 8
102SleeplessOpen Road Films (II) $20,783,7041,803$8,344,12840.1%1,803Jan 13Mar 9
103Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long HaulTwentieth Century Fox $20,734,0683,174$7,126,08434.4%3,157May 19Aug 17
104The CircleSTX Entertainment $20,497,8443,163$9,034,14844.1%3,163Apr 28Jun 8
105Baahubali 2: The ConclusionGreat India Films $20,186,659425$10,430,49751.7%425Apr 28May 25
106CHIPSWarner Bros. $18,600,1522,464$7,722,80241.5%2,464Mar 24May 25
107Only the BraveSony Pictures Releasing $18,343,9832,577$6,002,66532.7%2,577Oct 20Feb 1
108Mother!Paramount Pictures $17,800,0042,368$7,534,67342.3%2,368Sep 15Oct 26
109Father FiguresWarner Bros. $17,501,2442,902$3,287,45118.8%2,902Dec 22Feb 15
110The Zookeeper's WifeFocus Features $17,445,1861,057$3,288,83518.9%541Mar 31Jun 22
111The Glass CastleLionsgate $17,273,0591,461$4,678,54827.1%1,461Aug 11Oct 12
112FlatlinersSony Pictures Releasing $16,883,1152,552$6,574,32638.9%2,552Sep 29Nov 23
113DetroitAnnapurna Pictures $16,790,1393,007$350,1902.1%20Jul 28Oct 12
114Call Me by Your NameSony Pictures Classics $15,014,887914$412,9322.8%4Nov 24Apr 26
115The Case for ChristPure Flix Entertainment $14,682,6841,386$3,967,88527%1,174Apr 7Jun 29
116Wish UponBroad Green Pictures $14,301,5052,250$5,467,08438.2%2,250Jul 14Oct 12
117It Comes at NightA24 $13,897,2662,533$5,988,37043.1%2,533Jun 9Sep 17
118Born in ChinaWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $13,873,2111,508$4,790,36734.5%1,508Apr 21Jul 6
119Megan LeaveyBleecker Street Media $13,406,8831,956$3,810,86728.4%1,956Jun 9Sep 14
120The FounderThe Weinstein Company $12,786,0531,115$3,404,10226.6%1,115Jan 19Apr 27
121Battle of the SexesFox Searchlight Pictures $12,598,9571,822$518,3324.1%21Sep 22Dec 21
122Before I FallOpen Road Films (II) $12,241,1222,346$4,690,21438.3%2,346Mar 3Apr 27
123Roman J. Israel, Esq.Sony Pictures Releasing $11,962,7781,669$61,9990.5%4Nov 17Feb 22
124UnforgettableWarner Bros. $11,368,0122,417$4,785,43142.1%2,417Apr 21Jun 1
125The BeguiledFocus Features $10,576,669941$229,2922.2%4Jun 23Aug 17
126The Belko ExperimentBH Tilt $10,166,8201,341$4,137,23040.7%1,341Mar 17May 25
127MarshallOpen Road Films (II) $10,051,659821$3,000,80529.9%821Oct 13Jan 18
128Thank You for Your ServiceUniversal Pictures $9,479,3902,083$3,817,70040.3%2,054Oct 27Nov 30
129Rock DogLionsgate $9,420,5462,077$3,704,74939.3%2,077Feb 24Apr 13
130The Lost City of ZBleecker Street Media $8,580,410866$110,1751.3%4Apr 14Jul 20
131The PromiseOpen Road Films (II) $8,224,2882,251$4,095,71849.8%2,251Apr 21May 18
132A Cure for WellnessTwentieth Century Fox $8,077,7392,704$4,356,94153.9%2,704Feb 17Mar 23
133The Space Between UsSTX Entertainment $7,885,2942,812$3,775,59647.9%2,812Feb 3Mar 2
134Let There Be LightAtlas Distribution Company $7,233,471774$1,729,53523.9%373Oct 27Feb 16
135GoldThe Weinstein Company $7,227,0382,166$3,471,31648%2,166Jan 27Mar 9
136I Am Not Your NegroMagnolia Pictures $7,116,636320$686,3789.6%43Feb 3Jun 8
137Beatriz at DinnerRoadside Attractions $7,115,854683$141,9592%5Jun 9Oct 5
138Birth of the DragonBH Tilt $6,901,9651,633$2,702,43039.2%1,618Aug 25Sep 28
139The SnowmanUniversal Pictures $6,670,7651,815$3,372,56550.6%1,812Oct 20Nov 23
140Loving VincentGood Deed Entertainment $6,479,000218$23,1800.4%1Sep 22Mar 22
141Same Kind of Different as MePure Flix Entertainment $6,423,6051,362$2,591,98540.4%1,362Oct 20Feb 1
142LowridersBH Tilt $6,179,955365$2,403,88538.9%295May 12Jun 29
143MaudieSony Pictures Classics $6,170,998233$45,9200.7%4Apr 14Nov 16
144Just Getting StartedBroad Green Pictures $6,069,6052,161$3,201,45952.7%2,161Dec 8Jan 25
145The Florida ProjectA24 $5,904,366229$157,5532.7%4Oct 6Mar 22
146All Saints-$5,802,208846$1,514,27826.1%846Aug 25Oct 26
147SuburbiconParamount Pictures $5,775,1782,046$2,840,24649.2%2,046Oct 27Nov 16
148The Man Who Invented ChristmasBleecker Street Media $5,676,486720$1,357,12923.9%626Nov 22Jan 25
149Tiger Zinda Hai-$5,560,921299$1,787,10832.1%299Dec 22Jan 7
150Your Name.FUNimation Entertainment $5,017,246311$1,813,78136.2%311Apr 7Jul 27
151The Book of HenryFocus Features $4,288,104650$1,424,54033.2%579Jun 16Aug 17
152StrongerRoadside Attractions $4,211,129645$1,611,04038.3%573Sep 22Nov 30
153The HeroThe Orchard $4,077,333447$45,3171.1%4Jun 9Oct 12
154SleightBH Tilt $3,930,990591$1,701,78543.3%565Apr 28Jun 8
155A United KingdomFox Searchlight Pictures $3,803,698317$66,5101.7%4Feb 10May 25
156Friend RequestEntertainment Studios Motion Pictures $3,759,0782,573$2,002,86353.3%2,573Sep 22Nov 30
157Their FinestSTX Entertainment $3,603,484330$76,1972.1%4Apr 7Jun 22
158Phoenix ForgottenCinelou Films $3,600,1461,626$1,816,49950.5%1,626Apr 21Jun 15
159Table 19Fox Searchlight Pictures $3,600,071868$1,597,92844.4%868Mar 3Apr 6
160An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to PowerParamount Pictures $3,496,795556$124,8233.6%4Jul 28Sep 7
161Til Death Do Us Part-$3,455,267562$1,527,28944.2%562Sep 29Nov 12
162Raees-$3,262,954265$1,798,37955.1%265Jan 25Feb 5
163The Leisure SeekerSony Pictures Classics $3,168,507353---Dec 15Jul 5
164NormanSony Pictures Classics $3,150,101373$99,2113.1%5Apr 14Jul 30
165Close Encounters of the Third Kind
2017 Re-release
Sony Pictures Releasing $3,100,479901$1,767,75857%901Sep 1Sep 21
166ColossalNeon $3,029,287327$120,2264%4Apr 7Jul 13
167Ingrid Goes WestNeon $3,024,308647$135,3014.5%3Aug 11Oct 26
168Leap!Entertainment One $2,844,490237$181,0916.4%77Feb 24-
169KediOscilloscope $2,834,262130$40,1031.4%1Feb 10-
170Wolf Warrior 2The H Collective $2,721,03453$219,0228%53Jul 28Oct 19
171My Cousin RachelFox Searchlight Pictures $2,716,368531$969,94135.7%523Jun 9Aug 3
172Showtime Championship Boxing: Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregorFathom Events $2,620,183532$2,620,183100%532Aug 26Aug 26
173A Question of FaithPure Flix Entertainment $2,587,072661$1,025,48939.6%661Sep 29Dec 14
174Is Genesis History?Fathom Events $2,570,392704---Feb 23Mar 17
175Disney's Newsies the Broadway MusicalFathom Events $2,545,060780$1,333,53852.4%780Feb 18Feb 23
176In Our Hands: The Battle for JerusalemFathom Events $2,534,370733---May 23Jun 6
177Do It Like An Hombre-$2,534,252382$1,174,48446.3%382Sep 1Oct 5
178LBJElectric Entertainment $2,470,979659$1,110,56544.9%659Nov 3Dec 21
179Tulip FeverThe Weinstein Company $2,455,635772$1,158,01747.2%765Sep 1Nov 16
180The SalesmanCohen Media Group $2,402,067115$71,0783%3Jan 27Apr 16
181T2 Trainspotting-$2,402,004331$170,5757.1%5Mar 17May 25
182Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You!Fathom Events $2,389,641789---Nov 5Nov 16
183Jeepers Creepers IIIScreen Media Films $2,335,162669$19,1510.8%10Sep 26Oct 5
184The Resurrection of Gavin StoneBH Tilt $2,303,792890$1,206,77152.4%890Jan 20Feb 9
185The Killing of a Sacred DeerA24 $2,291,901238$115,1205%4Oct 20Dec 28
186CollideOpen Road Films (II) $2,280,0042,045$1,512,82466.4%2,045Feb 24Mar 9
187The LoversA24 $2,194,521443$66,2863%4May 5Jul 16
188The Patriarch-$2,156,047312$978,89445.4%312Jan 27Mar 9
189Brad's StatusAnnapurna Pictures $2,133,158453$89,9214.2%4Sep 15Oct 26
190The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2017: Live ActionShorts International $2,089,000272$692,39933.1%206Feb 10Mar 30
191Good TimeA24 $2,026,499721$125,1016.2%4Aug 11Nov 12
192Badrinath Ki DulhaniaFIP $1,934,699156$862,00844.6%152Mar 10Apr 13
193Everybody Loves Somebody-$1,915,789333$924,20148.2%333Feb 17Mar 23
194Along with the Gods: The Two WorldsWell Go USA Entertainment $1,905,36135$185,5469.7%17Dec 22Mar 1
195YouthChina Lion Film Distribution $1,874,32835$338,60418.1%30Dec 15Jan 28
196A Quiet PassionMusic Box Films $1,865,396135$45,8252.5%6Apr 14Jul 13
197Toilet - Ek Prem KathaReliance Big Pictures $1,830,715178$678,43637.1%178Aug 11Sep 7
198The WallRoadside Attractions $1,803,064540$897,95549.8%540May 12Jun 22
199Free FireA24 $1,799,3121,070$994,43155.3%1,070Apr 21May 18
200The Last WordBleecker Street Media $1,783,421380$31,6301.8%4Mar 3May 25
201MenasheA24 $1,703,036126$62,0783.6%3Jul 28Oct 19
202Goodbye Christopher RobinFox Searchlight Pictures $1,699,638262$57,9173.4%9Oct 13Dec 21
2017 Re-release
Warner Bros. $1,695,11953$122,1157.2%53Dec 1-
204Slamma Jamma-$1,687,000502$1,687,000-502Mar 24Mar 26
205Jab Harry Met Sejal-$1,664,648280$1,284,74077.2%280Aug 4Aug 10
206The Little HoursGunpowder & Sky $1,647,175114$56,6763.4%2Jun 30Oct 12
207JaneAbramorama $1,614,08796$58,3483.6%3Oct 20Mar 18
208Professor Marston and the Wonder WomenAnnapurna Pictures $1,584,7591,229$736,88346.5%1,229Oct 13Nov 20
209The StrayPurdie Distribution $1,579,440640$596,54737.8%640Oct 6Dec 14
210Genesis: Paradise LostFathom Events $1,575,000419---Nov 13Dec 11
211A Ghost StoryA24 $1,566,452329$104,0306.6%4Jul 7Sep 28
212Jolly LLB 2FIP $1,554,222173$774,35549.8%173Feb 10Mar 2
213A Taxi DriverWell Go USA Entertainment $1,527,82941$331,85421.7%41Aug 11Oct 19
214Sword Art Online: The Movie - Ordinal ScaleEleven Arts $1,520,350621$196,45412.9%578Mar 9May 4
215MullyFathom Events $1,489,771738---Oct 3Oct 5
216The SquareMagnolia Pictures $1,462,37370$74,2335.1%4Oct 27Mar 22
217Twins 2FIP $1,431,255192$638,04544.6%192Sep 29Oct 19
218The Wedding PlanRoadside Attractions $1,412,404123$31,6582.2%8May 12Aug 10
219Wonder WheelAmazon Studios $1,404,061536$125,5708.9%5Dec 1Feb 1
220InhumansIMAX $1,358,225393$1,135,44083.6%393Sep 1Sep 7
221The DinnerThe Orchard $1,323,312505$653,94449.4%505May 5Jun 15
222My Friend DahmerFilmRise $1,323,060110$35,5452.7%4Nov 3Mar 1
223Personal ShopperIFC Films $1,299,978153$79,1756.1%4Mar 10Jun 11
224ChurchillCohen Media Group $1,281,258215$408,89131.9%215Jun 2Aug 16
225The Sense of an EndingCBS Films $1,274,420282$39,6923.1%4Mar 10Apr 6
226Chonda Pierce: EnoughFathom Events $1,260,116798---Apr 25May 9
2273 idiotas-$1,249,233349$609,24948.8%349Jun 2Jun 29
228True to the Game-$1,231,040461$472,43638.4%461Sep 8Oct 31
229Steve McQueen: American IconFathom Events $1,229,782787---Sep 28Sep 28
230The Women's BalconyMenemsha Films $1,200,88534$16,6201.4%2Mar 3-
231The Trip to SpainIFC Films $1,157,604140$40,8753.5%3Aug 11Oct 26
232StepFox Searchlight Pictures $1,146,292306$146,48812.8%29Aug 4Oct 12
233Lady MacbethRoadside Attractions $1,129,408131$64,5375.7%5Jul 14Oct 5
234Spirited Away
2017 Re-release
Fathom Events $1,119,679632$903,89680.7%632Oct 27-
235Viceroy's HouseIFC Films $1,105,717116$48,1344.4%4Sep 1Nov 9
236WonderstruckRoadside Attractions $1,060,377261$65,8826.2%4Oct 20Jan 4
2017 Re-release
Fathom Events $1,024,560725$596,06858.2%725Nov 12Nov 15
238Columbus-$1,017,10763$26,8202.6%2Aug 4Dec 14
239Golmaal Again-$1,013,893265$1,013,893100%265Oct 20Oct 22
240Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dark Side of DimensionsScreenvision $1,009,582552$656,75665.1%381Jan 27Feb 16
2411945Menemsha Films $1,006,19319$20,3652%2Nov 1Jan 13
242Terminator 2: Judgment Day
2017 Re-release
Distrib Films $974,860371$552,77356.7%371Aug 25Sep 28
243Last Flag FlyingLionsgate $965,481110$40,5584.2%4Nov 3Dec 21
244Paris Can WaitSony Pictures Classics $964,517447$98,85010.2%4May 12Sep 28
245LuckyMagnolia Pictures $955,925111$43,2934.5%5Sep 29Dec 21
246Tubelight-$930,058338$930,058100%338Jun 23Jun 25
247The Red TurtleSony Pictures Classics $921,656127$21,0102.3%3Jan 20Jun 1
248LandlineMagnolia Pictures $919,997144$52,5555.7%4Jul 21Sep 28
249Faces PlacesCohen Media Group $900,00042$31,0063.4%5Oct 6Apr 19
250FrantzMusic Box Films $880,883106$18,7452.1%2Mar 15Jun 22
251Journey to the West: The Demons Strike BackSony Pictures Releasing $880,34667$463,88352.7%67Feb 3Mar 9
252The Polar Express
2017 IMAX Release
Warner Bros. $875,150-$1,3210.2%-Nov 17Dec 31
253Jagga JasoosUTV Motion Pictures $861,740210$490,23256.9%210Jul 14Aug 3
254Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr StoryZeitgeist Films $817,38836$8,000-1Nov 24Jun 7
255Patti Cake$Fox Searchlight Pictures $800,148303$67,5998.4%14Aug 18Oct 12
256George Takei's AllegianceFathom Events $784,850476$784,850100%476Feb 19Feb 19
257Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White HouseSony Pictures Classics $768,946332$34,2174.4%5Sep 29Dec 7
258MubarakanSony Pictures Releasing $758,868128$310,17040.9%128Jul 28Aug 24
259The Battleship IslandCJ Entertainment $752,39641$59,3447.9%1Jul 26-
260The Ex-File 3: Return of the ExesChina Lion Film Distribution $740,52524$125,29116.9%21Dec 29Feb 8
261Walk with MeGathrFilms $726,45561$9,9321.4%1Aug 11-
262May It Last: A Portrait of the Avett BrothersOscilloscope $720,235326$9,6161.3%8Sep 12Nov 2
263Revive Us 2Fathom Events $718,607731---Oct 24Nov 2
264The ExceptionA24 $705,96348$21,3513%2Jun 2Aug 31
265Countdown to Canelo vs. GolovkinFathom Events $703,396465$703,396100%465Sep 16Sep 16
266Chris Brown: Welcome to My LifeFathom Events $693,984413---Jun 8Jun 18
2017 Re-release
Paramount Pictures $691,64287$438,60263.4%87Dec 1Dec 14
268Shubh Mangal SaavdhanEros International $689,87480$259,99937.7%80Sep 1Oct 5
269The Devotion of Suspect XChina Lion Film Distribution $686,43546$323,20747.1%43Mar 31Apr 23
270Lost in ParisOscilloscope $685,23448$4,5100.7%1Jun 16Nov 30
271WilsonFox Searchlight Pictures $651,219311$336,22751.6%310Mar 24Apr 20
272Jonah: The MusicalFathom Events $631,154622---May 2May 2
273The Only Living Boy in New YorkRoadside Attractions $624,332289$54,4588.7%15Aug 11Sep 28
274The MidwifeMusic Box Films $603,58244$21,3413.5%3Jul 21Oct 26
275Battle of MemoriesChina Lion Film Distribution $594,55242$224,94237.8%42Apr 28Jun 8
276Neither Wolf Nor Dog-$589,2891---Jan 20-
277NovitiateSony Pictures Classics $572,615163$22,7244%3Oct 27Feb 11
278Tommy's HonourRoadside Attractions $569,306167$209,19036.7%167Apr 14Jun 1
279Film Stars Don't Die in LiverpoolSony Pictures Classics $564,877107$36,048-4Dec 29May 3
280Bitter HarvestRoadside Attractions $557,241127$219,35739.4%127Feb 24Apr 6
281Facing DarknessFathom Events $555,533656---Apr 10Apr 10
282DoloresPBS Distribution $554,27433$13,5342.4%1Sep 1-
283Brigsby BearSony Pictures Classics $532,669408$39,6527.4%3Jul 28Oct 19
284Human FlowMagnolia Pictures $527,84536$45,6778.7%3Oct 13Dec 21
285Fairy Tail: The Movie - Dragon CryFUNimation Entertainment $519,461304$169,20332.6%292Aug 14Aug 20
286RawFocus World $514,87045$24,8254.8%2Mar 10May 4
287BreatheBleecker Street Media $490,131315$22,2854.5%4Oct 13Dec 14
288Once Upon A TimeWell Go USA Entertainment $482,12751$249,93351.8%51Aug 11Sep 21
289Beach RatsNeon $473,77167$46,4519.8%3Aug 25Oct 26
290DCI 2017 Tour PremeireFathom Events $467,817478---Jun 22Jun 22
291PhillauriFIP $467,59674$260,98255.8%74Mar 24Apr 13
292Chasing the DragonWell Go USA Entertainment $456,85452$138,34630.3%52Sep 29Nov 19
293Sailor Moon R: The Movie: The Promise of the RoseEleven Arts $452,053151$253,49056.1%145Jan 19Feb 16
294Song to SongBroad Green Pictures $443,68495$50,55911.4%4Mar 17Jun 1
295One Piece Film: GoldFUNimation Entertainment $423,593372$50,24111.9%13Jan 10Jan 19
296Confidential AssignmentCJ Entertainment $412,25013$21,2285.1%2Jan 27Mar 19
297A GentlemanFIP $410,055135$191,53046.7%135Aug 25Sep 14
298Love, KennedyPurdie Distribution $407,87119$45,28511.1%19Jun 2Oct 12
299Chasing Trane: The John Coltrane DocumentaryAbramorama $393,97017$16,6264.2%1Apr 14Oct 1
300Samurai CopFathom Events $384,756705---Apr 13Apr 20
301I'll Push YouFathom Events $378,899557---Nov 2Nov 2
302Rebel in the RyeIFC Films $378,29482$37,96710%4Sep 8Nov 2
303BostonFathom Events $364,369481---Apr 19May 9
304Tom of FinlandKino Lorber $361,72012$13,5243.7%1Oct 13Mar 22
305Disney Junior HalloVeen Party!Fathom Events $359,745396---Oct 21Oct 26
306Letters from BaghdadVitagraph Films $359,73520$19,7255.5%2Jun 2Oct 22
307Kung Fu YogaWell Go USA Entertainment $357,26327$111,97931.3%14Jan 27Feb 23
308Okay DarlingFIP $355,922121$225,96863.5%121Jan 13Jan 26
309DuckweedChina Lion Film Distribution $355,56130$160,73945.2%27Feb 10Mar 23
310Pearl Jam: Let's Play TwoAbramorama $348,833201$53,17715.2%5Sep 29Oct 15
311Countdown to Canelo vs. Chavez Jr.Fathom Events $343,387273$343,387100%273May 6May 6
312This Is Not What I ExpectedWell Go USA Entertainment $335,52536$135,25240.3%36May 5-
313God's Own CountryOrion Pictures $332,71913$17,7685.3%2Oct 24Mar 8
314City of RockWell Go USA Entertainment $312,53743$115,52437%43Oct 6Nov 16
315The BreadwinnerGKIDS $312,38143$17,3955.6%3Nov 17Mar 15
316My Life as a ZucchiniGKIDS $309,76653$31,85310.3%2Feb 24May 4
317A Silent VoiceEleven Arts $308,414148$121,73239.5%41Oct 20Nov 30
318Coincidence-$298,03267$298,032100%67Nov 3Nov 5
319Buddies in IndiaChina Lion Film Distribution $293,19455$181,70562%55Jan 27Feb 15
320ChuckIFC Films $293,144120$34,56511.8%4May 5Jun 11
321After the StormFilm Movement $271,89438$27,88010.3%6Mar 17Aug 31
322In the FadeMagnolia Pictures $271,34535$10,4553.9%3Dec 27Apr 5
323StalkerJanus Films $269,8816$20,5407.6%1May 5Sep 4
324Happy EndSony Pictures Classics $265,40420$23,0918.7%3Dec 22Mar 22
325Long Strange TripAbramorama $261,57256$33,27212.7%56May 25Jun 1
326I, Daniel BlakeIFC Films $260,35445$18,6827.2%12Jun 2Jul 20
327Citizen Jane: Battle for the CityIFC Films $258,26125$31,45112.2%2Apr 21Jul 6
328DeanCBS Films $254,53683$60,36623.7%15Jun 2Jun 29
329The FortressCJ Entertainment $252,89527---Oct 6Nov 5
330GookThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $250,13027$27,04410.8%2Aug 18Oct 12
331Sarkar 3Eros International $249,588107$164,36465.9%107May 12May 25
332Band AidIFC Films $248,37035$29,01311.7%3Jun 2Aug 3
333Black Butler: Book of the AtlanticFUNimation Entertainment $248,286187---Jun 12Jun 15
334The SwindlersWell Go USA Entertainment $240,97927$82,81834.4%27Dec 1Dec 28
335The Ottoman LieutenantPaladin $240,978216$149,83062.2%216Mar 10Mar 23
336Crown HeightsIFC Films $238,55891$30,17312.6%3Aug 18Oct 5
337American SatanSumerian Films $237,70855$135,37857%55Oct 13Nov 9
338Cezanne et MoiMagnolia Pictures $236,41829$15,7446.7%2Mar 31Jun 29
339I Do... Until I Don'tThe Film Arcade $234,259165$170,77572.9%165Sep 1Sep 21
340Little Shop of Horrors
2017 Re-release
Fathom Events $233,865511$156,28866.8%511Oct 27Nov 2
341Jeremiah Tower: The Last MagnificentThe Orchard $228,15333$20,2688.9%2Apr 21Jun 29
342Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the WorldKino Lorber $226,00622---May 18Dec 7
343All I See Is YouOpen Road Films (II) $217,644283$144,07666.2%283Oct 27Nov 9
344Big SoniaArgot Pictures $212,4714$4,3982.1%1Nov 17May 17
345California TypewriterGravitas Ventures $208,96220$5,0312.4%1Aug 18Nov 19
346The PrisonWell Go USA Entertainment $207,48123$80,37638.7%23Mar 31May 4
347Donnie Darko
2016 Re-release
Arrow Films $202,71521$57,25928.2%21Mar 31-
348TrumanFilmRise $200,28022$18,2589.1%3Apr 7Jun 22
349RiskNeon $200,21945$76,32738.1%34May 5Jul 6
350Railroad TigersWell Go USA Entertainment $196,95843$116,21159%43Jan 6Feb 2
351Spark: A Space TailOpen Road Films (II) $196,458365$116,87359.5%365Apr 14Apr 27
352Whose Streets?Magnolia Pictures $182,79939$43,80424%24Aug 11Oct 5
353The Bad BatchNeon $180,85146$89,11149.3%30Jun 23Jul 27
354Marjorie PrimeFilmRise $180,60812$20,66811.4%6Aug 18Nov 2
355Past LifeOrion Pictures $180,09923$14,9608.3%4Jun 2Jul 27
356The AdventurersWell Go USA Entertainment $178,24317$68,61438.5%17Aug 18Sep 28
357Take Every Wave: The Life of Laird HamiltonIFC Films $176,07631$12,6367.2%1Sep 29Nov 16
358GraduationIFC Films $175,97536$10,3055.9%2Apr 7Jun 11
359Champion-$175,23231$108,59162%31May 19Jul 9
360Mr. GagaAbramorama $173,9948$25,35414.6%2Feb 1Apr 30
361In This Corner of the WorldFUNimation Entertainment $172,14720$24,20514.1%6Aug 11Sep 14
362David Lynch: The Art LifeJanus Films $171,4198$10,8236.3%1Mar 31Jun 25
3639/11Atlas Distribution Company $170,000425$170,000100%425Sep 8Sep 10
364Valley of Bones-$168,738300$107,39363.6%300Sep 1Sep 21
365PolinaOscilloscope $165,20331$12,5887.6%2Aug 25Oct 26
36613 Minutes
2015 Re-release
Sony Pictures Classics $161,53119$11,7507.3%3Jun 30Oct 12
367Ex Libris: The New York Public LibraryZipporah Films $156,26215$10,9267%1Sep 13Feb 22
3683 GenerationsThe Weinstein Company $155,93637$105,21567.5%6May 5May 25
369The JourneyIFC Films $155,47526$32,89521.2%2Jun 16Aug 3
370Endless PoetryABKCO Films $153,44018$28,59118.6%2Jul 14Aug 6
371The VoidScreen Media Films $151,04231$50,02633.1%31Apr 7Jun 1
372The Unknown GirlIFC Films $150,54928$13,4779%2Sep 8Nov 2
373Blade of the ImmortalMagnolia Pictures $150,53231$49,56932.9%30Nov 3Dec 14
374Restless Creature: Wendy WhelanAbramorama $147,7808$19,87913.5%2May 23Aug 13
375ThelmaThe Orchard $147,39139$10,8417.4%1Nov 10Mar 15
376ChavelaMusic Box Films $145,87714$22,45315.4%4Oct 4Jan 28
377The Last Dalai Lama?Matson Films $145,52418$9,7866.7%4Jul 7-
378Holiday Inn: The New Irving Berlin Musical - LiveFathom Events $144,550395---Nov 16Nov 16
379The Other Side of HopeJanus Films $143,33011$15,49510.8%3Dec 1Feb 15
380Lupin the 3rd: Castle of Cagliostro
2017 Re-release
Eleven Arts $142,425571---Sep 8-
381I Called Him MorganSubmarine Deluxe $128,74811$12,90210%1Mar 24Aug 24
382Marie Curie: The Courage of Knowledge-$127,98611$18,60014.5%6Jun 30Aug 24
383City of GhostsIFC Films $127,57418$13,60110.7%2Jul 7Sep 7
384MokaFilm Movement $126,51518$10,0948%1Jun 14Oct 26
385The B-Side: Elsa Dorfman's Portrait PhotographyNeon $125,22725$12,0359.6%3Jun 30Aug 10
386BPM (Beats Per Minute)The Orchard $125,18920$8,5666.8%2Oct 20Mar 29
387Buena Vista Social Club: AdiosBroad Green Pictures $123,44580$64,46952.2%80May 26Jun 9
388The Thousand Faces of DunjiaWell Go USA Entertainment $122,86527$57,83747.1%27Dec 15Jan 4
389ExplosionChina Lion Film Distribution $122,70034$55,30745.1%33Nov 24Dec 14
390Our PresidentCJ Entertainment $122,30241$9,4217.7%1Jun 2Aug 6
391ManifestoFilmRise $120,94610$9,6288%1May 10Aug 20
392Our Time Will ComeChina Lion Film Distribution $114,56018$50,61944.2%18Jul 7Aug 3
393We Love You, Sally Carmichael!Purdie Distribution $113,43511$30,95127.3%7Aug 4Oct 5
394The King's ChoiceThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $113,23110$7,8506.9%2Sep 22Nov 19
395Slack BayKino Lorber $112,6217---Mar 10Oct 5
396The Trouble with TerkelIndican Pictures $110,28912$32,78429.7%12Feb 3-
2017 Re-release
Well Go USA Entertainment $108,97020$54,27649.8%20Jun 30Jul 20
398Like CrazyStrand Releasing $106,92213$5,7995.4%2May 5-
399Fabricated CityCJ Entertainment $104,8747$24,80823.7%7Feb 24Mar 19
400The Bolshoi Ballet: Live From Moscow - A Hero of Our TimeFathom Events $104,837401$104,837100%401Apr 9Apr 9
401Abacus: Small Enough to JailPBS Distribution $103,1688$12,52812.1%1May 19Aug 6
402Walking OutIFC Films $101,94732$5,4625.4%2Oct 5Nov 19
403Munna MichaelEros International $99,62975$64,94965.2%75Jul 21Jul 27
404Score: A Film Music DocumentaryGravitas Ventures $98,8868$8,0888.2%1Jun 16Nov 30
405Aida's SecretsMusic Box Films $97,9099$5,6655.8%1Oct 20Jan 28
406Tim Timmerman, Hope of AmericaPurdie Distribution $97,72712$50,60451.8%12Mar 2Apr 26
407Poster BoysSony Pictures Releasing $97,04950$51,26452.8%50Sep 8Sep 21
408The Mayor
2017 Re-release
Well Go USA Entertainment $96,77729$47,12848.7%29Apr 28May 25
409WakefieldIFC Films $96,49030$11,29911.7%1May 19Jul 20
410The Fencer
2016 Re-release
CFI Releasing $95,9527$5,5725.8%2Jul 21Jan 18
411Keep WatchingScreen Gems $94,178805---Oct 31Oct 31
412Memoir of a MurdererWell Go USA Entertainment $91,3358$27,66530.3%8Sep 8Oct 19
413The King's Case NoteCJ Entertainment $90,9597$8,4629.3%2Apr 28Jun 15
414Because of Grácia-$90,87832$52,17157.4%32Sep 15Oct 12
415DinaThe Orchard $90,50324$6,0156.6%1Oct 6Nov 23
416Night of the Living DeadJanus Films $89,0298$5,4526.1%1Oct 13Nov 9
417Warriors of the DawnFIP $84,53232$41,95949.6%32Jun 16Jun 29
418Chapter & VersePaladin $84,1475$31,33137.2%1Feb 3Mar 19
419Hare Krishna! The Mantra, the Movement and the Swami Who Started It AllAbramorama $83,07254$22,31026.9%1Jun 16Sep 21
420Earth: One Amazing DayBBC Worldwide North America $81,34570$45,48055.9%70Oct 6Oct 19
421The Nile Hilton IncidentStrand Releasing $81,0899$8,18310.1%2Aug 11Nov 9
422Stefan Zweig: Farewell to Europe
2017 Re-release
First Run $78,3724$11,72915%1May 12Jun 29
423Harold and Lillian: A Hollywood Love StoryZeitgeist Films $78,3016$3,5104.5%2Apr 28-
424Pop AyeKino Lorber $77,9765$3,5984.6%1Jun 28Oct 26
425Bill Nye: Science GuyPBS Distribution $72,5209$7,0059.7%1Oct 27Feb 1
426Wait for Your LaughVitagraph Films $72,2145$14,94620.7%2Nov 3-
427Buster's Mal HeartWell Go USA Entertainment $72,00018$7,1379.9%1Apr 28Jul 13
428My Entire High School Sinking Into the SeaGKIDS $68,88325$13,68419.9%3Apr 14May 25
429Alive and KickingMagnolia Pictures $68,48511$12,20117.8%11Apr 7Jun 22
430Architects of DenialDada Films $65,42411$58,47289.4%11Oct 6Oct 12
431The TeacherFilm Movement $64,4375$15,09123.4%5Aug 30Dec 7
432TomorrowUnder The Milky Way $62,51020$1,4802.4%1Mar 10-
433The Tiger HunterShout! Factory $62,39842--42Sep 22Oct 12
434Tragedy GirlsGunpowder & Sky $61,89922$12,12519.6%2Oct 20Dec 17
435Donald CriedThe Orchard $61,40617$7,97713%2Mar 3May 18
436The Sacrifice
2017 Re-release
Kino Lorber $60,6574$4,6967.7%1Oct 20Apr 8
437Just One DropGathrFilms $59,4786---Sep 22-
438The ForceKino Lorber $59,2065---Jul 14Nov 16
439Manolo: The Boy Who Made Shoes for LizardsMusic Box Films $58,90911$8,18613.9%3Sep 15Nov 30
440The BoomRialto Pictures $57,9622$8,16414.1%1Jun 16Nov 30
441Saving Brinton-$56,21810$2,6904.8%1Sep 17-
442The Paris OperaFilm Movement $55,4829$7,70913.9%4Oct 18Jan 25
443The Divine OrderZeitgeist Films $53,1179---Oct 27Apr 12
444God of WarWell Go USA Entertainment $53,00027$23,91245.1%27Jun 2Jun 29
445A Journey Through French CinemaCohen Media Group $52,2144$10,63620.4%3Jun 23Aug 16
446I Can SpeakCJ Entertainment $51,8632---Sep 22Oct 19
447Beautiful AccidentChina Lion Film Distribution $51,76615$25,80149.8%15Jun 2Jun 18
448Tickling Giants-$51,41317$8,15915.9%1Mar 17-
449Some Like It HotChina Lion Film Distribution $49,96810$42,23084.5%10Jan 13Feb 2
450Keep QuietKino Lorber $49,8993$6,500-1Feb 17May 4
451The OrnithologistStrand Releasing $48,5466$6,13212.6%2Jun 23Sep 14
452Person to PersonMagnolia Pictures $48,49913$11,85224.4%3Jul 28Sep 14
453Ancien and the Magic TabletGKIDS $48,19822$10,86522.5%14Sep 8Oct 5
454QuestFirst Run $47,8073$6,59113.8%1Dec 1Jan 18
455From the Land of the Moon
2016 Re-release
IFC Films $47,74810$4,4739.4%2Jul 28Aug 31
456So B. ItGood Deed Entertainment $47,62722$7,45515.7%2Oct 6Nov 9
457Twenty Two
2017 Re-release
China Lion Film Distribution $46,79611$22,22247.5%11Sep 8Sep 24
458Saving BanksyParade Deck Films $46,7406$1,3172.8%1Jan 13Apr 30
459PaniqueRialto Pictures $46,0413$7,06215.3%1Jan 20-
2017 Re-release
Cohen Media Group $45,9264$6,97215.2%1May 19Jul 2
461Léon Morin, Priest
2017 Re-release
Rialto Pictures $44,5112$11,46225.8%1May 12Oct 15
462The Death of Louis XIVThe Cinema Guild $43,6356$8,00218.3%1Mar 31Jul 13
463BluebeardWell Go USA Entertainment $43,14414$21,23449.2%14Mar 17Mar 30
464Hermia & HelenaKino Lorber $43,1044$12,98630.1%2May 26Nov 2
465WoodshockA24 $42,60339$12,24728.7%3Sep 22Oct 12
466Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay PunkAbramorama $42,4873$5,21112.3%1Jul 28Sep 21
467Karl Marx CityBond/360 $41,0724---Mar 29May 4
468Unrest-$40,0818$10,60726.5%1Sep 22Oct 12
469Bang! The Bert Berns StoryAbramorama $39,5855$3,9239.9%1Apr 26Jun 11
470Birdboy: The Forgotten ChildrenGKIDS $38,7869$5,84915.1%4Dec 15Feb 22
471One Week and a DayOscilloscope $38,41716$6,83317.8%3Apr 28Jun 29
472I Am the BluesFilm Movement $37,8495$5,10513.5%4Jul 12Sep 28
47378/52: Hitchcock's Shower SceneIFC Films $37,66422$3,7389.9%1Oct 13Nov 16
474The SettlersMatson Films $37,6336---Mar 3-
475On the Beach at Night AloneThe Cinema Guild $37,4893$7,59420.3%1Nov 17-
476School LifeMagnolia Pictures $37,38113$2,3326.2%1Sep 8Oct 26
477The LureJanus Films $37,1007$7,37019.9%1Feb 1May 4
478A Woman's LifeKino Lorber $36,5444$11,48331.4%2May 5Aug 3
479The Crime of Monsieur LangeRialto Pictures $36,4383$9,63326.4%1Nov 17Apr 26
480Heart BlackenedCJ Entertainment $35,9432--2Nov 10Dec 7
481Growing Up SmithGood Deed Entertainment $35,31212$14,86742.1%5Feb 3Feb 16
482Rat FilmThe Cinema Guild $35,1954$7,79322.1%2Sep 15Mar 4
483Le TrouRialto Pictures $34,5883$6,75619.5%1Jun 28Sep 28
484Dave Made a MazeGravitas Ventures $34,11717$17,13550.2%17Aug 18Sep 7
485Sophie and the Rising SunMonterey Media $33,7608---Jan 20Apr 20
486Wasted! The Story of Food Waste-$33,21111$17,18951.8%11Oct 13Oct 26
487Love & TaxesAbramorama $33,1504$1,6985.1%1Mar 3Apr 13
488Super Dark TimesThe Orchard $33,10921$19,32858.4%21Sep 29Oct 29
489AfterimageFilm Movement $32,3976$5,83218%1May 19Aug 17
490Signature MoveNewcity $31,5512$18,93560%1Sep 29-
491XXMagnolia Pictures $30,91116$6,22220.1%7Feb 17Mar 23
492The WoundKino Lorber $30,6782---Mar 15Nov 9
493DealtIFC Films $30,41410$4,29314.1%1Oct 20Nov 19
494No Greater LoveAtlas Distribution Company $30,24722$21,52071.1%22Nov 10Dec 3
495In Pursuit of SilenceThe Cinema Guild $29,8342$5,14117.2%1Jun 23Nov 5
496Uncertain-$29,7366---Mar 6-
497NocturamaGrasshopper Film $29,34290$5,40218.4%3Aug 11-
498LemonMagnolia Pictures $29,25813$5,95720.4%2Aug 18Oct 5
499SpettacoloGrasshopper Film $29,0145$4,40315.2%2Sep 8-
500False ConfessionsBig World Pictures $29,0003$7,36125.4%2Jul 14-
501Berlin SyndromeVertical Entertainment $28,66025$22,91680%25May 26May 29
502Extraordinary Mission-$28,64920$28,649100%20Apr 7Apr 20
503Te AtaPaladin $28,64043$28,640-14Sep 29Oct 26
504Brimstone & GloryOscilloscope $28,5588$2,1257.4%1Oct 27Jan 7
5057 WitchesIndican Pictures $28,3314$1,8756.6%1Apr 21Jun 25
506RibbonsIndican Pictures $27,9595$5,71520.4%5Sep 22Nov 23
507Radio DreamsMatson Films $27,8365$2,7129.7%1May 19-
508The VillainessWell Go USA Entertainment $27,7414$4,23815.3%1Aug 25Oct 26
50930 Years of Garbage: The Garbage Pail Kids StoryIndican Pictures $27,2932$5,03018.4%2Aug 11Feb 1
510Mali BluesIcarus Films $26,9505---Feb 13-
511The UntamedStrand Releasing $26,8398$2,71810.1%1Jul 21Oct 19
512The DaughterKino Lorber $26,3762---Jan 27Apr 13
513Bronx GothicGrasshopper Film $25,9974$4,69618.1%1Jul 14-
514The Old Dark HouseCohen Media Group $25,6781---Oct 27Nov 2
515Moscow Never Sleeps-$25,3066---Jun 19-
516Women Like UsGathrFilms $25,0713---Sep 7-
2017 Re-release
Carusel $24,7495$11,84547.9%4Nov 17Dec 10
518The DepartureMatson Films $24,6627$4,85019.7%1Oct 13Dec 7
519Naples '44First Run $24,6202$6,63627%1Nov 29Dec 17
520The CommuneMagnolia Pictures $24,42713$9,24937.9%7May 19Jun 29
521JasmineIndican Pictures $24,2483$8,35834.5%3Jun 16Aug 31
522The Lucky ManIndican Pictures $24,0753$4,95620.6%3Dec 21Mar 1
523Simple CreatureIndican Pictures $23,9183$3,00612.6%3Aug 5Oct 15
524A Woman, a PartStrand Releasing $23,4353$5,86925%1Mar 22Jun 15
525Finding OscarFilmRise $23,11616$2,36510.2%1Apr 14May 18
526The Grace of JakeIndican Pictures $23,0782$4,78420.7%2Feb 3May 11
527The RecallFreestyle Releasing $22,94331$6,57028.6%7Jun 2Jun 22
528My Scientology MovieMagnolia Pictures $22,9366$11,18048.7%2Mar 10Apr 13
529UnaEammon Films $22,8157$6,12026.8%1Oct 6Oct 29
530Paradise ClubIndican Pictures $22,3813$1,7587.9%2Sep 8Nov 16
531Bending the ArcAbramorama $21,9073$3,16014.4%2Oct 6Nov 5
532The Passion of Joan of ArcJanus Films $21,8771$6,40829.3%1Nov 24Dec 7
533The Girl Without HandsGKIDS $21,7877$2,91613.4%1Jul 21Sep 24
534Marius/Fanny/CésarJanus Films $21,5131$7,72035.9%1Jan 4Feb 2
535The TransfigurationStrand Releasing $21,4648$4,60521.5%1Apr 7Aug 3
536TrophyThe Orchard $21,43921$3,52216.4%1Sep 8Oct 26
537God Knows Where I AmBond/360 $21,1356---Mar 31May 11
538Massacre on Aisle 12Indican Pictures $21,1063$9674.6%1Jan 27May 11
539A Beginner's Guide to SnuffIndican Pictures $21,0313$5,20424.7%3Jun 23Aug 31
540All These Sleepless NightsThe Orchard $20,7625$4,54421.9%3Apr 7May 18
541Sidemen: Long Road to GloryAbramorama $20,5926$6,12029.7%1Aug 18Sep 24
542The Blackcoat's DaughterA24 $20,43526$12,40260.7%26Mar 31Apr 13
543RV: Resurrected VictimsWell Go USA Entertainment $20,37411$10,58952%11Oct 20Nov 2
544Better Watch OutWell Go USA Entertainment $20,36925$12,56961.7%25Oct 6Oct 26
545Absolutely AnythingAtlas Distribution Company $20,16946---May 12Jun 1
546The Man from Outer SpaceIndican Pictures $20,1022$1,9629.8%2Sep 8Nov 23
547Trafficked-$19,69817$10,41352.9%17Oct 6-
548Whisky GaloreArrow Films $19,2854---May 12Aug 24
549Worlds ApartCinema Libre Studio $19,1352$16,35385.5%1Jan 13Feb 16
550L'important c'est d'aimerRialto Pictures $18,9382$5,37028.4%1Jul 14Sep 28
551Man UndergroundIndican Pictures $18,8395$2,19411.6%3Jul 14Sep 21
552Carrie PilbyThe Orchard $18,7436$13,94474.4%6Mar 31Apr 13
2017 Re-release
GathrFilms $18,6361---Aug 22-
554Bobbi JeneOscilloscope $18,5793$7,03537.9%1Sep 22Nov 5
555Hare Krishna! The Mantra, the Movement and the Swami Who Started It All
2017 Re-release
GathrFilms $18,5221---Aug 10-
556All the Rage (Saved by Sarno)The Film Collaborative $18,4891$9,76552.8%1Jun 23Jul 9
557BurdenMagnolia Pictures $18,44013$3,23117.5%2May 5Jun 1
558GloryFilm Movement $18,4152$3,71620.2%2Apr 12Jul 27
559The Last ShamanAbramorama $17,8444$6,79938.1%1May 12Jun 8
560ClashKino Lorber $17,8331---Mar 11Sep 21
561SacredArgot Pictures $17,7404$4,14923.4%1May 5Jul 9
562Intent to Destroy
2017 Re-release
GathrFilms $17,4362--1Dec 4-
563HarmoniumFilm Movement $16,9924$3,45320.3%1Jun 16Sep 14
564Swim TeamArgot Pictures $16,7833$4,02424%1Jul 7Jul 27
565Bad GrandmasParade Deck Films $16,6506$3,38020.3%1Nov 3Dec 10
566The Freedom to MarryArgot Pictures $16,6113$6,14237%1Mar 3Apr 20
567Brave New JerseyGravitas Ventures $16,54414$13,43781.2%14Aug 4Dec 10
568Mission Control: The Unsung Heroes of Apollo-$16,40515---Apr 14Apr 20
569Mansfield 66/67FilmBuff $16,37212$6,45139.4%1Oct 27Dec 17
570All the Queen's HorsesArgot Pictures $16,1721$6,57340.6%1Nov 10Nov 23
57133 & Beyond: The Royal Art of FreemasonryGathrFilms $15,7131---Oct 13-
572EscapesGrasshopper Film $15,7124$1,3398.5%1Jul 28-
573Kills on Wheels
2016 Re-release
Kino Lorber $15,6681$3802.4%1Oct 20Nov 23
574SHOT! The Psycho-Spiritual Mantra of RockMagnolia Pictures $15,1572$6,69444.2%2Apr 7Apr 27
575Rebels on PointeIcarus Films $15,0883$3,27021.7%2Nov 15Dec 17
576Defining HopeGathrFilms $14,9982---Nov 3-
5776 Below: Miracle on the MountainMomentum Pictures $14,838----Oct 13-
578The FarthestAbramorama $14,7732$6,90046.7%2Aug 11Aug 24