Brazilian Box Office For 2017

RankRelease Distributor GrossMax ThOpening% of Total Open ThOpenClose
1The Fate of the FuriousUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $41,851,227633$12,966,67331%625Apr 13-
2Beauty and the BeastWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $41,497,0841,185$11,039,32426.6%-Mar 16-
3Justice LeagueWarner Bros. $41,300,0001,617$10,175,52924.6%1,580Nov 15-
4Despicable Me 3Universal Pictures International (UPI) $38,968,150666$8,016,04520.6%666Jun 29-
5Wonder WomanWarner Bros. $33,500,0001,273$7,376,22722%1,273Jun 1-
6Spider-Man: HomecomingSony Pictures Releasing $31,896,0831,294$8,926,78528%1,294Jul 6-
7Thor: RagnarokWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $30,485,8471,554$8,132,79426.7%1,554Oct 26-
8Logan20th Century Fox International $29,292,4251,211$8,887,51530.3%1,211Mar 2-
9Wonder-$28,831,215836$4,117,32914.3%800Dec 7-
10The ShackParis Filmes $23,607,140700$2,876,21512.2%671Apr 6-
11MoanaWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $22,913,792358$4,613,10920.1%-Jan 5-
12Fifty Shades DarkerUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $21,238,9136,544$7,428,17935%610Feb 9-
13Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $20,925,6861,139$6,866,68832.8%1,118Apr 27-
14ItWarner Bros. $19,900,0001,017$5,717,03928.7%844Sep 7-
15Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last JediWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $19,108,918891$7,167,84537.5%891Dec 14-
16Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No TalesWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $16,729,46871$5,643,36433.7%-May 25-
17The Boss Baby20th Century Fox International $14,799,659928$3,221,15121.8%928Mar 30-
18The MummyUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $14,241,433596$3,828,19826.9%592Jun 8-
19Transformers: The Last KnightParamount Pictures International $13,704,3321,164$4,638,94233.9%1,164Jul 20-
20War for the Planet of the Apes20th Century Fox International $13,690,5571,173$4,339,29131.7%1,173Aug 3-
21Annabelle: CreationWarner Bros. $12,800,0001,263$4,277,66733.4%1,263Aug 17-
22Fala Sério, Mãe!Paris Filmes $11,616,161625$1,724,66714.8%606Dec 28-
23Cars 3Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $10,912,5781,028$3,168,04329%1,028Jul 13-
24Assassin's Creed20th Century Fox International $10,052,835816$3,960,09539.4%816Jan 12-
25Kong: Skull IslandWarner Bros. $9,400,000758$3,405,06536.2%662Mar 9-
26The Great WallUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $8,597,114540$2,760,24432.1%540Feb 23-
27The Emoji MovieSony Pictures Releasing $7,593,186933$2,055,25027.1%933Aug 31-
28La La LandParis Filmes $7,483,641331$2,131,31928.5%304Jan 19-
29PassengersSony Pictures Releasing $7,090,198491$3,064,03543.2%491Jan 5-
30RingsParamount Pictures International $6,794,054630$2,549,04437.5%630Feb 2-
31Woody WoodpeckerUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $6,686,416753$1,503,18122.5%753Oct 5-
32Smurfs: The Lost VillageSony Pictures Releasing $6,672,422855$2,113,32731.7%855Apr 6-
33The Lego Batman MovieWarner Bros. $6,400,000811$1,996,65731.2%811Feb 9-
34Operation Carwash: A Worldwide Corruption Scandal Made in BrazilParis Filmes $6,382,550661$2,447,83938.4%585Sep 7-
35Os ParçasParis Filmes $6,290,388830$1,030,85816.4%830Nov 30-
36xXx: Return of Xander CageParamount Pictures International $6,265,728863$2,373,30437.9%863Jan 19-
37Resident Evil: The Final ChapterSony Pictures Releasing $6,004,832630$2,325,14438.7%630Jan 26-
38Murder on the Orient Express20th Century Fox International $5,787,052409$1,497,27625.9%366Nov 30-
39Blade Runner 2049Sony Pictures Releasing $5,428,085584$1,946,10735.9%584Oct 5-
40Kingsman: The Golden Circle20th Century Fox International $5,248,748853$1,907,64236.3%853Sep 28-
41Power RangersParis Filmes $5,100,188802$2,252,41744.2%802Mar 23-
42Detetives do Prédio Azul: O FilmeParis Filmes $4,836,164508$1,098,17922.7%508Jul 20-
43SplitUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $4,831,714471$1,588,09032.9%471Mar 23-
44King Arthur: Legend of the SwordWarner Bros. $4,800,000870$2,235,56746.6%870May 18-
45DunkirkWarner Bros. $4,600,000485$1,651,06535.9%485Jul 27-
46GeostormWarner Bros. $4,500,000624$1,656,20136.8%624Oct 19-
47Happy Death DayUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $4,323,925479$1,863,25643.1%456Oct 12-
48The Dark TowerSony Pictures Releasing $4,038,621517$1,530,21637.9%517Aug 24-
49Ghost in the ShellParamount Pictures International $3,899,587860$1,843,77447.3%860Mar 30-
50Alien: Covenant20th Century Fox International $3,048,444848$1,631,84053.5%848May 11-
51The Greatest Showman20th Century Fox International $3,003,378480$1,375,60345.8%480Dec 25-
52American MadeUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $2,874,655448$1,107,18938.5%448Sep 14-
53Baby DriverSony Pictures Releasing $2,870,022286$1,268,45744.2%286Jul 27-
54Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie20th Century Fox International $2,745,831583$1,296,16947.2%583Oct 12-
55Meus 15 AnosParis Filmes $2,707,996576$521,74619.3%576Jun 22-
56BaywatchParamount Pictures International $2,661,577486$1,187,14844.6%419Jun 15-
57Jigsaw-$2,650,052480$1,021,02738.5%480Nov 30-
58Mother!Paramount Pictures International $2,626,096332$665,83925.4%332Sep 21-
59The CircleImagem Filmes $2,617,294415$772,07629.5%415Jun 22-
60Collateral BeautyWarner Bros. $2,600,000507$724,32927.9%507Jan 26-
61John Wick: Chapter 2Paris Filmes $2,526,489358$992,54739.3%358Feb 16-
62Valerian and the City of a Thousand PlanetsDiamond Films $2,463,492856$1,082,08143.9%856Aug 10-
63The Mountain Between Us20th Century Fox International $2,390,318391$950,73239.8%244Nov 2-
64Um Tio Quase PerfeitoH2O Films $2,389,525322$875,77236.7%314Jun 15-
65A Dog's PurposeUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $2,166,627433$839,40338.7%433Jan 26-
66I Go CrazyParis Filmes $2,127,865359$934,82843.9%359Jan 12-
67AlliedParamount Pictures International $2,123,437282$874,43941.2%282Feb 16-
68Hidden Figures20th Century Fox International $2,107,819273$679,17432.2%267Feb 2-
69Como se Tornar o Pior Aluno da EscolaParis Filmes $1,971,484344$850,91143.2%344Oct 12-
70Daddy's Home 2Paramount Pictures International $1,920,225494$998,36952%487Nov 23-
71MoonlightDiamond Films $1,899,321991$368,32119.4%991Feb 23-
72Atomic Blonde
2017 Re-release
Universal Pictures International (UPI) $1,875,671413$820,98643.8%413Aug 31-
73Leap!Paris Filmes $1,855,108351$768,57941.4%351Jan 26-
74The StarSony Pictures Releasing $1,844,091434$467,27125.3%419Nov 30-
75Get OutUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $1,721,068448$804,01446.7%448May 18-
76LifeSony Pictures Releasing $1,718,404185$851,75649.6%185Apr 20-
77Internet: O FilmeParis Filmes $1,586,793479$847,24553.4%479Feb 23-
78DivórcioWarner Bros. $1,514,777588$759,26450.1%588Sep 21-
79The Lego Ninjago MovieWarner Bros. $1,500,000786$800,62653.4%786Sep 28-
80Monster TrucksParamount Pictures International $1,455,997441$408,03428%441Feb 23-
81Tad the Lost Explorer and the Secret of King MidasParamount Pictures International $1,405,505498$321,07922.8%130Dec 21-
82The Son of BigfootFreeway Entertainment $1,341,794418$541,62940.4%418Nov 2-
83The BrideParis Filmes $1,330,331261$553,19341.6%261Nov 2-
84Hacksaw RidgeDiamond Films $1,180,620464$376,03331.9%464Jan 26-
85Lino 3D20th Century Fox International $1,138,002445$627,97755.2%445Sep 7-
86The Hitman's BodyguardCalifornia Filmes $1,132,173347$561,54549.6%347Aug 31-
87The Movie of My Life-$1,114,594275$426,13138.2%275Aug 3-
88Neurotic Quest for SerenityParis Filmes $1,073,608372$559,94852.2%372Feb 2-
89FlatlinersSony Pictures Releasing $1,039,222370$480,18246.2%370Oct 19-
90Wish UponImagem Filmes $989,837350$465,71347%350Jul 27-
91Bingo: The King of the MorningsWarner Bros. $899,440400$347,99438.7%400Aug 24-
92Wonder WheelImagem Filmes $882,278106$217,16024.6%106Dec 28-
93The Autopsy of Jane DoeDiamond Films $810,674260$437,99754%260May 4-
94Duas de MimParis Filmes $808,751275$409,93450.7%275Sep 28-
95Before I FallParis Filmes $787,852245$425,75854%245May 18-
96LionDiamond Films $786,689528$308,41939.2%-Feb 16-
97Party Crashers 2H2O Films $771,721357$771,721100%357Jan 19-
98Going in StyleWarner Bros. $743,000350$247,85133.4%350Apr 6-
99Amityville: The Awakening-$712,926161$377,89353%-Sep 14-
100Ninguém Entra, Ninguém SaiImagem Filmes $710,929412$395,15155.6%412May 4-
101American Assassin-$709,944289$405,85057.2%289Sep 21-
102OzzyPlayArte Filmes $692,842278$229,00233.1%278Jun 1-
103Gosto Se DiscuteImagem Filmes $670,399352$255,30438.1%352Nov 9-
104Just Like Our ParentsImovision $659,201129$312,17247.4%125Aug 31-
105Victoria & AbdulUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $655,36361$224,93334.3%55Nov 16-
106Monster FamilyParis Filmes $637,797341$348,13754.6%341Aug 17-
107Paris Can WaitCalifornia Filmes $608,36648$126,48220.8%48Jun 8-
108Manchester by the SeaSony Pictures Releasing $603,43139$98,17216.3%24Jan 19-
109IncarnatePlayArte Filmes $573,162282$312,04054.4%282Jan 5-
110The BeguiledUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $568,51472$178,59831.4%61Aug 10-
111My Little Pony: The Movie-$555,835426$220,64639.7%426Oct 5-
112João, o MaestroSony Pictures Releasing $528,837123$192,90636.5%93Aug 17-
113Everything, EverythingWarner Bros. $519,000251$283,70754.7%245Jun 15-
114FencesParamount Pictures International $472,54368$209,71444.4%48Mar 2-
115A Cure for Wellness20th Century Fox International $467,877198$248,53653.1%198Feb 16-
116Malasartes e o Duelo com a MorteParis Filmes $459,947346$253,90255.2%346Aug 10-
117The Case for ChristCalifornia Filmes $458,96569$132,59328.9%69Sep 14-
118The Nut Job 2: Nutty by NatureSun Distribution $443,485265$187,90542.4%265Sep 14-
119The FounderSun Distribution $393,19495$153,01938.9%95Mar 9-
120Two Is a Family
2016 Re-release
Paris Filmes $382,761102$172,67245.1%102Jun 29-
121Patriots DayParis Filmes $380,322124$225,35859.3%124May 11-
122Rock DogParis Filmes $379,816287$236,07862.2%287May 4-
123Gostosas, Lindas e SexiesParis Filmes $374,860169$209,96956%169Apr 20-
124Os Saltimbancos Trapalhões: Rumo a HollywoodParis Filmes $360,202209$162,55445.1%209Jan 19-
125ChocanteImagem Filmes $350,473514$350,473100%514Oct 5-
126SilenceImagem Filmes $318,985237$168,20752.7%237Mar 9-
127Black SnowParis Filmes $296,41764$134,36645.3%64Jun 8-
128Love.comH2O Films $295,052343$173,60158.8%343Jun 1-
129The SnowmanUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $292,99238$148,02350.5%36Nov 23-
130NormanCalifornia Filmes $285,23465$151,50153.1%64May 4-
131T2 TrainspottingSony Pictures Releasing $279,95632$75,61827%32Mar 23-
132UnforgettableWarner Bros. $273,000132$173,00063.4%132Apr 20-
133Loving Vincent-$246,762259$59,27524%259Nov 30-
134Brad's StatusImagem Filmes $243,01971$123,12850.7%71Nov 2-
135Real: O Plano por Trás da HistóriaParis Filmes $242,117180$161,91166.9%180May 25-
136Live by NightWarner Bros. $242,000----Feb 23-
137The Snow Queen 3: Fire and IceCalifornia Filmes $230,118304$230,118100%304Aug 10-
138Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White HouseSun Distribution $212,95946$85,02839.9%46Oct 26-
139The Trace We Leave BehindImagem Filmes $206,454341$206,454100%341May 18-
140Why Him?20th Century Fox International $197,282116$129,66465.7%116Mar 16-
141KidnapH2O Films $186,658258$122,53765.6%258Sep 21-
142The Lost City of ZImagem Filmes $184,486136$106,52357.7%136Jun 1-
143I, Daniel BlakeImovision $183,166539$75,91841.4%539Jan 5-
144The Wall-$178,47996$106,69259.8%96Aug 24-
145The Space Between UsSun Distribution $178,265123$118,52666.5%123Mar 30-
146BreatheDiamond Films $172,10797$96,46956.1%97Nov 16-
147A Bad Moms ChristmasSun Distribution $167,010177$95,19457%177Dec 7-
148Mr & Mrs AdelmanImovision $162,73035$60,32437.1%22Jul 20-
149The Glass Castle-$158,26559$93,92959.3%59Aug 24-
150The PromiseSun Distribution $144,010----May 11-
151PatersonFenix Filmes $142,79028---Apr 20-
152Birth of the DragonImagem Filmes $141,421136$72,85651.5%136Dec 28-
153GuardiansParis Filmes $140,183113$140,183100%113Aug 31-
154Home AgainH2O Films $136,205175$117,48786.3%175Oct 19-
155A Stork's JourneyPlayArte Filmes $130,503242$130,503100%242Oct 26-
156The Little Vampire 3D-$129,371----Dec 1-
157Logan LuckySun Distribution $112,02257$79,24170.7%57Oct 12-
158Toni ErdmannSony Pictures Releasing $109,58014$34,69931.7%13Feb 9-
159From the Land of the Moon
2016 Re-release
Mares Filmes $109,535----Jun 29-
160Lost in ParisPandora Filmes $108,70126$46,78043%26Jul 6-
161A Monster CallsSun Distribution $96,02644$43,67845.5%44Jan 5-
162DenialSony Pictures Releasing $90,37125---Mar 9-
163The Whole TruthPlayArte Filmes $90,038208$90,038100%208Mar 9-
164It Comes at NightDiamond Films $86,82180$77,08588.8%80Jun 22-
1656 Below: Miracle on the MountainImagem Filmes $80,350103$46,04857.3%103Dec 14-
166How to Be a Latin LoverParis Filmes $69,878----Jun 27-
167A Family ManCalifornia Filmes $68,43756$68,437100%56May 18-
168SuburbiconDiamond Films $62,565138$62,565100%138Dec 21-
169The Big Sick-$60,95142$34,81057.1%42Oct 19-
170Song to SongSupo Mungam Films $50,99430$49,30996.7%30Jul 20-
171The Beautiful Days of AranjuezImovision $37,74923$37,51399.4%23Mar 30-
172Baby Bump(S)California Filmes $33,48320$33,483100%20Jul 20-
173The Only Living Boy in New York-$22,55220$15,17967.3%20Dec 7-
174Human Flow-$19,45421$8,39143.1%21Nov 16-
175Miss Sloane-$15,742----Feb 2-
176An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to PowerParamount Pictures International $15,41217$9,88864.2%17Nov 9-
177Pelé: Birth of a LegendEuropa Filmes $14,311----Oct 26-
178The Red TurtleSony Pictures Releasing $11,6714$5,84750.1%4Feb 16-
179Professor Marston and the Wonder WomenSony Pictures Releasing $11,16912$11,169100%12Dec 14-
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