Domestic Box Office For 2016


RankRelease Distributor GrossMax ThOpening% of Total Open ThOpenClose
1Rogue One: A Star Wars StoryWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $532,177,3244,157$155,081,68129.1%4,157Dec 16May 4
2Finding DoryWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $486,295,5614,305$135,060,27327.8%4,305Jun 17Dec 8
3Captain America: Civil WarWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $408,084,3494,226$179,139,14243.9%4,226May 6Sep 22
4The Secret Life of PetsUniversal Pictures $368,384,3304,381$104,352,90528.3%4,370Jul 8Dec 29
5The Jungle BookWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $364,001,1234,144$103,261,46428.4%4,028Apr 15Sep 29
6DeadpoolTwentieth Century Fox $363,042,3113,856$132,434,63936.5%3,558Feb 12Jun 16
7ZootopiaWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $341,268,2483,959$75,063,40122%3,827Mar 4Aug 4
8Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeWarner Bros. $330,360,1944,256$166,007,34750.3%4,242Mar 25Jun 16
9Suicide SquadWarner Bros. $325,100,0544,255$133,682,24841.1%4,255Aug 5Nov 10
10SingUniversal Pictures $270,329,0454,029$35,258,14513%4,022Dec 21May 11
11MoanaWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $248,757,0443,875$56,631,40122.8%3,875Nov 23Apr 27
12Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find ThemWarner Bros. $234,037,5754,144$74,403,38731.8%4,144Nov 18Mar 30
13Doctor StrangeWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $232,641,9203,882$85,058,31136.6%3,882Nov 4Mar 16
14Hidden FiguresTwentieth Century Fox $169,387,0043,416$515,4990.3%25Dec 25Nov 9
15Jason BourneUniversal Pictures $162,434,4104,039$59,215,36536.5%4,026Jul 29Dec 22
16Star Trek BeyondParamount Pictures $158,848,3403,928$59,253,21137.3%3,928Jul 22Oct 20
17X-Men: ApocalypseTwentieth Century Fox $155,149,5104,153$65,769,56242.4%4,150May 27Jul 28
18TrollsTwentieth Century Fox $153,684,9004,066$46,581,14230.3%4,060Nov 4Mar 30
19La La LandLionsgate $151,101,8033,236$881,1040.6%5Dec 9Apr 27
20Kung Fu Panda 3Twentieth Century Fox $143,517,8513,987$41,282,04228.8%3,955Jan 29Jul 21
21GhostbustersSony Pictures Releasing $128,350,5743,963$46,018,75535.9%3,963Jul 15Nov 10
22Central IntelligenceWarner Bros. $127,440,8713,508$35,535,25027.9%3,508Jun 17Sep 1
23The Legend of TarzanWarner Bros. $126,643,0613,591$38,527,85630.4%3,561Jul 1Sep 15
24SullyWarner Bros. $125,070,0333,955$35,028,30128%3,525Sep 9Jan 26
25Bad MomsSTX Entertainment $113,257,2973,215$23,817,34021%3,215Jul 29Oct 27
26The Angry Birds MovieSony Pictures Releasing $107,509,3663,932$38,155,17735.5%3,932May 20Sep 15
27Independence Day: ResurgenceTwentieth Century Fox $103,120,5354,130$41,039,94439.8%4,130Jun 24Sep 15
28The Conjuring 2Warner Bros. $102,470,0083,356$40,406,31439.4%3,343Jun 10Aug 25
29ArrivalParamount Pictures $100,546,1393,115$24,074,04723.9%2,317Nov 11Mar 9
30PassengersSony Pictures Releasing $100,014,6993,478$14,869,73614.9%3,478Dec 21Apr 20
31Sausage PartySony Pictures Releasing $97,685,6863,135$34,263,53435.1%3,103Aug 12Dec 22
32The Magnificent SevenSony Pictures Releasing $93,432,6553,696$34,703,39737.1%3,674Sep 23Jan 5
33Ride Along 2Universal Pictures $90,862,6853,192$35,243,09538.8%3,175Jan 15Jun 16
34Don't BreatheScreen Gems $89,217,8753,384$26,411,70629.6%3,051Aug 26Dec 22
35Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar ChildrenTwentieth Century Fox $87,233,3613,835$28,871,14033.1%3,522Sep 30Feb 9
36The AccountantWarner Bros. $86,260,0453,402$24,710,27328.6%3,332Oct 14Jan 12
37Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the ShadowsParamount Pictures $82,051,6014,071$35,316,38243%4,071Jun 3Sep 8
38The Purge: Election YearUniversal Pictures $79,213,3752,821$31,515,11039.8%2,796Jul 1Oct 13
39Alice Through the Looking GlassWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $77,041,3813,763$26,858,72634.9%3,763May 27Sep 1
40Pete's DragonWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $76,233,1513,702$21,514,09528.2%3,702Aug 12Dec 15
41The Girl on the TrainUniversal Pictures $75,347,3903,241$24,536,26532.6%3,144Oct 7Dec 29
42Boo! A Madea HalloweenLionsgate $73,206,3432,299$28,501,44838.9%2,260Oct 21Dec 22
43StorksWarner Bros. $72,679,2783,922$21,311,40729.3%3,922Sep 23Jan 12
4410 Cloverfield LaneParamount Pictures $72,082,9983,427$24,727,43734.3%3,391Mar 11Jun 2
45Lights OutWarner Bros. $67,268,8352,835$21,688,10332.2%2,818Jul 22Sep 29
46Hacksaw RidgeLionsgate $67,209,6152,971$15,190,75822.6%2,886Nov 4Mar 9
47AllegiantLionsgate $66,184,0513,740$29,027,34843.9%3,740Mar 18Jun 2
48Now You See Me 2Lionsgate $65,075,5403,232$22,383,14634.4%3,232Jun 10Aug 25
49Ice Age: Collision CourseTwentieth Century Fox $64,050,0153,997$21,373,06433.4%3,992Jul 22Nov 3
50The BossUniversal Pictures $63,077,5603,495$23,586,64537.4%3,480Apr 8Aug 4
51London Has FallenFocus Features $62,524,2603,492$21,635,60134.6%3,490Mar 4Jun 2
52Miracles from Heaven-$61,705,1233,155$14,812,39324%3,047Mar 16Jul 21
53Deepwater HorizonLionsgate $61,433,5273,403$20,223,54432.9%3,259Sep 30Dec 15
54Why Him?Twentieth Century Fox $60,269,5753,008$11,002,98618.3%2,917Dec 23Mar 23
55My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2Universal Pictures $59,689,6053,179$17,861,95029.9%3,133Mar 25May 26
56Jack Reacher: Never Go BackParamount Pictures $58,697,0763,780$22,872,49039%3,780Oct 21Jan 12
57FencesParamount Pictures $57,682,9042,368$129,4620.2%4Dec 16Mar 30
58Me Before YouWarner Bros. $56,245,0752,762$18,723,26933.3%2,704Jun 3Aug 18
59The BFGWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $55,483,7703,392$18,775,35033.8%3,357Jul 1Oct 13
60Neighbors 2: Sorority RisingUniversal Pictures $55,340,7303,416$21,760,40539.3%3,384May 20Jul 14
61The ShallowsSony Pictures Releasing $55,124,0432,962$16,800,86830.5%2,962Jun 24Sep 29
62Office Christmas PartyParamount Pictures $54,767,4943,210$16,890,20430.8%3,210Dec 9Jan 26
63Assassin's CreedTwentieth Century Fox $54,634,1442,996$10,278,22518.8%2,970Dec 21Mar 9
64Barbershop: The Next CutWarner Bros. $54,030,0512,676$20,242,41537.5%2,661Apr 15Jul 14
6513 HoursParamount Pictures $52,853,2192,917$16,194,73830.6%2,389Jan 15Mar 24
66LionThe Weinstein Company $51,738,9051,802$123,3600.2%4Nov 25May 11
67Kubo and the Two StringsFocus Features $48,023,0883,279$12,608,37226.3%3,260Aug 19Dec 1
68The Huntsman: Winter's WarUniversal Pictures $48,003,0153,802$19,445,03540.5%3,791Apr 22Aug 4
69Manchester by the SeaRoadside Attractions $47,695,3711,213$256,4980.5%4Nov 18Apr 27
70Warcraft: The BeginningUniversal Pictures $47,225,6553,406$24,166,11051.2%3,400Jun 10Sep 8
71How to Be SingleWarner Bros. $46,843,5133,357$17,878,91138.2%3,343Feb 12Apr 14
72Mike and Dave Need Wedding DatesTwentieth Century Fox $46,009,6733,008$16,628,17036.1%2,982Jul 8Oct 13
73War DogsWarner Bros. $43,034,5233,258$14,685,30534.1%3,258Aug 19Oct 20
74Almost ChristmasUniversal Pictures $42,065,1852,379$15,134,23536%2,376Nov 11Jan 12
75Money Monster-$41,012,0753,104$14,788,15736.1%3,104May 13Aug 4
76AlliedParamount Pictures $40,098,0643,160$12,701,74331.7%3,160Nov 23Jan 26
77NerveLionsgate $38,583,6262,538$9,445,45624.5%2,538Jul 27Oct 6
78RisenSony Pictures Releasing $36,880,0332,915$11,801,27132%2,915Feb 19May 19
79The Nice GuysWarner Bros. $36,261,7632,865$11,203,27030.9%2,865May 20Aug 4
80The BoySTX Entertainment $35,819,5562,671$10,778,39230.1%2,671Jan 22Mar 31
81Dirty GrandpaLionsgate $35,593,1132,912$11,111,87531.2%2,912Jan 22Mar 17
82Ouija: Origin of EvilUniversal Pictures $34,992,9703,168$14,065,50040.2%3,167Oct 21Dec 29
83The 5th WaveSony Pictures Releasing $34,916,7872,908$10,326,35629.6%2,908Jan 22May 26
84InfernoSony Pictures Releasing $34,343,5743,576$14,860,42543.3%3,576Oct 28Jan 19
85Mother's DayOpen Road Films (II) $32,492,8593,291$8,369,18425.8%3,035Apr 29Jun 16
86Patriots DayLionsgate $31,886,3613,120$161,3060.5%7Dec 21Mar 9
87Gods of EgyptLionsgate $31,153,4643,117$14,123,90345.3%3,117Feb 26May 12
88Collateral BeautyWarner Bros. $31,016,0213,028$7,102,08522.9%3,028Dec 16Feb 9
89Hail, Caesar!Universal Pictures $30,080,2252,248$11,355,22537.7%2,232Feb 5Jun 30
90When the Bough BreaksScreen Gems $29,747,6032,246$14,202,32347.7%2,246Sep 9Nov 17
91Zoolander 2Paramount Pictures $28,848,6933,418$13,841,14648%3,394Feb 12Mar 31
92MoonlightA24 $27,854,9321,564$402,0751.4%4Oct 21May 4
93Florence Foster JenkinsParamount Pictures $27,383,7701,528$6,601,31324.1%1,528Aug 12Oct 27
94Hell or High WaterLionsgate $27,007,8441,505$621,3292.3%32Aug 12Nov 17
95The ForestFocus Features $26,594,2612,509$12,741,17647.9%2,451Jan 8Mar 17
96Ben-HurParamount Pictures $26,410,4773,084$11,203,81542.4%3,084Aug 19Oct 6
97The Finest HoursWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $25,919,8593,143$10,288,93239.7%3,143Jan 29Apr 7
98Bridget Jones's BabyUniversal Pictures $24,252,4202,930$8,571,78535.3%2,927Sep 16Dec 15
99Kevin Hart: What Now?Universal Pictures $23,574,6052,567$11,767,21049.9%2,567Oct 14Dec 15
100Whiskey Tango FoxtrotParamount Pictures $23,083,3342,413$7,450,27532.3%2,374Mar 4Apr 28
101The WitchA24 $22,914,1502,204$8,800,23038.4%2,046Feb 19May 26
102SnowdenOpen Road Films (II) $21,587,5192,443$8,000,05837.1%2,443Sep 16Nov 17
103Mechanic: ResurrectionLionsgate $21,218,4032,258$7,456,52535.1%2,258Aug 26Oct 27
104Free State of JonesSTX Entertainment $20,810,0362,815$7,572,20636.4%2,815Jun 24Jul 28
105Blair WitchLionsgate $20,777,0613,121$9,576,05746.1%3,121Sep 16Oct 27
106God's Not Dead 2Pure Flix Entertainment $20,774,5752,419$7,623,66236.7%2,419Apr 1Jul 21
107KeanuWarner Bros. $20,591,8532,681$9,453,22445.9%2,658Apr 29Jun 30
108Middle School: The Worst Years of My LifeLionsgate $20,007,1492,822$6,878,43734.4%2,822Oct 7Dec 1
109Nine LivesEuropaCorp $19,700,0322,264$6,249,91531.7%2,264Aug 5Oct 27
110RaceFocus Features $19,206,2072,387$7,353,92238.3%2,369Feb 19Apr 21
111The ChoiceLionsgate $18,730,8912,631$6,050,44332.3%2,631Feb 5Mar 31
112Eye in the SkyBleecker Street Media $18,704,5951,089$113,8030.6%5Mar 11Jul 21
113Bad Santa 2Broad Green Pictures $17,782,1782,945$6,176,68034.7%2,920Nov 23Jan 26
114MastermindsRelativity Media $17,368,0223,042$6,541,20537.7%3,042Sep 30Nov 10
115Norm of the NorthLionsgate $17,062,4992,411$6,844,13740.1%2,411Jan 15Mar 17
116The Birth of a NationFox Searchlight Pictures $15,803,7722,105$7,004,25444.3%2,105Oct 7Dec 8
117Eddie the EagleTwentieth Century Fox $15,739,1312,044$6,084,68238.7%2,042Feb 26May 26
118A Beautiful PlanetIMAX $15,583,339155$223,9831.4%137Apr 29-
119The InfiltratorBroad Green Pictures $15,436,8081,601$5,303,77534.4%1,601Jul 13Oct 6
120Keeping Up with the JonesesTwentieth Century Fox $14,898,4903,022$5,461,47536.7%3,022Oct 21Dec 29
121CriminalLionsgate $14,708,6962,683$5,767,27839.2%2,683Apr 15May 26
122Hello, My Name Is DorisRoadside Attractions $14,444,999979$84,9860.6%4Mar 11Jul 28
123The Edge of SeventeenSTX Entertainment $14,431,6331,945$4,754,21532.9%1,945Nov 18Jan 5
124Love & FriendshipRoadside Attractions $14,016,568826$133,5131%4May 13Sep 22
125JackieFox Searchlight Pictures $13,874,724508$278,7152%5Dec 2Apr 20
126Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party-$13,099,9311,217$74,8140.6%3Jul 15Oct 13
127Triple 9Open Road Films (II) $12,639,2972,205$6,109,08548.3%2,205Feb 26Apr 14
128The Light Between OceansWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $12,545,9791,500$4,765,83838%1,500Sep 2Nov 3
129DangalUTV Motion Pictures $12,391,761338$3,248,48126.2%331Dec 21Feb 9
130Fifty Shades of BlackOpen Road Films (II) $11,686,9402,075$5,900,52850.5%2,075Jan 29Mar 25
131No manches Frida-$11,528,613465$3,676,23531.9%362Sep 2Nov 3
132Café SocietyLionsgate $11,103,205631$359,2893.2%5Jul 15Oct 6
133Pride and Prejudice and ZombiesScreen Gems $10,938,1342,931$5,324,24048.7%2,931Feb 5Mar 3
134The DarknessBH Tilt $10,753,5741,769$4,950,85946%1,755May 13Jun 30
135Nocturnal AnimalsFocus Features $10,663,3571,262$492,6484.6%37Nov 18Jan 26
136Live by NightWarner Bros. $10,378,5552,822$33,3360.3%4Dec 25Mar 9
137The Perfect MatchLionsgate $9,669,521925$4,294,23244.4%925Mar 11Apr 28
138Popstar: Never Stop Never StoppingUniversal Pictures $9,496,1302,313$4,698,71549.5%2,311Jun 3Jul 28
139Hardcore HenrySTX Entertainment $9,252,0383,015$5,107,60455.2%3,015Apr 8May 12
140Meet the BlacksFreestyle Releasing $9,097,0721,015$4,055,94044.6%1,015Apr 1Jun 21
141Queen of KatweWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $8,874,3891,259$304,9333.4%52Sep 23Jan 5
142Ratchet & ClankFocus Features $8,821,3292,895$4,869,27855.2%2,891Apr 29Jun 2
143The Lobster
2016 Re-release
A24 $8,688,080560$190,2522.2%4May 13Sep 29
144The Wild LifeLionsgate $8,005,5862,493$3,342,69641.8%2,493Sep 9Oct 13
145LovingFocus Features $7,710,234572$159,6152.1%4Nov 4Feb 2
146SilenceParamount Pictures $7,100,1771,580$130,8801.8%4Dec 23Feb 23
147Shut InEuropaCorp $6,900,3352,058$3,613,56752.4%2,058Nov 11Jan 2
148The Brothers GrimsbySony Pictures Releasing $6,874,8372,235$3,258,32747.4%2,235Mar 11Apr 14
149The Young MessiahFocus Features $6,490,4011,769$3,294,87650.8%1,761Mar 11Apr 21
150Southside with YouRoadside Attractions $6,304,223897$2,868,40345.5%813Aug 26Nov 3
151Sultan-$6,200,000283$2,371,10038.2%282Jul 6Jul 21
152Captain FantasticBleecker Street Media $5,879,835550$93,8241.6%4Jul 8Oct 27
15320th Century WomenA24 $5,664,764650$111,2002%4Dec 28May 4
154Hunt for the WilderpeopleThe Orchard $5,205,468200$78,4391.5%5Jun 24Nov 3
155Bleed for ThisOpen Road Films (II) $5,083,9061,549$2,366,81046.6%1,549Nov 18Dec 15
156IncarnateBH Tilt $4,799,7741,737$2,534,88452.8%1,737Dec 2Dec 29
157Absolutely Fabulous: The MovieFox Searchlight Pictures $4,761,000355$1,861,11839.1%313Jul 22Sep 29
158Hands of StoneThe Weinstein Company $4,712,7922,011$1,751,38837.2%810Aug 26Oct 13
159Don't Think TwiceThe Film Arcade $4,417,667175$92,8352.1%1Jul 22-
160Ae Dil Hai MushkilFIP $4,264,983302$2,190,04251.3%302Oct 28Nov 24
161A Hologram for the KingRoadside Attractions $4,212,494523$1,138,57827%401Apr 22Jul 7
162Swiss Army ManA24 $4,186,567636$105,4532.5%3Jun 24Sep 29
163DenialBleecker Street Media $4,073,489648$93,7282.3%5Sep 30Dec 19
164MorganTwentieth Century Fox $3,915,2512,020$2,012,70951.4%2,020Sep 2Oct 6
165Where to Invade NextDrafthouse Films $3,827,261308$897,03423.4%308Feb 12Apr 28
166Max SteelOpen Road Films (II) $3,818,6642,034$2,182,21657.1%2,034Oct 14Nov 3
167Batman: The Killing JokeFathom Events $3,775,0001,325---Jul 25Jul 26
168A Monster CallsFocus Features $3,740,8231,523$30,9090.8%4Dec 23Jan 26
169Midnight SpecialWarner Bros. $3,712,282521$190,0125.1%5Mar 18May 26
170Rules Don't ApplyTwentieth Century Fox $3,652,2062,386$1,589,62543.5%2,382Nov 23Dec 22
171Miss SloaneEuropaCorp $3,500,6051,648$59,7971.7%3Nov 25Jan 2
172A Man Called OveMusic Box Films $3,479,315194$54,6081.6%9Sep 30Feb 23
173IndignationRoadside Attractions $3,401,155317$93,1252.7%4Jul 29Nov 3
174Everybody Wants Some!!Paramount Pictures $3,400,278454$312,3559.2%19Mar 30May 19
175Maggie's PlanSony Pictures Classics $3,351,735335$63,3081.9%5May 20Sep 29
176Sing StreetThe Weinstein Company $3,237,118525$63,5732%5Apr 15Jul 28
177The MermaidSony Pictures Releasing $3,232,685106$985,05230.5%35Feb 19Apr 7
178Green RoomA24 $3,200,431777$87,9842.7%3Apr 15Jul 14
179Our Kind of TraitorRoadside Attractions $3,153,157399$984,69831.2%373Jul 1Sep 15
180Compadres-$3,127,773368$1,397,43444.7%368Apr 22May 26
181The Eagle HuntressSony Pictures Classics $3,035,469122$52,5741.7%4Nov 2May 18
182AnthropoidBleecker Street Media $2,964,845452$1,233,51941.6%452Aug 12Sep 22
183The Beatles: Eight Days a Week - The Touring YearsAbramorama $2,930,414155$785,33626.8%85Sep 15Jan 8
184The Other Side of the DoorTwentieth Century Fox $2,868,200585$1,211,21042.2%546Mar 4Apr 14
185The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2016: Live ActionShorts International $2,816,816260$559,50219.9%123Jan 29Mar 24
186Miles AheadSony Pictures Classics $2,610,896527$114,5304.4%4Apr 1Jul 28
187Kapoor & SonsFIP $2,445,815153$986,99240.4%143Mar 18Apr 14
188The Disappointments RoomRelativity Media $2,414,0781,554$1,402,82358.1%1,554Sep 9Oct 27
189Hillsong: Let Hope RisePure Flix Entertainment $2,394,386816$1,357,24356.7%816Sep 16Oct 23
190Dear ZindagiReliance Big Pictures $2,376,479156$977,86241.1%153Nov 23Dec 15
191A AaBlue Sky Cinema $2,313,043115$1,213,05752.4%115Jun 1Jun 16
192Fan-$2,300,000307$1,382,87160.1%307Apr 15Apr 21
193PatersonBleecker Street Media $2,152,73870$69,3353.2%4Dec 28Apr 13
194Train to BusanWell Go USA Entertainment $2,125,78536$284,77613.4%27Jul 22-
195ElleSony Pictures Classics $2,124,342209$50,9342.4%2Nov 11Apr 13
196I'm Not AshamedPure Flix Entertainment $2,082,980516$927,16144.5%505Oct 21Dec 1
197The Meddler
2016 Re-release
Sony Pictures Classics $2,048,804464$57,0222.8%4Apr 22Aug 25
198The DressmakerBroad Green Pictures $2,022,115174$185,1659.2%36Sep 23Dec 22
199A Bigger SplashFox Searchlight Pictures $2,016,100378$114,4195.7%5May 4Jul 7
200DesiertoSTX Entertainment $2,002,036168$514,28225.7%73Oct 14Nov 17
201Greater-$2,000,093340$627,97431.4%340Aug 26Dec 15
202DemolitionFox Searchlight Pictures $1,978,592862$1,100,04255.6%854Apr 8Apr 21
203The HandmaidenMagnolia Pictures $1,952,502125$92,1294.7%5Oct 21Feb 23
204Kabali-$1,925,379236$2,157,621-236Jul 21-
205Shin GodzillaFUNimation Entertainment $1,918,403490$458,34223.9%34Oct 11Nov 10
206Purple Rain
2016 Re-release
Warner Bros. $1,868,07587---Apr 23Apr 27
207M.S. Dhoni: The Untold StoryFIP $1,801,550256$1,108,65061.5%256Sep 30Oct 20
208Find a Boyfriend for My Wife... PLEASE!-$1,741,889357$902,45751.8%357Feb 19Mar 17
209Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk-$1,738,4771,176$114,1296.6%2Nov 11Dec 15
210Harry Potter IMAX MarathonIMAX $1,729,226330$1,357,37678.5%330Oct 14Oct 20
211To Joey, with LoveFathom Events $1,709,073753---Sep 20Oct 6
212WeinerIFC Films $1,676,10888$84,1735%5May 20Sep 5
213I Saw the LightSony Pictures Classics $1,646,788741$45,4712.8%5Mar 25Jun 9
214The ComedianSony Pictures Classics $1,627,086848$10,7230.7%2Dec 9Mar 23
215The Man Who Knew InfinityIFC Films $1,627,021288$80,3254.9%6Apr 29Aug 4
216EquitySony Pictures Classics $1,605,463255$82,4345.1%4Jul 29Nov 17
217NeerjaFIP $1,585,687121$626,52839.5%73Feb 19Mar 10
218Jane Got a GunThe Weinstein Company $1,513,7931,210$835,57255.2%1,210Jan 29Feb 25
219PricelessRoadside Attractions $1,499,605303$707,02147.1%303Oct 14Dec 22
220GeniusRoadside Attractions $1,361,045152$98,2747.2%16Jun 10Aug 18
221The Little PrinceEntertainment One $1,339,152163$116,9278.7%52Feb 12-
222The Neon DemonBroad Green Pictures $1,333,124783$589,01444.2%783Jun 24Aug 4
223Embrace of the SerpentOscilloscope $1,327,55793$50,9553.8%3Feb 17Jun 23
224Housefull 3Eros International $1,326,999145$683,62051.5%145Jun 3Jun 23
225JulietaSony Pictures Classics $1,275,98363$64,0445%6Dec 21May 4
226Mohenjo DaroUTV Motion Pictures $1,264,339246$747,79159.1%246Aug 12Sep 8
227Lazer TeamAmplify $1,186,42635$108,5869.2%35Jan 27Feb 11
228The Music of StrangersThe Orchard $1,176,78182$24,6142.1%3Jun 10Oct 20
229WazirReliance Big Pictures $1,124,045111$586,02852.1%111Jan 8Feb 11
230Papa Hemingway in CubaYari Film Group Releasing $1,115,615325$475,22442.6%325Apr 29Jun 16
231The Insanity of GodLifeWay Films $1,102,525531---Aug 30Sep 13
232Certain WomenIFC Films $1,087,585138$60,8985.6%5Oct 14Dec 22
233Rustom-$1,087,419133$773,66271.1%133Aug 12Aug 18
234The InnocentsMusic Box Films $1,065,66569$30,8962.9%3Jul 1Oct 6
235DoughMenemsha Films $1,057,37355$50,8714.8%9Feb 12Aug 14
236Elvis & NixonBleecker Street Media $1,055,287381$466,44744.2%381Apr 22May 12
237Battle for Incheon: Operation ChromiteCJ Entertainment $1,023,348114$31,6623.1%1Aug 5Sep 22
238The HollarsSony Pictures Classics $1,016,985298$38,2103.8%4Aug 26Dec 15
239Baar Baar DekhoEros International $981,947146$612,36362.4%146Sep 9Sep 29
240Toni ErdmannSony Pictures Classics $971,287112$15,9721.6%3Dec 25May 18
241Dark Horse
2016 Re-release
Sony Pictures Classics $940,71574$13,8381.5%3May 6Dec 1
242NerudaThe Orchard $939,10146$29,4023.1%3Dec 16May 11
243BelieveFreestyle Releasing $890,303638$477,38753.6%638Dec 2Jan 5
244Gentleman-$881,537126$537,49061%126Jun 17Jul 14
245PremamBlue Sky Cinema $828,278112$448,12954.1%112Oct 6Nov 14
246KapowEros International $812,737113$442,29954.4%113Jul 29Aug 18
247Operation MekongWell Go USA Entertainment $800,01229$85,08210.6%25Sep 30Nov 24
248The WailingWell Go USA Entertainment $784,07835$77,8929.9%2May 20Sep 29
249Huo guo ying xiongChina Lion Film Distribution $779,81846$201,96025.9%20Apr 1Apr 26
250The Polar Express
2016 IMAX Release
Warner Bros. $765,154129---Nov 11-
251I Belonged to YouChina Lion Film Distribution $744,54150$311,73841.9%50Sep 30Nov 10
252Saturday's WarriorPurdie Distribution $744,04628$96,04112.9%9Apr 1Oct 20
253The Monkey King 2China Lion Film Distribution $709,98238$166,39123.4%38Feb 5Apr 7
25431Saban Films $704,090538---Aug 26Oct 30
255Little MenMagnolia Pictures $702,53761$30,3684.3%2Aug 5Dec 1
256Chaar Sahibzaade 2: Rise of Banda Singh Bahadur
2016 Re-release
Eros International $700,723103$303,86343.4%103Nov 11Dec 8
257Mr. ChurchFreestyle Releasing $685,780354$338,55149.4%354Sep 16Oct 31
258Born to Be Blue
2016 Re-release
IFC Films $678,20379$46,1846.8%3Mar 25Jun 9
259American HoneyA24 $662,786135$71,20310.7%4Sep 30Dec 8
260El JeremíasSony Pictures Releasing $650,465192$314,10948.3%192Oct 21Nov 22
261City of GoldIFC Films $640,97950$62,9599.8%4Mar 11May 19
2016 Re-release
A24 $637,55560$20,4893.2%2Mar 11Jun 5
263EmbraceGathrFilms $628,38277---Sep 19-
264MasterCJ Entertainment $597,25139$72,82112.2%3Dec 30Feb 9
265Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected WorldMagnolia Pictures $594,91251$114,27319.2%39Aug 19Nov 17
266GleasonOpen Road Films (II) $583,664148$91,58315.7%9Jul 29Sep 1
267A Tale of Love and DarknessFocus World $572,21266$37,1706.5%2Aug 19Oct 6
268Knight of CupsBroad Green Pictures $563,60568$60,55110.7%4Mar 4May 12
269Cold War IIWell Go USA Entertainment $560,82423$157,38528.1%22Jul 8Aug 18
270Harry & SnowmanFilmRise $559,57125$56,84210.2%18Sep 30Feb 23
271American PastoralLionsgate $544,09870$149,03827.4%50Oct 21Dec 1
272The Age of ShadowsCJ Entertainment $541,71933$165,68530.6%33Sep 23Nov 3
273ObsessionUTV Motion Pictures $528,799147$347,16465.7%147Feb 12Feb 28
274The First Monday in MayMagnolia Pictures $527,47445$99,24218.8%20Apr 15Jun 16
275Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
2016 Re-release
Warner Bros. $526,633155$526,633100%155Sep 3Sep 4
276UnsulliedIndican Pictures $510,957102$179,11235.1%102Apr 22May 26
277MargueriteCohen Media Group $506,67746$19,9243.9%3Mar 11May 29
278Befikre-$498,000284$498,000-284Dec 9Dec 11
279The Boy and the BeastFUNimation Entertainment $490,643123$274,24755.9%122Mar 4Mar 31
280Wiener-DogIFC Films $477,45373$24,3115.1%2Jun 24Sep 1
281Detective ChinatownChina Lion Film Distribution $474,25236$280,28159.1%33Jan 15Jan 31
282Our Little Sister
2016 Re-release
Sony Pictures Classics $467,55533$25,1185.4%3Jul 8Nov 17
283Luck-KeyJBG Pictures $466,50526$113,84624.4%21Oct 21Nov 22
284Range 15Tugg $463,394260$1,0440.2%1Jun 15-
285Only Yesterday
2016 Re-release
GKIDS $453,24344$14,9703.3%1Jan 1Apr 21
286TunnelWell Go USA Entertainment $448,11136$172,52138.5%36Aug 26Sep 29
287Gimme DangerMagnolia Pictures $440,00671$44,72510.2%3Oct 28Dec 29
288Ki & KaEros International $439,521148$439,521100%148Apr 1Apr 14
289BaaghiUTV Motion Pictures $438,20778$237,21554.1%78Apr 29May 26
290I Am Not Madame BovaryWell Go USA Entertainment $435,92639$181,55241.6%38Nov 18Jan 12
291Mad Max: Fury Road
2016 Re-release
Warner Bros. $421,986----Jan 15Jan 21
292Voiceless-$419,952100$292,43869.6%100Oct 7Nov 10
293The Wasted TimesChina Lion Film Distribution $386,54020$95,51424.7%20Dec 16Jan 16
294The LobsterMongrel Media $366,00015---Mar 25Jun 19
295Mr. DonkeyChina Lion Film Distribution $356,25527$86,93124.4%20Oct 28Dec 8
296Eat That Question: Frank Zappa in His Own WordsSony Pictures Classics $355,07429$16,6954.7%2Jun 24Nov 10
297Happy Bhag Jayegi
2016 Re-release
Eros International $351,69278$159,89545.5%78Aug 19Sep 22
298Kahaani 2Eros International $350,70381$279,00979.6%81Dec 2Dec 8
299L.O.R.D: Legend of Ravaging Dynasties-$350,45668$170,67648.7%68Sep 30Oct 20
300Te3n-$331,507104$258,06677.8%104Jun 10Jun 26
301Kaashmora-$327,95970$298,67491.1%70Oct 28Nov 2
302Things to ComeIFC Films $321,57822$31,9369.9%3Dec 2Feb 12
303The Bounce Back-$320,676615$227,35470.9%615Dec 9Dec 22
304High-RiseMagnolia Pictures $317,57741$79,88725.2%39May 13Aug 4
305Mia MadreMusic Box Films $303,00235$34,09811.3%6Aug 26Nov 3
306ChristineThe Orchard $298,52557$13,3844.5%1Oct 14Jan 12
307April and the Extraordinary WorldGKIDS $295,48835$11,4133.9%1Mar 25Jun 9
308IxcanulKino Lorber $295,15718---Apr 9Dec 15
309AquariusVitagraph Films $285,93031$29,12910.2%3Oct 14Nov 20
310FrancofoniaMusic Box Films $285,74825$22,0837.7%2Apr 1Jul 7
311Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XVVertical Entertainment $269,98026$119,80144.4%24Aug 19Sep 15
312My Golden DaysMagnolia Pictures $269,14432$26,84710%3Mar 18May 26
313Ip Man 3Well Go USA Entertainment $268,267115$784,839292.6%103Jan 22Feb 28
314DheepanIFC Films $261,81926$20,2497.7%2May 6Aug 4
315AmeriGeddonForewarned $261,46130$125,57148%30May 13Jun 26
316Yo-kai Watch Movie: It's the Secret of Birth, Meow!
2016 Re-release
Eleven Arts $257,343329---Oct 15-
317Life, AnimatedThe Orchard $255,38860$21,8838.6%3Jul 1Oct 20
318Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important ThingsGathrFilms $251,73780---May 24Aug 4
319Oasis: SupersonicA24 $242,867106$16,8807%14Oct 26Nov 10
320The Family FangStarz Digital Media $240,06752$14,5066%1Apr 29Jun 30
321The InvitationDrafthouse Films $231,73731$67,87729.3%10Apr 8Jun 30
322The Love WitchOscilloscope $227,46222$17,9807.9%6Nov 11Apr 6
323TampopoJanus Films $224,0974$16,4107.3%1Oct 21Feb 16
324Miss HokusaiGKIDS $222,67084$24,52411%2Oct 14Nov 10
325Spirit of the GameThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $222,56527$45,58020.5%24Oct 7-
326Naam Hai AkiraFIP $219,40171$136,64462.3%71Sep 2Sep 15
327Jimmy Vestvood: Amerikan HeroSky Island Films $215,9346$60,86028.2%4May 13-
328Ho Mann JahaanEros International $208,61123$77,54837.2%19Jan 1Feb 7
329Seed: The Untold Story-$207,82535---Aug 22-
330KaptaanUTV Motion Pictures $203,79029$109,99354%29May 20Jun 2
331White GirlFilmRise $200,24216$34,05817%3Sep 2Oct 20
332The Fallen Idol
2016 Re-release
Rialto Pictures $199,6194$12,1366.1%2May 27Nov 24
333TickledMagnolia Pictures $198,60953$21,89811%2Jun 17Sep 29
334Complete UnknownIFC Films $191,76163$14,1497.4%2Aug 26Oct 2
335Digimon Adventure tri: ReunionEleven Arts $190,581457$163,00585.5%457Sep 15-
336The Masked SaintFreestyle Releasing $182,695482$123,83967.8%482Jan 8Jan 21
337League of GodsSony Pictures Releasing $181,63354$84,77946.7%54Jul 29Aug 18
338VivaMagnolia Pictures $178,00817$48,99527.5%14Apr 29Jun 30
339The WaveMagnolia Pictures $177,40437$60,32134%33Mar 4May 5
340AsuraCJ Entertainment $175,70228$21,25312.1%2Oct 7Nov 3
341Apparition Hill-$170,45726$4,1522.4%1Aug 5Nov 18
342Louder Than BombsThe Orchard $163,73740$24,25914.8%4Apr 8Jun 2
343Hieronymus Bosch, Touched by the DevilKino Lorber $163,0709---Jul 16Dec 8
344Beauty and the Beast
2016 Re-release
Janus Films $160,2153$8,2645.2%1Feb 12Feb 25
345The WitnessFilmRise $158,52715$14,5239.2%1Jun 3Jan 12
346Eva HesseZeitgeist Films $156,5297$12,7808.2%1Apr 27-
347The FitsOscilloscope $155,47420$10,6026.8%1Jun 3Sep 18
348Born to Be BlueEntertainment One $151,92623$14,0699.3%23Mar 4-
349Generation FoundGathrFilms $151,75122---Aug 29Dec 8
350KicksFocus World $150,19165$32,11121.4%3Sep 9Sep 29
351SeasonsMusic Box Films $150,09222$27,13418.1%13Nov 25Feb 23
352Michael Moore in TrumpLand-$149,09051$50,200-2Oct 19Oct 30
353Touched with FireRoadside Attractions $146,48767$16,81611.5%6Feb 12Mar 10
354KrishaA24 $144,82226$9,8806.8%2Mar 18Jun 2
355RamsCohen Media Group $139,02510$13,2899.6%3Feb 3Apr 21
356Psycho-Pass: The MovieFUNimation Entertainment $138,366161---Mar 15Mar 16
357The Kind WordsStrand Releasing $135,0408$8,5716.3%1Jun 24-
358TumbledownStarz Digital Media $135,02655$7,3315.4%2Feb 5Feb 28
359Ism-$134,16579$120,15589.6%79Oct 21Nov 2
360Sunset SongMagnolia Pictures $134,15919$12,9959.7%3May 13Aug 25
361The People vs. Fritz BauerCohen Media Group $133,99835$33,781-6Aug 19Sep 29
362Dawson City: Frozen TimeKino Lorber $132,3698---Oct 2Dec 7
363Requiem for the American DreamThe Film Collaborative $130,15214---Jan 29-
364The BronzeSony Pictures Classics $130,0001,167$386,328297.2%1,167Mar 18Apr 21
365The Brand New TestamentMusic Box Films $127,91017$10,4228.1%6Dec 9Feb 23
366Spirits' HomecomingPan Media & Entertainment $125,61617$10,0128%2Mar 11Apr 10
367A WarMagnolia Pictures $122,90230$9,0957.4%5Feb 12Apr 21
368Miss Sharon Jones!Starz Digital Media $120,88012$10,3238.5%1Jul 29Oct 20
2016 Re-release
Film Movement $119,94510$13,68311.4%4Apr 22Aug 4
370Tale of TalesIFC Films $118,92515$8,8717.5%2Apr 22Jun 16
371ThreeWell Go USA Entertainment $118,59923$58,19649.1%23Jun 24Jul 28
372VictorCanZion Films $117,75512$38,59432.8%12Sep 15Mar 30
373Remember the GoalFive & Two Pictures $116,55777$70,13660.2%77Aug 26-
374Caged No MoreFreestyle Releasing $114,959116$69,37260.3%116Jan 22Feb 11
375Fire at SeaKino Lorber $112,2957---Sep 18-
376The Measure of a ManKino Lorber $112,1816$10,0118.9%2Apr 15Sep 15
377Elevator to the Gallows
2016 Re-release
Rialto Pictures $111,2675$14,33412.9%1Aug 3Dec 22
378Zero DaysMagnolia Pictures $109,64920$49,11044.8%18Jul 8Aug 4
379Chimes at MidnightJanus Films $108,6134$13,63012.5%2Jan 1Mar 24
380Best Worst Thing That Ever Could Have Happened...Abramorama $106,9867$23,49022%2Nov 18Jan 15
381Aferim!Big World Pictures $106,5978$15,89214.9%5Jan 22-
2016 Re-release
Janus Films $106,4945$18,53217.4%3Sep 2Oct 6
383Until Forever
2016 Re-release
CanZion Films $105,35812$26,68725.3%12Nov 17Dec 7
384Under the SunIcarus Films $104,8666$15,45414.7%2Jul 6Feb 26
385DictatorEros International $104,73419$30,59329.2%19Jan 13Jan 28
386DemonThe Orchard $104,03824$13,02312.5%3Sep 9Nov 3
387Puerto Ricans in ParisFocus World $102,89041$26,67425.9%41Jun 10Jun 16
388TowerKino Lorber $101,98713---Sep 28-
389Our Last TangoStrand Releasing $100,0866$6,5506.5%1Apr 15Jul 28
390Rock On 2Eros International $98,86897$81,02382%97Nov 11Nov 17
391Howards End
2016 Re-release
Cohen Media Group $98,35510$23,84024.2%2Aug 26Sep 29
392Seondal: The Man Who Sells the RiverCJ Entertainment $97,4777$36,41537.4%7Jul 14Aug 7
393So Young 2: Never GoneChina Lion Film Distribution $96,42121$52,13454.1%21Jul 15Jul 28
394The Fight WithinGVN Releasing $94,326103$57,12460.6%103Aug 12-
395CamerapersonJanus Films $94,2667$12,76013.5%1Sep 9Dec 8
396New York New YorkChina Lion Film Distribution $92,37716$42,23945.7%16Apr 15May 12
397Other PeopleVertical Entertainment $91,44112$36,99740.5%12Sep 9Oct 13
398The ClanFIP $90,76719$12,51913.8%3Mar 18Apr 14
399So, I Married an Anti-FanChina Lion Film Distribution $89,40822$58,76765.7%22Jul 1Jul 17
400Fireworks Wednesday
2016 Re-release
Grasshopper Film $88,5815$6,1326.9%1Mar 18-
401Ocean WavesGKIDS $87,73817$4,9425.6%1Dec 28Mar 2
402Sand StormKino Lorber $86,8006$6,8497.9%2Sep 28Nov 10
403My Love, Don't Cross That River
2016 Re-release
Film Movement $86,4466$6,3407.3%2Jun 17Oct 23
404Author: The JT LeRoy StoryMagnolia Pictures $85,99927$23,41327.2%5Sep 9Oct 27
405Cock and BullChina Lion Film Distribution $82,77812$33,23140.1%12Sep 16Oct 13
406A Street Cat Named Bob-$82,70324$32,88739.8%24Nov 18Dec 22
407Mountains May DepartKino Lorber $82,26012$5,5506.7%1Feb 12Jul 28
408Vita Activa: The Spirit of Hannah ArendtZeitgeist Films $82,1434$13,24416.1%1Apr 6Jun 2
409King CobraIFC Films $81,75717$11,62414.2%1Oct 21Dec 8
410Los SuresOscilloscope $81,1862$26,08832.1%1Apr 15-
411My Best Friend's WeddingSony Pictures Releasing $78,57837$39,98450.9%37Aug 12Sep 1
412Sky on fireWell Go USA Entertainment $78,36621$39,58950.5%21Dec 2Dec 22
413Sweet BeanKino Lorber $78,2116$4,6305.9%1Mar 18Sep 15
414Saala KhadoosUTV Motion Pictures $76,93170$76,931100%70Jan 29Jan 31
415Colliding DreamsInternational Film Circuit $76,64714$16,43821.4%4Mar 4-
416Sword MasterWell Go USA Entertainment $75,52629$40,11353.1%29Dec 9Dec 22
417DancerIFC Films $71,91710$7,1409.9%1Sep 9Oct 9
418Don't Blink - Robert FrankGrasshopper Film $71,6614$10,38214.5%1Jul 15Dec 15
419The CongressmanShadow Distribution $71,45113$14,26020%3Apr 29Jun 9
420Do Not ResistVanish Films $71,1958$7,150-1Sep 30Feb 2
421Norman Lear: Just Another Version of YouMusic Box Films $70,9506$16,91223.8%2Jul 8Aug 18
422For the Love of SpockGravitas Ventures $70,45538---Sep 9Dec 29
423Sweet 20CJ Entertainment $70,3096$24,71535.2%4Mar 11Apr 28
424The Dark HorseBroad Green Pictures $67,53310$8,15212.1%2Apr 1May 19
425Phantom DetectiveCJ Entertainment $67,05415$7,80411.6%1May 11Jun 16
426Max RosePaladin $66,68029$4,000-1Sep 2Oct 20
427King GeorgesIFC Films $66,17510$15,03122.7%4Feb 26Mar 24
2016 Re-release
Rialto Pictures $66,0975$11,46217.3%1Feb 26Jun 26
429Microbe & GasolineScreen Media Films $63,8029$11,88218.6%2Jul 1Aug 11
430The Tenth ManKino Lorber $63,5644---Jul 29Nov 24
431TrappedAbramorama $63,2418$17,62627.9%3Mar 4Mar 31
432Creative ControlMagnolia Pictures $63,01472$6,96411.1%3Mar 11-
433In a Valley of ViolenceFocus World $61,79733$29,34347.5%33Oct 21Nov 3
434Mifune: The Last SamuraiStrand Releasing $61,7519$4,2967%1Nov 25Mar 16
435Time RenegadesCJ Entertainment $59,42511$6,06810.2%1Apr 15-
436Vanishing Time: A Boy Who ReturnedDreamwest Pictures $57,75917$4,1567.2%2Nov 18Dec 9
437Pelé: Birth of a LegendIFC Films $57,04619$7,22612.7%3May 13Jun 9
438The Battle of Algiers
2016 Re-release
Rialto Pictures $56,8537$13,53623.8%3Oct 7Jan 16
439Dongju: The Portrait of a PoetCJ Entertainment $56,5505$17,72431.3%5Apr 1Apr 24
440The Lovers & the DespotMagnolia Pictures $55,51113$14,92526.9%8Sep 23Nov 3
441Voyage of Time: The IMAX ExperienceIMAX $55,40915$55,409100%15Oct 7Oct 9
442Regression-$55,039100$33,91561.6%100Feb 5Feb 25
443Clown-$55,007100$26,92048.9%100Jun 17Jun 30
444Diary of a ChambermaidCohen Media Group $54,2359$10,05318.5%2Jun 10Jul 4
445My KingFilm Movement $54,11411$6,27311.6%1Aug 12Nov 17
446High StrungPaladin $53,447100$40,70876.2%100Apr 8Apr 14
447The ClubMusic Box Films $52,76114$6,51412.3%2Feb 5Mar 10
448My Annoying BrotherCJ Entertainment $51,9962---Dec 23-
449Being 17Strand Releasing $51,9107$8,83817%2Oct 7Dec 29
450DisorderIFC Films $51,8798$11,69922.6%2Aug 12Sep 5
451Cemetery of SplendorStrand Releasing $51,3376$7,78015.2%2Mar 4Jun 9
452Like for LikesCJ Entertainment $50,83918$25,10749.4%18Feb 26Mar 20
453The TakeHigh Top Releasing $50,269100$41,54682.6%100Nov 18Nov 22
454In Order of Disappearance
2016 Re-release
Magnolia Pictures $50,25110$5,20810.4%2Aug 26Sep 22
455The TreasureSundance Selects $50,2035$13,62427.1%3Jan 8Feb 18
456FatimaKino Lorber $50,1054$6,22112.4%1Aug 26Nov 17
457In the Shadow of WomenDistrib Films $49,9294$10,43120.9%2Jan 15Apr 10
458Les CowboysCohen Media Group $49,75912$13,17826.5%4Jun 24Jul 17
459Land of MineSony Pictures Classics $47,72640---Dec 16May 25
460Ma maOscilloscope $47,25811$8,87418.8%1May 20Jun 23
461Raiders!: The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever MadeDrafthouse Films $47,15327$26,05955.3%24Jun 17Aug 25
462Command and ControlAmerican Experience Films $46,6036$5,385-1Sep 14Oct 20
463The UnknownsGathrFilms $45,83121---May 30Jul 28
464Girl AsleepOscilloscope $45,65024$2,5675.6%1Sep 23Nov 3
4653 Weeks in Yerevan-$45,5364$29,24564.2%3Sep 16Sep 25
466We Are XDrafthouse Films $45,27012$7,52616.6%1Oct 21Dec 8
467TannaLightyear Entertainment $45,18810$5,71112.6%2Sep 16Feb 5
468A Melody to RememberCJ Entertainment $44,26313---Jan 29-
469Nuts!Cartuna $44,2307---Jun 22Oct 6
470The Greasy StranglerFilmRise $44,22811$22,50050.9%11Oct 7May 18
471Danny SaysMagnolia Pictures $44,21316$11,24425.4%16Sep 30Nov 17
472Phantom of the TheatreWell Go USA Entertainment $43,95526$21,00147.8%26May 6May 15
473The LandIFC Films $43,75613$17,95841%2Jul 29Aug 25
474MastizaadeEros International $43,40346$29,87868.8%46Jan 29Feb 7
475Morris from AmericaA24 $42,23520$15,67337.1%2Aug 19Oct 6
476L'attesaOscilloscope $41,3929$5,68613.7%2Apr 29Jul 7
477Wild Oats-$40,598100$21,55453.1%100Sep 16Sep 22
478Closet MonsterStrand Releasing $40,28211$6,11815.2%1Sep 23Dec 8
479Is That a Gun in Your Pocket?Area 23a $39,9287$10,42226.1%2Sep 16Oct 13
480The Homeless BillionaireHannover House $39,4931$19,77150.1%1Jun 17Jun 23
481La NotteRialto Pictures $39,2362$10,54726.9%2Sep 14Dec 18
482Restored MeGathrFilms $38,7459---Jun 6Jul 28
483Band of Outsiders
2016 Re-release
Rialto Pictures $38,0042$13,25234.9%2May 6Aug 11
484Come What MayCohen Media Group $37,7666$9,73825.8%2Sep 9Sep 29
485Spa NightStrand Releasing $37,5342$7,05618.8%1Aug 19Dec 8
486Trust FundTransatlantic $36,8854$18,02348.9%4Jan 8Feb 11
487Until ForeverLinn Productions $35,8398$12,44534.7%5Feb 12Mar 10
488Catching the SunThe Film Collaborative $35,61814---Apr 1May 12
489SoldMatson Films $35,5999$5,07014.2%1Apr 1-
490SummertimeStrand Releasing $35,3226$15,41343.6%6Jul 22Oct 6
491Mr. RightFocus World $34,69435$25,36973.1%35Apr 8Apr 14
492Phantom BoyGKIDS $34,36217$4,35212.7%1Jul 15Aug 11
493Songs My Brothers Taught MeKino Lorber $34,3325$3,43010%1Mar 2Jun 2
494Sweet SixteenChina Lion Film Distribution $34,3279$21,43962.5%9Aug 19Sep 4
495Off the RailsThe Film Collaborative $34,2493$8,79525.7%1Nov 18Jan 5
496Last Cab to DarwinFirst Run $34,1934$6201.8%1Jun 10Oct 6
497Gosanja: Dae-dong-yeo Ji-doCJ Entertainment $34,0344$9,96229.3%4Sep 9Sep 29
498Presenting Princess ShawMagnolia Pictures $33,50812$4,81414.4%3May 27Aug 18
499Kill Me, DeadlyIndican Pictures $33,4373$11,60034.7%2Apr 1Mar 23
500EqualsA24 $33,25892$9,20627.7%2Jul 15Aug 4
501Multiple ManiacsJanus Films $33,0365$9,81429.7%1Aug 5Aug 18
502The InterventionThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $32,91917$23,31670.8%17Aug 26Sep 1
503Monster HuntFilmRise $32,76645$21,07464.3%45Jan 22Jan 28
504No Home MovieIcarus Films $32,7575---Feb 18-
505Rurouni Kenshin Part I: Origins
2016 Re-release
FUNimation Entertainment $32,44527---Aug 8Aug 10
506AnesthesiaIFC Films $32,1637$6,74721%1Jan 8Feb 18
507Under the ShadowVertical Entertainment $31,90014$13,56542.5%14Oct 7Oct 27
508Germans & JewsFirst Run $31,8982$5,02415.8%1Jun 10Sep 22
509Paths of the SoulIcarus Films $31,7473$2,7808.8%1May 13-
510Rio, I Love You
2016 Re-release
Screen Media Films $31,73015---Apr 15-
511The Last Man on the MoonGravitas Ventures $30,88014$30,880-13Feb 26Apr 7
512The Son of JosephKino Lorber $30,5883---Sep 29Apr 13
513Being CharliePaladin $30,40014$11,87239.1%4May 6Jun 2
514De PalmaA24 $30,35519$30,355100%3Jun 10Aug 7
515For a Few BulletsChina Lion Film Distribution $30,14215$17,13856.9%15Jul 22Aug 4
516From AfarStrand Releasing $30,0433$5,13617.1%1Jun 8Sep 1
517The Seventh FireFilm Movement $29,6563$8,27727.9%2Jul 22Dec 8
518The Best Democracy Money Can BuyCinema Libre Studio $29,5004$9,51132.2%1Sep 23Nov 10
519The Dog Wedding25th Frame $29,4952$12,13241.1%1Mar 11May 5
520The Last PrincessCJ Entertainment $29,2591$11,60739.7%1Sep 9Sep 22
521Time to ChooseAbramorama $29,2339$12,23341.8%6Jun 3-
522As I Open My EyesKino Lorber $28,4805$4,18914.7%1Sep 8Dec 15
523The Seasons in Quincy: Four Portraits of John BergerIcarus Films $28,4562$5,30418.6%1Aug 31May 12
524Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to CatastropheCinema Libre Studio $28,33995$28,339100%1Apr 1Sep 22
525Troublemakers: The Story of Land ArtFirst Run $28,3165$5,42419.2%4Jan 8May 5
526Eisenstein in Guanajuato
2015 Re-release
Strand Releasing $28,1875$9,82334.8%4Feb 5-
527Rabin, the Last DayKino Lorber $27,9415$7,94028.4%1Jan 29Jun 16
528Kaili BluesGrasshopper Film $27,4774$4,16415.2%1May 20Jan 24
529Men & ChickenDrafthouse Films $27,44411$2,6549.7%2Apr 22Jun 30
530The Eyes of My MotherMagnolia Pictures $27,09917$8,90832.9%5Dec 2Jan 5
531BlackwayElectric Entertainment $27,07911$16,45860.8%11Jun 10Jun 16
532Unlocking the CageFirst Run $26,9503$3,70813.8%1May 25Sep 29
533Take Me to the RiverFilm Movement $26,80111$1,5095.6%1Mar 18Jun 2
534Valley of LoveStrand Releasing $26,7975$9,84936.8%2Mar 25-
535Papa-$26,67720$14,64454.9%20Mar 18-
536Front CoverStrand Releasing $26,4093$6,90726.2%1Aug 5Oct 6
537GurukulamMatson Films $25,65111---Jun 3-
538ChevalierStrand Releasing $25,5547$5,96823.4%3May 27Sep 1
539BanjoEros International $25,53130$18,32071.8%30Sep 23Oct 6
540The New Year's Eve of Old LeeChina Lion Film Distribution $25,3586$15,51961.2%6Feb 12Feb 25
541Neon BullKino Lorber $25,3474$6,41325.3%1Apr 8Jul 24
542Disturbing the PeaceAbramorama $25,2872$10,90743.1%2Nov 11Nov 24
543EvolutionIFC Films $24,7709$6,927-3Nov 25Dec 22
544Sudden FearCohen Media Group $24,47625$11,12645.5%13Aug 12Aug 25
545SouthboundThe Orchard $23,66525$6,250-4Feb 5Feb 14
546A Monster with a Thousand HeadsMusic Box Films $23,6165$3,90016.5%2May 11Jul 14
547How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can't Change-$23,5954$5,80024.6%1Apr 20-
548The Hill Chris Climbed: The Gridiron Heroes StoryIndican Pictures $23,4875--5Apr 15Jan 12
549Right Now, Wrong ThenGrasshopper Film $23,3932$5,29122.6%2Jun 24-
550HarmonyFUNimation Entertainment $23,24847$7603.3%3May 17-
551LoloFilmRise $23,1318$4,24218.3%1Mar 11Jun 2
552GoatThe Film Arcade $23,02020$23,020-20Sep 23-
553Generation StartupLong Shot Factory $22,2711$5,75625.8%1Sep 23Oct 16
554ReparationRed Dirt Pictures $22,2674$2,64911.9%1Sep 4Oct 6
555The Black DoveIndican Pictures $22,2373$7,12432%2Aug 12-
556Sanam Teri KasamEros International $22,12132$22,121100%32Feb 5-
557Kate Plays ChristineGrasshopper Film $22,0603$6,17528%1Aug 26Dec 15
558Daughters of the Dust
2016 Re-release
Cohen Media Group $21,6924$10,842-1Nov 18Dec 11
559The FiancéIndican Pictures $21,6314$4,81222.2%4Nov 11Mar 16
560Blue JayThe Orchard $21,6263$5,15923.9%1Oct 7Nov 3
561Thank You for Your ServiceGathrFilms $21,4974$3441.6%1Oct 7Dec 8
562Kamikaze 89Film Movement $21,2772$5,61326.4%1Jun 3Nov 17
563Term LifeFocus World $21,25650$13,04061.3%50Apr 29May 5
564Already Tomorrow in Hong KongGravitas Ventures $21,20611$14,96670.6%10Feb 12Feb 21
565Almost HolyThe Orchard $21,14210$4,19519.8%5May 20-
566Band of RobbersGravitas Ventures $20,55511$14,82772.1%11Jan 15Jan 21
567Love Me TrueIndican Pictures $20,1004$5,75928.7%2Aug 12-
568No Pay, NudityMonterey Media $20,0178$3,22116.1%3Nov 11Dec 18
569This Last Lonely PlaceIndican Pictures $19,9904$6,08930.5%2Aug 12Jan 12
570Art Bastard-$19,6002$19,600-2Jun 3-
571Be Here NowTugg $19,51011$13,57769.6%11Apr 8May 5
572Hunter GathererMatson Films $19,46221---Nov 18-
573NeverIndican Pictures $19,4314$4,31222.2%2Aug 19Feb 2
574Revelation: Dawn of Global GovernmentRocky Mountain Pictures $19,1072$14,97578.4%2Apr 15-
575Search EnginesIndican Pictures $19,0336$3,04416%2Oct 14Jan 8
576The RomansIndican Pictures $18,9943$3,25617.1%1May 27-
577Ktown CowboysFreestyle Releasing