Domestic Box Office For 2015


RankRelease Distributor GrossMax ThOpening% of Total Open ThOpenClose
1Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force AwakensWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $936,660,0904,134$247,966,67526.5%4,134Dec 18Jun 2
2Jurassic WorldUniversal Pictures $652,270,6254,291$208,806,27032%4,274Jun 12Nov 19
3Avengers: Age of UltronWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $459,005,8684,276$191,271,10941.7%4,276May 1Oct 8
4Inside OutWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $356,461,7114,158$90,440,27225.4%3,946Jun 19Dec 10
5Furious 7Universal Pictures $353,007,0204,022$147,187,04041.7%4,004Apr 3Jul 24
6MinionsUniversal Pictures $336,045,7704,311$115,718,40534.4%4,301Jul 10Dec 17
7The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2Lionsgate $281,723,9024,175$102,665,98136.4%4,175Nov 20Feb 25
8The MartianTwentieth Century Fox $228,395,9473,854$54,308,57523.8%3,831Oct 2Mar 17
9SpectreSony Pictures Releasing $200,074,6093,929$70,403,14835.2%3,929Nov 6Apr 7
10CinderellaWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $197,998,8023,848$67,877,36134.3%3,845Mar 13Sep 17
11Mission: Impossible - Rogue NationParamount Pictures $195,042,3773,988$55,520,08928.5%3,956Jul 31Oct 29
12Pitch Perfect 2Universal Pictures $184,296,2303,660$69,216,89037.6%3,473May 15Jul 30
13The RevenantTwentieth Century Fox $183,609,4903,711$474,5600.3%4Dec 25May 26
14Ant-ManWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $180,202,1633,868$57,225,52631.8%3,856Jul 17Dec 17
15HomeTwentieth Century Fox $177,352,8793,801$52,107,73129.4%3,708Mar 27Sep 10
16Hotel Transylvania 2Sony Pictures Releasing $169,700,1103,768$48,464,32228.6%3,754Sep 25Mar 3
17Fifty Shades of GreyUniversal Pictures $166,167,2303,655$85,171,45051.3%3,646Feb 13May 7
18The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of WaterParamount Pictures $162,994,0323,680$55,365,01234%3,641Feb 6May 28
19Straight Outta ComptonUniversal Pictures $161,197,7853,142$60,200,18037.3%2,757Aug 14Oct 22
20San AndreasWarner Bros. $155,190,8323,812$54,588,17335.2%3,777May 29Oct 15
21Mad Max: Fury RoadWarner Bros. $153,636,3543,722$45,428,12829.6%3,702May 15Sep 24
22Daddy's HomeParamount Pictures $150,357,1373,483$38,740,20325.8%3,271Dec 25Apr 7
23InsurgentLionsgate $130,179,0723,875$52,263,68040.1%3,875Mar 20Jul 9
24The Peanuts MovieTwentieth Century Fox $130,081,6843,902$44,213,07334%3,897Nov 6Mar 31
25Kingsman: The Secret ServiceTwentieth Century Fox $128,219,5893,282$36,206,33128.2%3,204Feb 13Jul 9
26The Good DinosaurWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $119,317,7903,749$39,155,21732.8%3,749Nov 25Apr 7
27SpyTwentieth Century Fox $110,825,7123,715$29,085,71926.2%3,711Jun 5Oct 8
28TrainwreckUniversal Pictures $110,212,7003,171$30,097,04027.3%3,158Jul 17Oct 15
29CreedWarner Bros. $109,767,5813,502$29,632,82327%3,404Nov 25Mar 3
30TomorrowlandWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $91,304,7903,972$33,028,16536.2%3,972May 22Sep 17
31Get HardWarner Bros. $90,411,4533,212$33,803,25337.4%3,175Mar 27Jul 9
32Terminator GenisysParamount Pictures $89,760,9563,783$27,018,48630.1%3,758Jul 1Sep 17
33Taken 3Twentieth Century Fox $89,179,0523,594$39,201,65744%3,594Jan 9May 14
34SistersUniversal Pictures $87,044,6452,978$13,922,85516%2,962Dec 18Mar 10
35Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road ChipTwentieth Century Fox $85,833,7313,705$14,287,15916.6%3,653Dec 18May 19
36Maze Runner: The Scorch TrialsTwentieth Century Fox $81,670,0903,792$30,316,51037.1%3,791Sep 18Jan 21
37Ted 2Universal Pictures $81,476,3853,448$33,507,87041.1%3,442Jun 26Aug 27
38GoosebumpsSony Pictures Releasing $80,080,3793,618$23,618,55629.5%3,501Oct 16Feb 18
39PixelsSony Pictures Releasing $78,747,5853,723$24,011,61630.5%3,723Jul 24Nov 8
40Paddington-$76,271,8323,355$18,966,67624.9%3,303Jan 16Jun 18
41The InternWarner Bros. $75,764,6723,320$17,728,31323.4%3,305Sep 25Jan 7
42Bridge of SpiesWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $71,083,4262,873$15,371,20321.6%2,811Oct 16Mar 10
43Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2Sony Pictures Releasing $71,038,1903,633$23,762,43533.5%3,633Apr 17Aug 2
44The Big ShortParamount Pictures $70,259,8702,529$705,5271%8Dec 11Apr 7
45War Room-$67,790,1171,945$11,351,38916.7%1,135Aug 28Dec 13
46Magic Mike XXLWarner Bros. $66,013,0573,376$12,857,18419.5%3,355Jul 1Sep 24
47The VisitUniversal Pictures $65,206,1053,148$25,427,56039%3,069Sep 11Nov 26
48The Wedding RingerScreen Gems $64,460,2113,003$20,649,30632%3,003Jan 16Apr 5
49Black MassWarner Bros. $62,575,6783,188$22,635,03736.2%3,188Sep 18Dec 3
50VacationWarner Bros. $58,884,1883,430$14,681,10824.9%3,411Jul 29Oct 29
51The Perfect GuyScreen Gems $57,027,4352,230$25,888,15445.4%2,221Sep 11Dec 3
52JoyTwentieth Century Fox $56,384,9282,924$17,015,16830.2%2,896Dec 25Mar 17
53Fantastic FourTwentieth Century Fox $56,051,7124,004$25,685,73745.8%3,995Aug 7Oct 22
54The Hateful EightThe Weinstein Company $54,117,4162,938$4,610,6768.5%100Dec 25Apr 28
55FocusWarner Bros. $53,862,9633,323$18,685,13734.7%3,323Feb 27May 7
56SouthpawThe Weinstein Company $52,421,9532,772$16,701,29431.9%2,772Jul 24Nov 5
57Insidious: Chapter 3Focus Features $52,218,5583,014$22,692,74143.5%3,002Jun 5Aug 13
58Jupiter AscendingWarner Bros. $47,387,7233,181$18,372,37238.8%3,181Feb 6May 7
59PoltergeistTwentieth Century Fox $47,363,5943,242$22,620,38647.8%3,240May 22Aug 6
60SicarioLionsgate $46,889,2932,620$401,2880.9%6Sep 18Jan 14
61The Man from U.N.C.L.E.Warner Bros. $45,445,1093,673$13,421,03629.5%3,638Aug 14Oct 22
62SpotlightOpen Road Films (II) $45,055,7761,227$295,0090.7%5Nov 6May 5
63McFarland, USAWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $44,076,2632,792$11,020,79825%2,755Feb 20Jul 9
64The GiftSTX Entertainment $43,787,2652,503$11,854,27327.1%2,503Aug 7Oct 9
65EverestUniversal Pictures $43,482,2703,009$7,222,03516.6%545Sep 18Nov 26
66The Night BeforeSony Pictures Releasing $43,047,3722,960$9,880,53623%2,960Nov 20Jan 14
67KrampusUniversal Pictures $42,725,4752,919$16,293,32538.1%2,902Dec 4Jan 21
68MaxWarner Bros. $42,656,2552,870$12,155,25428.5%2,855Jun 26Oct 15
69The Age of AdalineLionsgate $42,629,7763,070$13,203,45831%2,991Apr 24Jul 9
70BrooklynFox Searchlight Pictures $38,219,804962$187,2810.5%5Nov 4May 26
71The Longest RideTwentieth Century Fox $37,421,8663,371$13,019,68634.8%3,366Apr 10Jul 9
72The Boy Next DoorUniversal Pictures $35,423,3802,615$14,910,10542.1%2,602Jan 23Mar 12
73PanWarner Bros. $35,088,3203,515$15,315,43543.6%3,515Oct 9Jan 7
74Hot PursuitWarner Bros. $34,580,2013,037$13,942,25840.3%3,003May 8Jul 30
75ConcussionSony Pictures Releasing $34,542,4742,841$10,513,74930.4%2,841Dec 25Mar 17
76The DuffLionsgate $34,030,3432,622$10,809,14931.8%2,575Feb 20May 14
77Woman in GoldThe Weinstein Company $33,307,7932,011$2,091,5516.3%258Apr 1Aug 13
78The Second Best Exotic Marigold HotelFox Searchlight Pictures $33,021,2382,022$8,540,37025.9%1,573Mar 6Jun 25
79UnfriendedUniversal Pictures $32,482,0902,775$15,845,11548.8%2,739Apr 17May 28
80EntourageWarner Bros. $32,363,4043,108$10,283,25031.8%3,108Jun 3Aug 13
81Paper TownsTwentieth Century Fox $32,000,3043,031$12,650,14039.5%3,031Jul 24Oct 15
82ChappieSony Pictures Releasing $31,569,2683,201$13,346,78242.3%3,201Mar 6May 3
83Crimson PeakUniversal Pictures $31,090,3202,991$13,143,31042.3%2,984Oct 16Nov 26
84A Walk in the WoodsBroad Green Pictures $29,504,2812,158$8,246,26727.9%1,960Sep 2Dec 20
85Point BreakWarner Bros. $28,782,4812,910$9,800,25234%2,910Dec 25Feb 25
86Sinister 2Focus Features $27,740,9552,799$10,542,11638%2,766Aug 21Oct 29
87The Last Witch HunterLionsgate $27,367,6603,082$10,812,86139.5%3,082Oct 23Dec 31
88No EscapeThe Weinstein Company $27,288,8723,415$8,111,26429.7%3,355Aug 26Nov 26
89Ricki and the Flash-$26,822,1442,064$6,610,96124.6%1,603Aug 7Oct 11
90The Woman in Black 2: Angel of DeathRelativity Media $26,501,3232,602$15,027,41556.7%2,602Jan 2Mar 19
91Run All NightWarner Bros. $26,461,6443,171$11,012,30541.6%3,171Mar 13May 7
92Love the CoopersLionsgate $26,302,7312,603$8,317,54531.6%2,603Nov 13Jan 14
93The Lazarus EffectRelativity Media $25,801,5702,666$10,203,43739.5%2,666Feb 27Jun 11
94In the Heart of the SeaWarner Bros. $25,020,7583,103$11,053,36644.2%3,103Dec 11Feb 11
95The GallowsWarner Bros. $22,764,4102,720$9,808,46343.1%2,720Jul 10Sep 17
96Hitman: Agent 47Twentieth Century Fox $22,457,6593,273$8,326,53037.1%3,261Aug 21Oct 15
97Project AlmanacParamount Pictures $22,348,2412,900$8,310,25237.2%2,893Jan 30Mar 26
98Black or WhiteRelativity Media $21,571,1891,823$6,213,36228.8%1,823Jan 30May 14
99AlohaSony Pictures Releasing $20,482,4562,815$9,670,23547.2%2,815May 29Jul 30
100Secret in Their EyesSTX Entertainment $20,180,1552,392$6,652,99633%2,392Nov 20Jan 14
101Ex MachinaA24 $19,556,1312,004$237,2641.2%4Apr 10Sep 3
102Shaun the Sheep MovieLionsgate $19,375,9822,360$4,038,96220.8%2,320Aug 5Oct 22
103Still AliceSony Pictures Classics $18,754,3711,318$197,0001.1%12Jan 16May 21
104Paranormal Activity: The Ghost DimensionParamount Pictures $18,300,1241,656$8,070,49344.1%1,656Oct 23Nov 24
105Steve JobsUniversal Pictures $17,766,6582,493$521,5222.9%4Oct 9Dec 13
106Mr. HolmesRoadside Attractions $17,737,646898$2,434,90813.7%361Jul 17Nov 5
107DopeOpen Road Films (II) $17,506,4702,002$6,100,01034.8%2,002Jun 19Sep 17
108Seventh SonUniversal Pictures $17,223,2652,875$7,217,64041.9%2,875Feb 6Mar 19
109The Transporter RefueledEuropaCorp $16,029,6703,434$7,355,62245.9%3,434Sep 4Nov 19
110Monkey KingdomWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $15,867,1562,012$4,577,86128.9%2,012Apr 17Jul 23
111RoomA24 $14,677,654862$118,2980.8%4Oct 16Apr 24
112It FollowsRADiUS-TWC $14,674,0761,655$160,0891.1%4Mar 13Jun 25
113American UltraLionsgate $14,440,9852,778$5,454,28437.8%2,778Aug 21Oct 8
114WoodlawnPure Flix Entertainment $14,394,0971,553$4,002,22627.8%1,553Oct 16Feb 11
115BurntThe Weinstein Company $13,651,9463,003$5,002,52136.6%3,003Oct 30Feb 11
116Do You Believe?Pure Flix Entertainment $12,985,6001,356$3,591,28227.7%1,320Mar 20Jun 25
117CarolThe Weinstein Company $12,711,491790$253,5102%4Nov 20Mar 31
118Love & MercyRoadside Attractions $12,551,031791$2,122,17716.9%481Jun 5Oct 1
119Hot Tub Time Machine 2Paramount Pictures $12,314,6512,901$5,963,32448.4%2,880Feb 20Mar 26
120Self/lessFocus Features $12,279,6912,353$5,403,46044%2,353Jul 10Aug 27
121The 33Warner Bros. $12,227,7222,452$5,787,26647.3%2,452Nov 13Jan 21
122Far from the Madding CrowdFox Searchlight Pictures $12,140,679902$164,9851.4%10May 1Aug 13
123Strange MagicWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $11,937,5163,020$5,504,44146.1%3,020Jan 23Apr 16
124The Danish GirlFocus Features $11,114,018794$187,3181.7%4Nov 27Mar 17
125The GunmanOpen Road Films (II) $10,664,7492,816$5,028,70247.2%2,816Mar 20Apr 30
126Unfinished BusinessTwentieth Century Fox $10,204,3582,777$4,772,61346.8%2,777Mar 6Apr 16
127The Walk-$10,137,5022,509$1,560,29915.4%448Sep 30Nov 8
128Huevos: Little Rooster's Egg-cellent AdventureLionsgate $9,080,818616$3,424,70237.7%395Sep 4Oct 22
129AmyA24 $8,413,144435$222,5002.6%6Jul 3Jan 14
130Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F'FUNimation Entertainment $8,008,363913$1,817,93722.7%183Aug 4Aug 17
131BlackhatUniversal Pictures $8,005,9802,568$3,901,81548.7%2,567Jan 16Feb 5
132TrumboBleecker Street Media $7,857,741660$74,1770.9%5Nov 6Mar 3
133MortdecaiLionsgate $7,696,1342,648$4,200,58654.6%2,648Jan 23Feb 19
134I'll See You in My DreamsBleecker Street Media $7,449,681290$52,0910.7%3May 15Sep 10
135While We're YoungA24 $7,375,215762$227,6883.1%4Mar 27Jun 28
136Bajrangi BhaijaanEros International $7,353,565257$2,425,000-257Jul 17Sep 10
137The Green InfernoBH Tilt $7,192,2911,543$3,520,62648.9%1,540Sep 25Nov 5
138Our Brand Is CrisisWarner Bros. $7,002,2612,202$3,238,43346.2%2,202Oct 30Dec 17
139GrandmaSony Pictures Classics $6,980,5241,061$115,5401.7%4Aug 21Mar 3
140Baahubali: The BeginningBlue Sky Cinema $6,738,000236$3,575,000-236Jul 9Jul 23
141Me and Earl and the Dying GirlFox Searchlight Pictures $6,601,163870$196,4963%15Jun 12Sep 10
142Bajirao MastaniEros International $6,557,047304$1,744,97526.6%304Dec 18Feb 7
143Little BoyOpen Road Films (II) $6,485,9611,045$2,750,35642.4%1,045Apr 24Jun 18
144The LoftOpen Road Films (II) $6,002,6841,841$2,747,34245.8%1,841Jan 30Feb 26
145Victor FrankensteinTwentieth Century Fox $5,775,0762,797$2,469,34142.8%2,797Nov 25Dec 31
146Danny CollinsBleecker Street Media $5,637,066739$72,4591.3%5Mar 20Jun 4
147DilwaleUTV Motion Pictures $4,871,263268$1,920,40239.4%268Dec 17Jan 21
14890 Minutes in HeavenThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $4,791,548899$2,035,27342.5%878Sep 11Nov 1
149True StoryFox Searchlight Pictures $4,708,938856$1,950,21441.4%831Apr 17Jun 4
150SuffragetteFocus Features $4,702,420517$76,2441.6%4Oct 23Jan 14
15145 YearsIFC Films $4,247,285251$65,7751.5%3Dec 23Apr 7
152The Water DivinerWarner Bros. $4,196,641385$1,220,33529.1%320Apr 24Jul 1
153Irrational ManSony Pictures Classics $4,030,360925$175,3124.3%7Jul 17Nov 5
154Prem Ratan Dhan PayoFIP $3,961,221287$2,425,58561.2%287Nov 12Dec 3
155AnomalisaParamount Pictures $3,759,286573$135,2223.6%4Dec 30Mar 24
156Scouts Guide to the Zombie ApocalypseParamount Pictures $3,703,0461,509$1,841,00749.7%1,509Oct 30Nov 19
157A la malaLionsgate $3,629,842384$1,402,11838.6%384Feb 27Apr 2
158Spare PartsLionsgate $3,618,912440$1,335,76836.9%440Jan 16Mar 5
159We Are Your FriendsWarner Bros. $3,591,4172,333$1,767,30849.2%2,333Aug 28Sep 24
160What We Do in the Shadows-$3,469,224154$88,9402.6%5Feb 13Nov 12
161Learning to DriveBroad Green Pictures $3,447,633339$66,0151.9%4Aug 21Nov 26
162PhoenixIFC Films $3,184,472197$30,2961%2Jul 24Nov 15
163Dil Dhadakne DoEros International $3,066,100238$1,326,26743.3%238Jun 5Jul 12
164LadronesLionsgate $3,063,505375$1,411,03146.1%375Oct 9Nov 19
165Rock the KasbahOpen Road Films (II) $3,020,6642,012$1,470,59248.7%2,012Oct 23Nov 26
166The End of the TourA24 $3,002,884355$123,2384.1%4Jul 31Dec 24
167Wild TalesSony Pictures Classics $2,966,000122$85,1002.9%4Feb 20Jul 12
168Chi-RaqRoadside Attractions $2,653,032305$1,198,45345.2%305Dec 4Jan 28
169YouthFox Searchlight Pictures $2,595,205149$78,0853%4Dec 4Mar 10
170He Named Me MalalaFox Searchlight Pictures $2,587,248477$61,8082.4%4Oct 2Dec 24
171CaptiveParamount Pictures $2,583,301807$1,393,24353.9%806Sep 18Oct 8
172TruthSony Pictures Classics $2,541,8541,122$66,2322.6%6Oct 16Feb 11
173Mistress AmericaFox Searchlight Pictures $2,500,431512$93,2063.7%4Aug 14Nov 12
174Pawn SacrificeBleecker Street Media $2,436,633781$202,0538.3%33Sep 16Dec 17
175The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2015: Live ActionShorts International $2,412,593280$416,85017.3%118Jan 30Mar 19
176MeruMusic Box Films $2,334,228176$91,2793.9%7Aug 14Nov 19
177My All-AmericanClarius Entertainment $2,246,0001,565$1,365,00060.8%1,565Nov 13Nov 29
178Jem and the HologramsUniversal Pictures $2,184,6402,417$1,375,32063%2,413Oct 23Nov 5
179TamashaUTV Motion Pictures $2,065,487182$1,006,05948.7%182Nov 25Dec 10
180CakeCinelou Films $1,951,776482$916,17946.9%482Jan 23Feb 19
181Old FashionedFreestyle Releasing $1,914,090298$38,9652%3Feb 6Mar 19
182AssassinationWell Go USA Entertainment $1,904,68233$287,70015.1%33Aug 7Oct 4
183Game of Thrones Season 4 FinaleWarner Bros. $1,896,092205$1,464,93277.3%205Jan 30Feb 5
184LegendUniversal Pictures $1,872,994107$86,8364.6%4Nov 20Jan 7
185Clouds of Sils MariaIFC Films $1,851,517187$61,8103.3%3Apr 10Jul 16
186Testament of YouthSony Pictures Classics $1,822,250104$53,000-4Jun 5Oct 15
187Piku-$1,801,807124$941,49052.3%119May 8May 17
188The Vatican TapesLionsgate $1,784,763427$832,27146.6%427Jul 24Aug 20
189Son of SaulSony Pictures Classics $1,777,043180$37,9302.1%3Dec 18May 19
190Meet the PatelsAlchemy $1,700,681101$72,1804.2%5Sep 11Dec 10
191Back To The Future Day
Triple Bill
Universal Home Video $1,650,0001,815---Oct 21Oct 21
192The LettersFreestyle Releasing $1,647,416886$700,68342.5%886Dec 4Jan 28
193The Diary of a Teenage GirlSony Pictures Classics $1,477,002795$52,3343.5%4Aug 7Oct 25
194IAascar Film $1,449,232222$771,31253.2%222Jan 13Jan 19
195Infinitely Polar BearSony Pictures Classics $1,430,655110$47,000-5Jun 19Oct 15
196Mr. SixChina Lion Film Distribution $1,415,45032$332,11723.5%30Dec 24Jan 31
19799 HomesBroad Green Pictures $1,411,927691$32,2532.3%2Sep 25Nov 26
198Welcome BackEros International $1,388,365135$714,23551.4%135Sep 4Oct 4
199The Cokeville MiracleExcel Entertainment $1,348,45651$159,46811.8%51Jun 5Oct 11
200Lost in Hong KongWell Go USA Entertainment $1,302,28134$537,73641.3%28Sep 25Oct 18
201The WolfpackMagnolia Pictures $1,301,69694$43,9203.4%2Jun 12Oct 15
202Goodbye Mr. LoserChina Lion Film Distribution $1,293,62640$363,94928.1%22Oct 9Nov 26
203Tanu Weds Manu ReturnsEros International $1,271,751136$1,006,47679.1%136May 22Jul 12
204'71Roadside Attractions $1,270,847121$55,7614.4%4Feb 27May 7
205Mojin - The Lost LegendWell Go USA Entertainment $1,243,81027$279,97422.5%22Dec 18Jan 17
206Beyond the MaskGathrFilms $1,236,094181$18,8011.5%17Apr 6Aug 20
207Child 44Lionsgate $1,224,330510$621,81250.8%510Apr 17May 14
208VeteranCJ Entertainment $1,200,62746$371,75431%46Sep 18Oct 22
209The Salt of the EarthSony Pictures Classics $1,175,00080$44,9003.8%4Mar 27Aug 9
210Black SeaFocus Features $1,171,559353$37,6753.2%5Jan 23Feb 26
211Miss You AlreadyRoadside Attractions $1,162,653384$552,50647.5%384Nov 6Nov 22
212Where Hope GrowsRoadside Attractions $1,156,000276$457,28739.6%276May 15Jun 18
213Goodnight MommyRADiUS-TWC $1,137,14890$63,6415.6%4Sep 11Nov 22
214MacbethThe Weinstein Company $1,110,707108$69,8336.3%5Dec 4Feb 25
215The OvernightThe Orchard $1,100,000307$53,0224.8%3Jun 19Sep 3
216TimbuktuCohen Media Group $1,043,80356$45,1104.3%4Jan 28May 28
217Dior and IThe Orchard $1,028,000105$45,7724.5%2Apr 10Aug 6
2185 Flights UpFocus World $1,020,92194$238,49123.4%87May 8Jun 25
219Big Stone Gap-$1,009,301280$362,42235.9%280Oct 9Dec 24
220Faith of Our FathersPure Flix Entertainment $981,919344$433,000-344Jul 1Sep 3
221Gett: The Trial of Viviane AmsalemMusic Box Films $975,70274$24,2102.5%2Feb 13Jun 1
222Patterns of Evidence: ExodusThinking Man Films $925,576652$764,30982.6%652Jan 19Jan 29
223Boruto: Naruto the MovieEleven Arts $919,651358$380,41941.4%140Oct 10Dec 17
224Singh Is BliingEros International $919,095135$487,04053%135Oct 2Oct 25
225Best of Enemies: Buckley vs. VidalMagnolia Pictures $892,80269$50,3785.6%3Jul 31Nov 12
226Any Body Can Dance 2UTV Motion Pictures $892,133146$444,19549.8%146Jun 19Jul 16
227The Polar Express
2015 IMAX Release
Warner Bros. $846,602----Nov 19-
228MustangCohen Media Group $833,24057$20,3212.4%3Nov 20Apr 21
229Sleeping with Other PeopleIFC Films $819,431392$89,10210.9%5Sep 11Nov 12
230Labyrinth of LiesSony Pictures Classics $783,46772$22,1012.8%3Sep 30Mar 3
231The Wrecking Crew!Magnolia Pictures $752,64265$56,8587.6%7Mar 13Jul 23
232Seymour: An IntroductionIFC Films $743,54164$26,5873.6%2Mar 13May 21
233Once I Was a BeehivePurdie Distribution $732,65532$48,4096.6%19Aug 14Nov 30
234Cartel LandThe Orchard $704,35265$15,5812.2%2Jul 3Nov 15
235TangerineMagnolia Pictures $702,35444$60,6838.6%4Jul 10Oct 22
236The HimalayasCJ Entertainment $696,71736$13,3871.9%3Dec 18Feb 7
237Red ArmySony Pictures Classics $694,60084$20,1002.9%3Jan 23Apr 12
238IrisMagnolia Pictures $682,94192$57,2548.4%6Apr 29Sep 3
239The D TrainIFC Films $673,1511,009$469,000-1,009May 8May 21
240The Stanford Prison ExperimentIFC Films $660,56179$37,5145.7%2Jul 17Sep 24
241The AssassinWell Go USA Entertainment $632,54253$47,8927.6%4Oct 16Dec 20
242Kumiko, the Treasure HunterAmplify $617,77871$34,1145.5%4Mar 18Jun 4
243BrothersFIP $613,775164$357,40458.2%164Aug 14Aug 23
244Detective Byomkesh Bakshy!-$579,05582$338,63758.5%82Apr 3Apr 12
245FreeheldLionsgate $573,335148$37,9836.6%5Oct 2Nov 12
246When Marnie Was ThereGKIDS $561,08557$27,3884.9%2May 22Aug 20
247Jimmy's HallSony Pictures Classics $560,59247$19,8813.5%3Jul 3Nov 5
248A Little ChaosFocus World $558,17387$181,79132.6%83Jun 26Jul 23
249RememberEntertainment One $547,00943$27,0064.9%27Oct 16-
250By the SeaUniversal Pictures $538,460142$96,25017.9%10Nov 13Dec 10
251Gabbar is BackEros International $534,601107$279,42952.3%107May 1May 14
252The Last: Naruto the MovieEleven Arts $524,45134$179,37034.2%23Feb 20Mar 26
253Welcome to MeAlchemy $522,736119$34,9206.7%2May 1Jun 7
254The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the RevolutionPBS Distribution $516,89312$20,2153.9%1Sep 2Dec 17
255Peggy Guggenheim: Art AddictSubmarine Deluxe $498,42825$22,258-2Nov 6Feb 21
256Steve Jobs: The Man in the MachineMagnolia Pictures $494,50668$140,06428.3%68Sep 4Nov 12
257PhantomUTV Motion Pictures $489,98493$266,75654.4%93Aug 28Sep 13
258Somewhere Only We KnowChina Lion Film Distribution $482,34146$304,93463.2%46Feb 13Mar 12
259Brotherly LoveFreestyle Releasing $478,595200$246,90251.6%200Apr 24May 31
260About Elly
2015 Re-release
The Cinema Guild $470,76016$13,1802.8%1Apr 8Oct 4
261Let's Get MarriedChina Lion Film Distribution $462,91839$180,92939.1%39Apr 3May 10
262Deli ManCohen Media Group $462,34038$37,3218.1%15Feb 27May 28
263Bombay VelvetFIP $450,692218$390,77486.7%218May 15May 28
264Attack on Titan: Part 1FUNimation Entertainment $449,523290$23,829-12Sep 30Oct 3
265The Third Man
2015 Re-release
Rialto Pictures $449,19113$24,8325.5%3Jun 26Nov 22
266Félix & MeiraOscilloscope $443,09744$15,0003.4%1Apr 17-
267ShaandaarFIP $433,541136$384,68588.7%136Oct 22Oct 29
268Rosenwald-$430,84121$7,9021.8%1Aug 14-
269Listen to Me Marlon-$425,83138$30,0687.1%2Jul 29Oct 8
270Heart of a DogAbramorama $420,81322$13,8933.3%1Oct 21Mar 31
271The WitnessChina Lion Film Distribution $418,06340$194,73646.6%40Oct 30Nov 22
272UnbrandedGravitas Ventures $410,18580$141,41634.5%80Sep 25Dec 17
273City of RevengeEros International $409,16682$227,75955.7%82Feb 20Mar 12
274Janis: Little Girl BlueFilmRise $405,19026$21,8615.4%2Nov 27-
275FreetownPurdie Distribution $401,328124$118,55329.5%124Apr 8Aug 13
276The Hunting GroundRADiUS-TWC $401,32225$22,4645.6%2Feb 27Aug 23
277The Apu Trilogy
Triple Bill
Janus Films $384,55010$16,064-1May 8Aug 27
278Coming HomeSony Pictures Classics $377,60755$26,3617%3Sep 9Dec 17
279The Second MotherOscilloscope $376,98638$24,0866.4%3Aug 28Dec 20
280The Prophet
2015 Re-release
GathrFilms $370,1461---Oct 1Dec 17
281Katti BattiUTV Motion Pictures $364,932127$239,81665.7%127Sep 18Oct 4
282The ProphetGKIDS $355,34337$27,4357.7%2Aug 7Oct 15
283Effie GrayAdopt Films $352,534201$161,72845.9%201Apr 3Apr 23
2014 Re-release
-$341,577175$231,31967.7%175May 8May 31
285Northern Limit LineWell Go USA Entertainment $337,90713$108,25532%13Jul 17Aug 6
286Ballet 422Magnolia Pictures $333,55427$27,6538.3%2Feb 6May 14
287Maps to the StarsFocus World $331,54066$143,42243.3%66Feb 27Apr 2
288ShamitabhEros International $324,597137$241,72074.5%137Feb 6Feb 19
289Taxi TehranKino Lorber $321,02120$22,5317%3Oct 2-
290Good KillIFC Films $316,472143$17,7505.6%2May 15Jul 2
291David and Goliath-$316,10034$154,90149%31Apr 3Apr 19
292Running ManChina Lion Film Distribution $310,97821$186,92660.1%20Jan 30Mar 5
293Hitchcock/TruffautCohen Media Group $308,54723$28,1789.1%3Dec 2Feb 25
294Merchants of DoubtSony Pictures Classics $308,15630$20,3006.6%4Mar 6Jun 11
295Saint LaurentSony Pictures Classics $307,00059$36,000-4May 8Jul 30
296Attack on Titan II: End of the WorldFUNimation Entertainment $305,934230$12,8614.2%230Oct 20Oct 27
297NH10Eros International $303,58740$149,54649.3%40Mar 13Mar 22
298The Man in 3BFreestyle Releasing $291,51336$109,04337.4%36Nov 6Dec 24
299Above and BeyondInternational Film Circuit $288,75113$6,4482.2%1Jan 30May 7
300TheebFilm Movement $283,02427$9,1813.2%3Nov 6-
301Dancing ArabsStrand Releasing $281,54022$10,3083.7%1Jun 26Oct 15
302The 100 Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and DisappearedMusic Box Films $278,14376---May 1Sep 10
303In the Name of My DaughterCohen Media Group $271,80950$14,2945.3%3May 15Jun 12
304White GodMagnolia Pictures $264,89029$16,1396.1%2Mar 27Jun 25
305LoveAlchemy $249,08325$29,30111.8%2Oct 30Dec 10
306Go Away Mr TumourChina Lion Film Distribution $248,73918$50,03620.1%15Aug 14Sep 17
307Carter High-$240,21428$87,27436.3%21Oct 30Dec 15
308TevarEros International $236,002127$171,02672.5%127Jan 9Jan 19
309Miss GrannyCJ Entertainment $234,57313$92,82739.6%13Jan 16Feb 8
310Slow WestA24 $229,09454$67,00329.2%50May 20Jun 28
311The Taking of Tiger MountainWell Go USA Entertainment $228,98413$50,62122.1%7Jan 2Feb 1
312A Royal Night OutAtlas Distribution Company $228,136158$100,84744.2%158Dec 4Dec 24
313A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on ExistenceMagnolia Pictures $222,98917$25,31311.4%2Jun 3Oct 15
314Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2-$222,85649$107,53648.3%49Oct 16Nov 1
315Chocolate CityFreestyle Releasing $212,66224$98,82946.5%15May 22Jun 25
316Fall in Love Like a Star
2015 Re-release
China Lion Film Distribution $212,50836$120,07456.5%36Dec 4Dec 20
317Wolf TotemSony Pictures Releasing $210,5915---Sep 11-
318Dark PlacesA24 $208,588151---Aug 7Aug 20
319Escobar: Paradise LostRADiUS-TWC $195,792105$106,86954.6%105Jun 26Jul 9
320Heneral LunaAbramorama $195,58042$15,4857.9%3Oct 30Nov 19
321Gemma BoveryMusic Box Films $191,53329$19,09510%5May 29-
322Lost and LoveChina Lion Film Distribution $188,81724$86,04845.6%24Mar 20May 10
323StonewallRoadside Attractions $187,674129$112,83460.1%129Sep 25Oct 15
324MaggieRoadside Attractions $187,11279$131,17570.1%79May 8May 21
325Detective K: Secret of the Lost IslandCJ Entertainment $185,36719$57,66331.1%19Mar 6Apr 12
326The PriestsCJ Entertainment $185,09313---Nov 26Dec 24
327Lambert & StampSony Pictures Classics $181,60731$13,5007.4%3Apr 3Jul 30
328An Honest LiarAbramorama $177,84615$13,8217.8%2Mar 6Jun 11
329SerenaMagnolia Pictures $176,39159$100,09056.7%59Mar 27May 14
330The Young and Prodigious T.S. SpivetThe Weinstein Company $173,564100$33,65819.4%100Jul 31Sep 4
331All Things Must Pass: The Rise and Fall of Tower RecordsGravitas Ventures $172,39414$19,00111%2Oct 16Dec 13
332Time Out of MindIFC Films $166,77518$18,93411.4%3Sep 9Nov 12
333A Brilliant Young MindThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $165,73418$31,40819%3Sep 11Nov 1
334Zhongkui: Snow Girl and the Dark CrystalWell Go USA Entertainment $165,42824$73,81744.6%24Feb 27Apr 19
335C'est Si BonCJ Entertainment $164,16723---Feb 13Mar 12
336The Last Women StandingChina Lion Film Distribution $163,40617$73,34444.9%17Nov 11Dec 3
3375 to 7IFC Films $162,68527$18,00611.1%2Apr 3May 17
338After the BallFreestyle Releasing $161,82043$31,71819.6%41Feb 27Apr 30
3393 HeartsCohen Media Group $161,12929$11,7947.3%1Mar 13May 21
340Human CapitalFilm Movement $158,54911$21,66913.7%6Jan 9Apr 23
341Hell and BackFreestyle Releasing $157,768411$104,37466.2%411Oct 2Oct 18
342ExperimenterMagnolia Pictures $155,57530$8,6825.6%3Oct 16Dec 17
343Desert DancerRelativity Media $155,27136$40,76326.3%23Apr 10May 28
344Backstreet Boys: Show 'Em What You're Made OfGravitas Ventures $153,06860$153,068100%60Jan 30Feb 1
345SambaBroad Green Pictures $151,53027$24,58816.2%2Jul 24Aug 27
346The TribeDrafthouse Films $150,56413$11,0947.4%1Jun 17Sep 20
347Forever YoungChina Lion Film Distribution $149,76114$70,04746.8%14Jul 10Jul 30
348Buen Día, RamónFIP $146,59129$51,10534.9%15Jan 30Feb 19
349The Last Five YearsRADiUS-TWC $145,42736$42,04228.9%3Feb 13Mar 5
350Talvar-$144,71351$144,713100%51Oct 2Nov 1
351Yellow Day
2015 Re-release
Providence Film Partners $144,16340$26,26018.2%2Dec 11-
352ManglehornIFC Films $143,10127$11,2277.8%3Jun 19Jul 26
353Ingrid Bergman: In Her Own WordsRialto Pictures $138,14813$8,3556%1Nov 13Oct 20
354TwentyCJ Entertainment $136,12525---Apr 17May 10
355SapienceKino Lorber $135,3926---Mar 20Sep 24
356Cop CarFocus World $134,55260$26,14619.4%3Aug 7Aug 27
357Don't Think I've Forgotten: Cambodia's Lost Rock & RollArgot Pictures $133,4437$19,20614.4%3Apr 22Aug 6
358A Ballerina's TaleIFC Films $131,99516$9,3887.1%2Oct 14Nov 22
359Hamari Adhuri KahaniFIP $131,26367$131,263100%67Jun 12Jun 21
360Devil and AngelChina Lion Film Distribution $131,05812$44,85534.2%12Dec 31Jan 21
361Mississippi GrindA24 $130,54146$12,4349.5%1Sep 25Nov 1
362Boy and the World
2015 Re-release
GKIDS $129,48026$10,0777.8%2Dec 11Mar 17
363Kung Fu JungleWell Go USA Entertainment $127,50628$58,66446%28Apr 24Jun 4
364A Journey Through Time with AntonyChina Lion Film Distribution $127,38117$55,29243.4%17Nov 18Dec 6
365Z for ZachariahRoadside Attractions $121,46129$56,90246.8%29Aug 28Sep 17
366Do I Sound Gay?IFC Films $119,38818$10,4618.8%1Jul 10Aug 20
367Digging for FireThe Orchard $119,36430$25,000-3Aug 21Sep 27
368Love Live! The School Idol Movie-$115,84028$115,840100%28Sep 11Sep 13
369The New GirlfriendCohen Media Group $114,74045$39,03534%13Sep 18Oct 15
370In Jackson HeightsZipporah Films $114,3158$15,150-1Nov 4Feb 25
371BoulevardStarz Digital Media $113,53111$7,0006.2%1Jul 10Aug 16
372Road HardFilmBuff $113,16922$105,94393.6%22Mar 6Mar 12
373She's Funny That WayLionsgate Premiere $111,99626---Aug 21Sep 10
374Memories of the SwordWell Go USA Entertainment $111,07122$50,24045.2%22Aug 28Sep 17
375The Look of SilenceDrafthouse Films $109,08914$6,6166.1%1Jul 17Nov 12
376Adult BeginnersRADiUS-TWC $108,80854$36,65733.7%10Apr 24Jun 4
377The Beauty InsideWell Go USA Entertainment $108,08323$50,53646.8%23Sep 11Oct 1
378Chronicles of EvilCJ Entertainment $105,05713---May 15Jun 11
379ResultsMagnolia Pictures $104,50721$17,78217%3May 29Jul 2
380Every Secret ThingStarz Digital Media $103,53620$97,02093.7%20May 15May 21
381RoarDrafthouse Films $101,53919$15,06414.8%5Apr 15Aug 13
382Man from Reno-$101,4387$15,15814.9%4Mar 27May 14
383Ghost in the Shell: The New MovieFUNimation Entertainment $101,203267---Nov 10Nov 12
3841915-$96,68210$30,44831.5%8Apr 17-
385A Poem Is a Naked PersonJanus Films $96,5925$5,5265.7%1Jul 1Aug 27
386Black SoulsAlchemy $95,70411$6,2866.6%2Apr 10Jun 4
387Christmas EveAmplify $91,30244$45,26049.6%44Dec 4-
388Queen of EarthIFC Films $91,21812$11,36012.5%2Aug 26Oct 1
389Legends from the Sky-$91,1718$18,16819.9%8Jan 30-
390Beasts of No NationBleecker Street Media $90,77731$51,00356.2%31Oct 16Oct 29
391Dark HorseMongrel Media $90,1367$1,8652.1%1Sep 20Oct 17
392HeroEros International $88,67553$58,44565.9%53Sep 11Sep 24
393The Tales of HoffmannRialto Pictures $86,5079$23,34027%2Mar 13Jun 14
394A Lego BrickumentaryRADiUS-TWC $84,64993$43,28551.1%93Jul 31Aug 27
395Tab Hunter ConfidentialThe Film Collaborative $84,3789$9,94511.8%2Oct 16-
396Nasty BabyThe Orchard $79,80018$8,023-2Oct 23Nov 15
397BlackbirdImage Entertainment $78,40013$45,83458.5%13Apr 24May 17
398Trace AmountsGathrFilms $77,2727---Jan 2Oct 27
399Batkid BeginsWarner Bros. $74,70914$19,43726%4Jun 26Aug 6
400Dragon BladeLionsgate Premiere $74,06814$30,34641%14Sep 4Sep 24
401The WondersOscilloscope $73,37815---Oct 30Jan 7
402Heaven Knows WhatRADiUS-TWC $72,00114$16,86223.4%2May 29Aug 6
403Freaks of NatureSony Pictures Releasing $70,958107$42,71360.2%107Oct 30Nov 12
404The Farewell PartyThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $69,00014$7,61611%2May 22-
405PredestinationVertical Entertainment $68,37220$44,02864.4%20Jan 9Jan 29
406Turbo Kid-$67,06931$31,42846.9%26Aug 28Oct 4
407People Places ThingsThe Film Arcade $67,04619$31,26246.6%19Aug 14-
408EdenBroad Green Pictures $65,46015$18,98729%3Jun 19Jul 16
409The MessengerKino Lorber $64,7949---Dec 4-
410The Duke of BurgundyIFC Films $64,52110$11,90218.4%3Jan 23Mar 22
411Design for LivingChina Lion Film Distribution $63,67515$34,14453.6%15Sep 18Oct 4
412Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead: The Story of the National LampoonMagnolia Pictures $62,66022$5,2548.4%1Sep 25Nov 26
413Dark Star: H.R. Giger's WorldIcarus Films $61,84510$8,34913.5%5May 15Sep 7
414FlowersMusic Box Films $61,5685$6,57210.7%1Oct 30Jan 28
415Only YouChina Lion Film Distribution $61,56513$27,31144.4%13Jul 24-
416GirlhoodStrand Releasing $60,7655$7,66712.6%2Jan 30May 14
417CootiesLionsgate Premiere $60,05829$33,03155%29Sep 18Oct 1
418I Smile BackBroad Green Pictures $58,73818$15,75826.8%2Oct 23Oct 23
2014 Re-release
The Cinema Guild $58,4033$8,31414.2%2Mar 20Oct 4
2015 Re-release
Rialto Pictures $57,7492$17,39630.1%2Sep 2Dec 3
421GüerosKino Lorber $56,7135---May 20Nov 26
422EntertainmentMagnolia Pictures $55,5069$5,1329.2%2Nov 13Jan 21
423Our Little SisterMongrel Media $55,18910---Sep 23Oct 27
424The Search for General TsoIFC Films $54,27513$9,33617.2%2Jan 2Feb 19
425The Ark of Mr ChowChina Lion Film Distribution $54,07512$22,58341.8%12Jun 19Jul 9
426Beloved SistersMusic Box Films $53,3209$19,70437%9Jan 9Apr 16
427AloftSony Pictures Classics $53,08617$2,1164%2May 22Aug 13
428We Come as FriendsBBC Worldwide North America $50,9218---Aug 14-
429The Advocate: A Missing BodyCJ Entertainment $50,1629$19,77039.4%9Oct 23Nov 5
430HeistLionsgate Premiere $50,13624$28,68857.2%24Nov 13Nov 26
431SpringDrafthouse Films $49,97015$19,67539.4%12Mar 20May 21
432Red HerringIndican Pictures $49,48028$27,80456.2%28Oct 30Nov 26
433The Seven FiveIFC Films $48,8695$14,78530.3%2May 8May 28
434BangistanEros International $48,69441$34,26370.4%41Aug 7Aug 20
435DifretTruth Aid $48,2794$6,77714%1Oct 23-
436The Lady in the VanSony Pictures Classics $47,672602---Dec 4Jun 9
437Appropriate BehaviourGravitas Ventures $46,91211$19,11440.7%11Jan 16Feb 22
2015 Re-release
The Weinstein Company $46,425103$26,60457.3%103Oct 2Oct 15
439Beyond the ReachRoadside Attractions $45,89527$30,28766%27Apr 17Apr 30
440Lost RiverWarner Bros. $45,4313$20,82845.8%3Apr 10Apr 30
441The SalvationIFC Films $44,90328$4,65110.4%2Feb 27Apr 2
442Madame BovaryAlchemy $44,23515$20,84147.1%15Jun 12Jun 21
443Saving Mr. WuUnited Entertainment Partners $43,31224--24Oct 2Oct 25
444Charlie's CountryMonument Releasing $42,9378$5,34012.4%4Jun 5Oct 15
445BreatheFilm Movement $42,29713$5,06312%1Sep 11Dec 17
446Nowitzki: The Perfect ShotMagnolia Pictures $41,3404$20,04948.5%4Jul 10Aug 6
447Queen & CountryBBC Worldwide North America $41,2979$5,95414.4%1Feb 18Mar 5
448Love Thy Nature-$41,14917---Feb 19May 16
449The Yes Men Are RevoltingThe Orchard $41,00020$12,46230.4%10Jun 12Jul 30
450The PhoneCJ Entertainment $40,51611$3,8249.4%1Nov 6Nov 22
451What Our Fathers Did: A Nazi LegacyOscilloscope $40,11914$8,13220.3%2Nov 6Nov 26
452The New Rijksmuseum - The FilmFirst Run $40,0715$2,6316.6%3Jun 19Oct 15
453The Pearl ButtonKino Lorber $39,9305---Oct 23Mar 17
454WARx2Strasson Group $39,70416$30,93177.9%1Sep 18-
455QuayZeitgeist Films $39,6072$16,99542.9%1Aug 19Oct 22
456Prophet's Prey-$39,3479$5,000-1Sep 18Nov 5
457The ConnectionDrafthouse Films $38,65327$10,33526.7%2May 15-
458Lila & EveThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $38,26322$21,80657%22Jul 17Aug 6
459River of FundamentInternational Film Circuit $37,6972$9,93826.4%1Dec 4Jun 9
2015 Re-release
IFC Films $37,2859$6,00016.1%3Jan 14Feb 19
461Before We GoRADiUS-TWC $37,15121$18,63050.1%21Sep 4Oct 1
462Grey GardensJanus Films $36,9231$13,84537.5%1Mar 6Mar 19
463Sister CodeGVN Releasing $36,67637$25,38869.2%37May 8May 14
464Knock KnockLionsgate Premiere $36,33622$18,62351.3%22Oct 9Oct 22
465The Kindergarten TeacherKino Lorber $36,1904---Jul 31Dec 31
466Welcome to LeithFirst Run $35,8035$3,70710.4%1Sep 9Dec 17
467Finders KeepersThe Orchard $35,55532$5,740-5Sep 25Nov 1
468Wild CityWell Go USA Entertainment $34,86611$17,18149.3%11Jul 31Aug 13
469The Forbidden RoomKino Lorber $33,5705---Oct 7Mar 10
470The Winding StreamArgot Pictures $33,4203$3,66011%3Dec 16-
471Oneului yeonaeCJ Entertainment $32,2111$11,60036%1Jan 23Feb 8
472Amira & SamDrafthouse Films $31,84910$15,53548.8%9Jan 30Mar 8
473Don VerdeanLionsgate Premiere $31,30940$12,90741.2%40Dec 11Dec 24
474Pierrot le Fou
2015 Re-release
Rialto Pictures $30,9991$7,92225.6%1Dec 18Mar 3
475Out 1Carlotta Films $30,9574$12,53740.5%4Nov 6Dec 13
476Mr. XFIP $30,09752$30,097100%52Apr 17Apr 23
4773½ Minutes, Ten BulletsParticipant $29,7288$2,2387.5%1Jun 19Sep 7
478Censored VoicesMusic Box Films $29,4976$6,15320.9%2Nov 20Jan 28
479Like Sunday, Like RainMonterey Media $28,2086$1,0823.8%2Mar 6May 7
4807 Chinese BrothersScreen Media Films $28,1808---Aug 28Sep 24
481The NightmareGravitas Ventures $28,11916$13,36347.5%16Jun 5Jul 5
482The CutStrand Releasing $28,0665$5,32719%5Sep 18Nov 19
2015 Re-release
Cohen Media Group $27,9462$8,88231.8%1Aug 14Sep 13
484Paul Taylor Creative Domain-$27,6707$8,150-1Sep 11Dec 31
485The Keeping RoomDrafthouse Films $27,16610$4,32815.9%2Sep 25Dec 3
486Bikes vs CarsKino Lorber $26,8192---Dec 4-
487Hard to Be a GodKino Lorber $26,6533---Jan 30Jun 7
488Peace OfficerSubmarine Deluxe $26,63211---Sep 16Oct 11
489Sembene!Kino Lorber $26,1643---Nov 13-
490Army of Shadows
2015 Re-release
Rialto Pictures $25,4501$8,11231.9%1Aug 26Oct 22
491Rediscover Sautet
Film Festival
Rialto Pictures $25,3141---Jun 12-
492R100Drafthouse Films $24,95611$7,26329.1%10Jan 23-
493Love at First FightStrand Releasing $24,9257$3,18712.8%2May 22Jul 30
494Big GameEuropaCorp $24,75211$16,90968.3%11Jun 26Jul 2
495Kill Me Three TimesMagnolia Pictures $24,29616$15,47763.7%16Apr 10May 14
496UnexpectedThe Film Arcade $23,98632---Jul 24Sep 23
497Can't Stand Losing You: Surviving the PoliceCinema Libre Studio $23,2625$5,65624.3%2Mar 20May 10
498CourtZeitgeist Films $22,8982$4,80621%1Jul 15Aug 6
499Salut d'AmourCJ Entertainment $22,4801$6,51429%1Apr 10Apr 26
500Slow LearnersIFC Films $22,2726$9484.3%1Aug 19Sep 24
501MediterraneaIFC Films $22,0762$5,84626.5%2Nov 20Nov 22
2015 Re-release
Rialto Pictures $21,4493$7,55435.2%1Aug 7Dec 17
503Noma My Perfect StormMagnolia Pictures $21,1305$2,98714.1%4Dec 18Jan 21
504Princess CutWatchman Pictures $21,0874---Jul 28Dec 3
2015 Re-release
Oscilloscope $20,34911$14,47171.1%10May 15Jun 4
506Song OneThe Film Arcade $20,20027$20,200100%27Jan 23Feb 5
507Friends and RomansPaladin $20,13614---Oct 23Nov 26
508Futuro BeachStrand Releasing $20,0894$3,32416.5%1Feb 27May 14
509Wild CanariesIFC Films $19,7774$2,68313.6%1Feb 25Mar 22
510Misery Loves ComedyTribeca Film $19,6348$5,30027%1Apr 24Jun 4
511Going AwayCohen Media Group $19,5011$7,71439.6%1Oct 2Oct 15
512Gabo: The Creation of Gabriel Garcia MarquezIcarus Films $19,3374$1,4327.4%1Oct 1-
513The Challenger-$19,00328$12,24664.4%28Sep 11Sep 20
514ArdorParticipant $18,56517$13,72673.9%17Jul 17Jul 26
515Rebels of the Neon GodBig World Pictures $18,2934---Apr 10Jul 23
516The Little DeathMagnolia Pictures $18,2384$3,11817.1%2Jun 26-
517Gangnam BluesCJ Entertainment $18,0221$18,022100%1Feb 6Feb 8
518Butterfly GirlIndican Pictures $17,5033$4,32624.7%2Apr 3Dec 15
519TrashFocus World $17,48417$10,23058.5%17Oct 9Oct 15
520StrangerlandAlchemy $17,47215$17,472100%15Jul 10Jul 12
521Boy Meets Girl-$17,3044$5,30630.7%1Feb 6Mar 26
522The Great MuseumKino Lorber $17,0481---Jul 3Jul 9
523The Other OneIndican Pictures $16,8046$11,71869.7%6Jun 26Oct 8
524ExtractionLionsgate Premiere $16,77513$10,94865.3%13Dec 18Dec 24
2015 Re-release
The Weinstein Company $16,73850$10,39562.1%50Mar 13Mar 19
526This Changes EverythingAbramorama $16,6921$9,77058.5%1Oct 3Oct 8
527The World of Kanako
2015 Re-release
Drafthouse Films $16,62712$6,83441.1%11Dec 4-
528A Hard DayKino Lorber $16,5632---Jul 17Nov 29
529The Human Centipede III (Final Sequence)IFC Films $16,18423---May 22Jun 7
530Hippocrates: Diary of a French DoctorDistrib Films $16,1172---Jun 19Aug 20
531Can You Dig ThisGathrFilms $15,90913---Nov 27-
532A ReasonIndican Pictures $15,7924$1,69010.7%3Aug 28Dec 15
533Life in a WalkGathrFilms $15,5971---Sep 2Dec 3
534Number One FanDistrib Films $15,5491$1,0236.6%1Sep 4Oct 29
535Eastern BoysFirst Run $15,1632$5,72637.8%1Feb 27May 7
536Cheatin'-$15,07710---Apr 3May 7
537ZombeaversFreestyle Releasing $14,94711$8,16354.6%11Mar 20Apr 5
538Full Moon in ParisFilm Movement $14,9071$5,04033.8%1Apr 17Jul 9
539Love, RosieThe Film Arcade $14,89315$14,893100%15Feb 6Feb 12
540Gloria-$14,7013$7,93053.9%3Jul 17Sep 24
54110 Days in a Madhouse-$14,61610$4,77332.7%1Nov 11Nov 22
542Forbidden GamesRialto Pictures $14,6061$4,31629.5%1Apr 24Sep 3
543BuzzardOscilloscope $14,59111$8,03155%11Mar 6Mar 19
544Americons-$14,40414$14,404100%14Jan 23Feb 5
545Gone Doggy GoneIndican Pictures $14,3545$5,62539.2%2Jun 26Dec 15
546Tap WorldVitagraph Films $13,9093$8,71462.7%3Jul 10Aug 16
547The HallowIFC Films $13,9068$1,55911.2%1Nov 6Nov 22
548BackcountryIFC Films $13,8481$1,0057.3%1Mar 20-
549EliEros International $13,54718$7,09852.4%18Jun 19Jun 28
550I Am Big Bird: The Caroll Spinney StoryTribeca Film $13,00017$10,000-1May 6Jul 9
551Yakuza ApocalypseThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $12,5911---Oct 9Nov 1
55210.000 KmBroad Green Pictures $12,42311$8,94172%11Jul 10Jul 16
553Amour FouFilm Movement $12,3143$4,38535.6%3Mar 18Jun 4
554The Armor of LightFork Films $12,26726---Oct 30Nov 5
555Wa-shoku Dream: Beyond SushiUnder The Milky Way $12,2401$5,58245.6%1Apr 10Apr 30
556RunoffMonterey Media $12,1926$9,51578%1Jun 26Sep 3
557Arabian Nights: Volume 1 - The Restless OneKino Lorber $12,0883---Dec 4-
558A Murder in the ParkIFC Films $12,0883$1,31010.8%1Jun 26Jul 16
559James WhiteThe Film Arcade $12,00712$12,007100%1Nov 13Dec 20
2015 Re-release
Cinema Libre Studio $11,9021$2,79123.4%1Sep 18Dec 3
561Dreams RewiredIcarus Films $11,8434---Nov 12-
562Emptying the SkiesMusic Box Films $11,8112$4,81840.8%2Apr 22Apr 30
563The Kidnapping of Michel HouellebecqKino Lorber $11,3681---Mar 25Jun 28
564The Devil's ViolinistFreestyle Releasing $11,29410$8,01370.9%10Jan 30Feb 5
565Just Before I GoAnchor Bay Films $10,9702$8,12974.1%2Apr 24May 21
566Sunshine SupermanMagnolia Pictures $10,84721$8,99182.9%3May 22-
567Empire of LustCJ Entertainment $10,6541$2,23020.9%1Mar 6Mar 26
5681001 GramsKino Lorber $10,5511---May 8Oct 29
569Mala MalaStrand Releasing $10,2212$2,56925.1%2Jul 1Oct 1
570The Forecaster-$10,1721---Mar 27Apr 16
571Little AccidentsAmplify $10,07117$8,64985.9%17Jan 16Jan 19
572The Life and Mind of Mark DeFriest-$10,0216---Mar 6Mar 19
573Of Horses and MenMusic Box Films $10,0042$9,56595.6%1Mar 6Apr 23
574Still LifeTribeca Film $9,4815---Jan 16Feb 12
575An Eye for BeautyMonument Releasing $9,3952---Aug 28-
576One Cut, One LifeFirst Run $9,3522$4,12744.1%2May 13Aug 27
577Every Thing Will Be FineIFC Films $9,2332$1,42815.5%2Dec 4-
578Little England
2015 Re-release