Slovene Box Office For 2015

RankRelease GrossTheatersTotal GrossRelease DateDistributor
1Fifty Shades of Grey$797,46314$845,583Feb 13United International Pictures (UIP)
2Furious 7$582,67613$704,931Apr 3United International Pictures (UIP)
3Spectre$490,60524$535,765Nov 5-
4Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens$373,07831$578,788Dec 17Walt Disney Pictures
5Jurassic World$329,55720$376,237Jun 11Karantanija Film
6Hotel Transylvania 2$316,57240$434,903Oct 23Sony Pictures Releasing
7The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water$256,05417$256,054Apr 23United International Pictures (UIP)
8Everest$170,63514$257,396Sep 25Universal Pictures International (UPI)
9The Seventh Dwarf$155,24517$155,829Feb 6-
10The Martian$152,28820$158,817Oct 220th Century Fox International
11Shaun the Sheep Movie$146,10715$199,026Feb 27Blitz
12The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2$143,75928$164,862Nov 19Blitz
13Mad Max: Fury Road$136,71624$152,797May 15Blitz
14Inside Out$124,05028$139,070Jun 18-
15Ted 2$115,35818$141,364Jun 25Karantanija Film
16Avengers: Age of Ultron$104,42421$122,335May 1-
17The Good Dinosaur$96,26025$139,058Nov 26Walt Disney Pictures
18Pitch Perfect 2$90,35910$99,884May 14Karantanija Film
19Big Hero 6$87,488115$91,873Jan 16Walt Disney Pictures
20Home$86,00823$88,522Mar 2720th Century Fox International
21The Little Prince$84,95134$111,700Nov 19Fivia
22Terminator Genisys$73,62381$82,809Jul 2Karantanija Film
23Ribbit$72,82911$74,572Oct 8Karantanija Film
24The Wedding Ringer$72,54110$79,374Jan 16-
25Taken 3$71,5699$82,074Jan 9Blitz
26The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies$68,29026$476,696Dec 12Blitz
27Krampus$67,29410$79,041Dec 3United International Pictures (UIP)
28The Peanuts Movie$61,81230$83,732Dec 1020th Century Fox International
29Siska Deluxe$60,58822$66,709Oct 30Fivia
30Cinderella$58,51816$58,518Mar 13Walt Disney Pictures
31Unfriended$56,7979$58,270Apr 17Karantanija Film
32Magic Mike XXL$55,10213$76,350Jul 8Blitz
33Pixels$51,87317$55,413Jul 23-
34Paddington$50,02912$152,704Dec 19Blitz
35Spy$49,28815$54,130Jun 4Blitz
36The Age of Adaline$47,74413$47,744Apr 23-
37Focus$43,4818$47,326Feb 27Blitz
38The Theory of Everything$41,53510$45,263Jan 30-
39Unbroken$40,43410$46,736Jan 9-
40The DUFF$38,2099$44,542Feb 27-
41The Imitation Game$38,13917$42,808Jan 23Blitz
42Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast$35,99914$38,502May 8-
43Love the Coopers$35,06010$41,524Dec 10Blitz
44The Boy Next Door$31,1709$35,759Mar 20United International Pictures (UIP)
45Tomorrowland$31,08613$32,040May 21Karantanija Film
46Crimson Peak$30,24510$31,381Oct 16Universal Pictures International (UPI)
47The Last Witch Hunter$29,71210$32,940Oct 30Independent Films
48Kingsman: The Secret Service$29,4379$30,239Feb 13Blitz
49Ant-Man$29,41219$35,601Jul 17-
50The Divergent Series: Insurgent$28,5978$31,868Mar 20Blitz
51Love$27,22510$37,150Oct 30Independent Films
52Hot Pursuit$26,13623$26,836May 8-
53San Andreas$25,16213$27,993May 28Blitz
54Asterix and Obelix: Mansion of the Gods$24,66813$24,880Feb 6Blitz
55Paper Towns$24,44610$26,966Jul 23Blitz
56Into the Woods$24,3239$27,677Jan 9-
57Steve Jobs$23,3069$24,527Nov 19-
58Sisters$23,0009$101,480Dec 24United International Pictures (UIP)
59Idyll$22,87310$24,070Oct 2Karantanija Film
60Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation$22,00517$35,799Aug 7-
61Still Alice$21,9584$22,120Feb 6-
62In the Heart of the Sea$20,06414$21,226Dec 10Warner Bros.
63Youth$19,1506$52,142Dec 17Fivia
64Trainwreck$18,79111$33,040Jul 31-
65Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse$18,6669$22,339Oct 30Paramount Pictures International
66Penguins of Madagascar$18,64922$214,478Nov 2720th Century Fox International
67The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel$18,64210$19,946Mar 20Blitz
68We Will Be the World Champions$18,59611$22,150Mar 20-
69Blackhat$18,3139$21,502Jan 16-
70Burnt$18,3019$23,205Oct 23Independent Films
71Gemma Bovery$18,2314$18,231Apr 23-
72Black Mass$17,06812$24,375Oct 23Warner Bros.
73The Walk$16,03422$18,690Oct 8Sony Pictures Releasing
74Pan$16,01019$16,926Oct 8Warner Bros.
75Chappie$15,65410$18,020Mar 6-
76Animal Kingdom: Let's Go Ape$15,1366$15,249Apr 17-
77John Wick$15,0186$19,223Jan 2Blitz
78Annabelle$14,8738$17,246Jan 2-
79The Intern$14,79014$29,687--
80Next to Me$14,7519$15,015Nov 26Karantanija Film
81Jupiter Ascending$14,67911$15,563Feb 6Blitz
82Coconut, the Little Dragon$14,2399$14,375--
83The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1$14,1549$168,758Nov 20Blitz
84Seventh Son$13,9095$27,831Dec 26-
85Babysitting 2$12,6199$18,112Dec 17Karantanija Film
86Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials$12,50412$62,071Sep 1820th Century Fox International
87Mune: Guardian of the Moon$12,44914$24,365--
88Sleeping with Other People$12,0682$12,310Oct 8Fivia
89Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb$11,89411$35,605Dec 26Blitz
90Whiplash$11,51911$16,700Jan 23-
91American Sniper$11,36012$37,292Feb 20Blitz
92Mr. Turner$10,9751$17,702Jan 2-
93Run All Night$9,88810$10,359Apr 17Warner Bros.
94Goosebumps$9,73411$10,623Dec 3Sony Pictures Releasing
95She's Funny That Way$7,4954$7,722May 21Blitz
96Racing Hearts
2015 Re-release
$7,4559$8,953Apr 10-
97Legend$6,9369$7,428Oct 16-
98The Visit$6,7759$27,319Oct 2Universal Pictures International (UPI)
99The Salt of the Earth$6,7294$14,836May 1-
100Irrational Man$6,7107$7,034Oct 16Cinemania Group
101By the Sea$6,4569$6,513Dec 10Karantanija Film
102Exodus: Gods and Kings$6,03413$37,141Dec 19Blitz
103Druzina v najem$5,7949$5,946Nov 5-
104The Beat of Love: Utrip Ljubezni$5,68312$9,325Oct 15-
105Far from Men$5,6662$5,980Jul 9Fivia
106Annie$5,4879$5,625Feb 13-
107Mortdecai$5,4587$6,525Mar 6Blitz
10845 Years$5,2993$23,831--
109Bridge of Spies$4,76511$5,923Nov 26Blitz
110Oddball$4,5544$5,923Dec 10Fivia
111Casper and Emma's Wonderful Christmas
2015 Re-release
$4,5494$4,549Dec 3Fivia
112The Gunman$4,4769$7,301Mar 27Blitz
113All Creatures Big And Small
2015 Re-release
$4,43925$6,524Nov 13-
114The Assassin$4,4101$4,894Nov 26Fivia
115The Legend of Sarila$4,2507$11,302--
116The Green Inferno$4,1693$5,136Oct 23Independent Films
117Secret in Their Eyes$4,0682$7,163Dec 17Fivia
118Wild Card$4,0423$5,657Jun 18Fivia
119Selma$3,4184$3,620May 1-
120Ex Machina$3,3818$16,076Feb 20-
121Jem and the Holograms$3,2829$6,720Oct 23Universal Pictures International (UPI)
122The Program$3,1393$3,315Oct 30Cinemania Group
123Our Little Sister$3,0791$7,315Dec 17Fivia
124Wolf Totem$2,8993$2,999--
125Big Game$2,8825$3,006May 8-
128Suck Me Shakespeer$2,1124$2,265Oct 16-
129Dumb and Dumber To$2,07910$381,957Nov 13Blitz
130Bamse and the Thief City$2,0663$3,785--
131Ida$1,9941$8,292Mar 6-
132Burying the Ex$1,9373$1,986Nov 26Cinemania Group
Undated Slovenia Release
134Robot Overlords$1,8283$1,828Apr 23-
135Pawn Sacrifice$1,7403$2,923Oct 23Independent Films
136Paulo Coelho's Best Story$1,5123$1,512Oct 8-
Undated Slovenia Release
138Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)$1,3187$10,701Jan 29Blitz
139To the Hilt$1,1406$1,398Nov 13Karantanija Film
140What We Do in the Shadows$1,1159$1,693Jul 2-
141Julija in alfa Romeo
Undated Slovenia Release
142A Perfect Day$8299$2,633--
143The Postman's White Nights$7401$2,902Jun 11Fivia
144Sicario$7359$8,208Dec 3-
145Diplomacy$6304$762Jul 9Cinemania Group
146The Price of Fame$6056$1,841May 8-
147Messi$5583$665Jul 2Fivia
148Gorcilo$5229$9,105Apr 10-
149Department Q: The Absent One$4984$535Dec 3-
150Theeb$4872$1,763Jun 11Fivia
151Macbeth$4833$558Nov 19-
152Ne Pozabi$4162$455Nov 19-
153A Walk in the Woods$3854$6,354Oct 2Fivia
154Bone Tomahawk$3781$437Nov 26-
155Moomins on the Riviera$3451$345Apr 23-
156Virgin Mountain$1313$1,070--