Brazilian Box Office For 2014

RankRelease Distributor GrossMax ThOpening% of Total Open ThOpenClose
1MaleficentWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $33,251,828476$5,630,20416.9%452May 29-
2The Fault in Our Stars20th Century Fox International $31,186,731486$5,359,58517.2%430Jun 5-
3NoahParamount Pictures International $30,611,212528$8,801,88328.8%528Apr 3-
4X-Men: Days of Future Past20th Century Fox International $28,779,414512$8,370,72529.1%507May 22-
5Rio 220th Century Fox International $28,717,054714$7,621,55326.5%552Mar 27-
6Captain America: The Winter SoldierWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $28,319,218570$6,899,63724.4%486Apr 10-
7Transformers: Age of ExtinctionParamount Pictures International $27,491,390509$5,711,40420.8%504Jul 17-
8The Amazing Spider-Man 2Sony Pictures Releasing $24,871,0271,139$11,062,46444.5%1,139May 1-
9How to Train Your Dragon 220th Century Fox International $24,758,762516$6,567,20126.5%516Jun 19-
10Dawn of the Planet of the Apes20th Century Fox International $24,303,514461$6,860,38228.2%453Jul 24-
11The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1Paris Filmes $22,463,7831,339$7,289,34132.4%1,339Nov 20-
12FrozenWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $21,741,637861$3,593,48216.5%861Jan 3-
13Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesParamount Pictures International $19,219,133468$5,675,53829.5%456Aug 14-
14300: Rise of an EmpireWarner Bros. $17,382,915869$5,638,95932.4%869Mar 7-
15Guardians of the GalaxyWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $16,820,519490$5,269,93531.3%472Jul 31-
16AnnabelleWarner Bros. $16,312,322400$2,989,07218.3%395Oct 9-
17Exodus: Gods and Kings20th Century Fox International $14,765,284920$4,192,19528.4%920Dec 25-
18RoboCopSony Pictures Releasing $14,246,934756$3,548,04524.9%734Feb 21-
19HerculesParamount Pictures International $14,209,119472$4,407,92931%466Sep 4-
20Dracula UntoldUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $12,823,832528$2,927,06322.8%511Oct 23-
21Big Hero 6Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $12,822,819950$1,812,75214.1%950Dec 25-
22The Expendables 3-$10,787,256648$3,603,15633.4%449Aug 21-
23BlendedWarner Bros. $10,294,775320$2,038,17619.8%311Jul 17-
24O Candidato HonestoParis Filmes $10,021,790401$2,247,88822.4%365Oct 2-
25Men Are from Mars... And That's Where I'm Going!-$9,645,549343$1,848,40319.2%340May 29-
26LucyUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $9,393,449350$2,612,04427.8%350Aug 28-
27S.O.S.: Women to the SeaWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $9,153,455352$2,182,35723.8%352Mar 20-
28GodzillaWarner Bros. $8,091,242420$4,072,14450.3%417May 15-
29The Maze Runner20th Century Fox International $7,355,459356$1,959,01126.6%316Sep 18-
30The Book Thief20th Century Fox International $6,713,800319$1,179,70517.6%273Jan 31-
31Muita Calma Nessa Hora 2Paris Filmes $6,682,223432$1,306,26019.5%432Jan 17-
32Dressed to Marry-$6,515,448337$1,888,88229%335Aug 7-
33DivergentParis Filmes $6,482,718381$1,962,77230.3%381Apr 17-
34Mr. Peabody & Sherman20th Century Fox International $6,412,927643---Feb 28-
35Dumb and Dumber ToImagem Filmes $6,167,010425$3,497,32556.7%414Nov 13-
36The Wolf of Wall StreetParis Filmes $6,166,455317$1,094,52817.7%264Jan 24-
37I, FrankensteinPlayArte Filmes $5,878,797505$1,548,05926.3%263Jan 24-
38The Lego MovieWarner Bros. $5,663,649590$1,731,49230.6%574Feb 7-
39Paranormal Activity: The Marked OnesParamount Pictures International $5,115,712373$1,569,42530.7%341Jan 10-
40InterstellarWarner Bros. $5,059,875358$1,772,91835%342Nov 6-
41Tarzan-$5,026,193155---Jan 17-
42The Book of Life20th Century Fox International $4,945,569432$1,319,72626.7%427Oct 16-
43Pompeii-$4,928,296429$1,417,43928.8%429Feb 21-
44Alemão: Both Sides of the OperationParis Filmes $4,888,783327$1,401,21228.7%318Mar 13-
45Ivan the Incredible-$4,647,452395$1,370,07029.5%395Jan 17-
46Non-StopParis Filmes $4,539,798367---Feb 28-
47Edge of TomorrowWarner Bros. $4,537,591406$1,449,46531.9%378May 29-
48Deliver Us from EvilSony Pictures Releasing $4,057,130310$1,184,11829.2%310Sep 18-
49American HustleSony Pictures Releasing $3,778,893156$939,54824.9%151Feb 7-
50The Legend of Hercules-$3,664,648354$1,072,33129.3%317Feb 7-
51The EqualizerSony Pictures Releasing $3,644,626335$1,245,97934.2%335Sep 25-
52Tim MaiaParis Filmes $3,631,742385$1,266,76534.9%380Oct 30-
53Teen's ConfessionsSony Pictures Releasing $3,630,598394$959,72326.4%393Jan 10-
54Copa de Elite20th Century Fox International $3,479,709248$987,50328.4%248Apr 17-
55Walking with Dinosaurs 3D20th Century Fox International $3,468,772318$1,001,92728.9%313Jan 17-
56Need for SpeedWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $3,403,366354$1,203,36335.4%335Mar 13-
57Planes: Fire & RescueWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $3,372,852465$1,035,89630.7%465Jul 17-
5847 RoninUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $3,113,774266$1,092,44535.1%266Jan 31-
5912 Years a SlaveWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $3,025,293107$320,17910.6%79Feb 21-
60Gone Girl20th Century Fox International $2,875,496237$814,04628.3%232Oct 2-
61Getúlio-$2,868,827184$848,17329.6%177May 1-
62The Monuments Men20th Century Fox International $2,809,633251$984,14035%251Feb 14-
63The GiverParis Filmes $2,806,386312$1,105,48139.4%311Sep 11-
64If I StayWarner Bros. $2,765,454236$945,31434.2%209Sep 4-
65The Other Woman20th Century Fox International $2,737,669270$898,92832.8%264May 8-
66Legends of Oz: Dorothy's ReturnParis Filmes $2,709,108347$988,24536.5%310Oct 9-
67NeighborsUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $2,629,833205$881,69433.5%200Jun 19-
68Left Behind-$2,553,164232$633,09624.8%229Oct 23-
69Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary-$2,439,732355$1,300,09053.3%335Sep 11-
70The Pirate FairyWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $2,366,564237$720,09330.4%219Mar 7-
71Into the StormWarner Bros. $2,360,454299$1,033,70043.8%286Aug 28-
72The Grand Budapest Hotel20th Century Fox International $2,337,76855$345,27714.8%54Jul 3-
7322 Jump StreetSony Pictures Releasing $2,286,098233$895,75239.2%233Sep 4-
74The JudgeWarner Bros. $2,231,317163$708,28631.7%162Oct 16-
75Beauty and the Beast-$2,185,656353$741,56133.9%265Sep 25-
76Sex TapeSony Pictures Releasing $1,892,397232$819,32443.3%232Aug 21-
77Transcendence-$1,774,617160$602,77434%160Jun 19-
78Jack Ryan: Shadow RecruitParamount Pictures International $1,756,432277$704,38840.1%277Feb 7-
79Fading Gigolo-$1,657,17678$118,2097.1%59Apr 24-
80Devil's Due20th Century Fox International $1,623,080177$413,54625.5%166Jan 24-
81A Haunted House 2PlayArte Filmes $1,610,118268$641,70239.9%268Apr 24-
82The BoxtrollsUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $1,586,578353$690,02943.5%338Oct 2-
83Magic in the Moonlight-$1,573,24266$389,64024.8%66Aug 28-
84That Awkward Moment-$1,483,520190$622,26341.9%190Mar 20-
85Paddington-$1,442,021----Dec 4-
86Made in China-$1,374,609317$593,71843.2%317Nov 6-
87Nymphomaniac: Vol. I-$1,336,29077$168,96812.6%44Jan 10-
88Khumba-$1,307,482246$420,81932.2%246Jul 3-
89Thunder and the House of MagicImagem Filmes $1,279,657318$589,46446.1%318Nov 6-
90PhilomenaParis Filmes $1,255,97594$283,68422.6%94Feb 14-
91TrashUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $1,246,678255$513,19841.2%252Oct 9-
92Na QuebradaParis Filmes $1,177,863200$430,93036.6%200Oct 16-
93The Nut JobPlayArte Filmes $1,165,391224$148,18712.7%164Aug 14-
94God's Not Dead-$1,136,39885$202,86117.9%60Aug 21-
95Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad DayWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $1,100,501231$413,40437.6%227Oct 23-
96Wild TalesWarner Bros. $1,034,26487$202,92519.6%82Oct 23-
97HerSony Pictures Releasing $1,020,67866$206,59820.2%65Feb 14-
98The Way He Looks-$1,016,16161$150,71714.8%34Apr 10-
99Julio Sumiu-$1,002,833251$415,52241.4%251Apr 17-
100OculusPlayArte Filmes $865,132130---Aug 28-
101BoyhoodUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $846,91720$94,68411.2%11Oct 30-
102Chef-$826,65259$273,01733%59Aug 14-
103Dallas Buyers ClubUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $823,85841$112,94213.7%41Feb 21-
104Begin Again-$759,06299$291,79038.4%99Sep 18-
105Futuro Beach-$747,32299$243,85432.6%99May 15-
106Delivery ManWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $672,846132$250,35537.2%132Jan 10-
107Rage-$672,088172$359,29653.5%172Oct 16-
108Grudge MatchWarner Bros. $582,906123$232,68339.9%123Jan 10-
109Lone SurvivorParis Filmes $565,060150$309,92954.8%150Mar 20-
110One Direction: Where We Are - The Concert Film-$561,436134$548,45497.7%134Oct 9-
111The Best of Me-$553,661124$283,53851.2%124Oct 30-
112Son of God-$552,018242$282,91251.3%242Apr 17-
113Brick Mansions-$543,52685$216,92539.9%85Jun 19-
114Nymphomaniac: Vol. II-$540,14681$102,66219%76Mar 20-
115The Physician-$538,701128$211,13239.2%128Oct 9-
116A Gun in Each HandPandora Filmes $525,81827$80,33115.3%20May 22-
117Paulo Coelho's Best StorySony Pictures Releasing $503,187288$309,16161.4%288Aug 14-
118Sin City: A Dame to Kill For-$495,896289$305,20761.5%289Sep 25-
119Rio, I Love YouWarner Bros. $490,612227$259,56452.9%227Sep 11-
120Causa & Efeito-$438,934114$189,56143.2%114Jul 3-
121Sheep's Clothing-$405,50899$222,25954.8%99Mar 27-
122The Hundred-Foot JourneyWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $405,29441$123,21530.4%41Aug 28-
123Justin Bieber's Believe-$398,84666---Feb 28-
124The Love PunchPlayArte Filmes $389,89168$135,15834.7%68Jun 19-
125Isolados-$382,371175$181,47647.5%175Sep 18-
126Anchorman 2: The Legend ContinuesParamount Pictures International $351,66887---Feb 28-
127Saving Mr. BanksWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $348,381153$219,90563.1%153Mar 7-
128And So It GoesPlayArte Filmes $334,19068$137,67241.2%68Oct 9-
129The November ManPlayArte Filmes $323,561143$186,45257.6%143Nov 6-
130The ImmigrantEuropa Filmes $314,35038$85,94727.3%38Sep 11-
131Me, Myself and MumEuropa Filmes $303,47420$17,4545.8%17May 1-
132Out of the Furnace-$297,02850$164,57955.4%50Mar 27-
133The Games MakerWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $293,604126$166,56656.7%126Oct 9-
134Muppets Most WantedWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $286,500142$97,09033.9%142Jun 26-
135Yves Saint LaurentParis Filmes $278,67248$110,01039.5%48Apr 24-
136Dolphin Tale 2Warner Bros. $272,614103$142,52852.3%103Sep 11-
137The Best OfferParis Filmes $267,69520$69,58726%20Jul 17-
138Justin and the Knights of ValourPlayArte Filmes $265,200100$1,3220.5%21Feb 21-
139Haunt-$261,49888$153,24558.6%88Jun 12-
140A Most Wanted Man-$253,14940$90,39435.7%33Oct 9-
141One Chance-$252,08334$70,92728.1%34Jul 24-
142Winter's TaleWarner Bros. $246,19389$98,07839.8%89Feb 21-
143Trust MeParis Filmes $246,09367$126,39051.4%67Apr 10-
144Brasserie Romantiek
2014 Re-release
Europa Filmes $209,04011$1,4080.7%1Jul 3-
145The Quiet OnesPlayArte Filmes $208,55465---Jul 3-
146Enemy-$203,90335$77,41138%34Jun 19-
147Life of Riley-$201,91912$40,14319.9%11Jul 24-
148Grand PianoPlayArte Filmes $197,91648$83,26842.1%48Apr 3-
149Dom Hemingway-$196,61359$114,25158.1%59May 15-
150A Million Ways to Die in the West-$192,684139$124,58664.7%139Sep 18-
151Chinese PuzzleParis Filmes $189,47518$51,31027.1%18Jun 19-
152NebraskaSony Pictures Releasing $188,18320$45,83324.4%20Feb 14-
153All Is LostParis Filmes $176,38325$56,01431.8%25Mar 7-
154Labor DayParamount Pictures International $171,06920$62,35736.5%20Mar 13-
155Instructions Not Included-$170,56945$77,81945.6%45Jul 3-
156The Priest's Children-$170,23112$5,2883.1%1Mar 13-
157Last Love-$169,37229---Jun 26-
158A Wolf at the Door-$168,28526$44,76526.6%26Jun 5-
159Jersey BoysWarner Bros. $158,04629$62,46739.5%29Jun 26-
160Lion's Heart-$155,79744$60,61438.9%44Jun 19-
161The Gilded Cage
2013 Re-release
Europa Filmes $155,74611---Feb 28-
162Rodencia y el Diente de la Princesa-$155,46885$81,73652.6%85Feb 21-
163What If-$152,799140$152,799100%140Sep 25-
164Paris Follies-$149,84214$21,42614.3%12Sep 4-
165Sister Dulce: The Angel from BrazilParis Filmes $142,71381$142,713100%81Nov 13-
166A Grande Vitória-$139,12490$87,96563.2%90May 8-
167The French Minister-$132,54911$33,27025.1%8Apr 17-
168Devil's KnotParis Filmes $130,05318$49,54538.1%18Jul 24-
169Inside Llewyn DavisParis Filmes $129,67736$40,43931.2%36Feb 21-
1701,000 Times Good NightEuropa Filmes $127,77332$4,8403.8%17Oct 30-
171Under the SkinParis Filmes $127,52429$75,65359.3%29May 15-
172Gloria-$126,75813$26,25420.7%11Jan 31-
1733 Days to Kill-$124,40850$84,47767.9%50Sep 11-
174Boy and the World-$121,92813$12,71810.4%10Jan 17-
175The Lunchbox
2013 Re-release
-$119,5829---Feb 28-
176The Broken Circle Breakdown-$117,8199$20,89117.7%9Jan 17-
177The Past-$117,53021$31,80627.1%21May 8-
178Long Live Freedom
2014 Re-release
Europa Filmes $113,38711---Jul 3-
179Heaven Is for RealSony Pictures Releasing $106,71742$50,79447.6%42Jul 3-
180What Maisie Knew-$100,45310$24,31124.2%8Jan 10-
181The Boy in the MirrorParis Filmes $99,69713$12,60312.6%13Jun 19-
182Endless Love-$96,212115$62,45264.9%115Jun 12-
183Before the Winter Chill
2013 Re-release
Europa Filmes $93,34712$15,86017%3Jun 12-
184Welcome to New York-$91,80015$15,53416.9%15Sep 11-
185Only Lovers Left AliveParis Filmes $88,83014$24,10827.1%14Aug 14-
186The German Doctor-$88,2056---Mar 20-
187The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet-$85,76132$47,02354.8%32Nov 6-
188Drops of Joy-$84,94413$6,4537.6%12Jun 19-
189Bad HairEuropa Filmes $75,2507$12,53416.7%5Apr 17-
190The Zero Theorem-$75,05715$27,08136.1%15Jul 10-
191Marina-$73,35616$31,75343.3%16Apr 17-
192The Bag Man-$73,27229$49,64567.8%29Apr 24-
193Violetta: La emoción del conciertoWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $71,78856$26,97737.6%54Jun 26-
194Swim Little Fish SwimPandora Filmes $71,62711$28,14039.3%5Aug 21-
195A Late QuartetEuropa Filmes $69,28015---Oct 2-
196Boys in Brazil-$68,16329$29,90543.9%29May 15-
197The Face of Love-$65,31033$43,82067.1%33Sep 18-
198Attila Marcel-$59,96214---Oct 9-
199Saint Laurent-$57,78528$57,45399.4%28Nov 13-
200O Mercado de Notícias-$57,44713$12,03621%13Aug 7-
201How Strange to Be Named Federico-$55,42212$11,55920.9%8Jun 5-
2027 Boxes-$54,63512$5,2729.6%5Apr 24-
203Arrêtez-moiEuropa Filmes $51,80612---Mar 7-
204Love Is the Perfect Crime-$51,80314$11,89723%14Jul 3-
205Kill Your DarlingsParis Filmes $50,56226$30,13659.6%26Jun 12-
206Dominguinhos-$48,49914---May 22-
207Trinta20th Century Fox International $48,03152$48,031100%52Nov 13-
208O Homem das Multidões-$47,16014---Jul 31-
209Fruitvale StationParis Filmes $44,67320$24,54054.9%20Jan 31-
210Until Sbornia Takes Us Apart-$43,55922$24,86557.1%22Oct 30-
211The First Grader
2014 Re-release
Europa Filmes $42,74713$20,56948.1%13Aug 14-
212Another Life-$42,1576$3,0507.2%3Sep 18-
213El Estudiante
2014 Re-release
Pandora Filmes $41,84611---Jul 24-
214The Grandmaster-$41,8338$15,25236.5%8Apr 17-
215Those Happy Years-$41,5869$10,23924.6%9May 29-
2169-Month StretchEuropa Filmes $40,38711---Apr 17-
217Violette-$39,9697$9,53323.9%1Aug 28-
218Olho Nu-$38,66814$9,81825.4%14May 15-
219Miss ViolenceEuropa Filmes $37,8476---Sep 25-
220The Rover-$34,95936$34,959100%36Aug 7-
221Child's Pose-$33,28410---Mar 7-
222When I Was Alive-$32,85726$14,64644.6%26Jan 31-
223Inch'Allah-$32,3514$10,08331.2%4Jan 10-
224OldboyParis Filmes $31,12417$17,57456.5%16Jun 5-
225Sem Pena-$30,87411---Oct 2-
226Underage-$30,23618$10,09033.4%12Sep 4-
227The Godfather
2014 Re-release
-$29,34950$29,349100%50Jul 19-
228Going AwayEuropa Filmes $28,4076$8,64330.4%6Aug 21-
229Florbela-$27,5535$10,15436.9%5May 1-
230Amitiés sincères
2014 Re-release
Europa Filmes $27,48310$5,74920.9%10Oct 23-
231A Onda da Vida-$26,57812$11,25542.3%12Jul 3-
232EverydayEuropa Filmes $25,6444$3501.4%1Jan 17-
233Draft DayParis Filmes $25,31416$25,314100%16May 22-
234Metéora-$24,0533$6,43326.7%1Aug 14-
235The Patience Stone-$23,7015$7,77632.8%1Aug 21-
236BethlehemEuropa Filmes $23,4994$6,31726.9%4Apr 3-
237Abuse of Weakness-$23,38410$6,55228%7May 22-
238Em Busca de Iara-$23,3036---Mar 27-
239Walesa: Man of HopeEuropa Filmes $22,6238$8,96339.6%6May 29-
240Gone Fishing
2014 Re-release
Europa Filmes $22,5904$8,52937.8%4Jul 17-
2014 Re-release
Europa Filmes $20,5125$1190.6%3Jan 10-
242For a Woman-$20,4399---Oct 16-
243The Deep-$20,2782$9,22045.5%2Jul 17-
244A Long Way Down-$20,19915$20,199100%15May 22-
245Junho: O Mês que Abalou o Brasil-$19,67413$7,68839.1%13Jun 5-
246May in the Summer-$19,6605$8,35242.5%4Aug 14-
247Riocorrente-$19,17810$5,08626.5%10Jun 5-
248A Oeste do Fim do Mundo-$18,88911$5,41428.7%9Aug 28-
249Paraiso: Tatlong kwento ng pag-asa
2014 Re-release
-$16,28512$6,13737.7%12Aug 7-
250Hélio Oiticica-$16,0819---Jul 31-
251Oslo, August 31st
2014 Re-release
-$15,7184$3,43921.9%1May 29-
252Tokyo FamilyEuropa Filmes $15,4653---Jan 3-
253Never Too Old to Meow-$14,06411$5,24537.3%10May 15-
254Grand Central-$13,6842$3,19323.3%1Jan 24-
255Tango libre-$13,5122---Feb 7-
2013 Re-release
-$13,3265$3,74028.1%5Apr 24-
257The Identical-$13,32512$13,325100%12Nov 13-
258Life of a King-$11,9144$7,31461.4%1May 8-
259Ain't Them Bodies SaintsParis Filmes $11,76714$11,43397.2%14Jul 10-
260The Congress
2013 Re-release
-$11,5174$6,85759.5%4Mar 27-
261Hateship LoveshipParis Filmes $11,2989$2,56222.7%9Aug 28-
262Bald Mountain
2014 Re-release
-$11,0343$11,00499.7%3Sep 25-
263Boy Meets GirlPandora Filmes $10,4523$7897.5%2Jan 10-
264Le grand soir-$10,4345$4,08439.1%4Jan 24-
265Avanti popolo-$10,14810$4,20741.5%10Jun 12-
266Breathe InParis Filmes $10,08616$10,086100%16Jun 26-
267The Hunger
2014 Re-release
-$9,0306---Jan 24-
268They Will Return-$8,6323---Mar 7-
269Mauvais Sang
2013 Re-release
Pandora Filmes $8,5823$7088.2%2Jan 10-
270Sobrevivi ao HolocaustoParis Filmes $8,5555$4,29250.2%5Aug 21-
271Gebo et l'ombre-$6,7801---Jan 17-
272Setenta-$6,4017---May 29-
273Between Valleys-$6,3396$3,07648.5%6May 8-
274The Missing Picture-$6,2094$1,35921.9%4Feb 14-
275Tim Lopes - Histórias de ArcanjoEuropa Filmes $6,14615$3,27653.3%15Jun 5-
276Uma Dose Violenta de Qualquer Coisa-$5,8879$98016.6%9Aug 21-
277A Farra do Circo-$5,8164---May 29-
278Insônia-$5,6956$2,96252%6Feb 14-
279Closed CurtainEuropa Filmes $5,6372$2,99053%1Apr 10-
280Tokyo StoryEuropa Filmes $5,6212$70912.6%2Feb 7-
281Electrick ChildrenEuropa Filmes $5,0412$3,03660.2%2Jan 24-
282Grandes ondesPandora Filmes $3,9942---May 1-
283Jogo das DecapitaçõesPandora Filmes $3,6259---Jun 19-
284The Loneliest Planet-$3,0471$2,86093.9%1Apr 3-
285One Life
2014 Re-release
-$2,81833$2,818100%33Jun 26-
286Estação Liberdade-$2,6272---Aug 14-
287SalingerParis Filmes $2,6183$2,618100%3Feb 7-
288An Episode in the Life of an Iron Picker-$2,3452---Mar 27-
289Heli-$2,2003$2,200100%3May 22-
290Apneia-$2,1905$2,190100%5Nov 4-
291Os dias com ele-$2,1142---May 1-
292Rouge Brésil-$1,7569$1,756100%9Jun 5-
293Young and Wild-$1,6781$1,678100%1Jan 31-
294Island of Lemurs: Madagascar-$1,6674$1,667100%4Oct 16-
295The Noble Family-$1,5563---Nov 13-
296The Christening
2014 Re-release
-$1,4941$1,494100%1Sep 11-
297La Playa DC-$1,1381---Mar 27-
298Eternal Amazon-$1,1231$30727.3%1Aug 21-
299The First MissPandora Filmes $9924---May 29-
300We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaksUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $9101---Feb 14-
301Dark Sea-$4351$435100%1Jan 17-
302Paradise-$4202$420100%2Apr 3-
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