Domestic Box Office For 2014

RankRelease Distributor GrossMax ThOpening% of Total Open ThOpenClose
1American SniperWarner Bros. $350,126,3723,885$633,4560.2%4Dec 25Jun 25
2The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1Lionsgate $337,135,8854,151$121,897,63436.2%4,151Nov 21Mar 19
3Guardians of the GalaxyWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $333,176,6004,088$94,320,88328.3%4,080Aug 1Jan 22
4The Lego MovieWarner Bros. $257,760,6923,890$69,050,27926.8%3,775Feb 7Sep 4
5Captain America: The Winter SoldierWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $255,447,1043,938$95,023,72137.2%3,938Apr 4Aug 21
6The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five ArmiesWarner Bros. $255,119,7883,875$54,724,33421.5%3,875Dec 17Apr 2
7Transformers: Age of ExtinctionParamount Pictures $245,439,0764,233$100,038,39040.8%4,233Jun 27Oct 9
8MaleficentWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $241,410,3783,948$69,431,29828.8%3,948May 30Dec 4
9X-Men: Days of Future PastTwentieth Century Fox $233,904,5174,001$90,823,66038.8%3,996May 23Oct 9
10Big Hero 6Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $222,520,4263,773$56,215,88925.3%3,761Nov 7May 28
11Dawn of the Planet of the ApesTwentieth Century Fox $208,490,8413,969$72,611,42734.8%3,967Jul 11Dec 4
12The Amazing Spider-Man 2Sony Pictures Releasing $202,853,9334,324$91,608,33745.2%4,324May 2Aug 17
13GodzillaWarner Bros. $200,676,0693,952$93,188,38446.4%3,952May 16Aug 28
1422 Jump StreetSony Pictures Releasing $191,719,3373,426$57,071,44529.8%3,306Jun 13Nov 26
15Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesParamount Pictures $191,204,7543,980$65,575,10534.3%3,845Aug 8Nov 20
16InterstellarParamount Pictures $188,020,0173,561$47,510,36025.3%3,561Nov 5Mar 19
17How to Train Your Dragon 2Twentieth Century Fox $176,983,8454,268$49,451,32227.9%4,253Jun 13Dec 11
18Gone GirlTwentieth Century Fox $167,762,3313,284$37,513,10922.4%3,014Oct 3Feb 26
19DivergentLionsgate $150,947,8953,936$54,607,74736.2%3,936Mar 21Jul 10
20NeighborsUniversal Pictures $150,157,4003,311$49,033,91532.7%3,279May 9Aug 21
21Ride AlongUniversal Pictures $134,938,2002,867$41,516,17030.8%2,663Jan 17Apr 17
22Rio 2Twentieth Century Fox $131,492,4583,975$39,327,86929.9%3,948Apr 11Sep 4
23Into the WoodsWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $126,735,6592,833$31,051,92324.5%2,440Dec 25Apr 16
24LucyUniversal Pictures $126,663,6003,202$43,899,34034.7%3,173Jul 25Nov 6
25The Fault in Our StarsTwentieth Century Fox $124,872,3503,340$48,002,52338.4%3,173Jun 6Oct 9
26UnbrokenUniversal Pictures $115,637,8953,301$30,621,44526.5%3,131Dec 25Mar 12
27Night at the Museum: Secret of the TombTwentieth Century Fox $113,663,5143,914$17,100,52015%3,785Dec 19Jul 9
28Mr. Peabody & ShermanTwentieth Century Fox $111,453,7853,951$32,207,05728.9%3,934Mar 7Sep 4
29300: Rise of an EmpireWarner Bros. $106,580,0513,490$45,038,46042.3%3,470Mar 7May 29
30The Maze RunnerTwentieth Century Fox $102,395,4963,638$32,512,80431.8%3,604Sep 19Feb 5
31The EqualizerSony Pictures Releasing $101,530,7383,236$34,137,82833.6%3,236Sep 26Jan 11
32NoahParamount Pictures $101,200,0443,571$43,720,47243.2%3,567Mar 28Jun 19
33Edge of TomorrowWarner Bros. $100,206,2563,505$28,760,24628.7%3,490Jun 6Sep 11
34Non-StopUniversal Pictures $92,168,6003,183$28,875,63531.3%3,090Feb 28May 29
35Heaven Is for Real-$91,443,2533,048$22,522,22124.6%2,417Apr 16Aug 10
36The Imitation GameThe Weinstein Company $91,125,6832,402$479,3520.5%4Nov 28May 14
37Dumb and Dumber ToUniversal Pictures $86,208,0103,188$36,111,77541.9%3,154Nov 14Feb 12
38AnnieSony Pictures Releasing $85,911,2623,197$15,861,93918.5%3,116Dec 19Mar 15
39FurySony Pictures Releasing $85,817,9063,313$23,702,42127.6%3,173Oct 17Jan 19
40TammyWarner Bros. $84,525,4323,465$21,577,04925.5%3,465Jul 2Oct 16
41AnnabelleWarner Bros. $84,273,8133,215$37,134,25544.1%3,185Oct 3Dec 18
42The Other WomanTwentieth Century Fox $83,882,1723,306$24,763,75229.5%3,205Apr 25Aug 14
43Penguins of MadagascarTwentieth Century Fox $83,301,3433,775$25,447,44430.5%3,764Nov 26May 7
44Let's Be CopsTwentieth Century Fox $82,386,1413,140$17,813,72221.6%3,094Aug 13Dec 11
45The Monuments MenSony Pictures Releasing $78,031,6203,083$22,003,43328.2%3,083Feb 7May 18
46HerculesParamount Pictures $72,688,6143,595$29,800,26341%3,595Jul 25Oct 16
47The Purge: AnarchyUniversal Pictures $71,962,8002,856$29,816,67541.4%2,805Jul 18Sep 18
48Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad DayWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $66,954,1493,117$18,360,23027.4%3,088Oct 10Feb 26
49Think Like a Man TooScreen Gems $65,182,1822,225$29,241,91144.9%2,225Jun 20Aug 17
50Exodus: Gods and KingsTwentieth Century Fox $64,988,1383,503$24,115,93437.1%3,503Dec 12Feb 26
51The Nut JobOpen Road Films (II) $64,251,5413,472$19,423,00030.2%3,427Jan 17May 8
52God's Not DeadFreestyle Releasing $60,755,7321,860$9,217,01315.2%780Mar 21Aug 7
53Son of GodTwentieth Century Fox $59,685,2083,271$25,601,86542.9%3,260Feb 28Jun 5
54The Grand Budapest HotelFox Searchlight Pictures $59,301,3241,467$811,1661.4%4Mar 7Feb 26
55Planes: Fire & RescueWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $59,165,7873,839$17,509,40729.6%3,826Jul 18Nov 13
56RoboCopSony Pictures Releasing $58,607,0073,372$21,681,43037%3,372Feb 12May 18
57Dracula UntoldUniversal Pictures $56,280,3552,900$23,514,61541.8%2,885Oct 10Nov 27
58Horrible Bosses 2Warner Bros. $54,445,3573,400$15,457,41828.4%3,375Nov 26Feb 19
59The Hundred-Foot JourneyWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $54,240,8212,167$10,979,29020.2%2,023Aug 8Dec 4
60No Good DeedScreen Gems $52,543,6322,175$24,250,28346.2%2,175Sep 12Nov 2
61SelmaParamount Pictures $52,076,9082,235$571,4501.1%19Dec 25Apr 16
62OuijaUniversal Pictures $50,856,0102,899$19,875,99539.1%2,858Oct 24Dec 18
63The BoxtrollsFocus Features $50,837,3053,464$17,275,23934%3,464Sep 26Feb 5
64Jack Ryan: Shadow RecruitParamount Pictures $50,577,4123,387$15,451,98130.6%3,387Jan 17Apr 3
65If I StayWarner Bros. $50,474,8433,157$15,679,19031.1%2,907Aug 22Nov 6
66The Book of LifeTwentieth Century Fox $50,086,1123,113$17,005,21834%3,071Oct 17Feb 26
67Muppets Most WantedWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $48,845,0273,194$17,005,12634.8%3,194Mar 21Jul 17
68About Last NightScreen Gems $48,637,6842,253$25,649,01152.7%2,253Feb 14Apr 27
69Into the StormWarner Bros. $47,602,1943,434$17,346,42736.4%3,434Aug 8Nov 20
70The JudgeWarner Bros. $47,119,3883,003$13,116,22627.8%3,003Oct 10Jan 15
71Jersey BoysWarner Bros. $47,047,0132,905$13,319,37128.3%2,905Jun 20Sep 25
72BlendedWarner Bros. $46,294,6103,555$14,284,03130.9%3,555May 23Aug 28
73The GiverThe Weinstein Company $45,090,3743,003$12,305,01627.3%3,003Aug 15Dec 11
74St. VincentThe Weinstein Company $44,137,7122,552$109,8780.2%4Oct 10Mar 5
75A Million Ways to Die in the WestUniversal Pictures $43,139,3003,160$16,797,38538.9%3,158May 30Jul 17
76John WickLionsgate $43,037,8352,589$14,415,92233.5%2,589Oct 24Jan 22
77Need for SpeedWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $42,354,8833,115$17,844,93942.1%3,115Mar 14Jun 19
78Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)Fox Searchlight Pictures $42,324,2251,213$424,3971%4Oct 17Apr 16
79Dolphin Tale 2Warner Bros. $42,024,5333,656$15,873,39737.8%3,656Sep 12Dec 18
80The Expendables 3Lionsgate $39,322,5443,221$15,879,64540.4%3,221Aug 15Oct 16
81Earth to EchoRelativity Media $38,934,8423,230$8,364,65821.5%3,230Jul 2Oct 30
82Sex TapeSony Pictures Releasing $38,543,4733,062$14,608,15237.9%3,062Jul 18Sep 21
83WildFox Searchlight Pictures $37,772,8711,361$606,8101.6%21Dec 3May 7
84The Theory of EverythingFocus Features $35,753,8771,220$208,7630.6%5Nov 7Apr 16
85This Is Where I Leave YouWarner Bros. $34,296,3202,868$11,558,14933.7%2,868Sep 19Dec 4
86Million Dollar ArmWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $33,864,1483,019$10,515,65931.1%3,019May 16Aug 21
87The GamblerParamount Pictures $33,680,9922,494$9,129,99927.1%2,478Dec 25Feb 19
88Paranormal Activity: The Marked OnesParamount Pictures $32,462,3722,883$18,343,61156.5%2,867Jan 3Feb 20
89NightcrawlerOpen Road Films (II) $32,381,2172,766$10,441,00032.2%2,766Oct 31Feb 5
90ChefOpen Road Films (II) $31,424,0031,298$204,9610.7%6May 9Sep 11
91Get on UpUniversal Pictures $30,703,1002,469$13,585,91544.2%2,468Aug 1Sep 18
923 Days to KillRelativity Media $30,697,9992,872$12,242,21839.9%2,872Feb 21May 15
93Deliver Us from EvilScreen Gems $30,577,1223,049$9,740,47131.9%3,049Jul 2Aug 10
94When the Game Stands Tall-$30,127,9632,766$8,381,50927.8%2,673Aug 22Nov 2
95Draft DayLionsgate $28,842,2372,781$9,783,60333.9%2,781Apr 11Jun 19
96OculusRelativity Media $27,695,2462,648$12,005,40243.3%2,648Apr 11Jun 26
97The Best of MeRelativity Media $26,766,2132,936$10,003,82737.4%2,936Oct 17Jan 15
98A Walk Among the TombstonesUniversal Pictures $26,307,6002,714$12,758,78048.5%2,712Sep 19Oct 23
99That Awkward MomentFocus Features $26,068,9552,809$8,742,10933.5%2,809Jan 31Apr 3
100BoyhoodIFC Films $25,351,617775$387,6181.5%5Jul 11Mar 22
101Top FiveParamount Pictures $25,317,4711,426$6,896,59327.2%979Dec 12Feb 5
102The November ManRelativity Media $25,018,1192,776$7,911,59731.6%2,776Aug 27Oct 30
103Endless LoveUniversal Pictures $23,438,2502,896$13,307,12556.8%2,896Feb 14Mar 20
104Pompeii-$23,219,7482,658$10,340,82344.5%2,658Feb 21Apr 20
105TranscendenceWarner Bros. $23,022,3093,455$10,886,38647.3%3,455Apr 18Jun 19
106As Above, So BelowUniversal Pictures $21,321,1002,650$8,632,82040.5%2,640Aug 29Oct 9
107Brick MansionsRelativity Media $20,396,8292,647$9,516,85546.7%2,647Apr 25Jul 3
108I, FrankensteinLionsgate $19,075,2902,753$8,610,44145.1%2,753Jan 24Mar 20
109The Legend of HerculesLionsgate $18,848,5382,104$8,868,31847.1%2,104Jan 10Mar 13
110AddictedLionsgate $17,390,7701,037$7,485,34643%846Oct 10Dec 4
111A Haunted House 2Open Road Films (II) $17,329,4862,310$8,843,87551%2,310Apr 18Jun 12
112A Most Wanted ManRoadside Attractions $17,237,855801$2,687,22715.6%361Jul 25Nov 13
113BearsWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $17,047,6511,790$4,776,26728%1,720Apr 18Jul 17
114Begin AgainThe Weinstein Company $16,170,6321,302$134,0640.8%5Jun 27Oct 16
115The Single Moms ClubLionsgate $15,973,8811,896$8,075,11150.6%1,896Mar 14May 1
116Devil's DueTwentieth Century Fox $15,785,3352,544$8,308,22052.6%2,544Jan 17Mar 20
117And So It GoesClarius Entertainment $15,160,8011,816$4,642,32930.6%1,762Jul 25Oct 2
118Step Up All InLionsgate $14,904,3842,072$6,469,85743.4%2,072Aug 8Oct 2
119Beyond the LightsRelativity Media $14,618,7271,789$6,200,28442.4%1,789Nov 14Feb 5
120Big EyesThe Weinstein Company $14,482,0311,408$3,001,73820.7%1,307Dec 25Mar 26
121America: Imagine the World Without HerLionsgate $14,444,5021,105$38,6080.3%3Jun 27Sep 4
122Left BehindFreestyle Releasing $14,019,9241,887$6,300,14744.9%1,825Oct 3Dec 11
123Sin City: A Dame to Kill For-$13,757,8042,894$6,317,68345.9%2,894Aug 22Oct 9
124Labor DayParamount Pictures $13,371,5282,584$5,175,28238.7%2,584Jan 31Mar 20
125WhiplashSony Pictures Classics $13,092,000567$135,3881%6Oct 10Apr 12
126Winter's TaleWarner Bros. $12,600,2312,965$7,297,69457.9%2,965Feb 14Apr 3
127FoxcatcherSony Pictures Classics $12,096,300759$270,8772.2%6Nov 14Mar 8
128Island of Lemurs: MadagascarWarner Bros. $11,268,196302$188,3071.7%37Apr 4-
129The DropFox Searchlight Pictures $10,724,3891,192$4,104,55238.3%809Sep 12Nov 13
130PKUTV Motion Pictures $10,616,104272$3,565,25833.6%272Dec 19Feb 12
131BelleFox Searchlight Pictures $10,614,444525$106,5781%4May 2Aug 28
132Magic in the MoonlightSony Pictures Classics $10,539,326964$412,0953.9%17Jul 25Nov 20
133SabotageOpen Road Films (II) $10,508,5182,486$5,272,44450.2%2,486Mar 28May 15
134Moms' Night Out-$10,429,7071,046$4,311,08341.3%1,044May 9Jul 13
135The Quiet OnesLionsgate $8,509,8672,027$3,880,05345.6%2,027Apr 25Jun 5
136Legends of Oz: Dorothy's ReturnClarius Entertainment $8,462,3472,658$3,747,78044.3%2,658May 9Jul 31
137Inherent ViceWarner Bros. $8,110,975653$328,1844%5Dec 12Feb 26
138Vampire AcademyThe Weinstein Company $7,791,9792,676$3,921,74250.3%2,676Feb 7Apr 10
139Bad WordsFocus Features $7,779,6141,074$113,3011.5%6Mar 14May 29
140CantinflasLionsgate $6,382,924429$2,661,25341.7%382Aug 29Oct 16
141The InterviewSony Pictures Releasing $6,105,175581$1,794,66629.4%331Dec 25Jan 25
142Meet the MormonsPurdie Distribution $6,047,363333$2,509,80841.5%317Oct 10Feb 12
143A Most Violent YearA24 $5,749,134818$172,7883%4Dec 31Apr 26
144Cesar Chavez
2014 Re-release
Lionsgate $5,571,497664$2,861,52851.4%664Mar 28May 8
145The Skeleton TwinsRoadside Attractions $5,284,309461$380,6917.2%15Sep 12Dec 25
146SnowpiercerRADiUS-TWC $4,563,650356$171,1873.8%8Jun 27Oct 23
147The Railway ManThe Weinstein Company $4,438,438600$61,8451.4%4Apr 11Jul 17
148Dear White PeopleRoadside Attractions $4,404,154393$347,9597.9%11Oct 17Jan 25
149The Wind Rises
2013 Re-release
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $4,342,709496$313,7517.2%21Feb 21May 22
150The Lunchbox
2013 Re-release
Sony Pictures Classics $4,235,151165$44,5421.1%3Feb 28Sep 18
151My Old LadyCohen Media Group $4,002,803273$124,6803.1%11Sep 10Jan 15
152Mr. TurnerSony Pictures Classics $3,958,500120$109,0002.8%5Dec 19Apr 12
153Fading GigoloMillennium Entertainment $3,769,873356$180,8014.8%5Apr 18Jul 17
154IdaMusic Box Films $3,765,598137$55,4381.5%3May 2May 7
155Wish I Was HereFocus Features $3,591,299753$484,40113.5%68Jul 18Sep 11
156CalvaryFox Searchlight Pictures $3,586,375322$74,1492.1%4Aug 1Oct 16
30th Anniversary Release
Sony Pictures Releasing $3,580,343784$1,756,51349.1%784Aug 29Sep 18
158MommyRoadside Attractions $3,494,07083$473,88213.6%62Sep 19Mar 19
159What IfCBS Films $3,493,000787$133,8983.8%20Aug 8Sep 18
160The Grand SeductionEntertainment One $3,430,018124$41,4331.2%8May 23Sep 11
161Veronica MarsWarner Bros. $3,322,127347$1,988,35159.9%291Mar 14Apr 24
162Before I Go to SleepClarius Entertainment $3,242,4571,902$1,843,34756.9%1,902Oct 31Nov 20
163RosewaterOpen Road Films (II) $3,128,941371$1,154,30336.9%371Nov 14Jan 1
164Obvious ChildA24 $3,123,963202$77,3152.5%3Jun 6Oct 9
165The Trip to ItalyIFC Films $2,880,537199$71,7122.5%3Aug 15Nov 9
166The IdenticalFreestyle Releasing $2,827,6661,956$1,587,13756.1%1,956Sep 5Sep 25
167The Fluffy Movie: Unity Through LaughterOpen Road Films (II) $2,827,393432$1,311,44646.4%432Jul 25Aug 28
168CitizenfourRADiUS-TWC $2,800,870105$126,3214.5%5Oct 24Apr 30
169Saving ChristmasThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $2,771,509410$992,08735.8%410Nov 14Dec 25
170The Good LieWarner Bros. $2,722,209461$841,42230.9%461Oct 3Jan 8
171The PyramidTwentieth Century Fox $2,709,280685$1,369,93550.6%589Dec 5Jan 29
172The Raid 2Sony Pictures Classics $2,627,209954$165,2926.3%7Mar 28Jun 19
173Under the SkinA24 $2,614,251176$133,1545.1%4Apr 4Aug 14
174The AdmiralCJ Entertainment $2,582,41345$51,4312%1Aug 8Nov 6
175Dragon Ball Z: Battle of GodsScreenvision $2,553,002692$296,41411.6%62Aug 5Aug 14
176Bang BangFIP $2,546,172271$1,278,69050.2%271Oct 2Oct 19
177KickUTV Motion Pictures $2,472,695180$1,071,37343.3%180Jul 25Aug 21
178Kill the MessengerFocus Features $2,450,846427$941,80938.4%374Oct 10Dec 11
179The HomesmanSaban Films $2,429,989222$45,4331.9%4Nov 14Feb 26
180Ode to My FatherCJ Entertainment $2,300,12138$33,8801.5%1Dec 25Apr 12
181Love Is Strange
2014 Re-release
Sony Pictures Classics $2,262,223138$117,2765.2%5Aug 22Nov 20
1822 StatesUTV Motion Pictures $2,238,174137$1,073,89848%135Apr 18May 29
183Le Week-EndMusic Box Films $2,225,098157$43,6082%3Mar 14Jul 3
184Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues
R-Rated Extended Cut
Paramount Pictures $2,184,3391,317$1,358,83362.2%1,317Feb 28Mar 20
185The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2014: Live ActionShorts International $2,171,849167$329,50515.2%105Jan 31Mar 2
186Words and PicturesRoadside Attractions $2,171,257216$87,8794%10May 23Aug 21
187GloriaRoadside Attractions $2,107,925110$56,4542.7%3Jan 24May 15
188The ImmigrantThe Weinstein Company $2,025,328150$44,0642.2%3May 16Jul 3
189Only Lovers Left AliveSony Pictures Classics $1,879,53495$87,9894.7%4Apr 11Sep 18
190TuskA24 $1,826,705602$846,83146.4%602Sep 19Nov 13
191Tim's VermeerSony Pictures Classics $1,671,377129$49,7773%4Jan 31May 29
192PersecutedMillennium Entertainment $1,558,836736$851,39154.6%736Jul 18Aug 14
193Fed UpRADiUS-TWC $1,538,899104$126,0288.2%18May 9Aug 28
194Finding Vivian MaierIFC Films $1,514,78297$63,6004.2%3Mar 28Aug 10
195PrideCBS Films $1,446,634124$100,0406.9%10Sep 26Nov 20
196Two Days, One NightIFC Films $1,436,243120$30,7002.1%2Dec 24May 7
197LockeA24 $1,375,769121$81,0065.9%4Apr 25Aug 14
198Gimme ShelterRoadside Attractions $1,359,910385$689,07050.7%385Jan 24Feb 27
199Force MajeureMagnolia Pictures $1,359,49768$23,3091.7%2Oct 24Mar 5
200Awake: The Life of Yogananda-$1,284,70221$18,8851.5%1Oct 10Sep 10
201Jai HoEros International $1,264,515195$840,50666.5%195Jan 24Feb 13
202Singham ReturnsEros International $1,232,018127$654,04553.1%127Aug 15Sep 18
203RepentanceLionsgate $1,189,612157$501,29042.1%152Feb 28Mar 27
204The RemainingTriumph Releasing Corporation $1,169,60385$159,14313.6%67Sep 5Oct 19
205Hector and the Search for HappinessRelativity Media $1,124,445183$40,8473.6%4Sep 19Dec 18
206The RoverA24 $1,114,423608$69,3026.2%5Jun 13Aug 21
207LeviathanSony Pictures Classics $1,092,80080$15,2001.4%2Dec 25Mar 15
208Walking with the EnemyLiberty Studios $1,091,118258$331,85530.4%258Apr 25Dec 10
209The CaptiveA24 $1,075,178133$407,80437.9%132Sep 5Jan 8
210LaggiesA24 $1,066,981306$74,1396.9%5Oct 24Dec 18
21150 to 1Ten Furlongs $1,064,454133$78,4807.4%19Mar 21Oct 16
212HaiderUTV Motion Pictures $1,048,143119$508,08448.5%119Oct 2Oct 30
213Third PersonSony Pictures Classics $1,021,398227$38,8563.8%5Jun 20Sep 25
214StalingradSony Pictures Releasing $1,013,945308$510,84650.4%308Feb 28Apr 6
215The SongThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $1,009,620340$568,59656.3%340Sep 26Oct 23
216EnemyA24 $1,008,726120$16,1611.6%1Mar 14May 15
217The BabadookIFC Films $964,41380$30,0073.1%3Nov 28Mar 12
218Shaadi Ke Side EffectsEros International $921,277108$582,67263.2%108Feb 28Mar 27
219Darker Than NightLionsgate $870,063178$539,86762%178Sep 26Oct 23
220Song of the SeaGKIDS $857,52248$21,9102.6%2Dec 19May 28
10th Anniversary Release
Lionsgate $815,3242,063$650,05179.7%2,063Oct 31Nov 6
222Life ItselfMagnolia Pictures $810,454100$131,41116.2%23Jul 4Oct 16
223Nymphomaniac: Vol. IMagnolia Pictures $785,89659$158,36920.2%25Mar 21Jun 19
224Breakup BuddiesChina Lion Film Distribution $777,89624$230,20429.6%20Oct 3Nov 20
225Palo AltoTribeca Film $766,21157$63,4618.3%4May 9Sep 11
226Ek VillainEros International $730,530104$414,11656.7%104Jun 27Jul 10
227Land Ho!Sony Pictures Classics $727,59473$34,3194.7%4Jul 11Nov 13
228Yves Saint LaurentThe Weinstein Company $723,59324$24,2073.3%2Jun 25Sep 25
229KhoobsuratUTV Motion Pictures $710,50861$345,08548.6%57Sep 19Oct 5
230HolidayReliance Big Pictures $706,893144$394,79755.8%144Jun 6Jun 15
231Men, Women & ChildrenParamount Pictures $705,908608$48,0246.8%17Oct 1Oct 30
232The Tale of The Princess KaguyaGKIDS $703,23229$54,9157.8%3Oct 17Mar 26
233Frankie & Alice
2014 Re-release
Lionsgate $695,876171$350,64750.4%171Apr 4May 1
234A Matter of FaithFive & Two Pictures $678,75352$138,67720.4%25Oct 17-
235KochadaiiyaanEros International $657,727161$583,17288.7%161May 23Jun 5
236Jodorowsky's DuneSony Pictures Classics $647,28061$36,0185.6%3Mar 21Jul 31
237Hasee Toh PhaseeReliance Big Pictures $646,03588$336,98552.2%88Feb 7Mar 6
238FrankMagnolia Pictures $645,18675$16,0562.5%1Aug 15Dec 11
239Mary KomEros International $621,300139$370,27759.6%139Sep 5Sep 18
240Atlas Shrugged: Who Is John Galt?Atlas Distribution Company $611,197242$461,17975.5%242Sep 12Oct 2
241The SignalFocus Features $600,896204$155,64225.9%120Jun 13Jul 17
242The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: ThemThe Weinstein Company $587,774139$66,94111.4%4Sep 12Nov 6
243Cong cong na nianChina Lion Film Distribution $569,28020$206,59136.3%20Dec 12Jan 15
244Forrest Gump
2014 IMAX Release
Paramount Pictures $557,683337$398,56071.5%337Sep 5Sep 11
245The AttorneyWell Go USA Entertainment $557,23627$216,03538.8%27Feb 7Mar 2
24623 BlastOcean Avenue Entertainment $549,185617$337,09161.4%617Oct 24Nov 20
247On Any Sunday: The Next ChapterHannover House $543,044231$320,89459.1%231Nov 7Nov 23
248HighwayUTV Motion Pictures $529,13697$326,65461.7%97Feb 21Mar 16
249Finding FannyFIP $515,393121$515,393100%121Sep 12Sep 18
250A Hard Day's Night
2014 Re-release
Janus Films $515,005136$220,54242.8%102Jul 4Jul 20
251The One I LoveRADiUS-TWC $513,44782$48,0599.4%8Aug 22Oct 16
252TracksThe Weinstein Company $510,00767$21,5444.2%4Sep 19Nov 27
253Dom HemingwayFox Searchlight Pictures $509,530129$29,2765.7%4Apr 2May 15
254The Two Faces of JanuaryMagnolia Pictures $507,46359$43,1168.5%6Sep 26Dec 25
255A Girl Walks Home Alone at NightKino Lorber $491,91019---Nov 21Sep 10
256In SecretRoadside Attractions $444,179266$265,58659.8%266Feb 21Mar 6
257Last Days in VietnamAmerican Experience Films $440,03125$30,5006.9%2Sep 5Feb 26
258But AlwaysChina Lion Film Distribution $430,76020$144,72033.6%20Sep 5Oct 16
259Beijing Love StoryChina Lion Film Distribution $428,31812$140,10632.7%9Feb 14Mar 27
260Cold in JulyIFC Films $427,41873$40,3179.4%6May 23Jul 31
261She's Beautiful When She's AngryInternational Film Circuit $421,57319$10,5052.5%1Dec 5Oct 22
262The German DoctorThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $418,39239$34,2598.2%5Apr 25Jun 19
263PiratesWell Go USA Entertainment $415,77525$26,0256.3%1Sep 5Oct 5
264Goodbye to LanguageKino Lorber $401,8897---Oct 24Apr 23
265The Bride of Humpty SharmaReliance Big Pictures $380,011101$380,011100%101Jul 11Jul 13
266Women Who FlirtChina Lion Film Distribution $375,49527$74,05219.7%26Nov 26Jan 11
267Venus in FurIFC Films $373,60545$24,7616.6%2Jun 20Aug 10
268JoeRoadside Attractions $373,37548$105,88128.4%48Apr 11May 22
269Glen Campbell: I'll Be MeArea 23a $365,42218$86,74123.7%10Oct 24Jan 1
270OmarAdopt Films $356,00053$157,00044.1%53Feb 21Mar 2
271The Face of LoveIFC Films $350,00642$24,6607%3Mar 7Apr 24
272Le ChefCohen Media Group $342,66719$11,2903.3%1Jun 20Aug 17
273Jimi: All Is by My SideXLrator Media $340,91175$97,00828.5%34Sep 26Oct 16
274Chinese PuzzleCohen Media Group $338,52329$23,5447%2May 16Jul 17
275I OriginsFox Searchlight Pictures $336,472122$27,6528.2%4Jul 18Aug 21
276Like Father, Like SonIFC Films $334,61635$16,0444.8%2Jan 17Apr 3
277The Guest-$332,89053$84,52725.4%19Sep 17Oct 26
278Elaine Stritch: Shoot MeIFC Films $327,45241$27,8538.5%2Feb 21Apr 24
279Nymphomaniac: Vol. IIMagnolia Pictures $327,16731$74,97822.9%30Apr 4Jun 19
280Stranger by the LakeStrand Releasing $323,33816$27,5998.5%2Jan 24May 8
281On My WayCohen Media Group $317,32432$10,5363.3%1Mar 14May 15
282Happy EndingEros International $313,770129$198,70263.3%129Nov 21Dec 11
283The Hornet's NestFreestyle Releasing $312,70657$26,5508.5%4May 9Jul 31
284I Am Eleven
2014 Re-release
Proud Mother Pictures $310,11616$5,8001.9%2Sep 12Jul 2
285A Five Star Life
2014 Re-release
Music Box Films $306,91720$15,9965.2%1Jul 18Oct 2
286Mood IndigoDrafthouse Films $303,18737$26,5118.7%2Jul 18Nov 13
287InnocenceJSC Entertainment $294,039490$235,22480%490Sep 5Sep 18
288The Dance of RealityABKCO Films $293,68015$24,7688.4%2May 23Aug 28
289The Last of Robin HoodThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $288,54578$25,8218.9%2Aug 29Sep 18
290Elsa & FredMillennium Entertainment $285,86334$65,27522.8%34Nov 7Jan 1
291Kundo: Age of the RampantWell Go USA Entertainment $280,95828$120,85743%28Aug 29Sep 25
29220,000 Days on EarthDrafthouse Films $279,55828$27,87910%1Sep 17Jan 15
293The Unknown KnownRADiUS-TWC $276,49780$64,31523.3%18Apr 4Jul 3
294I'm Your HeroEros International $274,57977$162,40459.1%77Apr 4Apr 24
295Antarctica: A Year on IceMusic Box Films $271,74430$32,23811.9%8Nov 28Mar 26
296Wei ai zhi jian ru jia jingChina Lion Film Distribution $271,73417$67,96725%17Dec 24Jan 29
297The Love PunchKetchup Entertainment $266,588121---May 23Jun 22
298Life of CrimeRoadside Attractions $265,45237$104,30039.3%37Aug 29Sep 25
299Night MovesCinedigm Entertainment Group $264,60156$21,4888.1%2May 30Sep 25
300Ernest & CelestineGKIDS $262,07539$13,0785%1Feb 28May 1
301Blue RuinRADiUS-TWC $258,38461$32,60812.6%7Apr 25Jun 26
302The Green PrinceMusic Box Films $258,23724$32,69812.7%4Sep 12Nov 27
303The Zero TheoremAmplify $257,70663$83,80332.5%63Sep 19Oct 23
304Action JacksonEros International $256,872125$171,79566.9%125Dec 5Dec 18
305Alive InsideBond/360 $256,68220$7,2002.8%1Jul 18Oct 30
306The Blue RoomIFC Films $254,66642$21,8098.6%3Oct 3Dec 4
307National GalleryZipporah Films $253,94115$10,0494%1Nov 5Mar 26
308Tazza: The Hidden CardCJ Entertainment $251,55511$24,1069.6%1Sep 19Oct 23
309The Galapagos Affair: Satan Came to EdenZeitgeist Films $244,79215$5,1852.1%1Apr 4Jul 20
310Deepsea Challenge 3D-$235,659304$149,87963.6%304Aug 8Aug 14
311DiplomacyZeitgeist Films $230,88014$8,5183.7%1Oct 15Jan 25
312Art and CraftOscilloscope $226,58420$20,8799.2%2Sep 19Feb 5
313Dr. CabbieEros International $225,490220$118,73252.7%220Nov 26Dec 11
314The SuspectWell Go USA Entertainment $218,69320$86,13739.4%20Jan 10Feb 6
315Supermensch: The Legend of Shep GordonRADiUS-TWC $213,06446$23,01710.8%4Jun 6Aug 21
316The Breakup GuruChina Lion Film Distribution $208,95912$62,71730%12Jun 27Jul 27
317Rob the MobMillennium Entertainment $208,69330$13,8336.6%1Mar 21May 22
318JinnFreestyle Releasing $202,348201$149,33773.8%201Apr 4Apr 10
319BethlehemAdopt Films $201,70029$69,70034.6%26Mar 7Mar 23
320The DoubleMagnolia Pictures $200,40616$14,6467.3%2May 9Aug 21
321A Summer's TaleBig World Pictures $194,0489$12,8636.6%2Jun 20Oct 26
322Code BlackLong Shot Factory $190,22910$6,3193.3%1Jun 20Sep 28
323Listen Up PhilipTribeca Film $188,48630$23,28412.4%2Oct 17Jan 29
324We Are the Best!Magnolia Pictures $180,59023$17,6649.8%3May 30Sep 11
325AnitaThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $176,97912$44,11424.9%7Mar 21May 1
326Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) RedoEleven Arts $174,94582$110,82563.3%82Jan 10Feb 13
327HornsRADiUS-TWC $173,948103$107,54461.8%103Oct 31Nov 30
328Afternoon of a Faun: Tanaquil Le ClercqKino Lorber $172,45011$15,2928.9%2Feb 5Nov 6
329That Demon WithinChina Lion Film Distribution $172,34316$77,13044.8%12Apr 18Jun 8
330God's PocketIFC Films $169,97680$21,48212.6%3May 9Jun 19
331Nas: Time Is IllmaticTribeca Film $164,54043$23,20014.1%2Oct 1Nov 6
332Keep on Keepin' OnRADiUS-TWC $163,7459$12,9307.9%2Sep 19Dec 18
333Sinbad: The Fifth Voyage-$159,86227$103,38464.7%27Feb 7Feb 13
334Citizen KochVariance Films $153,90824$10,2006.6%1Jun 6Jul 27
335Alan PartridgeMagnolia Pictures $153,42622$12,6648.3%3Apr 4May 29
336Dancing in JaffaIFC Films $151,09823$10,5647%2Apr 11May 22
337A Coffee in BerlinMusic Box Films $150,27512$3,9182.6%1Jun 13Aug 21
2014 Re-release
Rialto Pictures $147,78221$10,9037.4%1Apr 18Aug 14
339Kids for CashPaladin $141,66612$36,63925.9%4Feb 7Jul 17
340Gore Vidal: The United States of AmnesiaIFC Films $140,16411$13,7449.8%2May 23Jul 17
341The Polar Express
2014 IMAX Release
Warner Bros. $139,055----Nov 1-
342Mistaken for StrangersAbramorama $138,9919$87,74363.1%9Mar 28May 15
343The Congress
2013 Re-release
Drafthouse Films $137,81537$28,64020.8%15Aug 29Nov 13
344The Divine MoveCJ Entertainment $136,70711$49,05735.9%11Jul 25Aug 14
345Redwood HighwayMonterey Media $134,04917$30<0.1%1Apr 11Nov 13
346Raja NatwarlalUTV Motion Pictures $131,10573$83,66963.8%73Aug 29Sep 7
347The Jewish CardinalFilm Movement $129,6857---Jan 10Aug 10
348Björk: Biophilia LiveCinema Purgatorio $127,75427---Sep 26Nov 16
349Make Your MoveHigh Top Releasing $125,106142$81,17264.9%142Apr 18May 1
350Knights of BadassdomEntertainment One $123,85413$17,44914.1%13Jan 21Feb 27
351AfflictedCBS Films $121,17944$69,44757.3%44Apr 4Apr 13
352Finding Fela!Kino Lorber $120,98011---Aug 1Feb 19
353God the FatherRocky Mountain Pictures $113,27615$15,03713.3%1Oct 17Nov 20
354Penton: The John Penton StoryGathrFilms $111,21314---Jun 23Jan 22
355Zero MotivationZeitgeist Films $110,9577$9,4278.5%1Dec 3Mar 5
356The OvernightersDrafthouse Films $110,76323$4,3243.9%1Oct 10Feb 12
357Rich HillThe Orchard $110,75728$9,6358.7%1Aug 1Dec 8
358Duran Duran: UnstagedPhase 4 Films $110,746----Sep 10-
359Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day - The MovieEleven Arts $109,63041$37,48034.2%17Jan 18-
360Ivory TowerThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $106,77112$17,85716.7%2Jun 13Jul 17
361The Golden Era
2014 Re-release
China Lion Film Distribution $102,93115$50,24248.8%15Oct 17Jan 1
362God Help the GirlAmplify $102,75759$11,33011%2Sep 5Oct 9
363KorengalSaboteur Media $101,31011$14,63014.4%1May 30Aug 14
364One ChanceThe Weinstein Company $101,19643$33,40533%43Oct 10Nov 13
365The Best OfferIFC Films $100,03515$2,5952.6%1Jan 3Mar 13
366The Way He LooksStrand Releasing $99,61214$26,33426.4%9Nov 7Mar 5
367Child's PoseZeitgeist Films $97,17010$12,95513.3%2Feb 19May 1
368Hiroshima Mon Amour
2014 Re-release
Rialto Pictures $96,4397$18,49419.2%5Oct 17Feb 15
369CoherenceOscilloscope $96,1717$17,00017.7%2Jun 20Oct 2
370Cuban Fury
2014 Re-release
Entertainment One $92,38479$57,10561.8%79Apr 11Apr 24
371Girl on a BicycleMonterey Media $91,40152$37,61041.1%52Feb 14Apr 17
372The LiberatorCohen Media Group $90,98877$69,99276.9%76Oct 3Oct 12
373PumpSubmarine Deluxe $89,78710$42,20047%3Sep 19Oct 23
374Breathe InCohen Media Group $89,66141$15,32417.1%18Mar 28Apr 24
375Particle FeverAbramorama $89,25427$53,90160.4%4Mar 5Jun 29
376Life After BethA24 $88,27330$15,84317.9%2Aug 15Sep 11
377Advanced StyleBond/360 $87,87912$6,5007.4%1Sep 26Jan 15
378VisitorsCinedigm Entertainment Group $84,57713$9,09410.8%1Jan 24-
379WatermarkEntertainment One $84,46416$7,7249.1%2Apr 4May 15
38012 O'Clock BoysOscilloscope $82,61421$44,10853.4%21Jan 31Feb 27
381Water & Power-$82,31216$39,42847.9%16May 2May 27
382Fort McCoyMonterey Media $78,94814$4,0705.2%2Aug 15Nov 20
383Beyond Sight: The Derek Rabelo Story-$78,0972$26,84034.4%2Mar 7May 8
384The PrincipleRocky Mountain Pictures $77,5073$8,65711.2%1Oct 24-
385Whitey: United States of America v. James J. BulgerMagnolia Pictures $75,8819$14,28718.8%3Jun 27Aug 21
386Better Living Through ChemistryThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $75,14361$46,43561.8%61Mar 14Mar 27
387Veil of Tears-$72,0788$44,35861.5%8Mar 28Apr 17
388Flamenco Flamenco
2014 Re-release
Dada Films $71,7325$1,2591.8%1Jul 18Jan 1
389Je t'aime, je t'aime
2014 Re-release
The Film Desk $71,7172$12,86917.9%1Feb 14-
390The Better AngelsAmplify $70,91824$4,2466%2Nov 7Dec 11
391A Letter to MomoGKIDS $70,8377$4,5966.5%1Jul 23Oct 9
392Take Me to the RiverAbramorama $68,59813$25,58837.3%12Sep 12Oct 26
393For No Good ReasonSony Pictures Classics $67,42121$4,5166.7%2Apr 25Aug 14
394The Notebook
2013 Re-release
Sony Pictures Classics $66,55915$3,1274.7%2Aug 29Nov 20
395Just a SighDistrib Films $65,7446$11,50017.5%2Mar 21Jun 29
396Through a Lens Darkly: Black Photographers and the Emergence of a PeopleFirst Run $64,4413$9,45614.7%1Aug 27Jan 29
397The Art of the StealRADiUS-TWC $64,06560$40,00362.4%60Mar 14Mar 27
398HeropantiUTV Motion Pictures $63,64916$32,83151.6%16May 23Jun 19
399No Tears for the DeadCJ Entertainment $63,06313$8,32913.2%1Jun 13Jul 3
400The Last SentenceMusic Box Films $62,5066$9,02014.4%2Jun 20Sep 4
401Young & BeautifulIFC Films $61,0678$4,6077.5%1Apr 25Jun 19
402JealousyDistrib Films $61,0526$5,5339.1%1Aug 15Oct 12
403FronteraMagnolia Pictures $59,69614$10,96218.4%3Sep 5Oct 16
404Bicycling with MolièreStrand Releasing $59,4176$3,8966.6%1Apr 23Aug 7
405Walk of ShameFocus World $59,20951$39,75167.1%51May 2May 8
2014 Re-release
Strand Releasing $58,90610$6,48811%1Sep 5Dec 4
407The One I Wrote for YouAbramorama $58,87249$48,64382.6%49Dec 5Dec 11
408Cheap ThrillsDrafthouse Films $58,82118$18,63831.7%2Mar 21May 15
409RudderlessThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $58,29318$37,44064.2%18Oct 17Oct 30
410BorgmanDrafthouse Films $57,47414$5,3179.3%2Jun 6Aug 14
411SiddharthZeitgeist Films $57,3176$4,5648%1Jun 27Aug 28
412The Bag ManCinedigm Entertainment Group $56,57415$29,23151.7%2Feb 28Mar 13
413The RocketKino Lorber $55,8897$4,6218.3%2Jan 10Sep 18
414HellionIFC Films $55,7089$7,60113.6%1Jun 13Jul 31
415Starred UpTribeca Film $54,9157$10,35818.9%2Aug 27Oct 30
416Half of a Yellow SunMonterey Media $54,4037$4,8438.9%1May 16Jan 15
417Six Dance Lessons in Six WeeksDada Films $54,14413$12,54223.2%7Dec 12Apr 9
418Low DownOscilloscope $54,0518$5,2789.8%1Oct 24Dec 18
419Hateship LoveshipIFC Films $54,03015$6,01511.1%1Apr 11May 22
4201,000 Times Good NightFilm Movement $53,89524$24,12044.8%24Oct 24Nov 20
421At MiddletonAnchor Bay Films $53,83720$33,76862.7%20Jan 31Feb 20
422Ping Pong SummerGravitas Ventures $52,90917$25,78148.7%17Jun 6Jun 26
423The Conformist
2014 Re-release
Kino Lorber $52,8794---Aug 29Dec 18
424To Be TakeiStarz Digital Media $52,82322$22,84643.3%22Aug 22Sep 25
425In BloomBig World Pictures $52,4704$9,28017.7%2Jan 10Jul 3
426The Missing PictureStrand Releasing $52,1649$10,14819.5%5Mar 19May 29
427The RetrievalVariance Films $50,2575$7,23214.4%1Mar 14Oct 2
428The DiscoverersQuadratic Media $50,0204$7,16614.3%1May 16Oct 2
429NOW: In the Wings on a World StageSpacey $49,5913$21,50043.4%3May 2-
430Shirin in LoveSideshow Releasing $49,254----Mar 14-
431Lucky ThemIFC Films $48,9959$3,7287.6%1May 30Jul 31
432The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz-$48,91112$21,70544.4%12Jun 27Jul 20
433A Birder's Guide to EverythingScreen Media Films $48,7138$21,60244.3%8Mar 21Apr 17
434Decoding Annie ParkerEntertainment One $48,39013$16,78134.7%13May 2May 15
435Sagrada: The Mystery of Creation
2014 Re-release
First Run $48,3665$2,0094.2%1Sep 12Apr 30
436AlphavilleRialto Pictures $47,6962$7,29815.3%1Feb 7Jun 5
437Monk with a CameraKino Lorber $45,9384---Nov 21Nov 12
438FilmistaanUTV Motion Pictures $45,40624$31,11368.5%24Jun 6Jun 19
439Return to the Hiding Place-$45,4055$36,94281.4%5May 23May 29
440Ai Weiwei: The Fake CaseInternational Film Circuit $45,2558$5,06611.2%1May 16Jul 24
441There's No Place Like UtopiaRocky Mountain Pictures $45,2545$30,71067.9%1Jul 18Aug 3
442The DogDrafthouse Films $44,58116$12,43127.9%3Aug 8Oct 30
443A Master BuilderAbramorama $44,5014$7,01715.8%1Jul 23Oct 12
444Big MenAbramorama $43,7113$7,53917.2%1Mar 14Jun 19
445If You Build ItLong Shot Factory $43,3935$4,94911.4%1Jan 10Mar 13
446Next Goal WinsKetchup Entertainment $43,08910$2,5686%5Apr 25Jun 26
447Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie
2014 Re-release
Eleven Arts $42,95544$19,01744.3%40Aug 29Oct 9
448Blood TiesRoadside Attractions $42,47228$26,91263.4%28Mar 21Apr 3
449Ilo IloFilm Movement $41,5124$8,77521.1%2Apr 4Jul 24
450The Last of the UnjustCohen Media Group $40,5638$14,32835.3%8Feb 7-
451TeenageOscilloscope $40,1694$8,00019.9%1Mar 14May 29
452Child of GodWell Go USA Entertainment $39,3248$27,63070.3%8Aug 1Aug 14
453The Expedition to the End of the WorldArgot Pictures $39,1154$6,63517%1Aug 20Nov 6
454American MustangVitagraph Films $39,0973$7,90620.2%1Jan 17May 4
455Interior. Leather Bar.Strand Releasing $38,4232$5,21813.6%1Jan 3Apr 17
4567 BoxesBreaking Glass Pictures $37,5007$6,44717.2%6Feb 7Apr 24
457Dead Snow 2: Red vs. DeadWell Go USA Entertainment $37,47325$17,33146.2%25Oct 10Nov 2
458Under the Electric SkyFocus Features $37,11625---May 29Jul 31
459Generation WarMusic Box Films $36,9147$7,38620%1Jan 15Mar 27
460Not CoolStarz Digital Media $36,0261$10,32928.7%1Sep 19Oct 2
461Le Jour Se LeveRialto Pictures $35,3213$11,86433.6%3Nov 14Jan 15
462That Man from RioCohen Media Group $35,1442$11,21431.9%2Aug 22Sep 7
463Beneath the Harvest SkyTribeca Film $34,76810$16,76848.2%8Apr 25May 15
464This Ain't No Mouse MusicArgot Pictures $34,7546$15,98246%4Sep 19Oct 16
465Tiger & Bunny: The RisingEleven Arts $34,47118$23,17167.2%18Mar 14Mar 27
466FilthMagnolia Pictures $34,4115$7,52621.9%3May 30Jul 24
467White Bird in a BlizzardMagnolia Pictures $33,82114$6,30218.6%4Oct 24Dec 11
468It Felt Like LoveVariance Films $33,8173$8,21124.3%1Mar 21May 15
469Rakuen Tsuiho: Expelled from ParadiseEleven Arts $33,76013$18,86955.9%13Dec 13-
470Rocks in My PocketsZeitgeist Films $33,5933$4,67413.9%1Sep 3Nov 6
471Big Bad WolvesMagnolia Pictures $33,2327$6,34219.1%6Jan 17-
472K: Missing KingsEleven Arts $33,20139---Jul 18Oct 9
473A Field in EnglandDrafthouse Films $32,84613$9,49828.9%13Feb 7-
474The Hero of Color CityMagnolia Pictures $32,18869$24,26075.4%69Oct 3Oct 30
475Bird PeopleIFC Films $32,1117$7,44323.2%1Sep 12Oct 9
476Long Live Freedom
2014 Re-release
Distrib Films $32,08610$5,27216.4%2Nov 7Jan 15
477Abuse of WeaknessStrand Releasing $31,6115$9,14028.9%1Aug 15Oct 30
478The Passionate ThiefRialto Pictures $31,5392$8,67727.5%1Dec 5Apr 30
479Documented-$30,6623$5,42217.7%1May 2Jun 26
480Happy ChristmasMagnolia Pictures $30,3129$7,52324.8%4Jul 25Sep 11
481Jimmy P.IFC Films $30,2838$7,19123.7%1Feb 14Mar 13
482A Long Way OffMoving Visions Entertainment $30,10415$1,9266.4%1May 16Aug 7
483Yellow DayProvidence Film Partners $29,6561$29,14498.3%1Sep 19-
484Stations of the Elevated-$28,5161$9,42333%1Oct 17Nov 20
485Closed CurtainVariance Films $28,0985$5,00217.8%1Jul 9Jul 27
486ManakamanaThe Cinema Guild $27,7384$3,63513.1%1Apr 18Dec 18
487The King and the Mockingbird
2014 Re-release
Rialto Pictures $27,5138$3,72113.5%1Nov 21Feb 8
488Southern Baptist SissiesThe Film Collaborative $27,4103$5,20019%1Feb 21Jun 12
489OthelloCarlotta Films $27,2684$6,01022%2Apr 25Jun 19
490LiltingStrand Releasing $27,0549$1,5675.8%1Sep 26Oct 30
491Last WeekendIFC Films $27,0538$2,6619.8%1Aug 29Oct 9
492Level FiveIcarus Films $27,0002$7,16126.5%2Aug 15-
493ElenaVariance Films $25,7882$10,34140.1%1May 30Jun 26
494For a WomanFilm Movement $25,5564$6,53025.6%2May 2Aug 3
495Christian MingleRocky Mountain Pictures $25,48015$19,83677.8%15Oct 10Oct 16
496Adult WorldIFC Films $25,36811$3,78314.9%2Feb 14Mar 13
497Emoticon ;)Indican Pictures $23,8813$11,76149.2%3May 30Jun 19
498Happy ValleyMusic Box Films $23,8684$9,04737.9%4Nov 21Dec 18
499Believe MeRiot Studios $23,41914---Sep 26Oct 9
500History of Jazz: Oxygen for the EarsIndican Pictures $23,0485$7,56632.8%3Oct 24Dec 8
501Video Games: The MovieVariance Films $23,04325$12,75955.4%25Jul 18Jul 27
502Two LivesIFC Films $22,6201$1,3035.8%1Feb 28Mar 9
503Grand PianoMagnolia Pictures $22,55510$2,96413.1%2Mar 7Apr 17
504Short PeaceEleven Arts $22,29227---Mar 3-
505May in the SummerCohen Media Group $22,0048$10,15746.2%8Aug 22Sep 7
506Bright Days Ahead
2013 Re-release
Tribeca Film $21,7706$4,91922.6%4Apr 25-
507MemphisKino Lorber $21,2325---Sep 5Mar 5
508NightLightsIndican Pictures $20,9606$6,41430.6%3Aug 29Jan 12
509Lekar Hum Deewana DilEros International $20,87450$14,41869.1%50Jul 4Jul 10
510A Tale of WinterBig World Pictures $20,8483$3,80218.2%1Dec 19Feb 16
511The Great FloodIcarus Films $20,6941$3,59617.4%1Jan 8Oct 8
512Coming Up Roses
2014 Re-release
Indican Pictures $20,5674$6,43231.3%2Feb 14Dec 29
513Der AnständigeKino Lorber $20,2402---Oct 1Feb 26
514Run & JumpIFC Films $20,0613$3,94419.7%2Jan 24Mar 6
515The Past is a Grotesque AnimalOscilloscope $20,05610---Jun 16Jul 3
516Guardian Angel-$19,4802$12,62464.8%2Oct 17Oct 26
517A Picture of You-$19,4801$5,65029%1Jun 20Jun 29
518Uzumasa LimelightEleven Arts $19,45313$10,09051.9%13Dec 5Apr 9
519Born to Fly: Elizabeth Streb vs. GravityThe Film Collaborative $19,3773$8,40643.4%1Sep 10Sep 25
520Why Don't You Play in Hell?Drafthouse Films $18,86211$5,06026.8%3Nov 7-
521TestVariance Films $18,8236---Jun 6Jul 3
522Tasting MenuMagnolia Pictures $18,6865$6,01032.2%5Apr 18-
523Two Night StandEntertainment One $18,6125$15,60083.8%5Sep 26Oct 2
524Tosca's KissIcarus Films $18,2362$4182.3%1Jun 6-
525Peter Brook: The TightropeFirst Run $18,1052$6,76837.4%1Jan 31-
526Journey to the WestMagnolia Pictures $18,0587$7,45641.3%7Mar 7Apr 10
527On Tour with Pina BauschIcarus Films $18,0162$1,7569.7%1Apr 4-
528Kelly & CalIFC Films $17,7026$5,38730.4%1Sep 5Oct 9
529The HomestretchKartemquin Films $17,3061$8,37348.4%1Sep 12Sep 18
2014 Re-release
Rialto Pictures $17,1611$5,79833.8%1May 23Aug 3
531Who Is Dayani Cristal?Kino Lorber $17,1282$5,71233.3%2Apr 25-
532Goodbye to All ThatIFC Films $16,9863---Dec 17Jan 22
533Cold Comes the NightThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $16,97121$11,60368.4%21Jan 10Jan 16
534Burning BushKino Lorber $16,7312---Jun 11Oct 2
535The Sacrifice
2014 Re-release
Kino Lorber $16,5032---Nov 12Jan 8
536Magician: The Astonishing Life and Work of Orson WellesCohen Media Group $16,4002$7,13043.5%2Dec 10Dec 23
537Levitated MassFirst Run $15,9803$4,58928.7%1Sep 5Dec 11
538Watchers of the SkyMusic Box Films $15,9634$7,47346.8%4Oct 17Nov 27
539Stand Clear of the Closing DoorsOscilloscope $15,8843$7,00044.1%1May 23Sep 4
540The Olivia ExperimentIndican Pictures $15,1226$2,75418.2%2Aug 22Dec 1
541BarefootRoadside Attractions $15,07118$11,76778.1%18Feb 21Feb 27
542The Kill TeamOscilloscope $14,8082---Jul 25Sep 18
543Last PassengerCohen Media Group $14,80610$9,32663%10Apr 25May 1
544ExhibitionKino Lorber $14,2141---Jun 20-
54513 SinsRADiUS-TWC $13,80945$9,26167.1%45Apr 18Apr 24
546The Pretty OneDada Films $13,7695$1,48410.8%1Feb 7-
547Horses of God
2014 Re-release
Kino Lorber $13,5702$2,25116.6%1May 14Oct 2
548War of the Worlds: GoliathBarking Cow Media Group $13,38518$13,385100%18Mar 7Mar 9
549A Long Way DownMagnolia Pictures $13,3475$1,42610.7%1Jul 11Jul 31
550Camp X-RayIFC Films $13,3027$1,3169.9%1Oct 17Nov 9
551Days and NightsIFC Films $13,2431$6,00345.3%1Sep 26Oct 9
552Sol LeWittIcarus Films $13,1462$4,05130.8%1May 7Sep 27
553K2: Siren of the HimalayasFirst Run $12,9592$1,42111%2Aug 22Jan 1
554Alien AbductionIFC Films $12,89713$10,51481.5%13Apr 4Apr 10
555The Pleasures of Being Out of StepFirst Run $12,7352$1,84614.5%1May 16Oct 16
556Special IDWell Go USA Entertainment $12,66610$6,15348.6%10Mar 7Mar 13
557Bhopal: A Prayer for RainRevolver Entertainment $12,6282$5,94847.1%1Nov 7Nov 20
558Boy Meets GirlCarlotta Films $12,5891---Aug 8Aug 14
559Hank and AshaFilmRise $12,1722$6,19250.9%1Apr 11-
560Touch the Wall-$12,1562$6,20051%2Nov 28Dec 18
561WolvesKetchup Entertainment $12,13912---Nov 14Nov 20
562In No Great Hurry: 13 Lessons in Life with Saul Leiter-$12,1334$6,10050.3%1Jan 3Jan 16
563Concerning ViolenceKino Lorber $12,0342---Dec 5Nov 19
564The French MinisterIFC Films $12,0271$3,80031.6%1Mar 21Apr 10
565Queen Margot
2014 Re-release
Cohen Media Group $12,0051$4,98541.5%1May 9May 22
566Fifi Howls from HappinessMusic Box Films $11,8802$2,72823%1Aug 8Sep 4
567Falcon RisingFreestyle Releasing $11,77410$8,69173.8%10Sep 5Sep 11
568Living Is Easy with Eyes ClosedOutsider Pictures $11,6001$11,600100%1Jun 27Jun 29
569You're Not YouEntertainment One $11,4865$9,22680.3%5Oct 10Oct 16
570The Great InvisibleRADiUS-TWC $11,4285$2,34820.5%3Oct 29Nov 13
571The Final MemberDrafthouse Films $11,42810$2,06418.1%7Apr 18May 8
572The Amazing CatfishStrand Releasing $11,3423$733