Peruvian Box Office For 2014

RankRelease GrossTheatersTotal GrossRelease DateDistributor
1A los 40$6,411,771240$6,411,771May 1-
2Dawn of the Planet of the Apes$6,254,913252$6,254,913Jul 2420th Century Fox International
3Transformers: Age of Extinction$5,242,966314$5,901,265Jul 17Paramount Pictures International
4Maleficent$4,829,314172$4,829,314May 29Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
5Rio 2$4,236,345231$4,236,345Apr 1020th Century Fox International
6Noah$4,197,836228$4,197,836Apr 3Paramount Pictures International
7Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles$3,583,364203$3,583,364Aug 7Paramount Pictures International
8Guardians of the Galaxy$3,464,059184$3,464,059Jul 31Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
9The Amazing Spider-Man 2$3,380,646217$3,380,646May 1Sony Pictures Releasing
10Annabelle$3,262,628219$3,262,628Oct 23Warner Bros.
11Captain America: The Winter Soldier$3,045,013228$3,045,013Mar 27Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
12300: Rise of an Empire$3,007,674175$3,007,674Mar 6Warner Bros.
13The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1$2,826,355262$2,852,463Nov 20-
14X-Men: Days of Future Past$2,774,775200$2,774,775May 2220th Century Fox International
15Hercules$2,711,069210$2,711,069Aug 28Paramount Pictures International
16Dracula Untold$2,664,242126$2,664,242Oct 9Universal Pictures International (UPI)
17How to Train Your Dragon 2$2,431,148193$2,431,148Jun 1920th Century Fox International
18Godzilla$2,243,467181$2,243,467May 15Warner Bros.
19Walking with Dinosaurs 3D$1,958,050139$1,958,050Jan 920th Century Fox International
20The Maze Runner$1,952,837100$1,952,837Sep 2520th Century Fox International
21RoboCop$1,816,46598$1,816,465Feb 13Sony Pictures Releasing
22Into the Storm$1,770,459108$1,770,459Aug 21Warner Bros.
23Frozen$1,733,669185$3,410,542Dec 25Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
24The Fault in Our Stars$1,719,17294$2,210,138Jun 2620th Century Fox International
25Viejos amigos$1,695,00672$1,695,006Aug 1420th Century Fox International
26Lucy$1,693,57778$1,693,577Aug 21Universal Pictures International (UPI)
27Secreto Matusita$1,619,054150$1,619,054Sep 18United International Pictures (UIP)
28Non-Stop$1,617,45777$1,617,457Feb 27-
29Big Hero 6$1,611,102208$3,360,281Dec 25Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
30Instructions Not Included$1,509,51150$1,509,511Jan 9-
31Mr. Peabody & Sherman$1,307,057132$1,307,057Feb 2720th Century Fox International
32Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day$1,286,806109$1,286,806Oct 30Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
33Blended$1,257,11383$1,773,887Jun 12Warner Bros.
3447 Ronin$1,229,356141$1,229,356Feb 6Universal Pictures International (UPI)
35The Lego Movie$1,211,817155$1,211,817Feb 6Warner Bros.
36Edge of Tomorrow$1,203,538146$1,203,538Jun 520th Century Fox International
37I, Frankenstein$1,030,35285$1,030,352Jan 23-
38The Expendables 3$1,003,96898$1,003,968Aug 14-
39Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones$997,09088$1,095,344Jan 1Paramount Pictures International
40Interstellar$958,402113$958,402Nov 6Warner Bros.
41Divergent$933,91584$933,915Apr 17-
42The Book of Life$905,486111$905,486Oct 1620th Century Fox International
43Planes: Fire & Rescue$781,393152$781,393Oct 2Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
44Escape Plan$711,12964$769,364Jan 1-
45[REC] 4: Apocalypse$704,05287$704,052Oct 30-
46Las Caras del Diablo
2014 Re-release
$699,76585$699,765Apr 17-
47Dolphin Tale 2$695,36888$695,368Sep 18Warner Bros.
48El Vientre$678,09952$678,099Feb 13-
49The Wolf of Wall Street$674,41552$674,415Jan 23-
50The Equalizer$613,41673$613,416Oct 2Sony Pictures Releasing
51Sex Tape$591,87556$591,875Aug 14Sony Pictures Releasing
52Heaven Is for Real$580,35255$580,352Jul 10Sony Pictures Releasing
53Deliver Us from Evil$578,19577$578,195Sep 4Sony Pictures Releasing
54The Secret Life of Walter Mitty$574,86976$642,093Jan 120th Century Fox International
55Need for Speed$519,927100$519,927Mar 13Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
56The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug$507,539248$2,509,097Dec 19Warner Bros.
57Muppets Most Wanted$485,21092$485,210Mar 20Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
58Perro Guardián$484,271109$484,271Sep 4Warner Bros.
59An Odd Evening in April$480,33449$480,334Apr 3-
60Japy Ending$479,08156$479,081Jul 24-
61When the Lights Went Out
2014 Re-release
$468,59760$468,597Jan 16-
62Tarzan$458,02768$458,027Mar 13-
63Underdogs$457,35191$457,351Jan 23Universal Pictures International (UPI)
64The Nut Job$456,01288$456,012Aug 14-
65Devil's Due$454,66565$454,665Mar 2020th Century Fox International
66Neighbors$443,24451$443,244May 29Universal Pictures International (UPI)
67Cantinflas$431,98145$431,981Oct 30-
6822 Jump Street$424,11657$424,116Sep 25Sony Pictures Releasing
69Delivery Man$421,40334$421,403Jan 16Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
70Millionaire Dog$417,361102$417,361Nov 6-
71Son of God$412,84986$412,849Apr 17-
72The Other Woman$395,91936$395,919May 820th Century Fox International
73A Walk Among the Tombstones$384,24592$384,245Nov 13Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
74The Legend of Hercules$384,08959$758,584Feb 20-
7512 Years a Slave$372,11819$372,118Feb 13Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
76Oculus$371,36056$371,360Jun 19-
77The Boxtrolls$351,52679$351,526Oct 30Universal Pictures International (UPI)
78Gone Girl$345,60342$345,603Oct 220th Century Fox International
79The Pirate Fairy$334,89558$334,895May 15Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
80Ender's Game$295,96545$332,151Jan 1-
81If I Stay$292,45027$292,450Sep 11Warner Bros.
82A Haunted House 2$288,33558$288,335Jun 5-
83American Hustle$284,72836$284,728Jan 30Sony Pictures Releasing
84Khumba$278,82172$645,838Feb 20-
85Demon Inside$276,88940$276,889Oct 2-
86Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit$265,76930$265,769Jan 16Paramount Pictures International
87Last Vegas$265,26332$494,062Dec 25-
88The Tortured
2014 Re-release
$263,08435$263,084Jan 30-
89As Above, So Below$245,80485$245,804Nov 13Universal Pictures International (UPI)
90Ángel o demonio: El demonio de los celos$221,87950$221,879Aug 28-
91Justin and the Knights of Valour$218,03954$218,039Jul 31-
92The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia$214,12733$214,127Aug 7-
93The Judge$206,46821$206,468Oct 16Warner Bros.
94The Hundred-Foot Journey$203,09116$203,091Sep 11Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
95Earth to Echo$201,42951$201,429Oct 9-
96Wild Tales$199,29613$199,296Aug 21Warner Bros.
97The Vanished Elephant$194,55649$194,556Oct 8-
98Primates of the Caribbean
2014 Re-release
$193,85267$194,106Sep 25-
99The Book Thief$190,71033$190,710Jan 3020th Century Fox International
100The November Man$190,21242$302,527Dec 25-
101Prisoners$188,00738$188,007Mar 20-
102And So It Goes$183,77049$183,770Oct 23-
103John Wick$182,09557$268,928Dec 25Andes Films
104No Tell Motel$178,05151$178,051Oct 16-
105The Purge: Anarchy$173,98435$173,984Sep 25Universal Pictures International (UPI)
106The Family$173,67224$173,672Jun 19-
107The Possession of Michael King$164,06444$206,136Dec 25-
108Homefront$153,04142$153,041May 15-
109The Grand Budapest Hotel$151,96815$151,968Apr 2420th Century Fox International
1106 Souls$142,73437$142,734Feb 13-
111Dallas Buyers Club$140,58810$140,588Feb 27Universal Pictures International (UPI)
112Pompeii$139,80049$420,665Feb 20-
113Walk of Shame$139,19426$280,386Jul 10-
114What If$136,07129$136,071Oct 2-
115Winter's Tale$134,40923$134,409Feb 13Warner Bros.
116This Is Where I Leave You$133,99725$211,974Dec 25Warner Bros.
117Blue Jasmine$133,01423$133,014Feb 6-
118Let's Be Cops$127,42640$127,426Nov 1320th Century Fox International
119One Direction: Where We Are - The Concert Film$123,45015$123,450Oct 8-
120The Frozen Ground$121,56434$121,564Apr 24-
121V/H/S/2$103,57319$103,573Mar 6-
122A Most Wanted Man$103,09117$103,091Aug 7-
123The Monuments Men$101,35022$207,870Feb 2020th Century Fox International
124The Starving Games$99,96228$99,962Sep 11-
125Lone Survivor$92,85843$92,858Mar 20-
126Happy New Year$92,32727$92,327Oct 30Star Films
127Enough Said$91,93814$91,938Mar 1320th Century Fox International
128Brick Mansions$89,44938$89,449Sep 11-
129God's Not Dead$88,6876$130,655Jun 19CanZion Films
130Grudge Match$86,68928$86,689Jan 23Warner Bros.
131Minuscule: Valley of the Lost Ants$85,63818$85,638Aug 28-
132Diana$85,59818$85,598Jan 16-
133The Angriest Man in Brooklyn$78,70023$78,700May 22-
134Viaje a Tombuctú$75,39515$75,395May 29-
135The Quiet Ones$69,08627$201,039Jul 10-
136Gloria Del Pacifico$68,29414$68,294Nov 6-
137Her$68,19213$68,192Feb 27Sony Pictures Releasing
138Evidence$68,17723$68,177Mar 27-
139The Giver$67,88814$67,888Nov 6-
140August: Osage County$67,57812$67,578May 22-
141Captain Phillips$66,38457$690,036Nov 28Sony Pictures Releasing
142The Railway Man$66,3109$66,310Jul 24-
1433 Days to Kill$61,50527$61,505May 22-
144Dhoom 3$60,74241$60,742Jan 16-
145Endless Love$59,38118$59,381Apr 24Universal Pictures International (UPI)
146Dino Time$58,93531$58,935Jan 16-
147Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame to Kill For$58,50935$58,509Oct 16-
148Oldboy$52,40619$52,406May 8-
149Lion's Heart$52,00210$52,002Jan 30-
150Fading Gigolo$51,29614$51,296Aug 21-
151Saving Mr. Banks$50,22917$50,229Jan 30Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
152Out of the Furnace$50,21714$50,217Sep 18-
153Labor Day$49,67310$49,673Mar 13Paramount Pictures International
154Don Jon$46,29412$46,294Jun 5-
155Vampire Academy$44,44725$44,447Mar 6-
156The Brass Teapot
2014 Re-release
$43,94119$43,941Jun 19-
157Devil's Knot$43,20230$43,202Sep 18-
158The Love Punch$42,60110$42,601Aug 28-
159The Games Maker$41,52120$400,821Jul 3Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
160Gravity$41,354120$1,734,995Nov 14Warner Bros.
161Nothing Left to Fear$41,0558$396,573Jul 3-
162The Haunting of Helena$40,64615$150,047Jun 12-
163My Man Is a Loser$38,42926$38,429Oct 8-
164Two Mothers$37,99715$37,997Mar 20-
165Patrick: Evil Awakens$37,98531$37,985Sep 25-
166Transcendence$37,73311$175,353Jun 12-
167Lee Daniels' The Butler$36,52911$36,529Feb 6-
168Begin Again$32,4425$32,442Sep 25-
169Lovely Molly
2013 Re-release
$32,36537$214,704Dec 25-
170Boyhood$31,1705$31,170Sep 25Universal Pictures International (UPI)
171This Is the End$30,95923$134,481Dec 12Sony Pictures Releasing
172Cult$30,34017$107,670Mar 13-
173Bears$27,71721$27,717Apr 24Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
174Skinwalker Ranch$27,66724$129,537Sep 11-
175The Trials of Cate McCall$25,42410$25,424Jun 26-
176La amante del libertador$24,49822$24,498Oct 31-
177About Time$24,26835$331,287Dec 5Universal Pictures International (UPI)
178The Devil's Violinist$22,93710$22,937Oct 16-
179Philomena$22,6977$52,546Feb 20-
180The Iceman$21,9068$21,906Jan 9-
181Chinese Puzzle$21,8632$41,618Jul 10-
182In Their Skin$17,79312$17,793Jun 5-
183The Counselor$17,78276$238,031Dec 520th Century Fox International
184Kon-Tiki$15,42410$15,424Apr 24-
185Jersey Boys$14,5182$55,399Jul 3Warner Bros.
186The Hunger Games: Catching Fire$12,310202$2,376,477Nov 21-
187Chinese Zodiac
2014 Re-release
$11,96411$813,930Sep 11-
188Jab Tak Hai Jaan
2014 Re-release
$11,5446$86,154May 15-
189Inside Llewyn Davis$11,5164$11,516Mar 13-
190Ninja: Shadow of a Tear$11,21010$11,210Nov 13-
191Finding Gaston$10,87515$10,875Mar 20-
192As I Lay Dying$10,4304$10,430Oct 2-
193Machete Kills$10,06210$10,062Mar 27-
194A Million Ways to Die in the West$10,0141$90,696Jul 3Universal Pictures International (UPI)
195Draft Day$9,4935$9,493Sep 4-
2014 Re-release
$9,1768$9,176Nov 6-
197Still Mine$7,7491$7,749Jul 31-
198Barbie and the Secret Door$7,0367$7,036Aug 21-
199Violetta: La emoción del concierto$6,28318$6,283Jun 5Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
200Enemy$5,7012$64,679Jul 3-
201Gallowwalkers$5,5507$49,670Jun 12-
202Ciudad Delirio$5,10913$5,109Nov 6-
203Joe Pecado$4,9637$4,963Oct 23-
204Metallica Through the Never$3,8318$3,831Mar 6-
205Like Father, Like Son$3,6343$19,357Nov 6-
206Justin Bieber's Believe$3,61411$3,614Apr 24-
207Free Birds$3,374105$684,196Dec 5-
208Killing Season$2,14918$61,877Dec 25-
209Dark Horse$1,8293$29,382Jul 10-
210Posesiones del más allá$46434$190,414Dec 5-
211One Life
2014 Re-release
$2695$269Jun 26-
212Breathe In$2061$12,692Jun 12-