Norwegian Box Office For 2014

RankRelease Distributor GrossTheatersTotal GrossRelease Date
1BørningSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $5,062,872161$6,011,030Aug 13
2Doctor Proctor's Fart PowderNordisk Film $4,938,425152$5,164,177Mar 14
3FrozenWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $4,740,745157$7,526,458Dec 25
4The Wolf of Wall StreetUnited International Pictures (UIP) $3,969,595139$4,017,972Jan 31
5How to Train Your Dragon 220th Century Fox International $3,513,017142$3,826,059Jul 4
6Guardians of the GalaxyWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $3,062,086123$3,075,250Aug 1
7Rio 220th Century Fox International $2,839,538170$3,075,635Apr 11
8Karsten og Petra på vinterferieSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $2,788,048153$2,791,208Jan 24
9Captain Sabertooth and the Treasure of Lama RamaWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $2,775,709163$4,805,739Sep 26
10The Hobbit: The Desolation of SmaugWarner Bros. $2,680,486167$11,371,258Dec 11
1122 Jump StreetSony Pictures Releasing $2,631,038155$2,832,117Jun 27
12X-Men: Days of Future Past20th Century Fox International $2,602,179164$2,625,921May 23
13Operation ArcticNordisk Film $2,579,046222$2,679,381Oct 17
14The 100 Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and DisappearedWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $2,571,118116$3,167,727Dec 25
15HerculesSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $2,480,873124$2,492,496Aug 1
16The Lego MovieWarner Bros. $2,229,828199$2,239,641Feb 14
17The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five ArmiesSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $2,212,911195$4,876,250Dec 10
18The Amazing Spider-Man 2Sony Pictures Releasing $2,050,825277$2,050,825Apr 25
1912 Years a SlaveSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $1,961,80848$1,977,186Jan 31
20Gone Girl20th Century Fox International $1,913,254116$1,943,707Oct 3
21AnnabelleWarner Bros. $1,892,205144$1,892,205Oct 10
22Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2Sony Pictures Releasing $1,876,882245$1,876,882Jan 17
23The Fault in Our Stars20th Century Fox International $1,833,369160$1,896,014Jun 13
24FurySony Pictures Releasing $1,801,267189$1,809,906Oct 24
25InterstellarSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $1,794,251142$1,809,435Nov 7
26Transformers: Age of ExtinctionUnited International Pictures (UIP) $1,754,329114$2,035,403Jul 11
27NeighborsUnited International Pictures (UIP) $1,657,41096$1,657,410May 9
28MaleficentWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $1,655,107148$1,722,303May 30
29DivergentNordisk Film $1,640,415148$1,799,643Apr 11
30The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1Nordisk Film $1,620,194187$5,246,547Nov 19
31NoahUnited International Pictures (UIP) $1,618,362129$1,622,309Apr 4
32Captain America: The Winter SoldierWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $1,612,740149$1,836,203Mar 26
33Karsten og Petras vidunderlige julSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $1,545,098150$1,836,028Nov 7
34The Other Woman20th Century Fox International $1,529,72780$1,598,253May 2
35Dumb and Dumber ToSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $1,511,272180$1,511,272Nov 14
36GodzillaWarner Bros. $1,509,563156$1,839,616May 14
37Dawn of the Planet of the Apes20th Century Fox International $1,420,888119$1,438,311Jul 18
38Edge of TomorrowWarner Bros. $1,356,293158$1,484,523Jun 4
39300: Rise of an EmpireWarner Bros. $1,336,520146$1,359,244Mar 7
40Let's Be Cops20th Century Fox International $1,310,780107$1,368,560Aug 22
41The Maze Runner20th Century Fox International $1,262,252103$1,975,008Sep 19
42Need for SpeedNordisk Film $1,237,455151$1,238,209Mar 14
43LucyUnited International Pictures (UIP) $1,196,171116$1,212,364Sep 12
44The Grand Budapest Hotel20th Century Fox International $1,049,63544$1,058,451Mar 21
45Cool Kids Don't CrySvensk Filmindustri (SF) $969,90087$970,242Jan 10
46One Night in OsloNordisk Film $925,848111$925,848Apr 4
47The Pirate FairyWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $923,940186$994,366Feb 21
48The EqualizerSony Pictures Releasing $887,176134$887,176Sep 26
49Sex TapeSony Pictures Releasing $877,731106$877,731Jul 25
50Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesUnited International Pictures (UIP) $871,82796$873,229Aug 8
51Planes: Fire & RescueWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $862,723159$1,039,833Aug 29
52The Expendables 3Svensk Filmindustri (SF) $830,689138$831,999Aug 22
53Non-StopSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $830,44663$831,462Mar 21
54Thunder and the House of Magic-$795,997121$821,459Jun 20
55BeatlesSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $773,807161$798,193Aug 29
56The Book Thief20th Century Fox International $772,030140$797,774Jan 17
57Kill Buljo 2-$769,523148$1,857,719Dec 20
58Pettson and Findus: A Little Nuisance, a Great FriendshipSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $731,84378$733,741Sep 5
59Dracula UntoldUnited International Pictures (UIP) $605,04394$605,043Oct 3
60Mr. Peabody & Sherman20th Century Fox International $597,926150$714,975Mar 7
61American HustleSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $556,63161$566,159Feb 28
62RoboCopSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $552,25486$552,254Feb 21
63Penguins of Madagascar20th Century Fox International $513,131164$560,801Dec 25
64A Million Ways to Die in the WestUnited International Pictures (UIP) $484,390104$484,390May 30
65Karsten og Petra blir bestevennerSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $444,914189$2,283,582Feb 15
66The Imitation GameSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $427,356118$467,215Dec 25
67The Monuments Men20th Century Fox International $410,603136$411,748Feb 14
68In Order of DisappearanceNordisk Film $407,244159$408,884Feb 21
69Minuscule: Valley of the Lost AntsSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $391,340109$395,628Jun 6
70Paranormal Activity: The Marked OnesUnited International Pictures (UIP) $390,391100$390,391Jan 3
71Deliver Us from EvilSony Pictures Releasing $389,63495$389,634Jul 4
72Jack Ryan: Shadow RecruitUnited International Pictures (UIP) $383,680139$401,901Jan 24
73Heaven Is for RealSony Pictures Releasing $356,14352$688,867Sep 19
7447 RoninUnited International Pictures (UIP) $335,392113$335,392Jan 10
75Bamse and the Thief CityNordisk Film $328,116148$332,426May 9
76The Secret Life of Walter Mitty20th Century Fox International $308,296106$527,098Dec 25
77Here Is HaroldSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $288,471218$298,244Oct 31
78Solan og Ludvig - Jul i FlåklypaNordisk Film $287,773260$11,786,120Nov 8
79PrisonersNordisk Film $265,07047$493,085Dec 20
80Anchorman 2: The Legend ContinuesUnited International Pictures (UIP) $252,25497$252,626Feb 7
81Lone SurvivorSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $249,62422$249,624Jan 17
82Exodus: Gods and Kings20th Century Fox International $246,959150$365,654Dec 19
83HerSony Pictures Releasing $241,32466$241,324Feb 14
84Department Q: The Keeper of Lost CausesNordisk Film $241,20482$241,204Jan 17
85Postman PatSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $233,17735$240,780Aug 1
86Glass DollsSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $224,107114$227,857Apr 4
87Good Girl-$185,91956$197,936Oct 10
88Step Up All InNordisk Film $176,88461$176,884Aug 15
89Magic in the MoonlightScanbox Entertainment $175,72742$175,727Aug 1
90PompeiiNordisk Film $175,275141$177,051May 9
91Brick MansionsScanbox Entertainment $169,39960$170,060May 2
92Walking with Dinosaurs 3D20th Century Fox International $168,018131$558,443Dec 20
93The Hunger Games: Catching FireNordisk Film $156,986184$5,619,053Nov 20
94En prest og en plage-$153,23134$155,123Mar 28
95BoyhoodUnited International Pictures (UIP) $150,17647$150,730Aug 22
96Love, RosieSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $149,51642$171,804Nov 7
97Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeastWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $145,037113$139,354Dec 25
98Sin City: A Dame to Kill ForSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $133,987105$133,987Sep 5
99As Above, So BelowUnited International Pictures (UIP) $129,17758$129,177Aug 29
100The BoxtrollsUnited International Pictures (UIP) $128,706104$134,924Nov 7
101ChefSony Pictures Releasing $128,23186$128,231Oct 31
102Jakten på Berlusconi-$111,594124$120,094Sep 12
103Horrible Bosses 2Svensk Filmindustri (SF) $109,136119$104,860Dec 25
104Grace of MonacoScanbox Entertainment $107,88559$111,598May 23
105Haram-$95,85691$124,043Oct 3
106Department Q: The Absent OneNordisk Film $85,107106$118,556Nov 28
107The Purge: AnarchyUnited International Pictures (UIP) $82,78464$82,784Jul 18
1081001 Grams-$79,09160$83,689Aug 26
109A Most Wanted ManSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $74,31320$154,399Oct 10
110Into the StormSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $61,35466$71,426Sep 12
111The Veil of TwilightWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $58,60641$87,275Oct 10
112Ta meg med!Svensk Filmindustri (SF) $57,57867$68,492Mar 7
113The CaptiveScanbox Entertainment $55,55122$55,551Nov 21
114NebraskaSony Pictures Releasing $55,41219$73,832May 2
115A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on ExistenceSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $52,98825$201,947Nov 21
116A Walk Among the TombstonesScanbox Entertainment $51,14242$218,433Sep 19
117The Hundred-Foot JourneyNordisk Film $48,53883$54,539Oct 3
118August: Osage CountyScanbox Entertainment $47,90046$48,666Feb 7
119That Awkward MomentNordisk Film $46,14696$47,285Jun 20
120SabotageNordisk Film $42,88098$42,880Jun 20
121IdaArthouse $41,48129$59,920Apr 11
122The ReunionArthouse $39,52035$50,361May 9
123Miss JulieNordisk Film $37,76776$40,148Sep 12
124PrideArthouse $34,59954$78,006Dec 25
125Antboy-$30,443107$35,807Jun 13
126Bear Island-$30,35563$51,211Oct 24
127The Tale of The Princess KaguyaArthouse $28,64810$65,222Nov 28
128'71-$28,22122$28,664Nov 28
129Walking on SunshineNordisk Film $23,71385$23,713Jul 4
130The HomesmanScanbox Entertainment $21,57544$45,131Dec 5
131The Good LieScanbox Entertainment $20,72528$36,751Nov 21
132The Trip to Italy-$20,21527$20,215Jun 18
133Begin AgainSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $19,5791,154$19,675Jul 18
134BlendedWarner Bros. $19,06923$19,069Jul 11
135The German Doctor-$18,40227$18,860Jul 25
136The Salvation-$15,60932$39,305Dec 5
137The Christmas Candle-$15,49149$15,999Nov 28
138The JudgeSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $15,39129$27,804Nov 28
139The Lunchbox
2013 Re-release
Scanbox Entertainment $14,18228$171,202Apr 11
140Das Pferd auf dem Balkon
2014 Re-release
Europa Filmes $13,99133$26,402Dec 5
141Mommy-$13,67922$31,414Dec 25
142Winter SleepFidalgo $12,22919$40,153Nov 28
143Chaar Sahibzaade-$11,9573$12,363Nov 28
144Calvary-$8,05811$7,742Dec 25
145Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad DayWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $7,9757$7,975Nov 21
146My Old LadySvensk Filmindustri (SF) $7,9326$8,729Dec 25
147Girlhood-$7,09622$8,031Dec 25
148Heart of Lightness-$2,18616$33,720May 30
149Kill Dil-$1,6063$8,313Nov 14
15020,000 Days on Earth-$1,1741$23,719Nov 14
2014 Re-release
-$5912$752Nov 21
152The Empty Hours-$2771$234Dec 5
153Wish I Was Here-$2711$7,796Nov 14
154Dallas Buyers ClubSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $2201$437,870Feb 21
155When the Game Stands TallSony Pictures Releasing $1232$136Dec 12
156Dead Snow 2: Red vs. DeadNordisk Film $-1,288,859138$1,137,857Feb 12
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