Malaysian Box Office For 2014

RankRelease GrossTheatersTotal GrossRelease DateDistributor
1Transformers: Age of Extinction$13,528,587219$13,528,587Jun 26United International Pictures (UIP)
2The Amazing Spider-Man 2$8,928,388704$9,394,162May 1Sony Pictures Releasing
3Captain America: The Winter Soldier$8,404,017215$8,404,017Mar 27Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
4X-Men: Days of Future Past$6,651,878179$6,651,878May 2220th Century Fox International
5Maleficent$6,393,211176$6,393,211May 29Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
6Big Hero 6$6,078,283203$6,144,385Nov 13Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
7Godzilla$6,077,147203$6,077,147May 1520th Century Fox International
8RoboCop$5,833,356236$5,833,356Jan 30Sony Pictures Releasing
9Guardians of the Galaxy$5,803,492202$5,803,492Jul 31Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
10The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies$5,753,448203$6,642,432Dec 18Warner Bros.
11Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles$5,263,569170$5,263,569Aug 7United International Pictures (UIP)
12Dawn of the Planet of the Apes$4,764,983180$4,764,983Jul 1020th Century Fox International
13Lucy$4,513,548101$4,513,548Aug 21United International Pictures (UIP)
14Need for Speed$4,468,303184$4,468,303Mar 13Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
15Hercules$4,291,639157$4,291,639Jul 24United International Pictures (UIP)
16Dracula Untold$4,145,526108$4,145,526Oct 2United International Pictures (UIP)
17Edge of Tomorrow$3,740,645152$3,740,645May 2920th Century Fox International
18The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1$3,344,417120$3,344,417Nov 20-
19How to Train Your Dragon 2$3,255,160180$3,961,403Jun 1220th Century Fox International
20Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb$3,221,797125$6,268,920Dec 25Warner Bros.
21The Man from Macau$3,138,13988$3,138,139Jan 30-
22300: Rise of an Empire$3,119,383181$3,119,383Mar 6Warner Bros.
23Penguins of Madagascar$2,931,215174$3,066,150Nov 2720th Century Fox International
24Into the Storm$2,688,618115$2,688,618Aug 7Warner Bros.
25The Monkey King Havoc in Heavens Palace$2,665,655100$2,665,655Jan 30-
26Interstellar$2,556,777119$2,560,376Nov 6Warner Bros.
27Non-Stop$2,273,188112$2,273,188Feb 27Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
28Luk fuk hei si$2,181,32288$2,181,322Jan 30Five Star
29The Expendables 3$2,176,373111$2,176,373Aug 14-
30Kung Fu Jungle$2,061,798105$2,061,798Oct 30-
31Rio 2$1,946,266157$1,946,266Apr 1020th Century Fox International
32I, Frankenstein$1,926,24498$1,926,244Jan 23-
33Iceman$1,640,912104$1,640,912Apr 17-
34Ouija$1,579,37351$1,579,373Oct 23United International Pictures (UIP)
35The Pyramid$1,561,106103$1,566,750Dec 420th Century Fox International
36Divergent$1,489,10581$1,489,105Mar 20-
37Step Up All In$1,480,53695$1,480,536Jul 31-
38Brick Mansions$1,364,605106$1,364,605Apr 24-
39The Lego Movie$1,331,53290$1,331,532Feb 6Warner Bros.
40The Legend of Hercules$1,303,89270$1,303,892Jan 9-
41Golden Chickensss$1,264,33151$1,264,331Feb 6-
42Pompeii$1,130,37597$1,130,375Feb 20-
43Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit$1,092,62087$1,092,620Jan 16United International Pictures (UIP)
44Huat Ah! Huat Ah! Huat!$1,061,99468$1,061,994Feb 6-
45Deliver Us from Evil$1,002,100150$1,002,100Jul 3Sony Pictures Releasing
46Sabotage$986,236104$986,236Apr 3-
47Police Story: Lockdown$855,820100$3,234,309Dec 24-
48Oculus$833,81162$833,811Apr 10-
49The Fault in Our Stars$831,74683$1,003,931Jul 1720th Century Fox International
50Mr. Peabody & Sherman$810,532107$917,788Mar 2020th Century Fox International
51Devil's Due$789,22291$789,222Jan 920th Century Fox International
5222 Jump Street$781,91574$781,915Jul 17Sony Pictures Releasing
53Left Behind$780,84788$780,847Oct 9-
54Transcendence$745,38690$745,386Apr 17-
55The Damned$680,44468$680,444Aug 28-
56Z Storm$651,58691$651,586Jun 19Five Star
57The Purge: Anarchy$615,76055$615,760Sep 18United International Pictures (UIP)
58Vampire Academy$611,40190$611,401Feb 13-
59As the Light Goes Out$601,89558$601,895Jan 2-
60The Book of Life$601,03282$601,032Oct 1620th Century Fox International
61John Wick$588,72862$588,728Nov 6-
6247 Ronin$586,227106$3,489,532Dec 19United International Pictures (UIP)
63As Above, So Below$565,92360$565,923Sep 4United International Pictures (UIP)
64Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones$532,45775$532,457Jan 2United International Pictures (UIP)
65A Walk Among the Tombstones$519,93396$519,933Sep 18-
66Lone Survivor$495,07469$583,849Jan 14Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
67Hei se xi ju$477,27950$477,279Apr 3-
68Overheard 3$469,73354$469,733May 29-
693 Days to Kill$463,59278$463,592Feb 27-
70Temporary Family$437,26467$437,264Aug 28-
71Golden Brother$433,08288$433,082Sep 18Five Star
72Don't Go Breaking My Heart 2$410,47551$410,475Nov 13-
73Paddington$405,28051$433,151Dec 11-
74That Demon Within$393,62950$393,629Apr 24-
75Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day$391,05840$396,723Dec 4Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
76The Secret Life of Walter Mitty$372,02665$794,802Dec 2620th Century Fox International
77The Other Woman$362,71346$395,666May 120th Century Fox International
78Northmen - A Viking Saga$350,30346$350,303Oct 23-
79Blended$341,37250$374,695Jun 12Warner Bros.
80The Boxtrolls$339,26952$339,269Sep 11United International Pictures (UIP)
81In the Dark$339,24862$339,248Mar 27-
82A Million Ways to Die in the West$338,15225$338,152Jun 12United International Pictures (UIP)
83The Hundred-Foot Journey$325,63331$325,633Aug 28Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
84The Quiet Ones$318,99758$318,997Apr 24-
85Still 2$316,81557$316,815May 8-
86Horrible Bosses 2$316,11457$324,413Nov 27Warner Bros.
87Delivery Man$313,48934$334,347Jan 1Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
88The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug$302,058194$5,383,458Dec 12Warner Bros.
89Haunt$297,82436$297,824Mar 6-
90Love, Rosie$289,63920$289,639Oct 23-
91Gone Girl$282,10143$303,336Dec 1120th Century Fox International
92Dumb and Dumber To$246,91959$247,876Nov 27-
93The Rooms$241,67451$241,674Oct 16-
94Break Up 100$240,47045$240,470Aug 14-
95The Lion Men: Ultimate Showdown$235,32355$235,323Jul 17-
96The Giver$234,03650$234,036Sep 4-
97Make Me Shudder 2: Shudder Me Mae Nak$233,68841$233,688Jun 5-
98Neighbors$228,74126$576,177May 8United International Pictures (UIP)
99Black & White: The Dawn of Justice$227,84059$227,840Oct 9-
100Outcast$226,93260$226,932Sep 26-
101Bugs$214,72247$214,722Nov 6-
102Once Upon a Time in Shanghai$208,30739$208,307Jan 9-
103The Monuments Men$202,32445$202,324Feb 2020th Century Fox International
104That Awkward Moment$194,27440$194,274Feb 13-
105A Haunted House 2$193,16540$193,165Oct 9-
106The Swimmers$188,38853$188,388Sep 18-
1073 A.M. 3D: Part 2$187,79353$187,793Apr 10-
108The Machine$180,80330$180,803Apr 3-
109The November Man$166,11754$166,117Sep 25-
110Rage$165,30241$165,302Apr 17-
111Women Who Flirt$162,93723$167,001Dec 11-
112The Signal
2014 Re-release
$158,64150$158,641Aug 28-
113Delete My Love$154,35755$467,908Apr 10-
114Filial Party$152,63648$152,636May 8-
115The Haunting of Helena$150,19741$150,197Oct 9-
116Aberdeen$143,70232$143,702May 15-
117Horns$142,39038$142,390Nov 13-
118Jessabelle$141,23841$141,238Nov 13-
119Frozen$140,936193$3,618,668Nov 28Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
2014 Re-release
$140,63424$140,634Mar 21-
121The Second Coming$134,52322$134,523Mar 13United International Pictures (UIP)
122Earth to Echo$130,78349$130,783Jul 24-
123Lawless Kingdom$123,46527$123,465Jan 16-
124The White Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom$119,32237$119,322Jul 31-
125Endless Love$118,58625$118,586Feb 13United International Pictures (UIP)
126Kill the Messenger$115,24628$115,246Oct 9-
127Ribbit$113,11167$113,111Sep 4-
128Kristy$107,84830$107,848Oct 16-
129She Devil$105,10132$105,101Jun 19-
130The Drop$99,95824$99,958Nov 1320th Century Fox International
131The Four 3$93,17617$93,176Aug 28-
132Walking with Dinosaurs 3D$89,781163$1,397,147Dec 1920th Century Fox International
133Saving Mr. Banks$86,48226$86,482Feb 20Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
134American Hustle$81,95515$81,955Feb 27-
135Make Me Shudder$80,38338$233,989Dec 26-
136Snowpiercer$78,9878$78,987Feb 20-
137The Anomaly$72,23946$72,239Jul 17-
138Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom$63,25022$63,250Jan 9-
139The Parallel$61,34031$61,340Sep 11-
140Labor Day$59,66715$59,667Mar 13United International Pictures (UIP)
141The Rover$58,93624$58,936Jun 19-
142The Grand Budapest Hotel$57,7064$57,706Apr 320th Century Fox International
143Tarzan$54,03218$54,032Mar 20-
144Exists$49,61023$49,610Nov 6RAM Entertainment
145Her$49,25413$49,254Jan 16-
146Draft Day$46,48221$46,482Apr 10-
14712 Years a Slave$45,2664$62,639Dec 26-
148Wayang Boy$43,86243$62,859Dec 25-
149Muppets Most Wanted$43,02824$43,028Apr 24Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
150Chef$40,63513$40,635May 16-
151The Book Thief$37,8744$37,874Feb 1320th Century Fox International
152Walk of Shame$35,05418$35,054Jul 10-
153The Wind Rises$31,3674$31,367Apr 17-
154Ilo Ilo$31,05211$31,052Jan 2-
155Justin Bieber's Believe$30,76330$36,869Jan 2-
156Deepsea Challenge 3D$21,91813$21,918Oct 16-
157Locke$21,57218$21,572Jul 17-
158Brotherhood of Blades$21,41614$29,559Dec 25-
159Black Butler$20,28710$20,287Jun 12-
160The White Storm$17,19474$1,664,393Dec 5-
161Captain Phillips$16,03043$628,777Dec 5Sony Pictures Releasing
162The Teacher's Diary$13,7354$13,735Jul 31-
163Scary Movie 5$13,2558$13,255Apr 17-
164Coming Home$12,2244$12,224Aug 21-
165Firestorm$12,01480$1,162,260Dec 12-
166Philomena$11,59912$11,599Feb 20-
167Like Father, Like Son$10,7223$10,722Jun 5-
168Beijing Love Story$9,2816$9,281Feb 20-
169Wedding Palace
2014 Re-release
$7,2754$7,275Oct 2-
170Soekarno$5,9963$5,996Oct 2-
171Thor: The Dark World$5,451219$8,819,558Oct 31Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
1723 Peas in a Pod$4,57215$4,572Jan 16-
173Zone Pro Site: The Moveable Feast$4,2346$4,234Jan 16-
174The Hunger Games: Catching Fire$3,342108$3,663,266Nov 21-
175Control$1,83928$103,694Dec 19-
176Escape Plan$1,59186$2,638,864Oct 10-
177Riddick$837115$2,194,274Sep 5-
178August: Osage County$3921$392Mar 13-