Domestic Box Office For 2013

RankRelease Distributor GrossTheatersTotal GrossRelease Date
1Iron Man 3Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $406,609,6884,253$406,609,688May 3
2The Hunger Games: Catching FireLionsgate $395,526,7054,163$424,668,047Nov 22
3Despicable Me 2Universal Pictures $367,793,2704,003$368,065,385Jul 3
4Man of SteelWarner Bros. $291,045,5184,207$291,045,518Jun 14
5Monsters UniversityWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $263,763,3444,004$268,492,764Jun 21
6FrozenWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $263,092,6483,742$400,227,936Nov 22
7GravityWarner Bros. $254,861,2293,820$274,092,705Oct 4
8Fast & Furious 6Universal Pictures $238,679,8503,771$238,679,850May 24
9Oz the Great and PowerfulWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $232,613,1953,912$232,613,195Mar 8
10Star Trek Into DarknessParamount Pictures $226,778,6613,907$228,778,661May 16
11Thor: The Dark WorldWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $202,651,7323,841$204,041,762Nov 8
12World War ZParamount Pictures $202,359,7113,607$202,359,711Jun 21
13The Hobbit: The Desolation of SmaugWarner Bros. $201,542,0783,928$258,366,855Dec 13
14The CroodsTwentieth Century Fox $187,168,4254,065$187,168,425Mar 22
15The HeatTwentieth Century Fox $159,582,1883,184$159,582,188Jun 28
16We're the MillersWarner Bros. $150,394,1193,445$150,394,119Aug 7
17The Great GatsbyWarner Bros. $144,840,4193,550$144,840,419May 10
18The ConjuringWarner Bros. $137,400,1413,115$137,400,141Jul 19
19Identity ThiefUniversal Pictures $134,506,9203,230$134,506,920Feb 8
20Grown Ups 2Sony Pictures Releasing $133,006,4833,491$133,668,525Jul 12
21The WolverineTwentieth Century Fox $132,556,8523,924$132,556,852Jul 26
22G.I. Joe: RetaliationParamount Pictures $122,523,0603,734$122,523,060Mar 28
23Now You See MeLionsgate $117,723,9893,082$117,723,989May 31
24Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2Sony Pictures Releasing $116,857,4544,001$119,793,567Sep 27
25Lee Daniels' The ButlerThe Weinstein Company $116,183,1283,330$116,632,095Aug 16
26The Hangover Part IIIWarner Bros. $112,200,0723,565$112,200,072May 23
27EpicTwentieth Century Fox $107,518,6823,894$107,518,682May 24
28Captain PhillipsSony Pictures Releasing $104,638,0573,143$107,100,855Oct 11
29Silver Linings PlaybookThe Weinstein Company $103,633,9722,809$132,092,958Nov 16
30Pacific RimWarner Bros. $101,802,9063,285$101,802,906Jul 12
31Bad GrandpaParamount Pictures $101,337,7593,345$102,003,019Oct 25
32This Is the EndSony Pictures Releasing $100,914,7243,055$101,470,202Jun 12
33Olympus Has FallenFilmDistrict $98,925,6403,106$98,925,640Mar 22
3442Warner Bros. $95,020,2133,405$95,020,213Apr 12
35Zero Dark ThirtySony Pictures Releasing $94,217,3822,946$95,720,716Dec 19
36Django UnchainedThe Weinstein Company $94,199,8233,012$162,805,434Dec 25
37ElysiumTriStar Pictures $92,751,7273,284$93,050,117Aug 9
38Anchorman 2: The Legend ContinuesParamount Pictures $90,579,7683,507$125,168,368Dec 18
39OblivionUniversal Pictures $89,107,2353,792$89,107,235Apr 19
40PlanesWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $88,210,3813,716$90,288,712Aug 9
41The Lone RangerWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $87,054,3123,904$89,302,115Jul 3
42Insidious: Chapter 2FilmDistrict $83,586,4473,155$83,586,447Sep 13
43TurboTwentieth Century Fox $83,028,1273,809$83,028,128Jul 17
44Les MisérablesUniversal Pictures $75,842,5302,927$148,809,770Dec 25
452 GunsUniversal Pictures $75,612,4603,028$75,612,460Aug 2
46The Hobbit: An Unexpected JourneyWarner Bros. $74,456,9644,100$303,003,568Dec 14
47White House DownSony Pictures Releasing $72,605,1513,222$73,103,784Jun 28
48MamaUniversal Pictures $71,628,1802,781$71,628,180Jan 18
49Safe HavenRelativity Media $71,349,1203,223$71,349,120Feb 14
50The Smurfs 2Sony Pictures Releasing $70,579,7923,867$71,017,784Jul 31
51The Best Man HolidayUniversal Pictures $70,313,5502,041$70,525,195Nov 15
52Percy Jackson: Sea of MonstersTwentieth Century Fox $68,481,7443,080$68,540,619Aug 7
53American HustleSony Pictures Releasing $67,518,5242,629$150,117,807Dec 13
54A Good Day to Die HardTwentieth Century Fox $67,349,1983,555$67,349,198Feb 14
55Warm BodiesLionsgate $66,380,6623,009$66,380,662Feb 1
56Jack the Giant SlayerWarner Bros. $65,187,6033,525$65,187,603Mar 1
57The PurgeUniversal Pictures $64,473,1152,591$64,473,115Jun 7
58Last VegasCBS Films $62,791,5953,237$63,914,167Nov 1
59Ender's GameLionsgate $61,283,4643,407$61,737,191Nov 1
60PrisonersWarner Bros. $61,002,3023,290$61,002,302Sep 20
61After EarthSony Pictures Releasing $60,180,7593,401$60,522,097May 31
62Escape from Planet EarthThe Weinstein Company $57,012,9773,353$57,012,977Feb 15
63Hansel & Gretel: Witch HuntersParamount Pictures $55,703,4753,375$55,703,475Jan 25
64Free BirdsRelativity Media $54,542,5363,736$55,750,480Nov 1
65Evil DeadTriStar Pictures $54,047,5413,025$54,239,856Apr 5
66RED 2Lionsgate $53,262,5603,016$53,262,560Jul 19
67Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage CounselorLionsgate $51,975,3542,047$51,975,354Mar 29
68The CallTriStar Pictures $51,503,8952,507$51,872,378Mar 15
69Pain & GainParamount Pictures $49,875,2913,303$49,875,291Apr 26
70LincolnWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $47,402,6832,293$181,591,780Nov 9
71Gangster SquadWarner Bros. $46,000,9033,103$46,000,903Jan 11
72Jurassic Park
2013 Re-release
Universal Pictures $45,385,9352,778$45,385,935Apr 5
73A Madea ChristmasLionsgate $45,282,8532,194$52,543,354Dec 13
74The InternshipTwentieth Century Fox $44,672,7643,399$44,672,764Jun 7
75Instructions Not IncludedLionsgate $44,467,206978$44,467,206Aug 30
76Saving Mr. BanksWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $44,087,4692,671$81,454,218Dec 13
77Parental GuidanceTwentieth Century Fox $43,273,9463,368$77,267,296Dec 25
78SnitchLionsgate $42,930,4622,511$42,930,462Feb 22
79RiddickUniversal Pictures $42,025,1353,117$42,025,135Sep 6
80The Wolf of Wall StreetParamount Pictures $41,448,9352,557$116,900,694Dec 25
81A Haunted HouseOpen Road Films (II) $40,041,6832,160$40,041,683Jan 11
82Life of PiTwentieth Century Fox $39,347,2072,946$124,987,023Nov 21
8312 Years a SlaveFox Searchlight Pictures $37,951,3711,474$56,634,802Oct 18
84The FamilyRelativity Media $36,912,9543,091$36,918,811Sep 13
85CarrieScreen Gems $35,266,6193,157$35,266,619Oct 18
86Texas Chainsaw 3DLionsgate $34,341,9452,659$34,341,945Jan 4
87R.I.P.D.Universal Pictures $33,618,8552,852$33,618,855Jul 19
88Jack ReacherParamount Pictures $32,520,0943,352$80,070,736Dec 21
89Kevin Hart: Let Me ExplainLionsgate $32,244,051892$32,244,051Jul 3
90Side EffectsOpen Road Films (II) $32,172,7572,605$32,172,757Feb 8
91Scary Movie 5-$32,015,7873,402$32,015,787Apr 12
92The Secret Life of Walter MittyTwentieth Century Fox $31,484,3312,922$58,178,353Dec 25
93The Mortal Instruments: City of BonesScreen Gems $31,113,8343,118$31,165,421Aug 21
94Delivery ManWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $29,704,8843,036$29,904,680Nov 22
95One Direction: This Is UsTriStar Pictures $28,852,1992,735$28,873,374Aug 30
96Kick-Ass 2Universal Pictures $28,795,9852,945$28,795,985Aug 16
97This Is 40Universal Pictures $28,592,5452,931$67,544,505Dec 21
98ArgoWarner Bros. $27,304,5833,247$136,025,503Oct 12
99RushUniversal Pictures $26,947,6242,308$26,947,624Sep 20
100The HostOpen Road Films (II) $26,627,2013,202$26,627,201Mar 29
101The World's EndFocus Features $26,004,8511,553$26,004,851Aug 23
10221 & OverRelativity Media $25,682,3802,771$25,682,380Mar 1
103Escape PlanLionsgate $24,977,6452,883$25,135,965Oct 18
104Don JonRelativity Media $24,469,3832,422$24,477,704Sep 27
105Walking with Dinosaurs 3DTwentieth Century Fox $24,345,7673,243$36,059,762Dec 20
10647 RoninUniversal Pictures $23,852,7752,690$38,362,475Dec 25
107The Incredible Burt WonderstoneWarner Bros. $22,537,8813,160$22,537,881Mar 15
108The Big WeddingLionsgate $21,819,3482,633$21,819,348Apr 26
109MudRoadside Attractions $21,590,086960$21,590,086Apr 26
110Baggage ClaimFox Searchlight Pictures $21,565,0892,230$21,565,089Sep 27
111The Way Way BackFox Searchlight Pictures $21,506,5461,001$21,506,546Jul 5
112The Place Beyond the PinesFocus Features $21,403,5191,584$21,403,519Mar 29
113HomefrontOpen Road Films (II) $20,122,8762,570$20,158,898Nov 27
114Broken CityTwentieth Century Fox $19,701,1642,622$19,701,164Jan 18
115Beautiful CreaturesWarner Bros. $19,452,1382,950$19,452,138Feb 14
116Runner RunnerTwentieth Century Fox $19,316,6463,026$19,316,646Oct 4
117You're NextLionsgate $18,494,0062,437$18,494,006Aug 23
118The ImpossibleLionsgate $18,491,079886$19,019,882Dec 21
119QuartetThe Weinstein Company $18,390,117725$18,390,117Jan 11
120The Book ThiefTwentieth Century Fox $18,214,7321,316$21,415,417Nov 8
121AdmissionFocus Features $18,007,3172,161$18,007,317Mar 22
122ParkerFilmDistrict $17,616,6412,238$17,616,641Jan 25
123Enough SaidFox Searchlight Pictures $17,464,587835$17,517,110Sep 18
124Dark Skies-$17,418,6672,313$17,418,667Feb 22
125PhilomenaThe Weinstein Company $17,312,0341,225$37,709,979Nov 22
126The CounsellorTwentieth Century Fox $16,942,9493,044$16,956,136Oct 25
127Grudge MatchWarner Bros. $16,240,2262,856$29,807,260Dec 25
128JobsOpen Road Films (II) $16,131,4072,381$16,131,410Aug 16
129Fruitvale StationThe Weinstein Company $16,101,3391,086$16,101,339Jul 12
130Dallas Buyers ClubFocus Features $15,551,5391,110$27,298,285Nov 1
131About TimeUniversal Pictures $15,322,9211,280$15,322,921Nov 1
132The Last Exorcism Part IICBS Films $15,179,3022,700$15,179,302Mar 1
133The Guilt TripParamount Pictures $14,363,2942,431$37,134,215Dec 19
134Spring BreakersA24 $13,708,4971,379$14,124,284Mar 15
135SkyfallSony Pictures Releasing $12,567,8973,526$304,164,760Nov 9
136Monsters, Inc.
2012 3D Release
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $12,089,0492,618$32,103,029Dec 19
137Rise of the GuardiansDreamWorks $12,075,0993,672$103,412,758Nov 21
138The Last StandLionsgate $12,050,2992,913$12,050,299Jan 18
139Out of the FurnaceRelativity Media $11,140,1522,101$11,330,849Dec 4
140Dead Man DownFilmDistrict $10,895,2952,188$10,895,295Mar 8
141Wreck-It RalphWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $10,826,6873,752$186,816,706Nov 2
142GetawayWarner Bros. $10,501,9382,135$10,501,938Aug 30
143Bullet to the HeadWarner Bros. $9,489,8292,404$9,489,829Feb 1
144PeeplesLionsgate $9,177,0652,041$9,177,065May 10
145Movie 43Relativity Media $8,840,4532,023$8,840,453Jan 25
146Battle of the YearScreen Gems $8,836,0482,008$8,888,355Sep 20
147Machete KillsOpen Road Films (II) $8,008,1612,538$8,008,161Oct 11
148ParanoiaRelativity Media $7,388,6542,459$7,388,654Aug 16
149Promised LandFocus Features $7,371,5381,676$7,597,898Dec 28
150Dhoom 3-$7,194,748239$8,031,955Dec 20
151Black NativityFox Searchlight Pictures $7,004,3301,525$7,013,679Nov 27
152The Spectacular NowA24 $6,850,918770$6,850,918Aug 2
153The GrandmasterThe Weinstein Company $6,594,959804$6,594,959Aug 23
154AmourSony Pictures Classics $6,519,673333$6,739,492Dec 19
155Hubble 3DWarner Bros. $6,113,869151$52,504,390Mar 19
156NebraskaParamount Pictures $6,058,098968$17,654,912Nov 15
157Blue JasmineSony Pictures Classics $5,972,7741,283$33,405,481Jul 26
158All Is LostRoadside Attractions $5,972,093483$6,263,670Oct 18
159The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2Lionsgate $5,901,8444,070$292,324,737Nov 16
160Pulling StringsLionsgate $5,842,961438$5,842,961Oct 4
161The Bling RingA24 $5,831,740650$5,831,740Jun 14
162Closed CircuitFocus Features $5,750,401870$5,750,401Aug 28
163The Wizard of Oz
2013 3D/IMAX Release
Warner Bros. $5,633,202318$5,633,202Sep 20
164Chennai ExpressUTV Motion Pictures $5,307,960196$5,307,960Aug 8
165Mandela: Long Walk to FreedomThe Weinstein Company $5,236,1201,010$8,323,085Nov 29
166Inside Llewyn DavisCBS Films $5,198,928729$13,235,319Dec 6
167The Company You KeepSony Pictures Classics $5,133,027807$5,133,027Apr 5
168Justin Bieber's BelieveOpen Road Films (II) $4,881,9361,037$6,206,566Dec 25
16920 Feet from StardomRADiUS-TWC $4,814,543147$4,946,445Jun 14
170Hyde Park on HudsonFocus Features $4,486,248246$6,376,145Dec 7
171Cirque du Soleil: Worlds AwayParamount Pictures $4,422,021840$12,512,862Dec 21
172Much Ado About NothingRoadside Attractions $4,328,849222$4,328,849Jun 7
173Yeh Jawaani Hai DeewaniEros International $3,827,466161$3,827,466May 31
174The To Do ListCBS Films $3,491,669591$3,491,669Jul 26
175EmperorRoadside Attractions $3,346,265311$3,346,265Mar 8
176Stand Up GuysLionsgate $3,310,031670$3,310,031Feb 1
177The Fifth EstateWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $3,154,9311,769$3,255,008Oct 18
178Top Gun
2013 3D Release
Paramount Pictures $3,018,873300$3,018,873Feb 8
179In a World...Roadside Attractions $2,963,902144$2,963,902Aug 9
180Filly BrownLionsgate $2,850,357259$2,850,357Apr 19
181Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-LeelaEros International $2,738,863204$2,738,863Nov 15
182Space Station 3DIMAX $2,584,09864$93,379,882Apr 19
183Grace UnpluggedRoadside Attractions $2,507,201511$2,507,201Oct 4
184The SapphiresThe Weinstein Company $2,450,867126$2,450,867Mar 22
185To the Arctic 3DWarner Bros. $2,429,26752$14,554,223Apr 20
186The GatekeepersSony Pictures Classics $2,415,727131$2,415,727Feb 1
187I'm in Love with a Church GirlHigh Top Releasing $2,387,730458$2,387,730Oct 18
188Hotel TransylvaniaSony Pictures Releasing $2,376,2433,375$148,313,048Sep 28
189NoSony Pictures Classics $2,343,66499$2,343,664Feb 15
190TranceFox Searchlight Pictures $2,328,743443$2,328,743Apr 5
191The EastFox Searchlight Pictures $2,301,839195$2,301,839May 31
192Metallica Through the Never-$2,265,876589$2,963,639Sep 27
193The Christmas CandleEchoLight Studios $2,247,771392$2,258,620Nov 15
194Krrish 3Eros International $2,191,534208$2,191,534Nov 1
195OldboyFilmDistrict $2,190,524583$2,193,658Nov 27
196The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2013: Live ActionShorts International $2,142,342266$2,142,342Feb 1
197BlackfishMagnolia Pictures $2,073,58299$2,073,582Jul 19
198Blue Is the Warmest ColorIFC Films $2,013,868142$2,199,787Oct 25
199Anna KareninaFocus Features $1,991,362422$12,816,367Nov 16
200The IcemanMillennium Entertainment $1,969,193258$1,969,193May 3
201HerWarner Bros. $1,856,5291,729$25,568,251Dec 18
202Flying Monsters 3D with David AttenboroughNational Geographic Entertainment $1,801,34327$5,705,874Oct 7
203FlightParamount Pictures $1,793,8242,638$93,772,375Nov 2
204Fill the VoidSony Pictures Classics $1,775,31664$1,775,316May 24
205Girl RisingGathrFilms $1,729,308170$1,690,141Mar 7
206The AttackCohen Media Group $1,720,32555$1,720,325Jun 21
207StokerFox Searchlight Pictures $1,714,221275$1,714,221Mar 1
208Unfinished SongThe Weinstein Company $1,702,66891$1,702,668Jun 21
209Love Is All You NeedSony Pictures Classics $1,631,709101$1,631,709May 3
210Race 2UTV Motion Pictures $1,579,940153$1,579,940Jan 25
211Beasts of the Southern WildFox Searchlight Pictures $1,546,618318$12,795,746Jun 27
212The Saratov ApproachPurdie Distribution $1,524,25084$2,146,999Oct 9
213Kon-TikiThe Weinstein Company $1,517,41075$1,517,410Apr 26
214Rust and BoneSony Pictures Classics $1,470,193168$2,062,027Nov 23
215DisconnectLD Entertainment $1,436,900180$1,436,900Apr 12
216Girl Most LikelyRoadside Attractions $1,378,591351$1,378,591Jul 19
217I'm So Excited!Sony Pictures Classics $1,368,11999$1,368,119Jun 28
218Red DawnFilmDistrict $1,338,7312,781$44,806,783Nov 21
219The Ultimate LifeHigh Top Releasing $1,327,841412$1,327,841Sep 6
220WadjdaSony Pictures Classics $1,319,32387$1,347,747Sep 13
221The Kings of SummerCBS Films $1,315,59065$1,315,590May 31
222Here Comes the BoomSony Pictures Releasing $1,313,5243,014$45,290,318Oct 12
223Born to Be WildWarner Bros. $1,285,688208$25,923,775Apr 8
224Stories We TellRoadside Attractions $1,235,28570$1,600,145May 10
225Under the Sea 3DWarner Bros. $1,230,654108$36,227,390Feb 13
226Inequality for AllRADiUS-TWC $1,192,341103$1,205,273Sep 27
227The Lords of SalemAnchor Bay Films $1,165,882354$1,165,882Apr 19
228Romeo & JulietRelativity Media $1,162,635461$1,162,635Oct 11
229Kai po che!UTV Motion Pictures $1,122,527110$1,122,527Feb 22
230Bless Me, UltimaArenas Entertainment $1,076,736263$1,561,962Feb 22
231What Maisie KnewMillennium Entertainment $1,066,471122$1,066,471May 3
232Thanks for SharingRoadside Attractions $1,065,881269$1,065,881Sep 20
233PhantomRCR Distribution $1,034,5891,118$1,034,589Mar 1
234Ginger & RosaA24 $1,012,97399$1,012,973Mar 15
235Short Term 12Cinedigm Entertainment Group $1,008,50775$1,008,984Aug 23
236From Up on Poppy HillGKIDS $1,002,89549$1,002,895Mar 15
237LoreMusic Box Films $970,32554$970,325Feb 8
238Kill Your DarlingsSony Pictures Classics $950,00978$1,030,064Oct 16
239A Royal AffairMagnolia Pictures $922,24956$1,546,761Nov 9
240Taken 2Twentieth Century Fox $917,9083,706$139,854,287Oct 5
241HitchcockFox Searchlight Pictures $917,470561$6,008,677Nov 23
242GalapagosIMAX $904,57214$18,629,106Oct 29
243RaanjhanaaEros International $903,232102$903,232Jun 21
244Generation IronThe Vladar Company $849,52184$849,521Sep 20
245Deep SeaWarner Bros. $823,62347$46,403,478Mar 3
246The Great BeautyJanus Films $786,86077$2,852,400Nov 15
247Only God ForgivesRADiUS-TWC $779,18881$779,188Jul 19
248Burn-$755,96514$996,103Jul 24
249SatyagrahaUTV Motion Pictures $738,52583$738,525Aug 30
250Hannah ArendtZeitgeist Films $717,30521$717,205May 29
251Searching for Sugar ManSony Pictures Classics $686,036157$3,696,196Jul 27
252BesharamReliance Big Pictures $679,866217$679,866Oct 2
253Muscle ShoalsMagnolia Pictures $666,86256$696,241Sep 27
254Parkland-$653,651257$653,651Oct 4
255Bhaag Milkha BhaagReliance Big Pictures $647,112140$647,112Jul 12
256The HuntMagnolia Pictures $613,30847$613,308Jul 12
257On the RoadIFC Films $590,046107$744,296Dec 21
258To the WonderMagnolia Pictures $587,61560$587,615Apr 12
259The Other SonCohen Media Group $586,14853$1,285,918Oct 26
260FrankenweenieWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $586,1103,005$35,291,068Oct 5
261SalingerThe Weinstein Company $583,633138$583,633Sep 6
262LooteraEros International $581,813100$581,813Jul 3
263Pitch PerfectUniversal Pictures $573,7252,787$65,001,093Sep 28
264Chasing IceSubmarine Deluxe $548,29653$1,328,467Nov 9
265Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf'sEntertainment One $518,34238$518,342May 3
266The Face ReaderPan Media & Entertainment $515,87619$515,876Oct 4
267Not Fade AwayParamount Vantage $498,468565$610,792Dec 21
268The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & PeteLionsgate $494,608147$494,608Oct 11
269The Lost Medallion: The Adventures of Billy Stone-$480,22668$549,632Mar 1
270The SessionsFox Searchlight Pictures $473,141516$6,002,451Oct 19
271New WorldWell Go USA Entertainment $457,80624$457,806Mar 22
272Sound CityVariance Films $421,18750$422,853Feb 1
273The Perks of Being a WallflowerLionsgate $414,891745$17,742,948Sep 21
274A HijackingMagnolia Pictures $414,43732$414,437Jun 21
275Grand MastiEros International $413,90364$413,903Sep 13
276Phata Poster Nikhla HeroEros International $410,52694$410,526Sep 20
277In the HouseCohen Media Group $389,75736$389,757Apr 19
278Playing for KeepsFilmDistrict $385,3552,840$13,103,272Dec 7
279At Any PriceSony Pictures Classics $380,59481$380,594Apr 24
280Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie Part III: RebellionEleven Arts $372,30576$375,627Dec 3
281Shootout at WadalaEros International $369,57389$369,573May 3
282LovelaceRADiUS-TWC $356,582118$356,582Aug 9
283Drinking BuddiesMagnolia Pictures $343,34133$343,341Aug 23
284KochZeitgeist Films $342,94116$342,941Feb 1
285Gori Tere Pyaar Mein!Reliance Big Pictures $342,184112$342,184Nov 22
286Dabangg 2Eros International $341,906166$2,519,190Dec 21
287Starbuck-$340,05832$340,058Mar 22
288DianaEntertainment One $335,359100$335,359Nov 1
289The Armstrong LieSony Pictures Classics $331,79477$383,294Nov 8
290CampFreestyle Releasing $324,97732$324,977Feb 22
291Cloud AtlasWarner Bros. $322,5992,023$27,108,272Oct 26
292Adore-$318,98257$318,982Sep 6
293Not TodayFreestyle Releasing $318,12141$318,121Apr 12
294LinsanityKetchup Entertainment $299,40816$302,645Oct 4
295The MasterThe Weinstein Company $299,157864$16,258,724Sep 14
296Go Goa GoneEros International $298,45792$298,457May 10
297West of MemphisSony Pictures Classics $287,79840$310,154Dec 25
298A Late QuartetEntertainment One $281,583100$1,562,548Nov 2
299HimmatwalaUTV Motion Pictures $270,88099$270,880Mar 29
300Great ExpectationsMain Street Films $258,65686$258,656Nov 8
301Personal TailorChina Lion Film Distribution $257,4529$375,892Dec 20
302MeerkatsNational Geographic Entertainment $255,0318$777,595May 26
303August: Osage CountyThe Weinstein Company $254,0912,411$37,738,810Dec 27
304The Attacks of 26/11Eros International $248,34651$248,346Mar 1
305End of WatchOpen Road Films (II) $236,6372,780$41,003,371Sep 21
306When Comedy Went to SchoolInternational Film Circuit $232,40913$367,371Jul 31
307A Place at the TableMagnolia Pictures $231,37835$231,378Mar 1
308InAPPropriate ComedyFreestyle Releasing $228,004275$228,004Mar 22
309Singh Saab the GreatEros International $225,66854$225,668Nov 22
310ABCD (Any Body Can Dance)UTV Motion Pictures $222,09825$222,098Feb 8
311Haute CuisineThe Weinstein Company $217,88360$217,883Sep 20
312Arthur NewmanCinedigm Entertainment Group $207,853248$207,853Apr 26
313Prince AvalancheMagnolia Pictures $205,13923$205,139Aug 9
314GhanchakkarUTV Motion Pictures $203,04489$203,044Jun 28
315No Place on EarthMagnolia Pictures $200,23827$200,238Apr 5
316Free Angela and All Political PrisonersCodeblack Entertainment $194,10216$194,102Apr 5
317Lone SurvivorUniversal Pictures $188,3283,285$125,095,601Dec 25
318The Anonymous People-$187,45913$284,147Aug 16
319Ice Age: Continental DriftTwentieth Century Fox $182,2443,886$161,321,843Jul 13
320PopulaireThe Weinstein Company $179,09158$179,091Sep 6
321SommThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $174,1979$174,197Jun 21
322Cinco de Mayo, La BatallaLionsgate $173,47243$173,472May 3
323Escape from Tomorrow-$171,96230$171,962Oct 11
324CopperheadFilm Collective $171,74059$171,740Jun 28
325R... RajkumarEros International $166,50391$166,503Dec 6
326We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaksFocus World $166,24325$166,243May 24
327On the JobWell Go USA Entertainment $164,62029$164,620Sep 27
328LUV-$156,99645$156,996Jan 18
329The Patience StoneSony Pictures Classics $148,67120$148,671Aug 14
330RangeelayEros International $148,41820$148,418May 17
331Narco CulturaCinedigm Entertainment Group $145,08846$145,088Nov 22
332John Dies at the EndMagnolia Pictures $141,95119$141,951Jan 25
333Good Ol' FredaMagnolia Pictures $138,81117$138,811Sep 6
334American Promise-$136,3858$136,385Oct 18
335Fists of LegendCJ Entertainment $134,21323$134,213Apr 12
336Alone Yet Not Alone-$133,546103$887,851Sep 27
337Holy Motors-$129,84629$641,100Oct 17
338Afternoon DelightThe Film Arcade $129,71539$174,496Aug 30
339A Band Called DeathDrafthouse Films $127,25716$127,257Jun 28
340Europa ReportMagnolia Pictures $125,68712$125,687Aug 2
341FukreyExcel Entertainment $125,27957$125,279Jun 14
342A.C.O.D.The Film Arcade $123,36842$172,344Oct 4
343Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy?IFC Films $123,35715$137,042Nov 22
344Lost and Found in ArmeniaHigh Top Releasing $122,3059$122,305Jun 7
345Spark: A Burning Man Story-$120,4598$120,459Aug 16
346Ek Thi DaayanEros International $112,13547$112,135Apr 19
347Killing Them SoftlyThe Weinstein Company $111,0862,424$14,947,716Nov 30
348The Punk SingerIFC Films $108,28924$122,742Nov 29
349Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt MeMagnolia Pictures $105,9989$105,998Jul 3
350Upside DownMillennium Entertainment $105,09539$105,095Mar 15
351A Touch of SinKino Lorber $103,9277$154,005Oct 4
352Stevie Nicks: In Your DreamsAbramorama $103,02876$103,028Mar 31
353ThérèseMPI Media Group $101,9448$101,944Aug 23
354The Broken Circle BreakdownTribeca Film $101,70021$171,142Nov 1
355Shadow DancerMagnolia Pictures $100,61614$100,616May 31
356Man of Tai ChiRADiUS-TWC $100,144110$100,144Nov 1
357Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie Part 1: BeginningsEleven Arts $99,6455$178,940Oct 19
358The InvestigatorGabriel's Messenger Films $93,69011$93,690Sep 13
359Finding Nemo
2012 3D Release
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $89,4092,904$41,128,283Sep 14
360The PastSony Pictures Classics $88,17877$1,331,747Dec 20
361SettaiUTV Motion Pictures $87,83833$87,838Apr 5
362Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon-$87,78335$87,783Sep 27
363The RooftopWell Go USA Entertainment $85,75517$85,755Jul 19
364We Are What We AreEntertainment One $77,71917$81,381Sep 27
365CommitmentWell Go USA Entertainment $76,54322$76,543Dec 6
366Spinning PlatesThe Film Arcade $75,7736$109,757Oct 25
367No One LivesAnchor Bay Films $74,91853$74,918May 10
368Bettie Page Reveals AllMusic Box Films $73,37221$103,365Nov 22
369Seasons of GrayEchoLight Studios $70,60524$70,605Oct 18
370The Waiting RoomInternational Film Circuit $68,2448$243,717Sep 26
371My Lucky StarChina Lion Film Distribution $64,43223$64,432Sep 20
372Winnie MandelaImage Entertainment $61,84732$61,847Sep 6
373Let the Fire BurnZeitgeist Films $61,0389$61,038Oct 2
374Independent Lens: Don't Stop Believin': Everyman's JourneyCinedigm Entertainment Group $61,01823$61,018Mar 8
375It's a DisasterOscilloscope $60,81813$60,818Apr 12
376How I Live NowMagnolia Pictures $60,21368$60,213Nov 8
377The Pervert's Guide to IdeologyZeitgeist Films $59,7474$60,914Nov 1
378The Wicker Man
2013 Re-release
Rialto Pictures $59,22514$60,891Sep 27
379Chasing MavericksTwentieth Century Fox $57,8862,030$6,002,756Oct 26
380Lost in Thailand-$57,38735$57,387Feb 8
381Bajatey RahoEros International $55,39744$55,397Jul 26
382C.O.G.Screen Media Films $55,30120$55,301Sep 20
383Journey to the South PacificIMAX $54,88319$7,642,450Nov 27
384More Than HoneyKino Lorber $54,7287$79,402Jun 12
385Final: The Rapture-$54,4824$124,561Sep 13
386Line of Duty-$54,20415$54,204Sep 6
2013 Re-release
Monterey Media $53,69211$53,692Mar 15
388The Invisible WomanSony Pictures Classics $53,064153$1,234,254Dec 25
389The SquareNoujaim Films $52,9549$52,954Oct 25
390The IntouchablesThe Weinstein Company $52,950194$10,198,820May 25
391Venus and SerenaMagnolia Pictures $51,2718$51,271May 10
392PassionEntertainment One $49,71214$92,181Aug 30
393GMO OMGSubmarine Deluxe $47,5589$47,558Sep 13
394Table No. 21Eros International $46,72023$46,720Jan 4
395JewtopiaLe Petit Canyon $46,43716$46,437Sep 20
396Wish You Were Here
2013 Re-release
Entertainment One $46,34711$46,347Jun 7
397WrongDrafthouse Films $46,02120$46,021Mar 29
398Le joli maiIcarus Films $45,7433$55,038Sep 13
399Reaching for the MoonWolfe Releasing $45,5024$45,502Nov 8
400American Made MovieVariance Films $45,1756$45,175Aug 30
401Greedy Lying Bastards-$45,00050$45,000Mar 8
402My Brother the Devil-$44,9064$44,906Mar 22
403Un FlicRialto Pictures $43,9461$48,040Apr 19
404Tiny Times 2.0China Lion Film Distribution $43,7886$43,788Aug 16
405ConcussionRADiUS-TWC $42,60625$42,606Oct 4
406The We and the I-$42,1727$42,172Mar 8
407CBGBXLrator Media $40,400100$40,400Oct 4
408The Odd Life of Timothy GreenWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $40,2012,717$51,854,875Aug 15
409Killing SeasonMillennium Entertainment $39,88112$39,881Jul 12
410The Short GameThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $39,81920$39,819Sep 20
411FaustLeisure Time Features $39,5856$53,329Nov 15
412Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American HealthcareRoadside Attractions $38,78012$126,238Oct 5
413Ip Man: The Final FightWell Go USA Entertainment $37,88414$37,884Sep 20
414Big SurKetchup Entertainment $37,26313$37,466Nov 1
415SavannahKetchup Entertainment $37,24014$37,240Aug 23
416RedemptionRoadside Attractions $36,89519$36,895Jun 28
417Touchy FeelyMagnolia Pictures $36,1285$36,128Sep 6
418UnderdogsFreestyle Releasing $35,2714$35,271Aug 16
419Tai Chi 2: The Hero RisesWell Go USA Entertainment $35,0677$35,067Apr 26
420The GirlBrainstorm Media $35,0487$35,048Mar 8
421I Give It a YearMagnolia Pictures $34,6576$34,657Aug 9
2013 Re-release
Rialto Pictures $34,1162$43,763Sep 6
423Harvest of EmpireOnyx Films $34,0302$74,624Sep 28
424The ServantRialto Pictures $33,8102$36,463Jul 26
425Running from CrazyVitagraph Films $33,3005$33,300Nov 1
426Dislecksia: The MovieArea 23a $33,0661$33,066Oct 4
427Somewhere BetweenLong Shot Factory $31,2496$210,975Aug 24
428Gregory Crewdson: Brief EncountersZeitgeist Films $30,3003$60,064Nov 2
429Long Shot: The Kevin Laue Story
2013 Re-release
Cinipix $29,8633$29,863Oct 25
430Dead Man's BurdenCinedigm Entertainment Group $29,6343$29,634May 3
431Struck by LightningTribeca Film $28,3784$28,378Jan 11
432A Fierce Green FireFirst Run $27,87711$29,635Feb 22
433Mauvais Sang
2013 Re-release
Carlotta Films $27,7012$29,728Nov 29
434Broadway IdiotFilmBuff $27,5956$27,595Oct 11
435Tiger EyesFreestyle Releasing $27,16017$27,160Jun 7
436Five Broken CamerasKino Lorber $27,1169$102,579May 30
437Out in the DarkBreaking Glass Pictures $26,9666$26,966Sep 27
438The SweeneyEntertainment One $26,65011$26,650Mar 1
439At BerkeleyZipporah Films $26,4826$29,394Nov 8
440SinisterLionsgate $25,3472,542$48,086,903Oct 12
441Language of a Broken HeartHouse Lights Media $25,2355$40,293Mar 8
442The Power of FewSteelyard Pictures $25,0005$25,000Feb 15
443GracelandDrafthouse Films $24,52918$24,529Apr 26
444Mumia: Long Distance RevolutionaryFirst Run $24,0994$36,883Feb 1
445Dear Mr. WattersonSubmarine Deluxe $23,8999$23,899Nov 15
446BraveWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $23,6274,164$237,283,207Jun 22
447Le Petit SoldatRialto Pictures $23,0381$24,296Mar 8
448The Last Days on MarsMagnolia Pictures $22,31413$24,084Dec 6
449I Used to Be DarkerStrand Releasing $22,2145$22,214Sep 27
450Murder ElevenIndican Pictures $22,1072$22,107Oct 2
451PietaDrafthouse Films $22,08012$22,080May 17
452V/H/S/2Magnolia Pictures $21,83312$21,833Jul 12
453The ABCs of DeathMagnolia Pictures $21,83219$21,832Mar 8
454Évocateur: The Morton Downey Jr. MovieMagnolia Pictures $21,6525$21,652Jun 7
455Violeta Went to HeavenKino Lorber $21,4963$21,496Mar 29
456Tio PapiActive Fox Productions $21,31621$21,316Sep 6
457The PaintingGKIDS $21,0086$21,008May 10
458Our NixonCinedigm Entertainment Group $20,5845$20,584Aug 30
459Wedding PalaceGoGoGo Entertainment $19,9086$19,908Sep 27
460Bad MiloMagnolia Pictures $19,61311$19,613Oct 4
461WhensdayNoCoast Artists $19,4632$19,463Aug 9
462These Birds WalkOscilloscope $19,2382$30,408Nov 1
463AustenlandSony Pictures Classics $19,054274$2,159,041Aug 16
464Alex CrossLionsgate $18,9242,541$25,888,412Oct 19
465NostalgiaKino Lorber $18,8461$18,846May 31
466The Sorcerer and the White Snake
2013 Re-release
Magnolia Pictures $18,7594$18,759Feb 8
467A Single ShotTribeca Film $18,64210$18,642Sep 20
468Four Bags FullRialto Pictures $18,2971$18,297May 24
469Twice BornEntertainment One $18,29510$18,295Dec 6
470TornFilm Collective $18,2025$18,202Oct 18
471Casting BySubmarine Deluxe $18,1642$18,164Nov 1
472TalaashReliance Big Pictures $18,055172$2,871,956Nov 30
473Going Attractions: The Definitive Story of the American Drive-in Movie-$18,0334$38,163Jun 7
474MentalDada Films $17,66912$17,669Mar 29
475Hitler's ChildrenFilm Movement $17,3553$27,999Nov 16
476Post Tenebras LuxStrand Releasing $17,2786$37,688May 1
477Cousin JulesThe Cinema Guild $17,1903$19,188Nov 29
478Violet & DaisyCinedigm Entertainment Group $17,18617$17,186Jun 7
479Bill W.Page 124 Productions $17,14331$786,506May 18
480Russian Ark
2013 Re-release
Kino Lorber $16,9322$36,567Sep 6
481In Another CountryKino Lorber $16,9056$24,823Nov 9
482As I Lay DyingMillennium Entertainment $16,6972$16,697Oct 11
483LeviathanThe Cinema Guild $16,5245$75,215Mar 1
484The Rabbi's CatGKIDS $16,4126$23,392Dec 7
485Out of the Clear Blue SkyArea 23a $16,0502$16,050Sep 6
486Rising from AshesFirst Run $15,8415$36,754Aug 2
487Storm Surfers 3DXLrator Media $15,4957$38,472Apr 26
488I Declare WarDrafthouse Films $14,92814$14,928Aug 30
489Jayne Mansfield's CarAnchor Bay Films $14,83611$14,836Sep 13
490Kiss of the DamnedMagnolia Pictures $14,7527$14,752May 3
491A Werewolf BoyCJ Entertainment $14,69120$342,922Nov 30
492The WallMusic Box Films $14,5954$34,443May 31
493A Wedding InvitationCJ Entertainment $14,3503$14,350May 24
494MasqueradeCJ Entertainment $14,18515$922,123Sep 21
495Neighboring SoundsThe Cinema Guild $14,1453$57,729Aug 24
496The United States of AutismJanson Media $14,08312$96,366Apr 5
497Design Is One: The VignellisFirst Run $14,0781$14,078Oct 11
498North Sea Texas
2012 Re-release
Strand Releasing $13,9473$25,850Nov 2
499Dorfman in LoveBrainstorm Media $13,7379$13,737Mar 22
500The MonkATO Pictures $13,47211$13,472Mar 8
501Paranormal Activity 4Paramount Pictures $13,3413,412$53,900,335Oct 19
502Red ObsessionArea 23a $13,1993$13,199Sep 6
503Terms and Conditions May ApplyVariance Films $13,0616$55,184Jul 12
504King's Faith-$12,73814$88,894Apr 26
505Andre Gregory: Before and After DinnerThe Cinema Guild $12,6033$42,219Apr 3
506La Camioneta: The Journey of One American School BusFollow Your Nose Films $12,2508$17,616May 31
507ShahidUTV Motion Pictures $12,15316$12,153Oct 18
508My Worst NightmareStrand Releasing $12,0994$20,092Oct 19
509Charlie CountrymanMillennium Entertainment $11,65015$11,650Nov 15
51036 SaintsActive Fox Productions $11,6409$11,640Sep 6
511The FlatIFC Films $11,33527$471,842Oct 19
512So YoungChina Lion Film Distribution $11,1863$11,186Jun 14
513LooperTriStar Pictures $11,1632,993$66,486,205Sep 28
514Greetings from Tim BuckleyTribeca Film $11,1573$11,157May 3
515American Meat-$10,6501$10,650Apr 12
516Greenwich Village: Music That Defined a GenerationKino Lorber $10,4302$22,607Jan 18
517Liv & IngmarJanus Films $10,3472$10,347Dec 13
518Evil IntentDriving With Our Eyes Shut $10,3362$10,454Jun 29
519Shepard & DarkMusic Box Films $10,2783$10,278Sep 25
520An Oversimplification of Her BeautyVariance Films $10,0984$71,906Apr 26
521ArbitrageRoadside Attractions $9,961256$7,919,574Sep 14
522In the Name ofFilm Movement $9,8831$9,883Oct 30
523Inch'AllahEntertainment One $9,8402$9,840Aug 16
524Birth of the Living DeadFirst Run $9,80210$9,802Oct 18
525Antoine and AntoinetteRialto Pictures $9,7041$9,704Sep 25
526If I Were YouKino Lorber $9,43214$9,432Mar 15
527Zero CharismaTribeca Film $9,4175$9,417Oct 11
528Looking for Maria SanchezVanguardia Films $9,3382$9,338Jun 14
529Better Mus' Come-$9,3182$9,318Mar 15
530Big Words-$8,9652$8,965Jul 19
531The Worst Movie Ever!Driving With Our Eyes Shut $8,8862$23,696Aug 19
532Fire in the BloodInternational Film Circuit $8,8654$28,063Sep 6
533Hell BabyMillennium Entertainment $8,78510$8,785Sep 6
534Little Fugitive
2013 Re-release
-$8,7532$29,154Feb 1
535The InstituteArgot Pictures $8,4454$8,445Oct 4
536Hello HermanFreestyle Releasing $8,43715$8,437Jun 7
537The Happy Sad-$8,3952$8,395Aug 16
2013 Re-release
Kino Lorber $8,3153$35,415Mar 15
539Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3DIMAX $8,20682$34,136,978Sep 23
540Wagner & Me
2012 Re-release
First Run $8,1454$37,332Dec 7
541Pawn Shop ChroniclesAnchor Bay Films $8,08815$8,088Jul 12
542Nothing Left to FearAnchor Bay Films $7,8865$7,886Oct 4
543And While We Were HereWell Go USA Entertainment $7,75019$7,750Sep 13
544The Silence
2012 Re-release
Music Box Films $7,70011$100,214Mar 8
545Midget Zombie TakeoverDriving With Our Eyes Shut $7,6713$10,724Feb 8
546Girls Against BoysAnchor Bay Films $7,5292$7,529Feb 1
547Desperate Acts of MagicGold Cap Films $7,3732$7,373May 3
548Ghost Team OneThe Film Arcade $7,34515$7,345Oct 11
549A Resurrection-$7,30017$7,300Mar 22
550All TogetherKino Lorber $7,09010$42,245Oct 19
551ParaNormanFocus Features $7,0633,455$56,003,051Aug 17
552The Brass TeapotMagnolia Pictures $6,9972$6,997Apr 5
553Assaulted: Civil Rights Under FireHigh Top Releasing $6,90517$6,905Jun 20
554SalTribeca Film $6,8832$6,883Nov 1
555Made in ClevelandStriped Entertainment $6,6765$10,276Jun 21
556Breakfast with CurtisAbramorama $6,6292$6,629Dec 4
557Brief ReunionStriped Entertainment $6,6012$6,601Jan 18
558Finding Mr. RightChina Lion Film Distribution $6,5793$6,579Nov 8
559Night Across the StreetThe Cinema Guild $6,5752$16,778Feb 8
560Down the ShoreAnchor Bay Films $6,5582$6,558Apr 5
561Hava Nagila: The MovieInternational Film Circuit $6,49124$370,218Mar 1
562Some Velvet MorningTribeca Film $6,4202$6,420Dec 13
563Nothing But a Man-$6,3992$12,700Nov 9
564Le Pont du NordThe Film Desk $6,2101$16,752Mar 22
565Ain't in It for My Health: A Film About Levon HelmKino Lorber $6,19410$110,201Apr 19
566The Selfish GiantIFC Films $6,1646$12,189Dec 20
567The End of LoveVariance Films $6,1503$9,302Mar 1
568KumaréKino Lorber $6,1299$131,909Jun 20
569Welcome to Pine HillOscilloscope $6,1151$6,115Mar 1
570RangrezzUTV Motion Pictures $6,10811$6,108Mar 22
571Entre les BrasThe Cinema Guild $6,0786$46,355Sep 14
572Only the YoungOscilloscope $5,9722$10,010Dec 7
573The PlayroomFreestyle Releasing $5,96412$5,964Apr 5
574A Bottle in the Gaza SeaFilm Movement $5,8722$5,872Jan 4
575Five DancesPaladin $5,7881$5,788Oct 4
576A Dark TruthMagnolia Pictures $5,7503$5,750Jan 4
577The Act of KillingDrafthouse Films $5,29629$486,919Jul 19
578The GuillotinesWell Go USA Entertainment $5,29010$5,290Jun 14
579The Time BeingTribeca Film $5,2742$5,274Jul 26
580Paradise: HopeStrand Releasing $5,1013$5,101Dec 6
581You Ain't Seen Nothin' YetKino Lorber $5,0923$18,527Jun 7
582Far from VietnamIcarus Films $5,0521$8,132Aug 28
583Futaba kara tooku hanareteFirst Run $4,9601$4,960Dec 11
584Supporting CharactersTribeca Film $4,9171$4,917Jan 25
585Revelation Road 2: The Sea of Glass and FireFreestyle Releasing $4,8715$4,871Jul 12
586Hôtel NormandyRialto Pictures $4,6401$4,640Sep 27
587All Is BrightAnchor Bay Films $4,55610$4,556Oct 4
588Drug WarVariance Films $4,43813$127,695Jul 26
589What's in a Name?Under The Milky Way $4,40512$7,785Dec 13
590DeadfallMagnolia Pictures $4,38317$66,351Dec 7
591The RevisionariesKino Lorber $4,3605$22,113Oct 5
592The Man Who Shook the Hand of Vicente FernandezIndican Pictures $4,2812$9,890Dec 7
593MaidentripFirst Run $4,2169$7,258Dec 20
594PawnAnchor Bay Films $4,1411$4,141Apr 19
595Jamel Shabazz Street Photographer-$4,1342$17,632Aug 2
5963 Geezers!-$4,13015$4,175May 22
597Weekend of a ChampionSubmarine Deluxe $4,1002$4,100Nov 22
598The Iran JobFilm Movement $4,1002$22,803Sep 28
599Back to 1942China Lion Film Distribution $4,08320$312,954Nov 30
600The KitchenMonterey Media $4,0542$4,054Mar 8
601MorningAnchor Bay Films $4,0294$4,029Sep 27
602Approved for Adoption
2013 Re-release
GKIDS $4,0151$4,015Nov 8
603Putin's KissKino Lorber $4,0051$9,144Feb 17
604Bert Stern: Original MadmanFirst Run $3,9336$33,541Apr 5
605High Tech, Low LifeArgot Pictures $3,8361$3,836Jan 9
606Any Day NowMusic Box Films $3,78919$189,041Dec 14
607One Track Heart: The Story of Krishna DasZeitgeist Films $3,7225$96,197May 8
608DjangoRialto Pictures $3,69410$17,137Dec 21
609Le AmicheThe Film Desk $3,6841$68,167Jun 18
610Mr. Nobody
2013 Re-release
Magnolia Pictures $3,6224$3,622Nov 1
611Deceptive Practice: The Mysteries and Mentors of Ricky JayKino Lorber $3,6227$152,499Apr 17
612TrickedKino Lorber $3,5331$3,533Dec 13
613The Stroller StrategyRialto Pictures $3,4621$3,462Jun 14
614SwerveCohen Media Group $3,3385$3,338Dec 6
615The Law in These PartsThe Cinema Guild $3,2881$13,597Nov 16
616Axe Giant: The Wrath of Paul BunyanCinema Purgatorio $3,2873$3,287May 31
617Brooklyn Castle-$3,25913$216,333Oct 19
618ViolaThe Cinema Guild $3,2422$20,776Jul 12
619Radio UnnameableKino Lorber $3,2192$22,114Sep 19
620Plush-$3,08010$3,080Sep 13
621Drew: The Man Behind the PosterKino Lorber $3,0781$3,078Aug 14
622A Girl and a GunFirst Run $3,01810$3,018Jul 3
623Let My People Go!Zeitgeist Films $2,9873$12,261Jan 11
624SmashedSony Pictures Classics $2,96350$376,597Oct 12
62511 FlowersFirst Run $2,8162$9,037Feb 22
626Il FuturoStrand Releasing $2,7993$12,440Sep 6
627Justice Is MindThe Ashton Times $2,7961$14,360Aug 18
628Approaching MidnightMonterey Media $2,7956$2,795Aug 30
629The End of TimeFirst Run $2,7641$3,284Nov 29
630What Richard DidTribeca Film $2,7491$2,749May 10
631Here Comes the DevilMagnolia Pictures $2,6982$4,534Dec 13
632Come Out and PlayCinedigm Entertainment Group $2,63810$2,638Mar 22
633Sparrows DanceTribeca Film $2,6021$2,602Aug 23
634In the FogStrand Releasing $2,6023$10,719Jun 14
635Last Flight of the ChampionHigh Top Releasing $2,59715$2,597Aug 30
636Somebody Up There Likes MeTribeca Film $2,5893$88,632Mar 8
637StarletMusic Box Films $2,56810$86,994Nov 9
638Cassadaga-$2,5443$2,544Oct 11
639Almost in LoveArgot Pictures $2,5101$2,510Feb 15
640The Last Day of AugustStriped Entertainment $2,4921$2,492Oct 4
641Orchestra of ExilesFirst Run $2,4085$27,118Oct 26
642The History of Future FolkVariance Films $2,3522$15,767May 31
643Lotus Eaters-$2,3251$2,325Apr 5
644The Happy HouseFirst Run $2,3111$2,311May 3
645InSpectresReactor 88 Studios $2,2071$2,207Sep 5
646Northern Lights-$2,1432$9,185Sep 20
647Red FlagTribeca Film $2,0751$2,075Feb 22
648RubberneckTribeca Film $2,0751$2,075Feb 22
649The Polar Express
2012 IMAX Release
Warner Bros. $1,94717$669,289Nov 21
650Best Man DownMagnolia Pictures $1,9382$1,938Nov 8
651The Day He ArrivesThe Cinema Guild $1,8252$13,644Apr 20
652Detention of the DeadAnchor Bay Films $1,7772$1,777Jun 28
653Ferlinghetti: A Rebirth of WonderFirst Run $1,7482$3,821Feb 8
654DownloadedAbramorama $1,7282$7,134Jun 21
655You Don't Need Feet to DanceFirst Run $1,7191$1,719Mar 22
656We Won't Grow Old TogetherThe Film Desk $1,6401$13,927Jun 8
657Now, ForagerArgot Pictures $1,6094$11,146Oct 3
658The PackageAnchor Bay Films $1,4691$1,469Feb 15
659Officer DownAnchor Bay Films $1,4631$1,463Jan 18
660Small ChangeThe Film Desk $1,3822$37,610Nov 24
661A Man Vanishes
2012 Re-release
Icarus Films $1,3382$6,201Nov 15
662Guitar Innovators: John Fahey & Nels ClineFirst Run $1,3062$6,132Aug 16
663Free the MindInternational Film Circuit $1,2126$155,748May 3
664A Zombie Invasion-$1,1701$1,170Dec 12
665When the Iron Bird Flies: Tibetan Buddhism Arrives in the West-$1,1501$9,658Oct 19
666SisterAdopt Films $1,14614$153,561Oct 5
667Veer!-$1,1321$1,132Mar 1
668AlpsKino Lorber $1,1043$16,057Jul 13
669Le combat dans l'îleThe Film Desk $1,1031$49,545Jun 12
670The Bride Wore BlackThe Film Desk $1,1002$42,324Nov 4
671Caught in the WebVitagraph Films $1,0672$1,067Nov 27
672KhumbaMillennium Entertainment $1,0292$1,029Dec 6
673Sushi: The Global Catch-$1,0261$5,469Aug 3
674Remnants-$1,0221$1,022Nov 14
675La Maison de la radioKino Lorber $9371$7,497Sep 4
676Boule & BillDistrib Films $8942$894Nov 8
677How to Make Money Selling DrugsTribeca Film $8795$37,706Jun 26
678Terkel in Trouble
2010 Re-release
Indican Pictures $8674$39,885Oct 15
679The Man in the White SuitRialto Pictures $8611$8,265Nov 16
2011 Re-release
The Film Desk