Finnish Box Office For 2013

RankRelease GrossTheatersTotal GrossRelease DateDistributor
121 Ways to Ruin a Marriage$5,000,20790$5,012,795Feb 7Nordisk Film
2The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug$4,304,059191$6,905,914Dec 11SF Film Finland
3Despicable Me 2$3,209,193196$3,209,193Jul 5Finnkino
4Heart of a Lion$2,576,263117$2,654,271Oct 18Scanbox Entertainment
5The Hunger Games: Catching Fire$2,455,623123$3,191,978Nov 20Nordisk Film
6Rölli and the Golden Key$2,202,837103$2,202,837Feb 1Nordisk Film
7Planes$1,979,844170$2,017,862Sep 27Walt Disney Pictures
8Monsters University$1,920,321153$1,920,321Aug 2Walt Disney Pictures
9Vuonna 85$1,857,60693$1,984,020Jan 25Walt Disney Pictures
10The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey$1,744,156194$6,067,291Dec 12FS Film Oy
11Gravity$1,731,239101$2,196,706Nov 8SF Film Finland
12Django Unchained$1,714,09169$1,745,422Jan 18Walt Disney Studios Sony Pictures Releasing (WDSSPR)
13Iron Man 3$1,688,919105$1,892,796Apr 24Walt Disney Pictures
14Sel8nne$1,673,89192$1,713,266Sep 27SF Film Finland
15The Smurfs 2$1,476,562147$1,511,509Sep 6Walt Disney Studios Sony Pictures Releasing (WDSSPR)
16Fast & Furious 6$1,416,15090$1,654,743May 22Finnkino
17Now You See Me$1,396,55763$1,411,703Jul 19Nordisk Film
18We're the Millers$1,359,93770$1,367,189Sep 6SF Film Finland
19The Hangover Part III$1,349,876621$1,523,526May 29SF Film Finland
20The Croods$1,338,935166$1,338,935Mar 28SF Film Finland
21A Good Day to Die Hard$1,305,10498$1,361,077Feb 15FS Film Oy
22Wreck-It Ralph$1,258,808106$1,283,140Feb 15Walt Disney Pictures
23The Lone Ranger$1,183,69884$1,362,743Jul 3Walt Disney Pictures
24Gloriously Wasted$1,129,46087$1,552,896Dec 28Scanbox Entertainment
25Life of Pi$1,126,80685$1,581,700Dec 21FS Film Oy
26The Great Gatsby$1,087,510135$1,087,510May 17SF Film Finland
27World War Z$1,028,17696$1,028,176Jul 18Finnkino
28Above Dark Waters$1,020,810107$1,045,022Sep 6Nordisk Film
29Frozen$999,966151$2,513,372Dec 20Walt Disney Pictures
30Thor: The Dark World$980,59979$1,129,411Oct 30Walt Disney Pictures
31Turbo$939,791171$939,791Oct 17SF Film Finland
32Les Misérables$935,72292$943,886Feb 22Finnkino
33Anna Karenina$926,82981$926,829Jan 11Finnkino
34Oblivion$874,63678$874,636Apr 12Finnkino
35Elysium$855,35555$855,355Aug 9Walt Disney Studios Sony Pictures Releasing (WDSSPR)
36Ella and Friends$727,765100$996,824Dec 28-
378-Ball$720,73257$720,732Feb 22Nordisk Film
38Man of Steel$716,979130$895,070Jun 26SF Film Finland
39Oz the Great and Powerful$712,906100$712,906Mar 15Walt Disney Pictures
40The Wolverine$672,122105$672,122Jul 26SF Film Finland
41Jack Reacher$656,70173$656,701Jan 4Finnkino
42Tale of a Forest$655,32749$724,248Dec 28Nordisk Film
43Epic$649,912198$649,912May 24SF Film Finland
44Star Trek Into Darkness$599,780122$601,315May 31Finnkino
45Quartet$585,44976$603,478Apr 5SF Film Finland
46I Give It a Year$583,75361$593,171Apr 12SF Film Finland
47Silver Linings Playbook$555,96845$555,968Feb 1Future Film
48Bad Grandpa$546,64069$549,426Oct 25Finnkino
49The Hijack That Went South$530,43184$532,269Jan 18Nordisk Film
50Escape Plan$529,53247$590,826Nov 15Nordisk Film
51Skyfall$523,202137$8,882,948Oct 26FS Film Oy
52Mama$520,08251$520,082Mar 22Finnkino
53Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2$499,145129$500,378Nov 29Walt Disney Studios Sony Pictures Releasing (WDSSPR)
54After Earth$488,09360$488,093Jun 14Walt Disney Studios Sony Pictures Releasing (WDSSPR)
55Pacific Rim$474,98890$474,988Aug 2SF Film Finland
56Scary Movie V$466,71563$473,590Apr 19Future Film
57Blue Jasmine$463,44443$473,267Aug 30Scanbox Entertainment
58Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters$461,81462$461,814Feb 8FS Film Oy
59The Conjuring$452,46361$452,463Aug 22SF Film Finland
60Before Midnight$366,15034$424,525Aug 2Cinema Mondo
61The Bling Ring$364,96843$372,076Jun 28SF Film Finland
62Village People$364,50994$366,605Aug 16Nordisk Film
63Rush$361,80787$361,807Sep 13Future Film
64G.I. Joe: Retaliation$359,92579$359,925Mar 29Finnkino
65Pain & Gain$349,89862$353,802Aug 9Finnkino
66The Internship$332,40555$346,802Jul 12SF Film Finland
67Warm Bodies$320,98161$331,738Apr 5Nordisk Film
68Captain Phillips$320,09250$320,092Oct 18Walt Disney Studios Sony Pictures Releasing (WDSSPR)
69The Intouchables$319,04846$766,619Nov 30Scanbox Entertainment
70Amour$316,08736$317,758Feb 15Future Film
71Cloud Atlas$307,95740$307,957Mar 1Future Film
72Ainoat oikeat$307,79499$1,441,699Dec 27Nordisk Film
732 Guns$297,87046$297,870Sep 27Walt Disney Studios Sony Pictures Releasing (WDSSPR)
74Last Vegas$292,16161$296,377Nov 22Finnkino
75White House Down$288,75651$290,709Aug 23Walt Disney Studios Sony Pictures Releasing (WDSSPR)
76Diana$285,30094$304,019Nov 8SF Film Finland
77A Patriotic Man$274,692106$375,834Dec 4Future Film
78The Heat$272,26056$279,729Sep 20SF Film Finland
79Body Fat Index of Love$272,13171$535,433Dec 21Nordisk Film
80The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones$269,89881$269,898Aug 30SF Film Finland
81Identity Thief$269,01970$283,604May 3Finnkino
82Don Jon$266,99635$272,843Nov 1Future Film
83Ella and Friends 2$266,01497$992,897Dec 27-
84The Big Wedding$263,82169$265,421Jun 7Nordisk Film
85Mieletön elokuu$263,623104$308,745Oct 4Nordisk Film
86Rise of the Guardians$262,468160$1,007,365Nov 30Finnkino
87Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters$257,92172$257,921Aug 16SF Film Finland
88One Direction: This Is Us$253,94663$253,946Aug 30Walt Disney Studios Sony Pictures Releasing (WDSSPR)
89The Impossible$246,55224$249,195Jan 4Nordisk Film
90RED 2$237,68960$246,259Aug 30Nordisk Film
91Qing Yan$237,527110$1,611,944Dec 6FS Film Oy
92About Time$226,51254$226,512Oct 4Finnkino
93The Hunt$223,85522$223,855Mar 22Atlantic Film
94Kick-Ass 2$221,15670$221,156Aug 16Finnkino
95The Counselor$219,82158$230,878Nov 15SF Film Finland
96I'm So Excited!$219,17236$220,226Jul 19Future Film
97The Host$218,82260$231,262Mar 29Future Film
98Jobs$211,97651$218,976Sep 20SF Film Finland
99Riddick$211,59332$211,593Sep 6Future Film
100Gangster Squad$205,82661$222,781Mar 1SF Film Finland
101Beautiful Creatures$197,91979$208,603Mar 1Nordisk Film
102Pitch Perfect$196,03736$198,045Mar 8Finnkino
103Lincoln$194,50249$194,502Jan 25FS Film Oy
104Walking with Dinosaurs 3D$194,062138$326,106Dec 20SF Film Finland
105The Place Beyond the Pines$191,43022$199,584Mar 29Scanbox Entertainment
106Runner Runner$174,57049$174,570Oct 4SF Film Finland
107Olympus Has Fallen$168,80341$168,803Apr 19Nordisk Film
108Jurassic Park
2013 Re-release
$162,95481$267,596May 10Finnkino
109The Secret Life of Walter Mitty$157,61746$772,870Dec 27SF Film Finland
110Flight$149,23042$149,230Feb 8Finnkino
111Evil Dead$147,91642$149,153May 10Walt Disney Studios Sony Pictures Releasing (WDSSPR)
112Lee Daniels' The Butler$140,67836$147,413Oct 25Scanbox Entertainment
113Things We Do for Love$138,40922$140,349Feb 1Walt Disney Pictures
114A Turtle's Tale 2: Sammy's Escape from Paradise$138,384102$141,758Mar 8SF Film Finland
115Only God Forgives$138,30030$141,626Jun 7Scanbox Entertainment
116The Past$132,23316$207,294Nov 28Cinema Mondo
117Behind The Candelabra$127,97927$127,979Aug 23SF Film Finland
118Carrie$127,89345$127,893Nov 1SF Film Finland
119Texas Chainsaw$124,15724$124,157Jan 4Scanbox Entertainment
120Kon-Tiki$120,10322$120,176Apr 19Atlantic Film
121The Last Stand$117,84240$117,842Mar 8Nordisk Film
122The Purge$113,88143$113,881Jul 26Finnkino
123Zero Dark Thirty$113,86633$113,866Jan 25Finnkino
124Emil & Ida i Lönneberga$110,15281$338,043Dec 27SF Film Finland
125Beasts of the Southern Wild$108,16713$111,802Jan 11Cinema Mondo
126Machete Kills$107,92752$107,927Oct 11SF Film Finland
127Spring Breakers$103,17414$103,174May 17SF Film Finland
128The 100 Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared$93,03046$1,172,588Dec 27Walt Disney Pictures
129Jack the Giant Slayer$90,49955$90,499Mar 22SF Film Finland
130The Family$83,48035$89,753Nov 29Scanbox Entertainment
131The Disciple$80,74130$80,741Sep 27-
132The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2$78,952120$2,768,317Nov 16Nordisk Film
133Ender's Game$78,46833$84,722Dec 6Walt Disney Pictures
134Lotte and the Moonstone Secret
2012 Re-release
$76,21478$83,332Nov 15-
135To the Wonder$73,79014$73,790May 3Nordisk Film
136Parker$72,61021$72,610Feb 22Scanbox Entertainment
137The Sessions$69,78414$69,784Jan 4FS Film Oy
138Frankenweenie$68,30842$68,781Jan 11Walt Disney Pictures
139Renoir$68,22814$68,228Aug 9Cinema Mondo
140Billy and Buddy$67,52740$72,099Nov 1-
141The Grandmaster$67,47614$72,707Oct 4Cinema Mondo
142Mood Indigo$62,54714$68,136Oct 25Cinema Mondo
143The Master$61,57922$61,579Feb 8Future Film
144The World's End$61,41628$66,431Nov 8Finnkino
145Open Up to Me$60,60638$60,657Mar 8Future Film
146The Anderssons in Greece$60,07726$108,846Apr 26Bio Rex Distribution
147Blue Is the Warmest Colour$58,96011$91,783Dec 13Cinema Mondo
148Hitchcock$57,80963$58,906Feb 1FS Film Oy
149Broken City$54,56918$55,116Apr 26Future Film
150Last Love$50,59623$50,610Nov 29SF Film Finland
151Finnish Blood Swedish Heart$50,32631$52,361Apr 5Pirkanmaan Elokuvakeskus (PEK)
152Frances Ha$49,2246$49,224Oct 18Atlantic Film
153Robin$48,93286$284,041Dec 7Nordisk Film
154A Late Quartet$46,54123$117,602Dec 20SF Film Finland
155The Company You Keep$43,23428$60,084Apr 26SF Film Finland
156We Are the Best!$40,57537$42,870Dec 6SF Film Finland
157Metallica Through the Never$40,03939$45,409Oct 18Future Film
158Concrete Night$39,40818$44,551Nov 1Cinema Mondo
159Filth$39,11911$39,920Nov 15Future Film
160Painless$38,34812$40,740Dec 20Cinema Mondo
161Dark Skies$33,92434$34,840May 17Scanbox Entertainment
162On My Way$31,90615$34,938Oct 11Scanbox Entertainment
163Mud$30,30014$32,215Sep 27Scanbox Entertainment
164The Way Way Back$30,07115$35,857Aug 16Scanbox Entertainment
1653096 Tage$30,06517$30,065Aug 2Future Film
166Searching for Sugar Man$28,26912$29,072Feb 22Cinema Mondo
167Something in the Air$27,67511$27,675Jul 5Cinema Mondo
168What Maisie Knew$26,75414$26,754Jul 26Scanbox Entertainment
169Haute Cuisine$25,90110$54,914Dec 28Cinema Mondo
170Hotel Transylvania$25,489102$429,612Nov 23Walt Disney Studios Sony Pictures Releasing (WDSSPR)
171Playing for Keeps$24,86518$73,484Dec 21Future Film
172All Our Desires$24,84611$25,209May 10Cinema Mondo
173Kalevala - uusi aika$22,58866$22,588Nov 15-
174The Anderssons Hit the Road$22,15712$50,440Dec 20Bio Rex Distribution
175Love Is All You Need$21,19714$101,810Dec 7Atlantic Film
176Alcan Highway$18,03832$18,038Apr 19SF Film Finland
177The Fifth Estate$17,06227$17,062Oct 25Nordisk Film
178Promised Land$16,91020$18,967Oct 11Atlantic Film
179American Vagabond$15,8914$17,687Jun 26-
180The Paperboy$14,5149$14,514Jan 18Future Film
181Snabba cash - Livet deluxe$13,45513$13,455Sep 13Bio Rex Distribution
182Unfinished Song$13,33128$13,331Apr 19Scanbox Entertainment
183In the House$12,41811$12,418Mar 15Cinema Mondo
184Paranoia$12,02332$12,023Aug 23Future Film
185More Than Honey$10,90413$10,904Apr 26Cinema Mondo
186Argo$10,67137$263,861Nov 2FS Film Oy
187The Princess of Egypt$10,00528$10,005Sep 20Atlantic Film
188The Deep$8,89311$10,496Oct 25Future Film
189Adore$8,84315$8,926Sep 6Atlantic Film
190The Secret of the Gods$8,248102$676,058Oct 26Walt Disney Pictures
191My Stuff$7,93622$7,936Jan 31-
192Odd Thomas$6,30931$6,309Aug 2Future Film
193Patron$6,0034$6,003Jun 13Pirkanmaan Elokuvakeskus (PEK)
194Latch$5,61410$7,079Nov 20-
195Skylab$3,46515$158,333Jul 6Cinema Mondo
196Rust and Bone$3,42613$164,613Nov 16Cinema Mondo
197[REC] 3: Genesis$2,2097$4,324May 31-
198Katmandú, un espejo en el cielo$2,04614$126,612Aug 10Cinema Mondo