Brazilian Box Office For 2013

RankRelease Distributor GrossMax ThOpening% of Total Open ThOpenClose
1Iron Man 3Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $47,874,5961,237$11,694,31324.4%1,237Apr 26-
2Despicable Me 2Universal Pictures International (UPI) $35,538,035863$5,729,81216.1%863Jul 5-
3Thor: The Dark WorldWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $27,751,8841,090$6,691,00724.1%1,090Nov 1-
4Fast & Furious 6Universal Pictures International (UPI) $23,027,484855$5,906,32925.6%855May 24-
5Hansel & Gretel: Witch HuntersParamount Pictures International $22,793,021517$4,113,19418%517Jan 25-
6My Mom Is a Character-$21,909,567415$2,135,1769.7%415Jun 21-
7The Wolverine20th Century Fox International $21,412,596864$5,524,84725.8%864Jul 26-
8Till Luck Do Us Part 2-$19,164,182776$3,042,17815.9%776Dec 27-
9The Hobbit: The Desolation of SmaugWarner Bros. $17,821,7251,039$4,864,75227.3%1,039Dec 13-
10The Hunger Games: Catching FireParis Filmes $17,291,146959$5,261,08830.4%959Nov 15-
11Wreck-It RalphWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $17,018,882761$3,531,26420.7%761Jan 4-
12Monsters UniversityWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $16,549,029833$3,582,87421.7%833Jun 21-
13The Hangover Part IIIWarner Bros. $16,311,834577$4,031,47224.7%577May 30-
14Man of SteelWarner Bros. $16,006,429791$3,998,53425%791Jul 12-
15Meu Passado Me Condena: O FilmeParis Filmes $15,340,418411$2,341,90715.3%411Oct 25-
16The CroodsParamount Pictures International $15,193,380690$3,076,15620.2%690Mar 22-
17World War ZParamount Pictures International $14,733,482766$3,291,15622.3%766Jun 28-
18The Smurfs 2Sony Pictures Releasing $14,552,378790$4,428,89030.4%755Aug 2-
19Vai que dá Certo-$14,464,092465$2,170,37915%465Mar 22-
20Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2Sony Pictures Releasing $13,057,310667$3,167,95524.3%667Oct 4-
21Oz the Great and PowerfulWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $12,433,711730$3,718,67229.9%730Mar 8-
22Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters20th Century Fox International $11,241,416614$3,713,17533%614Aug 16-
23ElysiumSony Pictures Releasing $9,114,746382$2,416,26526.5%382Sep 20-
24Somos Tão Jovens-$8,975,573568$2,649,32029.5%568May 3-
25G.I. Joe: RetaliationParamount Pictures International $8,875,027472$2,563,20928.9%472Mar 29-
26GravityWarner Bros. $8,823,348319$1,669,42618.9%219Oct 11-
27A Good Day to Die Hard20th Century Fox International $8,572,992550$2,235,19226.1%550Feb 22-
28Epic20th Century Fox International $8,093,616621$2,333,27728.8%621May 17-
29Silver Linings PlaybookParis Filmes $8,086,459187$857,65310.6%184Feb 1-
30Crô: O FilmeParis Filmes $7,988,278459$1,768,68122.1%459Nov 29-
31The ConjuringWarner Bros. $7,819,451405$1,705,61621.8%391Sep 13-
32Brazilian WesternEuropa Filmes $7,415,529483$2,011,26527.1%483May 30-
33Grown Ups 2Sony Pictures Releasing $7,309,801261$1,471,63720.1%243Aug 16-
34Now You See MeParis Filmes $7,073,407317$1,454,01820.6%317Jul 5-
35Django UnchainedSony Pictures Releasing $7,013,509194$1,274,17418.2%187Jan 18-
36PlanesWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $6,393,358638$1,587,47524.8%638Sep 13-
37After EarthSony Pictures Releasing $6,383,199348$2,029,13331.8%348Jun 7-
38Pacific RimWarner Bros. $6,324,601554$2,256,68735.7%554Aug 9-
39The Test-$6,224,290353$1,565,70225.2%353Jul 19-
40OblivionUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $5,924,029475$1,911,50132.3%475Apr 12-
41Jack the Giant SlayerWarner Bros. $5,906,403443$1,764,80829.9%443Mar 29-
42Turbo20th Century Fox International $5,302,514617$1,406,31226.5%617Jul 19-
43The Dognapper-$5,287,921382$1,239,11823.4%382Oct 4-
44Star Trek Into DarknessParamount Pictures International $5,219,023548$1,615,41131%548Jun 14-
45Lincoln20th Century Fox International $4,947,430186$1,008,15720.4%186Jan 25-
46Cloud Atlas-$4,931,137384$1,520,08730.8%384Jan 11-
47A Haunted HousePlayArte Filmes $4,900,047289$877,60417.9%289Feb 1-
48Les MisérablesUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $4,861,390150$738,85715.2%150Feb 1-
49Free Birds-$4,626,987430$1,167,03925.2%430Nov 8-
50The Internship20th Century Fox International $4,484,016219$1,026,21622.9%219Aug 30-
51Beautiful CreaturesParis Filmes $4,409,948461$1,277,48629%461Mar 1-
52The Lone RangerWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $4,157,228439$1,075,68625.9%439Jul 12-
53The Secret Life of Walter Mitty20th Century Fox International $4,156,411415$711,61417.1%415Dec 25-
54MamaUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $3,739,789182$923,48624.7%181Apr 5-
55Last VegasParis Filmes $3,636,422320$951,63826.2%320Dec 6-
56Jack ReacherParamount Pictures International $3,612,148437$946,93426.2%209Jan 11-
57The Heat20th Century Fox International $3,552,393300$992,19527.9%300Sep 20-
58Captain PhillipsSony Pictures Releasing $3,542,613205$741,05120.9%204Nov 8-
59White House DownSony Pictures Releasing $3,529,001365$1,502,96042.6%365Sep 6-
60Time and the WindParis Filmes $3,477,093226$369,62610.6%48Sep 20-
61Parental Guidance20th Century Fox International $3,463,978265$817,24823.6%265Jan 11-
62Tad: The ExplorerParamount Pictures International $3,353,750364$830,12624.8%364Feb 8-
63FlightParamount Pictures International $3,346,151169$817,83124.4%169Feb 8-
64Olympus Has FallenParis Filmes $3,117,810265$993,92531.9%265Apr 5-
65The Mortal Instruments: City of BonesParis Filmes $2,938,962447$1,097,29137.3%447Aug 23-
66We're the MillersWarner Bros. $2,863,099233$758,34526.5%229Sep 27-
67CarrieSony Pictures Releasing $2,828,991230$931,65332.9%230Dec 6-
68Scary Movie 5-$2,603,027337$837,51532.2%337Jun 28-
69The Host-$2,578,896306$975,82837.8%306Mar 29-
70Warm BodiesParis Filmes $2,505,758228$553,57122.1%228Feb 8-
71PrisonersParis Filmes $2,427,825218$779,75432.1%218Oct 18-
72RED 2Paris Filmes $2,406,557391$952,34739.6%380Aug 2-
73Blue Jasmine-$2,397,68380$481,15820.1%79Nov 15-
74The Last StandParis Filmes $2,349,485346$867,17136.9%346Jan 18-
75Ender's GameParis Filmes $2,296,170309---Dec 20-
76The Great GatsbyWarner Bros. $2,223,847166$685,19330.8%166Jun 7-
77Cine HolliúdyParis Filmes $2,180,34175$118,4005.4%13Aug 9-
78Bad GrandpaParamount Pictures International $2,105,455140$489,85723.3%130Nov 29-
79Escape PlanParis Filmes $2,102,270187$555,16026.4%187Oct 11-
80Odeio o Dia dos NamoradosWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $2,077,146328$695,77633.5%328Jun 7-
81Evil DeadSony Pictures Releasing $2,023,928102$681,14633.7%100Apr 19-
82August: Osage County-$1,971,459129$355,96918.1%129Dec 27-
83Se Puder... Dirija!Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $1,909,712473$766,18540.1%473Aug 30-
84Serra Pelada - A Lenda Da Montanha De OuroWarner Bros. $1,908,156342$575,09330.1%342Oct 18-
85Father's Chair-$1,839,839157$611,96733.3%152Mar 15-
86Insidious: Chapter 2Sony Pictures Releasing $1,767,455220$657,99337.2%220Nov 22-
87Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods-$1,719,914289$765,02044.5%287Oct 11-
88UnderdogsUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $1,678,128479$634,07637.8%479Nov 29-
89Riddick-$1,658,694188$517,93131.2%188Oct 11-
2013 Re-release
Sony Pictures Releasing $1,565,477196$223,69114.3%196Feb 8-
91The Last Exorcism Part IIPlayArte Filmes $1,512,817266$568,81237.6%266May 10-
92JobsPlayArte Filmes $1,460,293209$543,31737.2%209Sep 6-
93Reaching for the Moon-$1,439,906101$320,15322.2%94Aug 16-
94A Turtle's Tale 2: Sammy's Escape from ParadiseWarner Bros. $1,428,112243$425,74229.8%243Jan 18-
95The Counsellor20th Century Fox International $1,412,252162$534,68137.9%158Oct 25-
96Zero Dark Thirty-$1,329,241114$414,13831.2%114Feb 15-
97Amour-$1,320,21854$213,74416.2%54Jan 18-
98R.I.P.D.Universal Pictures International (UPI) $1,289,629264$598,98646.4%264Sep 27-
99Rush-$1,250,553211$414,85433.2%211Sep 13-
100Runner Runner20th Century Fox International $1,207,089132$519,10143%132Oct 4-
101Stolen-$1,154,140185$437,72437.9%185Jan 25-
102Escape from Planet Earth-$1,041,079165$509,43248.9%165May 31-
103Gangster SquadWarner Bros. $1,028,380172$297,65128.9%172Feb 1-
104Snow QueenPlayArte Filmes $1,018,444179$350,56134.4%179Feb 22-
105Anna KareninaUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $1,016,97934$227,98622.4%33Mar 15-
106SnitchPlayArte Filmes $984,378192$446,95345.4%192Apr 19-
107Giovanni ImprottaSony Pictures Releasing $957,190202$432,88545.2%202May 17-
1082 Guns-$954,417219$411,40443.1%219Sep 13-
109The Big Wedding-$952,800136$393,06141.3%136Aug 30-
11021 & Over-$925,070118$388,54842%118May 17-
111Texas Chainsaw 3DEuropa Filmes $918,813188$385,78842%188May 17-
112The FamilyParis Filmes $912,238134$6,3280.7%18Sep 13-
113Identity ThiefUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $894,086179$413,82446.3%175May 10-
114The Great BeautyEuropa Filmes $893,23229---Dec 6-
115Broken City-$870,703133$426,47949%133Mar 15-
116BuddiesEuropa Filmes $852,138134$203,96623.9%134Mar 1-
117Side Effects-$838,006101$327,89239.1%101May 17-
118About TimeUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $835,606124$14,8761.8%31Dec 6-
119Monsters, Inc.
2012 3D Release
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $799,261372$204,84525.6%111Feb 8-
120One Direction: This Is UsSony Pictures Releasing $798,275205$510,67664%205Sep 6-
121Don Jon-$786,097165$311,76439.7%165Dec 6-
122This Is the EndSony Pictures Releasing $737,691140$328,76744.6%140Oct 11-
123Hannah Arendt-$736,04328$24,5653.3%5Jul 7-
124I'm So Excited!Paris Filmes $704,73675$199,43028.3%75Jun 28-
125Golden Oldies 2-$700,070152---Sep 6-
126Vendo ou AlugoEuropa Filmes $698,594182$312,22144.7%182Aug 9-
127Safe Haven-$697,825153$348,40149.9%153Apr 19-
128Worms20th Century Fox International $688,009131---Dec 20-
129Before Midnight-$670,00342$132,58919.8%42Jun 14-
130The Call-$629,818141$282,00144.8%141Apr 12-
131The Bling Ring-$623,88547$174,43428%47Aug 16-
132Blue Is the Warmest Color-$606,78528$70,49111.6%28Dec 6-
133Movie 43-$602,51985$138,39423%81Feb 8-
134Beasts of the Southern Wild-$573,25364$281,29749.1%64Feb 22-
135Love Is All You Need-$547,893101$170,15831.1%101Mar 8-
136ParkerParis Filmes $543,258106$289,34853.3%106Mar 22-
137DeadfallPlayArte Filmes $532,831139$265,60249.8%139Mar 15-
138Silent Hill: RevelationPlayArte Filmes $497,62466$107,51121.6%51Oct 11-
139Lee Daniels' The Butler-$493,64242$107,07221.7%42Nov 1-
140The MasterParis Filmes $490,05861$199,43140.7%61Jan 25-
141Trance20th Century Fox International $479,58997$240,50150.1%97May 3-
142Fire with FirePlayArte Filmes $478,59673$105,92922.1%73Feb 8-
143Playing for Keeps-$469,72565$182,31838.8%65Apr 26-
144Hitchcock20th Century Fox International $467,40150$170,63136.5%47Mar 1-
145Red Dawn-$460,393135$180,23139.1%135Mar 1-
146Cirque du Soleil: Worlds AwayParamount Pictures International $454,918171$191,29742.1%171Feb 22-
147Amazonia-$434,764174---Dec 13-
148Quartet-$432,59639$88,70020.5%39Mar 8-
149Thesis on a Homicide-$432,50824$90,34320.9%24Jul 26-
150Pain & GainParamount Pictures International $428,83280$189,00944.1%79Aug 23-
151Bullet to the Head-$424,293163$221,95452.3%163Apr 12-
152Diana-$421,39087$165,39139.2%87Oct 18-
153The Company You Keep-$420,47958$211,21050.2%58May 24-
154A Royal AffairEuropa Filmes $402,27618$64,68216.1%18Feb 8-
155Neighboring Sounds-$393,78921$57,13414.5%13Jan 4-
156Dark Skies-$367,696105---Jun 21-
157My Sweet Orange Tree-$359,842112$116,28132.3%112Apr 19-
158Night Train to LisbonEuropa Filmes $349,95727$10,3663%12Nov 22-
159In the House-$349,06123$61,28017.6%23Mar 29-
160To the WonderParis Filmes $325,57537$120,96137.2%37Jul 26-
161Frances Ha-$325,25317$34,14710.5%13Aug 23-
162Paris-ManhattanEuropa Filmes $317,92926$40,28012.7%20Jan 4-
163Elena-$317,69016$31,3579.9%14May 10-
164The Hunt-$294,64910$14,8145%4Mar 22-
165On My Way-$271,82110---Dec 20-
166Seven PsychopathsParis Filmes $265,09367$132,86150.1%67Jan 4-
167Stand Up GuysParis Filmes $236,48547$112,14047.4%47Mar 8-
168Bright Days Ahead-$224,54618$3,1871.4%8Oct 4-
169Bright Days Ahead
2013 Re-release
-$217,7791---Oct 11-
170Something in the Air-$211,73610$9,4214.4%3Apr 26-
171BarbaraPandora Filmes $205,67115$23,83811.6%13Jan 11-
172Stranded: I've Come from a Plane That Crashed on the Mountains
2013 Re-release
-$202,05785$87,42243.3%85Nov 29-
173The PurgeUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $198,20954$91,34046.1%54Nov 1-
174Mood IndigoPandora Filmes $190,81016$24,86313%13Jun 28-
175Kick-Ass 2Universal Pictures International (UPI) $189,23246$96,33950.9%46Oct 18-
176Young & BeautifulEuropa Filmes $184,86615$1,4540.8%7Nov 15-
177RenoirEuropa Filmes $183,32616$4860.3%3Jul 5-
178Thérèse-$182,60316$50,38527.6%16Apr 5-
179The Angels' Share-$181,51039$55,77130.7%39Mar 8-
180A Bottle in the Gaza Sea-$175,7219$19,31611%4Mar 29-
181Tattoo-$172,15724$25,54914.8%18Nov 15-
182GambitParis Filmes $169,50063$98,64858.2%63Jun 14-
1832 Days in New York-$166,01219$60,29136.3%19Apr 26-
184PopulaireParis Filmes $160,85925$34,89721.7%25May 24-
185O Renascimento do Parto-$160,5826---Aug 9-
186CapitalParis Filmes $156,74618$41,88326.7%18Oct 4-
187Augustine-$155,03812$6,0313.9%2Jun 28-
188The Deep Blue Sea-$154,20029$63,68641.3%29May 10-
189The Sessions20th Century Fox International $154,18116$24,82516.1%16Feb 15-
190Farewell, My QueenEuropa Filmes $151,01522---Jun 3-
191Rio 2096: A Story of Love and FuryEuropa Filmes $145,61366$51,22235.2%66Apr 5-
192The PaperboyEuropa Filmes $142,32824$62,97944.2%24Oct 4-
193Homefront-$138,21258$68,03049.2%58Dec 6-
194In Another CountryPandora Filmes $137,30411$31,79423.2%7Apr 5-
195Enough Said20th Century Fox International $136,91031$59,90443.8%31Dec 6-
1962 + 2Paris Filmes $135,03731$55,70841.3%31May 17-
197La suerte en tus manos
2013 Re-release
-$133,95917$23,47717.5%17Aug 23-
198The Place Beyond the PinesParis Filmes $133,75326$61,98146.3%26Jun 21-
199Like Father, Like Son-$132,2869$15,62811.8%4Dec 27-
200Rust and BoneSony Pictures Releasing $124,91522$7,5386%22May 3-
201Camille Claudel 1915-$124,54711$22,00117.7%7Aug 9-
202Haute CuisineEuropa Filmes $123,94518---Jun 7-
203It Happened in Saint-Tropez-$123,63912$1,2171%1Jun 21-
204Metallica Through the Never-$122,70282$66,99254.6%82Oct 4-
205An Open Heart-$120,97218$21,52017.8%15Feb 15-
206The Man Who LaughsEuropa Filmes $116,30911$13,44711.6%4May 17-
207Monsieur LazharPandora Filmes $115,51811$21,70718.8%11May 10-
208The Day That Lasted 21 Years-$110,35813$14,20512.9%9Mar 29-
209The Other Son-$109,8364$13,63712.4%3Jan 4-
210SkylabPandora Filmes $106,60114$14,05713.2%11Aug 30-
211Paranoia-$103,47348$56,76054.9%48Oct 18-
212The OrangesEuropa Filmes $98,68748$4250.4%6Jun 14-
213LoreEuropa Filmes $98,06613$4,9895.1%3Oct 11-
214Tabu-$97,3743$6,3096.5%2Jun 28-
215Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama Bin LadenPlayArte Filmes $96,35418$27,97529%18Jan 18-
216I, Anna-$91,3267$19,76121.6%7Sep 13-
217A Lady in Paris-$86,9844$14,44116.6%3Jul 5-
218Mud-$86,01612$18,50621.5%12Nov 1-
219Wadjda-$83,93312$8221%8May 3-
220Fill the Void-$80,6077$1,7832.2%2Sep 27-
221Bicycling with Molière-$78,50810---Aug 9-
222Lay the FavoriteParis Filmes $78,21124$45,09157.7%24Feb 22-
223Camille Rewinds-$76,16211---May 30-
224Hyde Park on HudsonPlayArte Filmes $74,67610$8671.2%6Nov 15-
225Jurassic Park
2013 Re-release
Universal Pictures International (UPI) $74,64527$29,09639%27Aug 16-
226Blancanieves-$73,9976$9,13112.3%4Jul 5-
227Bastards-$71,33610$12,30517.2%6Oct 18-
228Stranger by the Lake-$70,3969$6340.9%3Nov 22-
229LovelaceParis Filmes $68,93829$4,9107.1%18Sep 20-
230Under the RainbowPandora Filmes $67,33813$13,42919.9%10Jun 7-
231RealityEuropa Filmes $66,28417$1,0071.5%5Apr 26-
232A Castle in Italy-$66,14512$2980.5%3Oct 25-
233Querida voy a comprar cigarrillos y vuelvo
2013 Re-release
-$65,8644---Jan 11-
234Beyond the Hills-$65,7565$18,00127.4%4Jan 11-
235Stoker20th Century Fox International $64,97720$31,08347.8%20Jun 14-
236Killer Joe-$64,59217$25,27539.1%17Mar 8-
237Caesar Must DieEuropa Filmes $63,1118$12,09919.2%5Mar 1-
238Welcome Aboard-$61,1077$20,95134.3%7Mar 29-
239Me and You-$59,8867---Dec 20-
240The Dandelions-$58,5189---Jul 19-
241Kon-Tiki-$57,94525$26,72646.1%25Aug 9-
242You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet-$52,5849$11,79222.4%6Apr 12-
243Ginger & RosaParis Filmes $51,30825$32,31863%25Apr 19-
244The Way Way Back-$50,70926$21,35742.1%26Oct 25-
245Cidade Cinza-$49,30310---Nov 22-
246Open Road-$48,98549$23,58248.1%49Apr 12-
247Jorge Mautner: O Filho do Holocausto-$48,49732$9,63119.9%32Feb 1-
2013 Re-release
-$48,3196$2,8445.9%5Dec 5-
249Eu Não Faço a Menor Ideia do Que Eu Tô Fazendo Com a Minha Vida-$47,71712---Dec 20-
250Dormant Beauty-$47,4116$2,7615.8%2Jul 5-
251A Luz do Tom-$46,77310$9,59120.5%10Feb 8-
252Terraferma-$46,1147$11,67525.3%4Oct 11-
253Cave of Forgotten Dreams-$45,2336---Feb 15-
254The Music Never Stopped
2013 Re-release
Europa Filmes $43,4889---Dec 20-
255A Few Hours of Spring-$42,73510$6,23614.6%10Sep 27-
256Dossiê Jango-$42,26510---Jul 5-
257The Nun-$41,61410---Aug 30-
258The Silver Cliff-$41,4643---Apr 26-
259The Door-$40,9667$5,81614.2%6Mar 1-
260Hoje-$40,84714$11,60428.4%14Apr 19-
261Lovely Loneliness
2013 Re-release
-$39,8563---Jan 25-
262Out in the DarkEuropa Filmes $39,0513$8572.2%3Dec 6-
263Pirate TVEuropa Filmes $39,0278$5,49014.1%8Sep 20-
264The Maid
2012 Re-release
-$38,8805$8,38521.6%2Apr 12-
265Starlet-$38,8315$1,8124.7%2Dec 13-
266Bonitinha, Mas Ordinária-$38,37840$38,378100%40May 24-
267A Touch of SinParis Filmes $36,53019$12,99835.6%19Dec 13-
268Blood Money
2013 Re-release
Europa Filmes $35,2199$16,92748.1%9Nov 15-
269After Lucia-$34,8357$11,36332.6%7Mar 22-
270We Are What We Are
2013 Re-release
Europa Filmes $34,69711$7,23720.9%11Dec 13-
271Just the Wind-$34,5973$2,3756.9%1Jul 26-
272Much Ado About Nothing-$33,38616$22,69968%16Aug 23-
273Habi, la extranjera-$32,4818$10,98333.8%6Nov 15-
274Girl Most LikelyParis Filmes $30,79015$15,69151%15Nov 8-
275The Last ElvisParis Filmes $29,30610$14,78850.5%10Mar 29-
276Norwegian Wood
2013 Re-release
-$28,9983$3,68012.7%3Jul 26-
277A Clockwork Orange
2013 Re-release
-$26,83132---Apr 26-
278Francisco Brennand-$25,58912---Mar 15-
279A Memória que me Contam-$25,3027$6,04623.9%7Jun 14-
280Juan y Eva-$25,0719$6,02824%9Oct 25-
281Carreras-$23,9953---Sep 27-
282Zarafa-$23,69021$4,86120.5%21Jul 26-
283Granny's FuneralEuropa Filmes $23,4804$4,73220.2%4Mar 29-
284The Invisible CollectionPandora Filmes $22,85221$5,17322.6%21Sep 6-
285La sublevación-$21,78710$10,40747.8%10Apr 12-
286Margaret Mee e a Flor da Lua-$21,7367---Apr 26-
287Salvo-$21,4457$900.4%1Nov 1-
288Peace, Love & Misunderstanding-$20,81412$13,26063.7%12Jun 14-
289Sobral: O Homem Que Não Tinha Preço-$20,5319$3,73918.2%9Nov 1-
290The Sleeping Voice
2013 Re-release
-$19,5203$3,05815.7%3Jul 12-
291Confession of a Child of the Century-$18,7302$3,50818.7%2May 17-
292Na Quadrada Das Aguas Perdidas-$18,3994$2,31412.6%4Aug 2-
293Pieta-$17,1736$8314.8%6Mar 15-
294Just Like a Woman-$15,6083$7,46147.8%3Jul 19-
295The Golden Dream-$14,7595$2,06314%5Dec 6-
296Midnight's ChildrenParis Filmes $14,38510$7,14749.7%10Nov 22-
297The Strange Case of Angelica
2013 Re-release
-$13,7031---Sep 6-
298Keep the Lights On-$13,6101---Feb 8-
299The Lion of St. Mark-$13,2741---Nov 22-
300Super Nada-$13,1464$2,55219.4%2Mar 15-
301Sorelle Mai
2013 Re-release
-$12,5501$3,87830.9%1Apr 19-
302Por Que Você Partiu?-$12,3384$3,89731.6%1Aug 16-
303Invisible World-$12,1725$5044.1%3Jun 7-
304Chronicle of the End of the World-$11,2857---Dec 13-
305Boa Sorte, Meu Amor-$11,2528$1,55113.8%1Aug 30-
306Raça-$11,1368$1,37712.4%4May 17-
307Paulo Moura: Alma Brasileira-$10,74710$3,14029.2%7May 3-
308Hill of Pleasures-$9,8304---Nov 29-
309Walachai-$9,5914$1,00210.4%4May 24-
310Wrong-$9,2923$2,39525.8%2Aug 2-
311The Inventor of DreamsEuropa Filmes $9,17234$9,172100%34Oct 11-
312Las Acacias-$8,9941---Sep 6-
313La Rodata
2013 Re-release
-$8,7682$1,63218.6%2May 24-
314O Carteiro-$8,65615$4,47751.7%15Apr 12-
315Lira Paulistana e a Vanguarda Paulista-$8,5182---Nov 15-
316Three Worlds-$8,2911---May 30-
317Corda Bamba, historia de uma menina equilibrista-$8,0509$1,35716.9%9Oct 11-
318A Última Estação-$7,82013$4,04251.7%13Sep 27-
319País do Desejo-$7,66312$3,81949.8%12Jan 25-
320Nobody's Daughter Haewon-$7,6462---Dec 13-
321Tales of the Night-$7,5472$751%1Aug 2-
322Trampolim do Forte-$7,5371---Dec 13-
323Bibliothèque Pascal
2013 Re-release
-$7,2005$3,48848.4%4Sep 13-
324So Much WaterPandora Filmes $7,1521---Sep 13-
325Sacrifice-$6,9631---Jan 11-
326A Batalha do Passinho: O Filme-$6,9455---Oct 11-
327Calm at Sea-$6,4931$5658.7%1Oct 25-
328Titeuf, le filmEuropa Filmes $6,3886$2,31636.3%6Mar 29-
329ColorsPandora Filmes $6,1843---May 10-
330Foxfire: Confessions of a Girl Gang-$6,1601---Sep 20-
331Juan of the Dead-$6,1203$2,87947%3Jun 21-
332Primeiro Dia de Um Ano Qualquer-$5,9792---Nov 29-
333A Alma da Gente-$5,9385$66511.2%2Aug 23-
334São SilvestrePandora Filmes $5,8703$2,33439.8%3Dec 27-
335Ensaio-$5,4658$3,12657.2%8Nov 29-
336In the Fog-$4,7292---Mar 1-
337Anita e Garibaldi-$4,6739$2,04543.8%9Dec 6-
338Pra Lá do MundoPandora Filmes $3,8767$65316.8%7Jun 14-
339More Than Honey-$3,7692$2,10956%2Nov 1-
340Una noche-$3,7581$1,33335.5%1Jun 21-
341Rânia-$3,7383$1,10329.5%3Mar 22-
342Hijab, mulheres de véu-$3,7062---Sep 6-
343Sentimental Education-$3,3812---Dec 13-
344I Am Breathing-$3,1886$58518.4%6Nov 22-
345Fora Do Figurino: As Medidas Do Jeitinho Brasileiro-$3,0064---Mar 22-
346Simone-$2,8121---Dec 13-
347Chamada a Cobrar-$2,8051$1,15241.1%1Jun 21-
348Coracao Do BrasilPandora Filmes $2,7019$88332.7%9Apr 19-
349Tokiori - Dobras do Tempo-$2,6862$51319.1%1Nov 22-
350As Hiper Mulheres-$2,3673$68228.8%2Jun 7-
351A Cidade é Uma Só?-$2,2603$84537.4%3Jul 12-
352Once Upon a Time in Anatolia-$2,1161---May 24-
353Queen to Play
2013 Re-release
-$1,8792---Jul 12-
354The Moving Creatures-$1,8632---May 10-
355Noites de Reis-$1,7445$40323.1%5Jun 14-
356This Consuming Love-$1,5762$1,576100%2Sep 6-
357O Exercício do Caos-$1,0543$1,054100%3Nov 8-
2013 Re-release
-$9261$926100%1Feb 22-
359Free Angela and All Political Prisoners-$9031---Oct 18-
360The Future-$8301---Apr 26-
361No Lugar Errado-$5591$10017.9%1Sep 6-
362As Horas Vulgares-$3331---Aug 16-
363Réquiem para Laura Martin-$1942$194100%2Jun 7-
364Caleuche: El llamado del MarWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $1543$154100%3Nov 1-
365Mataram meu irmão-$1341---Nov 22-
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