Domestic Box Office For 2012

RankRelease Distributor GrossTheatersTotal GrossRelease Date
1The AvengersWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $619,257,1774,349$623,357,910May 4
2The Dark Knight RisesWarner Bros. $448,139,0994,404$448,139,099Jul 20
3The Hunger GamesLionsgate $408,010,6924,137$408,010,692Mar 23
4SkyfallSony Pictures Releasing $288,704,2713,526$304,164,760Nov 9
5The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2Lionsgate $286,422,8934,070$292,324,737Nov 16
6The Amazing Spider-ManSony Pictures Releasing $261,569,2914,318$262,030,663Jul 3
7BraveWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $236,686,2874,164$237,283,207Jun 22
8The Hobbit: An Unexpected JourneyWarner Bros. $228,546,6044,100$303,003,568Dec 14
9TedUniversal Pictures $218,815,4873,303$218,815,487Jun 29
10Madagascar 3: Europe's Most WantedDreamWorks $216,391,4824,263$216,391,482Jun 8
11The LoraxUniversal Pictures $214,030,5003,769$214,030,500Mar 2
12Men in Black 3Sony Pictures Releasing $177,747,6064,248$179,020,854May 25
13Wreck-It RalphWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $175,990,0193,752$186,816,706Nov 2
14Ice Age: Continental DriftTwentieth Century Fox $161,139,5993,886$161,321,843Jul 13
15Snow White and the HuntsmanUniversal Pictures $155,332,3813,777$155,332,381Jun 1
16Hotel TransylvaniaSony Pictures Releasing $145,237,7413,375$148,313,048Sep 28
17Taken 2Twentieth Century Fox $138,936,3793,706$139,854,287Oct 5
1821 Jump StreetSony Pictures Releasing $137,334,6523,148$138,447,667Mar 16
19LincolnWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $134,189,0972,293$181,591,780Nov 9
20PrometheusTwentieth Century Fox $126,477,0843,442$126,477,084Jun 8
21Safe HouseUniversal Pictures $126,373,4343,121$126,373,434Feb 10
22The VowScreen Gems $124,774,9253,038$125,014,030Feb 10
23Magic MikeWarner Bros. $113,721,5713,120$113,721,571Jun 29
24The Bourne LegacyUniversal Pictures $113,203,8703,753$113,203,870Aug 10
25ArgoWarner Bros. $108,720,9203,247$136,025,503Oct 12
26Journey 2: The Mysterious IslandWarner Bros. $103,860,2903,500$103,860,290Feb 10
27FlightParamount Pictures $91,978,5512,638$93,772,375Nov 2
28Rise of the GuardiansDreamWorks $91,337,6593,672$103,412,758Nov 21
29Think Like a ManScreen Gems $91,181,4652,052$91,547,205Apr 20
30Mission: Impossible - Ghost ProtocolParamount Pictures $87,050,5783,555$209,397,903Dec 16
31The CampaignWarner Bros. $86,907,7463,302$86,907,746Aug 10
32Life of PiTwentieth Century Fox $85,639,8162,946$124,987,023Nov 21
33The Expendables 2Lionsgate $85,028,1923,355$85,028,192Aug 17
34Wrath of the TitansWarner Bros. $83,670,0833,545$83,670,083Mar 30
35Dark ShadowsWarner Bros. $79,727,1493,755$79,727,149May 11
36Les MisérablesUniversal Pictures $72,967,2402,927$148,809,770Dec 25
37Act of ValorRelativity Media $70,012,8473,053$70,012,847Feb 24
38John CarterWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $68,864,2783,749$68,864,278Mar 9
39Django UnchainedThe Weinstein Company $68,605,6113,012$162,805,434Dec 25
40ContrabandUniversal Pictures $66,528,0002,870$66,528,000Jan 13
41LooperTriStar Pictures $66,379,9602,993$66,486,205Sep 28
42Madea's Witness ProtectionLionsgate $65,653,2422,161$65,653,242Jun 29
43BattleshipUniversal Pictures $65,422,6253,702$65,422,625May 18
44Mirror MirrorRelativity Media $64,935,1673,618$64,935,167Mar 30
45ChronicleTwentieth Century Fox $64,575,1752,908$64,575,175Feb 3
46Pitch PerfectUniversal Pictures $64,427,3682,787$65,001,093Sep 28
47Hope SpringsSony Pictures Releasing $63,299,2962,441$63,536,011Aug 8
48Sherlock Holmes: A Game of ShadowsWarner Bros. $62,796,7893,703$186,848,418Dec 16
49Underworld AwakeningScreen Gems $62,321,0393,078$62,321,039Jan 20
50The Lucky OneWarner Bros. $60,457,1383,175$60,457,138Apr 20
51The DictatorParamount Pictures $59,650,2223,014$59,650,222May 16
52Total RecallSony Pictures Releasing $58,429,7853,601$58,877,969Aug 3
2012 3D Release
Paramount Pictures $57,559,1143,674$57,884,114Apr 4
54American ReunionUniversal Pictures $57,011,5213,203$57,011,521Apr 6
55ParaNormanFocus Features $55,995,9883,455$56,003,051Aug 17
56This Means WarTwentieth Century Fox $54,760,7913,189$54,760,791Feb 17
57Project XWarner Bros. $54,731,8653,055$54,731,865Mar 2
58The Woman in BlackCBS Films $54,333,2902,856$54,333,290Feb 3
59Paranormal Activity 4Paramount Pictures $53,886,9943,412$53,900,335Oct 19
60The Devil InsideParamount Pictures $53,261,9442,551$53,261,944Jan 6
61The Girl with the Dragon TattooSony Pictures Releasing $51,596,3192,950$102,515,793Dec 21
62The GreyOpen Road Films (II) $51,580,2363,208$51,580,236Jan 27
63Ghost Rider: Spirit of VengeanceSony Pictures Releasing $51,335,6273,174$51,774,002Feb 17
64The Odd Life of Timothy GreenWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $50,325,0552,717$51,854,875Aug 15
65Red TailsTwentieth Century Fox $49,740,4692,573$49,876,377Jan 20
66The PossessionLionsgate $49,130,1542,860$49,130,154Aug 31
67Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog DaysTwentieth Century Fox $49,008,6623,401$49,008,662Aug 3
68SinisterLionsgate $48,061,5562,542$48,086,903Oct 12
69Jack ReacherParamount Pictures $47,550,6423,352$80,070,736Dec 21
70SavagesUniversal Pictures $47,382,0682,635$47,382,068Jul 6
71Beauty and the Beast
2012 3D Release
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $47,173,7292,625$47,173,729Jan 13
72The Best Exotic Marigold HotelFox Searchlight Pictures $46,412,0411,298$46,412,041May 4
73Moonrise KingdomFocus Features $45,512,466924$45,512,466May 25
74Alvin and the Chipmunks: ChipwreckedTwentieth Century Fox $44,959,5463,734$133,110,742Dec 16
75The Three StoogesTwentieth Century Fox $44,338,2243,482$44,338,224Apr 13
76The DescendantsFox Searchlight Pictures $44,209,1292,038$82,584,160Nov 16
77Red DawnFilmDistrict $43,468,0522,781$44,806,783Nov 21
78Here Comes the BoomSony Pictures Releasing $43,459,7553,014$45,290,318Oct 12
79Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace
2012 3D Release
Twentieth Century Fox $43,456,3822,655$43,456,382Feb 10
80War HorseWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $42,768,8012,856$79,120,998Dec 25
81Resident Evil: RetributionScreen Gems $42,113,6383,016$42,345,531Sep 14
82The Cabin in the Woods
2012 Re-release
Lionsgate $42,073,2772,811$42,073,277Apr 13
83What to Expect When You're ExpectingLionsgate $41,152,2033,021$41,152,203May 18
84End of WatchOpen Road Films (II) $40,776,7342,780$41,003,371Sep 21
85Finding Nemo
2012 3D Release
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $40,516,2062,904$41,128,283Sep 14
86The ArtistThe Weinstein Company $40,075,1031,756$44,671,682Nov 25
87This Is 40Universal Pictures $38,951,9602,931$67,544,505Dec 21
88We Bought a ZooTwentieth Century Fox $38,785,0973,170$75,624,550Dec 23
89Rock of AgesWarner Bros. $38,518,6133,470$38,518,613Jun 15
90Abraham Lincoln: Vampire HunterTwentieth Century Fox $37,519,1393,109$37,519,139Jun 22
91LawlessThe Weinstein Company $37,400,1273,138$37,400,127Aug 29
92That's My BoySony Pictures Releasing $36,795,4413,030$36,931,089Jun 15
93Trouble with the CurveWarner Bros. $35,763,1373,212$35,763,137Sep 21
94The WatchTwentieth Century Fox $35,353,0003,168$35,353,000Jul 27
95Step Up RevolutionLionsgate $35,074,6772,606$35,074,677Jul 27
96Good DeedsLionsgate $35,025,7912,132$35,025,791Feb 24
97FrankenweenieWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $34,090,4653,005$35,291,068Oct 5
98Parental GuidanceTwentieth Century Fox $33,993,3503,368$77,267,296Dec 25
99The Adventures of TintinParamount Pictures $33,739,8043,087$77,591,831Dec 21
100House at the End of the StreetRelativity Media $31,611,9163,083$31,611,916Sep 21
101Extremely Loud & Incredibly CloseWarner Bros. $31,579,9582,630$31,847,881Dec 25
102Joyful NoiseWarner Bros. $30,932,1132,735$30,932,113Jan 13
103The Pirates! Band of MisfitsSony Pictures Releasing $30,171,0113,358$31,051,126Apr 27
104The Iron LadyThe Weinstein Company $29,875,2401,244$30,017,992Dec 30
105The Five-Year EngagementUniversal Pictures $28,835,5282,941$28,835,528Apr 27
106Silver Linings PlaybookThe Weinstein Company $28,458,9862,809$132,092,958Nov 16
107ChimpanzeeWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $27,373,6461,567$27,373,646Apr 20
108Cloud AtlasWarner Bros. $26,785,6732,023$27,108,272Oct 26
109One for the MoneyLionsgate $26,414,5272,737$26,414,527Jan 27
110Alex CrossLionsgate $25,869,4882,541$25,888,412Oct 19
111Katy Perry: Part of MeParamount Pictures $25,326,0712,732$25,326,071Jul 5
112HugoParamount Pictures $25,241,1422,608$73,864,507Nov 23
113SparkleTriStar Pictures $24,232,8712,244$24,397,469Aug 17
114The Guilt TripParamount Pictures $22,770,9212,431$37,134,215Dec 19
115Tinker Tailor Soldier SpyFocus Features $20,582,787886$24,149,393Dec 9
116Big MiracleUniversal Pictures $20,157,3002,133$20,157,300Feb 3
117Premium RushSony Pictures Releasing $20,119,3952,255$20,275,446Aug 24
118Monsters, Inc.
2012 3D Release
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $20,013,9802,618$32,103,029Dec 19
119HaywireRelativity Media $18,942,3962,441$18,942,396Jan 20
120Man on a LedgeLionsgate $18,620,0002,998$18,620,000Jan 27
121A Thousand Words
2012 Re-release
DreamWorks $18,450,1271,895$18,450,127Mar 9
122Chernobyl DiariesWarner Bros. $18,119,6402,433$18,119,640May 25
123The Secret World of ArriettyWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $17,777,9361,522$17,777,936Feb 17
124Silent Hill: RevelationOpen Road Films (II) $17,533,3002,933$17,529,157Oct 26
125WanderlustUniversal Pictures $17,450,5352,002$17,450,535Feb 24
126The Perks of Being a WallflowerLionsgate $17,328,057745$17,742,948Sep 21
127SafeLionsgate $17,142,0802,271$17,142,080Apr 27
128The RavenRelativity Media $16,008,2722,209$16,008,272Apr 27
129The MasterThe Weinstein Company $15,959,567864$16,258,724Sep 14
130The Man with the Iron FistsUniversal Pictures $15,634,0901,872$15,634,090Nov 2
131Seven PsychopathsCBS Films $15,024,0491,480$15,024,049Oct 12
132Killing Them SoftlyThe Weinstein Company $14,836,6302,424$14,947,716Nov 30
1332016: Obama's AmericaRocky Mountain Pictures $14,601,3282,017$33,449,086Jul 13
134LockoutFilmDistrict $14,326,8642,335$14,326,864Apr 13
135Hit and RunOpen Road Films (II) $13,746,5502,870$13,746,550Aug 22
136DreddLionsgate $13,414,7142,557$13,414,714Sep 21
137Silent HouseOpen Road Films (II) $12,754,7832,124$12,754,783Mar 9
138Playing for KeepsFilmDistrict $12,717,9172,840$13,103,272Dec 7
139GoneLionsgate $11,682,2052,186$11,682,205Feb 24
140People Like UsWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $11,649,6402,055$11,649,640Jun 29
141The WordsCBS Films $11,494,8382,801$11,494,838Sep 7
142Beasts of the Southern WildFox Searchlight Pictures $11,237,520318$12,795,746Jun 27
143Anna KareninaFocus Features $10,825,005422$12,816,367Nov 16
144To the Arctic 3DWarner Bros. $10,518,62552$14,554,223Apr 20
145New Year's EveWarner Bros. $10,339,3843,505$54,544,638Dec 9
146The IntouchablesThe Weinstein Company $10,145,870194$10,198,820May 25
147The Darkest HourSummit Entertainment $9,771,0102,327$21,443,494Dec 25
148Fun SizeParamount Pictures $9,409,5383,016$9,409,538Oct 26
149Salmon Fishing in the YemenCBS Films $9,047,981524$9,047,981Mar 9
150Cirque du Soleil: Worlds AwayParamount Pictures $7,971,466840$12,512,862Dec 21
151ArbitrageRoadside Attractions $7,909,613256$7,919,574Sep 14
152BernieMillennium Entertainment $7,855,776332$9,206,470Apr 27
153Friends with KidsRoadside Attractions $7,251,073640$7,251,073Mar 9
154Seeking a Friend for the End of the WorldFocus Features $7,078,7381,625$7,078,738Jun 22
155A SeparationSony Pictures Classics $7,039,574282$7,099,055Dec 30
156The CollectionLD Entertainment $6,842,0581,403$6,842,058Nov 30
157The MuppetsWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $6,835,9543,440$88,631,237Nov 23
158Born to Be WildWarner Bros. $6,711,177208$25,923,775Apr 8
159The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1Summit Entertainment $6,445,1794,066$281,287,133Nov 18
160My Week with MarilynThe Weinstein Company $5,983,702630$14,600,347Nov 23
161Chasing MavericksTwentieth Century Fox $5,944,8702,030$6,002,756Oct 26
162Casa de mi PadreLionsgate $5,909,483475$5,909,483Mar 16
163For Greater Glory: The True Story of CristiadaArc Entertainment $5,672,846757$5,672,846Jun 1
164The SessionsFox Searchlight Pictures $5,529,310516$6,002,451Oct 19
165Won't Back DownTwentieth Century Fox $5,310,5542,517$5,310,554Sep 28
166Hubble 3DWarner Bros. $5,273,111151$52,504,390Mar 19
167HitchcockFox Searchlight Pictures $5,091,207561$6,008,677Nov 23
168Young AdultParamount Pictures $5,004,756987$16,311,571Dec 9
169The ApparitionWarner Bros. $4,936,819810$4,936,819Aug 24
170The SitterTwentieth Century Fox $4,830,3912,752$30,441,326Dec 9
171Jeff, Who Lives at HomeParamount Vantage $4,269,426513$4,269,426Mar 16
172A Dangerous MethodSony Pictures Classics $4,127,952365$5,704,709Nov 23
173The Raid: RedemptionSony Pictures Classics $4,105,187881$4,105,187Mar 23
174Safety Not GuaranteedFilmDistrict $4,010,957182$4,010,957Jun 8
175Puss in BootsDreamWorks $4,009,5543,963$149,260,504Oct 28
176GoonMagnolia Pictures $3,997,729242$3,998,373Feb 24
2012 Re-release
The Weinstein Company $3,863,446263$3,863,446Apr 13
178The Cold Light of DayLionsgate $3,763,5831,511$3,763,583Sep 7
179Flying Monsters 3D with David AttenboroughNational Geographic Entertainment $3,532,76627$5,705,874Oct 7
180Nitro Circus: The MovieArc Entertainment $3,372,424800$3,377,618Aug 8
181Happy Feet TwoWarner Bros. $3,314,0723,611$64,006,466Nov 18
182Robot & FrankThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $3,298,969209$3,304,420Aug 17
183Atlas Shrugged II: The StrikeAtlas Distribution Company $3,286,3371,012$3,286,337Oct 12
184Raiders of the Lost Ark
2012 IMAX Release
Paramount Pictures $3,125,613322$3,125,613Sep 7
185Celeste & Jesse ForeverSony Pictures Classics $3,094,813586$3,094,813Aug 3
186Jab Tak Hai Jaan-$3,047,539164$3,047,539Nov 13
187Searching for Sugar ManSony Pictures Classics $3,010,160157$3,696,196Jul 27
188Space Station 3DIMAX $2,994,45564$93,379,882Apr 19
189Albert NobbsRoadside Attractions $2,964,445245$3,014,696Jan 27
190Barfi!UTV Motion Pictures $2,804,874132$2,804,874Sep 14
191Girl in ProgressLionsgate $2,609,412322$2,609,412May 11
192SamsaraOscilloscope $2,607,26070$2,660,150Aug 24
193Jiro Dreams of SushiMagnolia Pictures $2,552,47880$2,552,478Mar 9
194Ruby SparksFox Searchlight Pictures $2,540,106261$2,540,106Jul 25
195The Queen of VersaillesMagnolia Pictures $2,401,99989$2,401,999Jul 20
196CarnageSony Pictures Classics $2,198,442494$2,547,047Dec 16
197Dabangg 2Eros International $2,177,284166$2,519,190Dec 21
198Under the Sea 3DWarner Bros. $2,170,055108$36,227,390Feb 13
199Jack and JillSony Pictures Releasing $2,048,0993,438$74,158,157Nov 11
200ShameFox Searchlight Pictures $2,026,50495$3,909,002Dec 2
201Ek Tha Tiger-$1,918,920120$2,347,774Aug 15
202Hyde Park on HudsonFocus Features $1,889,897246$6,376,145Dec 7
203English VinglishEros International $1,862,08688$1,862,086Oct 5
204Crooked Arrows-$1,832,541327$1,832,541May 18
205HysteriaSony Pictures Classics $1,804,139218$1,804,139May 18
206Housefull 2Eros International $1,791,780121$1,791,780Apr 6
207TalaashReliance Big Pictures $1,786,232172$2,871,956Nov 30
208The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2012: Live ActionShorts International $1,702,415146$1,702,415Feb 10
209Sea Rex 3D: Journey to a Prehistoric World3D Entertainment $1,642,24514$6,096,582May 28
210Singin' in the Rain
2012 Re-release
Warner Bros. $1,608,925561$1,608,925Jul 12
211The Dark Knight
2012 Re-release
Warner Bros. $1,513,086-$1,513,086Jul 19
212Batman Begins
2012 Re-release
Warner Bros. $1,508,658-$1,508,658Jul 19
213Zero Dark ThirtySony Pictures Releasing $1,442,7322,946$95,720,716Dec 19
214MarleyMagnolia Pictures $1,413,48073$1,413,480Apr 20
215Tower HeistUniversal Pictures $1,396,1503,370$78,046,570Nov 4
216Farewell, My QueenCohen Media Group $1,362,47464$1,597,998Jul 13
217A Late QuartetEntertainment One $1,280,965100$1,562,548Nov 2
218For a Good Time, Call...Focus Features $1,251,749107$1,251,749Aug 31
219To Rome with LoveSony Pictures Classics $1,247,790806$16,685,867Jun 22
220Take This WaltzMagnolia Pictures $1,239,69264$1,239,692Jun 29
221CocktailEros International $1,227,78996$1,227,789Jul 13
222Woman Thou Art Loosed: On the 7th DayCodeblack Entertainment $1,206,683106$1,206,683Apr 13
223HeadhuntersMagnolia Pictures $1,200,01060$1,200,010Apr 27
2011 Re-release
Warner Bros. $1,155,330507$1,155,330Mar 21
225Ek Main Aur Ekk TuUTV Motion Pictures $1,154,063111$1,154,063Feb 10
226The Deep Blue SeaMusic Box Films $1,126,52561$1,126,525Mar 23
227Last Ounce of CourageRocky Mountain Pictures $1,107,1141,407$3,329,674Sep 14
228The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon AdventureKenn Viselman Presents $1,065,9072,160$1,065,907Aug 29
229In DarknessSony Pictures Classics $1,041,45552$1,041,455Feb 10
230Damsels in DistressSony Pictures Classics $1,008,455205$1,008,455Apr 6
231Unconditional-$1,005,800312$1,005,800Sep 21
232Real SteelWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $975,2673,440$85,468,508Oct 7
233RampartMillennium Entertainment $972,512106$972,512Feb 10
234Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to TravelThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $948,25427$1,004,821Sep 21
235MasqueradeCJ Entertainment $907,93815$922,123Sep 21
236ImmortalsRelativity Media $901,0093,120$83,504,017Nov 11
237Bol BachchanFIP $885,92598$1,216,258Jul 6
238J. EdgarWarner Bros. $812,9791,985$37,306,030Nov 9
239Arthur ChristmasSony Pictures Releasing $812,0993,376$46,462,469Nov 23
240Darling CompanionSony Pictures Classics $793,81564$793,815Apr 20
241Thin IceATO Pictures $790,42153$790,421Feb 17
242Teri Meri KahaaniEros International $781,19694$781,196Jun 22
243Chasing IceSubmarine Deluxe $780,10053$1,328,467Nov 9
244Rowdy RathoreUTV Motion Pictures $777,373120$777,373Jun 1
245Son of SardaarEros International $771,789109$771,789Nov 13
246Bill W.Page 124 Productions $768,51831$786,506May 18
247CoriolanusThe Weinstein Company $757,19521$757,195Jan 20
248Don 2Reliance Big Pictures $727,704167$3,680,306Dec 22
249PariahFocus Features $703,33024$769,552Dec 28
250Agent VinodEros International $698,210122$698,210Mar 23
251The PaperboyMillennium Entertainment $693,28676$693,286Oct 5
252The ThievesWell Go USA Entertainment $685,83922$685,839Oct 12
253Student of the YearEros International $670,086106$670,086Oct 19
254The Polar Express
2012 IMAX Release
Warner Bros. $633,52317$669,289Nov 21
2552 Days in New YorkMagnolia Pictures $633,21042$633,210Aug 10
256The Imposter-$602,50931$898,317Jul 13
257HeroineUTV Motion Pictures $598,668114$598,668Sep 21
258Blue Like JazzRoadside Attractions $592,960136$595,018Apr 13
259Rust and BoneSony Pictures Classics $591,834168$2,062,027Nov 23
260ThunderstruckWarner Bros. $587,211250$587,211Aug 24
261W.E.The Weinstein Company $583,45524$583,455Feb 3
262CosmopolisEntertainment One $566,90365$763,556Aug 17
263UndefeatedThe Weinstein Company $562,21821$562,218Feb 17
264Vicky DonorEros International $549,00150$549,001Apr 20
265Being FlynnFocus Features $540,15288$540,152Mar 2
266GalapagosIMAX $535,83914$18,629,106Oct 29
267Where Do We Go Now?Sony Pictures Classics $531,99737$531,997May 11
268The ImpossibleLionsgate $528,803886$19,019,882Dec 21
269MelancholiaMagnolia Pictures $513,342145$3,030,848Nov 11
270Holy Motors-$511,20029$641,100Oct 17
271In TimeTwentieth Century Fox $507,9643,127$37,520,095Oct 28
272MoneyballSony Pictures Releasing $493,7973,018$75,605,492Sep 23
273Midnight in ParisSony Pictures Classics $439,3131,038$56,817,045May 20
274Ferrari Ki SawaariEros International $434,10799$434,107Jun 15
275CourageousTriStar Pictures $429,2081,214$34,522,221Sep 30
276October Baby
2012 Re-release
The Samuel Goldwyn Company $426,179390$2,123,309Mar 23
277Sound of My VoiceFox Searchlight Pictures $408,01548$408,015Apr 27
278Seeking JusticeAnchor Bay Films $389,275231$411,746Mar 16
279The Well-Digger's DaughterKino Lorber $382,01616$385,594Jul 20
280Khiladi 786Eros International $379,466115$379,466Dec 7
281Piranha 3DD-$376,51286$376,512Jun 1
282SmashedSony Pictures Classics $373,63450$376,597Oct 12
283DetropiaLoki Films $370,17924$382,123Sep 7
284The OrangesATO Pictures $366,377110$366,377Oct 5
285Dolphin TaleWarner Bros. $364,0633,515$72,286,779Sep 23
286BrandedRoadside Attractions $353,513307$353,513Sep 7
287Chico & RitaGKIDS $350,52423$350,524Feb 10
288ComplianceMagnolia Pictures $319,28521$319,285Aug 17
289A Cat in ParisGKIDS $309,97318$309,973Jun 1
290LoveChina Lion Film Distribution $309,20015$309,200Feb 17
291Back to 1942China Lion Film Distribution $308,87120$312,954Nov 30
292StolenMillennium Entertainment $304,318141$304,318Sep 14
293Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap-$288,312157$288,312Jun 15
294BullyThe Weinstein Company $279,2026$279,202Mar 30
295In the Land of Blood and HoneyFilmDistrict $259,10718$303,877Dec 23
296Love in the BuffChina Lion Film Distribution $256,45114$256,451Mar 30
297Boy-$256,21118$256,211Mar 2
298Chicken with PlumsSony Pictures Classics $253,87424$253,874Aug 17
299Lola VersusFox Searchlight Pictures $252,60352$252,603Jun 8
300Keep the Lights OnMusic Box Films $246,11210$246,112Sep 7
301My Uncle RafaelRocky Mountain Pictures $243,61614$243,616Sep 21
302TrishnaIFC Films $240,38138$240,381Jul 13
303DriveFilmDistrict $239,9582,904$35,061,555Sep 16
304Middle of Nowhere-$236,80625$236,806Oct 12
305TezzEros International $229,93197$229,931Apr 27
306Promised LandFocus Features $226,3601,676$7,597,898Dec 28
307AmourSony Pictures Classics $219,819333$6,739,492Dec 19
308Neil Young JourneysSony Pictures Classics $215,02623$215,026Jun 29
309ThaandavamUTV Motion Pictures $213,47645$213,476Sep 28
310Tai Chi ZeroVariance Films $212,09431$212,094Oct 19
311The HelpWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $208,5663,014$169,708,112Aug 10
312A Very Harold & Kumar 3D ChristmasWarner Bros. $207,9752,875$35,061,031Nov 4
313Grand IllusionRialto Pictures $205,4294$172,885May 11
314VettaiUTV Motion Pictures $204,37334$204,373Jan 13
315TouchbackAnchor Bay Films $204,23269$204,232Apr 13
31610 YearsAnchor Bay Films $203,37363$203,373Sep 14
317Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar MovieMagnolia Pictures $201,43633$201,436Mar 2
318Brooklyn Castle-$194,42613$216,333Oct 19
319BarbaraAdopt Films $190,63823$1,011,109Dec 21
320Easy MoneyThe Weinstein Company $189,1637$205,741Jul 11
2011 Re-release
Paramount Pictures $187,7633,555$51,802,742Oct 14
322The House I Live InAbramorama $180,55912$180,559Oct 5
323Little White LiesMPI Media Group $180,37614$192,025Aug 24
324Lost WoodsNocturnal Features $180,11713$180,117Mar 2
325Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of MilosEleven Arts $177,80242$177,802Jan 20
326Tere Naal Love Ho GayaUTV Motion Pictures $177,74349$177,743Feb 24
327Monumental: In Search of America's National TreasureArtAffects Entertainment $177,72927$177,729Mar 30
328The HunterMagnolia Pictures $176,66917$176,669Apr 6
329Battlefield America-$172,000188$172,000Jun 1
330Flying Swords of Dragon Gate-$170,27615$170,276Aug 31
331JokerUTV Motion Pictures $169,18174$169,181Aug 31
332Dark Horse-$166,22810$166,228Jun 8
333Crazy HorseZipporah Films $157,78014$157,782Jan 18
334DeadtimeNocturnal Features $156,07218$156,072May 11
335Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal PadiEros International $155,75854$155,758Aug 24
336BullheadDrafthouse Films $151,84034$151,840Feb 17
337ChakravyuhEros International $151,77879$151,778Oct 24
338Hecho en MéxicoLionsgate $151,13326$151,133Nov 30
339Deadly RenovationsNocturnal Features $146,14613$146,146Jun 8
340I WishMagnolia Pictures $145,80812$145,808May 11
341Killer JoeLD Entertainment $145,10175$1,987,762Jul 27
342Le HavreJanus Films $144,80325$542,796Oct 21
343From BeneathNocturnal Features $144,12318$144,123Aug 10
344This Must Be the PlaceThe Weinstein Company $143,97915$143,979Nov 2
345The Skin I Live InSony Pictures Classics $143,704116$3,185,812Oct 14
346Luv Shuv Tey Chicken KhuranaUTV Motion Pictures $143,50760$143,507Nov 2
347High SchoolAnchor Bay Films $139,034200$139,034Jun 1
348Slaughter CreekNocturnal Features $136,81516$136,815Sep 14
349Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale IWell Go USA Entertainment $136,16613$136,166Apr 27
350The Loneliest PlanetIFC Films $129,57913$129,579Oct 26
351Turn Me On, Dammit!New Yorker Films $126,0855$126,085Mar 30
352The Ides of MarchSony Pictures Releasing $125,8762,199$40,962,534Oct 7
353God Bless AmericaMagnolia Pictures $122,55015$122,550May 11
354Cowgirls 'n AngelsThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $120,68050$120,680May 25
355Bel AmiMagnolia Pictures $120,46215$120,462Jun 8
356The Bullet VanishesChina Lion Film Distribution $117,62914$117,629Aug 31
357The Way
2010 Re-release
-$116,999283$4,271,202Oct 7
358Margin CallRoadside Attractions $115,440199$5,354,039Oct 21
359Follow Me: The Yoni Netanyahu StoryInternational Film Circuit $112,67919$112,679May 4
360Not Fade AwayParamount Vantage $112,324565$610,792Dec 21
361Iron SkyEntertainment One $112,2878$122,082Jul 25
362The Obama EffectArc Entertainment $110,90425$110,904Jul 13
363The Perfect FamilyVariance Films $110,31325$110,313May 4
364Any Day NowMusic Box Films $109,83019$189,041Dec 14
365Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American HealthcareRoadside Attractions $107,81712$126,238Oct 5
366Simon & the OaksThe Film Arcade $106,87417$150,109Oct 12
367Hello I Must Be GoingOscilloscope $106,70915$106,709Sep 7
2012 Re-release
Area 23a $103,2944$113,173Nov 9
369The Magic of Belle IsleMagnolia Pictures $102,38810$102,388Jul 6
370Wuthering HeightsOscilloscope $100,91512$100,915Oct 5
371MugamoodiUTV Motion Pictures $100,80921$100,809Aug 31
372V/H/SMagnolia Pictures $100,34519$100,345Oct 5
373360Magnolia Pictures $100,34312$100,343Aug 3
374SisterAdopt Films $98,65414$153,561Oct 5
375HardflipRocky Mountain Pictures $96,73422$96,734Jun 1
376The RoadFreestyle Releasing $92,47650$92,476May 11
377In the FamilyIn the Family $89,6715$101,934Nov 4
378Deep SeaWarner Bros. $84,02747$46,403,478Mar 3
379The Other Dream TeamThe Film Arcade $81,74714$133,777Sep 28
380Hating BreitbartRocky Mountain Pictures $81,4328$81,432Oct 19
381StarletMusic Box Films $78,81610$86,994Nov 9
382The InnkeepersMagnolia Pictures $78,39625$78,396Feb 3
383The Island PresidentThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $76,3995$76,398Mar 28
384On the IceRogers & Cowan/PMK $73,4925$73,492Feb 17
385DetachmentTribeca Film $72,68915$72,689Mar 16
386AgneepathEros International $72,632132$72,632Jan 26
387Runaway SlaveRocky Mountain Pictures $71,7376$71,737Jul 6
388My WayCJ Entertainment $70,17722$70,177Apr 20
389Taur Mittran DiEros International $69,51024$69,510May 11
390An Inconsistent TruthRocky Mountain Pictures $69,3943$69,394Jan 27
391IntrudersMillennium Entertainment $69,13633$69,136Mar 30
2012 Re-release
Drafthouse Films $68,79516$68,795Jul 27
393Toys in the Attic
2012 Re-release
Hannover House $64,91827$64,918Sep 7
394Girlfriend BoyfriendChina Lion Film Distribution $64,41416$64,414Aug 3
395The Invisible WarCinedigm Entertainment Group $62,64919$62,649Jun 22
396DeadfallMagnolia Pictures $61,96817$66,351Dec 7
397BackwardsDada Films $61,4659$61,465Sep 21
398Once Upon a Time in AnatoliaThe Cinema Guild $61,3936$151,399Jan 4
399The Bodyguard
2012 Re-release
Warner Bros. $61,020484$61,020Mar 28
400Take ShelterSony Pictures Classics $59,09491$1,730,296Sep 30
401VulgariaChina Lion Film Distribution $59,05916$59,059Sep 28
402T-Rex: Back to the CretaceousIMAX $58,12138$53,354,743Oct 23
403Paranormal Activity 3Paramount Pictures $57,4243,329$104,028,807Oct 21
404Beyond the Black RainbowMagnolia Pictures $56,4915$56,491May 18
405A Beautiful Soul-$54,00820$54,008May 4
406Sholem Aleichem: Laughing in the DarknessInternational Film Circuit $53,30129$899,736Jul 8
407Occupy UnmaskedMagnolia Pictures $52,7684$52,768Sep 21
408The WhalePaladin $52,7105$80,553Sep 9
409Red LightsMillennium Entertainment $52,62418$52,624Jul 13
410Jodi Breakers-$52,61845$52,618Feb 24
411Beware of Mr. Baker-$52,46715$53,908Nov 28
412Painted Skin: The ResurrectionWell Go USA Entertainment $50,4256$50,425Aug 17
413Wake in Fright
2012 Re-release
Drafthouse Films $50,39412$50,394Oct 5
414War of the ButtonsThe Weinstein Company $47,77135$47,771Oct 12
415The Fitzgerald Family ChristmasTribeca Film $46,58921$50,292Dec 7
416Union SquareDada Films $44,8304$44,830Jul 13
417Double TroubleChina Lion Film Distribution $44,78812$44,788Jun 8
418The Graduate
45th Anniversary Reunion
Rialto Pictures $43,4662$43,466Apr 11
419Last Call at the OasisATO Pictures $42,4236$42,423May 4
420Fat Kid Rules the WorldOutsider Films $41,0001$41,000Oct 5
421The FPDrafthouse Films $40,55728$40,557Mar 16
422The ComedyTribeca Film $40,4754$41,113Nov 9
423Paan Singh TomarUTV Motion Pictures $40,31110$40,311Mar 2
424Soldiers of FortuneRoadside Attractions $38,89850$38,898Aug 3
425Paul Williams Still AliveAbramorama $38,6912$38,691Jun 8
426Children of Paradise
2012 Re-release
Janus Films $36,9862$36,986Mar 9
427MansomePaladin $36,28020$36,280May 18
428The Inbetweeners Movie-$36,00010$36,000Sep 7
429Bangkok RevengeChina Lion Film Distribution $35,78422$35,784Sep 14
430Conquest 1453NeoClassics Films $35,7304$35,730Apr 6
431Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope-$34,6656$34,665Apr 6
432Burn-$34,40014$996,103Jul 24
433Shut Up and Play the HitsOscilloscope $33,751161$378,751Jul 18
434District of CorruptionRocky Mountain Pictures $31,9543$31,954Oct 26
435Musical ChairsPaladin $31,47812$31,478Mar 23
436KalakalappuUTV Motion Pictures $30,94910$30,949May 11
437The BayRoadside Attractions $30,66823$30,668Nov 2
438The ConquestMusic Box Films $30,2998$69,462Nov 11
439Like CrazyParamount Vantage $30,124162$3,395,391Oct 28
2012 Re-release
Music Box Films $29,86449$29,864Aug 24
441SacrificeThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $29,79211$29,792Jul 27
442TomboyDada Films $29,34110$125,500Nov 16
443Wagner & Me
2012 Re-release
First Run $29,1874$37,332Dec 7
444Max and the JunkmenRialto Pictures $29,1742$29,174Aug 10
445Kill ListIFC Films $29,06310$29,063Feb 3
446The FairyKino Lorber $28,8296$34,951Feb 24
447The AmbassadorDrafthouse Films $28,1028$28,102Aug 29
448Least Among SaintsBrainstorm Media $28,0268$28,026Oct 12
449The Turin HorseThe Cinema Guild $27,7453$56,298Feb 10
450The Waiting RoomInternational Film Circuit $27,4268$243,717Sep 26
451Nobody WalksMagnolia Pictures $25,3427$25,342Oct 19
452Orchestra of ExilesFirst Run $24,7105$27,118Oct 26
453Sound of NoiseMagnolia Pictures $24,5655$24,565Mar 9
454Otter 501Paladin $24,4494$24,449May 11
455The Bride Wore BlackThe Film Desk $24,3242$42,324Nov 4
456The GuardSony Pictures Classics $24,130203$5,360,274Jul 29
457El Bulli: Cooking in Progress-$23,76810$234,925Jul 27
458Hellbound?Area 23a $22,8875$22,887Sep 21
459The First TimeThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $22,83619$22,836Oct 19
460KeyholeMonterey Media $22,8267$22,826Apr 6
461West of MemphisSony Pictures Classics $22,35640$310,154Dec 25
462The Big Picture
2012 Re-release
MPI Media Group $22,1268$96,783Oct 12
463The Devil, ProbablyThe Film Desk $21,7052$26,210Jan 13
464Sedona-$21,6383$21,638Mar 16
465Waiting for LightningThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $21,57711$21,577Dec 7
466PianomaniaFirst Run $20,7936$49,534May 27
467Crazy Wisdom: The Life & Times of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche-$20,6145$68,348Nov 25
468Jesus Henry ChristEntertainment One $20,1833$20,183Apr 20
469The DayAnchor Bay Films $19,70412$20,984Aug 29
470Whores' GloryKino Lorber $19,5433$31,073Apr 27
471In Over My Head-$19,4821$19,482Oct 26
472The Greatest Miracle-$19,14287$555,166Oct 14
473Sophomore-$18,9451$18,945Jan 13
47428 Hotel RoomsOscilloscope $18,8695$18,869Nov 9
475The Iran JobFilm Movement $18,7032$22,803Sep 28
476Lovely MollyImage Entertainment $18,4645$18,464May 18
477My ReincarnationLong Shot Factory $18,3925$91,287Oct 28
478Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3DIMAX $18,27882$34,136,978Sep 23
479Total Recall
2012 Re-release
Rialto Pictures $18,0812$18,081Aug 10
480Juan of the DeadOutsider Pictures $18,0001$18,000Mar 16
481Addiction IncorporatedVariance Films $17,7995$24,862Dec 14
482Little BirdsMillennium Entertainment $17,7392$17,739Aug 29
483This Is Not a FilmPalisades Tartan $17,7305$75,465Feb 29
484Celine and Julie Go BoatingNew Yorker Films $17,2911$30,831May 4
485Port of ShadowsRialto Pictures $17,0372$17,037Sep 14
486The Prophet's Son-$16,9831$16,983Sep 29
487GrandmasterUTV Motion Pictures $16,6299$17,077May 4
488RancheroIndican Pictures $16,3372$20,163Jul 8
489The Man Nobody Knew: In Search of My Father, CIA Spymaster William ColbyFirst Run $16,0208$183,169Sep 23
490Long Shot: The Kevin Laue StoryDutchmen Films $16,0111$16,011Oct 26
491SupercapitalistTruly Indie $16,0001$16,000Aug 10
49210 timer til ParadisFilm Movement $16,0002$16,000Aug 22
493This Binary UniverseIndican Pictures $15,8752$15,875May 4
494A Little Bit of HeavenMillennium Entertainment $15,37511$15,375May 4
495Kung Fu JoeIndican Pictures $15,1202$15,120Feb 10
496Trade of InnocentsMonterey Media $15,0913$15,091Oct 5
49730 BeatsRoadside Attractions $14,69315$14,693Jul 20
498UnraveledGoDigital $14,6152$14,615Apr 13
499Silent NightAnchor Bay Films $14,56711$14,567Nov 30
500Space Dogs-$14,4085$14,408May 18
501The OutrageMagnolia Pictures $14,3057$44,745Dec 2
502AttenbergStrand Releasing $14,2632$23,289Mar 9
503Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's JourneySubmarine Deluxe $14,11115$303,791Oct 21
5046 Month Rule-$14,0573$14,057Jun 1
505Sing Your SongS2BN Films $13,8404$46,715Jan 13
506DaisiesJanus Films $13,6921$13,692Jul 6
507Reuniting the RubinsMonterey Media $13,5694$13,569Mar 16
508The Trouble with Bliss7A Productions $13,0934$13,093Mar 23
509BlackthornMagnolia Pictures $13,05721$200,558Oct 7
510Norwegian Wood-$13,0003$13,000Jan 6
511CitadelCinedigm Entertainment Group $12,9957$12,995Nov 9
512California SoloStrand Releasing $12,9522$12,952Nov 30
513HereStrand Releasing $12,8242$24,774Apr 13
514Monsieur VerdouxThe Film Desk $12,2532$63,643Mar 14
515Entre les BrasThe Cinema Guild $12,0876$46,355Sep 14
516GranitoInternational Film Circuit $12,0715$38,340Sep 14
517Lost Angels: Skid Row Is My HomeCinema Libre Studio $12,0251$12,025Dec 7
518Young Goethe in LoveMusic Box Films $11,9759$161,044Nov 4
519GaybyThe Film Collaborative $11,5581$14,062Oct 12
520Garbo: The Spy
2011 Re-release
First Run $11,4252$28,563Nov 18
521We Won't Grow Old TogetherThe Film Desk $11,1311$13,927Jun 8
522The Front LineWell Go USA Entertainment $11,0186$11,018Jan 20
523Tales of the NightGKIDS $10,9751$10,975Sep 26
524Wallander: Hämnden
2012 Re-release
Music Box Films $10,9602$10,960May 25
525Special ForcesEntertainment One $10,7595$10,759Oct 12
526KhodorkovskyKino Lorber $10,7392$38,457Nov 30
527Dysfunctional FriendsDatari Turner Productions $10,6242$10,624Feb 3
528Santa MesaIndican Pictures $10,4903$10,490Jan 13
529Now, ForagerArgot Pictures $10,4854$11,146Oct 3
530Paul Goodman Changed My LifeZeitgeist Films $10,1512$34,605Oct 19
531The Extraordinary VoyageFlicker Alley $10,1426$50,907Feb 10
532Husbands in GoaUTV Motion Pictures $10,1357$10,135Sep 21
533The Do-Deca-Pentathlon-$10,0008$10,000Jul 6
534Lost BohemiaLong Shot Factory $9,9562$19,767May 20
535The RevisionariesKino Lorber $9,9565$22,113Oct 5
536[REC] 3: GenesisMagnolia Pictures $9,6008$9,600Sep 7
537Oslo, August 31stStrand Releasing $9,4727$72,683May 25
538Natural SelectionThe Cinema Guild $9,3913$54,947Mar 16
539The City DarkArgot Pictures $9,2692$9,269Jan 18
540DjangoRialto Pictures $9,26610$17,137Dec 21
541Decoding Deepak-$9,1003$9,100Oct 5
542Money FightPro-Motion Pictures $9,0041$9,004Sep 21
543Arjun: The Warrior PrinceUTV Motion Pictures $8,92710$10,017May 25
544Four Adventures of Reinette and MirabelleThe Film Desk $8,8621$21,632Jul 20
545Home Run ShowdownImage Entertainment $8,8241$8,824Jul 27
546The Lion King
2011 3D Release
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $8,6502,340$94,242,001Sep 16
547AlpsKino Lorber $8,6203$16,057Jul 13
548General Education-$8,6014$8,601Aug 24
549Cartas a ElenaFreestyle Releasing $8,51112$8,511Jun 8
550The Snowtown MurdersIFC Films $8,4523$8,452Mar 2
551Five Broken CamerasKino Lorber $8,4119$102,579May 30
552Dreams of a LifeStrand Releasing $8,4051$8,405Aug 3
553Hell and Back Again-$8,2204$39,380Oct 5
554Surviving ProgressFirst Run $8,1656$53,149Apr 6
555Restless City-$8,1003$8,100Apr 27
556The Worst Movie Ever!Driving With Our Eyes Shut $7,8912$23,696Aug 19
557The BabymakersMillennium Entertainment $7,88911$7,889Aug 3
558RoadieMagnolia Pictures $7,8251$7,825Jan 6
559Last Days HereIFC Films $7,6431$7,643Mar 2
560Brooklyn Brothers Beat the BestOscilloscope $7,4663$7,466Sep 21
561Bel Borba Aqui-$7,4292$7,426Oct 3
562Price CheckIFC Films $7,4132$7,413Nov 16
563The Man in the White SuitRialto Pictures $7,4041$8,265Nov 16
564The Giant Mechanical ManTribeca Film $7,3961$7,396Apr 27
565The Pruitt-Igoe MythFirst Run $7,2066$39,547Jan 20
566Around JuneIndican Pictures $7,0412$10,101Feb 24
567The Woman in the FifthATO Pictures $7,02614$99,092Jun 15
568PaybackZeitgeist Films $7,0133$16,559Apr 25
569The Rabbi's CatGKIDS $6,9806$23,392Dec 7
570Love, MarilynSubmarine Deluxe $6,9501$6,950Nov 30
571Hitler's ChildrenFilm Movement $6,9233$27,999Nov 16
572BonsáiStrand Releasing $6,8653$17,393May 11
573The Color Wheel-$6,5443$18,647May 18
574In Our NatureCinedigm Entertainment Group $6,5431$6,543Dec 7
575The Polar Express
2011 IMAX Release
Warner Bros. $6,28625$711,168Nov 25
576Tonight You're MineRoadside Attractions $6,2553$6,255May 11
577My Worst NightmareStrand Releasing $6,2104$20,092Oct 19
578The Day He ArrivesThe Cinema Guild $6,1902$13,644Apr 20
579Crazy EyesStrand Releasing $6,1412$6,141Jul 6
580The Last Fall-$6,1001$6,100Oct 26
581The Miners' HymnsIcarus Films $6,0511$6,051Feb 8
582How to Grow a BandInternational Film Circuit $6,0362$20,135Apr 13
583TchoupitoulasOscilloscope $6,0116$6,011Dec 7
584Las AcaciasOutsider Films $6,0001$6,000Sep 7
585Sigur Rós: InniCinema Purgatorio $5,9347$123,482Oct 28
586American AnimalScreen Media Films $5,9281$5,928May 18
587BuzzKillIndican Pictures $5,8601$5,860Jan 20
588The Long Day ClosesThe Film Desk $5,8572$22,366Mar 5
589VirginiaEntertainment One $5,8135$12,728May 18
590Booker's Place: A Mississippi StoryTribeca Film $5,5492$5,549Apr 25
591OC87: The Obsessive Compulsive, Major Depression, Bipolar, Asperger's Movie-$5,5166$40,953May 25
592Young and WildIFC Films $5,5142$5,514Nov 30
593The Good DoctorMagnolia Pictures $5,2062$5,206Aug 31
594Jane's JourneyFirst Run $5,1523$27,253Sep 16
595A Liar's Autobiography: The Untrue Story of Monty Python's Graham ChapmanBrainstorm Media $5,1024$5,102Nov 2
596Nostalgia for the LightIcarus Films $5,0816$163,962Jan 13
597Downtown ExpressInternational Film Circuit $5,0101$5,010Apr 20
598NewlywedsTribeca Film $5,0001$5,000Jan 13
599Monsieur LazharMusic Box Films $4,99286$2,007,075Apr 13
600Inventing Our Life: The Kibbutz ExperimentFirst Run $4,9673$16,503Apr 27
601Tomorrow, When the War BeganFreestyle Releasing $4,93610$4,936Feb 24
602BrakeIFC Films $4,8762$4,876Mar 21
603Planet of SnailThe Cinema Guild $4,8132$13,613Jul 25
604TyrannosaurStrand Releasing $4,6635$20,110Nov 18
605King of Devil's IslandFilm Movement $4,4392$6,230Nov 18
606The LookKino Lorber $4,4092$17,580Nov 4
607Starry Starry NightChina Lion Film Distribution $4,3012$8,988Mar 23
608Only the YoungOscilloscope $4,0382$10,010Dec 7
609The InterruptersThe Cinema Guild $4,01210$278,239Jul 29
610Pickin' & Grinnin'House Lights Media $4,0001$4,000Sep 7
611Gainsbourg: A Heroic LifeMusic Box Films $3,94919$230,767Aug 31
612The Moth DiariesIFC Films $3,8382$3,838Apr 20
613Eames: The Architect & The PainterFirst Run $3,82112$148,000Nov 11
614They Come to America-$3,7751$3,775Mar 31
615Bad BloodGravity Arch $3,73110$3,731Oct 26
616Rid of MeSubmarine Deluxe $3,7252$11,740Nov 18
617YangsiKino Lorber $3,6851$4,008Dec 7
618The Salt of LifeZeitgeist Films $3,66819$315,726Mar 2
619The Autobiography of Nicolae CeausescuThe Film Desk $3,5823$29,272Sep 9
620KumaréKino Lorber $3,5779$131,909Jun 20
621The Day I Saw Your Heart
2012 Re-release
Film Movement $3,5461$3,546Aug 24
622LoosiesIFC Films $3,5193$3,519Jan 11
623A Man Vanishes
2012 Re-release
Icarus Films $3,4912$6,201Nov 15
624See What I'm Saying: The Deaf Entertainers DocumentaryWorldplay $3,45621$116,109Mar 19
625Terkel in Trouble
2010 Re-release
Indican Pictures $3,4004$39,885Oct 15
2011 Re-release
The Film Desk $3,3832$43,323Jun 9
627VampsAnchor Bay Films $3,3611$3,361Nov 2
628WindfallFirst Run $3,3581$5,833Feb 3
629Sleepless NightTribeca Film $3,3582$3,358May 11
630El Sicario, Room 164Icarus Films $3,3411$6,123Dec 28
631GrassrootsThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $3,3132$10,798Jun 22
632EllesKino Lorber $3,25013$157,221Apr 27
633After the WizardBreaking Glass Pictures $3,1842$3,184Aug 10
634ApartTruly Indie $3,1612$3,161Mar 9
635About CherryIFC Films $3,0033$3,003Sep 21
636Perfect SenseIFC Films $2,9591$2,959Feb 3
637When the Iron Bird Flies: Tibetan Buddhism Arrives in the West-$2,9391$9,658Oct 19
638The UnderstudyIndican Pictures $2,9252$13,122Mar 16
639Ballplayer: PeloteroStrand Releasing $2,67010$44,230Jul 13
640Cheerful Weather for the WeddingIFC Films $2,6512$2,651Dec 7
641Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow-$2,6343$46,898Aug 10
642Carl-$2,5921$2,592Apr 27
643The SamaritanIFC Films $2,5213$2,521May 18
644The Night WatchmanIcarus Films $2,4722$2,219Jul 6
645Meet the FokkensKino Lorber $2,4721$29,525Aug 8
646Why Stop Now?IFC Films $2,4323$2,432Aug 17
647Mississippi MermaidThe Film Desk $2,3551$31,413Jul 10
648Le AmicheThe Film Desk $2,2931$68,167Jun 18
649AmigoVariance Films $2,24110$183,597Aug 19
650Last Ride
2012 Re-release
Music Box Films $2,2292$5,880Jun 29
651ScornCortelyou Films $2,2061$2,206Mar 1
652Patagonia RisingFirst Run $2,0641$2,064Jun 8
653The Beat HotelFirst Run $2,0611$5,954Mar 30
654Le combat dans l'îleThe Film Desk $2,0461$49,545Jun 12
655Split: A Deeper DivideFeature Presentations Releasing $2,0001$2,000Oct 12
656Sushi: The Global Catch-$1,9901$5,469Aug 3
657Oka!Dada Films $1,9862$14,985Oct 14
658Hit So HardVariance Films $1,9514$31,221Apr 13
659Girl ModelFirst Run $1,8235$21,092Sep 5
2012 Re-release
Strand Releasing $1,8161$6,649Jan 13
661I Kissed a VampireMonterey Media $1,79411$1,794Mar 30
662Battleship PotemkinKino International $1,6425$50,526Jan 14
663Where Are You Taking Me?Icarus Films $1,4921$1,492Mar 2
664Miss Minoes
2011 Re-release
Music Box Films $1,2494$8,377Dec 23
665Mosquita y MariThe Film Collaborative $1,1861$8,614Aug 3
666Putin's KissKino Lorber $1,1751$9,144Feb 17
667Jack & DianeMagnolia Pictures $1,1422$1,142Nov 2
668Marcelino Pan y Vino
2012 Re-release
Gigapix Releasing $1,1011$18,193Oct 26
669Jason Becker: Not Dead YetKino Lorber $1,0942$1,094Dec 12
670Small ChangeThe Film Desk $9942$37,610Nov 24
Giorgio Moroder Presents
-$92716$27,362Oct 7
672Pink Ribbons, Inc.First Run $9174$26,429Jun 1
673China HeavyweightZeitgeist Films $8584$9,395Jul 6
674The Decoy BrideIFC Films $7591$759Mar 9
675BreathingKino Lorber $7242$4,258Aug 31
676The Loving StoryIcarus Films $7001$700Jun 8
677A Grin Without A CatIcarus Films $6961$43,616May 1
678Higher Ground
2011 Re-release
Sony Pictures Classics $67781$841,733Aug 26
679Guy and Madeline on a Park BenchVariance Films $6485$33,841Nov 5