Philippine Box Office For 2012

RankRelease Distributor GrossTheatersTotal GrossRelease Date
1The AvengersWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $14,382,992479$14,382,992Apr 25
2The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2Pioneer Films $8,266,504420$8,266,504Nov 15
3The Amazing Spider-ManSony Pictures Releasing $8,222,817530$8,222,817Jun 29
4The MistressStar Cinema $6,362,114200$6,362,114Sep 12
5This Guy's in Love with U Mare!Star Cinema $6,082,709204$6,082,709Oct 10
6The Dark Knight RisesWarner Bros. $5,309,012362$5,309,012Jul 19
7The Bourne LegacyUnited International Pictures (UIP) $4,849,759329$4,849,759Aug 8
8ÜnOfficially YoursStar Cinema $3,704,457140$3,704,457Feb 15
9SkyfallSony Pictures Releasing $3,665,705209$3,665,705Oct 31
10Wrath of the TitansWarner Bros. $3,394,375294$3,394,375Mar 29
11Taken 220th Century Fox International $3,393,701180$3,393,701Oct 4
12The Hunger GamesPioneer Films $3,295,973260$3,295,973Mar 22
13Kimmy Dora and the Temple of KiyemeStar Cinema $3,204,780120$3,204,780Jun 13
14Men in Black 3Sony Pictures Releasing $3,161,098258$3,161,098May 23
15Resident Evil: RetributionSony Pictures Releasing $2,991,945212$2,991,945Sep 12
16Snow White and the HuntsmanUnited International Pictures (UIP) $2,892,696173$2,892,696Jun 1
17A Secret Affair-$2,875,137120$2,875,137Oct 24
18BattleshipUnited International Pictures (UIP) $2,851,193231$2,851,193Apr 12
19Underworld AwakeningSony Pictures Releasing $2,391,207154$2,391,207Jan 20
20The Expendables 2Viva International Pictures $2,276,039150$2,276,039Aug 16
21Ice Age: Continental Drift20th Century Fox International $2,228,093194$2,228,093Jul 12
22John CarterWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $2,052,155243$2,052,155Mar 9
23Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles-$2,035,311105$2,035,311Oct 17
2424/7 in LoveStar Cinema $1,837,164130$1,837,164Nov 21
25Ghost Rider: Spirit of VengeanceWarner Bros. $1,691,905176$1,691,905Feb 17
26Dark ShadowsWarner Bros. $1,629,342116$1,629,342May 10
27The ReunionStar Cinema $1,620,761130$1,620,761Aug 15
28BraveWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $1,574,606132$1,574,606Aug 1
29Journey 2: The Mysterious IslandWarner Bros. $1,574,215159$1,574,215Feb 2
30Rise of the GuardiansUnited International Pictures (UIP) $1,542,753143$1,542,753Nov 28
31Total RecallSony Pictures Releasing $1,491,281155$1,491,281Aug 22
32The VowSony Pictures Releasing $1,392,30865$1,392,308Feb 10
33Madagascar 3: Europe's Most WantedUnited International Pictures (UIP) $1,355,857147$1,355,857Jun 6
34The Hobbit: An Unexpected JourneyWarner Bros. $1,348,364334$3,380,729Dec 13
35Born to Love YouStar Cinema $1,244,766110$1,244,766May 30
36The HealingStar Cinema $1,230,24490$2,465,876Jul 25
37Corazon: Ang unang aswangStar Cinema $1,212,26995$1,212,269Mar 14
38Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter20th Century Fox International $1,211,903150$1,211,903Jul 4
39Hotel TransylvaniaSony Pictures Releasing $1,163,535143$1,163,535Sep 28
40Every Breath You TakeStar Cinema $1,158,457130$1,158,457May 16
41Suddenly It's MagicStar Cinema $1,145,856120$1,145,856Oct 31
42Wreck-It RalphWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $1,114,28199$1,114,281Nov 1
43Step Up RevolutionPioneer Films $1,091,95480$1,091,954Aug 1
44Prometheus20th Century Fox International $1,067,040142$1,067,040Jun 6
45Moron 5 and the Crying Lady-$922,96995$1,521,892Apr 7
46D' Kilabots Pogi Brothers Weh?!?-$867,971115$867,971Nov 28
47Chronicle20th Century Fox International $832,097104$832,097Feb 2
48The Darkest Hour20th Century Fox International $812,183124$812,183Jan 25
49This Means WarWarner Bros. $758,702103$758,702Feb 22
50Mirror MirrorPioneer Films $672,559105$672,559Mar 15
51Rurouni Kenshin Part I: OriginsPioneer Films $647,92250$647,922Dec 5
52Amorosa: The RevengeStar Cinema $608,17355$608,173Aug 29
53Boy Pick-Up: The Movie-$607,20070$607,200Jun 6
54The DictatorUnited International Pictures (UIP) $574,91674$574,916Jul 25
2012 3D Release
20th Century Fox International $544,29760$544,297Apr 7
56Of All the Things-$542,932110$542,932Sep 26
57My Cactus HeartStar Cinema $542,33195$542,331Jan 25
58The Lucky OneWarner Bros. $534,29165$534,291Apr 19
59The LoraxUnited International Pictures (UIP) $505,90890$505,908Mar 14
60PossessionsPioneer Films $465,74540$465,745Aug 30
61LooperViva International Pictures $449,65340$449,653Oct 17
62Magic MikeViva International Pictures $428,90955$428,909Jul 11
63The Devil InsideUnited International Pictures (UIP) $423,70854$423,708Feb 29
64Sherlock Holmes: A Game of ShadowsWarner Bros. $411,184105$1,460,261Jan 8
65American ReunionUnited International Pictures (UIP) $402,92147$402,921May 2
66Rock of AgesWarner Bros. $398,11997$398,119Jun 14
67Alvin and the Chipmunks: ChipwreckedWarner Bros. $389,647101$1,323,682Jan 8
68Mission: Impossible - Ghost ProtocolUnited International Pictures (UIP) $371,432253$3,970,369Dec 15
69ArgoWarner Bros. $362,23358$362,233Oct 17
70SinisterViva International Pictures $347,04655$347,046Oct 10
71Safe HouseUnited International Pictures (UIP) $333,08965$333,089Feb 10
72The Perks of Being a WallflowerPioneer Films $326,35728$326,357Sep 26
73Silent Hill: RevelationPioneer Films $324,69465$324,694Nov 28
74Paranormal Activity 4United International Pictures (UIP) $323,485104$323,485Nov 21
75Jack and JillSony Pictures Releasing $315,44564$315,445Feb 22
76I Do Bidoo Bidoo: Heto nApo sila!-$310,02090$310,020Aug 29
77My Kontrabida Girl-$305,71885$305,718Mar 14
78The Watch20th Century Fox International $282,14192$282,141Sep 5
7921 Jump StreetSony Pictures Releasing $233,16749$263,212May 9
80Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days20th Century Fox International $232,13948$232,139Aug 15
81DreddPioneer Films $231,38380$231,383Sep 19
82The CampaignWarner Bros. $229,85455$229,854Aug 29
83The Girl with the Dragon TattooSony Pictures Releasing $223,22541$223,225Feb 1
84ContrabandUnited International Pictures (UIP) $214,28437$214,284Jan 25
85SafeViva International Pictures $207,31245$207,312May 16
86The Witness-$201,82685$201,826Mar 21
87The Cabin in the Woods
2012 Re-release
Pioneer Films $180,36830$180,368May 2
88LockoutViva International Pictures $174,83350$174,833Jun 13
89The Mommy Returns-$174,50560$701,389May 9
90The Three Stooges20th Century Fox International $171,18665$171,186Oct 24
91Just One Summer-$145,11590$145,115Aug 15
92Cloud AtlasPioneer Films $144,25445$144,254Dec 5
93TedUnited International Pictures (UIP) $141,10236$141,102Oct 3
94Hitman-$135,63665$135,636Feb 22
95We Bought a Zoo20th Century Fox International $131,49748$131,497Jan 18
96A Mother's StoryStar Cinema $128,00450$574,764Jan 8
97Alex Cross-$127,82963$127,829Oct 17
98The ApparitionWarner Bros. $123,93244$123,932Oct 24
99FrankenweenieWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $117,62848$117,628Oct 17
100Fridge-$117,47950$117,479Sep 19
101The Raid: RedemptionViva International Pictures $114,88145$114,881Sep 5
102Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace
2012 3D Release
20th Century Fox International $107,91352$107,913Feb 10
103HugoUnited International Pictures (UIP) $103,20629$103,206Feb 15
104Katy Perry: Part of MeUnited International Pictures (UIP) $100,30665$100,306Aug 29
105Special ForcesPioneer Films $96,61830$96,618Jun 13
106The GreyViva International Pictures $94,29620$94,296Feb 1
107Get the GringoPioneer Films $93,99735$93,997Sep 26
108Extremely Loud & Incredibly CloseWarner Bros. $90,36935$90,369Feb 29
109House at the End of the StreetViva International Pictures $89,24240$89,242Dec 5
110Ruby Sparks20th Century Fox International $87,29446$87,294Sep 19
111The Cold Light of DayPioneer Films $85,62645$85,626May 9
112Act of ValorPioneer Films $83,39939$83,399Jul 11
113What to Expect When You're ExpectingPioneer Films $83,08622$83,086May 17
114Piranha 3DDViva International Pictures $79,05060$79,050May 30
115The Descendants20th Century Fox International $75,38727$75,387Feb 15
116ParaNormanUnited International Pictures (UIP) $74,2589$74,258Sep 5
117Trouble with the CurveWarner Bros. $69,34851$69,348Nov 28
118Pitch PerfectUnited International Pictures (UIP) $68,31519$68,315Oct 10
119The Woman in BlackPioneer Films $61,86932$61,869Feb 8
120MoneyballSony Pictures Releasing $61,29731$61,297Mar 7
121HaywirePioneer Films $55,48348$55,483Jan 25
122StreetDance 2
2012 Re-release
Viva International Pictures $54,59932$54,599May 23
123J. EdgarWarner Bros. $49,05925$49,059Jan 25
124The Pirates! Band of MisfitsSony Pictures Releasing $48,22557$48,225May 16
125War HorseWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $47,87929$47,879Feb 29
126Chernobyl DiariesPioneer Films $47,61632$47,616Nov 7
127The MuppetsWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $44,74037$44,740Mar 21
128Flying Swords of Dragon GatePioneer Films $43,19540$43,195Oct 10
129One for the MoneyPioneer Films $42,00728$42,007Feb 29
130StolenViva International Pictures $41,64535$41,645Nov 28
131Beauty and the Beast
2012 3D Release
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $39,07025$39,070Feb 22
132End of WatchPioneer Films $38,26840$38,268Oct 3
133Man on a LedgePioneer Films $37,51322$37,513Feb 1
134BwakawStar Cinema $37,46040$37,460Sep 5
135Breaking WindPioneer Films $31,91422$31,914Feb 15
136Rigodon-$31,30760$31,307Nov 21
137Dark Floors
2012 Re-release
-$30,02425$30,024Jul 25
138The Hunting Party
2012 Re-release
-$29,62420$29,624Sep 19
139Deadfall-$29,04650$29,046Dec 5
140GonePioneer Films $27,53728$27,537May 30
141Machine Gun PreacherPioneer Films $27,51120$27,511Apr 7
142CoriolanusPioneer Films $27,33220$27,332Jan 18
2012 Re-release
Star Cinema $26,88035$26,880Sep 5
14411-11-11Pioneer Films $26,36235$26,362Feb 22
145BaitPioneer Films $25,54435$25,544Oct 17
146Finding Nemo
2012 3D Release
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $18,61815$18,618Nov 28
147Mga mumunting lihim-$18,39140$18,391Aug 22
148V/H/SPioneer Films $18,22532$18,225Oct 17
149People Like UsWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $17,0392$17,039Aug 15
150Hope SpringsPioneer Films $15,80520$15,805Aug 22
151QuickViva International Pictures $15,72732$15,727Sep 26
152407 Dark Flight 3D-$15,23012$15,230Aug 1
153AnonymousSony Pictures Releasing $13,1423$13,142Apr 18
154Sta. NiñaStar Cinema $8,00730$8,007Sep 26
155Big MiracleUnited International Pictures (UIP) $6,0663$6,066Jul 25
156What Isn't There-$5,95725$29,977Sep 12