Norwegian Box Office For 2012

RankRelease Distributor GrossTheatersTotal GrossRelease Date
1Kon-TikiNordisk Film $13,993,645185$14,111,514Aug 24
2SkyfallSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $12,702,209179$13,828,717Oct 26
3Ice Age: Continental Drift20th Century Fox International $11,640,738158$11,660,952Jun 29
4The Hobbit: An Unexpected JourneySvensk Filmindustri (SF) $7,369,672180$11,907,713Dec 12
5Journey to the Christmas StarWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $6,342,489157$6,031,008Nov 9
6The Dark Knight RisesSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $6,058,035133$7,472,346Jul 25
7The AvengersWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $5,636,566128$5,636,566Apr 27
8Madagascar 3: Europe's Most WantedUnited International Pictures (UIP) $5,323,941142$5,934,381Aug 3
9The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2Nordisk Film $5,276,335170$5,375,229Nov 16
10Puss in BootsUnited International Pictures (UIP) $4,009,739158$4,600,259Feb 10
11The Hunger GamesNordisk Film $3,776,399154$3,821,709Mar 23
12BraveWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $3,254,909151$3,326,134Aug 31
13Mission: Impossible - Ghost ProtocolUnited International Pictures (UIP) $3,144,961164$3,471,179Jan 27
14The DictatorUnited International Pictures (UIP) $2,939,973146$3,303,558May 16
15Prometheus20th Century Fox International $2,734,824132$2,763,615Jun 1
16TedUnited International Pictures (UIP) $2,675,196110$2,676,792Aug 10
17The Amazing Spider-ManSony Pictures Releasing $2,660,495212$3,332,733Jul 11
18American ReunionUnited International Pictures (UIP) $2,629,089113$3,114,528Apr 4
19Taken 2Scanbox Entertainment $2,504,66799$2,504,667Oct 5
20Men in Black 3Sony Pictures Releasing $2,497,878183$2,497,878May 25
21The Iron LadyScanbox Entertainment $2,261,51589$2,272,603Feb 3
22Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked20th Century Fox International $2,248,541135$3,690,085Dec 25
23Sherlock Holmes: A Game of ShadowsWarner Bros. $2,164,954118$3,819,086Dec 26
2012 3D Release
20th Century Fox International $2,112,445108$2,130,676Apr 13
25Snow White and the HuntsmanUnited International Pictures (UIP) $2,049,486148$2,055,389Jun 8
26The Expendables 2-$1,894,309107$1,894,309Aug 17
27The Pirates! Band of MisfitsSony Pictures Releasing $1,750,037154$1,750,037Mar 30
28The IntouchablesScanbox Entertainment $1,676,92971$2,895,087Nov 9
29Tina & Bettina - The MovieNordisk Film $1,569,249120$2,903,844Sep 7
30The Lion King
2011 3D Release
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $1,542,185141$1,542,185Jan 13
31The Bourne LegacyUnited International Pictures (UIP) $1,490,131146$1,499,023Sep 7
32The Secret of the GodsWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $1,459,436130$1,548,512Oct 19
33Magic Mike-$1,410,16673$1,415,574Jul 20
34The LoraxUnited International Pictures (UIP) $1,403,429164$1,403,429Mar 23
35Hotel TransylvaniaSony Pictures Releasing $1,322,113163$1,335,766Sep 28
36The Descendants20th Century Fox International $1,171,53449$1,171,534Jan 27
37The Girl with the Dragon TattooSony Pictures Releasing $1,121,889121$1,796,603Dec 21
38The Orheim Company-$1,076,080107$1,076,947Mar 2
39BattleshipUnited International Pictures (UIP) $1,063,786136$1,201,917Apr 11
40Varg Veum - Kalde hjerterSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $1,033,161127$1,033,226Mar 30
41The VowSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $984,43716$984,437May 18
42Safe HouseUnited International Pictures (UIP) $967,990141$969,884Feb 24
43Rise of the GuardiansUnited International Pictures (UIP) $930,059140$1,409,710Nov 30
44Paranormal Activity 4United International Pictures (UIP) $925,215117$925,215Oct 19
45This Means War20th Century Fox International $924,521120$940,984Feb 17
46LOLScanbox Entertainment $849,33977$849,339Jun 1
47John CarterWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $819,96090$819,960Mar 9
48EscapeNordisk Film $804,316162$804,479Sep 28
49The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel20th Century Fox International $757,16261$797,460Mar 21
50Life of Pi20th Century Fox International $720,464140$3,784,262Dec 25
5190 Minutes-$703,04790$703,803Sep 21
52Looper-$685,95540$685,955Oct 12
53Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter20th Century Fox International $683,08782$787,485Jul 4
54Mirror MirrorNordisk Film $631,842111$631,842Mar 30
55Chronicle20th Century Fox International $628,249116$628,441Feb 3
56Astérix and Obélix: God Save Britannia-$605,901120$605,901Oct 26
57Wrath of the TitansWarner Bros. $602,90855$602,908Mar 30
5821 Jump StreetSony Pictures Releasing $582,29076$600,394Jun 15
59Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace
2012 3D Release
20th Century Fox International $578,33160$578,331Feb 10
60Beasts of the Southern WildArthouse $539,35135$566,262Oct 26
61Happy Feet TwoWarner Bros. $534,785147$1,458,330Dec 2
62To Rome with LoveScanbox Entertainment $523,75043$525,737Jun 29
63HugoUnited International Pictures (UIP) $517,001133$527,499Mar 16
64Varg Veum - De døde har det godtSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $501,35195$952,036Jan 20
65What to Expect When You're Expecting-$493,86244$493,862Jul 6
66SinisterScanbox Entertainment $488,74042$558,958Oct 31
67Dark ShadowsWarner Bros. $485,34249$485,342May 11
68Hamilton: I nationens intresseWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $478,10980$487,248Mar 2
69Moonrise Kingdom-$477,93150$477,931Jun 8
70SavagesUnited International Pictures (UIP) $475,46684$475,466Oct 12
71A Royal AffairNordisk Film $461,35568$538,505Sep 14
72Total RecallSony Pictures Releasing $453,425116$453,425Aug 10
73Step Up RevolutionNordisk Film $447,09946$447,508Aug 17
74The Cabin in the Woods
2012 Re-release
-$439,11834$495,037May 11
75Killing Them Softly-$426,21730$438,131Nov 2
76J. EdgarWarner Bros. $417,07234$419,811Jan 20
77The HypnotistSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $406,655142$406,749Oct 5
78My Week with MarilynScanbox Entertainment $406,37057$406,370Jan 13
79Tinker Tailor Soldier SpySvensk Filmindustri (SF) $402,36242$418,214Jan 27
80I Belong-$398,86947$399,643Sep 14
81Iron Sky-$361,72356$448,965Apr 4
82HysteriaScanbox Entertainment $329,12564$441,770Dec 25
83The ArtistScanbox Entertainment $315,88929$326,515Feb 24
84Thor: Legend of the Magical HammerNordisk Film $313,683132$322,418May 11
85Fuck UpSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $311,433109$314,224Mar 16
86Dolphin TaleWarner Bros. $309,00123$316,484Jan 27
87Hope Springs-$298,80264$301,924Sep 21
88A Cat in ParisArthouse $295,92499$308,854Apr 27
89New Year's EveWarner Bros. $289,88875$1,332,549Dec 9
90Thale-$287,96498$293,652Feb 17
91SafeNordisk Film $285,50831$288,637Jun 29
92Into the WhiteScanbox Entertainment $280,13983$636,469Mar 9
93Certified Copy-$276,35328$356,547Dec 25
94The Grey-$269,62749$269,627Mar 30
95ContrabandUnited International Pictures (UIP) $269,15262$269,152Mar 16
96A Turtle's Tale 2: Sammy's Escape from ParadiseSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $263,528145$283,000Nov 2
97ShameArthouse $257,92633$277,708Jan 13
98ArgoSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $254,72924$267,671Nov 23
99BacheloretteScanbox Entertainment $251,46850$253,545Sep 28
100MoneyballSony Pictures Releasing $248,01121$248,011Jan 6
101The Ides of MarchSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $235,23551$238,996Feb 24
102War HorseWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $227,37383$227,373Feb 3
103Project XWarner Bros. $223,67754$223,677Mar 9
104The Darkest Hour20th Century Fox International $220,61863$220,618Jan 13
105A SeparationArthouse $219,85330$307,620Dec 25
106BarbaraArthouse $194,83624$198,740Sep 28
107DreddSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $186,54142$186,541Sep 28
108Journey 2: The Mysterious IslandWarner Bros. $184,54029$184,540Jun 15
109LawlessSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $179,61127$181,532Sep 7
110HaywireNordisk Film $175,09243$176,325Apr 13
111Bravehearts-$174,544107$174,867Aug 31
112Ghost Rider: Spirit of VengeanceNordisk Film $173,14623$173,146Feb 24
113The Secret World of ArriettyArthouse $171,30239$293,036Dec 25
114Finding Nemo
2012 3D Release
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $161,330121$662,671Dec 25
115Young AdultUnited International Pictures (UIP) $157,13445$157,134Feb 17
116End of Watch-$153,46135$161,954Nov 30
117Var inte rädd Långa farbrorn
2012 Re-release
Nordisk Film $150,27495$151,210Jun 1
118The Devil InsideUnited International Pictures (UIP) $148,32748$148,327Mar 2
119All That Matters Is PastNordisk Film $139,53865$254,648Nov 2
120Two Lives-$133,62159$133,621Oct 19
121Take This Waltz-$128,10617$128,106Aug 10
122Las AcaciasArthouse $121,30625$131,165Jul 6
123JackpotNordisk Film $117,020116$893,367Dec 2
124Nowhere Home-$117,00755$119,613Oct 26
125DriveSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $116,43653$899,673Oct 21
126Simon & the OaksNordisk Film $113,51547$155,440Dec 25
127The Perks of Being a WallflowerNordisk Film $113,37018$123,197Nov 9
128The LadyScanbox Entertainment $111,23636$113,080Apr 27
129Easy Money II: Hard to KillNordisk Film $104,66833$111,093Nov 16
130678Arthouse $104,58221$120,165Aug 17
131Magic Silver II-$94,404165$4,017,761Nov 18
132Paradise: LoveFidalgo $91,77415$91,774Oct 19
133We Need to Talk About KevinSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $88,61016$91,621Mar 23
134Salmon Fishing in the YemenSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $86,64344$90,741Apr 13
135A Dangerous MethodScanbox Entertainment $85,19637$378,543Dec 2
136Amour-$83,05539$1,077,294Dec 25
137The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1Nordisk Film $81,340167$4,305,359Nov 18
138All Together-$81,32924$81,329Apr 27
139ParaNormanUnited International Pictures (UIP) $75,49069$75,490Sep 14
140Extremely Loud & Incredibly CloseWarner Bros. $75,34318$78,221Apr 20
141WeekendArthouse $74,18328$77,935Jun 15
142Nobel's Last WillNordisk Film $69,74152$72,190Mar 16
143Little White Lies-$68,37218$68,372Jul 27
144The Snows of KilimanjaroArthouse $68,26423$83,709Feb 10
145Martha Marcy May Marlene-$67,12022$67,120Mar 9
146Chinese Take-OutFidalgo $65,90213$65,902Mar 30
147Love Is All You NeedNordisk Film $64,73769$192,489Dec 25
148Rock of AgesWarner Bros. $61,74619$78,345Aug 10
149The RavenNordisk Film $59,32328$61,107May 18
150Where Do We Go Now?Scanbox Entertainment $53,24910$53,249May 4
151Superclásico-$51,92729$51,927May 11
152Liv & IngmarSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $51,53916$59,569Sep 28
153Albert NobbsFidalgo $50,50522$50,505Aug 24
154Man on a LedgeNordisk Film $49,23935$51,248Mar 23
155Lotte and the Moonstone Secret
2012 Re-release
-$47,78139$216,492Dec 25
156An Enemy to Die ForWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $45,87916$45,879Mar 30
157Carnage-$43,21926$43,730Feb 10
158W.E.Svensk Filmindustri (SF) $41,83935$41,839Mar 9
159PolisseArthouse $41,20520$58,857Mar 30
160The Almost ManSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $39,84929$114,925Sep 14
161Tomboy-$38,53523$38,688May 4
162PlayArthouse $37,01416$49,994Jan 27
163Seven PsychopathsNordisk Film $34,43816$134,551Dec 25
164Big MiracleUnited International Pictures (UIP) $34,01047$34,010Feb 17
165Arthur ChristmasSony Pictures Releasing $33,722145$919,317Dec 9
166PalmeScanbox Entertainment $32,42813$32,428Oct 26
167Dunderland-$31,1221$31,122Nov 30
168Folk ved fjorden-$28,4987$39,116Feb 3
2012 Re-release
Scanbox Entertainment $25,4556$25,535Dec 7
170The Angels' Share-$24,61443$62,532Dec 25
171Get the GringoSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $22,93917$80,577Aug 3
172The Adventures of TintinSony Pictures Releasing $21,884150$2,726,282Oct 28
173Three Quarter MoonFidalgo $21,03227$21,032Jul 6
174From Up on Poppy HillArthouse $20,38117$30,470Nov 23
175TyrannosaurArthouse $19,44414$21,849Apr 20
176Med Trekkspill Til OperaenSvensk Filmindustri (SF) $17,94138$60,569Oct 25
177Eleanor's Secret
2010 Re-release
Scanbox Entertainment $17,75137$32,903Jul 13
178Monsieur Lazhar-$16,71813$57,474Dec 25
179Skvis-$16,12753$57,780Oct 5
180American Masters: Woody Allen: A DocumentaryScanbox Entertainment $15,7676$15,767Jun 8
181Elevator-$14,22123$14,221Jan 20
182Searching for Sugar Man-$13,41619$62,867Dec 25
183All at Sea-$12,10012$23,971May 25
184ImmortalsNordisk Film $10,12186$678,171Nov 25
185Oslo, August 31st-$8,02843$970,181Aug 31
186Trouble with the CurveWarner Bros. $8,02410$8,024Dec 7
187VolcanoArthouse $7,2968$9,276Mar 16
188Into the Dark-$5,03619$5,036Feb 3
189Dark Horse-$4,23314$4,233Nov 30
19014 kilómetros
2012 Re-release
-$3,8527$3,852Sep 14
191The Door-$3,21814$3,218Dec 7
192Min Elskede-$3,1415$3,141Apr 13
193Tigre og tatoveringer-$2,81322$34,411Sep 21
194Headshot-$2,3477$2,347Nov 9
195SparkleSony Pictures Releasing $2,2122$2,212Nov 23
196People Like UsWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $2,1082$2,108Dec 7
197BlissFidalgo $1,9299$1,929Oct 5
198Elena-$1,3744$1,374Apr 20
199Cirkus Columbia-$1,14411$1,144May 25
200The CampaignWarner Bros. $7221$1,612Nov 9
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