Icelandic Box Office For 2012

RankRelease GrossTheatersTotal GrossRelease DateDistributor
1Black's Game$686,5457$686,545Mar 2-
2Skyfall$671,8308$670,138Oct 26-
3The Intouchables$540,8904$540,890Jun 13-
4The Deep$537,1389$539,334Sep 21-
5The Avengers$498,47213$502,028Apr 27United International Pictures (UIP)
6The Dark Knight Rises$450,91914$4,223Jun 19Warner Bros.
7The Hunger Games$281,8875$281,887Mar 23-
8Contraband$237,0357$237,391Jan 20United International Pictures (UIP)
9Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted$235,95414$248,102Jun 15United International Pictures (UIP)
10Ice Age 4: Continental Drift$222,42114$231,236Jul 1120th Century Fox International
11The Amazing Spider-Man$205,01412$259,140Jul 4Sony Pictures Releasing
12Ted$195,3136$221,309Jul 11United International Pictures (UIP)
13The Expendables 2$195,3125$231,512Aug 22-
14Brave$192,20813$206,094Aug 8Walt Disney Pictures
15Taken 2$180,9746$180,974Oct 520th Century Fox International
16Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows$172,6927$233,531Dec 30Warner Bros.
17Prometheus$152,7659$186,328Jun 820th Century Fox International
18Men in Black 3$151,06610$170,085May 23Sony Pictures Releasing
19The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey$149,84917$747,213Dec 26Myndform
20The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2$133,5177$134,834Nov 16-
21The Lorax$121,72612$121,726Mar 30United International Pictures (UIP)
22American Reunion$120,4096$148,109Apr 4United International Pictures (UIP)
23Looper$105,4456$111,004Sep 28-
24The Bourne Legacy$101,1997$105,192Sep 7Paramount Pictures International
25Snow White and the Huntsman$97,2327$107,558Jun 1Paramount Pictures International
26The Dictator$96,7537$121,859May 18United International Pictures (UIP)
27Wreck-It Ralph$96,41414$109,312Nov 9Walt Disney Pictures
28Safe House$95,6695$95,669Feb 10United International Pictures (UIP)
29John Carter$94,5729$94,572Mar 9Walt Disney Pictures
30Journey 2: The Mysterious Island$93,8688$93,868Feb 24Warner Bros.
31Cloud Atlas$92,0995$92,629Nov 9-
32Pitch Perfect$89,8844$89,884Nov 2Paramount Pictures International
33Rise of the Guardians$88,61415$120,427Dec 7Paramount Pictures International
34What to Expect When You're Expecting$88,5405$102,917Jun 20-
35Battleship$83,3337$83,333Apr 13United International Pictures (UIP)
36Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol$80,9369$241,501Dec 16United International Pictures (UIP)
37Magic Mike$80,4035$90,865Jul 13-
38Ávaxtakarfan$78,2965$78,296Aug 31-
39Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked$78,0555$128,328Dec 1620th Century Fox International
40The Campaign$76,5914$76,591Sep 14Warner Bros.
4121 Jump Street$73,9146$94,098Apr 18Sony Pictures Releasing
42Step Up Revolution$73,8957$73,895Aug 15-
43The Artist$71,3831$71,383Jan 27-
44Life of Pi$71,3429$260,133Dec 2120th Century Fox International
45Wrath of the Titans$70,8537$71,276Mar 30Warner Bros.
46Lawless$67,8266$67,826Sep 21-
47The Watch$67,4045$76,996Aug 1520th Century Fox International
48The Muppets$66,1477$66,147Jan 12Walt Disney Pictures
49End of Watch$65,6705$66,680Oct 12-
50Puss in Boots$64,62914$125,246Dec 9United International Pictures (UIP)
51Dark Shadows$60,9235$61,981May 11Warner Bros.
52The Grey$59,7583$59,758Jan 27-
53Chronicle$58,8015$58,801Feb 320th Century Fox International
54Hope Springs$58,7846$59,185Oct 19-
55This Means War$57,2376$57,237Feb 1720th Century Fox International
56The Descendants$56,1643$57,823Jan 2020th Century Fox International
57Argo$55,5885$56,758Nov 9Warner Bros.
58The Vow$53,4773$53,477Mar 9-
59The Frost
2012 Re-release
$52,0247$52,024Sep 7-
60Project X$50,1436$53,629Mar 16Warner Bros.
61A Few Best Men$49,4696$49,469Feb 17-
62New Year's Eve$49,2116$122,048Dec 21Warner Bros.
63Total Recall$47,9087$65,292Aug 8Sony Pictures Releasing
64Here Comes the Boom$47,3544$47,354Nov 23Sony Pictures Releasing
65To Rome with Love$46,6092$46,609Aug 10-
66The Impossible$46,1256$220,054Dec 21-
67Love Is All You Need$44,4953$44,495Oct 12-
68The Woman in Black$43,7014$48,457Mar 2-
69Hugo$41,4477$43,653Feb 10United International Pictures (UIP)
70The Five-Year Engagement$38,9523$38,952May 11United International Pictures (UIP)
71Tad: The Lost Explorer$38,3345$38,334Oct 19-
72Silver Linings Playbook$37,1583$37,953Nov 23-
73Killing Them Softly$37,1284$38,644Nov 30Myndform
74Underworld: Awakening$36,4194$36,419Jan 20Sony Pictures Releasing
75The Iron Lady$36,3783$36,378Jan 13-
76Safe$36,1806$42,740May 18-
77The Sitter$35,2253$39,253Jan 120th Century Fox International
78The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo$34,0806$54,641Dec 21Sony Pictures Releasing
79A Monster in Paris$33,7275$33,727Feb 10-
80ParaNorman$33,4185$34,258Aug 15Paramount Pictures International
2012 3D Release
$33,0655$36,734Apr 420th Century Fox International
82Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace
2012 3D Release
$30,5924$30,592Feb 1020th Century Fox International
83The Cabin in the Woods$30,5624$35,029Apr 20-
84Friends with Kids$29,8506$29,850Mar 23-
85Man on a Ledge$29,1365$29,136Jan 27-
86LOL$28,8815$28,881Jun 6-
87Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy$28,6283$28,628Jan 6-
88Hit and Run$28,5685$29,929Aug 29-
89Iron Sky$27,2612$27,261Apr 13-
90Hotel Transylvania$27,1044$29,114Nov 2Sony Pictures Releasing
91Savages$27,1025$27,102Sep 28United International Pictures (UIP)
92Adventures in Zambezia$26,8854$26,885Oct 5-
93One for the Money$26,8175$26,817Feb 3-
94The Lucky One$25,5054$28,336May 25Warner Bros.
95Resident Evil: Retribution$24,7885$24,788Sep 14Sony Pictures Releasing
96Seeking a Friend for the End of the World$24,7455$24,745Aug 8-
97Little Brother, Big Trouble: A Christmas Adventure$24,2535$26,493Nov 23-
98Beauty and the Beast
2012 3D Release
$23,1336$23,133Feb 17Walt Disney Pictures
9950/50$22,9005$22,900Jan 13-
100Haywire$22,6054$22,605Feb 24-
101Dredd$21,1853$21,185Sep 21-
102Chernobyl Diaries$20,0865$20,086Jun 27-
103Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance$19,6513$19,652Feb 24-
104Sea Level$19,6076$25,909Dec 26-
105The Babymakers$19,3726$19,372Aug 22-
106Act of Valor$18,8943$19,754Mar 16-
107Dream House$18,8726$18,872Jul 4-
108War Horse$18,4774$18,477Jan 27Walt Disney Pictures
109So Undercover$18,4273$18,427Dec 7Myndform
110Red Dawn$18,3155$21,084Dec 14-
111Alex Cross$16,3796$16,379Nov 30-
112Killer Joe$16,0273$17,764Aug 1-
113The Raven$15,7105$17,003May 30-
114Rock of Ages$15,5235$28,994Jun 20Warner Bros.
115Mirror Mirror$15,3633$16,912Apr 18-
116Frankenweenie$14,6354$14,635Oct 19Walt Disney Pictures
117Finding Nemo
2012 3D Release
$14,6309$14,630Sep 28Walt Disney Pictures
118Moonrise Kingdom$14,2851$14,285May 30-
119My Week with Marilyn$14,2331$14,233Jan 6-
120Get the Gringo$14,2013$14,201May 4-
121House at the End of the Street$12,9425$13,782Nov 2-
122Lockout$11,9703$11,970May 11-
123Seven Psychopaths$11,7082$11,708Oct 12-
124J. Edgar$11,6334$11,633Jan 20Warner Bros.
125Gone$11,2705$12,607Apr 4-
126The Raid: Redemption$11,1292$11,129May 4-
127The Possession$10,6074$10,607Nov 23-
128Playing for Keeps$9,3973$9,397Dec 7-
129The Cold Light of Day$8,4474$22,318Apr 14-
130Carnage$7,8891$7,889Mar 30-
131Easy Money II: Hard to Kill$7,3843$7,477Nov 16-
132Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close$7,0455$7,045Feb 17Paramount Pictures International
2012 Re-release
$6,5591$6,559Apr 27-
134Starbuck$6,3921$6,392Jun 27-
135Happy Feet Two$6,07613$45,366Nov 25Warner Bros.
136Flypaper$5,6151$5,615Jan 13-
137Shame$5,6111$5,611Feb 10-
138Piranha 3DD$5,4823$6,598Jun 13-
139A Turtle's Tale 2: Sammy's Escape from Paradise$5,0737$28,615Dec 26-
140Nobel's Last Will$3,0952$3,095Nov 30-
141Arthur Christmas$2,8608$47,477Dec 2Sony Pictures Releasing
142A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas$2,5005$85,735Dec 9Warner Bros.
143Jackpot$2,0251$2,025Dec 7-
144Purge$1,9581$1,958Oct 26-
145Salmon Fishing in the Yemen$1,4271$1,427May 25-
146Safety Not Guaranteed$1,4141$1,414Nov 23-
147A Dangerous Method$1,3811$1,381Feb 3-
148Jack and Jill$1,1926$31,405Nov 25Sony Pictures Releasing
149Declaration of War$8661$1,147Jan 27-
Iceland box office data courtesy of FRISK.