Brazilian Box Office For 2012

RankRelease Distributor GrossMax ThOpening% of Total Open ThOpenClose
1The AvengersWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $63,904,807996$10,814,40716.9%996Apr 27-
2The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2Paris Filmes $54,249,0281,212$11,829,76221.8%1,212Nov 15-
3Ice Age: Continental Drift20th Century Fox International $44,502,2171,012$6,122,65913.8%1,012Jun 29-
4The Amazing Spider-ManSony Pictures Releasing $30,368,653935$6,662,88321.9%906Jul 6-
5Madagascar 3: Europe's Most WantedParamount Pictures International $28,562,135905$6,806,09023.8%905Jun 7-
6The Dark Knight RisesWarner Bros. $27,097,031976$6,254,95823.1%976Jul 27-
7Head Over Heels 2Paris Filmes $25,402,893724$2,816,10111.1%715Dec 28-
8Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked20th Century Fox International $21,891,238553$3,978,50218.2%553Jan 6-
9The Hobbit: An Unexpected JourneyWarner Bros. $18,123,9421,018$4,175,35923%1,018Dec 14-
10Till Luck Do Us PartParis Filmes $16,963,608420$1,721,80410.1%415Oct 5-
11BraveWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $16,740,155704$3,636,60921.7%704Jul 20-
12The Expendables 2-$16,370,725655$3,705,99922.6%655Aug 31-
13Men in Black 3Sony Pictures Releasing $16,225,163852$4,948,49430.5%852May 25-
14Wrath of the TitansWarner Bros. $15,869,618532$4,190,22326.4%526Mar 30-
15Hotel TransylvaniaSony Pictures Releasing $15,436,030445$2,832,03918.3%445Oct 5-
16Life of Pi20th Century Fox International $14,850,001418---Dec 21-
17SkyfallSony Pictures Releasing $14,631,082558$3,189,03121.8%537Oct 26-
18Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance-$14,485,312516$3,402,37723.5%505Feb 17-
19Sherlock Holmes: A Game of ShadowsWarner Bros. $13,754,895445$3,203,67323.3%445Jan 13-
20Party CrashersWarner Bros. $12,867,493337$1,774,27513.8%337Nov 30-
21Rise of the GuardiansParamount Pictures International $12,470,793560$2,430,57319.5%549Nov 30-
22Did You... Score?Paris Filmes $12,351,892519$1,411,92011.4%519Jun 20-
23Snow White and the HuntsmanUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $12,265,099464$2,584,95921.1%464Jun 1-
24Jack and JillSony Pictures Releasing $11,903,884300$2,393,62820.1%295Feb 10-
25The Adventures of TintinSony Pictures Releasing $10,626,954444---Jan 20-
26The Hunger GamesParis Filmes $10,152,708636$3,149,05131%636Mar 23-
27Resident Evil: RetributionSony Pictures Releasing $9,803,060409$3,116,06031.8%397Sep 14-
28Mirror Mirror-$9,127,201426$2,514,67327.6%426Apr 6-
29TedUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $8,804,052274$50,4740.6%90Sep 14-
30American ReunionUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $7,621,704278$1,942,14625.5%278Apr 20-
31HugoParamount Pictures International $7,575,951308$981,38313%308Feb 17-
32Prometheus20th Century Fox International $7,237,459504$2,261,30331.2%504Jun 15-
33Gonzaga: From Father to Son-$7,183,742378$989,73213.8%378Oct 26-
34The Intouchables-$7,045,373115$423,3006%115Aug 31-
35John CarterWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $6,544,723469$2,385,95436.5%439Mar 9-
36Paranormal Activity 4Paramount Pictures International $5,958,586262$1,669,08028%262Oct 19-
37Journey 2: The Mysterious IslandWarner Bros. $5,906,369344$1,860,06231.5%344Feb 3-
38Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter20th Century Fox International $5,848,590331$2,092,49735.8%331Sep 7-
39Total RecallSony Pictures Releasing $5,718,383485$2,053,14835.9%485Aug 17-
40Underworld AwakeningSony Pictures Releasing $5,685,076277$1,938,52934.1%277Mar 2-
41This Means War20th Century Fox International $5,280,170319$1,476,84128%319Mar 16-
42The LoraxUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $5,193,161542$1,719,95533.1%542Mar 30-
2012 3D Release
20th Century Fox International $5,090,487273$1,453,19328.5%240Apr 13-
44Dark ShadowsWarner Bros. $4,884,632270$1,181,24124.2%270Jun 22-
45Taken 220th Century Fox International $4,804,786213$991,62620.6%200Oct 5-
46Agamenon: The FilmParis Filmes $4,372,011244$1,247,04928.5%244Jan 6-
47The Girl with the Dragon TattooSony Pictures Releasing $4,187,761248$1,076,59025.7%248Jan 27-
48The ImpossibleParis Filmes $4,151,580269---Dec 21-
49To Rome with LoveParis Filmes $4,035,284122$713,97717.7%122Jun 29-
50The Iron LadyParis Filmes $3,907,024131$751,98519.2%129Feb 17-
51BattleshipUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $3,773,080510$1,376,46236.5%510May 11-
52The Descendants20th Century Fox International $3,767,380154$966,69325.7%154Jan 27-
53Hope Springs-$3,544,186152$725,93520.5%149Aug 17-
54The DictatorParamount Pictures International $3,203,377245$962,15630%245Aug 24-
55The Devil InsideParamount Pictures International $3,063,980275$1,183,94138.6%275Feb 3-
56The Pirates! Band of MisfitsSony Pictures Releasing $2,883,956275$891,59630.9%260May 11-
57The PossessionParis Filmes $2,823,230197$883,09331.3%197Nov 2-
58Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure
2012 Re-release
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $2,765,73319---Sep 21-
59The Secret of the Gods-$2,763,072319$1,026,15337.1%318Sep 21-
60ArgoWarner Bros. $2,697,678108$388,14914.4%102Nov 9-
61Totally InnocentsParis Filmes $2,659,775160$649,40324.4%151Sep 7-
62What to Expect When You're ExpectingUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $2,402,314178$740,52330.8%174Aug 3-
63The Woman in BlackParis Filmes $2,362,332207$960,56740.7%207Feb 24-
64The Bourne LegacyUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $2,315,156241$900,83938.9%241Sep 7-
65LooperParis Filmes $2,244,242340$906,27240.4%340Sep 28-
66SinisterParis Filmes $2,156,508177$265,96812.3%170Oct 12-
67XinguSony Pictures Releasing $2,131,168197$542,63825.5%197Apr 6-
68The ArtistParis Filmes $2,127,93169$315,83914.8%58Feb 10-
69ParaNormanUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $2,127,388243$1,110,48652.2%238Sep 7-
70Heleno-$2,126,38464$162,6937.7%64Mar 30-
71Spy Kids 4-D: All the Time in the World-$1,980,805218$950,35248%218Mar 16-
72E a Vida Continua...Paris Filmes $1,907,227148$495,59726%134Sep 14-
73Artificial Paradises-$1,872,736232$513,57327.4%232May 4-
74Safe HouseUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $1,782,280168$713,82540.1%168Mar 16-
75FrankenweenieWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $1,736,110240$795,88345.8%240Nov 2-
76Two Rabbits-$1,647,168240---Jan 20-
77OutbackPlayArte Filmes $1,629,112238$504,64631%238Aug 17-
78On the RoadPlayArte Filmes $1,592,254120$424,53426.7%117Jul 13-
79One for the MoneyPlayArte Filmes $1,530,861150$518,91133.9%148Apr 13-
80The VowSony Pictures Releasing $1,526,25288$443,57329.1%84Jun 8-
81The Reef 2: High TidePlayArte Filmes $1,486,228264$524,08935.3%264Nov 2-
82Man on a LedgeParis Filmes $1,463,377200$592,59340.5%200Feb 3-
83The Darkest Hour20th Century Fox International $1,461,443129$381,19226.1%129Jan 13-
84Chernobyl DiariesParis Filmes $1,294,607140$107,3288.3%70Jul 13-
8521 Jump StreetSony Pictures Releasing $1,271,186204$611,91948.1%204May 4-
86The RavenParis Filmes $1,260,033184$594,74747.2%184May 18-
87Arbitrage-$1,220,14058---Dec 21-
88Billi Pig-$1,183,281213$552,34046.7%213Mar 2-
89A Dangerous Method-$1,163,48142$268,22023.1%42Mar 30-
90Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace
2012 3D Release
20th Century Fox International $1,076,408180$648,92960.3%180Feb 10-
91War HorseWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $1,073,065127$460,48542.9%116Jan 6-
92Chronicle20th Century Fox International $1,067,752158$494,26446.3%158Mar 2-
93A Separation-$1,032,8109---Jan 20-
94Get the Gringo-$1,025,462191$541,93852.8%191May 18-
95Finding Nemo
2012 3D Release
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $1,023,565218$276,55927%218Oct 12-
96Katy Perry: Part of MeParamount Pictures International $1,011,453175$476,84547.1%152Aug 3-
97The Lucky OneWarner Bros. $1,003,664158$397,86939.6%155May 4-
98Breaking WindPlayArte Filmes $980,977195$443,70745.2%195Mar 2-
99Seeking Justice-$974,263192$569,49358.5%192Mar 9-
100The Grey-$958,77388$356,34437.2%88Apr 20-
101Extremely Loud & Incredibly CloseWarner Bros. $938,65799$410,92443.8%99Feb 24-
102Destiny Road-$926,11451$225,73324.4%51Nov 2-
103House at the End of the StreetParis Filmes $910,126117$345,73538%117Dec 7-
104Raul: O Início, o Fim e o MeioParamount Pictures International $909,36936$182,36620.1%34Mar 23-
105Killing Them Softly-$874,43057$266,83430.5%57Nov 30-
106GoneParis Filmes $869,949131$390,71244.9%131Apr 13-
107Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days20th Century Fox International $868,05963$219,60525.3%60Nov 2-
108Pina-$864,44131$154,61017.9%31Mar 23-
109O Diário de Tati-$837,709103$118,67114.2%103Aug 24-
110360Paris Filmes $824,540130$288,74035%130Aug 17-
111Bachelorette-$806,819144$313,60238.9%144Dec 7-
112J. EdgarWarner Bros. $795,98277$279,20535.1%76Jan 27-
113Beauty and the Beast
2012 3D Release
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $793,514115$343,02143.2%115Feb 3-
114The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel20th Century Fox International $770,98642$159,58620.7%42May 11-
115The HelpWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $764,72372$257,07133.6%72Feb 3-
116Tinker Tailor Soldier SpyPlayArte Filmes $757,79757$196,69426%35Jan 13-
117Drive-$742,44660$249,27333.6%60Mar 2-
118The Watch20th Century Fox International $714,65498$272,59038.1%95Sep 14-
119Along the Way20th Century Fox International $713,129215$207,47229.1%215Aug 10-
120The Last House on the Left
2012 Re-release
Universal Pictures International (UPI) $706,170----Dec 7-
121MoneyballSony Pictures Releasing $682,58735$128,69118.9%35Feb 17-
122Lawless-$638,430100$94,00714.7%100Oct 12-
123My Week with Marilyn-$631,23251$206,23232.7%51Apr 27-
124Kings & RatsWarner Bros. $620,926174$163,95526.4%174Feb 17-
125DreddParis Filmes $619,623194$293,73947.4%194Sep 21-
126Magic Mike-$597,37697$273,86145.8%97Nov 2-
127Alex CrossPlayArte Filmes $593,66694$147,54924.9%94Dec 7-
128All Together-$587,19923$2,2030.4%6Oct 5-
129We Have a Pope-$573,15524---Mar 16-
130ShameParis Filmes $557,24341$187,13733.6%41Mar 16-
131Carnage-$513,19734$114,54622.3%34Jun 7-
132Haywire-$509,20064$226,19444.4%64Apr 13-
133Red Lights-$503,62788$196,27839%79Sep 21-
134The Music According to Antonio Carlos JobimSony Pictures Releasing $477,14618---Jan 20-
135Delicacy-$429,91020$63,90814.9%17May 25-
136The Rum Diary-$425,36529$108,73825.6%29Apr 20-
137Rock of AgesWarner Bros. $422,285121$217,54851.5%121Aug 24-
138Project XWarner Bros. $413,031104$192,11246.5%104Mar 16-
139The Dancer and the Thief
2011 Re-release
Paris Filmes $409,77223---Mar 30-
140The Perks of Being a WallflowerParis Filmes $407,82134$110,83227.2%34Oct 19-
141No-$397,04729$48,72312.3%29Dec 28-
142Tropicália-$387,44840$85,10722%39Sep 14-
143Friends with KidsParis Filmes $370,66886$196,93253.1%86Jun 1-
144Trouble with the CurveWarner Bros. $368,95446$155,56342.2%46Nov 23-
145White ElephantParis Filmes $338,90321$2,4580.7%21Nov 9-
146End of Watch-$326,70588$14,3144.4%37Nov 2-
147The Flowers of WarPlayArte Filmes $320,94845$91,27128.4%45May 25-
148Seeking a Friend for the End of the WorldParis Filmes $315,351113$162,86651.6%113Aug 31-
149The Dinosaur Project-$313,897104$156,94050%104Sep 7-
150I'd Receive the Worst News from Your Beautiful LipsSony Pictures Releasing $289,45232$81,49428.2%32Apr 20-
151The Ages of Love-$288,88525$42,81714.8%25Apr 27-
152Moonrise KingdomUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $280,73424$5,2191.9%5Oct 12-
153The Women on the 6th Floor-$278,33011---Feb 10-
154The AwakeningPlayArte Filmes $276,9281---Feb 17-
155The Snows of Kilimanjaro-$274,34721$15,4795.6%3Apr 6-
156Albert NobbsParis Filmes $269,9539---Feb 24-
157We Need to Talk About KevinParis Filmes $267,7035---Jan 27-
158Cosmopolis-$262,00323$79,92030.5%23Sep 7-
159The Ledge-$262,00344$37,68514.4%44Aug 10-
160Ruby Sparks20th Century Fox International $260,73654$39,01015%54Oct 12-
161W.E.PlayArte Filmes $257,5593---Mar 9-
162Silent House-$254,04342$97,94238.6%42Aug 24-
163LOL-$244,911116$139,18256.8%116Aug 10-
164The Words-$244,55952$123,76950.6%52Nov 23-
165What's in a Name?-$242,6597---Dec 21-
166Last Night-$237,76932$62,52726.3%32Jun 15-
167Like Water-$227,332171$227,332100%171Mar 16-
168Dirty Hearts-$220,59336$55,84125.3%36Aug 17-
169The CampaignWarner Bros. $200,90957$97,79748.7%57Oct 19-
170House of Tolerance-$197,8623---Jan 6-
171SavagesUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $196,42927$63,96632.6%27Oct 5-
172Area Q.-$189,99565$88,52846.6%65Apr 13-
17331 minutos, la película
2012 Re-release
-$188,971136$42,35322.4%132Aug 3-
174The Players-$183,68516$45,82824.9%16Sep 7-
175Lesson Faust-$178,90510$9,1885.1%3Jun 29-
176Where Do We Go Now?-$174,98418$1,2180.7%8Nov 9-
177Day of the FalconWarner Bros. $173,98832$72,58741.7%32Apr 13-
178The Art of Love-$173,37915---Sep 21-
179Clandestine Childhood-$171,15220$48,57828.4%18Dec 7-
180Violeta Went to Heaven-$170,82014$28,86416.9%11Jun 8-
181The First Beautiful Thing
2011 Re-release
-$169,33413$20,66712.2%4Jun 7-
182Salmon Fishing in the YemenParis Filmes $158,72048$76,51248.2%48Jun 15-
183Another Woman's Life-$157,6186$6,3334%4Aug 17-
184Like Someone in Love-$155,54311$10,4886.7%2Nov 9-
185Le Havre-$143,9619---Mar 2-
186This Must Be the Place-$142,92413$22,70315.9%12Jul 27-
187Beloved-$140,5977$9,5356.8%5Jul 13-
188TomboyPandora Filmes $139,1191---Jan 13-
189Elles-$126,63910$12,99410.3%10Jul 20-
190Take This Waltz-$125,59021$44,82535.7%16Dec 7-
191Soberano 2: A Heroica Conquista do Mundial de 2005-$123,48847$54,95144.5%47Aug 24-
192Pitch PerfectUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $122,24549$50,79241.5%49Dec 7-
193The SourceParis Filmes $122,1224---Jan 20-
1947 Days in Havana-$121,04510$7,5326.2%6Oct 26-
195Act of Valor-$116,82636$54,15846.4%36Aug 3-
196War of the Buttons-$108,82015$23,65521.7%15Jul 6-
197Bel Ami-$108,44329$44,58241.1%28Aug 3-
198Rat Fever-$105,36713$18,31617.4%13Jun 22-
199Snow Flower and the Secret FanParis Filmes $102,94629$38,94037.8%29Apr 20-
200Hysteria-$97,26721$25,07125.8%21Nov 9-
201The Wind Rises-$93,3577---Feb 21-
202Holy Motors-$93,16510$11,70112.6%10Nov 30-
203The LadyParis Filmes $92,26021$8730.9%7Jul 20-
204The Well-Digger's Daughter-$89,61919---Dec 21-
205Young AdultParamount Pictures International $87,02210$36,15841.6%10Apr 6-
206Hit and Run-$86,60444$48,36855.8%44Oct 19-
207The Monk-$85,3717$18,30721.4%5Sep 7-
208Once Upon a Time Veronica-$81,92516---Nov 9-
209I Wish-$80,51910$16,36320.3%9May 18-
210Declaration of War-$72,5177$24,59233.9%7Jan 6-
211All Our Desires-$69,6393---Sep 14-
212The Rabbi's Cat-$69,12613$12,65418.3%13Aug 24-
213Bebê Mais: Bichos II-$67,70420$8,86513.1%18Dec 25-
214Liv & Ingmar-$66,1017$10,22315.5%7Dec 14-
215678-$63,6664---Mar 9-
216The Conspirator-$62,34313$27,69344.4%13May 4-
217Boca-$62,02127$20,70533.4%27Sep 28-
218Big MiracleUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $60,5382---Mar 9-
219Together Forever
2012 Re-release
-$59,8955$17,66629.5%3Aug 3-
220ATMPlayArte Filmes $59,81510$14,22923.8%9Jul 20-
221Am Ende kommen Touristen
2012 Re-release
Pandora Filmes $58,12712$8,04713.8%11Jun 1-
22218 Meals
2012 Re-release
-$58,0044$17,84630.8%4Nov 2-
223FootnoteSony Pictures Releasing $51,5161$4,3208.4%1Dec 14-
224My First Wedding-$51,3753---Mar 16-
225A Burning Hot Summer-$50,7835$8,55716.9%3Jun 1-
226Come as You Are-$49,78510$7,04214.1%6May 25-
227Widows-$48,08214---Dec 21-
228In the Land of Blood and HoneyParis Filmes $46,65216$23,65650.7%16Dec 7-
229Celeste & Jesse ForeverSony Pictures Releasing $45,2189$19,91444%9Nov 30-
230Curitiba Zero Grau-$44,9867$5,87513.1%7Aug 17-
231Route Irish-$44,9316---Oct 5-
232Who Cares?-$43,5855$3,5898.2%2Apr 13-
233Little White Lies-$42,6976---Jul 6-
234The Minister-$41,9373$8,15319.4%3Aug 10-
235Sister-$41,0264---Jun 29-
2012 Re-release
-$39,8334$8,34921%4Jun 8-
237My Joy-$39,2752---Mar 2-
2012 Re-release
Pandora Filmes $38,6617---Dec 21-
239The Extra Man-$38,34710$6611.7%5Jun 15-
240Vou Rifar meu Coração-$37,7708$5,79015.3%8Aug 3-
241Cara ou Coroa-$36,32513$11,56431.8%13Sep 7-
242The Art of Getting By-$36,26614$9,06825%14Aug 24-
243Marighella-$34,37411$1,0623.1%7Aug 10-
244Polisse-$32,78611$8232.5%8Sep 7-
245The Invisible Eye
2012 Re-release
-$32,6513---Dec 21-
246Peixonauta: Agente Secreto Da O.s.t.r.a.-$31,70838$13,15341.5%38Nov 9-
247Headhunters-$31,2006$2,1036.7%2Jul 6-
248Found Memories-$30,1543$2,3427.8%3Jul 6-
249Le Quattro Volte-$29,2081---Dec 21-
250Sleeping Beauty-$29,1146---Mar 30-
251Love and Bruises-$27,5216$4,32615.7%2May 4-
25213 Assassins-$27,5147---Jul 13-
253Prime Time SoapUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $25,04717---Mar 30-
254My WayPandora Filmes $25,0179$6,37225.5%9Sep 14-
255Laurence Anyways-$24,4755$8,52434.8%5Nov 2-
256August-$22,3241---Mar 23-
257Disparos-$22,12917$8,03536.3%17Nov 23-
258À moi seule-$21,4332---Sep 21-
2012 Re-release
Pandora Filmes $18,8417---Nov 9-
260Golakani Kirkuk - The Flowers of Kirkuk
2012 Re-release
-$18,0901---Mar 23-
261Brownian Movement-$16,9421---Jul 6-
262Olhar Contestado-$16,4826---Oct 19-
263Little Girl-$16,4701---Mar 23-
264Luz Nas Trevas: A Volta Do Bandido Da Luz Vermelh-$16,0142---May 4-
2012 Re-release
-$15,56010$4,76330.6%10Jul 6-
266A Long Journey-$15,3503$1,96612.8%1May 11-
267Americano-$14,6105$2,07414.2%5Apr 20-
268The Salesman-$14,4672---Jan 13-
269Dancing Dreams-$13,1814$2,87321.8%2Apr 27-
270Rebellion-$12,9705---Aug 31-
271A Happy Event-$12,7414---Dec 21-
272Way Beyond Weight-$12,7038---Nov 9-
273Onde O Coruja Dorme-$12,6523$4,27033.7%3Nov 2-
2745x Pacificação-$12,55916$4,57036.4%16Nov 16-
275A Call Girl
2012 Re-release
-$12,2613---Apr 27-
276O Homem Que Não DormiaPandora Filmes $11,97111$1,72514.4%6Apr 27-
277Born to Be Wild
2012 Re-release
Warner Bros. $11,8575---Dec 21-
278The Old Woman at the Back
2012 Re-release
-$11,5503---Jun 15-
279The Mill and the Cross-$10,8212---Jul 6-
280The Life of Fish
2012 Re-release
-$10,6022---Apr 6-
281Swirl-$9,8882---Apr 27-
282A Useful Life
2012 Re-release
-$9,6382$2,54426.4%1Sep 28-
283Some Like It Hot
2012 Re-release
Pandora Filmes $9,4831---Aug 3-
284Kaboom-$7,9325$1,44618.2%5Jun 7-
285Romance De Formacao-$7,5813---May 11-
286Southwest-$7,4331---Oct 19-
287Circular-$6,3751---Oct 12-
288Life in a Day-$5,9711---Apr 20-
289Paralelo 10-$5,7841---May 4-
2012 Re-release
-$5,60820$3,03854.2%20Aug 24-
291Antonio Conselheiro: O Taumaturgo Dos Sertoes-$5,5453$1,21621.9%3Aug 10-
292Love in Transit
2012 Re-release
-$5,4222$96417.8%2Dec 14-
293Oliver Sherman-$5,0971$3697.2%1May 18-
294Menos que Nada-$4,7106$1,68035.7%6Jul 20-
295Puzzled Love-$4,2601$1,42833.5%1Aug 3-
296Construção-$4,2005$1,18128.1%2Nov 23-
297Virando bicho-$3,73618$1,51940.7%18Nov 9-
298An Ordinary Man-$2,9806$1,01234%6Aug 31-
299Valley of the Forgotten-$2,7302---Apr 20-
300Dino Cazzola-$2,3653$66828.2%2Nov 30-
301All That I Love
2012 Re-release
-$2,1602---Nov 16-
302Astro: An Urban Fable in a Magical Rio De Janeiro-$2,0997$2,099100%7Nov 2-
303Mother and Daughter-$1,8761---Feb 10-
304Sagrado Segredo-$1,8524$39921.5%4Aug 3-
305Cantoras do Brasil: Gaby Amarantos Canta Clementina De Jesus-$1,6791---Nov 15-
2012 Re-release
-$1,6667$92955.8%5Dec 7-
307Apnea-$1,5473$1,547100%3Dec 14-
308Marcelo Yuka no Caminho das Setas (Marcelo Yuka: Follow the Signs)-$1,4145---Nov 30-
309Remembering the Children-$8971---Jan 20-
310Argus Montenegro & A Instabilidade Do Tempo Forte-$5161---Apr 20-
311Dia de Preto-$3033$303100%3Nov 23-
312Sao Paulo Companhia De Danca-$1081$108100%1Nov 23-
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