Argentinian Box Office For 2012

RankRelease Distributor GrossTheatersTotal GrossRelease Date
1Ice Age: Continental Drift20th Century Fox International $22,990,769265$28,673,312Jun 28
2Madagascar 3: Europe's Most WantedParamount Pictures International $17,092,880235$17,094,127Jun 7
3The AvengersWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $15,796,333237$17,331,732Apr 26
4The Dark Knight RisesWarner Bros. $10,955,266272$10,955,266Jul 26
5BraveWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $10,554,854251$10,564,133Jul 12
6The Amazing Spider-ManSony Pictures Releasing $8,270,500233$8,270,500Jul 5
7The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2Alfa Films $7,148,281241$7,304,324Nov 15
82 + 2Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $5,646,713138$5,648,736Aug 16
9The Hobbit: An Unexpected JourneyWarner Bros. $5,212,864300$7,350,369Dec 13
10Taken 220th Century Fox International $5,037,306102$4,962,723Oct 4
11Wrath of the TitansWarner Bros. $4,798,631153$5,226,328Mar 29
12Hotel TransylvaniaUnited International Pictures (UIP) $4,622,310140$827,005Oct 4
13TedUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $4,562,42995$4,562,985Sep 6
14Men in Black 3Sony Pictures Releasing $4,261,681211$4,261,681May 24
15White ElephantPrimer Plano Film Group $3,958,10289$8,212May 17
16Paranormal Activity 4Paramount Pictures International $3,902,431128$3,850,910Oct 18
17Snow White and the HuntsmanUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $3,852,538116$3,857,008May 31
18Puss in BootsUnited International Pictures (UIP) $3,842,986232$856,929Dec 8
19Sherlock Holmes: A Game of ShadowsWarner Bros. $3,668,833131$3,670,124Jan 12
20Journey 2: The Mysterious IslandWarner Bros. $3,437,210126$4,877,070Feb 2
21Rise of the GuardiansUnited International Pictures (UIP) $3,431,940135$314,955Nov 22
22Hold Up!Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $3,206,24685$3,206,246Aug 2
23American ReunionUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $3,140,88753$3,140,887Apr 12
24The MuppetsWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $3,048,632103$3,058,833Jan 12
25Dark ShadowsWarner Bros. $2,948,39873$2,950,986Jun 21
26John CarterWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $2,914,219135$2,915,604Mar 8
27Mission: Impossible - Ghost ProtocolParamount Pictures International $2,829,690146$2,837,856Jan 5
2012 3D Release
20th Century Fox International $2,822,80885$2,822,880Apr 12
29SkyfallSony Pictures Releasing $2,767,915146$2,820,639Nov 1
30Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked20th Century Fox International $2,596,31986$2,597,840Jan 5
31Resident Evil: RetributionSony Pictures Releasing $2,489,598110$2,489,598Sep 27
32The Hunger Games-$2,365,703124$2,365,803Mar 22
33HugoParamount Pictures International $2,294,11699$2,294,166Feb 9
34The Expendables 2Alfa Films $2,188,644112$2,191,925Aug 16
35Prometheus20th Century Fox International $2,135,619116$2,135,619Jun 14
36The Secret of the GodsWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $2,074,90193$2,078,925Aug 23
37Peter Capusotto y sus 3 dimensionesWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $2,012,78275$2,015,455Jan 26
38Hope Springs-$1,994,55056$1,994,550Sep 13
39Mirror Mirror-$1,962,28469$1,964,032Apr 5
40To Rome with Love-$1,901,06462$2,616,392Jun 28
41The Devil InsideParamount Pictures International $1,833,11461$1,945,715Feb 23
42Immortals-$1,717,399104$1,717,399Jan 26
43BattleshipUnited International Pictures (UIP) $1,509,903122$1,510,747May 10
44Finding Nemo
2012 3D Release
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $1,459,01188$1,461,484Sep 20
45The Adventures of TintinSony Pictures Releasing $1,440,228154$1,440,228Jan 5
46The Woman in Black-$1,414,04648$1,414,046Feb 9
47The LoraxUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $1,337,779106$1,528,691Mar 29
48Tower HeistUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $1,329,85052$1,329,850Jan 19
49Jack and JillSony Pictures Releasing $1,322,60444$1,322,604Feb 16
50Chernobyl Diaries-$1,229,05760$1,229,057Aug 2
51The DictatorParamount Pictures International $1,215,85638$1,215,856Jul 19
52The Possession-$1,211,52666$1,212,082Aug 30
53The Descendants20th Century Fox International $1,150,31054$1,499,714Feb 2
54FrankenweenieWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $1,142,63788$1,145,240Nov 1
55Beauty and the Beast
2012 3D Release
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $1,090,65182$1,093,277May 10
56The Artist-$1,056,49547$1,166,339Feb 16
57Safe HouseUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $1,014,52753$1,014,527Mar 22
58Project XWarner Bros. $939,14949$940,771Mar 15
59Clandestine ChildhoodDistribution Company $920,88549$907,322Sep 20
60The Pirates! Band of MisfitsSony Pictures Releasing $898,756110$898,756Apr 19
61La suerte en tus manosWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $885,20267$975,070Mar 29
62The Darkest Hour20th Century Fox International $870,26773$870,267Jan 12
63Underworld AwakeningSony Pictures Releasing $851,00285$851,002Mar 1
64SinisterAlfa Films $848,88046$839,290Oct 25
65The Three Stooges20th Century Fox International $848,65150$848,651Jul 19
66Total RecallSony Pictures Releasing $790,50699$790,506Aug 9
67Extraños en la nocheWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $785,31265$787,382Apr 5
68Apartment 143-$771,51434$771,514Jul 12
69The Bourne LegacyUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $759,03468$759,977Aug 23
70J. EdgarWarner Bros. $723,52942$725,861Jan 26
71The IntouchablesDistribution Company $702,90430$702,904Aug 2
72ArgoWarner Bros. $695,68560$1,219,496Oct 18
73Everybody Has a Plan20th Century Fox International $687,00051$687,000Aug 30
74Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance-$684,17786$685,576Mar 15
75The Girl with the Dragon TattooSony Pictures Releasing $672,94152$672,941Jan 19
76Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter20th Century Fox International $657,65887$657,658Aug 9
77ParaNormanUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $639,21797$626,197Oct 25
78Spy Kids 4-D: All the Time in the World-$636,23271$791,597Feb 16
79A Dangerous MethodAlfa Films $627,89524$670,096Mar 29
80Chronicle20th Century Fox International $604,11149$659,921Feb 23
81Looper-$599,84863$599,848Oct 11
82Waiting for the HearsePrimer Plano Film Group $596,55051$596,550Oct 25
83La pelea de mi vidaWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $576,81287$577,991Sep 6
84The ApparitionWarner Bros. $573,58951$574,702Sep 13
85[REC] 3: GenesisCDI Films $549,06726$549,067Apr 19
86The CollectionDistribution Company $540,65744$596,595Nov 29
87The Ides of MarchDistribution Company $540,49739$540,497Jan 19
88The Lucky OneWarner Bros. $515,64447$517,799May 3
89The Grey-$511,93127$511,931Apr 12
90The Raven-$510,63041$510,630Jun 7
91War HorseWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $508,05548$646,217Feb 16
92Killing Them SoftlyAlfa Films $498,65652$574,169Dec 6
93The Iron LadyDistribution Company $495,16541$842,166Feb 2
94Shark Night 3DWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $480,61649$868,853Dec 22
95House at the End of the Street-$474,42253$474,971Sep 27
96Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace
2012 3D Release
20th Century Fox International $471,20879$595,820Feb 16
97This Means War20th Century Fox International $437,79245$439,163Mar 15
98The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel20th Century Fox International $377,57021$377,570May 24
99Trouble with the CurveWarner Bros. $372,71844$373,964Nov 22
100Drive-$366,88624$366,886Mar 1
101The HelpWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $363,28121$368,277Jan 12
102Extremely Loud & Incredibly CloseWarner Bros. $362,92342$402,938Feb 23
103Seven Psychopaths-$361,36661$369,293Nov 29
104Silent House-$354,71330$354,713Sep 23
105A Few Best MenAlfa Films $347,29937$347,302May 17
106The Last ElvisWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $341,79538$416,208Apr 26
107Man on a LedgeAlfa Films $339,40941$339,409Jan 26
108The Rum DiaryDistribution Company $338,84744$338,847Apr 19
109A SeparationAlfa Films $331,66316$331,663May 3
110Soledad y LarguiruchoDistribution Company $315,93855$315,938Jul 12
111Tinker Tailor Soldier SpyDistribution Company $306,76118$329,866Feb 23
112Margin CallDistribution Company $291,72220$291,722Mar 15
11350/50Distribution Company $243,51519$243,515Jan 5
114CarnageAlfa Films $241,24237$241,454Mar 8
115Bachelorette-$239,43128$295,900Dec 6
11621 Jump StreetSony Pictures Releasing $231,17252$231,172May 3
117The DoubleDistribution Company $225,06030$225,060May 17
118SavagesUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $224,65647$224,656Sep 13
119Le HavreAlfa Films $219,58011$219,580May 24
120We Bought a Zoo20th Century Fox International $217,31548$280,152Dec 29
121The VowSony Pictures Releasing $214,03434$214,034May 10
122En fuera de juegoPrimer Plano Film Group $206,99149$208,693Jun 14
123Ni un hombre más-$198,13646$198,261Nov 8
124Lawless-$187,32936$229,814Dec 13
125Red LightsDistribution Company $184,39337$184,393Oct 11
126Day of the FalconWarner Bros. $165,26723$166,261Apr 5
127Get the Gringo-$164,94446$165,607Aug 30
128No te enamores de mí-$158,83222$160,860May 10
129Gone Fishing-$153,38424$154,710Nov 15
130MoneyballSony Pictures Releasing $151,38950$517,150Dec 15
131The CampaignWarner Bros. $149,48324$149,981Nov 1
132360-$149,37224$149,372Sep 6
133Néstor Kirchner, la películaDistribution Company $148,71679$616,205Nov 22
134New Year's EveWarner Bros. $143,69170$1,003,451Dec 8
135Friends with KidsAlfa Films $142,86912$142,869Jul 12
136Moonrise KingdomUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $137,28615$137,286Oct 18
1377 Days in HavanaImpacto Cine $136,30030$146,106Dec 6
138The Star MakerPrimer Plano Film Group $136,20062$42,146Aug 30
139Rock of AgesWarner Bros. $134,88026$136,010Aug 16
140Led Zeppelin: Celebration Day-$134,75315$134,753Nov 8
141The Mill and the Cross-$134,19211$134,192Aug 16
142The Clairvoyant's PrayerPrimer Plano Film Group $128,99817$128,998Jun 21
143EllesCDI Films $128,86316$128,863Aug 30
144The Women on the 6th FloorCDI Films $120,54412$120,544Apr 12
145Cave of Forgotten Dreams-$118,2209$139,327Dec 29
2012 Re-release
CDI Films $115,72623$115,726Mar 8
147HysteriaDistribution Company $114,04219$114,071Oct 25
148Shame-$112,09915$135,399Apr 26
149Salmon Fishing in the YemenAlfa Films $108,16324$108,163Jun 21
150CosmopolisDistribution Company $101,34518$101,345Nov 8
151Pinon Fijo Y La Magia De La MusicaDistribution Company $100,83994$242,451Dec 27
152Ruby Sparks20th Century Fox International $96,44219$96,442Sep 20
153Seeking a Friend for the End of the WorldAlfa Films $94,73332$94,733Sep 20
154In the OpenPrimer Plano Film Group $94,71218$94,712May 3
155DelicacyAlfa Films $92,17315$145,995Dec 13
156One for the MoneyAlfa Films $91,61625$91,616Mar 1
157GoneAlfa Films $91,35717$91,357Apr 19
158The Kid with a BikeDistribution Company $90,2448$90,244Jul 5
159The GuardSony Pictures Releasing $88,86416$88,864Mar 22
160My Week with MarilynDistribution Company $87,83014$87,830Jun 7
161The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1Alfa Films $86,124204$5,354,882Nov 17
162The Salt of LifeCDI Films $83,32614$93,112Mar 29
163The Way
2012 Re-release
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $77,8709$77,870Jul 5
164The SourceDistribution Company $75,73114$97,544Apr 26
165El PozoPrimer Plano Film Group $75,46927$75,469Apr 19
166DreddAlfa Films $74,51761$74,517Oct 11
167Where Do We Go Now?CDI Films $72,45413$72,454Nov 1
168Haywire-$70,46818$201,678Jun 14
169FootnoteSony Pictures Releasing $70,1547$70,154Apr 26
170In Time20th Century Fox International $70,14654$835,100Dec 1
171The Perks of Being a WallflowerAlfa Films $66,97414$66,974Nov 29
172The Minister-$64,97910$64,979Nov 22
173MasterplanWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $64,14612$65,228Oct 25
174When Pigs Have WingsDistribution Company $61,18914$61,189Aug 23
175The ConspiratorDistribution Company $58,51715$58,517Apr 5
176W.E.Distribution Company $56,87240$56,872Dec 13
177ChimpanzeeWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $56,59621$58,493Jun 14
178A Little Bit of HeavenDistribution Company $55,15019$55,150Mar 1
179The German FriendPrimer Plano Film Group $54,32015$54,320Oct 4
180The First Beautiful Thing
2011 Re-release
CDI Films $51,30214$258,357Nov 10
181Amor a maresPrimer Plano Film Group $51,29728$51,297Nov 15
182Arthur ChristmasSony Pictures Releasing $47,291143$740,891Dec 1
183I Want YouAlfa Films $46,92425$52,473Dec 20
184Back to StayPrimer Plano Film Group $46,0448$46,044May 31
185MaktubWarner Bros. $45,15222$98,666Oct 11
186El vagoneta en el mundo del cinePrimer Plano Film Group $42,73625$42,736Mar 22
187Una cita, una fiesta y un gato negroPrimer Plano Film Group $41,34014$41,340May 24
188Step Up RevolutionDistribution Company $40,55338$40,553Nov 29
189Seeking Justice-$39,84143$706,988Nov 24
190We Need to Talk About KevinAlfa Films $39,4276$39,427Apr 5
191Paranormal Activity 3Paramount Pictures International $37,04173$3,340,003Oct 20
192A Happy EventCDI Films $33,01511$33,015Jun 14
193Lesson Faust-$29,8038$47,614Dec 20
194The LadyAlfa Films $29,40412$29,404Aug 9
195Bel AmiAlfa Films $28,80212$28,802Nov 8
196Essential KillingIFA $27,2908$27,290May 10
197The Vampire Spider-$26,56512$26,565Oct 4
198Angel & Tony-$26,4585$26,458Jan 26
199Real SteelWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $25,105113$3,408,311Oct 6
200Sleeping Sickness-$23,7937$23,793Mar 22
201A Film with Me in It
2011 Re-release
Impacto Cine $23,1447$50,051Dec 15
202Happy Feet TwoWarner Bros. $21,146150$1,181,097Nov 24
203Ánima Buenos Aires-$18,83416$18,834May 3
204Pots and Pans-$18,41413$18,414Jun 7
205Asleep in the Sun-$17,72312$17,723Mar 15
20611-11-11-$16,59331$635,377Nov 3
207La despedida
2012 Re-release
-$15,83319$15,833Aug 23
208Las AcaciasDistribution Company $15,79613$113,013Nov 24
209The Skin I Live In-$15,39666$785,823Nov 3
210The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert HallUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $14,9438$29,698May 3
211Albert NobbsAlfa Films $14,9309$72,573Jun 14
212Another HeartPrimer Plano Film Group $14,79319$14,793Nov 8
213Domingo de ramosPrimer Plano Film Group $14,0054$14,936Jan 19
214Norberto's Deadline
2012 Re-release
Primer Plano Film Group $13,9863$15,685Jan 5
215Love Songs
2011 Re-release
-$13,5094$25,486Dec 22
2012 Re-release
-$13,1464$13,146Jan 12
217El notificadorPrimer Plano Film Group $12,3088$12,308Oct 18
218Sleep TightAlfa Films $12,21513$52,870Sep 6
219Industria Argentina-$11,73113$12,280Apr 12
220ContagionWarner Bros. $9,92767$1,512,020Oct 27
221DesmadrePrimer Plano Film Group $9,4597$2,764Jun 14
222Las mujeres llegan tarde-$8,8289$8,828Oct 18
223La mala verdadPrimer Plano Film Group $8,79418$56,400Dec 1
224Dulce de lechePrimer Plano Film Group $8,34211$8,762Nov 29
225I Don't Know How She Does ItDistribution Company $6,90253$278,418Dec 1
2267 Sea PiratesWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $6,65214$246,550Feb 2
2273-$6,6194$6,619Jul 5
228PompeyaPrimer Plano Film Group $6,5873$6,587Jul 5
229Marley-$6,4824$13,514Dec 27
230Alamar-$6,3736$32,204Dec 8
231Love Never Dies-$6,3087$6,308May 17
232La revolución es un sueño eterno-$6,1512$6,151May 17
233Madam Butterfly 3D-$5,7763$19,230Apr 26
234Ningún amor es perfecto-$5,7054$5,705Nov 22
235Last Night-$5,68914$96,619Dec 8
236The Sex of the Mothers-$4,7187$4,718Nov 1
237Another Silence-$4,5129$4,512Nov 8
238La cola-$4,1109$4,110Sep 13
239Enter the Void-$4,1085$4,108Mar 15
240The Chosen Heaven-$3,9007$3,900Sep 20
241Un mundo seguroPrimer Plano Film Group $3,7303$3,730Jan 5
242Verdades verdaderas, la vida de EstelaPrimer Plano Film Group $3,67528$92,515Nov 17
243La CaceríaPrimer Plano Film Group $3,3594$3,359Oct 11
244Cold Souls
2012 Re-release
IFA $3,3014$3,301Jan 5
245Water and SaltPrimer Plano Film Group $3,2991$3,299Jan 12
246Nosotras sin mamá-$3,2864$3,286Apr 5
247The Bell-$2,6298$13,401Dec 15
2012 Re-release
Primer Plano Film Group $2,2454$5,780Dec 13
249The Over the Hill Band
2012 Re-release
-$2,2345$2,234Nov 29
2012 Re-release
-$1,9833$1,983Apr 5
251The Last Look
2011 Re-release
-$1,8653$3,166Dec 22
2012 Re-release
-$1,7812$4,592Jun 14
253Parapolicial Negro: Apuntes para una prehistoria de la triple A-$1,7602$1,760Jun 14
254Dream HouseWarner Bros. $1,75347$792,293Oct 13
25535 Shots of Rum
2012 Re-release
-$1,6981$1,698May 10
256Clubbing-$1,51110$101,542Nov 3
257The Change-UpUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $1,02138$506,518Oct 27
258Qu'ils reposent en révolte (Des figures de guerre)-$9341$934Jul 12
259Tupac Amaru, algo está cambiando: something is changingPrimer Plano Film Group $8961$896Apr 12
260Arrieros-$8723$872Jul 12
261Las voces-$8371$6,719Jun 28
262Heartbeats-$7911$791Jun 7
263Putos peronistas, cumbia del sentimientoPrimer Plano Film Group $7072$707May 31
264The Tree of Life-$61726$595,294Sep 29
265MíaPrimer Plano Film Group $31210$24,528Nov 10
266Leo's Room
2012 Re-release
Primer Plano Film Group $621$62Nov 1
267SidewallsPrimer Plano Film Group $-88131$306,679Oct 6
268We Have a PopeAlfa Films $-4,23920$637,061Sep 8
269Midnight in Paris-$-64,93957$3,732,248Jun 30