Uruguayan Box Office For 2011

RankRelease GrossTheatersTotal GrossRelease DateDistributor
204Chloe$1584$24,675Dec 3-
203Leaving$1882$18,006Nov 19-
202No Return$2515$49,871Nov 5-
201Tuesday, After Christmas$2911$5,784Dec 30-
200A Rational Solution$4211$421Sep 23-
199Back to the Future Part II
2010 Re-release
$9004$2,714Nov 18Universal Pictures International (UPI)
198Senna$9011$1,951Nov 11Universal Pictures International (UPI)
197The House of Branching Love
2011 Re-release
$9821$5,202Dec 23-
2011 Re-release
$9931$993Sep 30-
195Carlos$1,1061$1,128Jul 6-
194Lebanon$1,4431$1,443Jul 22-
193Father of My Children$1,5521$1,552Apr 8-
192Puzzle$1,6351$1,635Apr 1-
191Anonymous$1,6644$22,462Dec 30Sony Pictures Releasing
190Buried$2,2604$30,758Dec 3-
189Remembering the Children$2,2791$2,279Apr 8-
188The Last Circus$2,3622$4,466Oct 28-
187The Man Next Door$2,4603$30,098Oct 29-
186Juan y Eva$2,5942$2,594Dec 9-
185La última cima
2011 Re-release
$2,5982$3,787Dec 2-
184The Cat Vanishes$2,6761$4,279Nov 18Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
183A Distant Place
2011 Re-release
$3,1071$3,107May 13-
182The Kids Are All Right$3,4035$41,338Nov 12-
181Dorian Gray$3,6251$3,912Jun 29-
180Charlie St. Cloud$3,8025$3,802Jan 1Universal Pictures International (UPI)
179The Greatest$3,8531$3,853Aug 5-
178Esma's Secret - Grbavica
2011 Re-release
$4,0441$4,044Jan 28-
177El Barrio De Los Judios$4,6741$4,674Aug 19-
176London River
2010 Re-release
$4,7002$15,911Dec 3-
175Paul$4,7583$4,758Dec 16Universal Pictures International (UPI)
174Sucker Punch$4,7735$4,773Apr 8Warner Bros.
173Secretariat$4,8141$4,814Jan 28Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
172African Cats$5,2052$5,205May 6Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
2011 Re-release
$5,3151$6,658Mar 4-
170El último Carnaval$5,4054$5,405May 13-
2010 Re-release
$6,0522$6,052Dec 9-
168The Human Resources Manager$6,1961$6,579Aug 26-
167Hermanitos del fin del mundo$6,6535$6,653Sep 16Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
166Paranormal Activity 2$6,8014$108,517Nov 5Paramount Pictures International
165Little Jerusalem
2011 Re-release
$6,8901$6,890May 27-
164Last Night$7,2262$26,635Dec 16-
163Güelcom$7,2502$7,250Dec 9-
162I Don't Know How She Does It$7,4024$16,064Dec 30-
161Agora$7,4282$22,188Dec 10-
160Skyline$7,8802$7,880Jan 28-
159Beyond the Road$8,4122$8,412Jun 3-
158The Beaver$9,7503$9,750Jul 29-
157I Spit on Your Grave$10,1092$10,109Apr 15-
2011 Re-release
$11,0832$11,083Sep 30-
155Easy A$11,1983$11,198Jan 14Sony Pictures Releasing
154Blue Valentine$11,2582$11,258Sep 2-
15330 Minutes or Less$11,4803$11,480Nov 11Sony Pictures Releasing
152The Last Exorcism$11,5103$11,510Apr 1-
151The Social Network$11,5945$84,986Oct 15Sony Pictures Releasing
150Fright Night$11,7345$11,734Oct 14Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
149Come Undone$12,0331$12,033Jun 10-
148Apollo 18$12,5853$12,585Oct 21-
147Winnie the Pooh$12,7796$12,779Apr 15Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
146The Whistleblower$13,3732$13,373Nov 11-
145Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked$13,4388$251,220Jan 620th Century Fox International
144Colombiana$13,4613$13,461Nov 25Sony Pictures Releasing
143Barney's Version$13,6642$15,550Nov 4-
142Glee: The 3D Concert Movie$13,7664$13,766Oct 720th Century Fox International
141The Adjustment Bureau$13,9396$13,939Aug 5Universal Pictures International (UPI)
140Rabbit Hole$14,0443$14,044Sep 2-
139The Names of Love$14,0773$14,077Nov 11-
138I Love You Phillip Morris
2010 Re-release
$14,1202$14,120Jun 3-
137Ajami$14,3611$14,361May 27-
136Due Date$15,7796$166,766Nov 5Warner Bros.
135Don't Be Afraid of the Dark$15,9783$15,978Oct 7-
134Top Cat: The Movie$16,9146$16,914Nov 18-
13322 Bullets$16,9703$16,970Mar 18-
132Conan the Barbarian$17,0795$17,079Sep 30-
131Piranha 3D$17,2874$17,287Feb 25-
130Devil$17,6335$17,633Mar 18Universal Pictures International (UPI)
129Megamind$18,15412$113,281Dec 3Paramount Pictures International
128The Resident$18,2233$19,996Dec 2-
127Inside Job$18,3551$20,172Apr 29Sony Pictures Releasing
126The Mechanic$19,3173$19,317Jun 10-
125TRON: Legacy$20,3138$59,323Dec 17Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
124Sanctum$20,7884$20,788Mar 4-
123Julia's Eyes$21,0214$21,021May 13Universal Pictures International (UPI)
122Cowboys & Aliens$21,2215$21,628Aug 26Paramount Pictures International
121I Am Love$21,2804$21,280Oct 14-
120Bridesmaids$21,6437$21,643Sep 23Universal Pictures International (UPI)
119Another Year$22,2762$22,276Oct 7-
118Potiche$22,3151$22,733Jul 6-
117Mother and Child$22,6861$22,686May 13-
116Loose Cannons$23,2772$26,359Nov 18-
115Drive Angry$23,6735$23,673Mar 18Warner Bros.
114My Afternoons with Margueritte$23,8941$83,726Nov 18-
113Incendies$24,2042$24,204Aug 12-
112Mid-August Lunch$24,4851$24,485Jun 24-
111The Switch$25,0385$38,103Dec 24-
110Of Gods and Men$25,0502$25,050Sep 9-
109Super 8$25,3746$25,374Sep 16Paramount Pictures International
108Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1$25,50818$387,688Nov 19Warner Bros.
107Somewhere$26,1835$26,183Mar 25Universal Pictures International (UPI)
106Stone$26,2263$26,226Apr 21-
105The Ward$26,4113$27,865Dec 2-
104Mademoiselle Chambon$26,8801$26,880Jan 28-
103Something Borrowed$27,3594$27,359Aug 12-
102Killer Elite$27,5114$31,509Dec 9-
101Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol$28,4608$133,309Dec 30Paramount Pictures International
100Pina$29,0213$36,620Nov 25-
99Priest$29,1116$29,111May 12Sony Pictures Releasing
98Water for Elephants$29,9523$30,376Apr 2820th Century Fox International
97I Am Number Four$30,2135$30,213Apr 8Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
96Torrente 4$30,2394$30,956Apr 28-
95The Three Musketeers$31,3046$31,304Oct 28-
94Fair Game$31,3824$31,382Jun 24-
93The Fighter$32,2655$32,265Feb 18-
92Mars Needs Moms$32,2867$32,286Mar 11Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
91Los Marziano$33,1125$36,302Nov 420th Century Fox International
90In Time$35,3485$35,348Nov 420th Century Fox International
89We Have a Pope$35,6456$40,222Nov 25-
88Red Riding Hood$36,5855$41,734Apr 21Warner Bros.
87RED$36,9373$36,937Jan 21-
86In a Better World$38,1591$40,555Oct 7-
85Burlesque$40,4033$40,403Jan 21Sony Pictures Releasing
84Source Code$41,3755$41,375Jul 29-
83Biutiful$41,8764$41,876Mar 4-
82Killers$42,9876$42,987May 6-
81Happy Feet Two$44,18414$44,620Nov 25Warner Bros.
80The Change-Up$46,1136$46,113Dec 2Universal Pictures International (UPI)
79Insidious$46,9053$46,905Aug 19-
78Arthur Christmas$47,78211$56,021Dec 16Sony Pictures Releasing
77Winter's Bone$47,8703$47,870Feb 4-
76New Year's Eve$48,22710$75,307Dec 16Warner Bros.
75Contagion$48,5106$50,434Oct 28Warner Bros.
74The Lincoln Lawyer$49,3603$49,360Jul 22-
73Unstoppable$49,6065$54,955Jan 720th Century Fox International
72Dream House$53,2725$53,272Oct 14Warner Bros.
71127 Hours$54,2326$54,232Feb 1820th Century Fox International
70Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son$55,7684$55,768Mar 1820th Century Fox International
69Certified Copy$56,3242$56,324Sep 16-
68The Skin I Live In$56,4817$56,481Oct 21-
67The Spy Next Door
2010 Re-release
$56,8214$56,821Jun 24-
66Hop$65,2845$65,284Apr 15Universal Pictures International (UPI)
65Bad Teacher$65,5687$67,226Sep 30Sony Pictures Releasing
64The Green Hornet$65,7518$65,751Feb 4Sony Pictures Releasing
63The Hedgehog
2009 Re-release
$66,3472$66,347Mar 25-
62Real Steel$67,7156$67,715Oct 7Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
61Gnomeo & Juliet$68,27810$68,278Sep 9-
60Larry Crowne$69,9057$69,905Aug 19-
59Love & Other Drugs$71,9076$71,907Feb 1120th Century Fox International
58Dolphin Tale$73,24910$73,249Sep 30Warner Bros.
57X-Men: First Class$73,4986$73,498Jun 1720th Century Fox International
56The Next Three Days$74,4505$75,079May 19-
55A Turtle's Tale: Sammy's Adventures$76,2725$76,272Feb 18-
54Crazy, Stupid, Love.$78,9317$80,112Aug 26Warner Bros.
53Thor$80,4256$82,485Apr 28Paramount Pictures International
52Friends with Benefits$81,1685$89,261Sep 9Sony Pictures Releasing
51Scream 4$81,1755$81,175Jun 17-
50Battle Los Angeles$81,7535$81,753Mar 11Sony Pictures Releasing
49Captain America: The First Avenger$92,1708$92,170Jul 29Paramount Pictures International
48Rango$93,2876$93,287Mar 4Paramount Pictures International
47Abduction$100,8305$100,830Sep 23-
46The Concert$106,7252$106,725Apr 8-
45Justin Bieber: Never Say Never$107,2126$107,212Mar 25Paramount Pictures International
44Hereafter$110,8937$110,893Jan 14Warner Bros.
43The Silent House$112,6163$112,616Mar 4-
42The Lion King
2011 3D Release
$114,9099$114,909Oct 14Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
41Green Lantern$116,3709$116,370Aug 19Warner Bros.
40Johnny English Reborn$117,0687$117,068Oct 28Universal Pictures International (UPI)
39True Grit$119,6708$119,670Feb 11Paramount Pictures International
383 Millones$120,19910$146,248Nov 4-
37Whatever Works$128,2405$128,240Apr 15-
36You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger$134,4294$150,604Dec 24-
35Manyas La Pelicula$134,9608$134,960Oct 7-
34Final Destination 5$135,9109$135,910Sep 9Warner Bros.
33Rise of the Planet of the Apes$137,2156$137,215Sep 220th Century Fox International
32My First Wedding$139,7397$139,739Sep 16-
31The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader$145,9629$185,692Jan 120th Century Fox International
30Unknown$165,9326$165,932Mar 4Warner Bros.
29Paranormal Activity 3$167,6338$167,633Oct 21Paramount Pictures International
28Reus$170,2714$170,271Mar 25-
27No Strings Attached$171,8005$171,800Feb 25Paramount Pictures International
26Gulliver's Travels$176,0126$176,012Jan 2120th Century Fox International
25The Rite$177,2826$177,282Feb 18Warner Bros.
24Horrible Bosses$180,3136$180,313Aug 5Warner Bros.
23Mr. Popper's Penguins$180,9624$201,077Jul 120th Century Fox International
22Transformers: Dark of the Moon$185,60012$207,272Jun 29Paramount Pictures International
21Hall Pass$185,9475$185,947Apr 1Warner Bros.
20La Rodata$189,4677$189,467Jul 29-
19The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1$216,4559$229,671Nov 18-
18Just Go with It$244,0487$244,048Apr 15Sony Pictures Releasing
17Little Fockers$249,9169$268,182Jan 6Paramount Pictures International
16The Tourist$264,5956$264,595Jan 1Sony Pictures Releasing
15Puss in Boots$276,34315$496,130Dec 9Paramount Pictures International
14Tangled$289,5979$298,901Jan 7Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
13Zookeeper$292,7428$292,742Jul 6Sony Pictures Releasing
12Black Swan$294,3848$294,384Feb 420th Century Fox International
11Fast Five$319,3196$319,319May 6Universal Pictures International (UPI)
10Chinese Take-Out$349,42011$349,420Jun 17Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
9Midnight in Paris$357,0656$360,332Jul 15-
8The Hangover Part II$411,91410$411,914May 27Warner Bros.
7The King's Speech$419,0505$419,050Jan 21-
6Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2$547,36721$558,523Jul 15Warner Bros.
5Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides$550,84314$569,950May 20Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
4Cars 2$609,35518$609,355Jun 24Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
3Rio$776,45011$776,450Apr 820th Century Fox International
2The Smurfs$795,43615$813,143Aug 5Sony Pictures Releasing
1Kung Fu Panda 2$798,30418$798,304Jun 10Paramount Pictures International