Domestic Box Office For 2011


RankRelease Distributor GrossMax ThOpening% of Total Open ThOpenClose
1Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2Warner Bros. $381,011,2194,375$169,189,42744.4%4,375Jul 15Nov 24
2Transformers: Dark of the MoonDreamWorks $352,390,5434,088$97,852,86527.8%4,088Jun 29Oct 13
3The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1Summit Entertainment $281,287,1334,066$138,122,26149.1%4,061Nov 18Feb 23
4The Hangover Part IIWarner Bros. $254,464,3053,675$85,946,29433.8%3,615May 26Sep 15
5Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger TidesWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $237,710,3094,164$90,151,95837.9%4,155May 20Sep 29
6Fast FiveUniversal Pictures $209,837,6753,793$86,198,76541.1%3,644Apr 29Aug 11
7Mission: Impossible - Ghost ProtocolParamount Pictures $209,397,9033,555$12,785,2046.1%425Dec 16Apr 12
8Cars 2Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $191,393,9814,115$66,135,50734.6%4,115Jun 24Dec 15
9Sherlock Holmes: A Game of ShadowsWarner Bros. $186,848,4183,703$39,637,07921.2%3,703Dec 16Apr 5
10ThorParamount Pictures $181,030,6243,963$65,723,33836.3%3,955May 6Aug 25
11Rise of the Planet of the ApesTwentieth Century Fox $176,760,1853,691$54,806,19131%3,648Aug 5Dec 15
12Captain America: The First AvengerParamount Pictures $176,654,5053,715$65,058,52436.8%3,715Jul 22Nov 10
13The HelpWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $169,708,1123,014$26,044,59015.3%2,534Aug 10Mar 8
14BridesmaidsUniversal Pictures $169,106,7252,958$26,247,41015.5%2,918May 13Sep 29
15Kung Fu Panda 2DreamWorks $165,249,0633,952$47,656,30228.8%3,925May 26Sep 29
16Puss in BootsDreamWorks $149,260,5043,963$34,077,43922.8%3,952Oct 28Mar 1
17X-Men: First ClassTwentieth Century Fox $146,372,8613,692$55,101,60437.6%3,641Jun 3Sep 29
18RioTwentieth Century Fox $143,619,8093,842$39,225,96227.3%3,826Apr 15Sep 8
19The SmurfsSony Pictures Releasing $142,614,1583,427$35,611,63725%3,395Jul 29Dec 15
20Alvin and the Chipmunks: ChipwreckedTwentieth Century Fox $133,110,7423,734$23,244,74417.5%3,723Dec 16Jun 7
21Super 8Paramount Pictures $127,004,1793,424$35,451,16827.9%3,379Jun 10Sep 29
22RangoParamount Pictures $123,477,6073,923$38,079,32330.8%3,917Mar 4Jul 7
23Horrible BossesWarner Bros. $117,538,5593,134$28,302,16524.1%3,040Jul 8Oct 27
24Green LanternWarner Bros. $116,601,1723,816$53,174,30345.6%3,816Jun 17Sep 29
25HopUniversal Pictures $108,085,3053,616$37,543,71034.7%3,579Apr 1Jun 16
26Paranormal Activity 3Paramount Pictures $104,028,8073,329$52,568,18350.5%3,321Oct 21Jan 5
27Just Go with ItSony Pictures Releasing $103,028,1093,548$30,514,73229.6%3,548Feb 11May 19
28The Girl with the Dragon TattooSony Pictures Releasing $102,515,7932,950$12,768,60412.5%2,914Dec 21Mar 22
29Bad TeacherSony Pictures Releasing $100,292,8563,049$31,603,10631.5%3,049Jun 24Oct 13
30Cowboys & AliensUniversal Pictures $100,240,5513,754$36,431,29036.3%3,750Jul 29Nov 3
31Gnomeo & JulietWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $99,967,6703,037$25,356,90925.4%2,994Feb 11Jun 23
32The Green HornetSony Pictures Releasing $98,780,0423,584$33,526,87633.9%3,584Jan 14Apr 21
33The Lion King
2011 3D Release
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $94,242,0012,340$30,151,61432%2,330Sep 16Jan 12
34The MuppetsWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $88,631,2373,440$29,239,02633%3,440Nov 23Apr 5
35Real SteelWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $85,468,5083,440$27,319,67732%3,440Oct 7Feb 16
36Crazy, Stupid, Love.Warner Bros. $84,351,1973,020$19,104,30322.6%3,020Jul 29Nov 24
37Battle Los AngelesSony Pictures Releasing $83,552,4293,417$35,573,18742.6%3,417Mar 11Jun 2
38ImmortalsRelativity Media $83,504,0173,120$32,206,42538.6%3,112Nov 11Feb 23
39The DescendantsFox Searchlight Pictures $82,584,1602,038$1,190,0961.4%29Nov 16Apr 19
40ZookeeperSony Pictures Releasing $80,360,8433,482$20,065,61725%3,482Jul 8Oct 27
41LimitlessRelativity Media $79,249,4552,838$18,907,30223.9%2,756Mar 18Jul 7
42War HorseWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $79,120,9982,856$7,515,4029.5%2,376Dec 25May 3
43Tower HeistUniversal Pictures $78,046,5703,370$24,025,19030.8%3,367Nov 4Feb 2
44The Adventures of TintinParamount Pictures $77,591,8313,087$9,720,99312.5%3,087Dec 21Mar 22
45ContagionWarner Bros. $75,658,0973,222$22,403,59629.6%3,222Sep 9Dec 15
46We Bought a ZooTwentieth Century Fox $75,624,5503,170$9,360,43412.4%3,117Dec 23May 17
47MoneyballSony Pictures Releasing $75,605,4923,018$19,501,30225.8%2,993Sep 23Feb 2
48Jack and JillSony Pictures Releasing $74,158,1573,438$25,003,57533.7%3,438Nov 11Feb 26
49HugoParamount Pictures $73,864,5072,608$11,364,50515.4%1,277Nov 23Apr 12
50Justin Bieber: Never Say NeverParamount Pictures $73,013,9103,118$29,514,05440.4%3,105Feb 11May 12
51Dolphin TaleWarner Bros. $72,286,7793,515$19,152,40126.5%3,507Sep 23Jan 26
52No Strings AttachedParamount Pictures $70,662,2203,050$19,652,92127.8%3,018Jan 21Apr 7
53Mr. Popper's PenguinsTwentieth Century Fox $68,224,4523,342$18,445,35527%3,339Jun 17Oct 20
54Happy Feet TwoWarner Bros. $64,006,4663,611$21,237,06833.2%3,606Nov 18Mar 8
55UnknownWarner Bros. $63,686,3973,043$21,856,38934.3%3,043Feb 18May 12
56The Adjustment BureauUniversal Pictures $62,495,6452,847$21,157,73033.9%2,840Mar 4May 26
57Water for ElephantsTwentieth Century Fox $58,684,8192,820$16,842,35328.7%2,817Apr 22Aug 11
58The Lincoln LawyerLionsgate $58,009,2002,707$13,206,45322.8%2,707Mar 18Jul 21
59Midnight in ParisSony Pictures Classics $56,817,0451,038$599,0031.1%6May 20Mar 22
60Friends with BenefitsScreen Gems $55,802,7542,926$18,622,15033.4%2,926Jul 22Sep 22
61I Am Number FourWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $55,092,8303,156$19,449,89335.3%3,154Feb 18Jun 2
62Source CodeSummit Entertainment $54,712,2272,971$14,812,09427.1%2,961Apr 1Jul 14
63New Year's EveWarner Bros. $54,544,6383,505$13,019,18023.9%3,505Dec 9Feb 23
64InsidiousFilmDistrict $54,009,1502,419$13,271,46424.6%2,408Apr 1Sep 8
65Madea's Big Happy FamilyLionsgate $53,345,2872,288$25,068,67747%2,288Apr 22Jul 21
66Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick RulesTwentieth Century Fox $52,682,7493,169$23,751,50245.1%3,167Mar 25Jul 14
2011 Re-release
Paramount Pictures $51,802,7423,555$15,556,11330%3,549Oct 14Jan 12
68The DilemmaUniversal Pictures $48,475,2902,943$17,816,23036.8%2,940Jan 14Mar 3
69Arthur ChristmasSony Pictures Releasing $46,462,4693,376$12,068,93126%3,376Nov 23Jan 12
70Hall PassWarner Bros. $45,060,7342,950$13,535,37430%2,950Feb 25May 12
71The ArtistThe Weinstein Company $44,671,6821,756$204,8780.5%4Nov 25Jun 21
72Soul Surfer-$43,853,4242,240$10,601,86224.2%2,214Apr 8Jul 21
73Final Destination 5Warner Bros. $42,587,6433,155$18,031,39642.3%3,155Aug 12Oct 13
74The Ides of MarchSony Pictures Releasing $40,962,5342,199$10,470,14325.6%2,199Oct 7Jan 12
75HannaFocus Features $40,259,1192,545$12,370,54930.7%2,535Apr 8Jul 7
76Something BorrowedWarner Bros. $39,046,4892,904$13,945,36835.7%2,904May 6Jul 28
77Spy Kids 4-D: All the Time in the World-$38,538,1883,305$11,644,67230.2%3,295Aug 19Dec 15
78Scream 4-$38,180,9283,314$18,692,09049%3,305Apr 15Jun 30
79Big Mommas: Like Father, Like SonTwentieth Century Fox $37,897,6052,821$16,300,80343%2,821Feb 18May 26
80Red Riding HoodWarner Bros. $37,662,1623,030$14,005,33537.2%3,030Mar 11May 26
81In TimeTwentieth Century Fox $37,520,0953,127$12,050,36832.1%3,122Oct 28Feb 2
82PaulUniversal Pictures $37,412,9452,806$13,043,31034.9%2,802Mar 18May 19
83J. EdgarWarner Bros. $37,306,0301,985$11,217,32430.1%1,910Nov 9Feb 23
84The RoommateScreen Gems $37,300,1072,534$15,002,63540.2%2,534Feb 4Mar 24
85Jumping the Broom-$37,295,3942,035$15,215,48740.8%2,035May 6Jun 30
86The Change-UpUniversal Pictures $37,081,4752,913$13,531,11536.5%2,913Aug 5Sep 29
8730 Minutes or LessSony Pictures Releasing $37,053,9242,888$13,330,11836%2,888Aug 12Sep 29
88Colombiana-$36,665,8542,614$10,408,17628.4%2,614Aug 26Nov 3
89Sucker PunchWarner Bros. $36,392,5023,033$19,058,19952.4%3,033Mar 25May 26
90Larry CrowneUniversal Pictures $35,608,2452,976$13,096,06536.8%2,973Jul 1Aug 18
91DriveFilmDistrict $35,061,5552,904$11,340,46132.3%2,886Sep 16Feb 9
92A Very Harold & Kumar 3D ChristmasWarner Bros. $35,061,0312,875$12,954,14236.9%2,875Nov 4Jan 12
9350/50Summit Entertainment $35,014,1922,479$8,644,09524.7%2,458Sep 30Dec 29
94Courageous-$34,522,2211,214$9,112,83926.4%1,161Sep 30Jan 26
95The RiteWarner Bros. $33,047,6332,985$14,789,39344.8%2,985Jan 28Apr 7
96ArthurWarner Bros. $33,035,3973,276$12,222,75637%3,276Apr 8Jun 9
97Extremely Loud & Incredibly CloseWarner Bros. $31,847,8812,630$72,3480.2%6Dec 25Mar 29
98The DebtFocus Features $31,177,5481,874$9,909,49931.8%1,826Aug 31Nov 3
99The SitterTwentieth Century Fox $30,441,3262,752$9,851,43532.4%2,750Dec 9Feb 16
100The Iron LadyThe Weinstein Company $30,017,9921,244$220,4090.7%4Dec 30Apr 26
101PriestScreen Gems $29,136,6262,864$14,953,66451.3%2,864May 13Jun 23
102The MechanicCBS Films $29,121,4982,704$11,422,00639.2%2,703Jan 28Apr 7
103AbductionLionsgate $28,087,1553,118$10,925,25338.9%3,118Sep 23Dec 15
104BeastlyCBS Films $27,865,5711,959$9,851,10235.4%1,952Mar 4May 19
105Born to Be WildWarner Bros. $25,914,483208$871,4783.4%206Apr 8-
106Killer EliteOpen Road Films (II) $25,124,9662,986$9,352,00837.2%2,986Sep 23Nov 17
107Winnie the PoohWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $24,908,0642,405$7,857,07631.5%2,405Jul 15Sep 22
108Season of the WitchRelativity Media $24,827,2282,827$10,612,37542.7%2,816Jan 7Mar 24
109Our Idiot BrotherThe Weinstein Company $24,816,1182,555$7,011,63128.3%2,555Aug 26Nov 24
110Tinker Tailor Soldier SpyFocus Features $24,149,393886$310,5621.3%4Dec 9Mar 22
111Don't Be Afraid of the DarkFilmDistrict $24,046,6822,780$8,525,72835.5%2,760Aug 26Nov 17
112SanctumUniversal Pictures $23,209,3102,789$9,447,93040.7%2,787Feb 4Mar 3
113Monte CarloTwentieth Century Fox $23,186,7692,473$7,453,94432.1%2,473Jul 1Sep 29
114Your HighnessUniversal Pictures $21,596,4452,772$9,360,02043.3%2,769Apr 8May 19
115The Darkest HourSummit Entertainment $21,443,4942,327$2,993,51914%2,324Dec 25Mar 1
116Dream HouseUniversal Pictures $21,302,3402,664$8,129,35538.2%2,661Sep 30Nov 17
117Conan the BarbarianLionsgate $21,295,0213,015$10,021,21547.1%3,015Aug 19Oct 6
118Mars Needs MomsWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $21,193,0223,117$6,914,48832.6%3,117Mar 11Jun 23
119The Three MusketeersSummit Entertainment $20,374,4843,017$8,674,45242.6%3,017Oct 21Dec 29
120The EagleFocus Features $19,490,0412,296$8,684,46444.6%2,296Feb 11Apr 7
121Shark Night 3DRelativity Media $18,877,1532,848$8,404,26044.5%2,806Sep 2Nov 24
122Fright NightWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $18,302,6073,114$7,714,38842.1%3,114Aug 19Nov 10
123Apollo 18-$17,687,7093,330$8,704,27149.2%3,328Sep 2Nov 24
124The ThingUniversal Pictures $16,928,6702,996$8,493,66550.2%2,996Oct 14Nov 17
125Young AdultParamount Pictures $16,311,571987$310,2631.9%8Dec 9Feb 23
126Judy Moody and the Not Bummer SummerRelativity Media $15,013,6502,524$6,076,85940.5%2,524Jun 10Aug 18
127African CatsWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $14,800,7481,224$6,003,20040.6%1,220Apr 22Jul 14
128My Week with MarilynThe Weinstein Company $14,600,347630$1,750,50712%244Nov 23Apr 5
129What's Your Number?Twentieth Century Fox $14,011,0843,011$5,421,66938.7%3,002Sep 30Nov 24
130One DayFocus Features $13,843,7711,725$5,079,56636.7%1,719Aug 19Sep 22
131WarriorLionsgate $13,657,1151,883$5,242,10738.4%1,869Sep 9Nov 3
132The Tree of LifeFox Searchlight Pictures $13,303,319237$372,9202.8%4May 27Oct 27
133The Rum DiaryFilmDistrict $13,109,8152,292$5,135,36939.2%2,273Oct 28Dec 22
134Glee: The 3D Concert MovieTwentieth Century Fox $11,839,2362,040$5,961,23150.4%2,040Aug 12Sep 29
135The ConspiratorRoadside Attractions $11,538,204849$3,506,60230.4%707Apr 15Sep 15
136Jane EyreFocus Features $11,242,660319$182,8851.6%4Mar 11Jul 14
137Drive AngrySummit Entertainment $10,721,0332,290$5,187,62548.4%2,290Feb 25Apr 21
138Straw DogsScreen Gems $10,324,4412,408$5,123,76049.6%2,408Sep 16Oct 13
139Win WinFox Searchlight Pictures $10,150,899388$150,3621.5%5Mar 18Jul 17
2011 Re-release
The Weinstein Company $10,143,7792,505$4,108,63040.5%2,505Apr 29Jul 21
141PromWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $9,882,7442,730$4,712,63847.7%2,730Apr 29Jun 23
142I Don't Know How She Does ItThe Weinstein Company $9,662,2842,490$4,402,20145.6%2,476Sep 16Nov 24
143Johnny English RebornUniversal Pictures $8,305,9701,554$3,833,30046.2%1,552Oct 21Nov 24
144Kevin Hart: Laugh at My PainCodeblack Entertainment $7,705,965287$1,908,42024.8%98Sep 9Dec 15
145Sarah's KeyThe Weinstein Company $7,693,187319$115,7081.5%5Jul 22Dec 8
146The Big YearTwentieth Century Fox $7,204,1382,150$3,251,88445.1%2,150Oct 14Dec 1
147A SeparationSony Pictures Classics $7,099,055282$59,4810.8%3Dec 30Jun 21
148Take Me Home TonightRelativity Media $6,928,0682,003$3,464,67950%2,003Mar 4Apr 21
149Cedar RapidsFox Searchlight Pictures $6,849,722462$302,9684.4%15Feb 11May 26
150BeginnersFocus Features $5,790,894170$141,3402.4%5Jun 3Sep 8
151Flying Monsters 3D with David AttenboroughNational Geographic Entertainment $5,705,87427---Oct 7-
152A Dangerous MethodSony Pictures Classics $5,704,709365$167,9532.9%4Nov 23May 3
153The GuardSony Pictures Classics $5,360,274203$76,8341.4%4Jul 29Feb 9
154Margin CallRoadside Attractions $5,354,039199$561,90610.5%56Oct 21Feb 16
155Cave of Forgotten DreamsIFC Films $5,304,920123$139,1012.6%5Apr 29Aug 25
156BiutifulRoadside Attractions $5,101,237191$457,2069%59Jan 28Jun 9
157Atlas Shrugged: Part IRocky Mountain Pictures $4,627,375465$1,677,000-299Apr 15May 19
158AnonymousSony Pictures Releasing $4,463,292513$1,021,76822.9%265Oct 28Dec 15
159The Company MenThe Weinstein Company $4,441,272277$647,79714.6%106Jan 21May 19
160Barney's VersionSony Pictures Classics $4,439,201281$65,2411.5%4Jan 14Jun 23
161Seven Days in UtopiaVisio Entertainment $4,367,448561$1,316,91030.2%561Sep 2Nov 3
162The Way
2010 Re-release
-$4,271,202283$110,4182.6%33Oct 7Mar 15
163BuckIFC Films $4,038,912152$67,5481.7%4Jun 17Sep 25
164Of Gods and MenSony Pictures Classics $3,951,596120$308,8957.8%33Feb 25Jul 7
165ShameFox Searchlight Pictures $3,909,00295$361,000-10Dec 2Mar 15
166Don 2Reliance Big Pictures $3,680,306167$1,673,92145.5%157Dec 22Feb 2
167PinaIFC Films $3,524,82684$68,0121.9%3Dec 23May 10
168Like CrazyParamount Vantage $3,395,391162$123,1403.6%4Oct 28Jan 12
169The King's Speech
PG-13 Version
The Weinstein Company $3,344,3061,011$1,133,16233.9%1,011Apr 1Jun 16
170The Skin I Live InSony Pictures Classics $3,185,812116$223,1197%6Oct 14Mar 29
171Zindagi Na Milegi DobaraEros International $3,108,485100$960,54830.9%100Jul 15Sep 22
172From Prada to NadaLionsgate $3,033,623261$1,115,63836.8%256Jan 28Mar 31
173MelancholiaMagnolia Pictures $3,030,848145$257,1748.5%19Nov 11Mar 1
174Martha Marcy May MarleneFox Searchlight Pictures $2,990,625183$137,6514.6%4Oct 21Dec 29
175Everything Must GoRoadside Attractions $2,711,643245$791,67629.2%218May 13Sep 15
176The Way BackNewmarket Films $2,658,943678$1,218,86845.8%678Jan 21Mar 3
177CarnageSony Pictures Classics $2,547,047494$79,7953.1%5Dec 16May 3
178Bucky Larson: Born to Be a StarSony Pictures Releasing $2,529,3951,500$1,415,02355.9%1,500Sep 9Sep 22
179Ra.OneEros International $2,511,689189--189Oct 26Dec 1
180IncendiesSony Pictures Classics $2,071,33490$50,6792.4%3Apr 22Sep 29
181The TripIFC Films $2,030,96262$77,9043.8%6Jun 10Oct 10
182The Mighty MacsQuaker Media $1,891,936975$963,22150.9%975Oct 21Dec 1
183BodyguardReliance Big Pictures $1,834,38488$863,75147.1%88Aug 31Sep 29
184A Better LifeSummit Entertainment $1,759,252216$62,0873.5%4Jun 24Sep 1
185Take ShelterSony Pictures Classics $1,730,29691$52,0413%3Sep 30Mar 22
186PoticheMusic Box Films $1,618,84474$86,0175.3%7Mar 25Aug 4
187Senna-$1,612,43047$73,4974.6%2Aug 12Dec 1
188I AmPaladin $1,591,03474$10,0920.6%1Feb 18Aug 4
189Delhi BellyUTV Motion Pictures $1,532,59490$581,94338%89Jul 1Aug 11
190The Double HourThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $1,514,94268$30,2462%2Apr 15Aug 25
191Bill Cunningham: New YorkZeitgeist Films $1,508,85434$33,6772.2%1Mar 16Dec 1
192The Art of Getting ByFox Searchlight Pictures $1,427,954610$679,16047.6%610Jun 17Jul 14
193Saving Private PerezLionsgate $1,400,726165$664,51747.4%161Sep 2Sep 29
194Certified CopyIFC Films $1,373,97557$77,9375.7%5Mar 11Jun 16
195The Devil's DoubleLionsgate $1,361,51289$96,4147.1%5Jul 29Sep 29
196The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2011: Live ActionShorts International $1,352,152117$300,70622.2%95Feb 11Apr 14
197Snow Flower and the Secret FanFox Searchlight Pictures $1,343,069116$134,00510%24Jul 15Sep 29
198It's Not You, It's MeLionsgate $1,339,911226$588,93844%226Apr 8May 19
199Another EarthFox Searchlight Pictures $1,321,19494$77,7405.9%4Jul 22Oct 6
200Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called QuestSony Pictures Classics $1,200,32654$111,9829.3%4Jul 8Nov 17
201Kill the IrishmanAnchor Bay Films $1,188,19456$145,43012.2%5Mar 11Jun 30
202Dylan Dog: Dead of Night-$1,186,538875$754,77963.6%875Apr 29May 19
203The WhistleblowerThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $1,124,96670$61,0025.4%7Aug 5Oct 27
204The Heart SpecialistFreestyle Releasing $1,103,037422$473,06242.9%422Jan 14Feb 10
205Desi BoyzEros International $1,078,826103$702,32565.1%103Nov 25Dec 15
206There Be DragonsThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $1,069,334259$705,53766%259May 6Jun 2
207Page One: Inside the New York TimesMagnolia Pictures $1,067,02865$28,9112.7%2Jun 17Oct 20
208Red StateSModcast Pictures $1,065,4295$204,23019.2%1Mar 5Sep 29
209Attack the BlockScreen Gems $1,024,17566$139,50613.6%8Jul 29Sep 29
210The Grace CardThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $1,010,299352$1,040,000-352Feb 25Apr 21
211In a Better WorldSony Pictures Classics $1,008,09851$33,0583.3%4Apr 1Sep 8
212Yamla Pagla DeewanaEros International $993,03184$504,11650.8%84Jan 14Feb 10
213RockstarEros International $986,697112$612,23562%112Nov 11Dec 8
214Meek's CutoffOscilloscope $977,77245$20,0242%2Apr 8Aug 25
215The BeaverSummit Entertainment $970,816168$107,57711.1%22May 6Jun 30
216ReadyEros International $955,14897$460,23848.2%97Jun 3Jul 7
217Sholem Aleichem: Laughing in the DarknessInternational Film Circuit $899,73629$20,2472.3%1Jul 8May 17
218Higher Ground
2011 Re-release
Sony Pictures Classics $841,73381$21,4952.6%3Aug 26Jan 5
219The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
2011 Re-release
Warner Bros. $818,580521---Jun 28Jun 28
22013 AssassinsMagnolia Pictures $802,77831$45,8545.7%4Apr 29Aug 25
221PariahFocus Features $769,55224$48,5796.3%4Dec 28Mar 15
222The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
2011 Re-release
Warner Bros. $768,580522---Jun 14Jun 14
223The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
2011 Re-release
Warner Bros. $764,607522---Jun 21Jun 21
224MausamEros International $728,31696$459,02463%96Sep 23Oct 20
225The Polar Express
2011 IMAX Release
Warner Bros. $711,16825$55,2997.8%19Nov 25Jan 5
226The Women on the 6th FloorStrand Releasing $709,67117$26,2003.7%6Oct 7Jun 28
227Point BlankMagnolia Pictures $708,21537$41,0315.8%6Jul 29Nov 17
228The Hedgehog
2009 Re-release
NeoClassics Films $707,94540$39,2765.5%6Aug 19Oct 27
229Mozart's SisterMusic Box Films $705,50436$34,0464.8%7Aug 19Feb 23
230Hobo with a ShotgunMagnolia Pictures $703,37221$12,0461.7%2May 6Aug 11
231TabloidIFC Films $696,92137$91,20113.1%14Jul 15Sep 29
232My Afternoons with MargueritteCohen Media Group $666,55741$20,900-2Sep 16Nov 10
233TerriATO Pictures $655,80236$65,1039.9%6Jul 1Sep 22
234AarakshanReliance Big Pictures $651,09691$344,66152.9%91Aug 12Sep 22
235The Greatest Movie Ever SoldSony Pictures Classics $637,736141$118,29418.5%18Apr 22Sep 1
236The Last LionsNational Geographic Entertainment $634,62261$53,3448.4%4Feb 18Jul 7
237Dhobi GhatUTV Motion Pictures $576,63978$365,29763.3%78Jan 21Feb 17
238The FutureRoadside Attractions $568,66231$27,1374.8%1Jul 29Dec 15
239Dum Maaro DumFox Searchlight Pictures $563,479101$327,52358.1%101Apr 22Jun 9
240The Greatest Miracle-$555,16687$35,7686.4%13Oct 14Jan 19
241Double DhamaalReliance Big Pictures $543,64654$301,83155.5%54Jun 24Aug 11
2010 Re-release
Sony Pictures Classics $543,10026$14,9372.8%3Mar 18Aug 4
243Le HavreJanus Films $542,79625$26,3634.9%6Oct 21Apr 15
244Love CrimeIFC Films $539,79229$35,3756.6%5Sep 2Dec 1
245Machine Gun PreacherRelativity Media $538,69093$45,1308.4%4Sep 23Dec 1
246Even the RainVitagraph Films $518,01727$53,73010.4%8Feb 18Apr 28
247The Names of LoveMusic Box Films $514,23724$30,3725.9%5Jun 24Dec 1
248Creature-$508,7141,507$327,00064.3%1,507Sep 9Sep 15
249Bride Flight
2011 Re-release
Music Box Films $501,36027$54,04410.8%18Jun 10Nov 10
250WeekendIFC Films $484,59226$27,2455.6%1Sep 23Dec 1
251Queen to PlayZeitgeist Films $478,71018$28,0925.9%6Apr 1Sep 1
252Pearl Jam TwentyAbramorama $471,33460$102,44821.7%7Sep 20Oct 6
253SubmarineThe Weinstein Company $467,60228$41,8328.9%4Jun 3Aug 18
254Thank YouUTV Motion Pictures $463,54092$244,18352.7%92Apr 8May 5
255Detective Dee: Mystery of the Phantom Flame-$459,83648$52,61711.4%3Sep 2Oct 20
256CircumstanceRoadside Attractions $454,12131$43,3189.5%7Aug 26Dec 15
257No One Killed JessicaUTV Motion Pictures $440,52548$227,47351.6%48Jan 7Feb 3
258Project NimRoadside Attractions $411,18422$25,8206.3%4Jul 8Dec 15
259The 5th QuarterRocky Mountain Pictures $408,159123$202,34249.6%123Mar 25Apr 14
260Mere Brother Ki Dulhan-$403,01774$403,017100%74Sep 9Sep 15
261Turtle: The Incredible JourneyHannover House $386,07324$69,38918%24Jun 24Oct 20
262MiralThe Weinstein Company $373,42029$66,24417.7%4Mar 25May 19
263Mooz-LumPeace Film $369,12921$139,83537.9%11Feb 11Mar 31
264PoetryKino International $355,56617$18,9005.3%3Feb 11Sep 8
265The Princess of MontpensierIFC Films $352,42821$23,4566.7%3Apr 15Jun 30
266SinghamReliance Big Pictures $350,86450$161,06345.9%50Jul 22Sep 22
267The First GraderNational Geographic Entertainment $330,53336$20,4376.2%3May 13Aug 4
268SuperIFC Films $327,71639$46,54914.2%11Apr 1May 26
269L'amour fouIFC Films $312,49418$37,25011.9%2May 13Jun 30
270The Mill and the Cross-$311,00017$11,3543.7%1Sep 14Feb 9
271In the Land of Blood and HoneyFilmDistrict $303,87718$18,8546.2%3Dec 23Mar 8
272Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's JourneySubmarine Deluxe $303,79115$22,9637.6%1Oct 21Apr 26
273The InterruptersThe Cinema Guild $278,23910$7,9202.8%1Jul 29Feb 23
274RascalsEros International $273,82961$168,08261.4%61Oct 7Oct 20
275The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975IFC Films $273,74913$17,3166.3%2Sep 9Nov 10
2767 Khoon MaafUTV Motion Pictures $270,20768$164,15360.8%65Feb 18Mar 10
277Conan O'Brien Can't StopAbramorama $267,96524$97,04336.2%24Jun 24Sep 8
278Munger RoadFreestyle Releasing $266,68932$36,60513.7%1Sep 30Nov 16
279Phil Ochs: There But for FortuneFirst Run $262,82313$18,2116.9%1Jan 5Sep 1
280The Music Never StoppedRoadside Attractions $258,22333$76,54329.6%32Mar 18Sep 15
281PassioneAbramorama $255,3555$15,3776%1Jun 22Nov 17
282TrollhunterMagnolia Pictures $253,44421$5,5852.2%1Jun 10Sep 22
283War of the ArrowsCJ Entertainment $251,20016$24,0419.6%1Sep 30Nov 10
284My PerestroikaInternational Film Circuit $241,31119$17,6807.3%1Mar 23Sep 22
285El Bulli: Cooking in Progress-$234,92510$12,7565.4%1Jul 27Mar 15
286Gainsbourg: A Heroic LifeMusic Box Films $230,76719$25,18910.9%3Aug 31Jan 12
287Brighton RockIFC Films $229,65324$32,77414.3%12Aug 26Nov 3
288Into the AbyssIFC Films $223,88030$47,55921.2%12Nov 11Dec 29
289Tucker and Dale vs EvilMagnolia Pictures $223,83844$52,84323.6%30Sep 30Dec 1
290HappythankyoumorepleaseAnchor Bay Films $216,11019$35,06316.2%2Mar 4Apr 28
291Life in a DayNational Geographic Entertainment $215,00619$45,20221%11Jul 29Sep 29
292The AfflictedNocturnal Features $212,94013$90,27242.4%13Oct 21Nov 13
293Ip Man 2Variance Films $205,67521$61,05729.7%20Jan 28May 26
294Filth to Ashes, Flesh to DustNocturnal Features $202,53111$86,08642.5%11Sep 30Oct 27
295BlackthornMagnolia Pictures $200,55821$15,2547.6%8Oct 7Feb 2
296A Good Old Fashioned OrgyThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $200,227143$117,56458.7%143Sep 2Sep 8
297October BabyFive & Two Pictures $199,44214$102,09651.2%13Oct 28Nov 17
298BolEros International $188,85038$62,47333.1%38Aug 31Oct 6
299AmigoVariance Films $183,59710$37,32420.3%10Aug 19Apr 19
300The Man Nobody Knew: In Search of My Father, CIA Spymaster William ColbyFirst Run $183,1698$15,4118.4%1Sep 23Mar 1
301JigScreen Media Films $182,5075$70,43238.6%5Jun 17Oct 13
302Go for It!Lionsgate $180,237218$119,71466.4%218May 13Jun 2
303Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past LivesStrand Releasing $177,1386$23,54013.3%3Mar 2Aug 11
304BellflowerOscilloscope $168,22613$22,27913.2%2Aug 5Nov 10
305The Last GodfatherRoadside Attractions $164,24758$101,77962%58Apr 1Apr 21
306Nostalgia for the LightIcarus Films $163,9626$5,6643.5%1Jan 13-
307RestlessSony Pictures Classics $163,265126$15,4679.5%5Sep 16Dec 22
308PastorelaLionsgate $161,19455$82,17551%55Dec 2Dec 22
309Young Goethe in LoveMusic Box Films $161,0449$17,14310.6%6Nov 4May 10
310The HousemaidIFC Films $157,96112$16,67010.6%2Jan 21Mar 31
311Chasing MadoffCohen Media Group $157,6129---Aug 26-
312Magic Trip: Ken Kesey's Search for a Kool PlaceMagnolia Pictures $154,52118$14,3679.3%4Aug 5Nov 3
3133-D Sex and Zen: Extreme EcstasyChina Lion Film Distribution $152,71510$9030.6%1Aug 12Oct 20
314Le Quattro VolteLorber Films $152,2706$16,19210.6%1Mar 30Sep 22
315Beginning of the Great RevivalChina Lion Film Distribution $151,00029$65,86643.6%29Jun 24Jul 21
316Revenge of the Electric CarArea 23a $150,78011$17,48211.6%2Oct 21Jan 1
317Eames: The Architect & The PainterFirst Run $148,00012---Nov 11Mar 29
318Gun Hill RoadMotion Film Group $145,12010$37,96326.2%3Aug 5Oct 27
319Thunder SoulRoadside Attractions $143,98637$51,26035.6%35Sep 23Dec 8
320Oranges and SunshineCohen Media Group $143,48015$18,60013%4Oct 21Nov 6
321The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence)IFC Films $141,87724$49,45634.9%18Oct 7Nov 10
322Cold WeatherIFC Films $141,35811$14,51310.3%1Feb 4Apr 21
323GameEros International $139,52863$83,78360%63Apr 1Apr 28
324The DoubleImage Entertainment $137,92145$26,64019.3%11Oct 28Nov 17
325Labios rojosLionsgate $136,16367$73,47654%67Oct 14Nov 3
3261911Variance Films $135,73933$55,85041.1%33Oct 7Nov 10
327Life, Above AllSony Pictures Classics $134,46118$13,78810.3%5Jul 15Nov 24
328I Will Follow-$130,55921$56,17643%5Mar 11Apr 28
329I Saw the DevilMagnolia Pictures $129,21015$13,56710.5%2Mar 4Apr 28
330TomboyDada Films $125,50010$7,0785.6%1Nov 16Mar 22
331Sigur Rós: InniCinema Purgatorio $123,4827$14,90312.1%3Oct 28Jan 15
332The Last MountainDada Films $122,9617$17,57014.3%2Jun 3Aug 18
333City of Life and DeathKino International $121,6819$5,6104.6%1May 11Nov 17
334TrustMillennium Entertainment $120,01628$58,21448.5%28Apr 1Apr 22
335KaboomIFC Films $118,91912$13,71411.5%1Jan 28Apr 14
336The UndefeatedArc Entertainment $116,38114$65,13256%10Jul 15Aug 11
337Blank City-$116,0373$13,98912.1%1Apr 6Jul 28
338Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) AdvanceEleven Arts $114,37915$84,15773.6%15Jan 21Mar 24
33935 and TickingImage Entertainment $113,7946$29,80826.2%6May 20Aug 14
340Mysteries of LisbonMusic Box Films $110,5076$12,30811.1%2Aug 5Nov 10
341Henry's Crime-$102,5418$8,7268.5%2Apr 8Jun 9
342In the FamilyIn the Family $101,9345---Nov 4-
343RubberMagnolia Pictures $100,37015$16,34616.3%5Apr 1Jun 16
344Rejoice and ShoutMagnolia Pictures $100,2377$6,5896.6%1Jun 3Sep 1
345The Man Who Fell to EarthRialto Pictures $100,0726$5,9225.9%1Jun 24Dec 1
346Last NightTribeca Film $99,00010$29,50529.8%10May 6Jun 2
347A Little HelpFreestyle Releasing $96,86824$44,87046.3%24Jul 22Aug 3
348Chalo DilliEros International $94,30031$38,26840.6%31Apr 29Jun 9
349Elite Squad: The Enemy WithinVariance Films $92,1297$8,6489.4%1Nov 11Mar 4
350American: The Bill Hicks StoryVariance Films $91,32611$5,8726.4%1Apr 8Jan 19
351My ReincarnationLong Shot Factory $91,2875$6,4987.1%1Oct 28May 10
352Exporting RaymondThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $87,72713$35,29240.2%13Apr 29May 19
353Steve Jobs: The Lost InterviewMagnolia Pictures $86,35413---Nov 16Jun 28
354Vidal Sassoon: The MoviePhase 4 Films $85,9745$13,05315.2%1Feb 11Mar 31
355CaranchoStrand Releasing $85,0375$15,81018.6%5Feb 11Jun 9
356Wretches & JabberersArea 23a $84,0101---Apr 1May 19
357The RobberKino International $83,4516$2,1692.6%1Feb 3Oct 6
358InkubusScreen Media Films $81,60016---Oct 28Nov 3
359The WhalePaladin $80,5535$4,8356%2Sep 9Jun 7
360Beautiful BoyAnchor Bay Films $77,2478$16,16220.9%4Jun 3Jul 21
361To Catch a Dollar: Muhammad Yunus Banks on AmericaArea 23a $77,142----Mar 31May 12
362CircoFirst Run $73,8694$5,4037.3%1Apr 1Sep 1
363Forks Over Knives-$73,16639$17,64524.1%1Jan 7Aug 11
364The TreeZeitgeist Films $71,1588$4,9837%2Jul 15Nov 17
365Fireflies in the Garden
2011 Re-release
-$70,60014$36,88452.2%5Oct 14-
366The ConquestMusic Box Films $69,4628$16,27323.4%6Nov 11Mar 15
367The Warring StatesChina Lion Film Distribution $68,96123$35,38151.3%23Apr 22May 12
368PunctureMillennium Entertainment $68,9455$29,17542.3%4Sep 23Oct 27
369HeartbeatsIFC Films $68,72310$7,19710.5%1Feb 25Apr 21
370Crazy Wisdom: The Life & Times of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche-$68,3485$10,30415.1%1Nov 25Aug 9
371A Beautiful LifeChina Lion Film Distribution $66,17123$23,60535.7%23May 20Jun 16
372ShaolinVariance Films $66,09911$19,13228.9%9Sep 9Oct 13
373Evil Bong 3: The Wrath of BongFull Moon Pictures $64,7351$24,77538.3%1Apr 8May 19
374Battle of the BridesVariance Films $64,5726$23,61236.6%5May 6Jun 2
375The Human Resources ManagerFilm Movement $63,3479$8,52813.5%3Mar 4Jul 14
376If a Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation FrontOscilloscope $61,7945$5,6349.1%2Jun 22Aug 25
377Public SpeakingRialto Pictures $61,3412$6,26010.2%1Feb 23Nov 24
378LimelightMagnolia Pictures $60,3354$9,25915.3%1Sep 23Nov 17
379Crime After Crime-$60,2915$3,2155.3%1Jul 1Nov 10
3803Strand Releasing $59,4866$9,82116.5%4Sep 16Dec 22
381Murder 2Eros International $59,47226--26Jul 8Jul 21
382How to Live ForeverVariance Films $58,9254$3,7166.3%1May 13Oct 13
383Viva Riva!Music Box Films $58,4195$10,31417.7%3Jun 10Sep 11
384Farmageddon-$55,8597$2,6994.8%1Jun 17Dec 15
385Finding JoeBalcony Releasing $55,5187$8,75315.8%1Sep 30Nov 3
386Dirty GirlThe Weinstein Company $55,12510$17,85932.4%9Oct 7Nov 10
387SnowmenCinedigm Entertainment Group $54,80516$54,33399.1%16Oct 21Oct 27
388Into EternityInternational Film Circuit $54,7376$3,5306.4%1Feb 2Aug 25
389Trigun: Badlands Rumble
2011 Re-release
Eleven Arts $54,57012$29,20153.5%12Jul 8Sep 1
390The Other F WordOscilloscope $53,7146$15,79229.4%2Nov 4Dec 15
391!Women Art RevolutionZeitgeist Films $52,6814$5,79111%2Jun 1Nov 10
392Battleship PotemkinKino International $50,5265$5,64111.2%1Jan 14-
393Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen ZhenVariance Films $50,4339$11,36522.5%4Apr 22Jun 16
394Putty HillThe Cinema Guild $49,7233$4,8689.8%1Feb 18-
395PianomaniaFirst Run $49,5346$2,2384.5%1May 27Mar 8
396Orgasm Inc.First Run $48,8463$8,77318%2Feb 11Jun 23
397The Perfect HostMagnolia Pictures $48,76410$7,50515.4%2Jul 1Sep 8
398Love U... Mr. Kalakaar!Eros International $48,55713$38,26878.8%13May 13May 19
399The Butcher, the Chef, and the SwordsmanChina Lion Film Distribution $47,89637$23,42548.9%37Mar 18Apr 7
400Alabama Moon-$47,3057$6,56813.9%7Mar 18May 5
401Diary of a Country PriestRialto Pictures $46,9792$7,67416.3%1Feb 25Apr 28
402Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow-$46,8983$7,27215.5%1Aug 10Mar 1
403Connected: An Autoblogography About Love, Death & TechnologyPaladin $46,7827$13,30128.4%3Sep 16Nov 3
404Went the Day Well?Rialto Pictures $46,0481$7,84917%1May 20Nov 17
405Lebanon, Pa.Truly Indie $46,0306$6,67514.5%2Apr 29Jun 23
406Every DayImage Entertainment $46,0294$9,85721.4%3Jan 14Mar 24
407Texas Killing FieldsAnchor Bay Films $45,46910$8,77219.3%3Oct 14Nov 17
408Happy, HappyMagnolia Pictures $45,1547$7,12515.8%4Sep 16Nov 24
409The OutrageMagnolia Pictures $44,7457$6,51814.6%2Dec 2Feb 2
410Desert Flower
2009 Re-release
National Geographic Entertainment $44,3488$7,65717.3%3Mar 18May 5
2011 Re-release
Lorber Films $43,9613$5,87213.4%1Jul 6Dec 15
412Bereavement-$43,71221$20,74447.5%20Mar 4Mar 27
413Love Etc.Paladin $43,5932$8,78120.1%2Jul 1Aug 25
2011 Re-release
The Film Desk $43,3232$4,95711.4%1Jun 9May 1
4153 BackyardsScreen Media Films $43,0733$11,33226.3%1Mar 11Apr 14
416MargaretFox Searchlight Pictures $43,05814$7,52517.5%2Sep 30Oct 27
417The Bride Wore BlackThe Film Desk $42,3242$6,46315.3%1Nov 4May 1
418Down for Life-$41,9145$23,17655.3%5Jan 14Jan 27
419The Myth of the American SleepoverIFC Films $41,0453$8,70021.2%1Jul 22Aug 25
420The Last CircusMagnolia Pictures $40,5486$4,75711.7%1Aug 19Nov 10
421CornerStoreShotown Pictures $40,4092$12,74331.5%1Aug 12Jan 29
422Road to NowhereMonterey Media $40,2267$2,5216.3%1Jun 10Sep 22
423Hell and Back Again-$39,3804$3,4138.7%1Oct 5Apr 5
424We Need to Talk About KevinOscilloscope $39,29780$24,58762.6%1Dec 9May 20
425Where Soldiers Come FromInternational Film Circuit $39,2015---Sep 9Nov 17
426The WoodmansLorber Films $38,6663$5,87415.2%1Jan 19Dec 1
427KhodorkovskyKino Lorber $38,4572$6,11015.9%1Nov 30-
428GranitoInternational Film Circuit $38,3405$4,33011.3%1Sep 14Mar 8
429Sleeping BeautyIFC Films $36,5784$9,20725.2%2Dec 2Dec 29
430My KingdomChina Lion Film Distribution $36,53320$16,81646%20Sep 9Sep 29
431Film socialisme
2010 Re-release
Lorber Films $36,4953$4,52612.4%1Jun 3Nov 10
432Hesher-$36,00042$126,046350.1%42May 13Aug 4
433Kinyarwanda-$35,4129$21,09759.6%7Dec 2Dec 29
434When Harry Tries to Marry108 Pics $35,1005$23,79067.8%4Apr 22May 5
435A Somewhat Gentle ManStrand Releasing $34,9363$2,5067.2%1Jan 14May 12
436Love in SpaceChina Lion Film Distribution $34,78716$13,79539.7%16Sep 9Sep 29
437Paul Goodman Changed My LifeZeitgeist Films $34,6052$5,75416.6%1Oct 19Mar 1
438Stake LandIFC Films $33,2455$7,25821.8%1Apr 22May 5
439Meet Monica VelourAnchor Bay Films $33,0424$7,43822.5%2Apr 8May 26
440The Time That RemainsIFC Films $32,8692$6,45319.6%1Jan 7Jan 27
44111-11-11Rocket Releasing $32,77117$32,771100%17Nov 11Nov 13
442Making the BoysFirst Run $32,7373$7,51322.9%1Mar 11Aug 4
443OctoberNew Yorker Films $32,1272$7,05422%2May 6Nov 10
444Louder Than a BombBalcony Releasing $31,4604$2,3007.3%1May 18Jun 16
445American TeacherFirst Run $31,2862$6,03619.3%2Sep 30Dec 22
446Small Town Murder SongsMonterey Media $31,1337$2,8109%7Jun 3Aug 18
447The Son of No OneAnchor Bay Films $30,68010$18,01558.7%10Nov 4Nov 17
448MuranUTV Motion Pictures $30,11610$16,49054.8%10Sep 30Oct 13
449Hey, Boo: Harper Lee and 'To Kill a Mockingbird'First Run $30,0855$5,45718.1%2May 13Aug 18
450Cat RunPaladin $30,000103$30,000-103Apr 1Apr 7
451Evidence of a HauntingNocturnal Features $29,90410$16,80056.2%10Aug 26Sep 1
452CracksIFC Films $29,6836$9,46731.9%6Mar 18Apr 7
453Redemption RoadFreestyle Releasing $29,38426$19,15265.2%26Aug 26Sep 8
454The Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls
2011 Re-release
Argot Pictures $29,3165$2,5068.5%1May 13Aug 21
455The Autobiography of Nicolae CeausescuThe Film Desk $29,2723$4,64415.9%1Sep 9Mar 15
456Garbo: The Spy
2011 Re-release
First Run $28,5632$5,59319.6%1Nov 18Feb 2
457Salvation BoulevardIFC Films $28,4684$7,20825.3%4Jul 15Aug 25
458The Sleeping BeautyStrand Releasing $28,2403$5,97321.2%1Jul 8Oct 27
459Tuesday, After ChristmasLorber Films $27,8132$6,47223.3%1May 25Oct 6
Giorgio Moroder Presents
-$27,36216---Oct 7Jan 5
461Jane's JourneyFirst Run $27,2533$6,19322.7%1Sep 16Feb 9
462ClashVariance Films $27,0529$12,24945.3%9Mar 11Mar 31
463The Last Ride-$27,0007$16,27060.3%7Oct 21Nov 3
464Caesar and Otto's Summer Camp MassacreNocturnal Features $25,8445$11,37544%5Sep 16Oct 6
465Waiting for ForeverFreestyle Releasing $25,51714$8,91734.9%3Feb 4Feb 17
466The Other WomanIFC Films $25,4239$6,22424.5%2Feb 4Mar 3
467Addiction IncorporatedVariance Films $24,8625$1,6296.6%1Dec 14Apr 5
468Immigration TangoRoadside Attractions $24,55430$14,43258.8%30Feb 18Mar 3
469After-$24,5441$6,33325.8%1Sep 9Sep 22
470Bonnie & Clyde vs. DraculaIndican Pictures $24,4133$5,68823.3%3Mar 11Jul 14
471TrespassMillennium Entertainment $24,09410$16,81669.8%10Oct 14Oct 20
472Shut Up Little Man! An Audio MisadventureTribeca Film $23,9018---Aug 26Oct 20
473The Worst Movie Ever!Driving With Our Eyes Shut $23,6962$11<0.1%1Aug 19-
474Raw Faith-$22,7911---Jun 24Dec 1
475Vanishing on 7th StreetMagnolia Pictures $22,7296$2,89812.8%1Feb 18Mar 17
476White Irish DrinkersScreen Media Films $22,6785$16,83674.2%5Mar 25May 12
477Black DeathMagnolia Pictures $22,5545$6,69229.7%2Mar 11Apr 14
478IncendiaryTruly Indie $22,4573$7,30832.5%1Sep 23Oct 20
479CeremonyMagnolia Pictures $22,2704$6,92031.1%2Apr 8May 19
480All's Faire in LoveHannover House $22,18075$16,44074.1%75Oct 28Nov 3
481Answers to NothingRoadside Attractions $22,02921$14,26264.7%21Dec 2Dec 18
482Four Adventures of Reinette and MirabelleThe Film Desk $21,6321$5,05123.3%1Jul 20-
483MonogamyOscilloscope $21,5275$4,47620.8%1Mar 11-
484Always Kabhi KabhiEros International $21,38129$14,57068.1%29Jun 17-
485Resurrect Dead: The Mystery of the Toynbee TilesArgot Pictures $21,0981$3,05414.5%1Sep 2Oct 27
486RancheroIndican Pictures $20,1632$3,82619%2Jul 8Apr 26
487TyrannosaurStrand Releasing $20,1105$7,63538%5Nov 18Mar 15
488Lost BohemiaLong Shot Factory $19,7672---May 20Aug 12
489BrotherhoodPhase 4 Films $19,7222$7,87339.9%1Feb 18Mar 10
490When We LeaveOlive Films $19,6312$6,01830.7%2Jan 28Feb 24
491The ArborStrand Releasing $19,5633$2,63813.5%1Apr 27Sep 1
492SkatelandFreestyle Releasing $19,41111$5,25427.1%2May 13Jun 9
493House of ToleranceIFC Films $19,3273$4,76624.7%1Nov 25Dec 18
494Make Believe-$19,0811---May 13Oct 20
495HarvestMonterey Media $18,4964$5,87031.7%1May 6Jun 9
496Battle for BrooklynRumur Releasing $18,0001$11,14161.9%1Jun 17Jul 7
497The LookKino Lorber $17,5802$5,90533.6%2Nov 4-
4985 Days of WarAnchor Bay Films $17,4796$6,25435.8%2Aug 19Sep 15
499Archie's Final ProjectRocket Releasing $17,2821$3,65721.2%1Sep 23Oct 6
500Mia and the Migoo
2010 Re-release
GKIDS $16,9751$16,975100%1Mar 25Mar 31
501LittlerockVariance Films $16,4983---Aug 12Dec 22
502Cameraman: The Life and Work of Jack CardiffStrand Releasing $16,1853$1,99812.3%1May 13Aug 11
503London BoulevardIFC Films $16,0752$3,43121.3%1Nov 11Dec 1
504Anchor Baby-$15,7902$3,51022.2%1Jul 8Jul 28
505Oka!Dada Films $14,9852$4,46129.8%1Oct 14Jan 29
506Ong-bak 3Magnolia Pictures $14,8904$5,64837.9%3Jan 14Feb 3
507ArmadilloLorber Films $14,5661$3,95827.2%1Apr 15Aug 25
508The TenantIndican Pictures $14,4073$7505.2%1Apr 15Jul 14
509Peep WorldIFC Films $14,3515$6,70246.7%3Mar 25Apr 14
510Saheb Biwi Aur GangsterUTV Motion Pictures $14,2319$9,54867.1%9Sep 30-
511Sympathy for DeliciousMaya Entertainment $13,8262$9,44868.3%2Apr 29May 12
512Benda Bilili!National Geographic Entertainment $13,4203$1,67812.5%1Sep 30Oct 20
513Under the Boardwalk: The Monopoly StoryTostie Productions $13,0801$5,05438.6%1Mar 4Jun 9
514Leap YearStrand Releasing $12,9792$2,72721%1Jun 24Oct 6
515BloodworthThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $12,97110$9,61274.1%10May 20May 26
516I'm Not Jesus MommyFilmDemic $12,6203$5,28041.8%3May 6Jul 14
517Beautiful DarlingCorinth Films $12,4063$12,406100%1Apr 22May 12
518RebirthOscilloscope $12,3584$2,74022.2%1Aug 31Sep 15
519Deep Gold 3D-$12,00025$7,00058.3%25Apr 22Apr 28
520Rid of MeSubmarine Deluxe $11,7402$2,07017.6%1Nov 18Jan 12
521Back Door Channels: The Price of Peace-$11,6513$3,42529.4%1Sep 16Dec 1
522If I Want to Whistle, I WhistleFilm Movement $11,6221$2,99925.8%1Jan 5Feb 17
523Elektra LuxxThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $11,5144$5,60148.6%4Mar 11-
524InSightCheck Entertainment $11,10022$9,200-22Sep 2Sep 9
525Sarah Palin: You Betcha!Freestyle Releasing $10,9356$6,91163.2%6Sep 30Oct 13
526What Women WantChina Lion Film Distribution $10,82926$53,224491.5%26Feb 3Mar 10
527Happy MagicChina Lion Film Distribution $10,6975$5,12547.9%5Dec 9Dec 18
528Marriage Italian Style
2011 Re-release
-$10,6001$4,96746.9%1Sep 23Sep 29
529Zero BridgeThe Film Desk $10,1712$3,30432.5%1Feb 16May 12
530A Bird of the AirPaladin $10,1522$3,81937.6%1Sep 23Oct 20
531America the Beautiful 2: The Thin CommandmentsPMK*BNC $9,7443$5,59957.5%3Oct 14Dec 8
532Cook CountyHannover House $9,7275$7,57977.9%5Dec 16Feb 12
533The Woman with the 5 Elephants
2011 Re-release
The Cinema Guild $9,6661$4,98851.6%1Jul 20Mar 1
534A Screaming ManFilm Movement $9,4241$2,42125.7%1Apr 13May 12
535Vito Bonafacci-$9,2171$3,02732.8%1May 6-
536The LedgeIFC Films $9,2162$5,17656.2%2Jul 8Jul 14
537Prince of the Himalayas-$9,1781---Dec 23Feb 12
538How I Ended This SummerFilm Movement $8,7331$4,96856.9%1Feb 4-
539LuckyPhase 4 Films $8,5644$4,98658.2%4Jul 15Jul 28
540I'm Glad My Mother Is AliveStrand Releasing $8,5581$3,11836.4%1Sep 2Dec 1
541Special TreatmentFirst Run $8,5121$6788%1Aug 26Nov 20
542Another Happy DayPhase 4 Films $8,4642$8,464100%2Nov 18Nov 20
543Miss Minoes
2011 Re-release
Music Box Films $8,3774$1,90122.7%3Dec 23Feb 23
544WreckedIFC Films $8,0201$2,05425.6%1Apr 1Apr 14
545The Heir Apparent: Largo Winch
2011 Re-release
Music Box Films $8,0194$2,83035.3%4Nov 18Feb 23
546Good NeighboursMagnolia Pictures $7,0723$2,95341.8%3Jul 29Aug 18
547Corman's World: Exploits of a Hollywood RebelAnchor Bay Films $7,0002$7,000100%2Dec 16Dec 18
548My Piece of the PieIFC Films $6,8502$4,21361.5%2Dec 9Dec 15
549Janie JonesTribeca Film $6,8402---Oct 28-
550I Melt with YouMagnolia Pictures $6,3612$2,72942.9%2Dec 9Dec 29
551Chillar PartyUTV Motion Pictures $6,3307$4,15565.6%7Jul 8Jul 21
552KorkoroLorber Films $6,3052$1,22419.4%1Mar 25Jul 7
553King of Devil's IslandFilm Movement $6,2302$1,03916.7%1Nov 18Feb 9
554El Sicario, Room 164Icarus Films $6,1231$2,04033.3%1Dec 28May 1
555The Family TreeEntertainment One $6,0352$3,65860.6%2Aug 26Sep 8
556The Imperialists Are Still Alive!IFC Films $5,8741$2,83248.2%1Apr 15Apr 24
557DumbstruckTruly Indie $5,6002$98117.5%1Apr 15Jun 9
558ElevateVariance Films $5,5802$3,54763.6%1Oct 21Nov 10
559My JoyKino Lorber $5,5601$2,07737.4%1Sep 30Jan 26
560AuroraThe Cinema Guild $5,5581$2,10537.9%1Jun 29-
561And They're OffKinobild Releasing $5,15410$5,154100%10Oct 28-
562London River
2011 Re-release
-$5,1522$1,04420.3%1Dec 7Jan 15
563Tanner HallAnchor Bay Films $5,0735$2,80355.3%5Sep 9Sep 22
564FlypaperIFC Films $5,0432$1,09821.8%2Aug 19Aug 25
565Burke and HareIFC Films $4,8331$94719.6%1Sep 9Sep 15
566The Catechism CataclysmIFC Films $4,3731$89720.5%1Oct 19Oct 27
567DaylightCinema Purgatorio $4,1711$95923%1Jul 15Aug 25
568CaterpillarLorber Films $4,1571$2,10950.7%1May 6May 12
569Campus Radio-$4,0001$3,19679.9%1Feb 4Feb 17
570To Die Like a ManStrand Releasing $3,7601$2,34662.4%1Apr 8Jun 2
571The Harvest/La CosechaCinema Libre Studio $3,7091$2,24560.5%1Jul 29Aug 4
572Passion PlayImage Entertainment $3,6692$2,10057.2%2May 6May 12
573Building Hope-$3,5001$3,500-1Jun 3Jun 9
574The Sons of Tennessee WilliamsFirst Run $3,2421$1,49246%1Oct 7Oct 20
575Balls to the WallRocky Mountain Pictures $3,14010$3,140100%10Oct 21-
576The Weird World of BlowflyVariance Films $3,0621$1,03633.8%1Sep 16Oct 20
577The LieScreen Media Films $3,0001$3,000100%1Nov 18Nov 20
2010 Re-release
Film Movement $2,9682$2,968100%2Aug 5-
579ZokkomonUTV Motion Pictures $2,81524$2,815100%24Apr 22Apr 28
580Blood Ties-$2,7601$2,760100%1Feb 11-
581RestitutionMonterey Media $2,6641$1,77966.8%1Oct 28Nov 10
582United Red Army
2011 Re-release
Lorber Films $2,6591$1,16143.7%1May 27Jun 2
583KnuckleVitagraph Films $2,6473$2,647100%3Dec 9Dec 11