Venezuelan Box Office For 2011

RankRelease Distributor GrossTheatersTotal GrossRelease Date
1Kung Fu Panda 2United International Pictures (UIP) $8,363,469112$8,363,469Jun 10
2Rio20th Century Fox International $8,133,43477$8,133,434Apr 8
3The SmurfsSony Pictures Releasing $7,757,729110$7,757,729Aug 5
4Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2Warner Bros. $7,526,381145$7,526,732Jul 15
5Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger TidesWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $6,502,448109$6,569,664May 20
6Fast FiveUnited International Pictures (UIP) $6,472,46099$6,472,460Jun 3
7The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1-$4,720,369107$4,769,360Nov 18
8Puss in BootsUnited International Pictures (UIP) $4,395,389113$7,267,168Dec 9
9Cars 2Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $4,361,769116$4,570,943Aug 19
10ZookeeperSony Pictures Releasing $4,018,28375$4,018,283Jul 22
11Er Conde Jones-$3,579,38365$3,579,383Aug 26
12Mr. Popper's Penguins20th Century Fox International $3,122,57962$3,122,579Sep 16
13The RiteWarner Bros. $2,833,81860$2,833,818Mar 4
14Just Go with ItSony Pictures Releasing $2,805,28071$2,805,280Apr 15
15Green LanternWarner Bros. $2,663,05882$2,663,058Sep 2
16ThorUnited International Pictures (UIP) $2,647,11174$2,647,111Apr 29
17The Hangover Part IIWarner Bros. $2,600,99562$2,600,995May 27
18Yogi BearWarner Bros. $2,568,36669$2,568,366Jan 28
19The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader20th Century Fox International $2,549,03268$2,549,032Feb 11
20Final Destination 5Warner Bros. $2,455,39169$2,455,391Oct 28
21Real SteelWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $2,401,25158$3,491,730Dec 2
22RangoUnited International Pictures (UIP) $2,327,60965$2,327,609Mar 4
23Transformers: Dark of the Moon-$2,300,203103$2,618,374Oct 14
24Rise of the Planet of the Apes20th Century Fox International $2,252,17773$2,252,177Sep 30
25TangledWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $2,235,04278$6,863,748Nov 26
26Arthur ChristmasSony Pictures Releasing $2,046,16889$2,066,507Nov 25
27No Strings AttachedUnited International Pictures (UIP) $1,833,90748$1,833,907Feb 25
28Battle Los AngelesSony Pictures Releasing $1,728,16869$1,728,168Mar 25
29The Lion King
2011 3D Release
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $1,723,53525$1,723,535Nov 11
30Gulliver's Travels20th Century Fox International $1,707,89869$1,707,898Feb 25
31The Green HornetSony Pictures Releasing $1,694,71782$1,694,717Jan 14
32The TouristSony Pictures Releasing $1,638,15751$1,638,157Jan 28
33TRON: LegacyUnited International Pictures (UIP) $1,624,42770$3,419,740Dec 17
34X-Men: First Class20th Century Fox International $1,592,23086$1,592,230Aug 5
35Little FockersUnited International Pictures (UIP) $1,535,88870$1,535,888Jan 7
36Friends with BenefitsSony Pictures Releasing $1,527,06351$1,531,724Sep 9
37Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son20th Century Fox International $1,430,58547$1,430,585May 13
38The Spy Next Door
2010 Re-release
-$1,371,99331$1,656,148Dec 25
39Horrible BossesWarner Bros. $1,363,24440$1,363,244Aug 5
40HopUnited International Pictures (UIP) $1,325,82172$1,325,821Apr 15
41The Three Musketeers-$1,284,23852$1,284,238Oct 28
42Bad TeacherSony Pictures Releasing $1,193,92351$1,193,923Oct 7
43Mars Needs MomsWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $1,174,44345$1,174,443Mar 11
44Hall PassWarner Bros. $1,106,94440$1,106,944Apr 1
45Crazy, Stupid, Love.Warner Bros. $1,061,55445$1,061,554Aug 19
46UnknownWarner Bros. $947,52948$947,529Mar 18
47The Zero Hour-$917,58845$3,947,360Oct 8
48MegamindUnited International Pictures (UIP) $885,06492$2,512,019Dec 10
49Dream HouseWarner Bros. $843,09143$895,128Dec 2
50The Adjustment BureauUnited International Pictures (UIP) $842,27039$842,270Jun 24
51PriestSony Pictures Releasing $838,44376$838,443May 13
52I Am Number FourWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $788,62654$788,626Mar 4
53Season of the Witch-$742,33625$765,591Aug 12
54The Kid Who Lies-$736,37217$736,372Jan 28
55Drive AngryWarner Bros. $721,49344$721,493Apr 15
56The Adventures of TintinSony Pictures Releasing $715,405113$1,939,398Dec 23
57HereafterWarner Bros. $701,30140$701,301Jan 14
58Red Riding HoodWarner Bros. $684,33246$757,472Apr 22
59Fright NightWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $634,36158$634,361Sep 30
60Limitless-$627,86327$627,863Aug 26
61Abduction-$625,97430$625,974Sep 23
62A Turtle's Tale: Sammy's Adventures-$612,94635$612,946Mar 25
63The Rumble of the Stones-$602,74824$604,565Sep 30
64MoneyballSony Pictures Releasing $597,49849$603,835Oct 21
65DevilUnited International Pictures (UIP) $573,12929$573,129Jan 21
66Charlie St. CloudUnited International Pictures (UIP) $555,81523$682,233Dec 25
67The King's Speech-$547,79420$547,794Feb 25
68Killers-$529,00529$529,005Mar 18
69Source Code-$507,89833$507,898Nov 18
70Gnomeo & Juliet-$472,92334$472,923May 6
71ContagionWarner Bros. $459,18447$561,238Dec 16
72Sanctum-$456,60042$456,600Oct 7
73The Switch-$447,62028$447,620May 13
74RED-$425,76430$425,764Jan 21
75Garfield's Pet Force-$424,58931$471,031Sep 16
76Water for Elephants20th Century Fox International $402,17323$402,173Jul 8
77Unstoppable20th Century Fox International $400,23347$400,233Mar 18
78The MuppetsWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $393,65059$947,983Dec 23
79The Next Three Days-$391,41028$391,410Jun 24
80Black Swan20th Century Fox International $375,48032$428,095Apr 22
81Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1Warner Bros. $362,138119$4,743,014Nov 19
82The Echo-$358,17514$358,640Jun 24
83[Rec] 2-$355,71821$355,718Jul 1
84The Change-UpUnited International Pictures (UIP) $346,63337$372,052Dec 2
85Insidious-$346,60720$346,607Sep 9
86New Year's EveWarner Bros. $337,52346$845,377Dec 23
87Sucker PunchWarner Bros. $333,42241$333,422Apr 8
88Saluda al diablo de mi parte-$315,63018$315,630Sep 9
89The Crazies-$315,32215$315,322May 27
90Conan the Barbarian-$309,69648$309,696Nov 25
91Something Borrowed-$300,82715$330,015Oct 14
92How Do You KnowSony Pictures Releasing $294,93225$294,932Feb 11
93ColombianaSony Pictures Releasing $282,63026$282,630Nov 4
94BridesmaidsUnited International Pictures (UIP) $270,56438$270,564Nov 18
95In Time20th Century Fox International $268,96943$611,290Dec 23
96100 Feet-$264,56917$264,569Feb 4
97The DilemmaUnited International Pictures (UIP) $257,99831$257,998Sep 16
98The Last Exorcism-$252,23828$762,737Dec 10
99Super 8-$248,99454$249,274Dec 16
100Frozen-$239,96215$239,962Feb 4
10130 Minutes or LessSony Pictures Releasing $232,74225$232,742Nov 11
102The RoommateSony Pictures Releasing $232,72530$232,725Apr 29
103Cowboys & Aliens-$225,75146$225,751Dec 2
104True GritUnited International Pictures (UIP) $208,19825$208,198Feb 11
105The Haunting of Molly Hartley-$205,35315$205,353Jan 7
106Julia's EyesUnited International Pictures (UIP) $200,75029$200,750Apr 1
107BurlesqueSony Pictures Releasing $198,62425$198,624Feb 25
1089 meses-$191,37427$873,641Nov 12
109The Descent: Part 2-$189,88221$189,882Apr 1
110Easy ASony Pictures Releasing $186,38429$186,384Mar 4
111The Fighter-$184,12815$184,128Feb 25
112Law Abiding Citizen-$182,06418$183,763Jul 8
113PaulUnited International Pictures (UIP) $177,59741$177,597Sep 2
114The Beaver-$175,51715$184,980Aug 12
115Midnight in Paris-$172,14615$400,561Dec 9
116El último cuerpo-$159,94024$159,940May 13
117Skyline-$151,72215$151,722Aug 19
118Spread-$150,77715$150,777Jan 14
119The Social NetworkSony Pictures Releasing $150,73135$616,663Dec 3
2010 Re-release
-$145,55315$145,553Jul 1
121Winnie the PoohWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $142,29835$184,372Jul 22
122Jackass 3DUnited International Pictures (UIP) $131,49212$131,492Jan 21
123Love & Other Drugs20th Century Fox International $127,44420$127,444May 20
124It's Alive-$111,00212$111,002Mar 11
125While She Was Out
2011 Re-release
-$105,71015$105,710Jun 17
126The Rebound-$105,2966$105,296May 13
127Beyond a Reasonable Doubt-$103,64215$103,642May 27
128The Concert-$96,9233$96,923Feb 4
2011 Re-release
-$96,54018$96,540Sep 30
130I Spit on Your Grave-$91,35420$91,354May 6
131Chinese Take-OutWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $85,9803$90,880Sep 24
132Splinter-$84,46415$84,464Mar 11
133Blue Valentine-$83,2649$83,264Jul 15
134Solitary Man-$77,54810$89,653Aug 26
135The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo-$76,27022$80,092Feb 18
2010 Re-release
Sony Pictures Releasing $73,51230$215,311Dec 10
137Brooklyn's Finest
2010 Re-release
-$66,84414$66,844Jan 21
138Paris 36-$65,8853$94,140Apr 15
139You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger-$65,1654$96,561Aug 12
140Buried-$62,83016$131,818Nov 11
141Igor-$56,58222$56,582Sep 9
142Barney's Version-$56,1325$56,132Oct 21
143Biutiful-$54,6994$54,699May 20
144Muerte en alto contraste-$52,68322$288,032Nov 26
145127 Hours20th Century Fox International $51,8768$51,876May 13
146The AmericanUnited International Pictures (UIP) $50,5006$50,500Feb 4
147The Secret in Their Eyes
2010 Re-release
-$48,9908$61,759Mar 18
148The Ghost Writer-$47,2207$66,393Apr 29
149Baarìa-$43,6663$43,666Oct 21
2011 Re-release
-$35,9298$35,929Nov 4
151African CatsWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $33,80311$39,973Apr 22
152Four Minutes
2010 Re-release
-$33,4364$48,651Dec 17
2011 Re-release
-$32,7022$36,350Aug 5
154Mother and Child-$32,4014$32,401May 6
155The Greatest-$27,3366$27,336Nov 11
156I Served the King of England
2010 Re-release
-$18,3882$35,268Dec 10
157In a Better World-$12,3423$45,730Dec 25
158Life as We Know ItWarner Bros. $12,03650$967,666Nov 12
159Birds of Paradise
2011 Re-release
-$8,7227$59,570Dec 9
160Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy RescueWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $2,61015$345,335Sep 24
161Ciudad en rojo-$2731$273Mar 11