Slovene Box Office For 2011

RankRelease GrossTheatersTotal GrossRelease DateDistributor
1The Smurfs$1,362,77719$1,372,209Aug 18Sony Pictures Releasing
2Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides$742,75926$783,632May 19Walt Disney Pictures
3The Hangover Part II$573,47210$594,225May 26Warner Bros.
4Johnny English Reborn$562,53419$579,329Sep 15United International Pictures (UIP)
5Kung Fu Panda 2$557,08420$583,684Jun 9United International Pictures (UIP)
6Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2$556,11125$616,381Jul 14Warner Bros.
7Rio$466,51917$475,900Apr 1420th Century Fox International
8Tangled$443,92817$450,847Jan 27Walt Disney Pictures
9Fast Five$425,34910$516,582Apr 28United International Pictures (UIP)
10Cars 2$336,91421$520,850Jun 23Walt Disney Pictures
11Just Go with It$321,3618$321,361Feb 10Sony Pictures Releasing
12The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1$301,03112$334,922Nov 17-
13Little Fockers$299,81113$518,587Dec 23United International Pictures (UIP)
14The King's Speech$286,2696$288,335Feb 3-
15Winx Club 3D: Magical Adventure$218,82115$225,838Oct 20-
16Tower Heist$217,7899$229,124Nov 3United International Pictures (UIP)
17The Tourist$215,6618$215,661Jan 6Sony Pictures Releasing
18Transformers: Dark of the Moon$210,09915$210,099Jun 30United International Pictures (UIP)
19Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked$209,77513$454,730Dec 2220th Century Fox International
20Rango$203,08610$208,974Mar 3United International Pictures (UIP)
21Horrible Bosses$197,9419$209,017Jul 28Warner Bros.
22No Strings Attached$193,1999$200,067Mar 31United International Pictures (UIP)
23A Turtle's Tale: Sammy's Adventures$179,9076$186,310Jan 6-
24Arthur Christmas$177,12516$193,126Dec 8Sony Pictures Releasing
25Letters to Santa$176,90211$374,484Dec 15-
26Hop$176,57617$179,689Apr 7United International Pictures (UIP)
27Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol$175,90011$256,958Dec 15United International Pictures (UIP)
28New Year's Eve$174,82310$198,010Dec 8Warner Bros.
29Black Swan$160,3726$164,404Jan 2720th Century Fox International
30The Change-Up$156,9478$173,565Aug 11United International Pictures (UIP)
31Friends with Benefits$148,2678$150,052Sep 22Sony Pictures Releasing
32Bridesmaids$145,3108$150,267May 12United International Pictures (UIP)
33Immortals$144,16213$149,569Nov 10United International Pictures (UIP)
34Hall Pass$140,2509$143,870Apr 7Warner Bros.
35Mr. Popper's Penguins$138,7078$143,442Jul 720th Century Fox International
36The Three Musketeers$136,07912$139,771Oct 20-
37Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son$129,6775$132,519Feb 1720th Century Fox International
38Limitless$128,1109$133,701Mar 24-
39Final Destination 5$122,43313$128,459Sep 1Warner Bros.
40Gulliver's Travels$118,04014$120,261Feb 320th Century Fox International
41Bad Teacher$116,4258$122,282Aug 25Sony Pictures Releasing
42Crazy, Stupid, Love.$113,7998$118,768Sep 8Warner Bros.
43Honey 2$112,8107$119,020Jul 7United International Pictures (UIP)
44Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows$110,67510$250,743Dec 22Warner Bros.
45Thor$101,98110$122,992Apr 28United International Pictures (UIP)
46The Dilemma$96,9168$101,109Jan 27United International Pictures (UIP)
47In Time$96,8046$102,428Nov 320th Century Fox International
48Life as We Know It$95,6007$189,457Dec 16Warner Bros.
49Unknown$92,3556$97,828Feb 24Warner Bros.
50Paranormal Activity 3$89,1606$91,156Oct 20United International Pictures (UIP)
51The Rite$86,4496$90,473Mar 17Warner Bros.
52Rise of the Planet of the Apes$85,2708$89,706Aug 420th Century Fox International
53Winnie the Pooh$77,34311$79,576Sep 22Walt Disney Pictures
54Due Date$74,8058$230,944Dec 2Warner Bros.
2011 Re-release
$71,6457$74,106Oct 27United International Pictures (UIP)
56What's Your Number?$69,6878$72,974Oct 620th Century Fox International
57Happy Feet Two$69,12717$72,957Nov 24Warner Bros.
58Killer Elite$68,3966$72,193Oct 13-
59The Green Hornet$66,77114$66,771Jan 20Sony Pictures Releasing
60Paul$65,8216$68,933Mar 17United International Pictures (UIP)
61X-Men: First Class$65,7008$68,272Jun 220th Century Fox International
62Contagion$63,5306$67,115Oct 20Warner Bros.
63True Grit$63,4004$67,411Feb 17United International Pictures (UIP)
64Drive Angry$62,45011$65,346Mar 3Warner Bros.
65Captain America: The First Avenger$60,32911$68,827Jul 28United International Pictures (UIP)
66Your Highness$57,9386$65,434Apr 21United International Pictures (UIP)
67Super 8$57,7467$61,836Aug 4United International Pictures (UIP)
68Zookeeper$56,3187$56,318Sep 8Sony Pictures Releasing
69Midnight in Paris$55,8783$60,163Nov 24-
70I Don't Know How She Does It$52,0919$56,598Nov 24-
71Priest$51,99213$53,558May 6Sony Pictures Releasing
72Burlesque$50,6728$50,672Feb 3Sony Pictures Releasing
73Cowboys & Aliens$50,4717$54,184Aug 18United International Pictures (UIP)
74Justin Bieber: Never Say Never$49,2285$54,616Mar 17United International Pictures (UIP)
75Shark Night$46,7456$48,166Sep 29-
76The Adjustment Bureau$45,7576$48,930Mar 10United International Pictures (UIP)
77Season of the Witch$45,4493$47,019Jan 13-
78Something Borrowed$42,0393$44,544Jun 30-
79Hanna$40,3545$40,354Jun 23Sony Pictures Releasing
80Morning Glory$40,1408$47,728Feb 24United International Pictures (UIP)
81Battle Los Angeles$38,3584$38,358Apr 21Sony Pictures Releasing
82Real Steel$37,0368$49,069Oct 27Walt Disney Pictures
83Red Riding Hood$36,9486$39,148May 5Warner Bros.
84Megamind$36,87018$177,852Dec 2United International Pictures (UIP)
85How Do You Know$36,4095$36,409Mar 17Sony Pictures Releasing
86TRON: Legacy$34,64814$102,880Dec 16Walt Disney Pictures
87The Roommate$31,2754$31,275Apr 14Sony Pictures Releasing
88Green Lantern$30,90011$34,855Aug 11Warner Bros.
89The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader$30,34918$161,059Dec 920th Century Fox International
90Biutiful$29,6331$39,191Feb 10-
91Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1$27,50316$416,863Nov 18Warner Bros.
92I Am Number Four$27,4176$29,162Apr 7Walt Disney Pictures
93Moneyball$27,2995$28,086Dec 1Sony Pictures Releasing
94One Day$27,1764$29,061Sep 22-
95The Skin I Live In$25,4752$25,864Nov 17-
96Jane Eyre$24,2782$30,041Aug 25-
97The Social Network$22,2687$153,204Oct 28Sony Pictures Releasing
98The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo$21,35511$100,315Dec 29Sony Pictures Releasing
99Frozen$19,9992$21,212Dec 30-
100The Adventures of Tintin$17,88710$17,887Nov 3Sony Pictures Releasing
101The Help$17,7575$27,204Dec 8Walt Disney Pictures
102Dream House$17,5464$18,173Oct 13-
103The Guard$16,1912$17,331Nov 17-
104Faster$14,8425$14,842Mar 31Sony Pictures Releasing
105Paranormal Activity 2$13,7888$87,515Dec 9United International Pictures (UIP)
106Sucker Punch$13,1836$14,986Mar 24Warner Bros.
107Tomorrow, When the War Began$12,9966$14,072Feb 10-
108The Lincoln Lawyer$12,6063$13,851May 12-
109The Thing$12,3424$17,144Oct 27United International Pictures (UIP)
110The Parade$6,5343$203,637Dec 29-
111The American$3,1715$24,725Dec 9-
112Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World$3,1195$3,232Oct 6-
113RED$1,6563$14,336Dec 9-