Lithuanian Box Office For 2011

RankRelease GrossTheatersTotal GrossRelease DateDistributor
1Cars 2$461,52818$477,117Aug 5Universal Pictures International (UPI)
2Kung Fu Panda 2$457,39918$471,990Jun 3Universal Pictures International (UPI)
3Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides$444,36513$458,820May 18Universal Pictures International (UPI)
4Tangled$424,62117$441,097Jan 28Universal Pictures International (UPI)
5The Hangover Part II$364,1818$375,176May 27ACME
6Fast Five$331,3468$343,355Apr 29Universal Pictures International (UPI)
7Rio$329,38420$397,037Apr 22Universal Pictures International (UPI)
8Transformers: Dark of the Moon$329,31513$392,009Jun 29Universal Pictures International (UPI)
9Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2$297,8339$357,092Jul 13ACME
10The Smurfs$269,85016$381,239Aug 19ACME
11The Tourist$179,5617$182,192Jan 7ACME
12Megamind$146,0121,215$264,917Dec 17Universal Pictures International (UPI)
13No Strings Attached$145,9677$149,449Feb 11Universal Pictures International (UPI)
14Final Destination 5$141,71013$158,897Aug 12ACME
15Rango$141,65310$156,612Mar 18Universal Pictures International (UPI)
16Gulliver's Travels$138,90314$148,019Feb 11Universal Pictures International (UPI)
17Bridesmaids$134,7357$138,714Jul 22Universal Pictures International (UPI)
18Hop$132,98810$132,988Apr 1Universal Pictures International (UPI)
19Horrible Bosses$130,4928$130,492Jul 8ACME
20Sanctum$129,12810$131,573Mar 4MEED Films
21Black Swan$118,4664$118,466Jan 28Universal Pictures International (UPI)
22The Mechanic$116,0746$116,074Jan 28Incognito Films
23The King's Speech$111,3923$111,392Jan 21ACME
24Battle Los Angeles$107,6497$114,498Mar 11ACME
25Mr. Popper's Penguins$104,6258$104,625Jun 24Universal Pictures International (UPI)
26Just Go with It$103,5507$107,902Apr 1ACME
27The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader$97,82716$263,036Dec 10Universal Pictures International (UPI)
28Water for Elephants$97,5267$97,526Apr 15Universal Pictures International (UPI)
29Love & Other Drugs$96,0414$99,983Jan 7Universal Pictures International (UPI)
30Season of the Witch$93,82566$93,825Feb 4Garsu Pasaulio Irasai
31Hall Pass$90,9146$93,407Mar 18ACME
32Burlesque$89,6098$93,760Jan 21ACME
33Bad Teacher$82,6467$83,372Aug 26ACME
34Little Fockers$81,1707$127,327Dec 24Universal Pictures International (UPI)
35The Green Hornet$79,4178$79,417Jan 14ACME
36Limitless$76,5296$76,529Jun 10Garsu Pasaulio Irasai
37TRON: Legacy$75,95212$149,588Dec 24Universal Pictures International (UPI)
38Thor$74,7009$74,700May 6Universal Pictures International (UPI)
39Crazy, Stupid, Love.$74,4197$77,150Aug 19ACME
40The Best Movie 3-DE$73,7105$73,710Feb 4ACME
41Rise of the Planet of the Apes$73,0457$73,045Aug 5Universal Pictures International (UPI)
42Drive Angry$71,44110$71,441Feb 25ACME
43Life as We Know It$71,1345$72,228Jan 14ACME
44Sluzhebnyy roman. Nashe vremya$70,0556$70,055Mar 25ACME
45The Adjustment Bureau$64,0356$65,386Mar 18Universal Pictures International (UPI)
46Six Degrees of Celebration$63,3557$123,700Dec 24ACME
47Priest$62,83110$66,616May 13ACME
48Super 8$62,1186$62,118Jun 17Universal Pictures International (UPI)
49Lucky Trouble$60,6746$60,674Feb 25ACME
50The Nutcracker: The Untold Story$60,5108$60,510Dec 31ACME
51Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son$57,7035$57,703Mar 4Universal Pictures International (UPI)
52The Eagle$53,6786$53,919Apr 8Garsu Pasaulio Irasai
53Captain America: The First Avenger$52,7467$56,082Jul 29Universal Pictures International (UPI)
54Source Code$51,4023$51,402Apr 8ACME
55Conan the Barbarian$50,93913$50,939Aug 19Incognito Films
56Cowboys & Aliens$47,1097$51,621Aug 12Universal Pictures International (UPI)
57Sea Rex 3D: Journey to a Prehistoric World$44,9657$44,965Mar 25-
58Despicable Me$43,91216$651,649Oct 15Universal Pictures International (UPI)
59Biutiful$42,0052$42,350Feb 11ACME
60Yogi Bear$41,70411$41,704Apr 8ACME
61Blitz$40,8665$40,866Jul 22ACME
62X-Men: First Class$40,6475$40,647Jun 3Universal Pictures International (UPI)
63Something Borrowed$37,1236$37,123Jul 1ACME
64Alice in Wonderland$34,77413$545,457Mar 5Universal Pictures International (UPI)
65The Rite$34,6733$34,673Apr 1ACME
66I Am Number Four$33,1277$33,127Apr 8ACME
67Red Riding Hood$32,6065$37,786Apr 22Universal Pictures International (UPI)
68Jane Eyre$32,1214$32,121Aug 26ACME
69Paul$31,3194$32,991Jun 17Universal Pictures International (UPI)
70The Fighter$31,0173$31,626Feb 18Garsu Pasaulio Irasai
71Scream 4$30,9426$30,942Apr 15Incognito Films
72Your Highness$26,9874$26,987Apr 15Universal Pictures International (UPI)
73Love-Carrot 3
2011 Re-release
$26,7184$27,996Mar 11Universal Pictures International (UPI)
74Insidious$25,8354$25,835May 6MEED Films
75Rabbit Hole$25,5424$25,542Jan 14Incognito Films
76Tucker and Dale vs Evil$25,4954$56,585Dec 17Incognito Films
77Winx Club 3D: Magical Adventure$25,1888$25,264May 6Garsu Pasaulio Irasai
78You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger$21,4352$21,435Feb 4ACME
79Sucker Punch$19,4145$19,414Mar 25ACME
80Beastly$19,2103$20,585May 20Incognito Films
81Winnie the Pooh$18,98610$24,028Sep 9Universal Pictures International (UPI)
82The Dilemma$18,9533$18,953Jan 21Universal Pictures International (UPI)
83Justin Bieber: Never Say Never$18,4639$25,518Apr 8Universal Pictures International (UPI)
84Last Night$18,1135$47,336Dec 10ACME
85Hanna$17,7685$17,768Jun 10ACME
86How Do You Know$16,6474$16,647Feb 25ACME
87Heartbreaker$15,8843$25,248Dec 17Filmarti
88Beautiful Lies$15,6432$16,321Apr 22ACME
89Midnight in Paris$15,5815$18,599Sep 9ACME
90Toy Story 3$13,17513$235,594Jul 9Universal Pictures International (UPI)
91Zookeeper$12,4575$12,457Sep 2ACME
92Larry Crowne$12,3984$12,398Sep 2ACME
93Casino Jack$12,2782$12,278Mar 4Incognito Films
94True Grit$12,0321$12,032Feb 25Universal Pictures International (UPI)
95The Change-Up$10,7306$10,730Sep 9Universal Pictures International (UPI)
96Potiche$9,7662$10,043Mar 11ACME
97An Invisible Sign$9,2764$9,276May 13MEED Films
98Up$9,13012$438,822Aug 21Universal Pictures International (UPI)
99The Lincoln Lawyer$8,9162$9,074May 20ACME
100The Princess and the Frog$8,30188$284,064Jan 29Universal Pictures International (UPI)
101The Kids Are All Right$7,3082$7,308Apr 29-
102The Next Three Days$6,9084$36,044Dec 3ACME
103The Tree$6,2942$8,660Apr 1Incognito Films
104Soul Kitchen$5,5901$18,374Aug 27-
105Somewhere$5,3881$6,464Jan 6ACME
106Love, Wedding, Marriage$5,3772$5,377Jun 24MEED Films
107Los ojos de Julia$5,2672$5,267Feb 18Filmarti
108The Warrior's Way$5,0092$5,009Jan 7Garsu Pasaulio Irasai
109Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life$4,3831$4,383Jan 7-
110Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky$4,1871$8,799Nov 19Filmarti
111Scott Pilgrim vs. the World$4,1113$4,806Dec 31Universal Pictures International (UPI)
112A Rational Solution$3,9721$3,972Jan 14-
113I Love You Too$2,8922$2,892Jul 15-
114In a Better World$2,8551$7,750Dec 17-
115Magic Paris 2$2,5111$2,511May 13Filmarti
116The Roommate$2,5031$2,503Apr 15ACME
117Exam$2,4962$2,496Aug 5Incognito Films
118Shrek Forever After$2,37112$688,295Jun 4Universal Pictures International (UPI)
119The World is Big and Salvation Lurks Around the Corner$2,2581$25,898Oct 30-
120Babies$1,8282$6,639Nov 26-
121Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel$1,82410$330,464Dec 25Universal Pictures International (UPI)
122The Secret in Their Eyes$1,6191$1,619Aug 19Filmarti
123Little Nicholas$1,5381$1,755Apr 29Filmarti
124Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps$1,4785$30,829Nov 26Universal Pictures International (UPI)
125A Family$1,4641$2,039Apr 15-
126North$1,4351$5,965Nov 5Filmarti
127Blue Valentine$1,2812$1,425Sep 2ACME
128The White Ribbon$1,1201$4,389Nov 26-
129The Outlaw$1,1112$1,111Jun 3-
130Weekend$1,0361$1,036Apr 1-
131The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest$7971$1,515Feb 25Incognito Films
132Devil$5792$28,336Oct 22Universal Pictures International (UPI)
133Eastern Drift$5042$504Apr 1ACME
134Back to Your Arms$4446$29,099Nov 26ACME
135Magic Paris$3181$18,245May 7-
136The Girl Who Played with Fire$2663$2,941Dec 3Incognito Films
137Myliu kulka tavo sirdyje$2291$380Feb 4-
138Four Lions$2141$214Jun 3-
139Rare Exports$1754$14,131Dec 3MEED Films
140Mid-August Lunch$1431$11,312Oct 2-
141Knight and Day
2010 Re-release
$987$107,223Jul 16Universal Pictures International (UPI)
142Porno Melodrama$881$105Apr 15-
143Fish Tank$771$288Jan 14-
144The Girl
2010 Re-release
$721$72May 6-
145Me Too$631$12,193Apr 9-
146Eat Pray Love$437$246,562Oct 8ACME
147All That I Love$351$3,794Sep 22-
148The Flight Before Christmas$165$27,557Nov 13Universal Pictures International (UPI)
149Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time$58$176,577May 28Universal Pictures International (UPI)