Egyptian Box Office For 2011

RankRelease Distributor GrossTheatersTotal GrossRelease Date
1Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger TidesWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $768,1589$768,158May 18
2Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2Warner Bros. $637,96210$637,962Jul 13
3The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1-$544,86710$623,391Nov 16
4Fast FiveUnited International Pictures (UIP) $447,61810$447,618May 4
5Transformers: Dark of the MoonUnited International Pictures (UIP) $379,86610$379,866Jun 29
6The Hangover Part IIWarner Bros. $345,5408$345,540May 25
7Final Destination 5Warner Bros. $338,62510$342,370Sep 21
8Kung Fu Panda 2United International Pictures (UIP) $268,43910$268,439Jun 1
9The SmurfsSony Pictures Releasing $263,6298$263,629Aug 31
10Rise of the Planet of the Apes20th Century Fox International $248,2116$316,192Aug 24
11Cars 2Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $194,8977$194,897Jun 22
12Rio20th Century Fox International $185,1798$222,373Apr 27
13Horrible BossesWarner Bros. $180,0565$180,056Jul 20
14Killer Elite-$179,4449$179,444Sep 28
15X-Men: First Class20th Century Fox International $175,5339$175,533Jun 1
16Green LanternWarner Bros. $166,99910$166,999Jun 15
17The RiteWarner Bros. $164,6648$164,664Mar 9
18Mr. Popper's Penguins20th Century Fox International $161,6698$190,783Jun 29
19ThorUnited International Pictures (UIP) $156,90810$156,908Apr 27
20Gulliver's Travels20th Century Fox International $145,8209$145,820Jan 19
21Larry Crowne-$140,2878$140,287Jun 29
22Bad TeacherSony Pictures Releasing $135,8475$135,847Jun 22
23UnknownWarner Bros. $132,1078$132,107Mar 23
24Just Go with ItSony Pictures Releasing $123,1476$123,147Feb 23
25Source Code-$118,4489$118,448Mar 30
26Life as We Know ItWarner Bros. $113,8814$140,932Dec 29
27Scream 4-$112,7417$118,717Apr 27
28Shark Night 3D-$111,6176$111,617Sep 14
29Fright NightWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $108,9097$124,957Aug 24
30Captain America: The First AvengerUnited International Pictures (UIP) $105,19410$110,427Aug 31
31New Year's EveWarner Bros. $99,9477$162,986Dec 7
32TangledWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $99,1375$203,308Dec 15
33In Time20th Century Fox International $92,6998$245,310Oct 26
34Sherlock Holmes: A Game of ShadowsWarner Bros. $90,76510$539,846Dec 21
35No Strings AttachedUnited International Pictures (UIP) $88,8298$88,829Mar 30
36Something Borrowed-$87,3225$87,322Jun 8
37Little FockersUnited International Pictures (UIP) $77,5079$164,770Dec 22
38Super 8United International Pictures (UIP) $75,1289$75,128Jun 15
39Puss in BootsUnited International Pictures (UIP) $75,04810$100,047Nov 16
40Tower HeistUnited International Pictures (UIP) $72,21010$79,686Nov 23
41Mission: Impossible - Ghost ProtocolUnited International Pictures (UIP) $71,68410$576,625Dec 14
42Sanctum-$67,9688$67,968Feb 23
43The Adventures of TintinSony Pictures Releasing $67,31310$183,106Nov 2
44The Adjustment BureauUnited International Pictures (UIP) $67,0139$67,013Apr 13
45I Am Number FourWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $62,5126$62,512Mar 2
46The Change-UpUnited International Pictures (UIP) $62,3696$62,369Sep 28
47The Lincoln Lawyer-$60,5739$60,573Apr 20
48TRON: LegacyWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $60,2367$134,938Dec 22
49Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son20th Century Fox International $60,2076$60,207Mar 16
50Fair Game-$60,0145$60,014Jan 19
51Hall PassWarner Bros. $58,0105$58,010Apr 13
52ZookeeperSony Pictures Releasing $55,0216$55,021Jul 20
53HopUnited International Pictures (UIP) $52,7027$52,702Apr 20
54Happy Feet TwoWarner Bros. $50,1558$60,314Nov 30
55The Ward-$50,0335$50,033Jul 20
56PriestSony Pictures Releasing $47,6728$47,672May 25
57Jack and JillSony Pictures Releasing $44,9996$69,903Nov 30
58The King's Speech-$41,7302$41,730Mar 2
59Battle Los AngelesSony Pictures Releasing $41,45910$41,459Apr 6
60The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader20th Century Fox International $39,62610$177,171Dec 8
61RangoUnited International Pictures (UIP) $39,3857$39,385Apr 13
62Hanna-$39,0514$39,051Jul 6
63Water for Elephants20th Century Fox International $33,9365$33,936May 25
64Real SteelWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $33,1093$161,992Oct 5
65Red Riding HoodWarner Bros. $32,9903$32,990Apr 20
66The Hole-$30,6573$30,657Jun 8
67The Eagle-$30,1028$30,102Apr 6
68Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked20th Century Fox International $27,2077$219,047Dec 14
69The RoommateSony Pictures Releasing $26,7518$26,751Apr 20
70I Don't Know How She Does It-$26,5202$26,520Nov 23
71Ironclad-$26,4066$26,406May 11
72The Lion King
2011 3D Release
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $25,2252$140,459Oct 19
73BurlesqueSony Pictures Releasing $24,4725$24,472Jan 5
74Spy Kids 4-D: All the Time in the World-$24,3666$24,366Sep 14
75BridesmaidsUnited International Pictures (UIP) $23,7986$23,798Sep 14
76Let Me In-$22,0527$22,052Jan 12
77Due DateWarner Bros. $20,8245$155,505Dec 1
78The Other Woman-$20,7742$20,774May 4
79StreetDance 2-$20,6768$20,676Mar 9
80Unstoppable20th Century Fox International $20,6218$172,819Nov 24
81The DilemmaUnited International Pictures (UIP) $20,2887$20,288Feb 23
82PaulUnited International Pictures (UIP) $19,8584$19,858May 11
83Yogi BearWarner Bros. $18,5027$24,312Jan 26
84Honey 2United International Pictures (UIP) $17,8404$17,840Jul 6
85Seeking Justice-$16,8626$96,419Dec 14
86Sucker PunchWarner Bros. $15,6356$15,635May 4
87Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1Warner Bros. $15,62910$403,632Nov 17
88Justin Bieber: Never Say NeverUnited International Pictures (UIP) $15,5215$15,521Apr 6
89Shanghai-$15,4053$15,405Jan 5
90One Day-$13,9983$13,998Sep 28
91True GritUnited International Pictures (UIP) $12,4037$12,403Mar 2
92MoneyballSony Pictures Releasing $12,3003$12,300Dec 7
93Last Night-$11,6423$11,642Jun 22
94Arthur ChristmasSony Pictures Releasing $8,8367$39,298Dec 21
95The Ghost Writer-$8,6103$15,575Dec 29
96Morning GloryUnited International Pictures (UIP) $7,7653$7,765Feb 16
97Tomorrow, When the War Began-$6,5985$6,598May 25
98Paranormal Activity 3United International Pictures (UIP) $6,4462$41,632Oct 19
99Crazy, Stupid, Love.Warner Bros. $5,8144$122,191Oct 5
100Straw DogsSony Pictures Releasing $5,3226$5,322Nov 23
101Johnny English RebornUnited International Pictures (UIP) $4,8133$70,640Oct 12
102The Green HornetSony Pictures Releasing $4,58510$4,585Jan 12
103Twelve-$3,7514$3,751Mar 23
104RED-$3,6399$147,519Nov 3
105Where Do We Go Now?-$3,5825$32,311Dec 21
106The MuppetsWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $3,4524$11,553Dec 21
107MegamindUnited International Pictures (UIP) $3,0879$131,336Nov 10
108Mars Needs MomsWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $2,5623$2,562Mar 16
2011 Re-release
United International Pictures (UIP) $2,4873$16,923Oct 26
110Santa's Apprentice-$1,5393$6,763Dec 29
111Cowboys & AliensUnited International Pictures (UIP) $1,4483$47,664Oct 5
112The Social NetworkSony Pictures Releasing $9415$66,759Oct 27
113MacheteSony Pictures Releasing $2933$7,444Dec 8
114The Joneses-$462$6,339Dec 15
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