Brazilian Box Office For 2010

RankRelease Distributor GrossMax ThOpening% of Total Open ThOpenClose
1Elite Squad: The Enemy Within-$62,927,562739$7,882,88412.5%710Oct 8-
2Shrek Forever AfterParamount Pictures International $40,037,374671$6,185,02615.4%658Jul 9-
3The Twilight Saga: EclipseParis Filmes $30,499,010818$6,443,39221.1%818Jun 30-
4Alice in WonderlandWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $28,360,362567$6,032,05721.3%494Apr 23-
5Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1Warner Bros. $23,910,192896$7,384,58230.9%896Nov 19-
6Toy Story 3Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $23,613,926485$2,539,30910.8%480Jun 18-
7Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel20th Century Fox International $21,977,969414$3,397,19715.5%395Jan 8-
8Our Home20th Century Fox International $21,218,935437---Sep 3-
9Chico XavierSony Pictures Releasing $17,229,064340$3,452,58220%340Apr 2-
10Clash of the TitansWarner Bros. $16,238,888554$4,202,88425.9%554May 21-
11Iron Man 2Paramount Pictures International $15,835,025626$4,867,23630.7%626Apr 30-
12Head Over HeelsParis Filmes $15,343,668344$1,354,7818.8%344Dec 31-
13The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader20th Century Fox International $15,192,164582$2,561,73316.9%556Dec 10-
14Despicable MeUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $13,743,913387$2,944,93021.4%380Aug 6-
15Sherlock HolmesWarner Bros. $12,224,946342$2,329,12019.1%342Jan 8-
16How to Train Your DragonParamount Pictures International $11,483,006384$2,434,14121.2%384Mar 26-
17Eat Pray LoveSony Pictures Releasing $10,419,470237$2,076,42719.9%236Oct 1-
18InceptionWarner Bros. $10,315,556314$2,006,98319.5%314Aug 6-
19MegamindParamount Pictures International $10,259,047455$2,108,28420.6%455Dec 3-
20The Karate KidSony Pictures Releasing $10,165,695375$2,080,64120.5%375Aug 27-
21Prince of Persia: The Sands of TimeWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $10,124,446363$2,496,89024.7%363Jun 4-
22The Last AirbenderParamount Pictures International $9,653,005279$2,493,50625.8%262Aug 20-
23Resident Evil: AfterlifeSony Pictures Releasing $9,488,168425$2,908,64130.7%425Sep 17-
24Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief20th Century Fox International $9,290,334302$1,331,62014.3%302Feb 12-
25TRON: LegacyWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $9,048,284551$1,810,34820%480Dec 17-
26Knight and Day
2010 Re-release
20th Century Fox International $8,663,633316---Jul 16-
27Robin HoodUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $7,953,519413$2,408,75730.3%413May 14-
28Grown UpsSony Pictures Releasing $7,678,291178$1,273,95416.6%175Sep 24-
29SaltSony Pictures Releasing $7,383,735250$2,359,69232%250Jul 30-
30Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'HooleWarner Bros. $7,309,044289$1,531,87521%289Oct 8-
31Muita Calma Nessa HoraEuropa Filmes $5,424,029184$995,02318.3%184Nov 12-
32The Social NetworkSony Pictures Releasing $5,263,976159$955,16218.1%159Dec 3-
33Tooth Fairy20th Century Fox International $5,197,136177$859,98916.5%172Jan 22-
34The Sorcerer's ApprenticeWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $4,974,851217$1,414,40728.4%217Aug 13-
35BelovedWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $4,922,642156$895,38618.2%156Jul 23-
36Shutter IslandParamount Pictures International $4,834,195192$1,069,34622.1%192Mar 12-
37The Expendables-$4,739,155179$1,290,44227.2%179Aug 13-
38It's ComplicatedUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $4,694,495178$884,45918.8%178Feb 26-
39The Final DestinationPlayArte Filmes $4,547,387246$986,02321.7%239Feb 5-
40The Book of EliSony Pictures Releasing $4,470,700195$1,080,91824.2%195Mar 19-
41Up in the AirParamount Pictures International $4,427,613167$977,67022.1%167Jan 22-
42Valentine's DayWarner Bros. $4,405,954160$1,045,00523.7%160Feb 19-
43Saw: The Final Chapter-$4,255,802267$1,455,36334.2%267Nov 5-
44The WolfmanUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $4,250,237289$784,40718.5%289Feb 12-
45Paranormal Activity 2Paramount Pictures International $4,209,747168$898,78021.3%168Oct 22-
46Date Night20th Century Fox International $3,802,943176$1,040,32527.4%176Apr 9-
47Lula, the Son of BrazilEuropa Filmes $3,785,593350$1,154,89030.5%350Jan 1-
48Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty GaloreWarner Bros. $3,660,233189---Sep 3-
49The Back-up PlanSony Pictures Releasing $3,377,721163$806,48223.9%140Jun 11-
50The Bounty HunterSony Pictures Releasing $3,284,719137$863,13026.3%135Apr 16-
51Sex and the City 2Warner Bros. $3,185,351216$1,007,43431.6%216May 28-
52Due DateWarner Bros. $3,173,988188$999,28031.5%187Nov 5-
53The Blind SideWarner Bros. $3,004,286115$736,33524.5%115Mar 19-
54REDParis Filmes $2,992,854207$1,171,75239.2%207Nov 12-
55The Next Three Days-$2,535,654122$474,53918.7%122Dec 24-
56Killers-$2,513,311123$529,59721.1%123Aug 27-
57Life as We Know ItWarner Bros. $2,464,976155$397,44416.1%77Oct 15-
58Garfield's Pet ForcePlayArte Filmes $2,451,404192$609,77324.9%192Oct 29-
59Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps20th Century Fox International $2,416,343156$774,95932.1%154Sep 24-
60Edge of Darkness-$2,274,542155$622,74727.4%154Jan 29-
61Vampires Suck20th Century Fox International $2,270,062131$679,23129.9%127Oct 1-
62The A-Team20th Century Fox International $2,139,275246---Jun 11-
63The Last ExorcismPlayArte Filmes $2,032,160182$656,76732.3%182Sep 24-
64The Switch-$2,017,83185$578,23328.7%85Sep 17-
65Predators20th Century Fox International $2,017,215170$759,60437.7%170Jul 23-
66Remember MeParis Filmes $1,980,250153$521,93826.4%153Mar 12-
67InvictusWarner Bros. $1,923,50082$304,49115.8%76Jan 29-
68Letters to JulietParis Filmes $1,861,051119---Jun 11-
69The Secret in Their EyesEuropa Filmes $1,805,52324---Feb 26-
70The Lovely BonesParamount Pictures International $1,612,729175$561,42834.8%175Feb 19-
71You Will Meet a Tall Dark StrangerParis Filmes $1,611,29972$394,55424.5%72Nov 26-
72Whatever Works-$1,591,88030$225,74314.2%30Apr 30-
73Going the DistanceWarner Bros. $1,587,217119$567,95535.8%119Sep 10-
74A Nightmare on Elm StreetWarner Bros. $1,525,642154$552,54336.2%154May 7-
75SennaUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $1,330,503112$487,92536.7%112Nov 12-
76From Paris with LovePlayArte Filmes $1,311,891200$444,79833.9%200Apr 9-
77Toy Story 2
2009 Re-release
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $1,256,037107$520,57641.4%107Mar 5-
78A Suprema FelicidadeParamount Pictures International $1,229,806168$409,97733.3%168Oct 29-
79The Best Things in the WorldWarner Bros. $1,214,499152$290,46823.9%152Apr 16-
80The Two Deaths of Quincas WateryellWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $1,212,639107$284,92123.5%107May 21-
81Love HappensPlayArte Filmes $1,194,638134$404,53033.9%129Mar 5-
82High School Musical: O DesafioWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $1,149,290203$346,84630.2%203Feb 5-
83Our Lady of AparecedaParamount Pictures International $1,087,591278$273,68525.2%274Dec 17-
84I Love You Phillip Morris
2010 Re-release
-$1,084,98752$220,49220.3%52Jun 4-
85SkylinePlayArte Filmes $1,069,222132$412,02138.5%132Dec 3-
86Case 39Paramount Pictures International $1,046,012143$407,38038.9%143Apr 9-
87Nanny McPhee ReturnsUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $929,44250$233,27225.1%50Sep 17-
88PreciousPlayArte Filmes $927,31671$145,09915.6%68Feb 12-
89Marmaduke20th Century Fox International $916,569103$372,83140.7%103Jun 4-
90Piranha 3D-$905,633193$367,91840.6%193Oct 22-
91The Fourth Kind-$896,65665$263,59529.4%63Jan 1-
92The Hurt Locker-$820,75462$125,91015.3%43Feb 5-
93The TownWarner Bros. $814,56251$277,49534.1%51Oct 29-
945 x Favela, Now by OurselvesSony Pictures Releasing $774,16146$129,86816.8%46Aug 27-
95Little Nicholas-$758,29930$72,8429.6%30Jul 2-
96Brooklyn's Finest-$743,109117$370,70849.9%117Apr 2-
97Toy Story
2009 Re-release
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $730,147101$537,71973.6%101Feb 26-
98The Ghost WriterParis Filmes $728,41730$164,58722.6%29May 28-
99The Spy Next Door
2010 Re-release
-$647,53392$252,39039%92May 7-
100Solomon KaneParis Filmes $639,43069$252,63639.5%69Sep 10-
101DevilUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $635,73599$261,83741.2%99Nov 26-
102Old DogsWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $632,89849$229,39536.2%49Apr 2-
103Hot Tub Time Machine-$631,79062$246,46339%62Sep 10-
104Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans-$624,42372$241,38738.7%72Jan 15-
105400 Contra 1: Uma História do Crime OrganizadoPlayArte Filmes $606,64179$166,52327.5%76Aug 6-
106Did You Hear About the Morgans?Sony Pictures Releasing $594,21961$205,92534.7%61Mar 26-
107FederalEuropa Filmes $568,81964$169,57329.8%63Oct 29-
2010 Special Edition
20th Century Fox International $557,42179$119,68621.5%79Oct 15-
109The Joneses-$552,84558$116,47121.1%56Dec 24-
110Jackass 3DParamount Pictures International $511,51695$205,64140.2%95Nov 12-
111The Young VictoriaEuropa Filmes $511,10037---Jun 18-
112ChloePlayArte Filmes $510,85362$196,32538.4%57May 14-
113Green Zone
2010 Re-release
Paramount Pictures International $508,13751$165,12132.5%51Apr 16-
114The Box-$506,08151$158,73231.4%50Mar 26-
115NineSony Pictures Releasing $498,93840$163,09932.7%40Jan 29-
116Astro BoyParis Filmes $490,74576$151,74330.9%76Jan 22-
117Death Proof
2010 Re-release
PlayArte Filmes $452,64747---Jul 18-
118Where the Wild Things AreWarner Bros. $447,02124$108,42924.3%24Jan 15-
119The Kids Are All Right-$431,82859$193,48044.8%59Nov 12-
120ZombielandSony Pictures Releasing $408,56547$121,03529.6%47Jan 29-
121Furry VengeanceParis Filmes $407,41363$132,53832.5%61May 21-
122CarriersPlayArte Filmes $400,03957$121,88830.5%56Mar 5-
123Bright StarPlayArte Filmes $394,65230$98,13824.9%30Jun 25-
124Solitary Man-$393,84332$129,73232.9%32Oct 22-
125[Rec] 2PlayArte Filmes $365,39237---Sep 3-
126Me and My Umbrella20th Century Fox International $363,01579$83,41223%79Oct 8-
127The White Ribbon-$343,18726$66,08519.3%25Feb 12-
128An EducationSony Pictures Releasing $337,83213$65,49619.4%13Feb 19-
129The RoadParis Filmes $312,95354---Apr 23-
130The Other GuysSony Pictures Releasing $289,00267$143,91449.8%67Nov 26-
131Brothers-$281,51861$156,00355.4%61Mar 5-
132Stone-$279,80641$136,71448.9%41Oct 22-
133Bed & Breakfast: Love is a Happy AccidentPlayArte Filmes $268,67866$101,15537.6%66Dec 10-
134A Single ManParis Filmes $264,01729$87,52133.1%29Mar 5-
135Kick-AssUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $259,70145---Jun 18-
136The ConcertParis Filmes $259,22416$36,76214.2%16Dec 24-
137Dear JohnSony Pictures Releasing $258,26133$88,40234.2%33May 7-
138Buried-$256,35348$78,48330.6%48Dec 10-
139FrozenPlayArte Filmes $251,71552$93,18737%52May 28-
140The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec-$250,37537$81,89232.7%37Oct 29-
141Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky
2010 Re-release
-$228,93015---Aug 20-
142Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky-$228,93020$69,95330.6%19Aug 20-
143My Soul to Take-$226,50461$92,82141%61Dec 10-
144Crazy Heart20th Century Fox International $212,74315$65,86631%15Mar 5-
145The GreatestPlayArte Filmes $207,33756---Jun 18-
146Nowhere Boy-$203,65618$54,16926.6%18Dec 3-
147Desert Flower
2009 Re-release
-$201,44236$58,35329%36Jun 25-
148Tetro-$195,99611$37,82919.3%11Dec 10-
149Wild Grass-$192,30710$26,16913.6%9Jan 15-
150Then She Found MeEuropa Filmes $189,25312$20,47810.8%12Aug 6-
151Chéri-$188,91628$70,80937.5%28Jan 22-
152CaranchoParis Filmes $185,6165$22,18111.9%5Dec 3-
153Vincere-$182,7358---Jul 23-
154The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo-$173,34833$79,58045.9%33May 14-
155Ninja AssassinWarner Bros. $170,87045$54,82432.1%44Feb 5-
156A ProphetSony Pictures Releasing $170,2126$17,10310%6Jun 18-
157The Imaginarium of Doctor ParnassusSony Pictures Releasing $166,1386$29,91418%6May 7-
158Brother and Sister-$160,28713$48,03530%13Oct 8-
159Pandorum-$155,39136$76,20249%36Feb 26-
160CenturionPlayArte Filmes $147,68438$58,75739.8%38Nov 26-
161PonyoPlayArte Filmes $145,84143$37,38925.6%43Jul 30-
162So Hard to ForgetEuropa Filmes $142,89422$42,09529.5%22Oct 15-
163The Men Who Stare at GoatsSony Pictures Releasing $139,18310$42,52330.6%10Mar 26-
164Under the Sea 3D-$138,6921---Sep 3-
165Segurança NacionalEuropa Filmes $131,30037$58,51044.6%37May 7-
166Yona Yona PenguinPlayArte Filmes $127,19678$20,08915.8%78Dec 24-
167Loose Cannons-$123,7726$13,64111%5Dec 31-
168Halloween IIPlayArte Filmes $119,65852$52,10943.5%52Mar 26-
169Mary and MaxPlayArte Filmes $119,07918$26,56222.3%18Apr 16-
170The AmericanUniversal Pictures International (UPI) $115,50816$50,30343.5%16Nov 19-
171The Last SongWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $114,40124$40,56735.5%23Jun 11-
172The Great Buck HowardEuropa Filmes $110,49415$45,63441.3%15Jan 15-
173Mother and ChildPlayArte Filmes $106,02320$58,54855.2%20Aug 13-
174BaarìaParis Filmes $99,93510$40,71940.7%10Sep 17-
175The MessengerParis Filmes $95,96120$36,62638.2%20Feb 19-
176Before the World Ends-$92,93413$19,97221.5%13May 14-
177MacheteSony Pictures Releasing $89,91011$25,97728.9%11Dec 10-
178Sonhos RoubadosEuropa Filmes $88,22227$9,58710.9%27Apr 30-
179Cold SoulsEuropa Filmes $81,75013---Jul 9-
180Scott Pilgrim vs. the WorldUnited International Pictures (UIP) $77,9346$41,57353.3%6Nov 5-
181Daddy Cool
2010 Re-release
Pandora Filmes $72,8634---Jul 2-
182Tell TalePlayArte Filmes $71,19745$38,45454%45Oct 22-
183The Crazies-$68,59630$44,04964.2%30Aug 20-
184MotherhoodParis Filmes $67,89720$35,17851.8%20Jan 15-
2010 Re-release
PlayArte Filmes $67,19014$20,28230.2%14Dec 17-
186The Merry WidowPandora Filmes $64,1809---Sep 3-
187Cyrus20th Century Fox International $55,0147$21,25238.6%7Nov 5-
188HoneyParis Filmes $50,76912$28,83056.8%12Aug 20-
189Battle for TerraPlayArte Filmes $49,48062$28,77558.2%62Sep 10-
190Sunshine CleaningEuropa Filmes $44,2608---Dec 31-
191The Goods: Live Hard, Sell HardEuropa Filmes $39,89824$26,43866.3%24May 28-
192Moscow, Belgium-$39,7051---Nov 19-
193Cabeça a PrêmioEuropa Filmes $38,26419$22,38458.5%19Aug 20-
194Blue Eyes-$37,47020$20,92555.8%20May 28-
195Ondine-$34,80218$19,29655.4%18Nov 5-
196L'amour fou-$34,2473$6,82219.9%3Dec 3-
197The Edge of Love-$32,1798$16,88352.5%8Jan 8-
198Amelia20th Century Fox International $31,95510$20,35863.7%10Mar 26-
199The Burning PlainParis Filmes $30,71820$30,718100%20Apr 16-
200The RunawaysParis Filmes $30,4585---Oct 8-
201Creation-$26,80312$26,803100%12Mar 19-
202Soul Kitchen-$25,14914$25,149100%14Mar 19-
203The Famous and the DeadWarner Bros. $23,17710$9,50141%10Apr 2-
204Please GiveSony Pictures Releasing $23,1255$3,70416%5Oct 29-
205ExtractParis Filmes $22,58018$22,580100%18May 14-
206Life During Wartime-$21,7698$12,72258.4%8Nov 19-
207Vida Sobre RodasWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $20,34216$10,72552.7%16Nov 26-
208Ao: The Last Hunter-$14,1675$6,92248.9%5Jul 30-
209Welcome to the Sticks-$12,2378$12,237100%8Apr 9-
210It Might Get LoudSony Pictures Releasing $9,8371$1,46214.9%1Jan 29-
211South of the BorderEuropa Filmes $9,60820$9,608100%20Jun 4-
212Outlaw-$5,4894$5,489100%4Dec 31-
213ThirstParis Filmes $4,8124$4,812100%4Apr 2-
214The Good Heart-$4,3567$4,356100%7Dec 24-
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