Domestic Box Office For 2010

RankRelease Distributor GrossTheatersTotal GrossRelease Date
1AvatarTwentieth Century Fox $466,141,9293,461$749,766,139Dec 18
2Toy Story 3Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $410,171,0274,028$415,004,880Jun 18
3Alice in WonderlandWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $332,430,2003,739$332,430,200Mar 5
4Iron Man 2Paramount Pictures $312,433,3314,390$312,433,331May 7
5The Twilight Saga: EclipseSummit Entertainment $300,531,7514,468$300,531,751Jun 30
6InceptionWarner Bros. $292,558,1883,792$292,576,195Jul 16
7Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1Warner Bros. $280,230,1274,125$295,983,305Nov 19
8Despicable MeUniversal Pictures $251,083,0403,602$251,513,985Jul 9
9Shrek Forever AfterDreamWorks $238,736,7874,386$238,736,787May 21
10How to Train Your DragonDreamWorks $217,581,2314,060$217,581,231Mar 26
11The Karate KidSony Pictures Releasing $175,566,9473,740$176,591,618Jun 11
12Clash of the TitansWarner Bros. $163,214,8883,802$163,214,888Apr 2
13Grown UpsSony Pictures Releasing $161,438,5813,534$162,001,186Jun 25
14TangledWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $161,284,3903,603$200,807,262Nov 24
15MegamindDreamWorks $143,767,7923,949$148,415,853Nov 5
16The Last AirbenderParamount Pictures $131,772,1873,203$131,772,187Jul 1
17Shutter IslandParamount Pictures $128,012,9343,356$128,012,934Feb 19
18The Other GuysSony Pictures Releasing $118,841,1853,651$119,219,978Aug 6
19SaltSony Pictures Releasing $117,656,4183,612$118,311,368Jul 23
20TRON: LegacyWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $117,540,0713,451$170,669,481Dec 17
21Jackass 3DParamount Pictures $117,052,8833,139$117,229,692Oct 15
22Valentine's DayWarner Bros. $110,485,6543,665$110,485,654Feb 12
23Sherlock HolmesWarner Bros. $106,925,7233,626$209,028,679Dec 25
24Robin HoodUniversal Pictures $105,269,7303,505$105,269,730May 14
25The ExpendablesLionsgate $103,068,5243,398$103,068,524Aug 13
26Due DateWarner Bros. $98,935,0393,365$100,539,043Nov 5
27Alvin and the Chipmunks: The SqueakquelTwentieth Century Fox $98,826,0963,747$219,553,378Dec 23
28Date NightTwentieth Century Fox $98,669,0973,380$98,669,097Apr 9
29Sex and the City 2Warner Bros. $95,347,6923,445$95,347,692May 27
30The Book of EliWarner Bros. $94,835,0593,111$94,835,059Jan 15
31The Social NetworkSony Pictures Releasing $92,876,2822,921$96,962,694Oct 1
32The TownWarner Bros. $92,155,0372,935$92,186,262Sep 17
33REDSummit Entertainment $89,296,2973,349$90,380,162Oct 15
34Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning ThiefTwentieth Century Fox $88,731,2933,396$88,731,293Feb 12
35Prince of Persia: The Sands of TimeWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $88,656,1323,646$88,656,132May 28
36Paranormal Activity 2Paramount Pictures $84,612,3423,239$84,752,907Oct 22
37Little FockersUniversal Pictures $84,557,4253,675$148,438,600Dec 22
38Eat Pray LoveSony Pictures Releasing $80,346,6383,108$80,574,010Aug 13
39The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn TreaderTwentieth Century Fox $80,066,0973,555$104,367,133Dec 10
40Dear JohnScreen Gems $79,745,1713,062$80,014,842Feb 5
41UnstoppableTwentieth Century Fox $79,104,7573,261$81,537,988Nov 12
42The A-TeamTwentieth Century Fox $77,196,3163,544$77,196,316Jun 11
43Knight and Day
2010 Re-release
Twentieth Century Fox $76,408,3673,104$76,423,035Jun 23
44Dinner for SchmucksDreamWorks $73,026,3373,046$73,026,337Jul 30
45It's ComplicatedUniversal Pictures $72,359,5002,955$112,735,375Dec 25
46True GritParamount Pictures $70,420,1233,464$171,243,005Dec 22
47The Bounty HunterSony Pictures Releasing $66,349,5263,118$67,061,228Mar 19
48Diary of a Wimpy KidTwentieth Century Fox $63,901,5733,083$63,901,573Mar 19
49A Nightmare on Elm StreetWarner Bros. $63,075,0113,332$63,075,011Apr 30
50The WolfmanUniversal Pictures $61,979,6803,223$61,979,680Feb 12
51The Last SongWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $61,723,8432,794$61,723,843Mar 31
52Get Him to the GreekUniversal Pictures $60,974,4752,702$60,974,475Jun 4
53Why Did I Get Married Too?Lionsgate $60,095,8522,155$60,095,852Apr 2
54Resident Evil: AfterlifeScreen Gems $60,071,5983,209$60,128,566Sep 10
55Tooth FairyTwentieth Century Fox $60,008,7733,345$60,008,770Jan 22
56The Blind SideWarner Bros. $59,388,4313,407$255,951,749Nov 20
57The Sorcerer's ApprenticeWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $58,418,1603,504$63,150,991Jul 14
58SecretariatWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $58,363,5623,108$59,713,955Oct 8
59Easy AScreen Gems $58,190,4522,974$58,401,464Sep 17
60TakersScreen Gems $57,555,5732,206$57,744,720Aug 27
61Yogi BearWarner Bros. $57,418,5503,515$100,246,011Dec 17
62Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'HooleWarner Bros. $55,486,4133,575$55,675,313Sep 24
63Letters to JulietSummit Entertainment $53,032,4532,975$53,032,453May 14
64Life as We Know ItWarner Bros. $52,727,3433,150$53,374,681Oct 8
65Wall Street: Money Never SleepsTwentieth Century Fox $52,448,2503,597$52,448,250Sep 24
66PredatorsTwentieth Century Fox $51,925,3512,669$52,000,688Jul 9
67Hot Tub Time MachineMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) $50,287,5562,771$50,287,556Mar 26
68Up in the AirParamount Pictures $50,168,1682,218$83,823,381Dec 4
69The TouristSony Pictures Releasing $49,966,9652,756$67,631,157Dec 10
70Kick-AssLionsgate $48,071,3033,065$48,071,303Apr 16
71KillersLionsgate $47,059,9632,859$47,059,963Jun 4
72Cop OutWarner Bros. $44,875,4813,150$44,875,481Feb 26
73Saw: The Final ChapterLionsgate $44,010,1782,808$45,710,178Oct 29
74The Lovely BonesDreamWorks $43,795,8092,638$44,114,232Dec 11
75Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty GaloreWarner Bros. $43,585,7533,705$43,585,753Jul 30
76Edge of DarknessWarner Bros. $43,313,8903,066$43,313,890Jan 29
77Death at a FuneralScreen Gems $42,525,5312,459$42,739,347Apr 16
78Step Up 3DWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $41,449,4372,439$42,400,223Aug 6
79The Last ExorcismLionsgate $41,034,3502,874$41,034,350Aug 27
80Black SwanFox Searchlight Pictures $40,866,3432,407$106,950,757Dec 3
81LegionScreen Gems $39,962,1682,476$40,168,080Jan 22
82The CraziesOverture Films $39,123,5892,479$39,123,589Feb 26
83The FighterParamount Pictures $39,041,7942,534$93,617,009Dec 10
84Crazy HeartFox Searchlight Pictures $38,977,6751,361$39,458,875Dec 16
85For Colored GirlsLionsgate $37,669,2042,127$37,729,698Nov 5
86The Back-up PlanCBS Films $37,490,0073,280$37,490,007Apr 23
87BurlesqueScreen Gems $37,403,0473,037$39,440,655Nov 24
88Vampires SuckTwentieth Century Fox $36,649,5973,233$36,661,504Aug 18
89The AmericanFocus Features $35,606,3762,833$35,606,376Sep 1
90Green ZoneUniversal Pictures $35,053,6603,004$35,053,660Mar 12
91MarmadukeTwentieth Century Fox $33,633,5973,213$33,633,597Jun 4
92DevilUniversal Pictures $33,601,1902,811$33,601,190Sep 17
93HereafterWarner Bros. $32,684,4552,424$32,746,941Oct 15
94She's Out of My LeagueParamount Pictures $32,010,8602,958$32,010,860Mar 12
95Scott Pilgrim vs. the WorldUniversal Pictures $31,524,2752,820$31,524,275Aug 13
96Charlie St. CloudUniversal Pictures $31,162,5452,725$31,162,545Jul 30
97When in RomeWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $31,145,0512,456$31,145,051Jan 29
98Love & Other DrugsTwentieth Century Fox $31,099,4812,458$32,343,814Nov 24
99Morning GloryParamount Pictures $30,727,8142,544$31,011,732Nov 10
100DaybreakersLionsgate $30,101,5772,523$30,101,577Jan 8
101Nanny McPhee ReturnsUniversal Pictures $29,011,2152,798$29,011,215Aug 20
102Brooklyn's FinestOverture Films $27,163,5931,939$27,163,593Mar 5
103The SwitchMiramax $26,914,3332,017$27,779,426Aug 20
104MacheteTwentieth Century Fox $26,564,7462,678$26,593,646Sep 3
105Ramona and BeezusTwentieth Century Fox $26,098,9902,719$26,167,002Jul 23
106Leap YearUniversal Pictures $25,918,9202,512$25,918,920Jan 8
107Alpha and OmegaLionsgate $25,107,2672,625$25,107,267Sep 17
108Piranha 3D-$25,003,1552,491$25,003,155Aug 20
109Lottery TicketWarner Bros. $24,719,8791,974$24,719,879Aug 20
110The Spy Next DoorLionsgate $24,307,0862,924$24,307,086Jan 15
111From Paris with LoveLionsgate $24,077,4272,722$24,077,427Feb 5
112The LosersWarner Bros. $23,591,4322,936$23,591,432Apr 23
113You AgainWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $23,400,1812,548$25,702,053Sep 24
114FasterCBS Films $22,799,8662,470$23,240,020Nov 24
115The Princess and the FrogWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $21,920,2053,475$97,955,233Nov 25
116How Do You KnowSony Pictures Releasing $21,808,8912,483$30,212,620Dec 17
117Just WrightFox Searchlight Pictures $21,540,3631,831$21,540,363May 14
118SkylineUniversal Pictures $21,393,6202,883$21,393,620Nov 12
119Gulliver's TravelsTwentieth Century Fox $21,121,7173,089$42,763,879Dec 25
120The Next Three DaysLionsgate $21,102,2392,564$21,148,651Nov 19
121The Kids Are All RightFocus Features $20,811,365994$20,811,365Jul 9
122Our Family WeddingFox Searchlight Pictures $20,260,9411,609$20,255,281Mar 12
123Hubble 3DWarner Bros. $20,069,368151$52,499,484Mar 19
124Remember MeSummit Entertainment $19,068,2402,215$19,068,240Mar 12
2010 Re-release
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $18,735,3981,232$18,735,398Apr 22
126Going the DistanceWarner Bros. $17,804,2993,030$17,804,299Sep 3
127The King's SpeechThe Weinstein Company $17,674,0342,584$135,453,143Nov 26
128Furry VengeanceSummit Entertainment $17,630,4653,002$17,630,465Apr 30
2010 Re-release
Warner Bros. $17,010,1702,450$17,010,170Jun 4
130The Ghost WriterSummit Entertainment $15,541,549819$15,541,549Feb 19
131Youth in Revolt-$15,275,3081,873$15,275,308Jan 8
132My Soul to TakeUniversal Pictures $14,744,4352,572$14,744,435Oct 8
133Repo MenUniversal Pictures $13,794,8352,521$13,794,835Mar 19
134Case 39Paramount Vantage $13,261,8512,212$13,261,851Oct 1
135Let Me InOverture Films $12,134,9352,042$12,134,935Oct 1
136The Twilight Saga: New MoonSummit Entertainment $12,111,2424,124$296,623,634Nov 20
137Extraordinary MeasuresCBS Films $12,068,3132,549$12,068,313Jan 22
138InvictusWarner Bros. $10,814,2312,170$37,491,364Dec 11
2010 Special Edition
Twentieth Century Fox $10,741,486812$10,741,486Aug 27
140Jonah HexWarner Bros. $10,547,1172,825$10,547,117Jun 18
141127 HoursFox Searchlight Pictures $10,203,228916$18,292,814Nov 5
142The Girl with the Dragon TattooMusic Box Films $10,092,562202$10,095,033Mar 19
143NineThe Weinstein Company $9,825,4901,412$19,670,243Dec 18
144Did You Hear About the Morgans?Sony Pictures Releasing $9,200,0412,718$29,580,087Dec 18
145Get LowSony Pictures Classics $9,110,163570$9,176,933Jul 30
146Fair GameSummit Entertainment $9,048,389436$9,540,691Nov 5
147The Young VictoriaApparition $8,530,583476$11,001,272Dec 18
148MacGruberUniversal Pictures $8,525,6002,551$8,525,600May 21
149A Single ManThe Weinstein Company $7,907,643354$9,152,334Dec 11
150CyrusFox Searchlight Pictures $7,468,936454$7,468,936Jun 18
151BabiesFocus Features $7,320,323543$7,320,323May 7
152The Imaginarium of Doctor ParnassusSony Pictures Classics $7,028,622607$7,689,607Dec 25
2010 Re-release
Fox Searchlight Pictures $6,756,095672$6,756,095Oct 15
154City IslandAnchor Bay Films $6,671,036269$6,671,036Mar 19
155The Last StationSony Pictures Classics $6,617,867354$6,617,867Jan 15
156Waiting for 'Superman'Paramount Vantage $6,417,135330$6,417,135Sep 24
157The Secret in Their EyesSony Pictures Classics $6,391,436166$6,391,436Apr 16
158It's Kind of a Funny StoryFocus Features $6,363,628757$6,363,628Oct 8
159Winter's BoneRoadside Attractions $6,243,745141$6,531,503Jun 11
160Under the Sea 3DWarner Bros. $5,894,782108$36,213,909Feb 13
161The Warrior's WayRelativity Media $5,559,3951,622$5,666,340Dec 3
162I Am LoveMagnolia Pictures $5,005,465166$5,005,465Jun 18
163PreciousLionsgate $4,998,5351,003$47,566,524Nov 6
164The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's NestMusic Box Films $4,981,124208$5,190,196Oct 29
165An EducationSony Pictures Classics $4,963,224763$12,574,914Oct 9
166Mao's Last DancerThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $4,817,770137$4,817,770Aug 20
167Solitary ManAnchor Bay Films $4,360,548177$4,360,548May 21
168GreenbergFocus Features $4,234,170186$4,234,170Mar 19
169Please GiveSony Pictures Classics $4,033,574272$4,033,574Apr 30
170My Name Is KhanFox Searchlight Pictures $4,015,569125$4,015,569Feb 12
171The RunawaysApparition $3,573,673244$3,573,673Mar 19
172Broken EmbracesSony Pictures Classics $3,431,551202$5,014,305Nov 20
173Inside JobSony Pictures Classics $3,397,099250$4,312,735Oct 8
174Exit Through the Gift Shop-$3,291,25046$3,291,250Apr 16
1753 IdiotsReliance Big Pictures $3,270,265156$6,532,874Dec 23
1762012Sony Pictures Releasing $3,260,7863,444$166,112,167Nov 13
177CatfishRogue Pictures $3,237,343143$3,237,343Sep 17
178You Will Meet a Tall Dark StrangerSony Pictures Classics $3,225,213402$3,248,246Sep 22
179ChloeSony Pictures Classics $3,075,255350$3,075,255Mar 26
180Joan Rivers: A Piece of WorkIFC Films $2,930,687115$2,930,687Jun 11
181Letters to GodVivendi Entertainment $2,848,578897$2,848,578Apr 9
182N-SecureFreestyle Releasing $2,595,644486$2,595,644Oct 15
183To Save a LifeThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $2,569,955441$2,569,955Jan 22
184Never Let Me GoFox Searchlight Pictures $2,434,652232$2,434,652Sep 15
185Twilight/The Twilight Saga: New MoonSummit Entertainment $2,385,2372,037$2,385,237Jun 29
186Planet 51Sony Pictures Releasing $2,361,2793,035$42,194,060Nov 20
187BrothersLionsgate $2,321,3782,088$28,544,157Dec 4
188Fantastic Mr. FoxTwentieth Century Fox $2,314,1852,304$20,958,741Nov 13
189The White RibbonSony Pictures Classics $2,197,020106$2,222,862Dec 30
190A ProphetSony Pictures Classics $2,087,72083$2,087,720Feb 26
191Space Station 3DIMAX $1,937,03364$93,378,068Apr 19
192Harry BrownThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $1,818,68167$1,818,681Apr 30
193StoneOverture Films $1,810,078125$1,810,078Oct 8
194The Road-$1,793,092396$8,117,000Nov 25
195FlippedWarner Bros. $1,755,212442$1,755,212Aug 6
196KitesReliance Big Pictures $1,643,486207$1,643,486May 21
197Coco Chanel & Igor StravinskySony Pictures Classics $1,621,22674$1,621,226Jun 11
198Cairo TimeIFC Films $1,603,61676$1,603,616Aug 6
199The Hurt LockerSummit Entertainment $1,589,895535$17,017,811Jun 26
200RaajneetiUTV Motion Pictures $1,503,052124$1,514,558Jun 4
201The JonesesRoadside Attractions $1,475,746217$1,475,746Apr 16
202Nowhere BoyThe Weinstein Company $1,457,248215$1,457,248Oct 8
203DabanggEros International $1,288,54968$1,288,549Sep 10
2009 Re-release
Sony Pictures Classics $1,262,07952$1,262,079May 28
205HousefullEros International $1,183,65882$1,183,658Apr 30
206Golmaal 3Eros International $1,132,19286$1,132,192Nov 5
207Mother and ChildSony Pictures Classics $1,110,509119$1,110,509May 7
208Deep SeaWarner Bros. $1,073,95847$46,400,952Mar 3
209La MissionScreen Media Films $1,062,94147$1,062,941Apr 9
210BuriedLionsgate $1,044,143107$1,044,143Sep 24
211The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2010: Live ActionShorts International $1,018,16995$1,018,169Feb 19
212GuzaarishUTV Motion Pictures $1,017,335108$1,017,335Nov 19
213I Love You Phillip Morris
2010 Re-release
Roadside Attractions $969,912100$2,037,459Dec 3
214Tees Maar KhanUTV Motion Pictures $950,611108$1,076,443Dec 22
215Where the Wild Things AreWarner Bros. $931,4883,735$77,233,467Oct 16
216Couples RetreatUniversal Pictures $907,4803,074$109,204,945Oct 9
217Princess KaiulaniRoadside Attractions $883,88747$883,887May 14
218Old DogsWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $868,8543,425$47,397,427Nov 25
219Anjaana AnjaaniEros International $854,75791$854,757Oct 1
220I Hate Luv StorysUTV Motion Pictures $847,99385$847,993Jun 30
221Ninja AssassinWarner Bros. $819,4182,503$38,122,883Nov 25
222Cloudy with a Chance of MeatballsSony Pictures Releasing $815,2933,119$124,870,275Sep 18
223The Tillman StoryThe Weinstein Company $802,53528$802,535Aug 20
224Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric AdventureNational Geographic Entertainment $789,969252$23,744,066Oct 5
225What If...Five & Two Pictures $767,54582$767,545Aug 20
226Peepli (Live)UTV Motion Pictures $757,95170$757,951Aug 13
227Middle MenParamount Vantage $754,301252$754,301Aug 6
228North FaceMusic Box Films $711,42136$711,421Jan 29
229RaavanReliance Big Pictures $708,726120$708,726Jun 18
230Mid-August LunchZeitgeist Films $675,29923$675,299Mar 17
231A Christmas CarolWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $673,5113,683$137,562,562Nov 6
232The Secret of KellsGKIDS $662,19237$676,775Mar 5
233The ConcertThe Weinstein Company $657,98621$657,986Jul 30
234We Are FamilyUTV Motion Pictures $638,14478$638,144Sep 3
235AgoraNewmarket Films $619,42317$619,423May 28
236The Virginity HitSony Pictures Releasing $606,128700$636,706Sep 24
237Law Abiding CitizenOverture Films $593,5002,890$73,357,727Oct 16
238HowlOscilloscope $585,07829$617,334Sep 24
239The Polar Express
2010 IMAX Release
Warner Bros. $561,92017$672,796Dec 3
240MotherMagnolia Pictures $551,50938$551,509Mar 12
241OndineMagnolia Pictures $550,47239$550,472Jun 4
242The Art of the StealIFC Films $544,89034$544,890Feb 26
243Jack Goes BoatingOverture Films $541,99290$541,992Sep 17
244Khatta MeethaEros International $541,90483$541,904Jul 23
245Mademoiselle ChambonLorber Films $530,49116$530,491May 28
246The Man from NowhereCJ Entertainment $528,17519$528,175Oct 1
247VeerEros International $527,19392$527,193Jan 22
248Tamara DreweSony Pictures Classics $523,24959$559,871Oct 8
249Preacher's Kid8x Entertainment $515,065109$515,065Jan 29
2010 Re-release
IFC Films $504,03043$504,030Sep 10
251The City of Your Final DestinationScreen Media Films $493,29626$493,296Apr 16
252Poema de salvaciónCanZion Films $490,90330$914,200Aug 27
253The MessengerOscilloscope $474,04150$1,109,660Nov 13
254Dolphins and Whales 3D: Tribes of the Ocean3D Entertainment $469,00242$7,714,996Feb 15
255The Extra ManMagnolia Pictures $453,37733$453,377Jul 30
256The Men Who Stare at GoatsOverture Films $451,2582,453$32,428,195Nov 6
257I Want Your MoneyFreestyle Releasing $433,588537$433,588Oct 15
258The Boondock Saints II: All Saints DayApparition $433,404524$10,273,188Oct 30
259Break Ke BaadReliance Big Pictures $427,62885$427,628Nov 24
260ArmoredScreen Gems $416,1441,919$15,988,876Dec 4
261I'm Still HereMagnolia Pictures $408,983120$408,983Sep 10
262The Square
2010 Re-release
Apparition $406,11624$406,116Apr 9
263Wild GrassSony Pictures Classics $403,95223$403,952Jun 25
264Made in DagenhamSony Pictures Classics $396,99489$1,095,369Nov 19
265Fish TankIFC Films $374,67515$374,675Jan 15
266LebanonSony Pictures Classics $368,08823$368,088Aug 6
2010 Sing-a-long
Paramount Pictures $365,80233$365,802Jul 8
268Like Dandelion DustBlue Collar Releasing $352,81060$352,810Sep 24
269CreationNewmarket Films $341,32312$341,323Jan 22
270Me and Orson WellesFreestyle Releasing $339,800134$1,190,003Nov 25
271Enter the VoidIFC Films $336,46713$336,467Sep 24
272Rabbit HoleLionsgate $323,432131$2,229,058Dec 17
273SomewhereFocus Features $322,53483$1,785,645Dec 22
274The Perfect Game-$321,609417$1,037,071Apr 16
275A Film UnfinishedOscilloscope $320,48616$320,486Aug 18
276The Yellow HandkerchiefThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $318,62329$318,623Feb 26
277Today's SpecialVitagraph Films $317,83155$317,831Nov 19
278Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New OrleansFirst Look International $313,54196$1,702,112Nov 20
279VisionZeitgeist Films $312,49917$435,274Oct 13
280All Good Things
2010 Re-release
Magnolia Pictures $292,96435$582,024Dec 3
281The Little Traitor-$292,1185$400,705Oct 23
282Last Train HomeZeitgeist Films $288,32814$288,328Sep 3
283No ProblemEros International $285,46884$285,468Dec 10
284If You Are the One 2China Lion Film Distribution $282,65721$426,894Dec 24
285Soul KitchenIFC Films $276,90123$276,901Aug 20
286Countdown to ZeroMagnolia Pictures $272,04028$272,040Jul 23
287Tiny FurnitureIFC Films $269,54021$391,674Nov 12
288Kings of PastryFirst Run $257,62510$336,095Sep 15
289FrozenAnchor Bay Films $246,176106$246,176Feb 5
290White MaterialIFC Films $240,80621$304,020Nov 19
291MonstersMagnolia Pictures $237,30125$237,301Oct 29
292That Evening SunFreestyle Releasing $233,24010$281,350Nov 6
293Four LionsDrafthouse Films $230,82718$304,616Nov 5
294Formosa BetrayedScreen Media Films $225,34116$225,341Feb 26
295The Black Waters of Echo's PondParallel Media $224,409404$224,409Apr 9
296The TempestMiramax $223,65321$237,254Dec 10
297The Killer Inside MeIFC Films $217,27717$217,277Jun 18
298La soga7-57 Releasing $210,62520$210,625Aug 13
299U2 3DNational Geographic Entertainment $208,746686$10,335,294Jan 23
300LegendaryThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $200,393177$200,393Sep 10
301South of the BorderCinema Libre Studio $198,60012$198,600Jun 25
302The Nutcracker in 3DFreestyle Releasing $195,459115$195,459Nov 24
303Rare Exports: A Christmas TaleOscilloscope $195,15421$236,347Dec 3
304Iron ManParamount Pictures $192,0254,154$318,604,126May 2
305A Woman, a Gun and a Noodle ShopSony Pictures Classics $190,94623$190,946Sep 3
306GalapagosIMAX $189,28314$18,627,957Oct 29
307Nick Saban: Gamechanger-$189,00026$189,000Aug 27
308SweetgrassThe Cinema Guild $187,7289$206,728Jan 6
309The Secrets of Jonathan SperryFive & Two Pictures $186,772135$1,355,079Sep 18
310TwelveHannover House $183,920231$183,920Aug 6
311The Human Centipede (First Sequence)IFC Films $181,46719$181,467Apr 30
312Winnebago ManKino International $181,03912$181,039Jul 9
313Casino Jack and the United States of MoneyMagnolia Pictures $176,86521$176,865May 7
31471: Into the Fire-$176,63820$176,638Jul 30
315LeavingIFC Films $176,11313$176,113Oct 1
316Astro BoySummit Entertainment $173,1963,020$19,551,067Oct 23
317Terribly HappyOscilloscope $170,9439$170,943Feb 5
318Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot SpitzerMagnolia Pictures $169,14917$189,416Nov 5
319Chance Pe DanceUTV Motion Pictures $168,64368$168,643Jan 15
320The Disappearance of Alice CreedAnchor Bay Films $166,98012$166,980Aug 6
321Fool for LoveVariance Films $165,9878$165,987Sep 10
322Genius Within: The Inner Life of Glenn GouldLorber Films $162,1229$162,122Sep 10
323Welcome to the RileysThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $158,89811$158,898Oct 29
324Red Riding: The Year of Our Lord 1974IFC Films $151,6449$151,644Feb 5
325My Dog TulipNew Yorker Films $145,9195$245,739Sep 1
326Father of My ChildrenIFC Films $144,0227$144,022May 21
327Blue ValentineThe Weinstein Company $140,304450$9,706,328Dec 29
328The Weathered UndergroundIndican Pictures $140,09122$140,091Jan 26
329Chain LetterNew Films Cinema $138,788406$138,788Oct 1
330Love Ranch-$137,88511$137,885Jun 30
331Coco Before ChanelSony Pictures Classics $136,611307$6,113,834Sep 25
332The EclipseMagnolia Pictures $133,41112$133,411Mar 26
333CarlosIFC Films $133,3567$145,526Oct 15
334A Serious ManFocus Features $130,332262$9,228,768Oct 2
335The WarlordsMagnolia Pictures $129,07812$129,078Apr 2
336The Cremaster Cycle
2010 Re-release
International Film Circuit $128,3212$146,019Apr 9
337Lovely, StillMonterey Media $127,56417$127,564Sep 10
338Paranormal ActivityParamount Pictures $125,9652,712$107,918,810Sep 25
339Red CliffMagnolia Pictures $124,31742$627,047Nov 18
340CenturionMagnolia Pictures $123,57019$123,570Aug 27
341Touching HomeCFI Releasing $116,3537$116,353Apr 30
342The GreatestPaladin $114,76619$114,766Apr 2
343Bran Nue DaeFreestyle Releasing $113,56855$113,568Sep 10
344Blood Done Sign My NamePaladin $109,38395$109,383Feb 19
345After.LifeAnchor Bay Films $108,59541$108,595Apr 9
346Wild TargetFreestyle Releasing $108,58913$108,589Oct 29
347Inspector BellamyIFC Films $107,6124$107,612Oct 29
348The Romantics-$106,52414$106,524Sep 10
2010 Re-release
Rialto Pictures $104,66612$363,031May 28
350Saint John of Las VegasIndieVest Pictures $102,64514$102,645Jan 29
351Survival of the DeadMagnolia Pictures $101,74020$101,740May 28
352FreakonomicsMagnolia Pictures $101,27020$101,270Oct 1
353The Good GuyRoadside Attractions $100,6889$100,688Feb 19
3548: The Mormon Proposition-$100,28016$100,280Jun 18
355Best Worst MovieAbramorama $99,0482$109,481Apr 23
356I Spit on Your GraveAnchor Bay Films $93,05112$93,051Oct 8
357Country StrongScreen Gems $89,6361,441$20,218,921Dec 22
358The Fourth KindUniversal Pictures $89,3202,530$25,486,040Nov 6
359Crazy on the OutsideFreestyle Releasing $88,33575$88,335Jan 8
2010 Re-release
Rialto Pictures $82,6874$124,673Feb 5
361The Private Lives of Pippa LeeScreen Media Films $82,56826$337,356Nov 27
362No One Knows About Persian CatsIFC Films $81,76812$81,768Apr 16
2010 Re-release
Oscilloscope $81,68011$81,680Jul 16
364The MaidElephant Eye Films $80,16119$576,608Oct 16
365Until the Light Takes UsVariance Films $80,0133$127,013Dec 4
366The IllusionistSony Pictures Classics $77,060206$2,231,474Dec 25
367See What I'm Saying: The Deaf Entertainers DocumentaryWorldplay $74,92221$116,109Mar 19
368Leaves of GrassFirst Look International $70,0666$70,066Sep 17
369Waking Sleeping BeautyWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $68,4455$68,445Mar 26
370Pirate RadioFocus Features $68,361883$8,017,917Nov 13
371BudrusBalcony Releasing $68,1514$68,353Oct 8
372Racing DreamsHannover House $65,08233$65,082May 21
373MarwencolThe Cinema Guild $64,9586$111,837Oct 8
374Cool ItRoadside Attractions $62,71343$62,713Nov 12
375Feed the FishStrand Releasing $61,6074$101,035Apr 23
376AftershockChina Lion Film Distribution $60,59425$60,594Oct 29
377UndertowThe Film Collaborative $55,4763$102,990Sep 17
378A Town Called PanicZeitgeist Films $54,64710$161,624Dec 16
379God of VampiresNocturnal Features $53,34510$53,345Jul 2
380Another YearSony Pictures Classics $52,785236$3,200,823Dec 29
381Hatchet IIVitagraph Films $52,60468$52,604Oct 1
382Patrik, Age 1.5Regent Releasing $52,4709$52,878Aug 14
383Breath Made Visible: Anna HalprinArgot Pictures $52,3873$52,387Apr 2
384The Human ExperienceGrassroots Films $52,2965$52,296Apr 9
385Night Catches UsMagnolia Pictures $51,4559$76,185Dec 3
38635 Shots of RumThe Cinema Guild $51,3115$176,710Sep 16
387The Harimaya BridgeEleven Arts $51,1083$53,135Mar 12
388HouseJanus Films $48,6877$209,339Jan 15
389Tales from Earthsea
2010 Re-release
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $48,6585$48,658Aug 13
390Change of PlansIFC Films $46,7142$46,714Aug 27
391Ca$hRoadside Attractions $46,48843$46,488Mar 26
392The Nature of ExistenceWalking Shadows $46,2484$54,645Jun 18
393Everyone ElseThe Cinema Guild $45,2775$100,816Apr 9
394DefendorDarius Films $44,4624$44,462Feb 19
395Band Baaja Baaraat-$43,82032$43,820Dec 10
396On the BoweryMilestone $41,8021$41,802Sep 17
The Remix
Reliance Big Pictures $41,78340$41,783May 28
39844 Inch Chest
2010 Re-release
Image Entertainment $39,0335$39,033Jan 15
399AmeliaFox Searchlight Pictures $38,5101,070$14,246,488Oct 23
400Killing KasztnerSky Island Films $38,2275$85,779Oct 23
401The End of Poverty?Cinema Libre Studio $36,3465$54,864Nov 13
402District 13: UltimatumMagnolia Pictures $36,1369$36,136Feb 5
403The Red Baron
2010 Re-release
Monterey Media $35,22419$37,189Mar 19
404The Legend of Pale MaleBalcony Releasing $35,2044$38,083Nov 24
405The Yes Men Fix the WorldShadow Distribution $34,62716$193,660Sep 25
406BhuttoFirst Run $34,2984$99,277Dec 3
407Mystery TeamRoadside Attractions $33,5824$89,442Aug 28
408Ahead of Time: The Extraordinary Journey of Ruth GruberVitagraph Films $33,0243$33,024Sep 10
409Spoken WordVariance Films $32,9614$32,961Jul 23
410Boxing GymZipporah Films $32,4767$32,476Oct 22
411William S. Burroughs: A Man WithinOscilloscope $32,4234$46,380Nov 17
412Beetle Queen Conquers TokyoArgot Pictures $32,3083$32,308May 12
413Living in EmergencyTruly Indie $32,2087$32,208Jun 4
414180° SouthMagnolia Pictures $31,7454$31,745May 21
415Who Is Harry Nilsson (And Why Is Everybody Talkin' About Him?)Lorber Films $30,9753$30,975Sep 10
416GasLand-$30,8462$30,846Sep 15
417Valhalla RisingIFC Films $30,6382$30,638Jul 16
418Multiple SarcasmsMAC Releasing $29,73115$29,731May 7
419Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are UndeadIndican Pictures $29,4724$70,563Jun 4
420Le AmicheThe Film Desk $28,9451$68,167Jun 18
421DogtoothKino International $28,6535$107,040Jun 25
422SéraphineMusic Box Films $28,25824$884,613Jun 5
423Monsieur VerdouxThe Film Desk $28,0942$63,643Mar 14
424[Rec] 2Magnolia Pictures $27,7667$27,766Jul 9
425Small ChangeThe Film Desk $27,2422$37,610Nov 24
426The BoxWarner Bros. $26,6982,635$15,051,977Nov 6
427Eyes Wide OpenNew American Vision $26,2581$26,258Feb 5
428The Exploding GirlOscilloscope $25,5723$25,572Mar 12
429Here and ThereCinema Purgatorio $25,2235$25,223May 14
4302012: Time for ChangeMangusta Productions $24,8212$68,339Apr 9
431Saint Misbehavin': The Wavy Gravy MovieArgot Pictures $23,8863$29,893Dec 3
432Four Seasons LodgeFirst Run $23,3423$57,544Nov 11
433White on RiceVariance Films $23,0294$67,186Sep 11
434October CountryInternational Film Circuit $22,7024$25,365Feb 12
435The Other CityCabin Films $22,5392$22,539Sep 17
436Happy TearsRoadside Attractions $22,46415$22,464Feb 19
437AlamarFilm Movement $22,2743$61,436Jul 14
438The Garden of EdenRoadside Attractions $22,08314$22,083Dec 10
439And Everything Is Going FineIFC Films $22,0802$22,080Dec 10
440Daddy LonglegsIFC Films $21,7662$21,766May 14
441The Good HeartMagnolia Pictures $20,9306$20,930Apr 30
442DouchebagPaladin $20,6156$20,615Oct 1
443The KoreanIndican Pictures $20,2792$20,279Feb 5
444The TrialMountain Top Releasing $19,7532$19,753Sep 10
445Great DirectorsPaladin $17,9214$17,921Jul 2
446The People I've Slept With-$17,6112$17,611Aug 13
447Bitch SlapFreestyle Releasing $17,3653$17,365Jan 8
448Le combat dans l'îleThe Film Desk $17,3531$49,545Jun 12
449The Polar Express
2009 IMAX Release
Warner Bros. $16,69721$514,354Nov 6
450The Beaches of AgnèsThe Cinema Guild $16,5267$238,978Jul 2
451The Sun
2009 Re-release
Lorber Films $16,2344$62,602Nov 18
452DreamkillerDelaware Pictures $15,5143$15,514Feb 19
453The Wedding SongStrand Releasing $14,4304$30,162Oct 9
454Ghetto PhysicsThe Samuel Goldwyn Company $14,0349$14,034Oct 8
455Don McKayImage Entertainment $13,7227$13,722Apr 2
456The OathZeitgeist Films $13,5274$33,664May 7
457Paper ManMPI Media Group $13,5143$13,514Apr 23
458ShoahIFC Films $13,1281$20,175Dec 10
459JimArea 23a $13,0001$13,000Oct 8
460Good HairRoadside Attractions $12,412466$4,157,223Oct 9
461The Dry LandFreestyle Releasing $11,7775$11,777Jul 30
462White Wedding
2010 Re-release
Dada Films $11,7104$11,710Sep 3
463The Damned UnitedSony Pictures Classics $11,63045$449,865Oct 9
464Violet TendenciesEmbrem Entertainment $11,5911$13,304Nov 5
465After the Cup: Sons of Sakhnin UnitedVariance Films $11,5383$11,538May 21
466CherryAbramorama $11,3623$11,362Oct 8
467Terkel in Trouble
2010 Re-release
Indican Pictures $10,7832$10,783Mar 26
468Strange Powers: Stephin Merritt and the Magnetic FieldsVariance Films $10,7305$67,521Oct 27
469The Headless WomanStrand Releasing $10,7203$98,969Aug 19
470Frankie & AliceFreestyle Releasing $10,6701$10,670Dec 10
471The Milk of SorrowOlive Films $10,4622$10,462Aug 27
472CircleIndican Pictures $10,0242$10,024Aug 27
473Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist and RebelPhase 4 Films $10,0004$10,000Jul 30
474Down TerraceMagnolia Pictures $9,8122$9,812Oct 15
475Summer WarsGKIDS $9,38111$80,768Dec 24
476The TaqwacoresStrand Releasing $9,3472$9,347Oct 22
477Wonderful WorldMagnolia Pictures $9,3094$9,309Jan 8
478Nine Nation AnimationThe World According to Shorts $9,1442$37,528Sep 29
479Harlan: In the Shadow of Jew SuessZeitgeist Films $9,1225$47,853Mar 3
480The Missing PersonStrand Releasing $8,9803$16,948Nov 20
481Mississippi MermaidThe Film Desk $8,9641$31,413Jul 10
482BrotherhoodOlive Films $8,8891$8,979Aug 6
483Terkel in Trouble
2010 Re-release
Indican Pictures $8,8244$39,885Oct 15
484InfernoFlicker Alley $8,8043$24,328Jul 16
485Fresh-$8,0743$25,115Apr 9
486All About Evil-$7,9951$7,995Jul 9
487Behind the Burly QFirst Run $7,9312$22,547Apr 23
488Around a Small MountainThe Cinema Guild $7,7333$32,584Jul 9
489The CoveRoadside Attractions $7,67956$857,005Jul 31
490Tales from the ScriptFirst Run $7,5351$7,535Mar 12
491UdaanUTV Motion Pictures $7,4612$7,461Jul 16
492The Thorn in the HeartOscilloscope $7,3761$7,376Apr 2
493Gangster's Paradise: Jerusalema
2010 Re-release
Anchor Bay Films $7,2944$7,294Jun 11
494The Doors: When You're StrangeAbramorama $7,2468$239,259Apr 9
495Happiness RunsStrand Releasing $7,1992$7,199May 7
496Army of CrimeLorber Films $7,1563$35,416Aug 20
497Logan-$7,1371$7,137Sep 10
498Children of Invention-$7,0652$11,183Mar 12
499Finding BlissPhase 4 Films $6,7831$6,783Jun 4
500MercyIFC Films $6,7802$6,780Apr 30
501The FreebiePhase 4 Films $6,7334$16,613Sep 17
502Regina Spektor Live in LondonCinema Purgatorio $6,6849$6,684Nov 19
503Youssou Ndour: I Bring What I LoveShadow Distribution $6,6017$170,825Jun 12
504Cloud 9Music Box Films $6,4468$90,884Aug 14
505AmreekaNational Geographic Entertainment $6,25340$626,933Sep 4
2008 Re-release
Lorber Films $6,1992$15,677Nov 27
507Stonewall UprisingFirst Run $6,03210$128,203Jun 16
508BearCityTLA Releasing $6,0001$6,000Oct 22
509AjamiKino International $5,88523$621,859Feb 3
510Under Our SkinShadow Distribution $5,7766$97,798Jun 19
511Lbs.Truly Indie $5,4561$27,301Mar 26
512Sweethearts of the Prison RodeoCinema Purgatorio $5,2932$5,293Sep 17
513Speed-DatingRockstone Releasing $5,2401$5,240Jun 4
514Come UndoneFilm Movement $5,2082$6,203Dec 3
515The Sicilian Girl
2010 Re-release
Music Box Films $5,0226$70,057Aug 4
516The Oxford MurdersMagnolia Pictures $4,8032$4,803Aug 6
517Off and RunningFirst Run $4,7361$16,738Jan 29
518The September IssueRoadside Attractions $4,695143$3,820,067Aug 28
519Mesrine Part 2: Public Enemy #1
2010 Re-release
Music Box Films $4,61031$275,387Sep 3
520CrudeFirst Run $4,3447$169,796Sep 9
521Brutal Beauty: Tales of the Rose City RollersCinema Purgatorio $4,1762$8,784Jan 8
522InhaleIFC Films $4,1152$4,115Oct 22
523Hideaway (Le refuge)Strand Releasing $4,0155$34,215Sep 10
524HeartlessIFC Films $3,6971$3,697Nov 19
525Smash His CameraMagnolia Pictures $3,6441$3,644Jul 30
526The Girl on the Train
2009 Re-release
Strand Releasing $3,62710$205,921Jan 22
527Mugabe and the White AfricanFirst Run $3,3821$7,070Jul 23
528El Superstar: The Unlikely Rise of Juan FrancesCinema Libre Studio $3,2711$3,271Sep 17
529NénetteKino International $3,2703$17,886Dec 22
530Harmony and Me-$3,0971$17,695Sep 18
531Only When I DanceFilm Movement $3,0031$8,385Jul 2
532The Strange Case of AngelicaThe Cinema Guild $2,9342$49,429Dec 29
533HadewijchIFC Films $2,9152$5,006Dec 24
534The Sun Behind the Clouds: Tibet's Struggle for FreedomBalcony Releasing $2,8864$41,779Mar 31
535VideocracyKino International $2,8591$23,204Feb 12
536The Fall of Night-$2,8337$3,862Sep 10
537Adolf EichmannRegent Releasing $2,7061$2,706Oct 29
538The Two EscobarsAll Rise Films $2,6871$13,630Aug 27
539Prodigal SonsFirst Run $2,68611$73,084Feb 26
540The Slammin' SalmonAnchor Bay Films $2,66711$41,587Dec 11
541Boogie WoogieIFC Films $2,6181$2,618Apr 23
542The Wild ChildThe Film Desk $2,5262$64,048Nov 7
543Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3DIMAX $2,46482$34,136,978Sep 23
544Metal Messiah-$2,4551$3,476Sep 16
545Two in the WaveLorber Films $2,3821$28,808May 19
546Daniel and AnaStrand Releasing $2,3721$2,372Aug 27
547Every Man for HimselfThe Film Desk $2,3522$46,793Nov 12
548The AfterlightCinema Purgatorio $2,3391$3,059Sep 10
549The Full Picture-$2,2641$2,264Jun 11
550Double TakeKino International $2,2401$20,120Jun 2
551You Wont Miss Me-$2,2401$2,240Dec 10
552Yoo-Hoo, Mrs. GoldbergInternational Film Circuit $2,12725$1,134,623Jul 10
553The FallRoadside Attractions $2,116111$2,266,905May 9
554Falling AwakeIFC Films $1,9782$1,978Jan 29
555EndgameMonterey Media $1,94214$9,645Nov 6
556Promised LandsThe Film Desk $1,9301$4,261Feb 5
557Breakfast with ScotRegent Releasing $1,7056$45,946Oct 10
558Big FanFirst Independent Pictures $1,69015$234,422Aug 28
559City of War: The Story of John RabeStrand Releasing $1,6876$67,519May 21
560Carbon NationClay Way Media $1,5642$15,057May 7
561BluebeardStrand Releasing $1,5283$29,711Mar 26
562Carmo, Hit the Road
2010 Re-release
First Run $1,5121$1,512Oct 15
563American GrindhouseLorber Films $1,4162$3,598Jun 18
564DroolStrand Releasing $1,4031$1,403Jan 22
2010 Re-release
Sony Pictures Classics $1,3745$57,388Jul 23
566Yuri Gagarin Conspiracy: Fallen IdolIndican Pictures $1,3262$13,179Oct 2
567The Red ChapelLorber Films $1,0802$5,236Dec 29
568Shall We Kiss?Music Box Films $99533$534,684Mar 27
569TruckerMonterey Media $90913$52,166Oct 9
570The Wonder of It AllIndican Pictures $90639$781,016Jul 17
571$9.99Regent Releasing $8624$51,563Dec 12
572Perrier's BountyIFC Films $8281$828May 21
573The Living WakeMangusta Productions $7141$11,048May 14
574Shake Hands with the DevilRegent Releasing $5941$594Oct 29
575WatercolorsRegent Releasing $5702$5,478Jan 22
57645365-$4981$853Feb 26
577MisconceptionsRegent Releasing $4072$6,232Jan 22
578The Magician
2010 Re-release
Regent Releasing $4061$406Oct 29
579Tru LovedRegent Releasing $3914$9,192Oct 17
580Spring FeverStrand Releasing $3812$2,005Jun 4
581NoBody's Perfect
2010 Re-release
Lorber Films $3641$1,601Apr 16
582Salt of This Sea
2010 Re-release
Lorber Films $3472$10,644Aug 13
2009 Re-release
First Run $3453$37,493Aug 7
584The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon PapersFirst Run $34312$453,336Jan 29
585Dream BoyRegent Releasing $3251$6,146Mar 26
586BeeswaxThe Cinema Guild $3193$41,439Aug 7
587Box Elder-$2742$48,996Mar 3
588Fashion VictimRegent Releasing $2722$2,322Jan 22
589The Blue Tooth VirginRegent Releasing $2372$2,762Sep 25
590Peter and VandyStrand Releasing $1433$10,761Oct 9
591To Die Is HardDriving With Our Eyes Shut $1121$4,549Dec 17
592From Mexico with LoveRoadside Attractions $57279$548,787Oct 9
593ZenithCinema Purgatorio $424$4,881Oct 1
594Whiz KidsShadow Distribution $02$4,716Jun 4
595CropseyCinema Purgatorio $04$52,476Jun 4
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