Slovene Box Office For 2010

RankRelease GrossTheatersTotal GrossRelease DateDistributor
1Avatar$1,189,88618$1,917,323Dec 1720th Century Fox International
2Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel$562,57313$576,300Jan 2820th Century Fox International
3Eat Pray Love$386,4108$386,410Sep 23Sony Pictures Releasing
4Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1$362,14816$416,863Nov 18Warner Bros.
5Despicable Me$357,21718$362,636Oct 14United International Pictures (UIP)
6Shrek Forever After$335,59826$358,751May 27United International Pictures (UIP)
7Inception$309,78310$358,652Jul 22Warner Bros.
8Robin Hood$299,58315$327,167May 13United International Pictures (UIP)
9How to Train Your Dragon$298,33414$347,028Apr 1United International Pictures (UIP)
10Saw: The Final Chapter$292,45511$313,423Oct 28-
11Sherlock Holmes$242,9849$261,903Jan 7Warner Bros.
12Toy Story 3$224,94013$234,447Aug 12Walt Disney Pictures
13The Bounty Hunter$217,3579$217,357Apr 1Sony Pictures Releasing
14Step Up$216,0666$227,845Sep 23-
15Valentine's Day$204,8019$246,792Feb 18Warner Bros.
16Clash of the Titans$204,42315$220,122Apr 22Warner Bros.
17Little Fockers$204,15013$518,587Dec 23United International Pictures (UIP)
18Knight and Day
2010 Re-release
$202,60612$230,562Jul 2920th Century Fox International
19Grown Ups$186,4837$251,066Jul 15Sony Pictures Releasing
20It's Complicated$185,5338$299,517Dec 24United International Pictures (UIP)
21Shutter Island$182,0345$190,246Mar 11United International Pictures (UIP)
22Salt$181,92910$181,929Aug 19Sony Pictures Releasing
23Sex and the City 2$171,88217$206,549Jun 3Warner Bros.
24Dinner for Schmucks$169,7708$173,663Sep 16United International Pictures (UIP)
25Alice in Wonderland$169,6228$171,221Mar 4Walt Disney Pictures
26Leap Year$155,5068$163,068Mar 4United International Pictures (UIP)
27The Back-up Plan$151,5777$151,577May 6Sony Pictures Releasing
28Due Date$150,8838$230,944Dec 2Warner Bros.
29The Sorcerer's Apprentice$142,06910$147,564Sep 16Walt Disney Pictures
30She's Out of My League$138,5838$145,145Apr 15United International Pictures (UIP)
31Megamind$138,33618$177,852Dec 2United International Pictures (UIP)
32Get Him to the Greek$134,4279$140,899Aug 5United International Pictures (UIP)
33Planet 51$126,16010$179,710Dec 31-
34The Last Airbender$121,30717$179,326Aug 5United International Pictures (UIP)
35Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time$120,93412$129,612May 20Walt Disney Pictures
36Marmaduke$120,0788$125,528Aug 1920th Century Fox International
37The Wolfman$118,8497$127,464Feb 18United International Pictures (UIP)
38The Social Network$118,8037$153,204Oct 28Sony Pictures Releasing
39Up in the Air$118,1405$125,379Jan 14United International Pictures (UIP)
40Did You Hear About the Morgans?$117,3428$117,342Feb 4Sony Pictures Releasing
41The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader$116,85618$161,059Dec 920th Century Fox International
42The Karate Kid$114,94412$120,832Sep 2Sony Pictures Releasing
43The Expendables$114,2706$128,090Aug 19-
44Iron Man 2$111,6806$122,290Apr 29United International Pictures (UIP)
45The Princess and the Frog$111,3799$115,260Jan 21Walt Disney Pictures
46The Other Guys$110,9877$110,987Oct 21Sony Pictures Releasing
47Resident Evil: Afterlife$90,69917$90,699Sep 10Sony Pictures Releasing
48Life as We Know It$89,0347$189,457Dec 16Warner Bros.
49When in Rome$88,7646$92,940Apr 22Walt Disney Pictures
50Going the Distance$86,8287$88,262Sep 9Warner Bros.
51The Book of Eli$84,7486$90,552Jan 21-
52Easy A$80,8627$80,862Nov 11Sony Pictures Releasing
53You Again$80,6686$91,973Oct 28Walt Disney Pictures
54Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs$73,06713$73,067Feb 11Sony Pictures Releasing
55The Twilight Saga: Eclipse$72,60513$329,475Jul 1-
56Paranormal Activity 2$69,2428$87,515Dec 9United International Pictures (UIP)
57The Men Who Stare at Goats$66,4994$74,580Jan 28-
58The Flight Before Christmas$64,1098$451,221Dec 3-
59TRON: Legacy$61,59014$102,880Dec 16Walt Disney Pictures
60Devil$61,5497$70,951Oct 28United International Pictures (UIP)
61Remember Me$61,0106$65,975Apr 15-
62Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore$58,82511$64,045Aug 26Warner Bros.
63Green Zone$55,8736$58,433Mar 18United International Pictures (UIP)
64The A-Team$55,0867$58,921Aug 1220th Century Fox International
65Old Dogs$53,2766$157,569Dec 10Walt Disney Pictures
66Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps$49,8164$51,037Nov 420th Century Fox International
67The Switch$49,5403$51,404Oct 7-
68Machete$48,0994$49,648Sep 2-
69Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief$46,7248$47,562Mar 1120th Century Fox International
70Nine$46,3754$48,920Mar 4-
71Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole$43,94411$46,889Sep 30Warner Bros.
72Invictus$38,3185$44,070Feb 25Warner Bros.
73The Hurt Locker$34,1232$39,408Feb 18-
74The Kings of Mykonos$30,3403$32,023Aug 26-
75Triage$29,5587$31,456Apr 8-
76Legion$29,4715$29,471Feb 25Sony Pictures Releasing
77Edge of Darkness$25,9484$27,536Feb 11-
78Charlie St. Cloud$24,0548$26,102Sep 9United International Pictures (UIP)
79Love Happens$23,8855$81,650Dec 10-
80Predators$22,4717$63,918Jul 820th Century Fox International
81The American$20,7785$24,725Dec 9-
82Heartbreaker$19,9854$21,679Nov 25-
83The Other Man$19,2896$23,191Feb 4-
84Chatroom$19,2666$21,019Oct 21-
85Paranormal Activity$19,0826$124,623Dec 10-
86Daybreakers$18,9374$20,803Jan 14-
87Scott Pilgrim vs. the World$18,5866$20,495Sep 30United International Pictures (UIP)
88Killers$18,4906$96,781Jun 24-
89The Crazies$16,8672$17,928Sep 23-
90Tamara Drewe$16,8606$18,652Nov 18-
91Gamer$15,8736$19,952Feb 4-
92The Romantics$15,5483$16,453Nov 25-
93A Nightmare on Elm Street$13,4076$63,170Jun 24Warner Bros.
94Mother and Child$13,2225$18,531Aug 26United International Pictures (UIP)
95RED$12,2573$14,336Dec 9-
2010 Re-release
$11,3072$12,923Aug 5-
97The Lovely Bones$11,0585$13,243Feb 25United International Pictures (UIP)
98Capitalism: A Love Story$10,9031$17,906Dec 31-
99Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky$10,8601$16,790Dec 31-
100Letters to Juliet$10,3015$24,811Jul 8-
101The Twilight Saga: New Moon$8,65212$386,761Nov 26-
102An Education$8,2212$9,492Feb 18-
103Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans$7,2001$11,381Jan 14-
104A Serious Man$7,0061$7,920Feb 4-
1052012$5,98215$482,522Nov 12Sony Pictures Releasing
106Whip It$4,8664$27,217Dec 3-
107Everybody's Fine$4,3002$5,156Mar 11Walt Disney Pictures
108Sin Nombre$4,2441$9,309Jan 14-
109Broken Embraces$2,2232$57,298Nov 26-