Malaysian Box Office For 2010

RankRelease GrossTheatersTotal GrossRelease DateDistributor
1Iron Man 2$4,642,633130$4,642,633Apr 29United International Pictures (UIP)
2The Karate Kid$4,226,969121$4,226,969Jun 10Sony Pictures Releasing
3The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader$4,090,425110$4,266,217Dec 920th Century Fox International
4Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant$4,010,46620$4,041,235Dec 31United International Pictures (UIP)
5Clash of the Titans$3,909,530125$3,909,530Apr 1Warner Bros.
6Avatar$3,907,262120$7,342,721Dec 1720th Century Fox International
7Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time$3,848,629127$3,848,629May 27Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
8Alice in Wonderland$3,633,08075$3,633,080Mar 4Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
9Resident Evil: Afterlife$3,563,274139$3,563,274Sep 10Sony Pictures Releasing
10Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1$3,553,565113$3,561,688Nov 18Warner Bros.
11Ip Man 2$3,488,158100$3,488,158Apr 29-
12Enthiran$3,048,24680$3,048,246Sep 30Five Star
13Tangled$2,953,885115$3,000,230Nov 25Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
14Toy Story 3$2,812,540108$2,812,540Jun 17Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
15Salt$2,634,070110$2,634,070Jul 29Sony Pictures Releasing
16TRON: Legacy$2,595,165151$3,128,368Dec 16Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
17The Sorcerer's Apprentice$2,571,524120$2,571,524Jul 22Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
18The Last Airbender$2,542,932103$2,542,932Aug 5United International Pictures (UIP)
19Shrek Forever After$2,405,02598$2,405,025May 20United International Pictures (UIP)
20The Twilight Saga: Eclipse$2,186,40090$2,186,400Jul 8-
21The Expendables$2,125,236102$2,125,236Aug 12-
22Piranha 3D$2,120,51466$2,120,514Sep 2-
23Inception$2,093,46190$2,093,461Jul 15Warner Bros.
24Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen$2,049,03397$2,049,033Sep 23-
25Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief$2,023,44180$2,023,441Feb 1120th Century Fox International
26Gulliver's Travels$1,895,612118$3,569,846Dec 2320th Century Fox International
2772 ga cho hak$1,885,88751$1,885,887Feb 11-
28Predators$1,885,217102$1,885,217Jul 820th Century Fox International
29Unstoppable$1,757,56885$1,757,568Nov 1120th Century Fox International
30How to Train Your Dragon$1,664,13882$1,664,138Mar 25United International Pictures (UIP)
31The A-Team$1,602,565105$1,602,565Jun 1020th Century Fox International
32Megamind$1,586,48282$1,586,482Nov 4United International Pictures (UIP)
33Little Big Soldier$1,512,36162$1,512,361Feb 11-
34Step Up 3D$1,503,39170$1,503,391Aug 26-
35The Child's Eye$1,487,11682$1,487,116Oct 14-
36Skyline$1,460,70285$1,460,702Nov 11-
37Robin Hood$1,363,20483$1,363,204May 13United International Pictures (UIP)
38Knight and Day
2010 Re-release
$1,316,11670$1,316,116Jun 2420th Century Fox International
39The Wolfman$1,313,99167$1,313,991Feb 11United International Pictures (UIP)
40The Spy Next Door$1,296,52675$1,296,526Jan 15Sony Pictures Releasing
41Adnan semp-it$1,231,87265$2,108,040Jan 14-
42Despicable Me$1,230,63372$1,230,633Jul 8United International Pictures (UIP)
43Legion$1,181,03875$1,181,038Jan 21Sony Pictures Releasing
44Magika$1,041,23764$1,041,237Sep 23-
4514 Blades$1,007,82769$1,007,827Feb 11-
2010 Re-release
$957,80252$957,802Oct 28Sony Pictures Releasing
47The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec$920,65250$920,652Oct 28-
48Raavanan$906,39645$906,396Jun 17Five Star
49Woo hoo$902,66738$1,178,693Jan 14-
50A Nightmare on Elm Street$894,67455$894,674May 13Warner Bros.
51Detective Dee: Mystery of the Phantom Flame$887,80862$887,808Sep 30-
52The Other Guys$880,67443$880,971Oct 14Sony Pictures Releasing
53The Legend Is Born: Ip Man$873,80645$873,806Jun 24-
54Tooth Fairy$859,55250$859,552Jan 2120th Century Fox International
55True Legend$843,22660$843,226Feb 11Sony Pictures Releasing
56Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole$807,58685$807,586Sep 23Warner Bros.
57Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel$742,67460$1,701,539Dec 2420th Century Fox International
58A Turtle's Tale: Sammy's Adventures$742,05781$742,057Oct 7-
59Sherlock Holmes$726,06246$1,212,543Dec 24Warner Bros.
60Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore$721,52169$721,521Sep 2Warner Bros.
61Grown Ups$709,45845$770,022Aug 26Sony Pictures Releasing
62Singam$700,36645$1,471,508May 27Five Star
63The Book of Eli$692,38753$692,387Feb 25Sony Pictures Releasing
64Solomon Kane$618,08153$618,081Mar 4-
65Old Dogs$564,93642$564,936Jan 7Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
66Devil$555,73142$555,731Sep 16United International Pictures (UIP)
67Valentine's Day$525,40430$525,404Feb 11Warner Bros.
68The Losers$521,52951$521,529Apr 22Warner Bros.
69Young Bruce Lee$519,06349$519,063Nov 25-
70Vampires Suck$511,60045$511,600Aug 2620th Century Fox International
71Date Night$499,14145$499,141Apr 820th Century Fox International
72RED$446,85558$903,153Oct 21-
73Green Zone$446,53523$446,535Mar 11United International Pictures (UIP)
74Old Cow Vs Tender Grass$445,88864$445,888Sep 2-
75Life as We Know It$443,74928$443,749Oct 21Warner Bros.
76Eat Pray Love$440,61325$440,613Sep 30Sony Pictures Releasing
77Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps$434,31735$434,317Sep 2320th Century Fox International
78Phua Chu Kang: The Movie$430,44564$430,445Aug 26-
79Reign of Assassins$409,98844$409,988Oct 14-
80Killers$395,15939$395,159Jun 3-
81Tekken$389,03941$389,039Aug 5-
82Just Another Pandora's Box$377,68436$910,000Mar 18-
83Kidnapper$376,85742$376,857May 13-
84Under the Mountain$371,33240$371,332Mar 11-
2010 Special Edition
$364,33829$381,873Aug 2620th Century Fox International
86Universal Soldier: Regeneration$354,34052$354,340Jan 28-
87Furry Vengeance$345,61440$345,614May 6-
88City Under Siege$336,54960$336,549Aug 19-
89Triple Tap$336,14931$336,149Jul 1-
90Shutter Island$333,57221$333,572Apr 15United International Pictures (UIP)
91The Social Network$331,52041$356,320Dec 2Sony Pictures Releasing
92The King of Fighters$329,94346$329,943Sep 2-
93You Again$324,70332$328,739Oct 21Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
94Tang Bohu dian Qiuxiang 2 zhi Si Da Caizi$323,93433$323,934Jul 8-
95Happy-Go-Lucky$323,29935$323,299May 27-
96Thillalangadi$318,63326$318,633Jul 22-
97From Paris with Love$316,95840$316,958Feb 25-
98Kick-Ass$315,53650$315,536Apr 15-
99When in Rome$309,10535$309,105Apr 15Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
100The Bounty Hunter$308,81745$341,555May 20Sony Pictures Releasing
101The Next Three Days$307,45433$307,454Nov 25-
102Sura$303,43046$897,497Apr 29Five Star
103Naan Mahaan Alla$302,30927$302,309Aug 19Five Star
104Sex and the City 2$293,81025$293,810Jun 17Warner Bros.
105Boss Engira Baskaran$289,67217$289,672Sep 9Five Star
106Love in Disguise$289,49125$289,491Aug 12-
107The Back-up Plan$287,96435$287,964Jul 1Sony Pictures Releasing
108Due Date$287,68820$290,512Dec 2Warner Bros.
109Daybreakers$284,46130$284,461Mar 18-
110Once a Gangster$277,20230$277,202May 20-
111The Warrior's Way$269,64234$269,642Dec 2-
112Here Comes Fortune$265,02722$265,027Feb 25-
113Being Human$261,07554$568,059Apr 8-
114Paranormal Activity$259,64640$259,646Jan 7-
115Little Fockers$257,13438$604,211Dec 23United International Pictures (UIP)
116My Name Is Khan$254,1109$254,110Feb 11-
117Evolusi: KL Drift 2$252,79865$1,770,338Mar 25-
118The Treasure Hunter$242,69072$741,811Dec 24-
119The Stool Pigeon$238,72325$238,723Aug 26-
120The Descent: Part 2$230,59140$246,222Aug 19Sony Pictures Releasing
121Hot Summer Days$218,69930$218,699Feb 2520th Century Fox International
122Repo Men$214,62725$214,627Aug 19United International Pictures (UIP)
123Ayirathil Oruvan$211,80443$443,008Jan 14Five Star
124Confucius$209,90921$209,909Mar 4-
125Let Me In$209,46225$209,462Nov 11-
126Bodyguards and Assassins$206,29465$997,751Dec 17-
127The Crazies$205,19730$205,197Apr 22-
128Ju-on: White Ghost$199,88820$199,888Jan 7United International Pictures (UIP)
129Buried$197,17930$197,179Oct 14-
130Vettaikaaran$196,29938$1,329,428Dec 17Five Star
131Edge of Darkness$195,32027$195,320Mar 11-
132The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus$189,05330$189,053Dec 31-
133Secret Sunday$188,93228$188,932Jul 1-
134Going the Distance$186,16125$186,161Sep 2Warner Bros.
135The Jade and the Pearl$186,02735$186,027Jul 29-
136Did You Hear About the Morgans?$185,78035$185,780Dec 31Sony Pictures Releasing
137Paiyaa$175,29534$440,586Apr 1Five Star
138All's Well, Ends Well 2010$166,35460$1,172,656Feb 11Five Star
139Marmaduke$166,08420$166,084Jun 320th Century Fox International
140The American$164,65417$164,654Oct 7-
141Charlie St. Cloud$163,18115$163,181Sep 30United International Pictures (UIP)
142Mei lai muk ling$160,79732$344,530Apr 1-
143Fire of Conscience$157,88031$157,880Apr 15-
144My Soul to Take$150,78123$150,781Dec 9United International Pictures (UIP)
145Future X-Cops$148,47055$289,110Apr 1-
146StreetDance 2$147,90321$147,903Jul 15-
147The Hole$139,93719$139,937Sep 23-
148Case 39$139,61815$139,618Jan 14United International Pictures (UIP)
149Toy Story
2009 Re-release
$137,72613$137,726Apr 22Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
150The Switch$137,03320$137,033Oct 7-
151Up in the Air$136,66611$136,666Mar 4United International Pictures (UIP)
152Ice Kacang Puppy Love$135,94846$1,118,188Apr 15-
153Dinner for Schmucks$135,52715$135,527Oct 7United International Pictures (UIP)
154See piu fung wan$134,57020$134,570Jan 28-
155It's Complicated$132,21420$132,214Apr 1United International Pictures (UIP)
156Alpha and Omega$128,72833$128,728Sep 30-
157Frozen$125,62220$125,622Jun 24-
158Nanny McPhee Returns$119,38515$119,385Jun 10United International Pictures (UIP)
159The Lovely Bones$118,94215$118,942Mar 18United International Pictures (UIP)
160Curse of the Deserted$116,90424$116,904Aug 5-
161Haunted Changi$107,27423$107,274Nov 25-
162Fair Game$101,24520$108,181Dec 16-
163Shanghai$101,22735$101,227Jul 22-
164Aftershock$99,3849$99,384Aug 26-
165V3: Road Bully$97,37945$1,089,691Mar 11-
166She's Out of My League$96,06315$96,063Jun 24United International Pictures (UIP)
167Carriers$91,52016$91,520Jan 7-
168Merantau$90,93715$90,937Jan 7-
169Kaiji: The Ultimate Gambler$83,86420$83,864Apr 8United International Pictures (UIP)
170Huan hun
2010 Re-release
$76,11318$76,113Sep 30-
171Remember Me$71,30116$71,301Mar 11-
172Madrasapattinam$69,16012$69,160Jul 8Five Star
173Diary of a Wimpy Kid$68,43511$68,435May 620th Century Fox International
174Chloe$66,57122$66,571Jul 22-
175We Are Family$62,6945$62,694Sep 2Sendi Mutiara Multimedia Sdn. Bhd.
176My Dream Boat$55,64334$55,643Aug 19-
177Letters to Juliet$53,50010$53,500May 20-
1783 Idiots$53,0095$96,817Dec 24-
179Raavan$52,1937$52,193Jun 17-
180Kites$51,8318$51,831May 20-
181Dabangg$48,1173$48,117Sep 9Five Star
182Hachi: A Dog's Tale$47,5213$48,045Oct 21-
183The Princess and the Frog$45,34845$941,156Dec 10Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
184Golmaal 3$44,1674$44,167Nov 4Five Star
185The Haunting in Connecticut
2009 Re-release
$41,0638$41,063Mar 18-
186Kutty$40,47715$110,342Jan 14Five Star
187Fame$40,19617$40,196Jan 28-
188Lu pikirlah sendiri$35,85349$640,980Feb 11-
189Crossing Hennessy$35,02710$35,027May 13-
190No Problem$34,5233$38,511Dec 9Five Star
191Guzaarish$33,7113$33,711Nov 18Sendi Mutiara Multimedia Sdn. Bhd.
192Final Target$29,47117$29,471Jun 3-
193Bandslam$29,33917$29,339Dec 31-
194The Sanctuary
2010 Re-release
$29,20324$29,203Oct 14-
195Raajneeti$28,2232$28,223Jun 3Sendi Mutiara Multimedia Sdn. Bhd.
196The Storm Warriors$28,05887$1,891,453Dec 10-
197Adventure of the King$27,88439$326,980Aug 19-
198Monga$27,51519$27,515Jul 29United International Pictures (UIP)
199Ong-bak 3$27,26130$772,340Jul 15-
200I Hate Luv Storys$26,6762$26,676Jul 1Sendi Mutiara Multimedia Sdn. Bhd.
201Love Cuts$26,25225$26,252Oct 28-
202Anjaana Anjaani$26,1662$26,166Sep 30Five Star
203Action Replayy$25,3713$25,371Nov 4-
204Invictus$25,2205$25,220Mar 4Warner Bros.
205Goa$23,6597$211,332Jan 28Five Star
206Housefull$21,5364$38,316Apr 29Five Star
207Khatta Meetha$20,5102$20,510Jul 22Five Star
208Dulha Mil Gaya$19,6202$19,620Jan 14Sendi Mutiara Multimedia Sdn. Bhd.
209Tees Maar Khan$19,1752$40,957Dec 23Sendi Mutiara Multimedia Sdn. Bhd.
210Theeradha Vilaiyattu Pillai$18,3688$127,667Feb 11Five Star
211Market Street$18,35010$18,350Mar 25Five Star
212Brothers$16,97715$16,977Mar 4-
213Once Upon a Time in Mumbai$16,4152$16,415Jul 29-
214Ocean Heaven$16,1558$16,155Oct 28-
2159$16,1097$16,109Mar 4-
216Edge of the Empire$14,71620$14,716Jun 10Sendi Mutiara Multimedia Sdn. Bhd.
217Teen Patti$14,4572$14,457Feb 26-
218Love in a Puff$14,3615$14,361Jun 10-
219Break Ke Baad$14,2551$14,255Nov 25Five Star
220Mother and Child$13,9035$13,903May 6-
221Zombieland$12,81138$357,462Dec 10Sony Pictures Releasing
222Milenge Milenge$12,0082$12,008Jul 8Five Star
223Aisha$10,5722$10,572Aug 5-
224Perfect Wedding$9,9364$226,011Oct 21-
225Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge?$9,4412$15,093Mar 4-
226Buddha Collapsed Out of Shame
2010 Re-release
$8,6473$8,647Jul 1-
227At the End of Daybreak$7,7683$7,768Apr 1-
2282012$6,358136$7,511,269Nov 12Sony Pictures Releasing
229Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance$6,0302$6,030Mar 4-
230Veer$5,4743$15,965Jan 21-
231Chance Pe Dance$5,3152$11,500Jan 14Sendi Mutiara Multimedia Sdn. Bhd.
232Best of Times
2010 Re-release
$5,2113$5,211Jul 29-
233Asal$5,1795$377,228Feb 4Five Star
234Tere Bin Laden$4,7002$4,700Jul 22-
235I Hate Valentine's Day$3,5101$3,510Apr 15-
236Santau$2,55555$1,207,287Dec 10-
237Hooperz$2,31519$98,547Apr 22-
238Echoes of the Rainbow$2,0281$51,956Apr 8-
239Jeon Woochi$1,9989$62,977Mar 25-
240Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey$1,5862$1,586Dec 2-
241Heiran$1,2583$4,195Jan 7-
242A Christmas Carol$1,02761$1,067,591Nov 19Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
243Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa$1,0136$289,489Feb 26-
244Thambikku Indha Ooru$9984$38,739Mar 4Five Star
245The Twilight Saga: New Moon$73072$2,042,899Nov 26Tayangan Unggul
246Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year$6433$17,888Dec 10Sendi Mutiara Multimedia Sdn. Bhd.
247Toonpur Ka Superrhero$4501$2,163Dec 23Five Star
248Right Yaaa Wrong$4421$3,948Mar 11-
2009 Re-release
$3430$202,453Dec 3Sony Pictures Releasing
250Rasikkum Seemane$231$758Feb 18Five Star