Icelandic Box Office For 2010

RankRelease GrossTheatersTotal GrossRelease DateDistributor
1Avatar$718,36412$1,131,489Dec 1820th Century Fox International
2Inception$456,0505$504,666Jul 23Warner Bros.
3Mr. Bjarnfreðarson$366,65517$608,508Dec 26-
4Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1$347,2699$366,858Nov 19Warner Bros.
5Algjör Sveppi og dularfulla hótelherbergið$347,06014$347,060Sep 10-
6Shrek Forever After$288,88011$312,764Jul 14United International Pictures (UIP)
7Toy Story 3$245,19910$453,707Jun 18Walt Disney Pictures
8Despicable Me$223,29815$227,013Sep 3United International Pictures (UIP)
9The Expendables$218,5484$263,958Aug 18-
10Alice in Wonderland$215,7446$215,744Mar 5Walt Disney Pictures
11Sex and the City 2$211,1329$245,935Jun 4Warner Bros.
12Due Date$205,9256$206,197Nov 5Warner Bros.
13Iron Man 2$198,1569$198,156Apr 30United International Pictures (UIP)
14Mamma Gógó$190,4225$190,422Jan 1-
15The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest$186,1895$186,189Feb 19-
16Sherlock Holmes$178,4547$190,960Jan 15Warner Bros.
17Salt$175,4407$175,440Aug 11Sony Pictures Releasing
18Jackass 3D$151,9333$163,015Nov 12United International Pictures (UIP)
19How to Train Your Dragon$150,7219$168,995Apr 2United International Pictures (UIP)
20The Social Network$147,4326$149,883Oct 15Sony Pictures Releasing
21Clash of the Titans$135,5498$136,087Apr 9Warner Bros.
22Kick-Ass$132,5645$135,879Apr 16-
23The Karate Kid$129,5646$138,074Jul 28Sony Pictures Releasing
24The Other Guys$128,8846$130,645Sep 3Sony Pictures Releasing
25Robin Hood$128,8398$157,766May 14United International Pictures (UIP)
26Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time$127,5869$146,755May 19Walt Disney Pictures
27Step Up$125,5015$125,848Aug 25-
28The Twilight Saga: Eclipse$124,4165$155,784Jul 2-
29Shutter Island$120,1784$120,750Feb 26United International Pictures (UIP)
30The Town$119,3975$126,288Oct 8Warner Bros.
31Eat Pray Love$118,5995$118,599Oct 1Sony Pictures Releasing
32Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel$118,1566$173,660Dec 2620th Century Fox International
33Jitters$113,78010$114,203Oct 15-
34The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader$103,0197$133,025Dec 1020th Century Fox International
35Knight and Day
2010 Re-release
$99,7996$112,888Jul 720th Century Fox International
36Valentine's Day$96,9946$97,951Feb 12Warner Bros.
37Megamind$96,84114$165,292Dec 17United International Pictures (UIP)
38Dinner for Schmucks$96,2014$96,201Oct 1United International Pictures (UIP)
39Hot Tub Time Machine$96,1614$109,455Mar 31-
40Get Him to the Greek$90,7824$93,354Jun 4United International Pictures (UIP)
41It's Complicated$89,4875$91,556Jan 29United International Pictures (UIP)
42Undercurrent$88,7843$101,961Oct 4-
43Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs$86,5437$92,303Jan 29Sony Pictures Releasing
44The Bounty Hunter$83,8624$83,862Mar 19Sony Pictures Releasing
45Little Fockers$82,6018$148,651Dec 26United International Pictures (UIP)
46Grown Ups$82,5046$135,743Jun 24Sony Pictures Releasing
47Killers$66,8564$77,318Jun 30-
48TRON: Legacy$66,1646$142,526Dec 26Walt Disney Pictures
49Life as We Know It$65,4575$72,330Dec 3Warner Bros.
50Date Night$65,0974$65,687Apr 920th Century Fox International
51Green Zone$64,7274$64,727Mar 12United International Pictures (UIP)
52The Sorcerer's Apprentice$64,0196$87,240Aug 6Walt Disney Pictures
53King's Road$62,3893$62,389Mar 26-
54Resident Evil: Afterlife$62,1644$62,164Sep 10Sony Pictures Releasing
55I Love You Phillip Morris$61,7003$70,789Apr 2-
56RED$61,0964$61,096Nov 5-
57Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole$61,0527$61,052Oct 22Warner Bros.
58Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief$60,2396$60,239Feb 1220th Century Fox International
59The Book of Eli$59,3535$59,353Jan 29-
60Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore$57,4986$61,502Aug 18Warner Bros.
61Going the Distance$54,1965$55,150Sep 17Warner Bros.
62Predators$53,9274$67,080Jul 1420th Century Fox International
63Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps$52,9464$52,946Sep 2420th Century Fox International
64Piranha 3D$51,5123$51,512Sep 24-
65The Blind Side$47,9823$47,982Mar 12Warner Bros.
66Planet 51$47,8936$47,893Jan 22-
67The Back-up Plan$47,5643$47,564May 5Sony Pictures Releasing
68Summerland$45,6294$45,629Sep 17-
69The Last Airbender$45,5045$59,077Aug 13United International Pictures (UIP)
70Scott Pilgrim vs. the World$44,6953$54,265Aug 25United International Pictures (UIP)
71Letters to Juliet$44,3364$50,816Aug 18-
72The Princess and the Frog$41,6905$59,711Dec 26Walt Disney Pictures
73Snabba Cash$40,9672$46,085May 19-
74Inhale$40,7313$40,731Oct 22-
75The Wolfman$40,3465$40,346Feb 12United International Pictures (UIP)
76Did You Hear About the Morgans?$39,4303$39,430Jan 8Sony Pictures Releasing
77The Next Three Days$37,4993$42,794Nov 26-
78Faster$35,7745$37,614Dec 3Sony Pictures Releasing
79The Switch$35,7604$35,760Oct 22-
80The Ghost Writer$34,7073$34,707Sep 3-
81She's Out of My League$34,5454$38,520Apr 23United International Pictures (UIP)
82Gauragangur$32,9465$96,756Dec 26-
83The A-Team$32,7353$103,365Jun 1620th Century Fox International
84Precious$32,2411$32,241Feb 26-
85A Turtle's Tale: Sammy's Adventures$31,4163$32,764Nov 5-
86Machete$31,3663$31,366Oct 29Sony Pictures Releasing
87Gnarr$30,8309$30,830Nov 12-
88Paranormal Activity 2$30,8273$31,752Dec 3United International Pictures (UIP)
89The Good Heart$30,2232$30,223Mar 5-
90Nanny McPhee Returns$29,7754$29,775Mar 26United International Pictures (UIP)
91Up in the Air$29,4513$29,451Jan 22United International Pictures (UIP)
92From Paris with Love$29,2703$31,542Mar 5-
93The Flight Before Christmas$27,9726$32,836Nov 26-
94Cop Out$27,5662$27,566May 5Warner Bros.
95Arthur 3: The War of the Two Worlds$26,8724$26,872Nov 12-
96Easy A$26,1023$26,102Nov 12Sony Pictures Releasing
97Brothers$25,7333$25,733Feb 19-
98Furry Vengeance$25,0803$25,080Oct 8-
99The Road$24,8701$24,870Jan 8-
2010 Re-release
$24,4473$24,447Oct 22Sony Pictures Releasing
101Solomon Kane$23,7572$23,757Sep 24-
102Skyline$23,1715$23,171Nov 19-
103StreetDance 2$22,3523$22,352Jun 9-
104Babies$21,9742$24,917Jul 21-
105The American$21,7573$21,757Oct 8-
106When in Rome$21,3773$21,377Mar 26Walt Disney Pictures
107Happily N'ever After 2: Snow White: Another Bite at the Apple$21,2016$21,201Oct 29-
108Crazy Heart$20,6801$20,680Apr 1620th Century Fox International
109Edge of Darkness$20,5753$54,073Feb 5-
110Astro Boy$19,9787$21,892Apr 23-
111Unstoppable$19,4303$19,430Nov 1220th Century Fox International
112The Losers$19,2762$21,566Jun 9Warner Bros.
113Dear John$19,2343$22,088Mar 31-
114Vampires Suck$18,1403$21,865Aug 1820th Century Fox International
115Amazon Jack
2010 Re-release
$17,9354$17,935May 19-
116Let Me In$17,3344$17,465Oct 29-
117The Last Song$17,3133$19,568May 26Walt Disney Pictures
118The Spy Next Door
2010 Re-release
$15,7683$15,768Apr 16-
119The Rebound$15,6572$15,657Feb 26-
120You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger$15,4591$15,459Nov 5-
121The Men Who Stare at Goats$15,1862$15,186Mar 26-
122Whatever Works$15,0941$27,641Nov 27-
123Messenger$15,0895$19,037Jul 7-
124Legion$14,0713$14,071Mar 5Sony Pictures Releasing
125Daybreakers$13,3942$13,394Mar 19-
126A Nightmare on Elm Street$13,2144$31,612Jun 23Warner Bros.
127Julie & Julia$13,0262$30,141Dec 4Sony Pictures Releasing
128The Lovely Bones$12,7002$12,700Mar 19United International Pictures (UIP)
129The Crazies$12,5292$12,529Apr 16-
130Centurion$12,0412$12,041May 26-
131Toy Story 2
2009 Re-release
$10,7133$10,713Feb 12Walt Disney Pictures
132Remember Me$10,4512$10,451Sep 10-
133Youth in Revolt$10,2522$11,802May 26-
134Brooklyn's Finest
2010 Re-release
$9,7822$9,782May 19-
135The Human Centipede (First Sequence)$9,6321$9,632Aug 25-
136Whip It$9,2072$9,207Jan 8-
13722 Bullets$9,0101$11,336Aug 4-
138The Last Exorcism$8,9652$8,965Dec 10-
139Old Dogs$8,5405$46,773Dec 11Walt Disney Pictures
140The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus$8,3311$8,331Apr 16-
141A Prophet$7,9771$7,977Apr 30Sony Pictures Releasing
142The Ugly Duckling and Me!$7,7224$8,037Aug 6-
143Með hangandi hendi$6,7751$6,775Oct 29-
144Sorority Row$6,5592$18,945Dec 11-
145Taking Woodstock$6,2741$6,274Jan 1-
146Harry Brown$5,5301$5,530Jan 15-
147The Twilight Saga: New Moon$5,0916$144,903Nov 25-
148Where the Wild Things Are$4,7291$4,729Jan 29Warner Bros.
149Agora$4,4981$4,498Nov 26-
150Nine$4,0641$13,077Feb 5-
151Earth$3,6541$3,654Mar 26-
152Oceans$3,1861$3,408May 26-
153A Christmas Carol$3,03911$148,749Nov 20Walt Disney Pictures
154Ninja Assassin$2,8593$42,313Dec 4Warner Bros.
155Invictus$2,1981$2,198Feb 19Warner Bros.
156Arthur et la vengeance de Maltazard$2,1922$25,462Dec 4Warner Bros.
157A Serious Man$1,9861$27,641Nov 20-
158The Joneses$1,86112$5,279Dec 3-
159Leap Year$1,8432$1,843Feb 26-
160Stone$1,5401$1,540Nov 5-
161The Kids Are All Right$1,4451$1,445Oct 29-
162An Education$8241$4,238Feb 5-
163The White Ribbon$7951$795Apr 23-
164The Killer Inside Me$4761$476Dec 17-
165Freakonomics$4541$454Nov 12-
166Nowhere Boy$4111$411Apr 16-
167R$4011$1,280Oct 4-
168Fantastic Mr. Fox$2301$230Apr 1620th Century Fox International
169Catfish$1861$186Nov 12-
170Armadillo$1541$154Nov 12-
171Greenberg$891$1,880Oct 15-
172Enter the Void$441$3,786Oct 8-
Iceland box office data courtesy of FRISK.