Hong Kong Box Office For 2010

RankRelease Distributor GrossTheatersTotal GrossRelease Date
1Avatar20th Century Fox International $15,212,22270$23,135,165Dec 17
2Toy Story 3Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $11,502,338110$11,502,338Jul 15
3InceptionWarner Bros. $7,530,19170$7,530,191Jul 29
4Alice in WonderlandWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $5,681,08768$5,681,087Mar 4
5Ip Man 2Newport Entertainment $5,559,55075$5,559,550Apr 29
6Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1Warner Bros. $4,765,701144$5,771,812Dec 16
772 ga cho hakIntercontinental Film Distributors (HK) $4,436,18042$4,436,180Feb 11
8Iron Man 2Intercontinental Film Distributors (HK) $3,760,485103$3,760,485Apr 30
9Shrek Forever AfterIntercontinental Film Distributors (HK) $3,503,48964$3,503,489Jul 1
10The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader20th Century Fox International $3,293,99594$3,355,051Dec 9
11Echoes of the RainbowNewport Entertainment $2,979,27743$2,979,277Mar 11
12Clash of the TitansWarner Bros. $2,777,42748$2,777,427Apr 1
13Gulliver's Travels20th Century Fox International $2,656,08544$4,004,131Dec 23
14Step Up 3DGolden Scene $2,484,60034$2,484,600Aug 12
15Resident Evil: AfterlifeEdko Films $2,369,03655$2,369,036Sep 30
16Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief20th Century Fox International $2,010,67436$2,010,674Feb 11
17All's Well, Ends Well 2010Newport Entertainment $2,002,08347$2,002,083Feb 11
18Aftershock-$1,953,80324$1,953,803Jul 22
19Prince of Persia: The Sands of TimeWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $1,826,52060$1,826,520May 27
20The Twilight Saga: EclipseGolden Scene $1,799,54055$2,054,004Jul 1
21Sherlock HolmesWarner Bros. $1,756,50641$3,190,592Dec 24
22Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen ZhenNewport Entertainment $1,639,46967$1,764,105Sep 23
23The Stool PigeonLark Films Distribution $1,631,01742$1,631,017Aug 26
24SaltSony Pictures Releasing $1,592,63251$1,592,632Jul 22
25Knight and Day
2010 Re-release
20th Century Fox International $1,559,63360$1,559,633Jun 24
26Despicable MeEdko Films $1,488,65135$1,488,651Aug 5
27Predators20th Century Fox International $1,487,31345$1,487,313Jul 8
28The A-Team20th Century Fox International $1,480,13947$1,480,139Jun 10
29Detective Dee: Mystery of the Phantom FlameLark Films Distribution $1,451,98548$1,451,985Sep 30
30ConfessionsLark Films Distribution $1,430,15221$1,430,152Oct 14
31Sex and the City 2Warner Bros. $1,380,94259$1,380,942Jun 10
32The ExpendablesGolden Scene $1,358,28037$1,358,280Aug 26
33How to Train Your DragonIntercontinental Film Distributors (HK) $1,339,23437$1,339,234Apr 1
34Break Up ClubGala Films $1,324,32231$1,324,322Jun 17
35True LegendEdko Films $1,261,18737$1,261,187Feb 11
36Piranha 3D-$1,230,35432$1,230,354Sep 9
37TRON: LegacyWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $1,210,11643$1,957,178Dec 23
38The Sorcerer's ApprenticeWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $1,201,68732$1,201,687Aug 5
39Valentine's DayWarner Bros. $1,180,73436$1,180,734Feb 11
40The Child's EyeGala Films $1,115,90637$1,115,906Oct 14
41Let Me InEdko Films $1,074,55625$1,074,556Oct 21
42Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps20th Century Fox International $1,025,06446$1,085,152Sep 23
4314 BladesGala Films $985,21832$985,218Feb 10
44Saw: The Final ChapterDeltamac Co. $956,01738$956,017Oct 29
45SkylineIntercontinental Film Distributors (HK) $953,91444$953,914Nov 18
46La comédie humaineGolden Scene $939,24931$939,249Jul 8
47Shutter IslandIntercontinental Film Distributors (HK) $919,46317$919,463Mar 11
48Triple TapLark Films Distribution $918,70141$918,701Jun 30
49The Legend Is Born: Ip ManNewport Entertainment $896,91835$896,918Jun 24
50Cloudy with a Chance of MeatballsSony Pictures Releasing $872,48634$896,739Dec 31
51Love in a PuffGala Films $824,65926$824,659Mar 25
52Perfect WeddingIntercontinental Film Distributors (HK) $806,44638$806,446Oct 21
53Robin HoodEdko Films $800,94841$800,948May 14
54Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty GaloreWarner Bros. $795,39834$795,398Aug 19
55Unstoppable20th Century Fox International $787,45138$787,451Nov 11
56The Secret World of ArriettyIntercontinental Film Distributors (HK) $721,15035$1,750,575Dec 25
57Up in the AirIntercontinental Film Distributors (HK) $710,66126$710,661Feb 25
58Eat Pray LoveSony Pictures Releasing $699,36017$699,360Oct 14
59Date Night20th Century Fox International $683,53431$683,534Apr 8
60Kick-AssLark Films Distribution $681,27035$681,270Apr 15
61Bodyguards and AssassinsLark Films Distribution $656,68255$2,138,798Dec 18
62The Last AirbenderIntercontinental Film Distributors (HK) $650,45531$650,455Aug 12
63Love Undercover 4Lark Films Distribution $633,60236$633,602Apr 1
64DevilEdko Films $627,09733$665,203Sep 23
65The Hurt LockerGolden Scene $617,8848$617,884Mar 11
66Nodame Cantabile: The Movie II
2010 Re-release
Panasia Films $615,22324$615,223May 27
67Once a GangsterNewport Entertainment $606,26332$606,263May 20
68MegamindIntercontinental Film Distributors (HK) $603,18739$998,360Dec 23
69Fun chin see oiNewport Entertainment $602,25431$1,072,505Dec 23
70The Imaginarium of Doctor ParnassusPanasia Films $591,52522$591,525Jan 21
71GallantsNewport Entertainment $588,15130$588,151Jun 3
72Nodame Cantabile: The Movie IIPanasia Films $579,85526$579,855Mar 4
73The Social NetworkSony Pictures Releasing $575,38129$629,366Nov 18
74A Nightmare on Elm StreetWarner Bros. $574,68233$574,682May 20
75Young Bruce LeeNewport Entertainment $552,46037$552,460Nov 25
76The Princess and the FrogWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $548,17134$548,171Feb 11
77Hachi: A Dog's TaleGolden Scene $543,17831$543,178Jan 7
78Fire of Conscience-$527,73839$527,738Apr 1
79REDGolden Scene $514,54836$514,548Nov 4
80ConfuciusIntercontinental Film Distributors (HK) $505,06944$505,069Jan 28
81Just Another Pandora's BoxLark Films Distribution $487,07932$487,079Mar 18
82Green Zone
2010 Re-release
Edko Films $485,10336$485,103Jun 3
83The Next Three DaysIntercontinental Film Distributors (HK) $458,31423$458,314Nov 25
84Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'HooleWarner Bros. $454,73535$454,735Oct 14
85City Under SiegeLark Films Distribution $447,79834$447,798Aug 12
86Future X-CopsNewport Entertainment $441,35933$441,359Apr 15
87ExLark Films Distribution $440,58019$440,580Jun 10
88Due DateWarner Bros. $438,56233$438,562Nov 11
89All About LoveNewport Entertainment $434,94635$434,946Aug 26
90Life as We Know ItWarner Bros. $410,17631$410,176Oct 28
91Hot Summer Days20th Century Fox International $408,19029$408,190Feb 18
92The Jade and the PearlIntercontinental Film Distributors (HK) $406,31735$406,317Aug 5
2010 Special Edition
20th Century Fox International $403,70211$506,793Aug 26
94The WolfmanEdko Films $401,60626$401,606Feb 18
95[Rec] 2Edko Films $394,10632$394,106Jan 7
96Dream HomeEdko Films $378,65030$378,650May 13
97It's ComplicatedEdko Films $377,62321$377,623Mar 11
98Crossing HennessyEdko Films $371,28825$371,288Apr 1
99NineIntercontinental Film Distributors (HK) $362,28622$362,286Feb 25
100Doraemon The Movie: Nobita's Great Battle of the Mermaid King-$353,79321$353,793Jul 29
101StreetDance 2Golden Scene $351,43333$351,433Sep 9
102Ocean HeavenEdko Films $340,72914$340,729Jun 24
103See piu fung wanNewport Entertainment $339,55728$339,557Jan 7
104King of TriadsNewport Entertainment $329,45626$329,456Jan 21
105Paranormal ActivityIntercontinental Film Distributors (HK) $323,83629$323,836Jan 14
106The HoleLark Films Distribution $323,55421$323,554Sep 2
107Remember MeGolden Scene $318,73920$318,739May 27
108Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel20th Century Fox International $318,44533$801,626Dec 24
109Jackass 3DIntercontinental Film Distributors (HK) $311,49210$311,492Nov 11
110KillersPanasia Films $306,38830$306,388Sep 16
111The Bounty HunterSony Pictures Releasing $300,19327$300,193May 13
112New York, I Love YouPanasia Films $299,36917$299,369Dec 31
113LegionSony Pictures Releasing $297,99331$297,993Apr 22
114Toy Story
2009 Re-release
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $291,33918$291,339Apr 22
115Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf 2Intercontinental Film Distributors (HK) $282,84229$282,842Feb 13
116Grown UpsSony Pictures Releasing $278,24620$278,246Oct 7
117Ciqing shidaiLark Films Distribution $268,15135$268,151Dec 29
118I Love You Phillip Morris
2010 Re-release
Lark Films Distribution $262,67314$262,673May 20
119Girl$-$246,76611$246,766Sep 2
120Little Big SoldierLark Films Distribution $245,58633$245,586Feb 25
121Toy Story 2
2010 Re-release
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $244,42416$244,424Apr 29
122Dear JohnGolden Scene $239,81319$239,813May 6
123The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-SecEdko Films $232,74514$232,745Nov 4
124Under the Hawthorn TreeEdko Films $229,77716$229,777Nov 11
125Going the DistanceWarner Bros. $226,09730$226,097Sep 9
126Monga-$225,19529$225,195Apr 15
127The TownWarner Bros. $219,32516$219,325Dec 9
128The Lovely BonesIntercontinental Film Distributors (HK) $215,77215$215,772Mar 18
129Reign of Assassins-$212,67820$212,678Oct 7
130Ngok toiNewport Entertainment $211,00415$211,004Mar 18
131Edge of DarknessDeltamac Co. $205,63333$205,633Jan 28
132The Ghost WriterDeltamac Co. $205,55213$205,552Apr 22
133When in RomeWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $202,68622$202,686Mar 25
134FrozenLark Films Distribution $202,58527$202,585Sep 9
2010 Re-release
Golden Scene $196,20232$196,202Sep 16
136Letters to JulietEdko Films $193,59219$193,592Jul 29
137Old DogsWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $191,83712$191,837Jan 7
138Everybody's FineWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures $187,57016$187,570Jan 21
139New Age Vampire WarriorsNewport Entertainment $184,20619$184,206Nov 11
140My Rainy Days-$183,82415$183,824Jul 29
141The CraziesIntercontinental Film Distributors (HK) $180,72118$180,721May 6
142Chou gekijôban Keroro gunsô: Tanjou! Kyuukyoku Keroro - Kiseki no jikuujima de arimasu!!Intercontinental Film Distributors (HK) $180,56026$180,560Aug 12
143DaybreakersPanasia Films $179,97519$179,975May 27
144Shanghai-$172,10326$172,103Aug 26
145InvictusWarner Bros. $170,8149$170,814Jan 14
146The Karate KidEdko Films $170,21119$170,211Aug 5
147The Spy Next Door
2010 Re-release
Panasia Films $169,47519$169,475Apr 1
148Vampires Suck20th Century Fox International $166,21528$166,215Aug 19
149Paranormal Activity 2Intercontinental Film Distributors (HK) $156,56631$156,566Oct 28
150PreciousEdko Films $154,4116$154,411Feb 25
151Little GobieIntercontinental Film Distributors (HK) $154,16219$192,460Dec 11
152ExamLark Films Distribution $153,56412$153,564Jun 17
153Kureyon Shin-chan: Chôjikû! Arashi wo yobu oira no hanayome-$152,79321$152,793Aug 19
154The Twilight Saga: New MoonGolden Scene $152,33365$1,897,556Dec 17
155Liar Game: The Final StageGolden Scene $147,21413$147,214Oct 7
156The HousemaidEdko Films $143,68612$143,686Sep 16
157The SwitchPanasia Films $141,94022$141,940Nov 4
158Chut sui fu yungNewport Entertainment $137,33826$137,338Jul 15
159The AmericanGolden Scene $123,7348$123,734Dec 2
160The Experiment
2010 Re-release
Lark Films Distribution $120,74916$120,749Nov 11
161The Men Who Stare at GoatsLark Films Distribution $120,1036$120,103Jan 14
162Hot Tub Time MachineDeltamac Co. $118,83920$118,839Jun 17
163Planet 51Golden Scene $117,74620$117,746Apr 1
164The BoxDeltamac Co. $109,52228$109,522Jan 14
165A Single Man-$107,4006$107,400Mar 11
166The Girl with the Dragon TattooEdko Films $107,2756$107,275Oct 14
167Revenge: A Love StoryLark Films Distribution $105,59317$105,593Dec 2
168Coco Chanel & Igor StravinskyDeltamac Co. $103,5476$103,547Jan 7
169From Paris with LoveGolden Scene $100,09225$100,092Jun 3
170Fair GameDeltamac Co. $98,05211$98,052Nov 25
171The Secret in Their Eyes
2010 Re-release
Edko Films $94,7942$94,794Sep 2
172FlowersPanasia Films $93,81111$93,811Oct 7
173Metal Fight Bay Blade the Movie & Duel Masters 2010-$93,11224$101,098Dec 16
174The Blind SideWarner Bros. $92,7956$92,795Feb 25
175Amalfi: Rewards of the GoddessPanasia Films $89,45012$89,450Apr 22
176Broken EmbracesEdko Films $89,2224$89,222Jan 28
177Police Dog DreamPanasia Films $88,05215$88,052Dec 2
178Brooklyn's Finest
2010 Re-release
-$85,56216$85,562Oct 7
179The Incite MillWarner Bros. $84,60615$84,606Nov 25
180Air DollEdko Films $84,2611$84,261Feb 4
181ChloeGolden Scene $83,8285$83,828Jun 24
182Merry-Go-Round-$80,23613$80,236Nov 11
183The Descent
2010 Re-release
Panasia Films $78,97412$78,974Jan 28
184White NightEdko Films $76,03914$76,039Apr 15
185Tang Bohu dian Qiuxiang 2 zhi Si Da CaiziIntercontinental Film Distributors (HK) $72,93716$72,937Jul 8
186Au revoir TaipeiGolden Scene $72,8674$72,867Aug 19
187Death Bell 2: Bloody CampPanasia Films $69,76721$10,803Nov 4
188An EducationSony Pictures Releasing $69,2552$69,255Jan 21
189Mobile Suit Gundam 00: A Wakening of the Trailblazer-$68,6858$68,685Nov 18
190Bayside Shakedown 3: Set the Guys LooseGolden Scene $68,29410$68,294Oct 28
191BrothersPanasia Films $67,3757$67,375Apr 15
192The ConcertPanasia Films $63,5475$67,564Oct 28
193Villon's WifeLark Films Distribution $61,1075$61,107Apr 8
194Amphetamine-$59,3826$59,382Apr 8
195You Will Meet a Tall Dark StrangerGolden Scene $59,0376$59,037Nov 11
196Gokusen: The MoviePanasia Films $58,4858$58,485Jan 14
197Fantastic Mr. Fox20th Century Fox International $57,97510$57,975Mar 25
198Adventure of the KingIntercontinental Film Distributors (HK) $55,41515$55,415Sep 16
199I Am Love-$53,1534$53,153Oct 7
200Thomas & Friends: Hero of the RailsDeltamac Co. $51,5556$51,555May 20
2010 Re-release
-$51,48321$51,483Sep 9
202Furry VengeanceGolden Scene $50,98915$50,989Jul 22
203Mother and Child-$50,7386$50,738May 6
204The CoveEdko Films $50,3112$50,311Nov 25
205Natalie-$49,06719$49,067Dec 9
206The Young VictoriaDeltamac Co. $46,7977$46,797Mar 25
207The Girl Who Played with FireEdko Films $46,7804$46,780Dec 2
208With Love... from the Age of ReasonLark Films Distribution $44,3865$44,386Dec 9
209The Private Lives of Pippa LeeEdko Films $42,7293$42,729May 13
210Charlie St. CloudEdko Films $40,9666$40,966Oct 21
211Naruto Shippûden: The Lost TowerPanasia Films $40,6385$40,638Apr 15
2009 Re-release
Intercontinental Film Distributors (HK) $39,9074$39,907Apr 15
213Go Find a Psychic!-$39,86410$39,864May 13
214Seven Days in Heaven-$39,57413$39,574Oct 21
215Crazy Heart20th Century Fox International $39,3265$39,326Mar 4
216My Darling Is a ForeignerPanasia Films $39,2268$39,226Sep 9
217Let the Right One InEdko Films $38,5612$38,561May 6
218Wild TargetGolden Scene $38,0405$38,040Sep 2
219KJ: Music and Life-$37,6912$81,734Dec 10
220A Serious ManGolden Scene $36,3067$36,306Apr 15
2010 Re-release
Edko Films $34,8736$34,873Nov 18
222Curse of the DesertedGala Films $34,24615$34,246Aug 26
223My Geeky GirlfriendPanasia Films $32,7275$32,727Jun 10
224Sayonara itsukaDeltamac Co. $31,8844$31,884Sep 9
225Little NicholasGolden Scene $29,2743$29,274Aug 5
226GreenbergEdko Films $28,3902$28,390May 27
227The Disappearance of Alice Creed-$27,7934$27,793Nov 4
228SéraphineEdko Films $25,8802$25,880Jan 21
229The Disappearance of Haruhi SuzumiyaIntercontinental Film Distributors (HK) $25,3311$25,331Dec 2
230The White Ribbon-$23,8262$23,826Mar 25
231A Prophet-$23,4973$23,497Jan 28
232The Descent: Part 2Panasia Films $22,38712$38,074Sep 9
233A Woman, a Gun and a Noodle ShopEdko Films $22,01715$89,352Dec 24
234HarmonyIntercontinental Film Distributors (HK) $22,00814$22,008Jun 17
235OtôtoPanasia Films $21,7974$21,797Jun 3
236Bright StarGolden Scene $21,4323$21,432Aug 26
237The OutragePanasia Films $21,4247$21,424Dec 9
238The RunawaysEdko Films $21,3684$21,368Jun 17
239Memoirs of a Teenage AmnesiacGolden Scene $20,5885$20,588Sep 2
2010 Re-release
Newport Entertainment $19,9308$19,930Jun 17
241The Storm Warriors-$19,504101$1,991,978Dec 10
242Here Comes FortuneNewport Entertainment $19,36324$19,363Feb 25
243Empire of SilverEdko Films $19,0365$19,036Jan 28
244Love in DisguiseGala Films $18,8142$18,814Sep 16
245Fish Tank-$18,7562$18,756Jul 8
246Detective Conan: The Raven Chaser-$18,0348$18,034Feb 18
247The Last Station
2010 Re-release
Edko Films $17,5902$17,590Mar 18
248The DrunkardGolden Scene $17,3903$17,390Nov 25
249Don QuixoteNewport Entertainment $16,65116$16,651Oct 28
250Whip ItEdko Films $16,4605$16,460Jan 14
251Time Traveller
2010 Re-release
Panasia Films $16,3766$16,376Oct 28
252Meat Grinder
2010 Re-release
Intercontinental Film Distributors (HK) $14,62010$14,620Mar 25
253Vincere-$13,9542$13,954Sep 16
254The MessengerGolden Scene $13,4873$13,487Apr 8
255La RaflePanasia Films $13,4312$13,431Nov 25
256Goemon-$13,22011$13,220Jun 3
257Killer Bride's Perfect CrimePanasia Films $12,5024$15,757Jun 24
258Bandage-$12,2031$12,203Aug 5
259Little Ashes-$11,3012$11,301Apr 22
260Hideaway (Le refuge)Golden Scene $11,2334$11,233May 27
261Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans-$10,8146$15,879Jun 24
262Ganz nah bei Dir-$10,5981$10,598Aug 13
263No More CryPanasia Films $8,6762$10,171Sep 23
264AgoraEdko Films $7,7181$47,541Apr 22
265CoursierPanasia Films $7,5726$12,302Oct 21
266This Is ItSony Pictures Releasing $7,01034$1,174,486Oct 29
267Bare Essence of Life Ultra-Miracle Love Story
2010 Re-release
Edko Films $6,0631$6,063Aug 12
268Go Lala Go!-$5,6925$5,692Oct 28
269Old Partner
2010 Re-release
-$5,4451$5,445Mar 25
270The Good Heart-$5,2443$5,244Dec 2
271Superior Ultraman 8 Brothers
2010 Re-release
-$5,0782$7,136Jul 22
272Zoom Hunting-$5,0504$5,050Sep 9
273Nekonade-$4,9005$4,900Feb 4
274The Best of Times
2010 Re-release
Panasia Films $4,5905$4,590Jan 14
275I Wish I Knew-$4,1531$4,153Nov 18
276Like a Dream-$3,9532$3,953May 20
277Always: Sunset on Third Street
2010 Re-release
Panasia Films $3,7841$4,754Jun 17
278KamuiPanasia Films $3,6723$4,567Sep 2
279In Case of LoveDeltamac Co. $3,1054$3,105Dec 2
280Always: Sunset on Third Street 2
2010 Re-release
Panasia Films $2,9591$3,952Jun 17
281Ice Kacang Puppy Love-$2,4362$2,436Sep 16
282GoodPanasia Films $2,2201$2,220Mar 25
283Kung Fu Hip-HopNewport Entertainment $1,85213$13,180Jul 10
284Kingfisher-$1,5686$2,208Sep 23
285Nee Dtaam GalileoPanasia Films $1,1841$2,219Jul 22
286Crows Zero II-$2151$326Jan 14
287My Fair Gentleman-$1351$230Jun 24
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