Colombian Box Office For 2010

RankRelease GrossTheatersTotal GrossRelease DateDistributor
1Toy Story 3$10,637,930254$10,637,930Jun 18Walt Disney Pictures
2Avatar$9,817,160218$13,189,735Dec 1820th Century Fox International
3Alice in Wonderland$6,768,771172$6,768,771Mar 5Walt Disney Pictures
4Shrek Forever After$6,688,109179$6,688,109Jul 9United International Pictures (UIP)
5Clash of the Titans$5,548,400186$5,548,400Apr 16Warner Bros.
6Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time$3,821,294194$3,872,425May 28Walt Disney Pictures
7Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1$3,778,249239$4,141,436Nov 19Warner Bros.
8The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader$3,761,603242$4,493,123Dec 1020th Century Fox International
9The Last Airbender$3,406,396185$3,408,130Aug 27United International Pictures (UIP)
10Inception$3,144,672138$3,144,672Aug 6Warner Bros.
11Resident Evil: Afterlife$3,124,133130$3,124,133Sep 10Sony Pictures Releasing
12The Twilight Saga: Eclipse$3,041,963212$3,042,308Jun 30Cine Colombia S.A.
13The Sorcerer's Apprentice$2,950,378116$2,953,007Jul 16Walt Disney Pictures
14Despicable Me$2,751,755145$1,672,844Jul 30Universal Pictures International (UPI)
15Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole$2,259,877162$2,259,877Oct 1Warner Bros.
16Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore$2,094,843146$2,094,843Aug 13Warner Bros.
17Saw 3D$1,970,493105$1,991,350Nov 5Cineplex
18How to Train Your Dragon$1,917,924115$1,917,924Mar 26United International Pictures (UIP)
19Megamind$1,797,967181$2,400,191Dec 3United International Pictures (UIP)
20Sherlock Holmes$1,657,788109$1,657,788Jan 8Warner Bros.
21The Karate Kid$1,559,94380$1,559,943Jun 18Sony Pictures Releasing
22Paranormal Activity 2$1,490,00973$1,513,758Oct 29United International Pictures (UIP)
23A Nightmare on Elm Street$1,406,59994$1,406,599May 14Warner Bros.
24Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel$1,398,967100$1,398,967Jan 120th Century Fox International
25Robin Hood$1,329,717128$1,329,717May 14United International Pictures (UIP)
26Iron Man 2$1,275,996109$1,275,996Apr 30United International Pictures (UIP)
27Paranormal Activity$1,261,14588$1,261,145Jan 1Cine Colombia S.A.
28The Princess and the Frog$1,184,114133$1,872,829Dec 25Walt Disney Pictures
29Tron: Legacy$1,181,548182$2,621,248Dec 24Walt Disney Pictures
30Old Dogs$1,163,99451$1,163,994Jan 8Walt Disney Pictures
31Tooth Fairy$1,115,66855$1,115,668Jan 2220th Century Fox International
32Gulliver's Travels$1,067,627162$2,423,189Dec 2420th Century Fox International
33The Wolfman$1,044,22696$1,045,872Feb 12United International Pictures (UIP)
34The Book of Eli$1,010,99675$1,010,996Mar 19Sony Pictures Releasing
35Grown Ups$998,56950$998,569Aug 6Sony Pictures Releasing
36Eat Pray Love$972,59325$972,593Oct 1Sony Pictures Releasing
37Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief$869,13589$869,135Feb 1220th Century Fox International
38The A-Team$825,96994$825,969Jun 1120th Century Fox International
39Marmaduke$824,212106$824,212Jun 420th Century Fox International
40Salt$823,45565$823,455Jul 23Sony Pictures Releasing
41Piranha 3D$716,66194$716,661Oct 22Cineplex
42Knight and Day
2010 Re-release
$681,92698$714,396Jul 1620th Century Fox International
43Due Date$631,59670$639,569Nov 5Warner Bros.
44Legion$625,69950$625,699Apr 9Sony Pictures Releasing
45Oceans$548,60837$548,608Aug 20Cine Colombia S.A.
46Life as We Know It$542,08444$542,084Oct 29Warner Bros.
47Shutter Island$532,76733$532,767Mar 12United International Pictures (UIP)
48The Social Network$519,44535$636,335Nov 26Sony Pictures Releasing
49Predators$515,27062$515,270Aug 1320th Century Fox International
50The Bounty Hunter$496,84960$496,849May 7Sony Pictures Releasing
51Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue$468,21842$468,218Oct 8Walt Disney Pictures
52Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps$464,83447$464,834Sep 2420th Century Fox International
53Edge of Darkness$448,28658$448,286Mar 12Warner Bros.
54The Town$419,74647$419,746Oct 15Warner Bros.
55Invictus$400,49846$400,498Feb 5Warner Bros.
56Valentine's Day$397,45542$397,455Feb 12Warner Bros.
57The Blind Side$382,31447$382,314Mar 26Warner Bros.
58The Back-up Plan$378,15540$378,155Jun 18Sony Pictures Releasing
59Sex and the City 2$357,03861$357,038Jun 4Warner Bros.
60The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo$333,55370$333,553Apr 30Cine Colombia S.A.
61Devil$325,58844$326,586Nov 12United International Pictures (UIP)
62Precious$307,03620$307,036Feb 19Cine Colombia S.A.
63Going the Distance$305,52540$305,525Sep 17Warner Bros.
64It's Complicated$290,61550$290,615Apr 16United International Pictures (UIP)
65The Collector$283,51827$283,518Oct 15Venus
66Did You Hear About the Morgans?$280,78450$280,784Mar 26Sony Pictures Releasing
67Law Abiding Citizen$280,41454$280,414Feb 26Cineplex
68The Hurt Locker$272,65113$272,651Feb 12Cineplex
69Up in the Air$251,46318$251,463Jan 22United International Pictures (UIP)
70[Rec]²$248,98132$248,981Mar 5Cine Colombia S.A.
71Vampires Suck$246,85721$246,857Sep 320th Century Fox International
72Couples Retreat$227,26927$227,269Feb 26United International Pictures (UIP)
73Toy Story 2
2009 Re-release
$219,92336$219,923Feb 26Walt Disney Pictures
74The Other Guys$195,48240$198,902Nov 12Sony Pictures Releasing
75Celda 211$183,58731$183,587Apr 16Cineplex
76From Paris with Love$173,99728$173,997Sep 17-
77Nanny McPhee Returns$170,85733$170,857Jun 11United International Pictures (UIP)
78Remember Me$166,54030$166,540Mar 26Cine Colombia S.A.
79Zombieland$165,26135$165,261Jan 15Sony Pictures Releasing
80Toy Story
2009 Re-release
$162,11137$162,111Feb 19Walt Disney Pictures
2010 Re-release
$155,74830$155,748Oct 15Sony Pictures Releasing
82Case 39$154,74737$154,747Apr 9United International Pictures (UIP)
83Battle for Terra$148,92235$148,922May 28Cine Colombia S.A.
84Ninja Assassin$146,52432$146,524Jan 29Warner Bros.
85Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant$138,24238$138,242Feb 19United International Pictures (UIP)
86The Box$137,38423$137,384Sep 17Cine Colombia S.A.
87Daybreakers$132,27033$132,270Sep 3Venus
88Green Zone
2010 Re-release
$131,97825$131,978Aug 20United International Pictures (UIP)
89The Wave$129,1998$129,199Apr 23Cine Colombia S.A.
90Nine$124,7539$124,753Jan 29Sony Pictures Releasing
91Cherry Blossoms$123,6217$123,621Jul 9Cine Colombia S.A.
92Halloween II$118,92622$118,926Aug 27Cine Colombia S.A.
93Buried$117,56338$117,563Nov 12Walt Disney Pictures
94The Fourth Kind$116,16056$116,160May 14Venus
95Departures$113,9235$113,923Jan 15Cine Colombia S.A.
96The Lovely Bones$109,82726$109,827Feb 19United International Pictures (UIP)
97Broken Embraces$104,35720$104,357Feb 5United International Pictures (UIP)
98Killers$99,42125$99,421Nov 26Cineplex
99Rage$86,92225$86,988Nov 5Cine Colombia S.A.
100Astro Boy$77,54927$77,549Jan 15Cine Colombia S.A.
101Dear John$75,91030$75,910Apr 23Sony Pictures Releasing
1022012$71,798120$4,154,198Nov 13Sony Pictures Releasing
103Carriers$70,66842$70,668May 21Cine Colombia S.A.
104The Spy Next Door
2010 Re-release
$70,27113$70,271Jul 2Cineplex
105The Soloist$68,7376$68,737Jan 15United International Pictures (UIP)
106The Burning Plain$68,25210$68,252Sep 17Cine Colombia S.A.
107The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus$65,3679$65,367Mar 5Sony Pictures Releasing
108Everybody's Fine$64,83617$64,836Mar 12Walt Disney Pictures
109Machete$62,31730$62,317Dec 3Sony Pictures Releasing
110The Last Song$57,91116$57,911Apr 30Walt Disney Pictures
111An Education$57,5966$57,596Feb 19Sony Pictures Releasing
112Two Lovers$55,98013$55,980Jun 11Cine Colombia S.A.
113The Children of Huang Shi$54,9346$55,554May 28Cine Colombia S.A.
114Mongol: The Rise of Genghis Khan$54,5769$54,576Apr 9Cine Colombia S.A.
115Micmacs$53,29710$53,297Oct 8Sony Pictures Releasing
116Eden Lake$51,99122$99,461Jul 23Cine Colombia S.A.
117A Single Man$51,64411$51,644Oct 29-
118Me Too$50,99811$51,727May 14Cineplex
119Gamer$44,50818$44,508Apr 30Cineplex
120London River
2010 Re-release
$42,3206$64,891Nov 19-
121My Life in Ruins$41,25920$41,259Jul 30Cine Colombia S.A.
122Seraphine$37,30910$37,309Apr 30Cineplex
123The White Ribbon$34,7996$34,799Mar 5-
124The Twilight Saga: New Moon$34,034201$2,229,922Nov 27Cine Colombia S.A.
125The Stepfather$33,43620$99,192Dec 11Sony Pictures Releasing
126Let the Right One In$29,99710$29,997Apr 23Cine Colombia S.A.
127The Anarchist's Wife$28,7074$28,707Mar 26Cineplex
128I Hate Valentine's Day$26,67115$27,572May 28Cine Colombia S.A.
129Horn of Plenty
2010 Re-release
$26,06416$26,064Sep 3Cineplex
130Flame & Citron$23,9925$24,732Jan 1Cineplex
131Kick-Ass$20,36132$20,361Aug 13United International Pictures (UIP)
132A Prophet$19,5293$19,529Mar 19Sony Pictures Releasing
133A Christmas Tale$16,2144$26,001Dec 25-
134Smother$13,48310$13,483Apr 16Cine Colombia S.A.
135Fame$13,21815$13,218Feb 26Cine Colombia S.A.
136Pandorum$13,16418$13,164May 21Cineplex
137The Men Who Stare at Goats$13,1093$13,109Mar 12Sony Pictures Releasing
138LOL (Laughing Out Loud)$12,9194$12,919Dec 10Cineplex
139A Serious Man$12,5955$12,595Mar 19United International Pictures (UIP)
140City of Life and Death$11,1963$11,196Oct 1Cineplex
141Away We Go$10,9365$10,936Apr 9United International Pictures (UIP)
142Inglourious Basterds$10,38250$424,169Oct 30United International Pictures (UIP)
143Three Monkeys$10,2413$10,241May 7Cine Colombia S.A.
144Grace Is Gone$9,6057$9,605Apr 30Cine Colombia S.A.
2010 Re-release
$9,18712$9,187Nov 26Cine Colombia S.A.
146Shadows$9,0548$25,636Jan 22Cine Colombia S.A.
147Synecdoche, New York$8,3853$8,385Nov 26Cineplex
148Whiteout$4,99131$217,156Dec 4Warner Bros.
149Looking for Eric$3,8311$5,223May 14-
150Giant$3,4203$3,420Mar 19Cine Colombia S.A.
151Cloud 9
2009 Re-release
$2,3472$52,628Jul 30Cine Colombia S.A.
152Planet 51$2,064115$967,122Nov 20Cine Colombia S.A.
153Taking Woodstock$1,9033$1,903Mar 5United International Pictures (UIP)
154The Girl in the Park
2010 Re-release
$1,4473$16,461Dec 10Cine Colombia S.A.
155A Christmas Carol$690134$1,768,192Nov 13Walt Disney Pictures
Colombia box office data is courtesy of Cadbox.